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Monday, July 28, 2014

At Brooke's house, Bill confessed to ordering Justin to dump Ridge from the chopper. Bill was embarrassed to say he'd been afraid. Ridge quipped that Bill had feared getting caught. Bill corrected that he'd feared that Ridge had been hurt. Bill reasoned that he and Ridge had both acted impulsively. Bill was sorry and promised Brooke that something like it would never happen again.

The tearful Brooke quietly asked why Bill had had to do it. Katie raged that Bill could have killed Ridge. Bill emphasized that he'd never wanted to hurt Ridge, and Brooke bitterly concluded that he'd just wanted to punish Ridge. Bill readily admitted that he'd wanted Ridge to pay for taking Brooke from him; however, Bill hadn't realized how dangerous the act had been.

Brooke was upset that Bill hadn't considered R.J., but Bill claimed he'd never intentionally hurt the father of her son. "Or your fiancé. I'm sorry," he said to Katie. Katie scoffed, and Ridge said it was just words. Ridge asserted that Brooke couldn't believe Bill, forgive Bill, or marry Bill.

Katie was upset at Bill and said she hadn't wanted to believe the father of her child could be so reckless and criminal. "What do you think he just did? It was both reckless and criminal!" Bill yelled. Bill said Ridge had hijacked the helicopter, kidnapped Bill, and banked the copter so hard that Bill could have fallen out. Bill claimed that he'd be dead if he hadn't held on.

With a shrug, Ridge said he'd had to scare Bill into "coming clean." Bill told Brooke that he'd only feared losing Brooke, and that was the reason he'd confessed to her. Bill continued to plead that he'd thought Ridge would swim to shore. Brooke pointed out that Ridge hadn't done that. She recalled the fearful time during the search and rescue. She asked what would have happened if they hadn't found Ridge and if Bill had ever planned to tell her the truth.

Bill asked for time alone with Brooke. When Bill prompted Brooke, Brooke said she didn't want to believe he was dangerous, but his temper was out of control. In her view, he lashed out when someone crossed him, and it scared her that he didn't care about the consequences. Bill told her that he deeply regretted his actions, and he'd do whatever he could to prove to her that it would never happen again. Katie laughed, asking if they all knew how many times Bill had said the same thing to her.

Katie claimed that she'd spent years listening to Bill's lies and manipulations, and she didn't want that life for Brooke. Ridge told Brooke to take off her ring and kick Bill out. Bill said that Brooke could decide for herself, but Ridge raged that he didn't want Bill near his son. Bill thought it was ridiculous for anyone to say that he'd harm R.J., but Ridge said he didn't know where Bill drew the line.

Bill told Brooke that he'd give his life to protect Brooke and R.J. Katie quipped that he had no problem putting the life of R.J.'s father in danger. Bill asserted that he'd do things differently if he could. Brooke responded that he couldn't take it back. "You heard her. Pack up and go," Ridge said.

Bill decided that he'd go when Brooke told him to go. He told Brooke that he'd made the wrong move, but he'd also flown halfway around the world to avoid problems. Brooke asked if he was blaming it on Ridge. Bill said that he wasn't, but Ridge also wasn't devoid of blame.

Bill asserted that Ridge had known who he'd been dealing with and that there would be payback. "The difference is -- I reacted spontaneously. It was on impulse. You planned the whole thing out. You flew to Abu Dhabi, you hunted us down, broke up the wedding, dragged Brooke onto a helicopter against her will. Yeah. I screwed up, but you -- you ain't exactly squeaky clean, either, pal -- including what you did today!" Bill raged.

Ridge didn't want to listen anymore. He said no one wanted Bill there. "Go. Get out," Ridge ordered. Ridge didn't want Bill near R.J. and added that Brooke didn't want Bill around. "Tell him. Tell him it's over," Ridge prompted. Bill turned expectantly to Brooke.

In Rick's office, Ivy arrived as Aly and Liam were discussing Liam's confidence regarding Wyatt and Hope. Aly told Ivy that she'd been expressing her surprise that Liam had "let" Wyatt return to Forrester. Liam quipped that he'd always wondered what it was like to have a little sister. Aly reasoned that she wanted to look out for Liam because, to her, Wyatt was more like Bill than Liam believed.

