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Monday, October 31, 2011

At the outdoor café, Eric insisted that nothing unscrupulous had gone on between Jackie and him, but Ridge claimed that Eric's friendship with a past lover was inappropriate. Eric asserted that he'd maintained his commitment to Stephanie, even though she'd become withdrawn and detached. Ridge rasped that the cancer-fighting Stephanie didn't have time to baby Eric, and Ridge warned Eric to never cross the line like that again.

Ridge went home, where he told Brooke that he'd had to lay down the law with his father. Brooke revealed that she'd asked Jackie to respect Eric and Stephanie's relationship. Ridge thanked Brooke and hoped that Eric could keep his hands off Jackie. Though Brooke understood that Ridge was protecting his mother, she asked him to offer Eric some understanding. Ridge wasn't interested in that. He said he'd warned his father not to cross the line, and Eric had better listen.

At Jackie M, Jackie told Nick about the kissing incident. Nick figured Ridge would let Eric have it about that. She wanted to apologize to Eric for getting him into trouble, but Nick advised against it, because she was vulnerable after Owen's departure. Jackie, however, insisted upon checking on Eric.

After Jackie left, Owen entered, looking for her. Since she was gone, Owen asked Nick how she was doing. Nick replied that she was coping. Owen said he was still settling into his new life. He still loved Jackie, and though his new family was happy, he couldn't stand the thought of Jackie being alone.

When Jackie arrived at Eric's house, she expressed her worry that their little kiss had gotten Eric in trouble. Eric stated that Ridge had overreacted, but Jackie felt that Ridge was just worried about his mother. Eric replied that everyone was worried about Stephanie; however, he didn't want anyone to interfere in his friendship with Jackie.

Jackie and Eric had martinis, and she complimented some designs he'd been working on. Eric said it'd been a long time since Stephanie had looked at his work, but Jackie reasoned that Stephanie was going through something. Jackie stated that Stephanie was a handful, and to himself, Eric recalled tense arguments between himself and Stephanie -- including the time she'd kneed him in the groin. "We've had our moments," Eric finally stated. Jackie urged him to remember the good times, and after recalling them to himself, he said he hoped to have many more in the future.

Eric figured that Ridge had no idea of what it was like to be Stephanie's husband. Eric called Stephanie his friend, his colleague, his business partner, "But she's just not..." he started to say. He shook his head and decided that Ridge was right. Eric believed he needed to put aside his own needs, because they were silly at his age. Jackie replied that Eric's feelings were valid. She called him a young man and ordered him to embrace his life. Jackie insisted that he talk to Stephanie, because love and romance could be rekindled.

Eric said that Jackie was an amazing woman. She joked that he'd probably thought she'd intended to seduce him. She claimed that she'd never attempt that on her dear friends, Stephanie and Eric. At the door, Jackie was exiting when Eric thanked her for being a good friend. "And beautiful, too," he uttered and kissed her. Jackie closed the door behind herself and sighed on the doorstep.

At the Bikini Bar, Thorne said he'd had "the day from hell." Amber figured that was fitting on Halloween. Over drinks, Thorne explained that Ridge was a bully with an insatiable ego, but Eric couldn't see it. Amber and Thorne took a table and discussed their lackluster love lives.

One of Amber's friends approached and announced that she was engaged to the bartender. After the friend left, Amber said she wanted to make positive choices and avoid being the underdog. Thorne murmured that he'd been the underdog, but he'd become the fool. Tired of being the "good guy," Thorne announced that he wanted to be a winner. Amber toasted to that.

Amber figured that since she and Thorne were both single parents, they'd make good friends. She offered to deliver lunch to his office sometime, but was shocked when he sarcastically cooed about "lunch in the basement." Amber couldn't believe Thorne was still in the basement after all those years. Thorne replied that he was still in the basement and still in Ridge's shadow. Thorne stated that he could live with it if Ridge deserved his status; however, it seemed Ridge could do no wrong in Eric's eyes.

Amber wondered if Thorne wanted to go someplace a little quieter. Just then, Taylor entered, wearing all black, and seemed disappointed to see Amber and Thorne together. Taylor warned Thorne that he didn't need stress, and Amber was trouble. Amber wondered why people always said that. Taylor asserted that Amber wreaked havoc in people's lives, but she wouldn't do it to Thorne's.

