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Monday, February 16, 2009

Brooke said Ridge had no idea how difficult it was for her to let Rick go. Ridge thanked her for making the difficult choice she made and doing what was best for Forrester Creations. Brooke said she loved her son and felt she had turned her back on him, but Rick had left her no choice.

Ridge said it could be the kick in the butt Rick needed to get his life back on track. Brooke said Rick would never look at her the same again. Ridge said in time Rick would appreciate her tough love and that she cared enough about him to bust him on his reckless behavior. Brooke sighed and said she hoped Ridge was right. Ridge hinted that he might welcome Rick back into the fold one day; he just wanted Rick to grow up and take time to realize what pain he had caused their family with his shenanigans. Ridge said he hoped Rick had the good sense to stay away from him and especially from Steffy.

Steffy asked Rick if his proposal was serious, and he assured her it was the real deal. He wanted to spend his life with her and asked her again to become his wife.

Steffy asked if he wanted to elope to Vegas. He said sure, that would be fine. Steffy said she had always dreamed of Hawaii, and Rick said that was an even better idea.

Steffy said she wished it were as simple as dreaming. Rick said it was. He said they loved one another and that was all they needed to make it work. Rick said he still had a lot of contacts in Paris and they could move there. He said he would sell Eiffel Tower key chains to tourists. Steffy mentioned a lot of her friends lived in London. Rick said that was good, too-- he could sell Big Ben key chains.

Steffy said it all sounded wonderful, but she wasn't sure they should do it. Steffy said if they married, it would hurt a lot of people, and that it was very selfish of them. Rick said that was what people did when they were in love; they made choices only for one another. Steffy asked Rick if that was really what it was about. She wondered if he was really in love with her, or if marrying her was merely another act of revenge on her dad.

Rick was visibly stung by her words. He asked her if she thought he had made up his feelings for her. Steffy said no, but she had to question the motivations he might have subconsciously. Rick asked her who was feeding her the psychobabble. Steffy said her whole family questioned his motives. She pointed out that just months before, Rick had proposed to Taylor and blamed Ridge when that relationship didn't work out, so it would stand to reason he would want to get even with Ridge. She asked Rick point-blank if he was using her.

Rick said he realized their relationship didn't start up with roses and love letters. He admitted at first he just wanted to date her to get under Ridge's skin. He explained when he was with her mother, he had tried to be Taylor's savior, but what he felt for Steffy outweighed anything he had ever felt for anyone. He assured her he was not faking his feelings and then went in for a long deep kiss.

Steffy said that Rick proposed to her right after her dad kicked him out of the company, and that he stole Eric's designs supposedly for her, too. She said Rick didn't think before he did things, he made spontaneous grand gestures that hadn't been thought out. Steffy said she believed they were meant to be together, but it wasn't only her parents that had kept them apart. She said Rick's recklessness played a key, too. Steffy stated that she could not live a life where she had to wake up every morning afraid of what crazy, reckless thing Rick would do next in the name of love.

Rick said Steffy was absolutely right. He had done everything wrong and he would not do that anymore. He vowed that he would live his life in such a way that she would see him differently. He said he would do everything right from that point on and would become the man she wanted him to be. Rick set out to prove to Steffy he could be the man she hoped he would be.

On the way out, Rick stopped by to visit Eric. Rick apologized to Eric for the trouble he had caused and thanked Eric for all his help. Rick expressed sorrow at the way things had ended. Eric assured Rick that it was not the end. Eric said he believed Rick would be back working with him in the future, and he implored Rick to seek the help he needed. Rick said he intended to get help and he would not expect his parents to solve his problems again.

Rick said he was sorry he had disappointed Eric. Eric said he had been hurt by Rick's actions, but he was not disappointed in him. Eric loved his son and always would. Ridge and Brooke walked in and Rick apologized to Brooke, too. She asked Rick to think long and hard about the reasons she was forced to fire her own son from the family company. Rick said he had lost all self-respect and was ashamed of his behavior. He said he was going to work on regaining his self-respect and then he would work hard to earn back the respect of their family, too.

After Rick left, Ridge said he thought Rick was up to something. Eric and Brooke assured Ridge that their son was sincere and wanted to change, but Ridge remained unconvinced.

Rick tracked Steffy down on the roof and asked her to wait for him. He said he believed they could be together if he turned his life around. He said he would be back for her and asked her to promise to wait.