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Monday, December 15, 2008

Stephanie tried to convince Ridge that Phoebe's death was not an accident and that Ridge needed to make Rick pay for what he had done. Meanwhile, Brooke worked equally hard to convince Ridge that Phoebe's death was a horrible accident and nothing more.

Stephanie would not let it rest. She reminded Ridge that Rick had tried to break up Ridge's relationship with Brooke, and that Rick had stolen his job as president of Forrester. Stephanie said Phoebe's life was just one more thing Rick wanted to take from Ridge. Ridge demanded to know why Brooke had not informed him of the horrible things Rick had done. Brooke explained she was about to tell Ridge before Stephanie interrupted. The things Rick did were unforgivable according to Ridge. Brooke agreed, but said that although Rick had done some horrible things, he would never have done anything to intentionally hurt Phoebe. Rick was in as much pain as the rest of the family was about Phoebe's death, she said.

Brooke said Phoebe had trouble accepting the relationship between Rick and Taylor and had been very angry for a long time. Stephanie asked if Brooke was trying to pin the blame on Taylor for Phoebe's death. In Brooke's opinion, no one was to blame, not Taylor, and not Rick. It was simply a tragedy that Rick and the entire Forrester family would have to learn to live with.

Bridget expressed concern for Rick and assured him he was not to blame and there was nothing he could have done to prevent the accident. Rick said he wished Taylor could see it that way. Bridget asked if Taylor blamed Rick. Taylor blamed herself for getting involved with Rick in the first place, Rick said.

Bridget tried to convince Rick that guilt was a worthless emotion. She said his guilt would not change the situation. Rick understood why everyone was upset with him; he said he was responsible for taking Phoebe away from her friends and family. He asked his sister what sort of a person would do that. Bridget responded, "Someone that was in a horrible accident." She assured Rick he was not a bad person. Rick vowed to do whatever was necessary to win back the love and respect of his family.

Bridget asked someone at the morgue if Phoebe's body was still there. It was, but just about to be released. Bridget went inside and uncovered Phoebe's lifeless hand. Bridget wept beside Phoebe's body while holding her hand.

Taylor fought back the images of the day Phoebe walked in and found Rick and Taylor in bed together. Steffy brought her mom a cup of tea, and Taylor started to sob. Taylor said that Phoebe's death was her fault, and Steffy told her to stop saying that. Taylor said if she had not gotten involved with her daughter's first love, none of the things that followed would have happened. Steffy reminded Taylor that Rick and Phoebe had broken up and were over before Rick and Taylor got involved. Taylor said that was no excuse for what she had done to her daughter. Steffy, acting with more grace and maturity than her mother, reminded Taylor that the whole family had things they wished they had done differently in light of Phoebe's death. Steffy said the only person she blamed for Phoebe's death was Rick.

Steffy called Ridge and said Taylor needed him, and asked him to come over right away. Ridge agreed. Steffy reassured Taylor that she had always been a good mom to Phoebe, while Taylor moped and drifted deeper into self-pity.

Ridge arrived and asked Taylor how she was coping. Taylor said she was not coping. Taylor was unable to make sense of Phoebe's death and was unable to find an answer to the question "why?" Tragedies never made sense, Ridge said. It didn't matter who was to blame, Taylor announced. She launched into a tirade. Completely over the top emotionally, she said it might as well have been her behind the wheel instead of Rick. Ridge said he didn't like where Taylor was headed.

Ridge took the blame for Phoebe's accident upon himself. He said if he hadn't planned the engagement party in the first place, Phoebe would be home and safe in front of the fire. Ridge said he knew his kids wanted him to reunite with Taylor, but instead he tried to shove his relationship with Brooke down their throats by planning a big splashy party and insisted they attend. Turning the tables, Taylor comforted Ridge and said he should stop blaming himself, too. None of it mattered, she added. They lost their daughter and she would never be coming back.

Ridge said he did not blame Taylor for what happened, either. Ridge reminded Taylor that Phoebe idolized her and always went to her mom for comfort. Taylor asked Ridge if he thought Phoebe had been happy and if they had given her a good life. Ridge said yes, she was happy girl, who was living her dream singing in front of thousands of people.

Left alone, Brooke and Stephanie bickered about the accident and who was to blame. Stephanie said if Brooke had been a good mother to Rick, this accident could have been avoided. The fact that Rick made a move on Steffy to irritate Ridge was a move right out of Brooke's playbook, according to Stephanie. Brooke said that Rick having kissed Steffy was not the cause of the accident. Brooke reminded Stephanie that she herself had done unspeakable acts in her day, and thus should not attempt to pass judgment on other peoples' morals. Brooke was unwilling to listen to Stephanie vilify her son and asked Stephanie to stop throwing around accusations about Rick.

