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Monday, February 23, 2009

Ridge's life was in Rick's hands, literally, as Ridge dangled over the side of the Forrester building. Ridge pleaded with Rick to pull him back up. With all his might, Rick struggled to pull Ridge back up over the ledge. Once Ridge was pulled to safety, Rick told Ridge that in spite of their differences, he would never let Ridge die. Ridge looked surprised to hear that.

Taylor went to visit Stephanie and filled her in on the news that Rick had enlisted in the military. Taylor had a hard time believing that the Rick she knew was cut out for the Army. Stephanie guessed that Rick was just working an angle to try to worm his way back into the good graces of the family. Stephanie added the Eric and Brooke actually believed their son did it to regain his integrity. Taylor said she didn't think that was possible. Stephanie agreed with Taylor, but realized Rick's parents were prone to believe in him no matter what.

Taylor worried that Rick would continue to pursue Steffy, and that Steffy was in over her head with Rick. Taylor and Stephanie discussed Ridge's reaction to the ongoing situation and were worried about what he would do if Rick didn't back off. Taylor said she knew that Rick and Brooke could not be counted on to behave with self-restraint, so Taylor and Stephanie tried to come up with a solution. Stephanie noticed that Taylor still had tender feelings for Ridge. She mentioned that sine Ridge and Brooke were on opposite sides of the battle over Rick and Steffy, that perhaps their marriage would not survive it. Taylor said Ridge and Steffy were her only concerns.

Taylor left, and Ridge arrived to see Stephanie looking extremely bedraggled. Stephanie asked what happened to him. Ridge was embarrassed and reluctant to answer, but Stephanie kept pushing for an answer. She asked Ridge point-blank if Rick had tried to push him off the roof. Ridge hung his head and said no, that it was his "own damned fault."

Ridge confessed to Stephanie that Rick had saved his life. Ridge said he realized Rick did not intend to kill Phoebe, just like Rick did not intend for Ridge to fall off the roof earlier in the day. Ridge said he and Phoebe were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Brooke had witnessed the incident from the opposite side of the building and ran to Rick. She said she saw him pull Ridge up and asked Rick what happened. Rick explained and Brooke declared that Rick was a hero who saved Ridge's life, and she wanted the whole family to know. Rick implored Brooke to keep quiet. He said he didn't want anyone to think he had taken advantage of the situation. He insisted he was not a hero; he just did what anyone else would have done. Brooke disagreed and wanted to proclaim her son's heroism to the world, but Rick dissuaded her.

Rick said the only people who needed to know about it were him and Ridge-- and perhaps it would let Ridge see him in a new light and forgive him for his sins of the past. Brooke held him close with pride beaming from her eyes. Rick said the family thought he was a con artist and he didn't want to add to that with the perception that he would use a near tragedy to his advantage. Brooke said Ridge would have died if Rick hadn't pulled him back up, and Rick said that was true, but he wanted her to let it go. Rick said his goal was to win back the respect of the entire family.

Brooke went to Ridge and said she knew what had happened. She explained that Rick didn't want anyone to know about his heroic actions. Ridge scoffed and said Rick sure knew how to work his mother. Ridge accused Rick of secretly wanting Brooke to tell everyone, even though Rick told her not to tell. Brooke looked hurt and asked if Ridge was even grateful to her son for saving Ridge's life. Ridge said if Rick had not been hitting on Steffy he would not have been on the roof in the first place and wouldn't have needed saving. Brooke's eyes welled up with tears when she realized Rick's dream of finding peace with Ridge was still a long way off.

Ridge said Rick was a master manipulator and he had only enlisted because he knew he would be rejected. Brooke said she didn't believe that, but even if he had done that, it only proved he really loved Steffy and would do anything for her. Ridge said Rick had been with Ashley, Phoebe, Taylor, and Steffy in a matter of months and could not have possibly loved all those women. Brooke asked Ridge to take it easy and remember that Rick was her son. Ridge reminded Brooke that he had been through some tragedies lately and that her son Rick was at the center of all of them, and Ridge could not forget.

Brooke said Rick wanted acceptance more than anything. She asked Ridge to take into account that Rick saved his life and to let Rick back in the company, to make Rick feel like part of the family. Brooke believed if Rick could get acceptance from the family, everything would be okay. Brooke asked Ridge to do it for her. She asked Ridge to give Rick a job at Forrester.

