B&B Recaps: The week of November 4, 2013 on The Bold and the Beautiful
Bill's near-death experience caused profound changes in Bill, but it was too little, too late for Katie. Carter, Maya, Caroline, and Rick made peace with the past, and Maya returned to work at Forrester. Wyatt's attempted jewel theft went awry, but he got more media coverage than he'd ever dreamed of.
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Monday, November 4, 2013

At the boutique, Charlie was frantic about the missing diamond, but Wyatt was sure they'd find it. Charlie grabbed the phone to call the police, and Wyatt said it was good to call the police and get the word out. After the call, Charlie asserted that he wouldn't take any payment unless he found the diamond, and he suggested that they check the surveillance cameras for clues.

Charlie was waving his gun around, but he told Wyatt not to worry because it wasn't loaded. As Charlie discussed fingerprinting the place, two women strode up from the back of the boutique, and Wyatt said he hadn't realized there were still customers there. Charlie asked if the women had seen anything suspicious, and he decided to take statements from them.

The women whipped out guns, and when they spoke, it became apparent that they were men disguised as women. They made Charlie hand over his gun and demanded to have the diamond. Wyatt tried to tell the criminals that the diamond had been stolen, but the criminals weren't falling for it. They warned that they'd search Wyatt and Charlie's pockets -- after shooting Wyatt and Charlie.

Sirens wailed outside, but the criminal named Steve assumed the police were just driving by. Wyatt offered to show the men where the diamond was, and he went over to a table with Charlie's coffee thermos on it. Wyatt opened the thermos, and the men turned upon hearing a car pull up outside. Wyatt slung the scalding coffee at the men in drag, and they began screaming.

Charlie went to the door to let the police inside, and Wyatt quickly slipped the diamond into a purse belonging to one of the robbers. Lieutenant Baker and some officers stormed in to apprehend the robbers. The robbers claimed to have been shopping when Wyatt had poured coffee on them, but Charlie revealed that the men's names were Clyde Whitfield and Steve Kaplan.

An officer recognized the names and said the men had been involved in three other jewel heists. Clyde and Steve swore they hadn't stolen anything, but Baker prompted an officer to check the purses. The officer lifted the diamond out of Steve's bag, and Steve was shocked. Clyde guessed that Steve had tried to go solo, and the men bickered with each other as the police hauled them out the door.

At Forrester, Quinn and Hope talked about jewelry. Quinn made a suggestion, and Hope said Quinn had read her mind. Quinn replied that such things happened when people had a good partnership -- like the one Hope had with Quinn's son. Quinn loved seeing her son in love and trying to impress Hope, and Quinn said he'd probably do just about anything for Hope.

Hope and Quinn boarded a limousine to go to the private event at the boutique. Hope checked her phone and gasped. She exclaimed that the diamond had been stolen, and she urged the driver to get to the boutique right away.

Later, Hope and Quinn rushed into the boutique, and reporters swamped the place. Wyatt told the reporters that the diamond had been stolen, but Charlie had saved Wyatt's life and recovered the stone. "I did?" Charlie asked, and Quinn rolled her eyes. Wyatt called Charlie a hero, and reporters took pictures of Wyatt, Charlie, Hope, and the diamond.

At Spencer, Donna picked Will up to spend the day with him and asked if Bill had wound up seeing Will before the trip. Katie pointedly replied that she'd made herself clear to Bill, and she hadn't backed down. Katie insisted that it was the price Bill had to pay for a few months of fun with her sister, and she hoped he was enjoying every blissful moment of it.

Katie was sure that Bill would understand once he and Brooke broke up. Katie wanted her son raised with decency, and Bill and her sister disgusted her. She insisted that Bill would have to stick to the custody arrangement, and though he might hate her for it at that moment, he'd thank her one day.

Katie claimed she hadn't wanted things to be that way. She'd thought she and Bill would be planning for another child, not fighting custody battles. Katie said nothing was more important than Will's stability, not even climbing mountains with Brooke.

