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Monday, July 22, 2013

In Brooke's garden, Liam extended an engagement ring to Hope and asked her to marry him. Hope said she hadn't expected a proposal, and he replied that it was their time. Overwhelmed, Hope gasped, and Liam assured her that no one would love her the way that he did. He asked to her to tell him that she'd marry him.

In a breathy voice, Hope stated, "Of course I'll marry you!" Liam placed the ring on her finger. The two hugged, kissed, and laughed in disbelief. Hope's phone rang. She answered it, and between kisses, she told Rick, "I just got engaged!" Rick congratulated her, and she clicked off the line.

"Come on; let's go!" Hope said and grabbed Liam's hand. She pulled him along the maze of garden paths until their trail ended at Brooke's cabin. Once they were inside, Liam lit candles. He said there would be no more waiting, and their life started "now."

Hope passionately kissed Liam, and he unzipped her dress. In the candlelight, the two made love and then cuddled near the fireplace under some blankets. Hope reveled in being in Liam's arms again, and a flashback montage of their past romance played on the screen. Liam said it was just the beginning, and they called each other Mr. and Mrs. Spencer.

At Liam's house, Karen told Bill that he should really get his own place. Bill claimed to have a place with his wife, but Karen called him delusional. He asked why Karen had sold out her own brother, and he concluded that family meant nothing to her. Karen didn't appreciate his lectures after what he'd done, but he claimed he'd looked out for her all her life and had made her sick amounts of money.

Karen contended that Bill had caused her a lot of grief, too. Bill guessed that Karen's problem was sibling rivalry, but Karen said he'd never seen her as a rival. She felt that he'd never lower himself to compete with a woman; however, he was in a position where he had to, and Katie would win.

Bill couldn't believe he couldn't get support from Karen after all the support he'd given her. She claimed that she couldn't support what Bill had done, but he said she could have given him the benefit of the doubt. She replied that there was no doubt about what he'd done. He reminded his sister that he'd supported her when she'd revealed her sexuality, and he'd built up the company for both of them.

Karen said Bill had done some good things, but she was the one who'd received all the complaints about his bad deeds. Bill reasoned that complaints went with the territory, but she said there would have been less of them if he hadn't sidelined her.

Bill asked what Karen's agenda was, and she claimed to be supporting an emotionally abused woman. Bill said Katie was making a big mistake by siding with Karen, and he wouldn't let it happen.

At Spencer, Brooke apologized for slapping Katie but insisted that Katie had deserved it. Katie claimed that a woman who'd sleep with her sister's husband was a slut, and Brooke asked what to call a woman who'd pushed her husband to sleep with her sister.

Brooke asserted that Katie had set up the seductions, but Brooke still wanted Katie to fight for her marriage. Brooke said Katie could hate her, but Katie shouldn't destroy her life. Katie, however, said she didn't hate Brooke; she'd just never trust Brooke. Katie felt that her life had taken a turn for the better. Running the company was what Katie wanted, and she declared that it wouldn't change.

Brooke urged her sister to take Bill back because what had happened between Brooke and Bill hadn't changed anything. Katie yelled that it had changed everything. Katie said that he'd been her husband, but he'd become "ours, or yours, -- or something." Katie insisted that she didn't want Bill, but Brooke doubted Katie meant it.

Katie stated that Brooke didn't know Katie. Guessing that Brooke thought Katie was weak and pathetic, Katie declared that wasn't who she was. Brooke asked Katie to think about Will, but Katie was appalled at Brooke's audacity to mention him. "This divorce is because of you. If my family has been damaged, it's because of you," Katie seethed.

Katie asserted that Brooke had betrayed her in the most disgusting way possible. Katie ordered Brooke to get out and to never bother returning because security wouldn't let Brooke back in.

Brooke strode out, and Katie flashed back to the day she'd taken Spencer from Bill. Bill arrived, and with an exasperated sigh, she asked how he'd gotten in there. Bill said it might be surprising, but he had a few friends in the building. Katie reached for the phone to call security. He warned her to call a lot of them because he wouldn't go easily that time.

Katie asked what Bill wanted, and he said that he wanted her, their home, and their family. Katie claimed that he'd had her until Brooke had happened along. Bill said Brooke had nothing to do with it. Katie figured he only wanted the mother of his child, but insisting that she could have the job and the company, Bill said that nothing else mattered but Katie and his family.

Katie claimed that it was no use, but the fighter in Bill refused to give up. Though he wasn't fighting for the company, he planned to fight for her and his family, and he intended to win. Katie was convinced that Bill wanted Brooke, but he said he wouldn't be there if that were true.

Katie decided that Bill wanted their marriage because, without it, he wouldn't have any power. Bill couldn't care less about the power and told her that she could have it. He only cared about having a life with her. He said it wasn't even about Will; it wasn't about the money or the power, either.

Katie uttered that Bill had broken her heart. Bill said they'd fix it, just like the other times. Katie didn't know how to fix it, and she no longer saw Bill in the same way. Bill was confident that she would again, but she asked him not to make it harder. Bill, however, refused to give up.

Later, Brooke arrived home, and Rick greeted her. Brooke expressed her frustration with Katie, and Rick wondered what more Brooke could do. Brooke didn't know, but she felt responsible for the unraveling of Katie and Bill's marriage.

Rick said that, on the bright side, Hope and Liam were engaged. Brooke gasped and giggled in excitement. She hugged Rick and said it was wonderful news. Rick replied that the world hadn't fallen apart after all.