Dayzee Leigh
Actor History
October 7, 2010 to December 17, 2010 [recurring]; December 20, 2010 to Present [contract]
Business Manager at Dayzee's Coffee Shop
Apprentice at Skid Row's Union Rescue Mission
Former street vendor
Resides At
Currently an apartment in Los Angeles
Formerly the Forrester Guest House (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)
Formerly a small tent on the streets of Skid Row
Former resident of Los Angeles' Union Rescue Mission
Formerly in and out of foster homes
Marital Status
Married to Marcus Walton Forrester as of July 23, 2012
Past Marriages
None known
Mother (deceased)
Unknown Father
None biologically
Tanya (temporary foster daughter)
Flings & Affairs
Thomas Forrester (dated)
Marcus Walton Forrester
Crimes Committed

Threatened Stephanie Forrester with a broken bottle [2010]

Health and Vitals
Lived without proper nutrition for extended periods of time while living on Skid Row
Brief Character History

Stephanie Forrester was dying of Stage IV lung cancer and had refused treatment, choosing to check off her bucket list instead. While riding a roller coaster at the Santa Monica Pier, Stephanie lost a scarf that had been given to her by her mother, Ann. Homeless Dayzee Leigh found the scarf and refused to return it, threatening Stephanie with a broken bottle. Stephanie followed Dayzee into Skid Row, remembering her own experience as a homeless amnesiac two decades earlier. When Dayzee's back was turned, Stephanie snatched her scarf and found a baby underneath. Stephanie labeled Dayzee a kidnapper and a drug dealer, but Dayzee tended to a weakened Stephanie and explained that she was caring for the baby while its mother was in rehab. Dayzee told Stephanie that her own mother had died of a drug overdose, so when Dayzee ended up on the streets after years in foster care, she made a decision to help her fellow disposessed. Stephanie listened when Dayzee told her it was necessary to look at life "through a new lens", and finally accepted treatment for her cancer.

Stephanie introduced Dayzee to the Forresters, and put Dayzee up in the Forrester guest house. Experiencing a new sense of purpose, Stephanie bought the Insomnia Cafe from C.J. Garrison and renamed it Dayzee's, giving it to Dayzee to run as a place that would provide employment to the homeless. After Dayzee's grand opening, Dayzee met Stephanie's grandson, Thomas Forrester, who wanted to help design uniform shirts. Thomas was immediately taken with Dayzee and swept her off her feet with romantic dinners and rides on the Forrester jet. Dayzee was a voice of reason as Thomas rebeled against his father, Ridge, over the Taboo line, not realizing Thomas was fascinated with his step-mother, Brooke.

Thomas and Brooke were in a plane crash and rescued on a deserted island, and, when they returned, Thomas claimed that he and Brooke had had sex while under the influence of psychedelic berries. Dayzee found out that Thomas had been goaded into lying by Stephanie, who had promised Thomas her shares in Forrester if he helped her get rid of Brooke. Dayzee expressed her disillusionment with both Thomas and Stephanie, begging Thomas to tell the truth before Ridge remarried Thomas' mother, Taylor. But it was Stephanie who finally came clean, and Dayzee broke up with Thomas for being willing to sell out his mother for some stock.

Dayzee resumed seeing Marcus Walton Forrester, whom she had briefly met before dating Thomas. Dayzee stood by Marcus when it turned out he had fathered a child while being "friends with benefits" to Amber Moore. Amber pursued Marcus, wanting baby Rosie to have a family, but Marcus maintained he was with Dayzee. When Dayzee's friend, Beverly, a new intern at Forrester, was accused of stealing designs, Dayzee was on hand to set Stephanie straight and mediated for them at a home for young adults who aged out of the foster care system. Amber finally saw how happy Marcus was with Dayzee and backed off, agreeing to let Dayzee have a hand in raising Rosie. Marcus proposed to Dayzee in the company of family and friends and Dayzee's, and Dayzee joyfully accepted.

Dayzee caught Amber buying pills on-line, not knowing Amber was trying to get antianxiety medication in an attempt to befriend Hope Logan. Dayzee warned Amber that on-line pharmacies often used lead-based paint and other poisons in their pills, and that the results could be lethal. Marcus arranged to have a wedding dress designed for Dayzee, and together, they looked forward to their wedding.

Dayzee became annoyed when Marcus developed cold feet, but was more annoyed by Marcus' obsession with texting. Dayzee and Marcus exchanged vows at the Forrester mansion, but as soon as they did, Marcus was arrested by Lieutenant Baker for hitting Dayzee's friend Anthony with his car while texting. Dayzee protested and was surprised that her usually sagelike friend Anthony was demanding the police throw the book at Marcus. Thomas and his new girlfriend, Caroline Spencer, investigated, and, with the help of security camera footage from Dayzee's, it was revealed that Anthony had been hit prior to Marcus' arrival, and that Marcus had only hit a pothole while texting. Marcus was released, and Dayzee settled into her life as a newlywed. Dayzee was rocked when she learned Stephanie's cancer had come back, and was deeply saddened when Stephanie died just weeks later.

Dayzee told Hope that Marcus had reported overhearing his father, Justin Barber, talking to Bill Spencer about Bill sabotaging Hope's wedding, leading Hope to bash through Bill's window with a golf club. Later, Dayzee was confronted by Maya, whose baby's adoption Dayzee arranged when Maya was wrongly convicted of a crime. Maya balked at Dayzee's insistence that she couldn't return Maya's baby to her, causing Dayzee to worry what Maya would do if she found out Dayzee was a Forrester.

Dayzee hid her problem with Maya from Marcus until Marcus came across the adoption papers. Dayzee explained that she had let lawyers handle the adoption, but suspected she'd be in trouble if money had changed hands. Marcus' adoptive brother, Carter Walton, was himself an attorney and informed Dayzee that Maya had the legal right to know who adopted her baby. Dayzee, Marcus, and Carter searched for the adoptive family, resulting in Dayzee having to tell Maya that her baby died with the family in a car crash. Dayzee was relieved when Maya didn't hold her responsible, and let the struggling actress stay rent-free in the apartment above Dayzee's.

Maya confided in Dayzee when she found out the "waiter"ť she liked was really Marcus' cousin, Rick Forrester, who had hidden his identity. This prompted Dayzee to admit she was also a Forrester and discourage Maya's interest in Rick, even making it a condition for Maya staying in the apartment. Dayzee told Rick's girlfriend, Caroline Spencer, about Maya, and agreed they should keep Rick and Maya apart. Dayzee confessed to Marcus that she felt Rick had played Maya, and feared the Forresters' wrath if Rick and Caroline didn't ultimately get married.

Dayzee watched Marcus and the other male execs at Forrester strut their stuff on the runway, modeling sleepwear in a fundraiser for Caroline's cancer foundation. Dayzee eventually came to support Maya's relationship with Rick; when it fell apart, Maya accepted a proposal from Carter, but Dayzee encouraged Maya to come clean with Rick about her continuing feelings for him. Later, Marcus went on an extended Forrester business trip in South Africa, and Dayzee was able to see the sights along with him thanks to their video chats.

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