Katie conveyed that Bill claimed to want to spend time with his son, but she wondered if Bill had thought of what it would do to Will if something happened to Bill. "What it would do to me?" Katie added. Katie revealed that she'd had a vision of Bill falling from the mountain, and it had terrified her. She said she hated it when he took those kinds of risks.

In Aspen, Othello and Bill climbed faster than Brooke and Ramona, and Bill barely heard Othello ask if Bill wanted to wait for the women. Bill's mind was filled with thoughts of Katie saying he wouldn't see Will in Brooke's house. Bill climbed further and then affixed himself to a new anchor on the cliff wall. He slipped, and Othello asked if Bill needed to rest. Bill insisted that he was fine, but he said they'd hang out there until the ladies caught up.

Below, Ramona joked that Brooke seemed like a pro and noted that they were almost keeping pace with Bill. Brooke expressed concern about Bill being distracted, but Ramona said he was in good hands with Othello. Ramona reminded Brooke that they could stop at any time.

Ramona and Brooke made it to the midway point and decided to rest. They looked up at Bill and Othello and wondered if the men had taken a rest. Ramona asked if Brooke wanted to continue, but Brooke had reached her limit. Ramona said most people didn't even get that high on their first time up.

Brooke yelled out to Bill to let him know that she'd had to stop. Bill yelled back that it was okay with him. She asked if he'd stop, but he replied that he was good. Below Bill, Othello remarked on the beautiful view, but all Bill could think of was Katie saying that she was leaving with his son.

Bill grasped a slick, rounded rock that bulged from the cliff. His mind became a muddle of words from the argument he'd had with Katie about Will being at Brooke's. "You'll be lucky if you ever see Will again....If you ever see Will again..." echoed in his mind, and he slipped off the rock. Bill fell, his rope began reeling against itself, and Brooke screamed.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
by Pam

In Aspen, Bill had been distracted as he climbed the mountain with Othello. In his head, Bill had heard Katie's voice repeatedly telling him that he was no longer in charge. Bill flashed back to Katie's warning that Bill would only see Will once every two weeks because she would not allow Will to be influenced by Brooke.

Bill lost his grip and his footing on the mountain. He slipped, and his climbing ropes were caught in between the rocks. The catch had abruptly stopped Bill's fall, but his body slammed against the rocks of the mountain. Brooke screamed because Bill dangled helplessly from his ropes. Bill recovered quickly and grabbed onto the rocks. Bill steadied himself, but Othello warned that Bill's climbing gear was no help. Othello advised Bill to carefully climb to the top on his own.

Bill appeared to be dazed, and he moved slowly. Bill painfully tried to resume his climb, but he slipped repeatedly and had trouble getting his footing. Bill flashed back to times he had cuddled with Will. Bill grew more determined to climb. He recalled Will's smiling face. Bill recalled telling Will how much he loved him. Brooke watched in anguish.

Bill struggled, but he made it to the top of the mountain. He stood triumphant at the top. Brooke raced to hug Bill. She told him how frightened she had been that she had lost him. Bill kissed her and told her that he loved her, and she would never lose him. They kissed and hugged. Ramona and Othello told Brooke and Bill that they would take them down the mountain.

At Spencer Publications, Liam and Katie discussed that Bill and Brooke had chosen to climb the mountain. Katie hoped that Brooke might have persuaded Bill to give up the idea. Liam worried that Katie no longer cared about Bill, but Katie said she worried about what would happen to Will without his father.

Jarrett and another reporter raced into Katie's office with the news that the Hope for the Future Diamond had been stolen and recovered. Katie advised them to get over to the boutique and get the story. Liam checked the news on his tablet. He discovered a photo of Wyatt and Hope topped the news reports, and the article claimed that Wyatt had been the hero. Liam angrily claimed he would not allow Wyatt to steal Hope from him.

