Caroline Spencer
Actor History
March 28, 2012 to present
Designer at Forrester Creations
On the board of the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation
Resides At
In a loft in Venice, CA
Formerly a guest at Bill Spencer's cliff house, Malibu, CA
Formerly the Forrester Guest House (369 Willow Hill Road, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210)
Formerly New York City
Marital Status
Married to Ridge Forrester as of September 14, 2015
Past Marriages
Eric "Rick" Forrester, Jr. [married: 2013; divorced: 2015]
Karen Spencer (mother)
Danielle (step-mother)
Caroline Spencer (aunt, deceased)
Bill Spencer, Sr. (grandfather; deceased)
Marion Spencer (grandmother; deceased)
Bill Spencer, Jr. (half-uncle)
Wyatt Fuller Spencer (cousin)
Liam Cooper Spencer (cousin)
William Logan Spencer (cousin)
currently pregnant by either Ridge Forrester or Thomas Forrester
Flings & Affairs
Thomas Forrester
Rick Forrester
Ridge Forrester
Crimes Committed

Bribed a porn producer to cast aspiring actress Maya Avant in one of his movies [2013]

Tried to get Rick Forrester to dump Maya by casting her in a steamy web series [2013]

Kissed the engaged Ridge Forrester while married to Rick Forrester [2014]

Health and Vitals
Fell from second story balcony during argument with her uncle, Bill Spencer [2013]
Shot at by Rick Forrester [2015]
Hit by a car in New York City which broke both her ankles [2015]
Brief Character History

Caroline is the previously unknown daughter of Karen Spencer, and the namesake of her aunt, Caroline Spencer Forrester, who died of leukemia in 1990 while married to Ridge Forrester. Caroline lived in New York City until 2012, when Brooke Logan offered her a designing position at Forrester Creations. Brooke wanted to divert her son Rick's personal and professional attention away from ex-wife Amber Moore. While Karen once had a relationship with Thorne Forrester and almost married lawyer Connor Davis before leaving Los Angeles in 1994, the identity of Caroline's father was unknown when she moved to Los Angeles.

The Forresters, Logans, and Spencers warmly welcomed Caroline, and were impressed with Caroline's gentle demeanor and work with the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation. Ridge, noticing the similarities between his deceased wife and her niece, was especially moved. Caroline sported a cancer ribbon tattoo on the back of her neck as a way to further memorialize her namesake, who died before she was born.

Brooke encouraged Rick to pursue Caroline, but Thomas was also interested. Caroline gravitated toward Rick, but Amber, who wanted him for herself, duped Caroline into believing Rick was a cross-dresser. Proceeding to explore things with Thomas, Caroline took him to meet her mother, Karen, who had just moved back to Los Angeles. Thomas asked questions about Caroline's father as Caroline pressed Karen to reveal their "family secret." Reluctantly, Karen introduced Thomas to her life partner, Danielle, who was Caroline's second mother. Caroline agreed to keep the truth of her two mothers from opinionated half-uncle Bill, who eventually came to accept Karen and Danielle's relationship.

Caroline and Thomas continued dating and came to the rescue of Marcus Forrester when he was arrested for hitting a man with his car while texting. Upon investigation, Caroline and Thomas found out that Marcus had only hit a pothole, while the man had been struck before Marcus' arrival. Rick made no secret of his continuing interest and arranged for Thomas to work with his former love interest, Hope Logan. Caroline was incensed when Thomas kissed Hope as a publicity stunt. But when Thomas was named interim CEO and got into a scuffle with Rick that ended with Rick crashing through a second-story window, Caroline dumped Thomas and began seeing Rick.

Caroline was surprised when Rick admitted he had deceived his half-sister, Hope, in order to keep her away from Caroline's cousin, Liam Spencer. Caroline understood and told Rick he should tell Hope the truth when he was ready. But then, Caroline overheard Bill and his wife, Katie Logan, arguing about Bill using Hope's father, Deacon Sharpe, to sabotage Hope and Liam's wedding.

Caroline confronted Bill, who menacingly told Caroline to keep quiet. During the argument on Bill's balcony, Caroline tripped and fell over the railing. Caroline maintained Bill's innocence when others suspected him of pushing her. In the hospital, Caroline was pleased when Rick confessed a deeper level of feeling, and later Rick and Caroline won a fashion showdown at Forrester that, with the help of Caroline's designs, installed Rick as president of the company.

