Quinn Fuller
Actor History
Rena Sofer
July 12, 2013 to present
Designs jewelry in conjunction with Forrester Creations
Runs and creates designs for Quinn Artisan Jewelers
Resides At
A cabin in Topanga Canyon, CA
Formerly an apartment above Quinn Artisan Jewelers in Los Angeles
Marital Status
Past Marriages

Deacon Sharpe [Married: 2015; annulled: 2016]
None known
apparent miscarriage (date/details unknown)
Wyatt Fuller (son)
Flings & Affairs
Bill Spencer, Jr.
Eric Forrester
Deacon Sharpe
Liam Spencer
Crimes Committed

Broke into Liam Spencer's e-mail to forward a tribute video made for his ex-wife, Steffy Forrester, to his fiancee, Hope Logan [2013]

Jabbed her ex, Bill Spencer, with his sword necklace and licked his blood [2013]

Trapped Liam Spencer in a freight elevator [2014]

Held Aly Forrester over a second-story railing [2014]

Trapped Liam Spencer in a steam room and turned up the heat [2014]

Stole the keys to the Forrester cabin in Big Bear so her son Wyatt could be with Hope Logan [2014]

Stabbed Liam Spencer in the throat with his sword necklace [2014]

Tried to kill Liam Spencer with a sword [2014]

Stole a motorcycle in Paris [2014]

Pushed Ivy Forrester into Paris' River Seine [2014]

Stole a pair of binoculars from a Parisian tourist [2014]

Held a gun on Deacon Sharpe [2014]

Broke into the Forrester compound to lurk at Hope Logan's baby shower [2014]

Slapped Brooke Logan so hard she fell to the ground [2015]

Harbored an amnesiac Liam in her cabin so Wyatt could romance Steffy Forrester [2016]

Pushed Deacon Sharpe off a cliff, presumably to his death [2016]

Arrested for kidnapping Liam [2016]

Health and Vitals
Possible asthmatic condition [2016]
Brief Character History

Quinn Fuller is a jewelry designer and the proprietor of Quinn Artisan Jewelers, which she runs with her son, Wyatt Fuller. Wyatt was the result of a long-ago affair with Bill Spencer, Jr., which Quinn kept from Wyatt. Quinn's secret was discovered by Hope Logan, who noticed that Wyatt wore the same sword necklace as Bill and his other son, Liam Spencer. Quinn was forced to tell Wyatt that Bill had given her money for an abortion; Quinn took it hard when Wyatt turned his back on her for letting him believe his father was dead.

After Quinn and Wyatt reconciled, Quinn was thrilled that Hope wanted to incorporate her jewelry designs into Forrester Creations' prestigious Hope for the Future (HFTF) collection. Quinn overheard Liam asking Hope to kill the deal, so Quinn went to CEO Eric Forrester and surprised him with a thank-you kiss when he agreed to honor the collaboration. Knowing Wyatt had his eye on Hope, Quinn sent them to Mexico to retrieve a special blue diamond, then hacked into Liam's e-mail to send Hope the video tribute Liam had made for his ex-wife, Steffy Forrester. When Bill intervened on Liam's behalf, Quinn stuck Bill with his sword necklace and licked his blood off her finger.

Quinn confronted Eric's ex-wife, Donna Logan, and called Donna a slut for kissing Eric. Quinn knew that Steffy, who had left Liam because losing their baby had rendered her barren, continued to be a source of contention between Liam and Hope, so Quinn hitchhiked on Steffy's return flight to Paris and convinced Steffy to tell Liam her ability to have children had been restored. Quinn brought Steffy back on Liam and Hope's wedding day, successfully preventing their marriage; Quinn was doubly pleased when Hope began exploring a relationship with Wyatt.

