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Monday, June 10, 2013

At Katie's house, Brooke started hyperventilating as she insisted, "I -- I have to..." Before she could say more, she collapsed. Bill coached Brooke to breathe, and Katie rushed to call a baby nurse to sit with Will while she and Bill took Brooke to the hospital.

At the hospital, Dr. Meade sent Bill and Katie out of the room before his evaluation of Brooke. Bill and Katie left, but Brooke insisted that they needed to know. "I'm pregnant," she uttered. Upon hearing that news, Dr. Meade left in search of Dr. Caspary.

Bill returned to peek in on Brooke. He and Brooke exchanged glances, and he returned to Katie in the corridor. Katie was frazzled because she'd never seen her sister that way, and she wondered what Brooke had wanted to say earlier.

Back in Brooke's room, Dr. Caspary conducted an ultrasound and said she knew why Brooke was stressed. Brooke stated that she'd had to tell Bill and Katie about the baby, but she hadn't thought it would be so difficult. With a grave look, Dr. Caspary replied that telling Katie and Bill about it wasn't necessary; the ultrasound had shown that Brooke was no longer pregnant.

Putting down her ultrasound wand, Dr. Caspary explained that Brooke had experienced a "missed miscarriage," in which the body exhibited pregnancy symptoms though the baby was no longer there. The doctor assumed it had happened sometime after Brooke's last checkup, and it could have happened due to Brooke's age and other factors.

Dr. Caspary offered some comforting words and said that Bill and Katie believed that Dr. Caspary had arrived for a platonic visit after hearing of Brooke's admission. Before leaving, the doctor said she'd update Dr. Meade on the development. Brooke touched her belly and sighed.

The concerned Bill and Katie entered, and Katie asked her sister to never scare them like that again. Brooke shrugged, calling it a panic attack, and Katie asked what Brooke had been trying to tell them earlier. Brooke claimed she'd just been overly stressed, and there wasn't anything to worry about anymore. Katie got a text message from her nanny and decided she had to go home. Bill offered to stay with Brooke, and Katie took off.

Once Bill and Brooke were alone, Bill figured that, earlier, Brooke had planned to tell Katie about the affair. He reminded Brooke that they'd agreed to never say anything for Katie's sake. He knew how much Brooke wanted to protect Katie, so he deduced that the burden of the secret had to have overcome Brooke. He blamed himself for that and said he hadn't done enough to help Brooke cope with it.

Brooke insisted that Bill's family was his priority. Bill claimed that, though he had feelings for Brooke, he was committed to his family. He said that they'd made love when Katie had pushed them together. In his view, nothing had resulted from it, and nothing ever would. He asked if Brooke could give him one good reason that Katie should know about what had happened between Brooke and Bill.

"No, not anymore..." Brooke replied. Shedding tears, she said the secret was safe.

At the cliff house, Taylor stopped in on her way home and saw that Liam was having dinner alone because Steffy was out. Taylor expressed that her motherly concern extended to him, and she noted that the father's loss in a miscarriage was sometimes overlooked. She wondered how it all had affected Liam, and he said that was a loaded question.

Taylor stated that Liam had turned his world upside down to prepare for the baby, and he needed to give himself permission to feel his grief. Liam was hesitant to open up, so Taylor decided to share her feelings. She said she'd seen her daughter grow while with Liam, and she felt that everything would be fine. Hugging Liam, she exclaimed that he and Steffy would have a house full of children.

Steffy called Liam to say that she'd gotten wrapped up in work projects while at the loft. Liam was disheartened when Steffy decided to spend the night there, but she lightheartedly said he could do without her for one evening. Liam and Steffy said they loved each other and ended the call.

Taylor grew concerned upon hearing that Steffy planned to stay in town that night. Taylor thought that it was important for Steffy to be with Liam during that trying time. Liam claimed he'd been doing everything he knew to do, and Taylor sympathized, guessing that it probably didn't feel like it was enough -- especially when Steffy was still blaming herself.

Liam wanted to help Steffy without piling his feelings on top of it. Taylor said he should work on his own unresolved feelings. She suggested that Liam give Steffy the time to herself. Taylor was sure that Steffy would get through it and make him a father very soon. "Yeah..." Liam dubiously replied.

In her dimly lit loft, Steffy thought of the moment she'd learned she couldn't have children, and she flashed back to memories of Liam anticipating fatherhood. Tearfully, Steffy thumbed through wedding pictures on her phone.

Steffy sat on the spiral staircase and sobbed as she imagined children running to play with Liam on a pallet outside. A woman sat down and removed a hat, revealing herself to be Hope. Hope joined Liam and the children as they played. Steffy sobbed, twisting her wedding ring.