Adam Banks
Actor History
Rod Loomis
1991 to Spring 1992
Homeless / Jobless
Formerly an English teacher
Resides At
Somewhere in Los Angeles
Marital Status
Single (assumed)
Past Marriages
None (assumed)
None (assumed)
Flings & Affairs
Stephanie Douglas
Crimes Committed
  • None (assumed)
Brief Character History

Adam was a homeless man who, with his friend Ruthanne, found a woman who had been mugged. She didn't know her own identity but recognized the name Liz, so they called her Liz. Adam began to get romantically involved with Liz and admitted that before he had gotten down on his luck, he had been an English teacher. The two grew close but when Adam discovered a flier that identified Liz as the missing Stephanie Forrester, he hailed her a cab to send her home, knowing she didn't belong on the streets. Adam and Ruthanne visited Stephanie in the hospital, but she was distraught at the thought of being left alone with a family she didn't know. Adam was pleased when Stephanie later visited him, although surprised to learn that she was still faking amnesia. He admitted to her that he had fallen in love with her and the two shared a passionate kiss. When Stephanie decided to throw a charity ball to aid the plight of the homeless, Adam and Ruthanne both helped out. Adam didn't fit into Stephanie's world though she kept trying to get him off the streets. Adam was determined to stay where he was in order to help others. He then faded away into the Los Angeles background.

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