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Monday, September 22, 2008

Donna implored Eric not to give up on their marriage. Donna asked him to have faith in what they had and assured him they could get it back. The two kissed and then Eric pulled away. He asked her how long he had been in a coma and she said it had been two months. Eric asked her why she couldn't have waited for him. Donna proceeded to fill him in about the events of the previous two months, about Ridge's attempt to take over the company, and about Ridge's desire to remove Eric from life support. Donna said she had fought for what she thought Eric would have wanted and that the only person standing by her side had been Owen.

Donna explained that Owen had not only been a friend to Donna but to Eric, because he helped her fight to keep Eric alive when everyone else was pushing her to sign papers to remove him from life support. Eric looked stunned by the story she was telling him. She said her friendship with Owen was meaningless compared to her love for Eric. Donna assured Eric that all he had seen was a woman mourning the loss of her husband, and that she had never stopped loving him. She asked Eric if he believed her. Donna said the two of them had been through too much as to let something so insignificant come between her and Eric.

Stephanie said she would not let Donna hurt Eric again. Brooke said that was not Stephanie's choice to make; Donna was Eric's wife. Stephanie suggested that Donna gave up that right when she slept with Owen. Brooke said Stephanie didn't know what really happened, and Stephanie said Eric had seen Donna and Owen with his own eyes and it was his choice to throw Donna out of the house. Brooke said of course Eric had a reaction to what he saw, and Stephanie cut her off; she said talking to Brooke was like talking to crazy people. She said of course Eric had a reaction to what he had witnessed and it had nearly killed him.

Brooke said Eric needed to know all the facts in order to make a clear decision. Stephanie said she had all the facts, and the facts were that Eric needed to be where he was, at home surrounded by their family, and not in some "lame ass" marriage to Donna.

Saved by the bell, Brooke's phone rang and Ridge was on the line. He called to ask if Brooke was finished with his mother, and she said they were through. He asked her to come home as soon as possible because he needed to talk to her. Brooke reminded Stephanie that she was going to marry Ridge and that she hoped they could coexist in spite of their recent differences of opinion. Brooke said she understood that Stephanie wanted to spend her life with Eric, but that it would never work for the two of them unless the decision was made by Eric and not by Stephanie manipulating the situation.

When Brooke arrived home, she discovered that Ridge had set a romantic scene complete with candlelight and soft music. Ridge said he wanted to lure Brooke away from his mother before there was any bloodshed. Ridge said his dad was in a fragile state and he wanted to keep Eric away from stress. Ridge said things were as they should be, that the family had regained control of the company, and Eric had chosen to go back to Stephanie. Brooke said Ridge should not get his hopes up, and Ridge said Eric had made his decision and Brooke needed to accept it.

Brooke said Eric had just come out of a coma after two months and they should not assume he had made any decision in his fragile state. Brooke said once Eric fully recovered, they would have a better idea of what he wanted. Ridge said they had to promise that whatever happened between Donna, Eric, and Stephanie, that the two of them had to stay out of it and focus on their own lives and marriage, and being good parents to R.J. and Hope. Brooke agreed and said she liked the sound of that, then they kissed.

Ridge said Eric had woken up just in time to be best man at their wedding. Brooke said it was a great idea and that she loved it. Brooke said that whatever Eric chose to do about Donna and Stephanie, they should agree to support his choice no matter what it was. Ridge agreed. The two made love. Ridge said he had plans for their wedding - a big event, a big celebration. Ridge said Eric would be the best man, and Brooke said Donna would be her matron of honor. Ridge said Brooke could not ask Donna because Eric would be bringing Stephanie and it would be a scene. Brooke said she believed Eric would forgive Donna and she believed Eric and Donna's marriage would last no matter what sort of crazy stunts Stephanie planned to pull to keep them apart.

Thorne arrived home and asked his mother what happened when Brooke stopped by. Stephanie said Brooke attempted to plead Donna's case, and Thorne looked disgusted by the notion. Stephanie asked what all the big crates were in the entryway, and Thorne said it was just more packages for Eric. Stephanie asked why one of the crates had been opened, but Thorne didn't know. Stephanie asked what could have come in such a big crate, and at the same moment, Thorne and Stephanie both said "Donna!" and bolted up the stairs.

Donna said she regretted hurting Eric more than she could express and said she loved him and wanted to take care of him. She asked if she could help Eric and nurse him back to health, so the two of them could move forward with their lives together.

Eric said that Owen was a young man and suggested that perhaps Donna had developed feelings for him. Donna denied it and said she only wanted Eric. Just as the two of them kissed, Stephanie and Thorne burst into the room and Thorne forcibly dragged Donna away from Eric. Stephanie asked Eric if he was all right and Eric appeared bewildered. Donna protested and said she would never do anything to hurt Eric and asked Eric to admit he wanted her there. Eric tried to speak up, but Stephanie pushed her out of the room while Thorne locked the door behind them.

Stephanie asked Donna if she was trying to kill Eric. Donna said no, the person who had tried to kill Eric was Stephanie's crazy sister, Pam. Donna said she wanted to take care of Eric and that Eric needed to be with his wife. Stephanie said if Donna cared about what was best for Eric she wouldn't sneak around to get into the house to see him and startle him that way. Donna said she wouldn't have to sneak in if Stephanie wasn't keeping her from seeing her own husband. Stephanie said it had been Eric's choice to kick Donna out because he had seen for himself exactly what sort of a woman she was with his own eyes.

Donna accused Stephanie of trying to control the situation and trying to control Eric. Stephanie said it wasn't about Donna and it wasn't about her, it was about what was best for Eric and his recovery. Stephanie said Donna should take her sex kitten routine someplace else. Donna said that her marriage to Eric was about more than sex and that the one thing that scared Stephanie most was the knowledge that Eric truly loved Donna. Donna said that just because Stephanie had been in the room the night Eric woke up didn't mean Stephanie was his wife again. Stephanie asked Donna where she was when Eric woke up. Donna said Stephanie might be able to control her access to Eric but she could not control Eric's heart, and that Stephanie knew Eric still loved Donna.

Donna said she had a right to visit her husband. Stephanie said if Donna came back to their property again, she would have her arrested. Donna tried to make a run for it and get back up to Eric, but Thorne caught her halfway up the stairs and physically carried her down the stairs kicking and screaming and dumped her on the porch, then locked the door behind her.