When Quinn found out that security footage had caught Wyatt pocketing the HFTF diamond and planting it on jewel thieves to impress Hope, Quinn intimidated the security guard, Charlie Webber, into keeping quiet and faked a friendship with Charlie's girlfriend, Pam Douglas, for the same reason. Quinn trapped Liam, who had discovered the truth, in a freight elevator to keep him from exposing Wyatt, but the truth came out anyway. Quinn had tried to groom young Aly Forrester, who had a crush on Liam, to distract Liam from Hope; when Aly threatened to report Wyatt to the police for his theft, Quinn held Aly over a second-story railing to terrorize Aly into changing her mind. Quinn scored another victory when the Forresters buried Wyatt's burglary to prevent a media scandal.

Quinn still had a thing for Bill and comforted him with a night of raucous S&M sex after he got dumped by Hope's mother, Brooke Logan. Quinn found herself stashed in the closet when Brooke came over to make up with Bill, but by then Quinn had snapped a selfie with Bill in bed, which Quinn showed to Brooke's on-again-off-again love, Ridge Forrester, who wanted to stop Brooke's wedding to Bill in Abu Dhabi. After Ridge and Bill's altercation ended with Ridge falling out of a helicopter into the Persian Gulf and sustaining brain damage, Quinn, whom everyone blamed for the accident, became public enemy number one at Forrester; Quinn was fired and rejected by Wyatt once again.

Drowning her sorrows in a bar, Quinn met Hope's father, Deacon Sharpe, and offered him a place to stay if he would help push Hope and Wyatt together. Quinn targeted Liam, locking him in a sauna and poking him in the throat with his sword necklace. Quinn told Deacon she wanted to kill Liam, then went to work crafting a full-sized sword. Quinn threatened Liam's life, causing him to fall and sprain his ankle; when Quinn returned with Fourth of July fireworks as her cover, she was seconds from impaling Liam with the sword when Wyatt, who had been tipped off by Deacon, rushed in and stopped her. Quinn ran when the Spencer brothers debated calling the cops, later texting Wyatt that she had checked into a psychiatric hospital.

Later, when Quinn learned that Hope planned to marry Liam in Paris, Quinn followed Liam overseas and pushed his new friend, Ivy Forrester, into the River Seine knowing Liam would rescue Ivy and miss his wedding to Hope; Quinn thrilled when Wyatt reported that he had married Hope instead. Quinn's interference was exposed when Charlie unearthed security footage of her pushing Ivy, and Quinn was amused when Ivy broke into Quinn Artisan Jewelers and threatened Quinn with her own welding equipment.

Quinn pulled a gun on Deacon when he discovered a video from Ricardo Montemayor, who had bequeathed the HFTF diamond to Wyatt; Deacon believed Ricardo's oblique references implicating Quinn in his death. Quinn claimed innocence, then distracted Deacon by promising she could help him reunite with Brooke, his one-time love. Quinn, who wanted Bill back, found out that Bill dumping Ridge out of the helicopter had impaired Ridge's ability to draw; Quinn sent Deacon to Brooke with the information, but was disappointed when Bill and Brooke seemed to survive the revelation and consoled herself by falling into bed with Deacon.

As Quinn embarked upon a relationship with Deacon, she became obsessed with Hope, who was expecting a baby with Wyatt. Wanting Hope to accept her and let her be a part of her grandchild's life, Quinn donned scrubs and snuck into Hope's ultrasound, then fantasized about tying up the resistant Hope and torturing her until she gave in. Ignoring Hope's promise to get a restraining order, Quinn broke into Eric's house so she could surreptitiously attend Hope's baby shower. When Quinn once again confronted Hope to plead her case, their heated discussion ended with Hope tripping, falling down the stairs, and losing the baby. Although Hope cleared Quinn of any wrongdoing in her fall, Quinn found herself blamed by everyone, including Bill, who tried to goad Quinn into jumping off a building.

Quinn played nice when Deacon tried to help fellow alcoholic Brooke but eventually slapped Brooke to the floor, demanding she stay away from Deacon. Quinn was sure Deacon would leave her for the act and was surprised when he proposed instead. While Quinn visualized stabbing Brooke when Wyatt overheard Deacon saying he'd act on his feelings for Brooke if he wasn't engaged, Quinn took the high road and told Deacon she wouldn't be his second choice. Quinn married Deacon with only Wyatt in attendance, breathing a sigh of relief when Brooke's attempt to stop the wedding with Hope's video call failed.