At the Forrester Boutique, Pam teased Charlie about his heroics. Oliver photographed Charlie and advised that Charlie had become a hero. Charlie dismissed all the publicity and said that it was just another day for a professional of his caliber.

Away from Charlie, Quinn chastised Wyatt for staging a fake heist, but Wyatt said the real surprise was the authentic jewel thieves. Wyatt dismissed his mother's concern and said that world-famous diamond thieves had been caught, and it had been broadcast all over the world that the event had taken place at a Forrester boutique. Wyatt proudly declared that he had been able to slip the diamond into one of the thieves' purses before the police had rushed in. It had appeared that the thieves had been caught in the act.

Quinn was angry that Wyatt had risked his life, but Wyatt said that it had all been worth it because of the publicity. Quinn wondered if Wyatt would tell Hope what he had done. Hope interrupted and asked what they had been discussing.

Rick, Caroline, Thorne, and Eric joined Charlie, Wyatt, Hope, and Pam in the boutique. Eric noted that he wouldn't ordinarily celebrate an attempted robbery, but Charlie and Wyatt's heroics had become global news.

Wyatt downplayed the heroics and said that the thieves had been taken to jail, thanks to Charlie. Pam offered Charlie a celebratory lemon bar. Eric wondered how the diamond had been missing before the thieves arrived, but Wyatt changed the subject.

Oliver noted that the press photo of Wyatt and Hope had hit global news media. They all toasted the publicity. Wyatt gushed about Eric and the partnership between Forrester and Quinn Jewelers. Wyatt complimented everyone on making Hope for the Future a success.

Wyatt congratulated Charlie and advised Charlie to allow the press in because they had patiently waited outside. Jarrett entered and called Charlie and Wyatt heroes. Wyatt announced that the Hope for the Future Diamond would remain on display, and he added that his mother would create replicas of the diamond for sale to the general public. Everyone called it a wonderful idea.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
by Pam

In Aspen, Brooke collected leaves to press in a book to commemorate the trip. Bill and Brooke discussed that he had nearly died on the mountain. Brooke encouraged that Bill would be fine, but he was distant.

Bill and Brooke boarded the Forrester jet to return to Los Angeles. The pilot asked about the mountain climb, but Bill deflected the question and asked how soon they would take off.

Bill sat sullenly while the plane prepared for takeoff. Brooke offered Bill a drink of scotch. She said he had earned it. Bill refused. Brooke said that she had been happy that he had decided to wear the harness when he had gone mountain climbing, and she couldn't imagine what would have happened if she'd lost him.

Bill said it had all been a life-changing experience. Bill called it a wake-up call, and he'd realized that he'd been doing things all wrong. He noted that he had lost his company, and Katie had relegated him to being a weekend father. Bill quietly confessed that he had made some decisions, and though he didn't want to hurt Brooke, he felt that there was no other way.

Bill had realized that his life was a mess, and Brooke was miserable. He decided that the only way for them to get their lives back was for him to return to Katie.

Brooke was shocked. She told Bill that she had warned him early in their relationship that it had been wrong, but he'd convinced her to not feel guilty or ashamed. She added that he had told her that he loved only her. She asked if he remembered the balloon ride in Aspen, being with her when Stephanie had died, and pledging himself to her in Monte Carlo. She reminded him that he had proposed marriage to her.

Brooke asked, "Who the hell are you?" Bill didn't respond, and Brooke ordered him to go ahead and go back to Katie.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Caroline and Rick discussed the fanfare from the attempted jewel theft and their wedding plans. Caroline offered a variety of wedding venues to Rick, and Rick said that he would marry her anywhere. Caroline suggested a boat, and Rick offered to marry her on a dinghy.