As the matriarch of the family, Stephanie ought to be comforting and leading her family through this tragedy, Brooke said. She also added that Rick was devastated by what had happened, too. Stephanie disagreed and said Ridge, Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas were the ones who were devastated. Stephanie challenged Brooke and said if Brooke wanted to do right by Ridge, she would turn Rick in to the police for his role in Phoebe's death.

That would never happen, Brooke declared, because what happened was an accident. Ridge would not pursue an arrest against her son, Brooke said. Stephanie said Phoebe was part of her family, too, and she could also press charges. Stephanie vowed that if Rick stepped one foot into Phoebe's funeral, she would call the police. She implored Brooke to keep her son away from Phoebe's funeral and away from the family, or Rick would pay the consequences

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

At Taylor's home, she, Ridge, Steffy, and Thomas prepared for Phoebe's funeral. The Forrester home had been set up to accommodate Phoebe's funeral service.

Ridge tried to comfort his daughter. Steffy told him that her mother was deeply pained and had not slept at all during the past night. Steffy questioned how their family would get through the service.

At Forrester Creations, Eric wrote the press release about Phoebe's death. As he was doing so, Donna unexpectedly entered his office. She commented that under the circumstances, she was very surprised to find him there. She remarked that he still felt like her family even thought they were no longer married. Donna hugged Eric and gave him her condolences. Owen was in the hallway and observed Donna with Eric.

Outside on the terrace, the woman that Thorne had hired to pose as Donna approached him. She asked Thorne for a modeling position at Forrester Creations. Thorne rudely told her that he had hired her for a modeling job and had paid her handsomely for it. She commented that she had not been comfortable with the job she had been hired to perform. Thorne sternly warned her that he did not ever want to see her at the Forrester Creations headquarters again.

Outside on the terrace Owen questioned the woman who had just spoken to Thorne. He commented that she looked like a model and could easily be one. He also told her that she looked exactly like someone he knew. She told him that she had done some weird modeling job and was not happy with it.

Steffy was the first one to speak at her twin sister's funeral service. She described to the people in attendance the intensity of her love for her sister. She commented that Phoebe was her closet friend.

Eric next delivered a eulogy at the funeral service. He relayed a story of when Phoebe was four years old and had told her grandfather that "he drew good." He relayed that Phoebe's comments were the most precious review of his work he had ever received from anyone.

Stephanie also spoke at her granddaughter's funeral service. She dramatically described the loss of her granddaughter and the great sense of loss she now felt.

It was then Taylor's turn to speak. She spoke about the loving heart Phoebe had possessed and described how amazingly loving Phoebe had been. Taylor cried that it was not right for a parent to have to bury a child. When Ridge's turn finally came to speak at the funeral, he confessed that he had never wanted his girls to grow up. He commented that he felt guilty that he hadn't been able to protect her from the car accident. He added that he was there with her in her last moments before her death.

Rick unexpectedly appeared at the funeral service. Ridge was furious when he spotted Rick, and confronted him in a highly hostile manner. Rick told Ridge that he loved Phoebe and wanted to pay his respects and say goodbye to her. Rick cried that he would have done anything to bring Phoebe back. Ridge demanded that Brooke make Rick leave. Eric told people that the service had been concluded and people who were not family left.

Stephanie again reminded Brooke that Phoebe was dead because of Rick's actions. Stephanie described how much Rick had robbed from Phoebe: her dreams and the opportunity to have fallen in love, get married, and have had children. Stephanie accused Rick of shedding crocodile tears because he was guilty of causing Phoebe's death. Brooke begged her not to accuse Rick of Phoebe's death. Stephanie implored Ridge to not let Rick get away with killing Phoebe.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ridge asked Brooke why she had not kept Rick away from Phoebe's funeral. According to Ridge, Rick had no right to be there. Brooke defended Rick and said it was important for Rick to pay his respects to Phoebe, just like the rest of the family. She said Rick was grieving. Ridge said if Brooke expected him to feel sorry for Rick, she would be disappointed. Ridge made it clear he did not feel sorry for Rick.

Brooke assured Ridge that she wanted to do everything possible to be there for him during the crisis, and asked what she could do to help him get through it. Ridge said he had just buried his daughter and it was too soon to talk about getting through it. Stephanie called and asked Ridge to stop by the house. He agreed, and Brooke insisted she wanted to come along. Ridge said no, Stephanie had asked to see him alone. Brooke supposed that Stephanie wanted to see Ridge alone so she could try to convince him to press charges against Rick.