Liam admitted that his past with Wyatt would always make him a little wary of Wyatt, but when Quinn had gone too far, Wyatt had stood up for Liam like a brother. "Half-brother," Aly corrected. Ivy asked if Liam and Wyatt had become cool, and Liam said everything was great. Though Liam would always instinctually keep an eye out, he trusted Hope and the working relationship.

Liam said that Wyatt and Hope were excited to collaborate with Ivy. Aly was anxious to see the new collection and noted that Ivy hadn't said a thing about it -- even though they lived together. Liam and Aly wanted a small glimpse of it, but Ivy didn't know if it was a good idea to show them anything.

Later, Ivy and Aly were alone. Aly was ready to find Ivy a man, but Ivy claimed to have no time for dating. Aly confided that she and Oliver had just gone through something, but they'd worked it out. Aly said she had no experience dating, and he was her first boyfriend. Ivy advised Aly to be herself, and things would work out.

Aly was glad to have someone else near her age around and remarked that Hope was always busy. Ivy said she hadn't gotten a chance to know Hope well, but she saw that Hope was smart and pretty. "Every bit a Logan, I guess," Ivy flatly added. Aly asked why Ivy would say that. Ivy replied that Hope had learned from "the master. Her mother. The famous Brooke Logan."

Aly replied that Brooke and Hope were very different. Ivy wondered if that were really so and remarked that Hope and Wyatt would be spending a lot of time together. Ivy guessed it was nice for Hope to have two guys fight over her -- as long as she didn't torture them like her mother had with Thorne, Eric, and Ridge.

Aly was silent. Ivy added that there was appropriate behavior, and then there was Brooke's behavior. Aly insisted that Hope wasn't like that, and Hope was all about her message. Ivy felt that Aly was idolizing Hope too much, and Hope wasn't living up to the message. Ivy showed Aly the accidental recording she'd made of Wyatt and Hope hugging in the sky lounge.

At the sky lounge, Hope apologized to Wyatt for getting overly excited, but Wyatt told her that it had just been a hug. She couldn't believe that she was holding the diamond again and that it was Wyatt's jewel. He corrected that it was hers to keep forever.

Hope was sad that Ricardo had died. Wyatt was grateful that Ricardo had entrusted him with the stone, "but now," Wyatt was entrusting Hope with it. She was leery about accepting such a gift, but he said it belonged with her. She replied that it was too much. He insisted that it was supposed to be in their lives. He said it had worked wonders for them before, and it would do it again.

Hope didn't feel right accepting the diamond that Ricardo had given to Wyatt. Wyatt claimed Ricardo had known that Wyatt would know what to do with it. She said Ricardo had known what the stone meant to Wyatt. Wyatt reasoned that Wyatt knew how much it meant to her, to "us," to their past and their future.

Hope agreed that it had been a big part of their lives, but she was with Liam. Wyatt stated that he didn't expect it to change anything. She asked why he'd give it to her then. He insisted that it belonged to her, and it always would. Hope was still hesitant, and he asked her what he'd do with it. He figured he couldn't wear it, and it wasn't his style.

Wyatt believed that only Hope could give the diamond the justice that it deserved. He told her that the diamond seemed like a lot, but she'd given him love, a life, a job, and a purpose. He asked her to think of it as a reminder of what they'd had and could accomplish together. He insisted that it was the HFTF diamond, her diamond, and it would be wrong for anyone else to have it.

Wyatt felt that the two most precious things he'd ever known should be together. Hope stammered, but she said she couldn't. Wyatt told her to do it for the diamond and for the dearly departed Ricardo. Hope playfully accused Wyatt of guilting her, and he said he certainly was.

Just then, Liam arrived, and Wyatt tucked the diamond away. Liam told them about Ivy's video and asked if Ivy had gotten them on it yet. Wyatt and Hope said that Ivy hadn't, and Liam warned that it would happen. Liam also noted that Ivy's mother followed the three of them in the tabloids, and Wyatt wondered "who she's routing for," him or Liam.

Snuggling herself against Liam's side, Hope said Ivy's mother would be sad that the gossip would end because Hope was with Liam. Wyatt added that he was all alone, but Liam said that Wyatt would always have his jewelry.