Rick and Caroline discussed Bill and Katie's wedding in the park, and Caroline wondered if Bill was really committed to Katie. Rick received a vague text message from Brooke about and incident with Bill on the mountain. Caroline became concerned; however, Rick figured that Brooke and Bill were okay, and it would be a bonding experience for the couple. Caroline declared that the most dangerous thing Rick could do was to carry her over the threshold.

In another office at Forrester, Maya welcomed Carter home from his business trip in Hong Kong. Maya said she had missed her fiancé. Carter noticed that she had been looking at old press photos of herself during her modeling days for Hope for the Future.

Maya admitted that she missed modeling. She missed Forrester, and she missed HFTF. Carter became worried that Maya's nostalgia was really about Rick, but Maya assured Carter that she was committed to him. Carter asked Maya to wait for him. He promised he would return in a few minutes.

As Maya awaited Carter's return, Caroline entered.. The girls teased one another for a few minutes. Maya asked to see Caroline's engagement ring. Maya was impressed.

Maya began talking about HFTF's success. She claimed that she was busy with her web series and wedding planning, but Caroline noted that Maya missed being a model. Caroline reluctantly complimented Maya and said that Maya had rocked the runway as a spokesmodel. Caroline left.

Carter entered the CEO's office, and Rick praised Carter for all the work he had done in Hong Kong. Carter thanked Rick and asked for a favor. Carter said that Maya missed being involved with Hope for the Future and modeling at Forrester. Carter wondered if there was a way for her to return to her old job as a spokesmodel.

Rick stated that Maya had been an excellent model and an asset to Forrester Creations. Rick worried that Caroline would not agree to Maya's return, but Carter pointed out that they had all moved beyond their past relationships. Carter implored Rick to give Maya another shot.

Back in the other office, Maya flashed back to her last time on the Forrester runway. Rick entered and remarked that Forrester had loved having her work there. Maya replied that it had been the good old days, but her departure had been best for everyone.

Rick assumed that he and Maya had gotten beyond the past and were each happy with their new engagements. He felt that Maya had made an impact on the company, and something was missing at Forrester without her. To Maya's surprise, Rick asked if she'd consider returning to work as the HFTF spokesmodel.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

At Forrester, Maya was ecstatic about Rick's offer but feared that she'd misheard him. Rick again asked her to return to Forrester, and she said he had uncanny timing. While saying that she'd just discussed the very topic with Carter, she realized that Carter had gotten Rick to make the offer.

Rick hoped Maya wasn't upset with Carter. Maya called it "typical Carter wonderfulness," and she promised not to let Forrester down again. Rick grinned and welcomed Maya back to Forrester.

Later, Maya was alone when Carter arrived. He sensed that she was upset about something, and she stated that he'd asked Rick for her job back. Carter assumed that it hadn't gone well. Suddenly grinning, Maya hugged him and told him that he was the most fantastic man. He assumed that she was back at Forrester, and Maya replied that it was effective immediately.

In the CEO's office, Rick saw Caroline sketching, and he said he had a spokesmodel for HFTF. "Myrna's in the building. Please tell me that's a coincidence," Caroline replied. He reasoned that Maya was already closely associated with the brand, and Caroline grumbled that he was really going to put her through "this." Rick claimed that he wouldn't if it was a problem, but she needed to speak up if it was.

Caroline wondered if Rick would put a stop to things if "Myrna's" return really was a problem for his fiancée. Rick claimed that he would, and Caroline stated that he'd made her day. Relaying that she was fine with his decision, she cited that she was with him, and "Maya" was with Carter.

Rick asserted that he really would have told Maya that it was a no-go if he'd had to. Caroline was glad to hear it; however, she claimed that she wasn't that petty anymore, and there was room for both women. Rick said Caroline was sexy when she was generous, and they kissed.

Carter and Maya entered, and Caroline called Maya "Marybelle." Maya replied that it was just as if she'd never left. Caroline wanted to know what would make Forrester trust that Maya wouldn't walk out on another campaign. Maya gave her word that she wouldn't. She said that things had gotten too personal, but she was committed to Carter and the life they were building.

