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Monday, April 2, 2012

In Ridge's office, Rick advised Caroline to lower the neckline on one of her designs, but she preferred subtly. He urged her to turn up the heat, and she agreed to lower it by half an inch. Ridge and Brooke entered. Delighted to see Rick and Caroline's teamwork in progress, Brooke announced that Stephanie and Eric had agreed to the party. Brooke was sure Caroline would be well received by all because she was nothing like Amber, who didn't belong in the company -- or with Rick.

Brooke and Ridge exited, and Caroline said she'd done her homework on Forrester and on Amber, too. Rick showed Caroline the showstopper from the Ambrosia line and said people still requested it. Though he understood his mother's views, he was proud of the work he'd done with Amber, and he felt that he got Amber like no one else did. "But you... you're something else. I'm glad my mom brought you here," Rick pensively uttered. Caroline said she was glad, too.

In Rick's office, Amber alluded to helping Hope with the pills, if Hope helped Amber with Rick. Hope chucked her pill bottle into the trash and advised Amber to forget Hope's call to Dr. Barton. Amber tried to convince Hope that Amber loved Rick, but Hope wordlessly left. Alone, Amber wondered how to win Hope over. Retrieving the bottle from the trash, Amber grinned.

Amber made several calls to online pharmacies, but had no luck in getting Hope's medication. Undaunted, she continued until she found a pharmacy willing to messenger over the prescription. Amber paid via credit card and erased her browsing history from the laptop. Looking at a magazine featuring Hope on the cover, Amber said that help was on the way.

Later, Jake arrived with a white bag for Amber. He complained about her receiving deliveries at Forrester, and she lied that it was for Rosey. Noting that Amber was acting weirder than normal, Jake left. Alone, Amber altered Hope's pill bottle to read 12 pills and then she dropped a dozen pills into it. She kept the remaining pills she'd ordered and forged a note from Dr. Barton to accompany the new pills. Amber deposited Hope's pill bottle and the note into a white bag labeled "For Hope Logan," and she sneaked across the hall to leave the bag on Ridge's desk.

On the rooftop, Ridge and Brooke saw Hope, who was worrying about the press. Ridge strode off to call Jason, Erica's boss, to complain about how out of line Erica had been. Brooke asked if Hope had contacted Dr. Barton, and Hope revealed that Amber had overheard her doing so.

Hope was upset because she hadn't wanted anyone to know about the pills and therapy. Brooke said it was nothing to be ashamed of. Hope wished she didn't need pills to deal with her problems, and she figured that Dr. Barton had been right to withhold them. Hope wished she'd waited to have sex, so that her and Liam's intimacy wouldn't be marred with controversy.

Brooke noted that Hope had reacted to pressure from Steffy's refusal to annul the marriage. Brooke said Liam wanted Hope, and the vacationing Steffy wouldn't interfere.

In Steffy's office, Steffy, who'd just returned from her Aspen trip, was surprised to see Liam when she entered. She wondered if he'd missed her as much as she'd missed him. Liam said he was glad that she was back. She assumed he knew what she was wishing for at the moment. "Cha-cha-cha," she whispered and nibbled his ear.

Noticing that Steffy looked great, Liam revealed his concern that the Aspen trip wouldn't be good for her. She showed him that she still wore her ring, but he sighed. She said there were a few months left until their divorce, and she was still Mrs. William Spencer III. She hoped to always be.

Steffy figured that the press had made Hope a basket case. Liam said Hope could become unhinged at times, but then she'd somehow bounce back. Steffy called the mood swings unstable. She predicted that the press would increase the pressure, which would damage Hope's line, the only thing Hope cared about. Liam said he loved Hope, and they belonged together. "We'll, see," Steffy replied.

Steffy knew that it had been hard on Liam, even if he wouldn't admit it. She said it was hard on her, too. Hugging him, she uttered that she missed him and their marriage.

Just then, Ridge cracked the door open and grimaced upon seeing the embrace. He closed the door, and Steffy received a call. After the call, she apologetically left Liam alone in the office. A stone-faced Ridge entered and said that he'd witnessed the moment between Steffy and Liam earlier.

Later, Hope went to Ridge's office, where she received a call from a reporter, who'd somehow gotten her cell phone number. She refused to take the call. Upon seeing tabloid photos of her on the desk's laptop, she began to quake. On the desk, she discovered a white bag with her name on it. Inside it, she found a note from "Dr. Barton," which said to take as needed for anxiety. Hope popped a pill into her mouth and heard Steffy say, "What are you doing? What are you taking?"