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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stephanie watched as Ridge caressed Taylor's face. But then she noticed the bottle of pills on the table and got a worried look on her face. Stephanie called Taylor aside and showed her the bottle of pills. Taylor explained those were her anti-anxiety pills that the doctor gave her after Phoebe died. Taylor explained that she shared one with Ridge when they went to Big Bear. Stephanie warned Taylor that she had seen Ridge take another pill earlier.

Taylor counted the pills and said Ridge couldn't have taken too many, as she thought most of the pills were still there. Stephanie asked if the pills were only for anxiety and Taylor said that was their intended purpose. Taylor asked if Stephanie was implying something and if Taylor should back off and detach from Ridge. Stephanie said definitely not, and proclaimed that Taylor was Ridge's lifeline.

Taylor went into the bedroom to talk to Ridge and asked how many pills he had taken. Ridge didn't answer, but mentioned that he didn't think Taylor would mind. Taylor said she didn't mind, per say, but just was curious about how many pills he had taken. Ridge evaded answering again and asked Taylor if he was acting funny. Taylor said he wasn't, but she still would like to know how many pills Ridge took. Ridge avoided a number again and said he was certain Taylor would never give him a pill that would be harmful to him.

Taylor said she should never have given Ridge pills; she was a doctor and was supposed to know better. Ridge said it was no big deal. Taylor asked again how many pills Ridge took and he finally admitted he took two. Taylor said if Ridge was still feeling edgy in a few days, she would write him a prescription of his own. Ridge said Taylor was the doctor and he trusted her judgment.

As Taylor talked to Ridge, his vision blurred and Taylor was out of focus. His speech was slightly slurred when he spoke. Taylor mentioned that she hadn't seen Ridge so happy in a long time. He admitted he did feel happy and attributed it to being with her. Taylor said she wanted to make Ridge happy again and she kissed him. Ridge was sleepy and dozy, and was about to drift off. Taylor said goodnight and left the room, and Ridge was out cold by the time she reached the door.

Nick plastered Bridget with kisses and she asked Nick who shot him out of a cannon. Nick expressed delight that Owen had been fired. Nick popped the cork on champagne and poured a glass for the two of them. Bridget refused to drink to "poor Owen" being fired. Bridget didn't believe Owen meant anyone any harm.

Nick said Owen should be harmless someplace else. Nick said once Jackie saw Owen waxing his surfboard day after day while she worked, she would see he was a loser and break up with him. Bridget chuckled and the two went back to kissing.

Nick asked Bridget what he could do to hurt her that he hadn't already done. Bridget replied he hadn't chopped her into pieces in her sleep yet or forged her name on checks. Bridget asked if he was leading up to a confession or apology for his past mistakes. Instead he pulled a large diamond out of his pocket and proposed. Nick said he had done all the stupid things he could think of, and he was finally ready to keep the promise he made to Bridget in the past, "til death do us part."

Bridget explained that when they first got married, she was a child and she grew up with Nick, lost a baby with him, and then lost him. But somewhere in the midst of all that, she found herself and her boundaries of what she would and would not put up with. Nick asked her if that was a "yes." Bridget smiled at him and said in all fairness, their wedding invitations should say "No gifts, please" this time around. Nick thanked her for saying yes and expressed his love for Bridget. Bridget told him that was his best proposal yet.

Bridget suggested that they skip the wedding and just start telling people they were married to avoid the embarrassment. Nick said no way, and said he wanted it all good and legal so Bridget couldn't leave him when his body started growing hairs in weird places and his "butt shriveled up." They laughed, and Bridget said her eyesight would probably be gone by then, anyway.

Nick predicted that Brooke would want to have Bridget deprogrammed, and mentioned that Brooke always warned Nick to stay away from Bridget. Bridget said Nick shouldn't worry because Brooke didn't remember 80% of what she said, anyway.

Owen showed up at Jackie's office with a diamond ring and assured her that he didn't charge it to her credit card. She shied away, and Owen asked why she didn't want it. Jackie explained that she could read Owen's mind, and believed that he only proposed to her to assure himself a place to live. Owen appeared crushed by her words.

Owen said he always landed on his feet and wasn't worried about having a roof over his head. He confessed that he loved Jackie and wanted to marry her because he wanted to spend his life with her. Owen realized he was the financial lightweight in the relationship, and that Jackie had money to take care of herself.

But Owen promised he wanted to take care of her and love her as best he could. He expressed a desire to have a right to be with her, he wanted to stake his claim by being Jackie's husband so Nick couldn't bully him out of her life. Owen said he loved Jackie exactly as she was and would never try to change her. She opened her fingers and let Owen slide the engagement ring onto her hand.

Katie went by to console Brooke and explained that Rick called and asked Katie to check on Brooke. Brooke explained that Ridge left because Rick and Steffy had reunited, and Ridge blamed Brooke for not being able to stop them. Katie assured Brooke that Ridge was just angry and that he would calm down eventually. Katie reminded Brooke that Ridge was really mad at Rick, and not at her. Brooke disagreed and said, "No, he's mad at me."

Katie predicted that Ridge would return home soon, because Ridge didn't do well being alone. Brooke sadly explained that she did not think Ridge would be alone.

Brooke called Ridge's cell phone and confessed that she missed him and wished he would return home. Ridge said he couldn't go home to her, since he knew Rick could walk in at any moment. Brooke apologetically explained that she didn't mean to start an argument, she merely wanted to say goodnight to Ridge. He coldly thanked her.

Brooke assured Ridge of her love and predicted they would work through their problems and get back together soon. Ridge said goodnight to her and hung up the phone. Katie was behind her and overheard the call. She asked where Ridge was, and Brooke said Ridge was at the guesthouse and that she was relieved.

Katie asked where Brooke thought Ridge would be. Brooke explained that Ridge spent the night with Taylor earlier in the week. Brooke cautioned Katie not to jump to conclusions, and explained Taylor was only helping Ridge through a hard time.

Brooke said she ought to be grateful to Taylor for being there for Ridge. Katie said that would be asking an awful lot of Brooke. Brooke said it didn't hurt that Ridge went to Taylor, but it did hurt when he explained how happy he was to be away from Brooke and to have Taylor to talk to.

After Katie left, Brooke went upstairs to her bed and reminisced about the wedding she and Ridge had at Point Dume, then broke down and cried into her pillow.