Caroline guessed that they were back in business, and Carter stated that things could have gone worse. Maya quipped that he should give it time. Rick interjected that he and Carter were friends, so the ladies needed to get along. Caroline suggested taking baby steps, and Maya agreed. Caroline said they'd just made a baby step because she and "Mona" had agreed. "You got it, Carol," Maya retorted.

On the jet back from Aspen, Brooke was devastated by Bill's announcement, and she told him that he never should have left Katie in the first place. Brooke was enraged with herself for breaking up a family, betraying her sister, and putting herself ahead of a child. Bill claimed that his feelings for Brooke were real, and he'd walked out on his marriage of his own volition.

Brooke wished Bill had left her alone. She couldn't believe he'd wrecked everything he'd had in order to be with her, but he was abruptly cutting it off with her as if it had been nothing. Bill reasoned that teetering close to death had made things clear, and he wasn't the kind of man to relinquish control of every aspect of his life.

Brooke asked if she'd been a conquest or something he'd set out to prove he could have. Bill claimed that it wasn't true and that he loved Brooke. "Well, your love hurts like hell!" she declared. He replied that letting her go was killing him. She seethed that their union shouldn't have happened in the first place; however, Dollar Bill took what he wanted, and once he was done, he was gone.

Bill admitted that it did seem that way. Brooke recalled that he'd urged her to endure the scandal and family disapproval because each would blow over. She reminded him that he'd said they'd have a wonderful life full of adventures. Brooke felt gullible and wished she'd listened to Hope, who'd told Brooke to mind her conscience, not her heart.

Admitting that she'd ignored her inner warnings, Brooke said she'd destroyed her sister's marriage and taken Will's father from him. She guessed it was karma, and she shouldn't have expected to build happiness on the ruins of someone else's life. Bill said she had no idea how hard it was for him.

Brooke bet that Bill wanted her to make it easy for him, and she decided that she would do just that by releasing Bill and herself of every promise that he'd ever made her. She declared that he was free to return to his family. With tears in her eyes, Brooke said that while Bill was basking in Katie's love, he should ask Katie to forgive her sister.

Bill said nothing, and Brooke silently took her seat for their landing. Once on the ground, she wordlessly unbuckled her seat belt. Bill grabbed her hand and said he needed to tell her that she wasn't just a conquest. He asserted that she was all he'd ever wanted, and she always would be.

Snatching her hand away, Brooke commanded Bill to stop it and to go home to be the husband that her sister thought he could be. "And when you make a commitment, mean it!" Brooke ordered.

At home later, Brooke opened a journal. Pressed inside were the leaves she'd gathered in Aspen. She recalled Bill promising that they'd make it to the top of the mountain, and then she remembered that, when she'd feared she'd lost him, he'd told her that she never would.

At Spencer, Katie prepared to leave for the night. She was still plagued by thoughts of Brooke and Bill. Adele guessed Katie had known what she'd been doing by pairing Brooke and Bill together. Katie asked why she'd want her husband with her sister, and the confused Adele said she'd thought uniting Brooke and Bill had been the entire point of setting them up in Aspen.

Disconcerted, Katie admitted that she barely remembered involving Adele in taking the cell phone to Aspen to conceal Katie's true whereabouts from Bill. Katie apologized for involving her assistant but said her postpartum depression had prevented her from thinking clearly.

Adele exited, and Katie flashed back to the time she'd had Adele leave a package for Bill at the Aspen compound.

Katie went home, and as she held Will, she said they were lucky to have Aunt Donna. Katie conveyed that their support had thinned out, and Aunt Brooke was with his father in Aspen -- where it had all started. Flashbacks played of Katie arranging the balloon ride and of Bill and Brooke on the ride.