The usually demure Caroline showed a new side when Rick took her to volunteer at Dayzee's, a coffee house that aided the homeless. Upset that Rick had changed their more glamorous plans, Caroline turned up her nose at Dayzee's and walked out. Caroline became frustrated when it seemed Rick wanted to spend all his time at Dayzee's. Caroline said she was more comfortable writing checks in her charity work, preferring not to get her hands dirty in the field.

Caroline taunted Rick about his volunteer work and failed to seduce him away from it, even by stripping down to her lingerie. Rick's increasing distance mystified Caroline until Dayzee confessed that Rick had become interested in Maya Avant, a down-on-her-luck actress/singer who had done jail time for a crime she didn't commit. Dayzee shared Caroline's desire to keep Rick and Maya apart. Caroline then confronted Maya and told her to stay away from Rick. Danielle was confused by Caroline's disdain for Maya, but Caroline simply said Danielle and Karen had spoiled her by raising her to appreciate the high life in New York. Caroline made sure to mispronounce Maya's name every time she came up in conversation.

Hoping to discredit Maya in Rick's eyes, Caroline bribed a porn producer to cast Maya in one of his movies. But Maya didn't take the bait, and Caroline wanted a refund. The porn producer refused and snapped a photo when Caroline flirted with porn star Herc. Later, when Forrester secretary Pam Douglas was updating the company's web site, she ran across the picture of Caroline caressing Herc. Not computer savvy, Caroline demanded that Pam delete the image from the Internet.

When Rick made Maya the spokesmodel for Forrester's Hope for the Future line, Caroline tried to make Maya feel insecure, then humiliated herself by running into a clothes rack. Feeling that Rick saw Maya as a charity case, Caroline decided to hold a fundraiser for the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation in an attempt to impress Rick. She got Rick, Thomas, Carter, Marcus, and Forrester photographer Oliver Jones to model sleepwear on the runway, and the benefit was a huge success, impressing Rick. But when Rick began wanting to have a serious talk with Caroline, she sidestepped his attempts, admitting she had been a snob and horrible to Maya, though deep down she really loved Rick and wanted to build a future with him.

Caroline confided to Bill that she knew Rick was trying to break up with her because he wanted Maya. Caroline feared that Maya hid a scandalous secret that would eventually be Rick's downfall. So Caroline was thrilled when Rick confessed that Maya said they had no future. Caroline gleefully threatened to fire Maya from Forrester, but it wasn't long before Maya admitted that she had only pushed Rick away because Bill was blackmailing her: Maya had been tricked into encountering her ex, Jesse Graves, whom she was to stay 500 feet away from or else risk going back to jail. Maya was sure Caroline was involved, but Bill's scheme genuinely shocked Caroline. Rick finally told Caroline that he was choosing Maya, and Caroline found herself alone.

Caroline arranged to embarrass Maya by designing prison-themed fashions for her to wear during a photo shoot, even setting up a mock jail cell. Maya wasn't thrilled but remained unfazed. Later, Carter, who was an aspiring actor in addition to being a lawyer, snagged a lead role on Room 8, a new web series. The show's producer, Rafael, was a friend of Caroline's in New York, so Caroline went to Rafael and convinced him to cast Maya as Carter's leading lady. Hoping to get Rick jealous enough that he'd dump Maya, Caroline began insinuating herself into Room 8, funnelling in money and adding sexy fantasy sequences to produce a real-life spark between Carter and Maya.

Caroline encouraged Rafael to edit Carter and Maya's PG-rated scenes so they appeared hotter, then made sure Rick got a preview at his Fourth of July party. When Rick seemed to be annoyed, Caroline sexed up the scenarios and again put the footage in front of Rick. Caroline could see that Carter was falling hard for Maya, so when the new scene showed them bonding over guinea pigs, Caroline brought in a waterbed for them instead. But Rafael was getting tired of Caroline's interference on the set, which Maya overheard. Maya blasted Caroline for her latest plot, while Caroline correctly predicted that Maya wouldn't have given up acting for Rick. As Rick walked in to discuss Room 8 incorporating Forrester fashions into the show, an escaped guinea pig scared Caroline; she jumped on the waterbed and punctured it with her heels. Rafael fired the soaking Caroline, who continued to insist she was the right woman for Rick.

Caroline realized that being a brat had gotten her nowhere and tried a more sincere approach when Rick came under fire at Forrester for declining sales, with Thomas and his uncle, Thorne Forrester, clamoring for Rick's job. Caroline threw herself into rebranding Hope For The Future and even made nice with Maya. At the all-important HFTF fashion show, the new foreign buyers Rick and Caroline had invited were unusually quiet, causing concern. But when global orders came pouring in, Caroline and Rick were thrilled. Caroline wanted to celebrate with Rick, but Rafael arrived with news that he had seen Carter coming out of Maya's apartment the morning after the premiere screening of Room 8. Caroline relayed this information to Rick, who got drunk with the buyers. Caroline spent the night at Rick's, happy to have reconnected with him in bed.