Stephanie tracked Rick down in the shipping and receiving area and asked if he was waiting for Steffy so he could toot his own horn about his heroic deed. Rick said no, he was headed home. Stephanie taunted him, and Rick asked if she wasn't just a little grateful that he saved her son Ridge's life. She said Ridge would not have needed saving if Rick had stayed away from Steffy. Rick said Stephanie had better hope he never had to decide whether or not to save her life. Stephanie said she would rather die than have Rick save her life, so if he ever had the choice, he should let her die.

She asked Rick when he shipped out, and he explained that he had been rejected for medical reasons. Stephanie laughed hysterically and said she knew it had all been a ploy for him to look good in front of Steffy. Rick shook his head in disgust and left Stephanie to bluster all alone.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At Ridge's office in the Forrester Creations Headquarters, Brooke and Ridge discussed Rick's employment status at the company. Ridge told Brooke that Rick would be terminated from the company. She emphasized to Ridge that Rick had just saved his life on the roof. Brooke questioned whether that meant anything to Ridge and if he were grateful that Rick saved his life. Brooke begged Ridge to allow Rick to remain with Forrester Creations. Ridge indicated that he was not going to allow Rick to stay with the company.

Brooke made a heartfelt plea that if Ridge did not want to keep Rick at the company for his sake, then she begged for him to do so for her. Ridge reminded Brooke that he still could not get past the fact that Phoebe was dead because she was in the car with Rick. He also commented that he could not believe that Rick's saving Ridge's life made any difference in him. Brooke once again pleaded with Ridge to give Rick another chance. Ridge asked Brooke to stop begging him to allow Rick to remain at Forrester Creations, because he had no intention of changing his mind-at that moment or ever.

In Steffy's office, Rick told Steffy that he might have made some headway with convincing Ridge that he was not a monster and he would not harm Ridge's daughter. Rick was hopeful that there was a chance that he just might be able to remain with Forrester Creations. Rick also expressed hope that the two of them could actually be together without any objection from their families.

Later, Steffy hugged her father. She said she was grateful that he had not been killed on the roof. Steffy explained to her father that prior to his following Rick to the roof, he had seen Rick with her; however, Rick had spoken to her only to tell her that he had been rejected from the Army. Ridge accused Rick of being dishonest and said that Rick knew he wouldn't be accepted into the military with his injury. Ridge told his daughter that he couldn't believe that she could love someone as arrogant as Rick and swore it wasn't love. He told her to stay away from Rick.

As Brooke cried in Ridge's office, Rick walked in and noticed that she was crying. She told Rick that she was proud of him for having saved Ridge on the roof. Rick expressed that because he saved Ridge's life, it should have convinced Ridge that Rick was not a bad person and was worthy of his position at Forrester Creations. Brooke relayed that Ridge continued to be stubborn and had not changed his mind about Rick, despite Rick saving Ridge's life.

Rick said he was frustrated with Ridge's stubbornness to accept him as a person and at Forrester Creations. He encouraged Brooke to support him in his fight to remain at Forrester Creations. Rick reiterated that Ridge would be dead if Rick had not rescued him from falling off the roof. He explained that it was a very good reason to support him to remain at Forrester Creations. Rick also asked that Brooke support his relationship with Steffy.

Brooke's response to Rick request for help was that she could not support him without considering Ridge's feelings. Rick figured aloud that either he or Ridge's daughter would remain at Forrester Creations. Rick figured it was a no-brainer that Ridge's daughter would be the one to stay. Rick said he understood that it would be Steffy. While he mentioned Steffy, Brooke had an idea. Brooke told Rick that she needed to speak to someone.

While Rick was still in the building, he recalled saving Ridge's life and admitted to himself that he would have not have allowed Ridge to die. Rick's thoughts to himself were that Forrester Creations wasn't big enough for both him and Ridge. Rick saw Ridge and expressed his disappointment over Ridge's stubbornness and hatred of him. Rick commented that Ridge was unbelievable because there was no winning with him, no matter what-even after he had saved Ridge's life.

Ridge was hostile to Rick, as usual, and said he appreciated that Rick saved him, but that in itself was not going to keep Rick at Forrester Creations. Rick campaigned for himself and remarked that other people didn't think the way he did. Ridge knew that Rick meant his mother, Brooke. Ridge commented that he understood that Rick's mother wanted Rick to remain at the company. The conversation remained hostile, and Ridge accused Rick of using Ridge's daughter, Steffy, to get back at him. Rick told Ridge that it was a lie and that he loved Steffy. Ridge remarked that as long as Steffy worked at Forrester Creations, Rick would not work there, because Ridge didn't want Rick any where near his daughter.

