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January 6 to 10, 2014
Brooke attempted to have an intimate evening with Ridge, but he walked out, still unable to accept what she'd done to Katie. Brooke set out to right her and Bill's wrong by pushing Bill to return to Katie. Succumbing to Brooke's pressure, Bill decided to appeal to Katie to take him back. Ridge sought out Katie to try to understand what had happened with Brooke and Bill, and Ridge admitted that he was having a hard time reuniting with Brooke because it meant condoning her past actions with Bill. When Hope returned from Hawaii, she told Liam that she and Wyatt were dating. Liam vowed to be there for Hope when she discovered Wyatt's true nature.
January 13 to 17, 2014
When Wyatt returned from Hawaii, his father gave him the beach house that Katie and Bill had lived in, and Wyatt immediately asked Hope to move in with him. Hope wasn't ready to take that step but hoped he'd ask again someday. Liam asked Charlie to prove Liam's theory that Wyatt had stolen the diamond. Charlie discovered Wyatt doing just that on boutique surveillance tapes, but after receiving veiled threats from Quinn, Charlie told Liam that Charlie hadn't found anything on the tapes. Bill tried to convince Katie that he really wanted to go back home to her, but Katie told him that she was no longer his home. Bill told Brooke that it was hopeless with Katie, but Brooke insisted that he keep trying.
January 20 to 24, 2014
Hope declined to move in with Wyatt, but when he surprised her with a silver bullet trailer, she agreed to live with him in it during their surfing safari adventure. Liam wanted to talk Hope out of the trip; however, Quinn trapped him in a freight elevator, and Hope left with Wyatt. Quinn sought to befriend Pam, and when Charlie tried to tell Pam about Wyatt's misdeed, Quinn intervened to tell her side of it. As Ridge and Katie bonded more over their situations, Brooke grew anxious to move forward with her life. Brooke urged Ridge to put her engagement ring back on her finger and marry her.
January 27 to 31
Brooke asked Ridge to marry her, but Ridge refused to make a decision about his future with her. Undaunted, Brooke proposed that Ridge move back into her house, but he wasn't ready for that, either. Justin discovered photos that could indicate that Ridge had been sexually experimental in Paris, and Bill took the pictures straight to Brooke. Quinn thought she'd convinced Pam and Charlie to keep her secret, but they betrayed Quinn and showed the boutique footage to Liam. Hope and Wyatt consummated their relationship, but Liam tracked Hope down to show her the video of Wyatt stealing the diamond. Hope became upset with Liam and Wyatt's bickering and left them on the roadside.
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February 3 to 7, 2014
While Brooke refused to believe Bill's theory that Ridge was gay, Ridge and Katie grew closer as they spent time bonding with each other and their sons. Ridge sensed that there was something between him and Katie, but she said she couldn't hurt her sister. Rick was ready to fire Wyatt and Quinn, but Hope decided that it was best for HFTF that the Fullers remain on. Wyatt also convinced Hope to give him another chance romantically, and Hope finally told Liam that she'd chosen Wyatt. Quinn gave Aly a makeover and convinced her to go after Liam. Liam noticed Aly's beauty but remained wrapped up in Hope.
February 10 to 14, 2014
Quinn visited Bill and kissed him for old time's sake; however, Bill made it clear to her and to Wyatt that it would never happen between Bill and Quinn. Katie promoted Liam to vice president, and he got her to open up to him about Ridge. When Liam spoke to Ridge about Katie, Ridge shrouded his feelings and insisted upon marrying Brooke. Brooke accepted Ridge's proposal and assured her sister that she didn't want Bill. As Liam pressured Katie to go after a relationship with Ridge, Bill tried to romance Brooke for Valentine's Day. Shocked that Brooke had agreed to marry Ridge, Bill said that if she'd give him the papers that Katie had signed, Brooke and Bill could have it all again.
February 17 to 21, 2014
For their impending nuptials, Ridge chose Rick for his best man, and Brooke chose Katie as her matron of honor. Liam urged Katie to stop the wedding, but she refused to be the reason R.J. wouldn't have his father. On the wedding day, Bill got drunk and restrained himself from storming the ceremony. Quinn offered her spiteful comfort to Bill, and Liam gagged when he stumbled upon his father and Quinn tearing each other's clothes off in a cliff house bedroom. While officiating the wedding, Carter read "Love's Philosophy," and upon hearing her and Ridge's poem, Katie faked a fainting spell to stop the wedding.
