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Monday, December 17, 2012

At Katie's house, Katie found it hard to believe Taylor's revelation about Brooke and Bill. Taylor, however, was adamant that she'd overheard the two agreeing to keep the kiss a secret from Katie. Taylor asserted that Brooke could become dangerous once she took an interest in a man, and it wouldn't end with just one kiss.

Recalling Taylor's volatile relationship with Brooke, Katie figured that it was actually about their rivalry and not Katie's marriage. Katie thought it was beneath Taylor to broach the matter with Katie. Taylor contended that her history with Brooke made it possible for her to see Brooke more clearly than Katie. Taylor claimed she was just giving Katie a heads-up about potential danger down the road.

Katie wasn't convinced, but Taylor contended that she'd seen the connection building for a while. She reminded Katie that Bill and Brooke had been suffering losses at the time, and Katie had tried to push them together. Taylor stated that Bill had been there for Brooke at the party and when Stephanie had died. Taylor wondered if Katie had seen it when she'd confessed about the balloon ride. Katie asked what she had been supposed to see. "Something!" Taylor stammered with a scoff.

Katie thought Taylor was being too ambiguous. Taylor replied that she'd confronted Brooke about the connection, and Brooke had slapped her. "Well, I don't blame her. What you're suggesting is disgusting," Katie responded. Taylor implored Katie to remember Brooke's history and asked why Katie thought she'd be any different than Bridget.

Katie declared that she'd heard enough. Taylor apologized but said she hated the idea of Katie's family being destroyed like Taylor's had been. Katie seemed turned off by the whole matter, so Taylor suggested that Katie confront Brooke and get the truth herself.

In Bill's office, Brooke arrived because she'd been troubled by her and Bill's earlier conversation about Taylor. Bill explained that Taylor's attitude had seemed to indicate that she was questioning his feelings for his wife. Brooke was certain that Taylor was acting that way because she still hadn't gotten over losing Ridge, but Brooke refused to allow Taylor to use her influence to upset Katie.

Brooke said she couldn't stand it if something got between her and her sister. Bill reasoned that Taylor could stick her nose in all she wanted, but she didn't have any proof of anything. Brooke replied that Taylor knew that Brooke and Bill had gotten closer. Bill relayed that he might not have made it through that dark time without Brooke and her "baby skills."

Brooke recalled that Bill and Will had been there for her when she'd returned from the "honeymoon from hell," and Bill asserted that anyone who'd give Brooke up over a few text messages didn't deserve her in the first place. Brooke was impressed with Bill's protectiveness of her. He declared that anyone who tried to hurt her had to go through him, and it wouldn't be pretty. She recalled the peace she'd found with him in Aspen. Bill smiled and took Brooke's hand. She smiled, too.

Brooke asked if Bill had told anyone about the kiss, and Bill said it had been an intense moment between only them. The kiss had been profound for her, and it had taught her that there could be life after Ridge. She knew that it wouldn't be with Bill, but she had hope for a new chapter in her life. Bill and Brooke agreed not to forget the kiss, but they'd put it behind him. "Subject closed," Bill concluded.

Brooke received a call from Katie, who asked to see Brooke right away. As Brooke left, she told Bill that it sounded serious. Bill said to let him know if anything significant were happening. Once she'd gone, Bill looked troubled. He stared at his wedding day photo and flashed back to marrying Katie.

Back at Katie's house, Katie told Taylor that Brooke was on the way there, and everything would be straightened out. Katie was sure that Taylor meant well, but Katie was equally sure that Taylor had misinterpreted things. Taylor left, and Katie anxiously glanced at her wedding picture. She paced over to the baby monitor, and the doorbell rang.

Katie opened the door for Brooke, who was anxious about why she'd been summoned. Katie recalled how Brooke had been there for Katie and Donna while growing up, and Brooke had been there for Will and Bill. Brooke didn't think they needed to revisit how she'd stepped in to help Bill and Will. All that mattered to Brooke was that Katie was back with her family and recovering.

Katie insisted that she needed to talk about it. She recalled sending Bill and Brooke on a romantic excursion in a hot air balloon. Katie said she hadn't been thinking clearly, but she'd felt that if she couldn't be there, she'd wanted her "guys" to have Brooke. Katie acknowledged that Brooke had given the guys what Katie hadn't been able to, and Bill had been there for Brooke during her loses, too.

Brooke wondered where Katie was headed with the talk, and Katie said she'd spoken with Taylor. Brooke mirthlessly chuckled, assuming that Taylor might have said something to upset Katie. Katie replied that Taylor had become concerned after watching Bill and Brooke, and Katie wondered if there was a valid reason to be concerned.

Brooke dismissed the idea, but Katie recalled that Brooke had admitted that Brooke and Bill had gotten closer in Katie's absence. Brooke said she had a new admiration and respect for Bill, but she'd already told Katie that. After more awkward questioning, Katie decided to get to the point, which was that Taylor had said something disturbing to Katie. "Did you and Bill kiss?" Katie asked.

With one look at her sister's reaction, Katie figured out that it was true. Brooke started to explain, but Katie interrupted to ask another question. Katie told Brooke not to lie about the answer. Tears streamed down Katie's face as she asked if Brooke had feelings for Katie's husband.

Back in Bill's office, Taylor arrived to talk to Bill about Katie. Bill stated that he was grateful for the help Taylor had given his wife. Sure that he didn't want to derail that progress, Taylor told him that it wouldn't be that difficult for him to stop seeing Brooke. Bill was uninterested in cat and mouse games, and he told Taylor to spell out what she thought. "What I know," she responded. He said to spill it, and she stated that he'd betrayed Katie by kissing her sister.