Taylor dragged Thorne outside to talk to him. An insolent Thorne told her that she'd said she didn't know what she wanted. Thorne figured that if Taylor didn't want a man in her life, there was no reason that he shouldn't be with Amber. In the middle of Thorne's spiel, Taylor kissed him.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge complained to Eric that Stephanie had been gone a couple of days and Eric had been snagging moments alone with Jackie. Eric was insulted. Ridge lectured Eric that Stephanie was battling cancer, and Eric needed to bolster her with all his support. Ridge added that Eric was the patriarch of the family. "Start acting like one," Ridge said. "Stay the hell away from Jackie Marone."

Ridge quizzed Eric about what he had done for a homecoming for Stephanie, and Eric reminded his son that Stephanie had been gone only a few days.

Ridge sympathized with Eric, but warned his dad not to give up on Stephanie romantically. Stephanie returned from her trip, and Ridge greeted her at the door. Eric kissed her. He expressed concern about her medications and getting enough rest. She asked what had happened while she was away. He said nothing that she needed to know about. They discussed her trip, and Eric asked about her meetings. Stephanie said that she had gained some real perspective from her cancer group.

Eric worried that she hadn't eaten. He offered to prepare a steak, salad, and baked potatoes, but Stephanie said that she had notes she wanted to finish and turn in. Later, Eric repeated that he had missed her. Stephanie asked when he had become so needy. She warned him not to be too dependent on one person. Eric rubbed her shoulders and said that her independence was an attractive trait. He said that they had always had each other's backs.

Eric said that he was headed to bed and that he would be waiting for her. When Stephanie entered the bedroom, she found candles, roses, and champagne. Eric greeted her, wearing black pajamas. Stephanie insulted Eric by telling him that his actions were childish. She called his wardrobe choice "silly black pajamas" and asked if he'd ever grow up. Eric looked hurt.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke thanked Taylor for supporting Ridge instead of joining in a coup with Thorne to overthrow Ridge. Brooke said that Taylor had done Thorne a favor by not supporting his attempted power play. Brooke said that she knew Taylor didn't want a war within the family. Taylor agreed. Brooke noted that she believed that Thorne had fallen in love with Taylor.

Taylor worried that Thorne was looking for romance in the wrong places. Taylor said that she had seen Amber Moore flirting with Thorne. "We can't let that happen," Brooke said.

Ridge entered and thanked Taylor. He told her how much her loyalty meant to him. Taylor encouraged Ridge to go easy on Thorne because he had been suffering and felt unappreciated. Ridge scoffed and insulted Thorne and his idea for a takeover, but Taylor reminded Ridge that Thorne was his brother and very competent.

Taylor left, and Ridge wondered if Taylor was actually interested in Thorne. Brooke said that Thorne was "the next best thing to being Ridge." Brooke wanted to go home and crawl into bed, but Ridge said that he needed to check on his mother. Brooke warned that Eric and Stephanie had to work out their problems on their own. She added that Eric adored Stephanie. Ridge and Brooke embraced, and Ridge looked pensive and said he sure hoped that was the case.

In his office, Thorne smiled as he recalled kissing Taylor the previous night, but then he looked at a picture of Ridge and Eric, and he threw it in the trash. Taylor entered his office, and Thorne said that she had confused him the previous night. Taylor quizzed him about hanging out with Amber. Thorne said that Amber wasn't the one he wanted to be with. Taylor told him how sweet he was, and Taylor laid some romantic kisses on him.

Thorne told Taylor that he had seen some changes in her. Taylor told him that she saw Thorne as a man who showed concern for her. She said that she felt cared for when she was with Thorne, and she'd almost forgotten what that felt like. Thorne and Taylor kissed again.