Quinn was overjoyed when Eric's son, Rick Forrester, took over as CEO and hired Quinn back to work with Ivy. When it seemed the Australian Ivy was in the U.S. illegally, Quinn encouraged Ivy to marry Liam. Quinn sparred with Bill over his preferential treatment of Liam, resenting it when Bill claimed Wyatt had inherited Quinn's "bad genes." Despite putting in a happy appearance with Deacon at the Forresters' Thanksgiving bash, Quinn later confided to Wyatt that she and Deacon had only been putting on a good show; Quinn shrugged that she was separated and that Deacon had gone away to Europe.

Wanting to give Wyatt a chance to move in on Steffy after her broken engagement to Liam, Quinn spirited Liam away to her cabin when he fainted in front of her. Quinn tried to care for the disoriented, amnesiac Liam, finding out from Ivy that Liam had hit his head during their flight to Australia. Quinn was strangely moved when Liam called her his guardian angel. Quinn told Liam they were married and that their names were Adam and Eve; Quinn pretended she had a crank caller so Liam would record a dismissive message, which she then left on Steffy's voice mail so Steffy would think Liam wanted nothing to do with her.

Quinn got closer to Liam, sharing details about her neglectful mother and a child she once lost. After Quinn and Liam made love, Quinn began falling for him, but nearly got caught in her charade when Deacon came by with annulment papers. Though Deacon agreed to keep her secret, Quinn also scrambled to cover when Wyatt visited. Quinn dug herself in deeper when "Adam" wanted to know more about their marriage, inventing details and bribing Deacon to doctor wedding photos. Quinn was thrilled when Liam told her he loved her, and Quinn admitted that she loved him, too.

Concerned when Deacon insisted things would end badly for her, Quinn contemplated murdering Liam, but after Deacon said he would go to Bill about Liam himself, Quinn planned a hike for Liam and got Deacon to lay in wait near a cliff overlooking the ocean. Quinn planted an asthma inhaler in the car and begged Liam to go back for it when she had an attack; when Deacon demanded to know what went wrong, Quinn pushed Deacon off the cliff instead. Quinn felt the noose tightening when Wyatt confronted her about Forrester security footage that showed her driving off with Liam; Quinn lied that Liam had come to on his own and taken himself to the hospital before going on an extended trip.

Quinn planned to take Liam out of the country when he started remembering things about Steffy, who married Wyatt in a beach ceremony Quinn attended. Quinn backpedaled when Wyatt burst in and caught her with Liam, trying to convince her son to walk away. After Wyatt and Liam locked her in a closet, Quinn was set free by none other than Deacon, who had survived his plunge into the ocean. Quinn talked the vengeful Deacon down and promised financial support if he ran away with her; later, Quinn resisted Deacon's pleas to leave Los Angeles because she was still in love with Liam.

Quinn risked capture by confronting Liam and asking him for another chance. Buoyed that Liam let her escape, Quinn went to Steffy and asked her to speak to Liam on her behalf. Not knowing that Steffy had texted Wyatt to call the cops, Quinn begged Liam not to let them take her away, but Quinn found herself behind bars anyway. Quinn insisted to the police that she hadn't hurt Liam and felt he wouldn't press charges against her; when he did, Quinn's attorney reminded Liam that Quinn hadn't kept him at the cabin by force and that their sexual relations had been consensual. Grateful when Liam dropped the charges, a repentant Quinn promised she would make things up to him.

Quinn repeatedly tried to endear herself to Steffy, getting hurt when Steffy demanded she stay away from her. But Quinn consoled herself with a new lover -- Eric Forrester! Quinn enjoyed their new sexual relationship, understanding when Eric wanted complete secrecy about their trysts and no ties.

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