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Monday, February 23, 2009

Ridge's life was in Rick's hands, literally, as Ridge dangled over the side of the Forrester building. Ridge pleaded with Rick to pull him back up. With all his might, Rick struggled to pull Ridge back up over the ledge. Once Ridge was pulled to safety, Rick told Ridge that in spite of their differences, he would never let Ridge die. Ridge looked surprised to hear that.

Taylor went to visit Stephanie and filled her in on the news that Rick had enlisted in the military. Taylor had a hard time believing that the Rick she knew was cut out for the Army. Stephanie guessed that Rick was just working an angle to try to worm his way back into the good graces of the family. Stephanie added the Eric and Brooke actually believed their son did it to regain his integrity. Taylor said she didn't think that was possible. Stephanie agreed with Taylor, but realized Rick's parents were prone to believe in him no matter what.

Taylor worried that Rick would continue to pursue Steffy, and that Steffy was in over her head with Rick. Taylor and Stephanie discussed Ridge's reaction to the ongoing situation and were worried about what he would do if Rick didn't back off. Taylor said she knew that Rick and Brooke could not be counted on to behave with self-restraint, so Taylor and Stephanie tried to come up with a solution. Stephanie noticed that Taylor still had tender feelings for Ridge. She mentioned that sine Ridge and Brooke were on opposite sides of the battle over Rick and Steffy, that perhaps their marriage would not survive it. Taylor said Ridge and Steffy were her only concerns.

Taylor left, and Ridge arrived to see Stephanie looking extremely bedraggled. Stephanie asked what happened to him. Ridge was embarrassed and reluctant to answer, but Stephanie kept pushing for an answer. She asked Ridge point-blank if Rick had tried to push him off the roof. Ridge hung his head and said no, that it was his "own damned fault."

Ridge confessed to Stephanie that Rick had saved his life. Ridge said he realized Rick did not intend to kill Phoebe, just like Rick did not intend for Ridge to fall off the roof earlier in the day. Ridge said he and Phoebe were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Brooke had witnessed the incident from the opposite side of the building and ran to Rick. She said she saw him pull Ridge up and asked Rick what happened. Rick explained and Brooke declared that Rick was a hero who saved Ridge's life, and she wanted the whole family to know. Rick implored Brooke to keep quiet. He said he didn't want anyone to think he had taken advantage of the situation. He insisted he was not a hero; he just did what anyone else would have done. Brooke disagreed and wanted to proclaim her son's heroism to the world, but Rick dissuaded her.

Rick said the only people who needed to know about it were him and Ridge-- and perhaps it would let Ridge see him in a new light and forgive him for his sins of the past. Brooke held him close with pride beaming from her eyes. Rick said the family thought he was a con artist and he didn't want to add to that with the perception that he would use a near tragedy to his advantage. Brooke said Ridge would have died if Rick hadn't pulled him back up, and Rick said that was true, but he wanted her to let it go. Rick said his goal was to win back the respect of the entire family.

Brooke went to Ridge and said she knew what had happened. She explained that Rick didn't want anyone to know about his heroic actions. Ridge scoffed and said Rick sure knew how to work his mother. Ridge accused Rick of secretly wanting Brooke to tell everyone, even though Rick told her not to tell. Brooke looked hurt and asked if Ridge was even grateful to her son for saving Ridge's life. Ridge said if Rick had not been hitting on Steffy he would not have been on the roof in the first place and wouldn't have needed saving. Brooke's eyes welled up with tears when she realized Rick's dream of finding peace with Ridge was still a long way off.

Ridge said Rick was a master manipulator and he had only enlisted because he knew he would be rejected. Brooke said she didn't believe that, but even if he had done that, it only proved he really loved Steffy and would do anything for her. Ridge said Rick had been with Ashley, Phoebe, Taylor, and Steffy in a matter of months and could not have possibly loved all those women. Brooke asked Ridge to take it easy and remember that Rick was her son. Ridge reminded Brooke that he had been through some tragedies lately and that her son Rick was at the center of all of them, and Ridge could not forget.

Brooke said Rick wanted acceptance more than anything. She asked Ridge to take into account that Rick saved his life and to let Rick back in the company, to make Rick feel like part of the family. Brooke believed if Rick could get acceptance from the family, everything would be okay. Brooke asked Ridge to do it for her. She asked Ridge to give Rick a job at Forrester.

Stephanie tracked Rick down in the shipping and receiving area and asked if he was waiting for Steffy so he could toot his own horn about his heroic deed. Rick said no, he was headed home. Stephanie taunted him, and Rick asked if she wasn't just a little grateful that he saved her son Ridge's life. She said Ridge would not have needed saving if Rick had stayed away from Steffy. Rick said Stephanie had better hope he never had to decide whether or not to save her life. Stephanie said she would rather die than have Rick save her life, so if he ever had the choice, he should let her die.

She asked Rick when he shipped out, and he explained that he had been rejected for medical reasons. Stephanie laughed hysterically and said she knew it had all been a ploy for him to look good in front of Steffy. Rick shook his head in disgust and left Stephanie to bluster all alone.