When Maya came by to apologize to Rick, Caroline told Maya that her relationship with Rick was over. After arguing with Maya, Rick told an ecstatic Caroline that he wanted to pick up where they left off. Caroline continued to be understanding as Rick's thoughts remained with Maya, who had agreed to marry Carter. Caroline got a chance to meet her new cousin, Wyatt Fuller, another long-lost son of her uncle Bill's.

Caroline got closer to Rick while they worked on incorporating a priceless blue diamond loaned to Quinn Artisan Jewelers into the HFTF line, but Caroline was shocked when Rick brought her to the entrance of Forrester, where they met, and proposed to her. Caroline happily accepted, and was touched when Hope, who was becoming a friend to Caroline, made an engagement party out of the Forrester Thanksgiving dinner. When Rick wanted to take things a step further and get married while everyone was already in attendance, Caroline was happy to oblige him. Despite the animosity that had existed between Caroline and Maya, the ladies set aside their differences; with Maya giving Caroline her blessing to marry Rick and Carter officiating at the ceremony, Caroline became Mrs. Rick Forrester.

Months later, Caroline was upset to learn that Maya had approached Rick for a reconciliation, despite being engaged to Carter; Caroline balked when Maya said that she had never had closure after breaking up with Rick and suggested that Carter and Caroline were rebounds. Caroline was surprised when Maya played a recording of Oliver talking about using young Aly Forrester to obtain job security within the company, and didn't believe Maya's claim.

Caroline had to travel out of town for a while, returning to learn that Maya was still trying to get Rick's attention. After having designed for the HFTF line, Caroline wanted to spread her wings and attempt designing couture, tentatively showing her initial sketches to Ridge. When Ridge suggested improvements, he clasped his hand over Caroline's and guided it across the pad to show her how to make the fixes. Caroline knew that Ridge had fallen out of a helicopter in the Middle East and came home suffering from brain damage, but Ridge confided that the incident had left him unable to draw, so Caroline agreed when he asked her to secretly help him come up with a collection for increasingly impatient company president Rick.

As Caroline worked with Ridge, she was unprepared for the electricity between them. She caught herself fantasizing about him, and felt she had no choice but to tell Rick the real reason they were working together. Rick felt that Ridge was using Caroline to be able to design, but Caroline insisted that the mentoring she was receiving by working with Ridge was invaluable. However, both Caroline and Ridge realized that something was happening between them, and Caroline pulled away when Ridge finally kissed her. The designers ended their partnership when Ridge's ability to draw started to come back.

Eric Forrester, CEO of Forrester Creations, was about to step down and install Ridge as his replacement when Maya interrupted, reporting that she had seen Caroline and Ridge kissing. Caroline's world imploded as Rick left her and began an affair with Maya, making sure to slam Ridge and Caroline every chance at every turn. Rick became CEO, and, ignoring Caroline's pleas to talk, he tried to sabotage Ridge and Caroline's collection by overpricing it. Meanwhile, Bill, who had been told about Ridge and Caroline's kisses, confronted Caroline, heatedly referring to her as his daughter; Caroline was horrified when she later learned that Bill also confronted Ridge, starting a fistfight with him on the Forrester Sky Lounge. Their collection a success, Caroline told Ridge she was falling for him just as Rick came to Caroline for a reconciliation. Caroline was unsure after Rick had treated her so badly, but when Ridge told Caroline he was going to recommit himself to his fiancée, Katie Logan, Caroline decided to go back to Rick after all.

Caroline was surprised when Rick gave her and Ridge his blessing to design more couture together. Determined to repair their marriage, Caroline told Rick they should have a baby, but felt slighted when Rick always seemed too busy or too tired to make love. Rick got Eric to sign a document giving him irrevocable control of the company for a year, but Caroline was humiliated when Rick said Maya was the woman he wanted at his side. Rick further shamed Caroline by moving Maya into the Forrester mansion in Eric's absence and replacing deceased matriarch Stephanie Forrester's portrait with one of Maya. Caroline bunked with Liam, sure she could make things right with Rick even as he continued tormenting her at work to the point Liam interceded and threw Rick to the floor. But when Rick answered Caroline's video call while in bed with Maya, Caroline's humiliation was total, and she decided it was time to explore possibilities with Ridge.

