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Monday, June 8, 2009

Ridge implored Brooke to tell Rick she forbade him to date Steffy. Ridge said he needed to hear Brooke say those words. Brooke looked over her shoulder at her son and Steffy, and then back to Ridge. She refused and said she simply could not stand in the way of Rick and Steffy's relationship any longer.

Ridge was stunned that Brooke would agree to Steffy dating Rick. Brooke said, in spite of Ridge's opposition, Rick and Steffy were determined to be together. Brooke reminded Ridge that in spite of all his efforts to break them up, Rick and Steffy couldn't stay apart because their feelings for one another were too strong.

Brooke reminded Ridge that their children were adults and could date who they wanted, with or without parental approval. Brooke said she was sorry that her feelings hurt Ridge, but she couldn't stand between Rick and Steffy anymore.

Ridge was furious that Brooke would take that position. Steffy asked her dad to try to see things from her point of view. Steffy said that Brooke was willing to accept their relationship, and wondered why Ridge couldn't do the same.

Ridge ignored Steffy and went on the attack with Brooke again. Ridge bellowed at Brooke and said he warned her that the relationship with Rick and Steffy could not happen. Ridge kicked Rick and Steffy out of his house. He said they had to go because he simply could not look at them.

After they left, Ridge said he knew that Rick would not stay away from Steffy, but he could not have predicted that Brooke would betray him. Brooke tried to explain that she was not betraying him by supporting her son. Ridge argued that Rick cost him one daughter already and was a threat to his remaining daughter Steffy. Brooke disagreed and said Rick was not a threat to Steffy.

Ridge said Brooke was unrealistic and could not see the person that Rick really was. Ridge pointed out that Brooke knew the only thing that could break the two of them up was Rick, and "now" Rick had. Brooke begged Ridge to think about it, but Ridge said he could not take any more and that he was done with Brooke.

Brooke pleaded with Ridge not to say those things, but he continued anyway. Ridge said that Brooke was on one side with Rick, and Ridge was on his side alone. Ridge felt he had gotten no support from Brooke. Ridge stated that, if nothing else, Rick was a threat to Ridge's sanity, and Brooke didn't seem to give a damn about Ridge's well-being. He said he had had enough and stormed out. Brooke went screaming after Ridge begging him to stop, but he did not.

Taylor and Thomas stopped by Phoebe's grave to take flowers. They found a bouquet of Phoebe's favorite rose already placed at the grave and assumed Ridge had been there earlier. Thomas expressed his disappointment to Taylor that Ridge would not return to their family. Taylor reminded Thomas that Ridge was committed to Brooke. Thomas didn't understand how Ridge could stay with Brooke when her son was responsible for Phoebe's death.

After Ridge left Brooke's house, he went to Phoebe's grave, where he ran into Taylor. She sensed something was wrong with Ridge and asked why he was so upset. He regaled her with the saga of Steffy and Rick reuniting. Ridge admitted that he had left Brooke because he was furious with her for supporting Rick instead of him.

Taylor said she didn't want Rick anywhere near her daughter. Ridge thanked God that someone saw things from his point of view. Ridge spoke to Phoebe's headstone and stroked it, wishing he could get his daughter back.

Ridge worried aloud that if Steffy dated Rick, they would be in a car driving together at some point and Ridge would lose Steffy the way he lost Phoebe. Taylor assured Ridge that would never happen and they would find a way to protect their daughter. Taylor dug in her purse and gave Ridge an antidepressant and said it would help with his anxiety,

Ridge took the pill. Taylor asked if she could drive him home. Ridge replied that he didn't want to see Brooke, Steffy, or Rick; he couldn't face them. Taylor said she would take Ridge away anyplace he wanted to go.

They got in Taylor's car and began to drive. Ridge asked where they were headed, and Taylor said "Big Bear." Ridge objected, but Taylor insisted it would be the best place for Taylor to help Ridge work through his issues. He reluctantly agreed.

At Big Bear, Ridge and Taylor sat by a roaring fire. Taylor expressed outrage that Brooke hadn't been more supportive of Ridge. Taylor convinced Ridge that she was up to the task of helping him work through his grief over Phoebe. Taylor reminded him that no one understood what he was going through more than she did.

Brooke called Ridge's cell phone. Taylor saw the call come in from Brooke, and turned Ridge's phone off without letting him know Brooke had called. When Ridge came back over to the sofa, Taylor told Ridge she would always be there for him, and began to rub his neck and shoulders.

Eric begged Stephanie to return to Forrester Creations. He bribed her with her own office. Stephanie declined. Eric told her she was missed at Forrester. Stephanie replied that Eric didn't miss Stephanie; he only missed the sales figures she boosted and her good rapport with clients. Stephanie pointed out that she had no desire to work alongside Rick, Donna, and Brooke.

Stephanie said that when given the choice, Eric chose his young trophy wife over her, and that choice had consequences. Eric admitted Donna brought a lot of joy to his life, but he missed his family. Stephanie noted that Eric always wanted to have his cake and eat it, too. She asked him why he was so nostalgic, and suggested the sex with Donna must be getting old.

Stephanie talked to Eric about his professional behavior. She said when their kids and other employees heard banging, moaning, and groaning coming out of his office, it made people uncomfortable. Stephanie added she had no desire to return to work for Forrester to witness Donna's outrageous behavior. Stephanie said if she had to witness that on a daily basis, it would be intolerable to her.

Stephanie continued, and said she and Eric had something extraordinary once, but Eric chose to walk away from it for fun and games with Donna. Stephanie wanted to make sure Eric realized his behavior reflected on the company and on his reputation. Stephanie said she didn't want to be associated with that, because she deserved better. She added that she found something better, a new life and a new company. Stephanie declared the reason she no longer had a place at Forrester was because she didn't want one.

Donna burst into the office ready to play. Eric asked her to give him and Stephanie another minute. Stephanie motioned Donna to enter, and told Eric very gently that they were finished. Eric got a far-off look in his eye, as though he was processing the truths Stephanie had just laid at his feet.