Later, Steffy appealed to Brooke to help convince Ridge not to fire Rick from the company. Steffy vented her frustration to Brooke that she didn't understand how it didn't make a difference with Ridge that Rick saved his life. Brooke asked her how deep her feelings for Rick were. Steffy replied that she felt something with Rick that she had never felt with any other man. Brooke hypothesized with Steffy as to what it would mean to her if there were ways to keep Rick at Forrester Creations. Steffy said that she would be willing to do anything to make that happen.

Brooke then proposed a possible solution to Steffy. She asked what would happen if Steffy left Forrester Creations instead of Rick. Brooke suggested that Steffy take a temporary leave of absence until things calmed down with Ridge. Brooke expressed concerns to Steffy that if Rick did leave the company, he would become even more lost. Brooke explained that Steffy was the last hope of Rick staying at the family business. She asked Steffy if she would be willing to make a sacrifice for Rick and leave the company so he could stay.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thomas asked Taylor how she had ever gotten got involved with a creep like Rick. Taylor explained that Rick was very supportive of her during a dark period in her life. Taylor said he had changed since then. Thomas doubted that Rick had changed at all. Thomas believed that Rick used and manipulated Taylor in the same way he was using and manipulating Steffy. Thomas asked his mom for tips on how they could get Steffy out from under Rick's spell to see the truth about him.

Thomas said Steffy promised him that she would break up with Rick before Ridge found out. Taylor told Thomas it had been too late; by the time Steffy tried to end things with Rick, Ridge had already found out. Thomas said he would not be able to rest until Steffy ended things with Rick. He said he felt their family was in danger. Thomas promised Taylor that he would do anything to protect his sister.

Brooke pleaded with Steffy to quit her job at Forrester Creations in order for Rick to keep his job. Steffy asked if Brooke had spoken to Ridge about it. Brooke said Ridge needed to hear it from Steffy.

Steffy said it could backfire and make Ridge even angrier. Brooke promised Steffy that Ridge would not be mad at her. Steffy agreed to the plan. She said if it took her quitting her job to save Rick's job, she was more than happy to make that sacrifice. She asked Brooke to wish her luck and went off to find Ridge.

Eric wrestled with the upcoming press conference and felt pangs of guilt about telling his customers and the press that he had fired his own son. Katie offered to submit a written press release, but Eric insisted on meeting with the press as planned.

Eric expressed disappointment over the situation and told Katie he had dreamed of working side by side with Rick since the day Rick was born, but Rick's own actions made that impossible. Eric lamented that if Rick had only left Steffy alone, they could all still be working together. Katie cautioned Eric that he could not let the press know he had fired Rick because of Rick's animosity towards Ridge.

Rick was appalled that in spite of the fact that he saved Ridge's life, Ridge still intended to have Rick fired. Rick said Ridge should be grateful that Rick had feelings for Steffy, because that was the only reason he saved Ridge's life. Rick said he could have focused on how much better his life would be without Ridge, but instead he focused on how devastated Steffy would be if her father died. That was the reason he pulled Ridge back over the ledge. Ridge remained unmoved and said he wanted Rick to get out of the office and out of his life for good.

Thorne suited up and got ready to resume the presidency of Forrester at the press conference. Katie noted that Thorne had waited a long time to take over again. Katie suggested it could just as easily have been Thorne who lost his job, since he was the one who hired models to impersonate Donna and Owen to trick his dad. Thorne admitted that had not been his finest hour and added he was thankful that Eric was willing to give him a second chance.

Brooke walked in on their discussion and told Thorne he should not count Rick out just yet. Thorne said it was a done deal and Rick would have to earn his second chance. Brooke said Rick had earned his second chance when he saved Ridge's life. Thorne and Katie looked puzzled by her words.

Brooke explained that Ridge fell off the roof and Rick saved his life. Brooke believed Ridge would see Rick in a new light after his heroic act. Thorne rolled his eyes and said it didn't seem to have changed anything because the press conference had not been cancelled. Brooke said there was still time. Thorne became angry and said that it was his turn to be president, and he would not let anyone take that away from him.

