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 Recaps for B&B Recaps: The week of February 14, 2011 on The Bold and the Beautiful
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Monday, February 14, 2011

At Dayzee's café, Thomas' kiss frazzled Dayzee. She started to retreat to her work, but then turned to ask why he'd done it. He said he'd gotten caught up in the café's benevolence and in her generous nature. Dayzee said she didn't get it, so Thomas cited that she'd given Anthony the shoes. He added that Brooke and Stephanie had hated each other before meeting Dayzee.

Dayzee refused to take credit for Brooke and Stephanie's new relationship, but Thomas said that because of Dayzee, he'd had the best Christmas of his life at the café. Dayzee figured that the kiss had been her reward for it. "No, it was mine," he replied.

Thomas apologized for the kiss and his impulsiveness, but Dayzee said he didn't have to do that. He figured that meant his kiss hadn't been the worst thing to happen to her that week. Dayzee shyly grinned and giggled when their gazes met. Thomas called Marcus lucky.

Thomas decided to put a rush on Dayzee's tee shirts, but Dayzee said it wasn't necessary. Insisting upon it, Thomas stated that he'd personally deliver them, so he could see people's reactions to them. Dayzee went back to work, and he sighed to himself.

At the hospital, Bill suggested that Amber get herself an attorney to handle her extortion case. Dr. Montgomery opened the envelope and announced that Liam was the father of Amber's baby. Bill demanded that the results be run again at a different hospital and with a different lab.

The doctor said his staff had run the tests twice already. Justin arrived, and Bill ordered Justin to get the test results analyzed. Katie said Bill usually trusted Dr. Montgomery, but Bill insisted upon having a second opinion. Hope lunged at Amber and yelled that Amber had trapped Liam. Liam carried Hope out of there, Justin left, and Brooke said she didn't know how the manipulating Amber lived with herself.

Later, Tawny let Amber and Carl into her trailer. Tawny stated that they'd done it, and their lives would change. "When do you think that's gonna be?" Carl asked. Tawny said she'd call Carl when the first check arrived, and Carl took off.

Tawny wanted to celebrate, but Amber sulked because everyone despised her. Amber said she'd ruined many lives that day, but Tawny countered that Amber had saved at least one life. Knowing Tawny meant the baby, Amber said her unborn child was already living a lie.

Amber doubted Liam wanted the baby, but Tawny said Liam knew how it felt to grow up without a father. Declaring it a done deal, Tawny said the Spencers couldn't weasel out of it. Amber wished Tawny wouldn't gloat. Tawny said she'd give the Spencer men a reprieve, but she'd have to contact them eventually, because Amber needed doctors and a clean place to live.

Stuffing potato chips in her mouth, Amber bemoaned becoming a single parent. Tawny thought that Liam might take an interest in Amber, whom Tawny considered a catch. Amber asserted that it was really Oliver's baby, but Tawny said to stop talking like that. Tawny, who would have jumped at the chance to raise Amber in style, praised Amber for giving the baby a new life. Tawny hugged the dubious Amber.

At the beach house with Liam, Brooke, Hope, and Katie, Bill was livid at "that bitch" for destroying his son's life. Bill vowed that Amber wouldn't get away with raping his son for child support checks. Liam told the shell-shocked Hope that he couldn't believe it. Hope stated that she loved him, but he couldn't pretend that things would ever be the same again.

Bill interrupted to take Liam outside to talk. On the porch, Bill said they'd make the problem go away by writing Amber a sizeable check and ensuring that she did the right thing. "Are you talking about...?" Liam asked. Bill said they had to take their medicine and swallow it hard, because Bill was certain that Liam did not want to be attached to "that skank" for the rest of his life. "And you will be if she has that kid," Bill concluded.

Bill stated that he'd rather set his money on fire than give it to Amber, but they had to make her and the kid permanently disappear. Liam murmured that he was about to be a father, but Bill ensured his son that Amber would make life "hell" for the next 19 years. Liam stammered that he didn't know how he'd feel about walking out on his own child.

Upon returning inside, Liam told Hope that he wasn't ready to be a father. Hope said she'd dreamed of having a child with him, but he'd instead have one with Amber. He repeated that he wasn't ready, but Hope said she wouldn't let him give up on his child.

Aside, Brooke raged to Katie about Amber, who'd infected two of Brooke's children. Brooke said Hope and Liam were Amber's victims, just as Rick had been. Brooke felt that Liam and Hope had to cut their losses immediately.

Approaching Liam and Hope, Brooke assured Liam that the test results hadn't changed how she or Hope felt about him. Brooke acknowledged that the day's events had been tragic, but she felt that the couple still had many things to look forward to. Brooke said that difficult decisions had to be made sometimes, and in Brooke's mind, there was only one thing to do.