Later, Katie was surprised when Bill entered through the front door. She asked why he was there, and he said he needed to hold his son. Giving Will to his father, Katie asked what was going on. Bill explained that there had been an accident, and he thanked God that he hadn't solo-climbed. Katie gasped as he relayed he'd lost his footing and fallen down the mountain.

Bill claimed that all that had stood between him and death had been a thin rope, and he'd learned that it was true that one's life flashed before one's eyes in times like that. He conveyed that in that moment, certain things had become undeniably clear. Bill stated that Katie had been right about the climb being too dangerous, and she'd been right about many other things, too.

Katie thanked God that nothing had happened to Bill and uttered that she didn't know what she would have done if anything had. Bill told her that he had many things to say to her, and he'd had an epiphany while dangling by the rope. He said he'd thought about his sons and how much they needed their father, and he'd thought about Katie, too. "I made a mistake. Brooke was a mistake," he asserted.

Bill admitted that Katie had called it, and he'd indeed been hypnotized. Katie shed tears as he said that the mountain had broken the spell, and he knew where he needed to be. "I want my family back, Katie. Will you let me come home?" Bill asked, and Katie gasped.

Friday, November 8, 2013

In the dark at Brooke's house, Hope flipped on the light and shuddered upon seeing Brooke sulking on the sofa. Hope asked her sad mother what Bill had done. Brooke claimed that it had been for the best. Hope asked what Brooke meant, and Brooke explained that there had been an accident.

Brooke assured Hope that everyone was fine but then decided that she couldn't talk to Hope about the situation. Apologizing for alienating Brooke in the past about Bill, Hope urged Brooke to talk to the one person that loved her like no one else did.

Brooke admitted that Hope had been right. Brooke said that she'd gone through life believing that she wasn't a bad person because she was loving and forgiving; however, she couldn't forgive herself for the soulless thing that she'd done.

Brooke touched the dried leaves in the book and said it had been a beautiful trip, but she'd lost Bill and her pride. "Now all I have left are these stupid leaves. I was so selfish," Brooke concluded. Hope faulted Bill, who'd pursued Brooke; however, Brooke contended that she hadn't had to allow it.

Hope urged Brooke to stop hating herself and start hating Bill, but Brooke reasoned that he had his conscience to deal with. Though Brooke understood that Hope wanted Brooke to feel better, Brooke declared that she needed to be better because good people didn't do the things that she'd done.

Hope wanted to call Katie, but Brooke figured that Katie and Bill were together at that moment. Hope was adamant that Katie wouldn't take Bill back. "She will," Brooke uttered with a quiet certainty.

At Katie's house, Katie doubted that Bill knew what he was saying and told him that he wasn't himself. Bill declared that he was more himself than ever after enduring the fear of never seeing home again. "Home -- you and Will," he clarified.

Bill said he couldn't live as he had been, but Katie recalled that he'd said he'd been fulfilled. He replied that he'd been living the life of a boy with no responsibilities, and it hadn't been worthy of him.

Cocking her head, Katie decided that Bill was there because Brooke had kicked him out. Bill claimed that Brooke would never do that, and Katie wryly agreed with him. He didn't want to talk about Brooke. "Then you shouldn't have cheated on me with her," Katie seethed.

Katie decided that Bill had to go, and Bill said she wasn't hearing him. An emotional wall went up around Katie, and she replied that she wouldn't hear it. Katie figured that Brooke had somehow hurt Bill's ego or pride, but Katie said he had to take that up with Brooke.

Bill announced that he'd ended it with Brooke, and he'd hurt Brooke the way he'd hurt Katie. Shaking her head, Katie seriously doubted that. Katie demanded to know what he wanted from her, the woman he'd deemed as his demanding, judgmental, and paranoid jailer.

Bill no longer saw Katie that way and claimed that she'd actually given him what he'd needed. He said he needed someone who could ground him instead of saying "whatever you want, Bill." He admitted that he'd fought her, but she was the only woman with the will to fight him back.