At Marcus' place, Dayzee and Marcus played with Rosie. Dayzee said that she was becoming attached to both Marcus and Rosie. Marcus teased that Rosie had become attached to Dayzee too. He laid Rosie down for a nap. Marcus and Dayzee cuddled and kissed. Dayzee said that it felt like a family. Marcus said that was what he wanted for all of them. Dayzee said that she couldn't get enough of him. They kissed.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
by Pam

In the bedroom at the Forrester mansion, Eric was hurt that Stephanie had insulted his efforts to create a romantic evening for her. She had called his efforts childish. Stephanie said that she had just returned from a trip across the country. Eric said that he thought that she would have looked forward to seeing the man she loved.

Stephanie started making excuses, and Eric warned her to carefully plan her excuses -- not to use them all up on one night. Stephanie responded that he was being selfish. Eric replied that he should have known better than to plan a romantic evening for her. Stephanie said that she thought they had discussed her issues with intimacy.

She warned him not to pressure her because it wasn't the right moment. She added that if she wasn't ready, it might never happen. Stephanie went back downstairs. Eric got dressed and put on his jacket. Stephanie stopped him and begged him not to make her the bad guy. "Am I wrong?" she asked. Eric sarcastically said that she was never wrong. Stephanie wanted to talk, but Eric refused. He advised her not to wait up, and he left.

Ridge arrived, and Stephanie shared that Eric had left because she had hurt his feelings. She was embarrassed that she had hurt him, and she shared that she would never intentionally hurt Eric. She wondered where Eric would have gone. Ridge left to look for Eric.

At Nick's place, Owen visited Jackie, and she asked about Logan. Owen said that he and Nick were worried about Jackie, but she dismissed their concerns. Owen wondered why Jackie hadn't returned to the loft, but Jackie said she had changed her plans. Owen was concerned. Jackie said that Owen was incredibly sweet.

Jackie insisted that Owen would be happier with his family than with her. Owen wanted Jackie to find the kind of love she deserved. Jackie reassured Owen by telling him that Eric had kissed her. Owen was upset about the news. Jackie said that it was just an embrace of warmth and friendship. Owen disagreed and said that fooling around with a Forrester would cause her nothing but trouble. Jackie said that she was friends with Eric and Stephanie. She worried more about their relationship than anything else.

Jackie asked Owen to take his son over sometime soon. Owen left, and Eric showed up. Jackie invited him in, and assured him that Nick and Jack were on the Marlin. Eric lamented that Stephanie had called him childish and selfish because of his desires. Jackie offered a cup of tea, but Eric asked for something stronger.

Jackie sympathized with Eric and said that Stephanie was fortunate to have such a caring, attentive man. Eric and Jackie kissed and kissed again. Ridge banged on the door at Jackie's place and asked if his father was there. Eric opened the door. Ridge insisted that his father had to leave, but Eric said that he was no longer wanted at home. Ridge angrily demanded that Eric return home. They argued, and Ridge warned Eric not to hurt Stephanie again. Ridge reminded Eric that Stephanie was fighting cancer.

At Marcus' house, Amber interrupted a makeout session between Marcus and Dayzee to pick up Rosie. Amber apologized for showing up early. Marcus and Dayzee noticed how nice Amber had been to them, and called attention to it. Amber said that she was a mom and needed to make better choices.

Amber admitted that she'd have liked to make things work with Marcus, but understood that he was committed to Dayzee. Amber said she'd wait for the right guy to come along. Marcus was pleased, and asked her to be careful who she led into their daughter's life. Amber said the next man that she fell for would have to be just like Marcus. Amber reminded Dayzee that she had a great guy in Marcus.

After Amber left, Marcus told Dayzee that he loved her. They kissed and headed for the bedroom. Dayzee worried that taking things to the next level might set her up for a fall, but Marcus argued that it was true love. They made love, and Dayzee told Marcus that he'd been right about real love.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

At Nick's house, Ridge lit into Jackie and Eric for their poor treatment of Stephanie. Eric ordered Ridge to be careful of how he spoke, because Eric was the father, not the child. Ridge tried to drag Eric out of there, but Eric snatched himself away. Sensing an impending brawl, Jackie left the room. Eric told Ridge not to pretend that Stephanie, who had a strange way of showing her love, was blameless.