As Caroline and Ridge kissed, they were terrified when Rick fired warning shots into the room. Caroline begged Ridge not to go to the police, but swiftly signed the divorce papers Rick presented her with. Tired of Rick's abuse, Caroline and Ridge confronted Rick and told him they would involve the law if he didn't step down as CEO. Caroline was shocked when Brooke burst in, demanding the cops not be called and that Caroline and Rick stay in their marriage. Caroline stood firm when Pam joined Brooke's sister, Donna Logan, in reminding Caroline that Ridge always reunited with Brooke eventually; Caroline felt even more secure when she and Ridge made love for the first time involving paint he was using to craft a portrait of her.

When Eric came home unexpectedly, Caroline was sure that he would lower the boom on Rick for shooting at her. Instead, Eric threw his support behind Rick because of sales increases during Rick's tenure; Caroline's pleas to Eric fell on deaf ears, as Eric disapproved of her relationship with Ridge. Caroline watched as Rick offered apologies and assurances to her and the rest of the staff, which Ridge felt was merely a performance for Eric's benefit.

Caroline soon travelled back to New York to visit her mothers for a while; she kept in touch with Ridge, with whom she collaborated on designs long-distance. Caroline exchanged e-mails with Rick and found the tense climate between them dissipating despite Rick's constant calls for revisions on her designs. Caroline caught up with Liam via telephone, and when Liam wondered by Caroline had been gone so long, she cryptically told him, "You'll know soon enough." Caroline soon returned to Los Angeles and revealed that she had been hit by a car, which put her in a wheelchair from having broken her ankles.

Caroline visited Rick, who himself had been in a car accident after Bill leaked a story about Maya being transgender. Though Caroline and Rick disagreed over whether Maya had lied about her identity, Caroline offered her one-time husband her friendship. Caroline soon returned to Los Angeles full-time, where she had a hard time readjusting due to the injuries that left her unable to walk. Caroline took her first steps thanks to Ridge, and before long she could get around unassisted.

Ridge's daughter, Steffy, had initially disapproved of Caroline's relationship with him because of their age difference, so Caroline was touched when Steffy eventually came around and apologized. Caroline and Maya also mended fences; though Caroline had trouble forgiving the past and disagreed with how Maya handled her disclosure, Caroline admitted a respect for Maya and helped Ridge design the California Freedom line, whose showing featured Maya and other transgender models.

Examining her priorities after her accident and subsequent divorce from Rick, Caroline began thinking about having a family and confessed the desire to Ridge. However, Ridge, already having adult children, gently told Caroline he didn't want more kids; Caroline tearfully said she would always choose Ridge over a family. Caroline confided in ex-boyfriend Thomas, who had returned from Paris for Aly's funeral. Caroline supported Thomas as he clashed with Ridge over his fledgling designs, and grabbed Thomas' hand to guide him in making a design change, much as Ridge had guided her own hand.

Caroline reeled when Ridge suddenly broke up with her because he couldn't give her a baby. Caroline stole away to a hotel room and washed down Pam's lost antianxiety pills with wine. Thomas came by to comfort her; the inebriated Caroline appreciated Thomas' support, but panicked when she woke up in bed with Thomas the next morning. Though Thomas swore he didn't take advantage of her, Caroline did not remember making love to him. Caroline swore Thomas to secrecy when Ridge had a change of heart and asked her to marry him in an outdoor ceremony in Malibu. With Ridge now expressing a desire to have children, Caroline saw a doctor to determine her fertility and found out she was already pregnant. Then, as Ridge revealed he had undergone a vasectomy, Caroline realized she was carrying Thomas' baby and tearfully confessed to Ridge.

When Ridge declared that he and Caroline would raise Thomas' baby as their own, Caroline went along despite her misgivings; she also supported Ridge when he shipped Thomas off to Paris for punching him during an argument. However, Caroline had trouble camouflaging her morning sickness from her fellow Forrester employees, causing Pam to uncover and announce her pregnancy. Caroline did her best to cover when Thomas, who came home from Paris without permission, learned of the pregnancy and asked Caroline if the baby could be his; when Caroline denied it, Thomas seemed relieved, though Caroline was anything but when Thomas inadvertently arrived at her sonogram.

Caroline covered when Liam confronted her, having heard from Brooke about Ridge's vasectomy and subsequent “reversal." After Thomas overheard Ridge saying Thomas would “never know," Caroline and Ridge realized they needed to be more discreet and opted to stop talking about their baby's questionable paternity altogether.

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