Eric went to Rick's office and said it was time for the press conference. Rick said Eric had come to lead him to the gallows. Eric said Rick had not left him any choice. Rick pointed out that the only thing he had done was upset the great and mighty Ridge. Rick said he intended to continue pursuing Steffy, and reminded Eric he had nothing left to lose.

Eric said Rick was a talented man who had a brilliant career ahead of him. Rick asked if he should take his talent to Jackie M. Eric said of course not; Rick should just take a couple of years off and let things cool down and then come back to Forrester. Rick said he did not intend to put his career on hold just to placate Ridge. Rick said Ridge would never let him come back to work at Forrester if Steffy still worked there, no matter how much time passed. Rick surmised that the only reason Ridge wanted Rick fired was to keep him away from Steffy.

Eric said there were many ways that a man could change his life besides enlisting in the military. Rick asked if saving a man's life would be one of these ways. Eric said of course. It was clear Eric didn't know that Rick had saved Ridge's life. Rick said he wasn't surprised that Ridge hadn't told him. Rick explained that Ridge fell off the roof of the building and that Rick saved his life. Rick said he saved the life of the man who was trying to ruin his. Rick said he should have "chump" stamped on his forehead.

Eric went to Thorne and Katie and asked if they could postpone the press conference. Eric said in light of what he had learned about Rick saving Ridge's life, he needed to rethink things.

Steffy caught up with Ridge and said when she first got home from Europe, it sounded like a good idea to work at the family company and learn the ropes, but it no longer seemed like a good fit. Ridge immediately realized that Steffy planned to quit in order to save Rick's job.

Ridge said it was a good plan, he could keep an eye on Rick, and Steffy hadn't found her niche at Forrester yet. Steffy was so pleased her dad agreed with her plan that she was beaming. But then he pulled the rug out from her joy and said there was only one problem with her plan-Ridge would not allow Steffy to sacrifice herself for Rick.

Steffy said Phoebe would not want the family to fight; she would want them to make peace and to move on. Ridge said Phoebe had no peace with Rick's relationship with Taylor or the fact that he kissed Steffy. Steffy reminded Ridge that Rick didn't mean to kill Phoebe; it was an accident. Rick said it still happened. Steffy made it clear to Ridge that she needed him to listen to what she was saying, or she would leave.

Brooke walked in and heard Steffy offer Ridge an ultimatum. Brooke said she hadn't meant for things to get ugly, and confessed to Ridge that she was the one who put Steffy up to quitting her job. Ridge was furious that Brooke went to Steffy behind his back.

Brooke said she had merely tried to find a solution that would be best for the whole family. She did not want to lose her son. Brooke said that when Rick saved Ridge's life, she saw that spark of good in him. Brooke didn't want to send him away, but wanted to keep her son close and surrounded by family to foster that good man she knew he could become. Brooke implored Rick to rethink his position. She said Steffy didn't have to quit and Rick didn't have to be fired. They could all agree to make peace and get along, if only Ridge were willing. Brooke asked Ridge to let Rick stay, and asked him to do it for her.

Thursday, February 26, 2009
by Pam

At Forrester Creations, everyone was abuzz about the big press conference. Felicia and Thorne anticipated that Thorne would be named the next president of Forrester Creations. Felicia noted that Rick had damaged the public image of Forrester, and she couldn't wait until he was gone. Thorne said he planned to make some changes, and Felicia planned to get out the champagne. Eric looked thoughtful while Katie told them all that they needed to put their personal feelings aside.

Owen came into Eric's office, and he promised his loyalty to Thorne, who said he appreciated Owen's efforts.

In Ridge's office, Steffy insisted she would leave the company so that Rick could stay. Ridge realized that Brooke had pressured Steffy into the decision. He was adamant that under no circumstances would he allow Steffy to make such a stupid sacrifice. He warned Brooke that Steffy was staying and Rick had to go. Ridge accused Rick of manipulating Steffy and Brooke in order to stay at Forrester. Steffy said she wanted to leave the company. Brooke continued that Rick belonged at Forrester. Ridge was furious that Brooke would send his daughter out of the company to keep her son employed.

Rick, eavesdropping outside the door, entered and asked if his mother had room in her car for all his boxes.

Rick told his mother and Steffy that he appreciated their efforts. Ridge asked for a moment alone with Brooke. He quizzed her about Rick persuading her that Steffy could leave Forrester so he could stay. Brooke lied to Ridge that Rick had nothing to do with her decision to ask Steffy to step down from working at Forrester so that Rick could retain his job. Ridge warned Brooke that they had agreed they would not let Rick come between them. He told Brooke he could not and would not work with Rick. Brooke was adamant that Rick shouldn't have to leave the company.