Ridge said Stephanie was devastated like everyone else. Brooke agreed, but pointed out that Stephanie hated Rick. Ridge said, considering the circumstances, that was understandable. Brooke said no, it was not understandable. She said no one should hate Rick-he hated himself plenty, and that was punishment enough. Brooke said if Ridge loved her, he would not give in to Stephanie, and would give her son a break. Ridge said he was very angry at Rick, but he would not allow Stephanie to put Rick behind bars because Ridge did love Brooke. Ridge said he and Brooke would deal with Rick. Brooke told Ridge she loved him very much.

Donna asked Owen if he would be able to work with her considering their personal issues. Owen said they had no choice; they had to put the personal matters aside and just get to work. Grace walked in and Owen said he would like to use her as a fit model. Grace had the right figure-and looked remarkably like Donna, Owen mentioned. Donna agreed, but said she would have to run it by Eric and Thorne. Thorne walked in and was shocked to see Grace, the woman he hired to impersonate Donna, in Owen's office. Donna asked Thorne if he thought Grace looked like her. He said perhaps a little bit. Donna mentioned that she and Owen considered using Grace as a model. Thorne asked if he could speak to Grace alone. Thorne reminded Grace that she had been paid very well to do a job, and the job was over. Thorne strongly suggested that she leave and never return to Forrester again. Grace said she looked a lot like Donna and asked Thorne if the job he paid her for had anything to do with Donna. Grace put two and two together and realized Thorne had asked her to pose as Donna to break up Donna and Eric.

Thorne changed his tune and told Grace he might be able to find a position for her at Forrester International. Owen overheard bits and piece of their conversation and implored Grace to tell him what was really going on.

Stephanie told Eric that it was a good thing they had reconciled because their family truly needed them at this difficult time of grieving for Phoebe. Eric agreed and said the family would all need support, including Rick. Stephanie said it was wrong for Rick to attend the service, and mentioned that she asked Brooke to keep Rick away.

Thursday, December 18, 2008
by Pam

At Stephanie's home, Stephanie tried to talk Ridge into pressing charges against Rick. Ridge was disappointed in his mother for pushing the issue. He wanted to get past Phoebe's death, and Stephanie wanted to cast blame. Ridge wondered how he could get through it. Stephanie remembered losing Angela as a baby. She told Ridge that at first, her heart was broken, but as days and years passed, she got through it, though she never forgot her baby girl.

Stephanie gently reminded Ridge that if he were going to hold Rick accountable, he had to do it quickly. She worried that he might change his mind someday. Ridge asked her to stop. He said he had made up his mind. He wanted to move on for himself and his family. He couldn't deal with the rage and let it drag on. Stephanie argued that Steffy, Thomas, and everyone at Forrester would have to see Rick and work with him. She worried that he was getting away with killing Phoebe by driving erratically. She maintained that he had to be held accountable.

Ridge disagreed. He told his mother that nothing would bring Phoebe back, and he and his family had to have closure and move on.

Brooke met with Rick, who worried that Stephanie would never stop blaming him for Phoebe's death. Rick said he worried that she would send the police to arrest him at any moment. Brooke disagreed. She said Ridge wouldn't let that happen. Rick was surprised that Ridge would support him. Brooke said that Ridge knew nothing good would come from blaming Rick. After Rick left, Ridge returned to Brooke, and he told her that he did not plan to press charges against Rick. He wanted his family to heal. He insisted that Phoebe would never want him to blame Rick. He said he wanted to do what was right for himself and his family. He repeated that he knew Phoebe would not want him to press charges against Rick. Brooke was so grateful, she cried and thanked him. She and Ridge embraced.

At Forrester, Grace told Owen everything and they figured out that Thorne set the entire video scam up with someone who looked like Owen getting hot and heavy with someone who looked like Donna. Grace admitted that Thorne paid her a lot of money to make out with the guy who looked a lot like Owen. She said she returned because she wanted her big break at Forrester, and Thorne wasn't happy to see her.

Minutes later, Thorne walked in. Owen called him on his deceitful plan to break up Donna and Eric. Owen figured out that Thorne had a hidden surveillance camera that had a direct feed into Eric's office. Thorne didn't deny it. He told Owen that he figured Donna would never be loyal to Eric. Owen told Thorne he was wrong. Thorne told Owen that if Owen loved Donna, he could have her because she was free. Thorne's plan worked to Owen's advantage. Owen said Donna loved only Eric. Thorne told Owen to think about what he was going to do, because if he kept his mouth shut, Owen could have Donna if she never knew what happened.

Donna visited Eric to offer her condolences on Phoebe's death, but Eric again told her their relationship was over because she'd betrayed him with Owen. Donna told Eric she never betrayed him, but he argued that he saw her. Donna was confused, and said she no longer wanted to stay in Los Angeles. She planned to return to San Francisco. Eric told her he would get the company jet to take her to San Francisco. She left in tears.