Eric attempted to explain what had occurred when Stephanie had returned home from the trip, but Ridge defended his exhausted mother. Eric insisted that Stephanie had laughed at his attempt at affection, so he'd wound up visiting Jackie. Ridge didn't buy the humiliation routine and said Eric had degraded himself and all he and Stephanie had built together by going to Jackie. Ridge ordered Eric to go home, adding, "If I ever catch you with Jackie again -- " Eric cut Ridge off with a warning against threats. Ridge rasped that Eric had let Stephanie down, but Ridge wouldn't allow it to happen again.

Ridge left by himself, and when Jackie returned to the room, Eric said he couldn't allow Ridge to drag him out of there. Jackie said Ridge wasn't all wrong, and things had gone further than they should have. She stated that Ridge was like Massimo in that there were no shades of gray with Marone men. She figured that if everyone's suffering had to rise to the level of cancer to get sympathy, then no one would ever have a right to complain about anything.

Eric guessed Ridge had riled Stephanie up by then, but Jackie wasn't sure Ridge had run to his mother. "Isn't that what Massimo would have done?" Eric asked. After Eric left, Jackie felt guilty when she thought of how Ridge had shamed her and Eric.

At home, Stephanie lamented what had happened when Eric had walked out earlier that night. Ridge arrived and said that he'd found Eric with Jackie. Ridge suspected that the two were becoming involved. Stephanie demanded some answers, and Ridge revealed that he'd witnessed a kiss between the two at Il Giardino.

Ridge declared that it wouldn't happen again, because Eric wanted to be there for his wife. Ridge vowed to make sure of it. Stephanie asked if Eric had left Jackie's at the same time that Ridge had left. "He'll be here soon," Ridge replied, but Stephanie angrily twitched her lips.

When Eric arrived home, he readily asked if Ridge had told Stephanie where he'd been. Stephanie said she'd like to hear it from Eric. As Ridge stood by, Eric said he'd gone to Jackie's, because he hadn't known what else to do after Stephanie had rebuffed his affections. Stephanie asked if Jackie had given him what he'd needed. Eric said it was about them, not Jackie. Eric doubted that he and his wife wanted to hurt each other.

Ridge told his father not to play the victim, but Eric insisted that it was between him and Stephanie. Ridge continued to interject himself, but Eric declared that it was his marriage. Eric ordered Ridge to go home, but Ridge left only after Stephanie said she'd be okay. Stephanie started to tell Eric that he could go, if there was some place he'd rather be. Eric interrupted to say that he wanted to be with her. Eric declared that he loved his family, and he wouldn't let her down. The two hugged.

In the Forrester studio, Thomas was reviewing blogs about Hope, and he showed Oliver that people were supportive of Hope and angry with Liam and Steffy. Oliver figured that Hope hadn't seen it because she'd been avoiding public opinion. Thomas remarked that Hope had tapped into something important with her message, and after the way the engagement had turned out, that message had reached more people than ever.

In Ridge's office, Hope arrived after canceling her photo shoot. She told her aunts and mother that she was leery of getting back into the spotlight. Brooke said it'd take a while for Hope to find a new campaign focus; however, Hope said she didn't intend to change her message because of what had happened with Liam. Hope felt that she'd lost Liam, not because of her principles, but because she'd overreacted when Steffy had gotten too close to Liam.

Katie asserted that Hope hadn't been at fault for being upset that Liam had kissed another woman. Hope replied that Steffy was no longer the other woman; Steffy was his wife. Hope was eager to regain focus at work; however, she seemed to have lost her direction. Donna said it would take time to heal, but Hope guessed Steffy had been right in saying Hope had asked too much of Liam. Katie replied that Hope couldn't lower her standards to keep a man who couldn't meet them.

Just then, Thomas rushed in with something he thought Hope ought to see. He said everyone was talking about her, and she wryly bet they were. Thomas insisted that Hope take a look at some blogs, because her line was trending higher since the wedding debacle. He read messages from blogs that praised Hope for sticking to her guns. Her situation had taught some fans that an engagement ring meant nothing without the wedding vows. Hope had even caused one teen to change her mind about "going all the way" with her boyfriend.