She told Ridge that Rick felt he should be allowed to stay, but Rick had been clear that if it could only be one of them, then Steffy should stay. Ridge said Rick was a manipulator. He added that he had bent over backwards to prevent Rick from ripping their marriage apart. He begged Brooke to let go of trying to keep Rick at Forrester.

Brooke argued that Steffy's departure was a temporary solution. She reminded Ridge that Rick had saved him from falling to his death. Ridge said that wasn't going to clear the way for Rick to inherit the family business and Steffy. Brooke was alarmed that Ridge was so negative about her son. Ridge told her that when he looked into Rick's eyes before Rick saved him, he knew Rick had hesitated about pulling him back up to the roof. He looked at Brooke and said Rick had to go.

Brooke insisted that they could make it work, but Ridge wouldn't budge on the idea. As they argued, Katie entered and told them that they had to start the press conference.

In his office, Rick told Steffy how much he appreciated her gesture of leaving the company so that he could stay. Steffy said the shipping office at Forrester could wait. She added that Rick's accomplishments with Forrester International were much more important than anything she had done. They embraced and Rick kissed Steffy passionately.

Later, Marcus ran into Rick in the hallway, and they shared nasty looks and words. Rick asked where Marcus' uniform was, and he curtly answered that it was at the cleaners. Steffy told Marcus that Rick had just saved her father's life.

Thomas stopped to see Pam at her old receptionist's desk. She told him that Rick didn't like her, so she was back to being a receptionist. Thomas was wearing a sweater that Pam had made for him. He thanked her and said he wanted to get out of there before the fireworks got started.

Owen also stopped by Pam's desk as Rick passed him in the hall. Jake was also present as Owen challenged Rick for taking credit for the surf line in front of Pam. Rick told Owen that the surf line was tanking. He added that Owen was in way over his head and should be waxing surfboards. Rick promised Owen that he'd be fired if Rick stayed on at Forrester. Pam watched in concern.

Stephanie and Taylor gabbed about Ridge and Rick, and Taylor doubted that Brooke would ever let Rick leave the company. Stephanie disagreed and told Taylor that Rick prevented Ridge from falling off the roof. Taylor noted that Rick wasn't supposed to be at the company. He was supposed to be gone and never should have been anywhere near Ridge or the roof. Stephanie was sure Rick would use it to his advantage.

Stephanie anticipated the press conference would announce Rick's ouster as president. Stephanie hoped Rick would be fired. Taylor told Stephanie that Brooke would never hold up her end of the bargain and kick Rick out of Forrester, but Stephanie said Brooke would have no choice if she wanted to keep Ridge.

At Forrester, reporters anxiously waited for the press conference, and Ridge joined Brooke, Eric, and Thorne at the podium. He congratulated Rick for his role as president, and then said he wanted to congratulate all the people at Forrester before he made any further announcements.

Brooke interrupted him. She droned on that Forrester was a family business and that Eric made sure all his kids were a part of the company. Brooke said she came to make an announcement, but she knew the family wouldn't give up in the face of adversity. She said she was about to make a life-changing announcement. Photographers snapped photos as Brooke stopped in a dramatic pause.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The press pushed Brooke to stop hinting and make her announcement. Brooke evaded and stalled, seemingly afraid to spit out what she intended to announce.

Brooke apologized for being flustered, and explained that it had been a rough year for the Foresters. She told the press corps that the latest Forrester line would debut in a month and they should watch their mailbox for invitations. She commended the hard work and attention to details of Eric's designs, with Ridge as CEO, Rick as president, and Thorne as vice president. And then she fell silent. Stephanie, Thorne, and Felicia looked around nervously as it became clear Broke did not intend to publicly fire Rick as she had promised. Katie went to the podium and took the mike away from Brooke and stated the reporters could call her office with any questions.

Aunt Pam and Owen fielded angry phone calls. Marcus arrived and announced that the reporters were very unhappy. Pam said they were angry with reason-they were promised a big announcement and all Brooke told them was to stay tuned. Marcus informed Owen and Pam that Thorne was supposed to be promoted to president, but that Brooke had not made the announcement.

