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Monday, May 7, 2012

In her office with her grandmother, Steffy recounted Hope's weird demeanor upon crashing into Steffy on the mountain. Stephanie couldn't believe Hope had just left Steffy there, but Steffy beamed that Liam had found her. Stephanie suspected that her granddaughter was withholding some details, and Steffy said she hadn't gotten to the best part. "I signed the annulment papers," Steffy revealed.

Stephanie was surprised, and Steffy explained that she'd had an epiphany that she was dangling the papers over Liam's head in an attempt to hang on to him. Steffy had since realized how much he really cared about her. She had noticed that Liam had been there for her during the accident because he'd needed to be for himself. It had caused Steffy to realize that the annulment hadn't even mattered, because Liam would never stop loving her.

Stephanie was disheartened that Steffy had voided the marriage. Steffy cited that she'd been in the hospital twice over the predicament, Hope was on edge, and the madness had to stop. Stephanie guessed that Steffy had given Liam what he'd wanted. "What he thought he wanted. When I gave Liam the papers, he ripped them up," Steffy replied, smiling.

Stephanie was confused and wondered what Liam had said after he'd ripped up the papers. "Nothing. We kissed," Steffy beamed. Stephanie asked where Hope had been, and Steffy said Hope had returned home. Steffy pointed out that Liam was still living with Hope, and Steffy guessed the pair was together at the moment. "Oh, I need a drink!" Stephanie exclaimed and wondered when that man would make a decision. "Tell me about it," Steffy responded and wished she knew what he was thinking.

In Ridge's office, Hope told her mother that she'd heard Liam arrive home from Aspen some time during the previous night. She hadn't spoken to him yet because she'd gone straight to work. She wished she knew what had happened after she'd left Aspen.

Hope felt that she'd developed a pattern of promising things to people, but not delivering. She was determined to do something about it, but she feared that moving out would pave the way for Steffy. Brooke asked her daughter to think very hard before making any decisions.

Hope asserted that she had to do something to get her life back on track. She wanted to be a role model again, and she knew that if she and Liam wanted a future together, they had to do it right. Hope declared that she'd move out, but on the wedding night, she'd move back in. Accepting Hope's choice, Brooke decided that, in the meantime, they'd plan Hope's wedding day.

Hope calculated that there were a couple months until the divorce was final, but Brooke considered that to be hardly time enough to plan a wedding. Brooke decided that they had to hold the event far from Los Angeles and the press, and she knew the perfect place -- the south of Italy. Hope beamed with excitement, and Brooke said they'd plan it for the very day the divorce was final. Brooke hugged her daughter and exclaimed that Hope's dreams would finally happen.

At home, Liam thought of the moments he'd shared with Steffy in Aspen, and he smiled. Bill arrived and said he knew Liam had flown back with Steffy. Bill was strangely patient as Liam explained what had happened with the press and how it had led to Hope taking the pill and crashing into Steffy. Bill was amazed that Hope had run over Steffy and had left Liam to pick up the pieces.

Bill and Liam concluded that the "feel good" pill had contributed to the accident. Liam felt that Hope shouldn't have been on the mountain in that condition. "She shouldn't have been a lot of things," Liam added. Bill wondered if Liam was seeing things differently. Liam said he'd gained some clarity about Hope. Bill hoped that Liam had let Hope have it about her behavior. Liam said he had done so, and she'd left Aspen on her own while he'd been at the hospital with Steffy.

Bill was surprised Liam hadn't pursued Hope. Liam said he didn't think Hope had wanted him to, and he'd also been with Steffy at the house when he'd discovered Hope's note about her departure. Bill was proud of Liam for being a good husband and taking care of Steffy. Liam stated that Steffy had given him something. Bill wondered what it was, and Liam answered that she'd signed the annulment papers. Bill tensed, but Liam immediately added that he'd torn them up.

Bill hesitated, and becoming confused, he said, "It sounded like you said you tore them up." Liam claimed that he was tired of pretending the marriage hadn't happened, but he cautioned Bill not to read too much into it. Bill asked if it had occurred to his son that Steffy might actually want out, because she was over the madness. Liam blurted out that he'd kissed Steffy. "Wait a minute, I'm having a hard time keeping up with this," Bill admitted.

Hope pulled up in the driveway, and Bill, who believed his son was finally starting to realize that Steffy was the one, urged Liam to stop stringing Hope along. Hope entered the house, and as she and Bill encountered each other on Bill's way out the door, they exchanged mirthless greetings. Bill exited, and Hope strode up to Liam and silently hugged him.

Hope explained that she'd flown home to see Dr. Barton the previous day, and though Aspen had been a tough time for Hope, she'd learned a lot. Hope was eager to make amends with Steffy, and Hope declared that she was done with the pills. She didn't expect Liam to believe her that time, but she vowed to live up to it. She then announced that she'd made another decision.

Hope admitted that moving into the cliff house had been a mistake, and it had been when it had all started to go wrong for her and Liam. It really messed with her that she wasn't being true to herself. She felt that the only way to fix it was to move out. Liam grunted, shocked.

Hope expressed that she'd disappointed Liam and herself. She figured that they wouldn't be in the mess if Steffy had signed the papers; however, Steffy hadn't, and it was what it was. Hope said she and Liam had been tested, and they'd made it through. She asked Liam not to let Bill and Steffy get to Liam, because the wedding was just around the corner.

Hope swore that the dark days were behind them. She asked him to say he believed that, because they'd have a wonderful life together. She asked him if he believed what she'd said. "Tell me you still want to marry me," Hope requested.