Hope's aunts concluded that Liam looked like the fool, not Hope. Hope explained that she didn't want anyone to demean Liam. The reaction to her campaign thrilled her, but in truth, she didn't feel good about losing the love of her life.

Friday, November 4, 2011

At home, the naked Brooke and Ridge cuddled beneath the sheets. Ridge hoped that the positive feedback Hope was getting from fans made her feel better. Brooke was sure it did, but said it didn't stop Hope from missing Liam. Ridge said he just wanted everyone to be happy, but Brooke doubted Steffy could be confident if she had to lie to keep her marriage.

Ridge urged Brooke to stay out of Steffy's marriage. He recalled the heartaches in his daughter's life and said she'd finally found someone to fill her empty spaces. Brooke countered that another daughter had also faced trials in her life, and she had loved a man who'd been taken from her unfairly.

In Ridge's office, Steffy felt guilty about lying to Liam. Taylor arrived and noted something bothering her daughter. Steffy readily admitted that she'd lied about knowing that Hope had been looking for Liam in Aspen. In her own defense, Steffy figured that she hadn't forced Liam to marry her. She knew she shouldn't have lied, and she admitted that the deception was getting to her.

Taylor didn't fault her daughter for the mistake and said it didn't invalidate what the couple shared. Steffy felt it was a little tainted, but Taylor insisted that Steffy had been protecting her marriage. Steffy wondered why she'd even felt threatened. Taylor believed that Steffy had a right to have doubts because of what Liam and Hope had shared.

Taylor figured that she and Ridge would still be married if she'd been more protective of her marriage. Steffy believed that Taylor wouldn't have lied to Ridge's face. Steffy didn't want her marriage to begin that way, so she decided to tell Liam the truth.

In Steffy's office, Hope shivered upon entering and seeing Liam. Hope tried to retreat, but Liam awkwardly chit-chatted about work. Hope bluntly asked if he were happily married. He claimed that he was still getting used to it. He wasn't sure where he and Hope had gone wrong; however, Hope thought his faith in his wife was the only thing that mattered. Liam insisted that Steffy wouldn't lie to him.

Hope quickly showed Liam some blogs and said people were starting to see the benefits of waiting for marriage. Liam revealed that he'd been wondering what would have happened if the gondola hadn't gotten stuck. Hope said she'd been too late, and speculating wouldn't change anything. He said he missed her, and as she left, she painfully replied that she missed him, too.

Later, Steffy arrived in her office in a serious mood. She told Liam that they needed to talk before they left for dinner. She explained that she'd been through a lot, and she hadn't always been strong. She abhorred her weaknesses, which she'd tried not to show him. He asked when she'd been weak, and she admitted that she'd done things out of weakness and fear when they'd been in Aspen. He asked why she'd been fearful, and she mentioned Hope's trip to Aspen. Liam stated that Steffy had been unaware of it, but Steffy dismally admitted that she hadn't been truthful.

Liam was a little upset by the information, but asked if there was anything Steffy had to reveal. "Uhm, the gondola..." she murmured, and he scoffed. Shaking his head, he ordered Steffy not to tell him that. Steffy, however, said she'd known Hope had been trapped there. Steffy knew that it was the second lie she'd told, but she insisted that she'd been freaking out, because she'd never loved anyone as much as she loved him. She refused to let their marriage begin with her hiding things.

The wedding flashed through Liam's mind as he realized that Steffy had viewed the gondola during the entire event. He accused her of making vows to him and lying at the same time. Steffy claimed that she'd been determined to save him from misery; however, he retorted that she'd been determined to get the ring on her finger before Hope could prevent it.

Steffy claimed that she was being truthful, so they could begin fresh. She said he loved her because she'd do anything for him. She promised that if he forgave her, she'd never keep anything from him again. Steffy kissed him. At first, he gave in, but then pulled away. She implored him to forgive her.

Hope went to the studio, and Thomas entered with an idea to incorporate pink golf balls into her next photo shoot. Hope said she and Liam and been fond of miniature golf. Thomas hesitated, but then said he couldn't believe Liam had let her get away. Thomas thought Liam had been out of his mind to choose any woman over Hope. Once alone, Hope recalled her day mini-golfing with Liam, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

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