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Monday, October 31, 2011

At the outdoor café, Eric insisted that nothing unscrupulous had gone on between Jackie and him, but Ridge claimed that Eric's friendship with a past lover was inappropriate. Eric asserted that he'd maintained his commitment to Stephanie, even though she'd become withdrawn and detached. Ridge rasped that the cancer-fighting Stephanie didn't have time to baby Eric, and Ridge warned Eric to never cross the line like that again.

Ridge went home, where he told Brooke that he'd had to lay down the law with his father. Brooke revealed that she'd asked Jackie to respect Eric and Stephanie's relationship. Ridge thanked Brooke and hoped that Eric could keep his hands off Jackie. Though Brooke understood that Ridge was protecting his mother, she asked him to offer Eric some understanding. Ridge wasn't interested in that. He said he'd warned his father not to cross the line, and Eric had better listen.

At Jackie M, Jackie told Nick about the kissing incident. Nick figured Ridge would let Eric have it about that. She wanted to apologize to Eric for getting him into trouble, but Nick advised against it, because she was vulnerable after Owen's departure. Jackie, however, insisted upon checking on Eric.

After Jackie left, Owen entered, looking for her. Since she was gone, Owen asked Nick how she was doing. Nick replied that she was coping. Owen said he was still settling into his new life. He still loved Jackie, and though his new family was happy, he couldn't stand the thought of Jackie being alone.

When Jackie arrived at Eric's house, she expressed her worry that their little kiss had gotten Eric in trouble. Eric stated that Ridge had overreacted, but Jackie felt that Ridge was just worried about his mother. Eric replied that everyone was worried about Stephanie; however, he didn't want anyone to interfere in his friendship with Jackie.

Jackie and Eric had martinis, and she complimented some designs he'd been working on. Eric said it'd been a long time since Stephanie had looked at his work, but Jackie reasoned that Stephanie was going through something. Jackie stated that Stephanie was a handful, and to himself, Eric recalled tense arguments between himself and Stephanie -- including the time she'd kneed him in the groin. "We've had our moments," Eric finally stated. Jackie urged him to remember the good times, and after recalling them to himself, he said he hoped to have many more in the future.

Eric figured that Ridge had no idea of what it was like to be Stephanie's husband. Eric called Stephanie his friend, his colleague, his business partner, "But she's just not..." he started to say. He shook his head and decided that Ridge was right. Eric believed he needed to put aside his own needs, because they were silly at his age. Jackie replied that Eric's feelings were valid. She called him a young man and ordered him to embrace his life. Jackie insisted that he talk to Stephanie, because love and romance could be rekindled.

Eric said that Jackie was an amazing woman. She joked that he'd probably thought she'd intended to seduce him. She claimed that she'd never attempt that on her dear friends, Stephanie and Eric. At the door, Jackie was exiting when Eric thanked her for being a good friend. "And beautiful, too," he uttered and kissed her. Jackie closed the door behind herself and sighed on the doorstep.

At the Bikini Bar, Thorne said he'd had "the day from hell." Amber figured that was fitting on Halloween. Over drinks, Thorne explained that Ridge was a bully with an insatiable ego, but Eric couldn't see it. Amber and Thorne took a table and discussed their lackluster love lives.

One of Amber's friends approached and announced that she was engaged to the bartender. After the friend left, Amber said she wanted to make positive choices and avoid being the underdog. Thorne murmured that he'd been the underdog, but he'd become the fool. Tired of being the "good guy," Thorne announced that he wanted to be a winner. Amber toasted to that.

Amber figured that since she and Thorne were both single parents, they'd make good friends. She offered to deliver lunch to his office sometime, but was shocked when he sarcastically cooed about "lunch in the basement." Amber couldn't believe Thorne was still in the basement after all those years. Thorne replied that he was still in the basement and still in Ridge's shadow. Thorne stated that he could live with it if Ridge deserved his status; however, it seemed Ridge could do no wrong in Eric's eyes.

Amber wondered if Thorne wanted to go someplace a little quieter. Just then, Taylor entered, wearing all black, and seemed disappointed to see Amber and Thorne together. Taylor warned Thorne that he didn't need stress, and Amber was trouble. Amber wondered why people always said that. Taylor asserted that Amber wreaked havoc in people's lives, but she wouldn't do it to Thorne's.

Taylor dragged Thorne outside to talk to him. An insolent Thorne told her that she'd said she didn't know what she wanted. Thorne figured that if Taylor didn't want a man in her life, there was no reason that he shouldn't be with Amber. In the middle of Thorne's spiel, Taylor kissed him.