February 24 to 28
Liam confided in Hope what he knew about Katie and Ridge, and Hope took Brooke to Paris to give Ridge and Katie time to sort out their feelings. Wyatt stowed away on the jet to be with Hope and to pitch his idea to debut Stephanie's jewels at a HFTF event. Aly went ballistic and accused Wyatt of pimping Stephanie's jewels and tainting Hope and her message. When Wyatt quipped that he and Hope were in the mile-high club, Aly slapped him and fired him on the spot. Bill tried to tell Quinn that he'd never sleep with her again, but Quinn figured he'd be back once he realized that he'd met his match in her.
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MARCH 2014
March 3 to 7, 2014
Wyatt told Hope that Aly was disturbed, and Hope saw Aly's rage firsthand when Aly discovered Hope and Wyatt in bed together in Hope's hotel suite. Hope tried to get Aly to see that Hope's image wasn't tied to HFTF anymore and that Aly had to respect Hope's choices. Aly, however, held onto her smoldering fury and later discovered that Pam didn't trust the Fullers, either. As Brooke anxiously returned from Paris to marry Ridge, Katie and Ridge decided to tell Brooke that they loved each other. Katie revealed the news to Brooke, who laughed at Katie's cute little crush. Katie claimed that Ridge shared her feelings, but Brooke asked Ridge to set Katie straight.
March 10 to 14, 2014
Though Katie and Bill tried to convince Brooke that what they shared was real, Brooke insisted that Ridge always returned to her. Brooke became determined to win Ridge back for R.J.'s sake. Aly tricked Charlie into telling her what Wyatt had done with the diamond, and she went to Hope with the news. Devastated that Hope had already known about it, Aly decided to go to the police. Quinn dangled Aly over a railing and threatened Aly not to mess with Wyatt's life. Undaunted, Aly went to Eric with the information and demanded that the abhorred Wyatt be fired and imprisoned for what he'd done.
March 17 to 21, 2014
Rick decided to uphold his original decision that Forrester would keep silent about Wyatt's diamond antics. Aly quit her job as a result, but a ghostly Darla advised Aly that the Forresters needed her. After Ridge insisted upon forging a life with Katie, Bill told Brooke that Katie and Ridge's decision was a gift to Brooke and Bill. Ridge and Katie spent an intimate evening together, and a drunken Brooke berated herself in front of Stephanie's portrait until she passed out on the floor. Rick became filled with vengeance when Bill told him what Ridge had done, and Bill expressed deep concern about how morose Brooke had become.
March 24 to 28, 2014
Deeming himself and Hope the new Brooke and Ridge, Wyatt conceptualized a new bedroom line with Hope as the lead model. Hope was willing to give it a try until Aly asked if a billboard of Hope in lingerie was telling HFTF fans to hope for a good night in bed. Hope decided against the line, and proud of Hope for holding to her values, Liam kissed her. With determination, Bill set out to get through to Brooke, and Quinn was waiting for Bill in his bedroom when Brooke sent him away again. With a change of heart, Brooke arrived outside Bill's bedroom door, and Bill hastily stashed Quinn in his closet.
March 31 to April 4, 2014
Brooke asked Bill for time to sort her life out, and Bill made sure Quinn understood that their trysts hadn't meant anything. Ridge shook up things during a Forrester meeting when he fired Oliver and demanded that Eric give him Rick's job. Eric, who felt that Ridge had left and needed to work his way back up, reversed Oliver's firing and made Ridge and Brooke co-vice presidents. Outraged by Ridge's new relationship with Katie, Eric told Ridge that he'd better return to Brooke if he expected to run Forrester. Aly's heart skipped when Oliver invited her out for coffee, and Maya was disconcerted when she saw Oliver kissing Aly's hand at the Bikini Bar.
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APRIL 2014
April 7 to 11, 2014
Despite Maya's warning to Oliver to tread carefully with Aly, he visited Aly in her bedroom and kissed her. Though Ridge rejected Eric's offer to become CEO if Ridge reunited with Brooke, Bill was happy to reunite with her and move back into her home. A nighttime call from Brooke to Katie to announce the reunion led Katie to believe that the reunion was a ploy to get back at Ridge. Quinn agreed to keep silent about her affair with Bill if Bill agreed to give Wyatt the Spencer family name. Hope was shocked when her period was late, and after finding a receipt for a pregnancy test at his front door, Liam raced to Forrester in time to wait with Wyatt for the results of Hope's pregnancy test.
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