While she sat on the company plane looking at photos she had taken with Eric, she cried. Meanwhile at Forrester, Owen visited Eric. Eric was furious at the sight of Owen, and warned him to get out of Forrester. Eric accused Owen of stealing his wife because he was a younger man. Owen denied having a relationship with Donna. Eric said he saw it with own eyes on his computer monitor. Owen started to tell Eric that he had been tricked into believing that he saw Donna and Owen on the surveillance camera. Owen told Eric the people he saw were not Donna and Owen.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Brooke assured Ridge that she would ask Rick to step down from the presidency of Forrester Creations. Since Ridge was not going to press charges against Rick, Brooke felt it was the right thing to do. Brooke supposed that Ridge needed to work to keep his mind off of Phoebe's death. Ridge said he needed more than that. After all that had transpired, Ridge said he could not stand to see Rick's face, and thought it would be best if Rick moved back to Paris.

Ridge reminded Brooke that since Rick arrived home, he had caused Ridge and Brooke to break up twice, Rick had stolen Ridge's job, and Phoebe had died because of Rick. Ridge said he wanted his life back with Brooke-without Rick's interference. Ridge understood that Rick was Brooke's son, but Ridge implored her to see his point of view. Brooke agreed. Ridge suggested that the idea to move back to Paris should come from Brooke. He felt that Rick would reject the idea if Rick believed it was an ultimatum from Ridge.

Stephanie heard the doorbell ring and was stunned to find Rick at her door. She told him he was not welcome in her home. Rick reminded her that it was his father's house. Rick said he understood that Stephanie wanted him in prison. Stephanie said she wanted Rick to pay for what he had done. Rick said he had done nothing that compared to what Stephanie had done to Brooke and the rest of his family over the years. Stephanie pointed out that at least her victims were still alive and breathing. Rick said if Stephanie wanted to accuse him of hurting Phoebe, that was true. But spreading the lie that he killed Phoebe was one lie he would not tolerate.

Stephanie taunted Rick and said he would have to wake up every day knowing that Phoebe would never wake up again because of him. Stephanie said she pitied any of Brooke's kids if she raised her other children the way she raised Rick-without regard to the consequences their actions held. Rick said he was wasting his breath trying to talk to Stephanie, and noted she had not changed her mind about anything in her life.

Brooke suggested that Rick step down and move back to Paris. Rick did not look thrilled by the idea. Rick asked Brooke if she saw him the way Stephanie did, as a killer. Brooke said of course she didn't. She just wanted to do what was best for everyone. Rick said the only two reasons for Brooke to ask Rick to run to Paris were that she thought he was guilty, or that her relationship to Ridge depended on it. Brooke reminded Rick that he had been antagonizing Ridge before the accident happened, and since the accident, Ridge was grieving the loss of his daughter. Rick said he was grieving, too. Rick asked if Ridge needed an entire continent to grieve on, since Rick was being asked to leave the country.

Rick said that once again, Brooke had been given a choice between her son and Ridge and that again, she chose Ridge. Brooke said yes, but just for the time being. Rick asked what would change - he offhandedly remarked that maybe in five years or so, he and Ridge would miss one another and he would get to come home. Brooke pushed Rick to go. She asked Rick if it was wrong for her to want to salvage some sort of relationship with the man she loved. She asked Rick to go back to Paris and make a life for himself, and to do it for her.

On the Forrester jet, the flight attendant asked Donna what she wanted to drink, but was unsure whether or not to call Donna "Mrs. Forrester." Donna said it was all right, that she didn't know who she was again, either.

Owen filled Eric in on Thorne's evil scheme to frame Donna and make it appear as though she betrayed him. Eric was shocked to discover that Thorne hired look-alike models to trick Eric into believing that Donna had cheated on him. Thorne tried to convince Eric that he had done it for Eric's own good, but Eric was not biting. Eric called the airport to see if the Forrester jet had taken off yet. He thanked Owen for telling him the truth, and rushed off to catch Donna.

The flight attendant brought a pot of tea to Donna, complete with a plastic honey bear. Donna asked her to take the honey bear away. Eric emerged and asked if someone mentioned his name. Eric explained to Donna that he had been spying on her, and about Thorne's setup. He said he was sorry. That was the reason he had told Donna their marriage was over, he said - because Eric believed Donna had been unfaithful to him. Eric had lost faith in Donna, and asked her if she would ever be able to forgive him for it.

She said she understood. Donna said if the situations had been reversed and she had seen Eric and Stephanie making out on video, she would have seen red, too. Eric informed the flight attendant that he and his wife would not need any more cabin service for the evening. Donna was thrilled to hear Eric call her his wife again.

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