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Monday, August 18, 2008

Rick was depressed and apologized to Taylor about moping around. She said it was normal; his dad was very ill and being blue about it was the right response. Rick asked Taylor if she believed Eric had really spoken to Ridge about his wishes to be set free. Taylor said she believed Ridge really believed it when it happened.

Rick left the room and Steffy dropped by to see Taylor. She talked up Marcus and told her Mom what a great guy he was: "sweet, smart and sexy." Taylor brought her back to reality by reminding her she was interested in the one guy her dad didn't want her to date. Steffy said Marcus was a great guy. Taylor cautioned her that Ridge would never believe that as long as they were sneaking around together. Suddenly, Rick leapt into the room doing the Tarzan yell but then rushed out embarrassed when he realized Steffy was there.

Steffy jokingly said that she was glad Tarzan made Taylor so happy. Taylor asked if Steffy had said nice things about Rick to get Taylor to say nice things to Ridge about Marcus. Steffy admitted she would like it if Taylor put in a good word for them. Steffy left the room and Tarzan/Rick returned, but with far less enthusiasm that he had the first time.

Donna slumped over the piano and lamented to Owen that she could not recall the last song Eric had played for her. She attempted to remain hopeful, and convinced herself it didn't matter because he would play again and would be the man he used to be.

Owen let Donna know that Marcus was not very happy about Owen's return to town. Donna said she would talk to Marcus and explain. Owen said it wasn't necessary; Marcus was her son and was only trying to protect her. Donna said she did not need protection from Owen and noted that the family owed him a great debt of gratitude. If he had not arrived the moment that he did, Donna would have signed the papers that removed Eric from life support and Eric would be dead. She wondered aloud how she could repay Owen and he replied she could let him cook for her.

Owen made a lovely meal for Donna and she asked where he had learned to cook like that. He said he had once worked in a restaurant and had picked up a few things back then. Donna shared that she had once been a waitress, too. She said she was happy that Owen was back, and he said he was happy about it, too. He said he cleared Donna's schedule so she could have some quiet time. She confided in Owen that she was afraid she was losing Eric; she could not hear the sound of his voice or feel his arms around her anymore. She did not want to lose the time they shared. Owen asked her to tell him all about Eric.

Donna said that no one understood why she and Eric had been together. She explained to him about Stephanie's blackmail attempts, and how Donna falsely told Eric she was a sex addict. She told Owen she was stunned when he stayed with her. Donna admitted she had not even believed it herself when Eric was interested in her because she didn't know what a talented, famous man would want with her. She said that Pam had tried to sabotage her appearance, turning her skin orange and her teeth green-but Eric hadn't blinked. And even when she finally revealed she had a son she hadn't told him about, he stayed with her. Owen remarked that she was a remarkable woman and it would take one "hell of a man" to be with her.

Donna said if Eric were there, he would know what to do next. He would know how to handle things. Owen said Eric was dead inside before Donna found him. He said Eric had been sleepwalking before Donna came into his life. Owen thought Donna was the one who had woken Eric up and put a smile on his face. Donna beamed with gratitude at his kind words.

Marcus met Steffy in Eric's office and filled her in that Owen was back in town. Aunt Pam barged in and asked why everyone was meeting in Eric's office instead of in the shipping department. Brooke entered the room and Marcus expressed his concern to her regarding Owen and Donna.

Marcus said that Owen had Donna convinced she needed him. He said Owen originally came to L.A. to collect two thousand dollars, and then when Felicia offered him two hundred thousand he realized there was a bigger payoff at stake and decided to hang around. He supposed Own might see Donna as the "Grand Prize" since she would inherit the company if Eric were permanently incapacitated

Brooke said if Owen was a con artist, he had not been very good at it-he backed out on Felicia's blackmail even though he stood to gain a lot of money. She said Donna really needed people on her side and Owen fit the description. Marcus said Brooke was wrong-that Owen saw he could make more than Felicia had offered him and wondered aloud if Owen would have done something to put Eric in his coma. Brooke was startled by the suggestion, but Marcus continued by saying Eric was perfectly healthy prior to Owen's arrival in L.A. and then suddenly keeled over after receiving a gift from Owen at a party Owen was not even invited to.

Marcus reminded Brooke that Owen had purchased a bottle of gin for Eric. Brooke noted that Eric drank martinis every night. Marcus asked Brooke what if gin was not the only thing in that bottle. Perhaps the doctors had been looking for natural causes for Eric's heart attack when he was instead poisoned.

Earl, the man who maintained the cabin at Big Bear in Eric's absence, stopped by the office to talk to someone about a problem at the cabin. The only person handy was Aunt Pam. Earl informed Pam that there had been some bear attacks at the cabin, and that anyone who went to the cabin should be warned about locking up their garbage in the garage. He said they would specifically want to do that with Donna's collection of plastic honey bears. Pam got an evil glint and sly smile on her face as Earl walked away.