Back in Eric's office, Stephanie stomped across the room and demanded to know why Brooke hadn't made the announcement. Brooke said she couldn't go through with it. Stephanie accused Brooke of using sex as a weapon. She said Brooke thought she could take Ridge down the hall for a little "nookie" and Ridge would forget the horrible things Rick did to their family.

Steffy jumped in to defend Rick. She said Rick was a good person and he shouldn't lose his job just because her dad didn't like Rick talking to her. Steffy said she and Brooke had spoken before the press conference and she decided that she should be the one to quit working at Forrester. Her family protested, but Steffy insisted it was the best thing for everyone concerned.

Ridge stormed out of the office and down the hall. Brooke chased after him and tried to explain what she had done and why. Ridge said he could not even bear to look at her and said he was not willing to have that conversation with her. He left in a huff, keys in hand.

Back in Eric's office, Stephanie announced that even though Brooke hadn't said it to the press, Rick was still fired and should get out. Eric asked Stephanie to stop it. Stephanie said when Ridge stormed out, he was telling Eric that he could not work with Rick under any circumstances. Thorne and Felicia both agreed and said they would not work with Rick, either. Eric informed them that Rick was going to stay. Stephanie said she hoped Ridge had made a point to show Brooke how impossible the situation was, so she would come to her senses.

Bridget made a mission of mercy to Taylor and did her best to persuade Taylor to intervene in the animosity between Bridget's brother, Rick, and Ridge. Taylor said if Brooke weren't able to change Ridge's mind, she wouldn't be able to change it, either. Bridget asked her to try; Bridget said it wasn't fair for Rick to be forced out of his own father's company just to appease Ridge. Taylor reminded Bridget that Rick had done a lot of things that hurt her family, and Taylor hoped Rick got what he deserved.

Taylor said Rick was out of control, and being fired was exactly what he needed. Bridget reminded Taylor that Brooke was the one who decided to fire Rick, her own son, and that it had been hard on her. Taylor said it was about time Brooke made a good decision. Taylor sent Bridget off with a warning for Brooke. She said that Ridge loved Brooke, but he had his limits. Taylor advised Bridget to tell her mother not to push Ridge beyond his limits.

Ridge showed up unexpectedly at Taylor's door. As soon as she saw Ridge, she realized Brooke had not fired Rick. Ridge explained that Steffy offered to sacrifice herself for Rick. Taylor said they had to put a stop to that and get Rick to back off. She said Rick had already taken Phoebe from them and they could not let him take their other daughter. Ridge seemed relieved to hear someone who shared his point of view. He and Taylor embraced.

Ridge left and, right on his heels, Stephanie arrived to see Taylor. Stephanie and Taylor groused about the fact that Rick and Brooke had involved Steffy in their scheme and tried to manipulate her into quitting her job. Taylor mentioned that she and Ridge were in total agreement, and Stephanie smiled. Stephanie said Brooke might have finally crossed the line and tanked her own marriage. Taylor said Ridge had only come to her because she was Steffy's mother. Stephanie believed that Ridge went to Taylor because he could count on Taylor in a way he could not count on Brooke.

Bridget ran into Owen in the hallway of Forrester and he filled her in on the press conference. He said Brooke didn't fire Rick and that it was not a very popular decision. Bridget said Owen had to realize that Brooke was Rick's mother and that if she had fired her own son, she would not be able to live with herself.

Brooke went home alone and lay on her bed crying, wondering if Ridge would come home and where he had gone when he left the office.

Ridge came in and announced he did not want to talk. Brooke pressed the issue and said they needed to talk. She said the way Ridge looked at her after the press conference with so much anger in his eyes scared her. She said she was only trying to buy them some time to think about the decision. Ridge was furious and said Brooke had given her loyalty to her son, the man who had caused him more pain than he had ever known, instead of giving her loyalty to her husband.

Brooke said Rick was her responsibility; she had given birth to him and raised him. Ridge asked her to turn her back on her own child and she couldn't do it. She said she bought time for them to heal until Ridge was ready to forgive Rick. Ridge asked what would happen if he were never ready to forgive Rick. Brooke said he only needed time to heal. She said Ridge could not control his hatred for Rick, but she could not control her love for Rick. Rick was her son, flesh and blood, and Ridge was the love of her life, and she did not want to have to choose between them.

Brooke said she wanted Ridge to love her as she loved him, unconditionally and more than life itself. She asked Ridge if he could do that. He gritted his teeth and seemingly shook his head no.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the family, Rick and Steffy snuck off to the beach house for a little alone time.

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