Bill wanted to get back to what he and Katie had shared when they'd been happy and in love. Katie said it was a lovely thought, but he knew they couldn't go back because he'd destroyed them. Bill replied that, if it were true, he wouldn't be feeling as if his life depended upon her next words. Kate told him that his life had been spared for nothing because there was nothing for him there.

Bill said he knew that Katie still loved him. Becoming overwhelmed, Katie told him that she couldn't have the discussion. Bill admitted that he'd been weak, he'd been vain, and he'd thrown it all away; however, he felt an electric current still between him and Katie.

Katie wasn't buying it, and she didn't trust it. She reasoned that Bill could have regrets caused by his near-death experience, but it was just a reaction that he'd eventually get over. Bill claimed that his old life had ended while he'd been clinging to the face of the cliff, and "this is my new one."

While Bill was pleading his case, Katie had picked up her phone to call someone. He asked what she was doing, and speaking into the phone, she told Brooke to get over there right away.

At Brooke's house later, Donna had arrived at Hope's request, and Hope filled her aunt in on what had happened with Brooke and Bill. Hope regretted letting Brooke go to Katie's house. Donna and Hope were angry with Bill, who'd upset their family bond, and Hope hoped Katie wouldn't take Bill back.

Donna believed that Katie had burned the Bill bridge down, and Hope wondered what would happen if Katie rejected Bill. Hope said everyone knew that Brooke had a problem saying "no."

Donna asked Hope to tell Brooke that Donna knew everything and loved her. Before Donna left, Hope asked if Donna had any advice for Brooke. "Change the locks?" Donna said and took off.

When Brooke arrived at Katie's house, Bill answered the door. Katie was upstairs with Will, and Bill said he hadn't expected Katie to call Brooke. "People do things that you don't expect," Brooke flatly responded. She told him that she wouldn't be around when he went to her house to pick up his things.

Katie entered and accused Brooke and Bill of being up to something. Katie asked if Bill had coached Brooke on what to say while Katie had been upstairs. "I'm out of here," Brooke declared.

Stopping Brooke from leaving, Katie asked if Brooke knew what Bill had said to Katie. Brooke assumed that he'd talked about his fall. "So that really happened then," Kate deduced. Brooke added that he wanted a life with Katie, but Katie replied that Bill wanted a lot of things.

Katie was sure that Bill wanted his company back, his antique cars back, and his wines back; however, she doubted she was a thing that he really wanted back. Brooke asked if Katie thought Brooke would plot with Bill to get the things from Katie. Katie said her problem wasn't being paranoid; it was not being paranoid enough.

Brooke asserted that Bill had only been with Brooke to hurt and rebel against Katie. Bill said that he'd believed that he'd loved Brooke. Brooke replied that she'd believed it, too, but she'd always been a sucker for men who told her that.

Katie asked if she was supposed to be happy to get Brooke's hand-me-downs, like she'd been when they'd been girls. Brooke relayed that it was about Katie's happiness, which Brooke felt she wanted more than Katie did at that moment. Katie asked how she was supposed to resume a relationship with a man who'd proven his untrustworthiness over and over again.

Bill tried to speak, but Katie snipped that she was done talking to him. Whipping her gaze to Brooke, Katie asked, "Why would I ever want a man who comes crawling back to me, smelling of you?"

Brooke replied that Katie knew that Bill belonged to her. Katie said that might have been true once upon a time. Brooke guessed that Bill had been lost. "In you!" Katie retorted.

Brooke said she was just gullible, and she'd been merely "the argument" that Bill had been having with Katie. Bill proffered that Brooke had every right to hate him, but he'd been honest when he'd said he couldn't live another day the same while knowing what he knew "now."

Brooke said Katie knew Bill better than Brooke did, but he did have good, love, and need within him. "All that and worse," Katie sadly quipped. Brooke was certain that Katie could love Bill again. "Because now I know how hard it is to stop," Brooke uttered, averting her empty eyes from them.

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