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Monday, April 14, 2008

Nick had helped Jackie bring some packages into the house while Jackie discussed the architect's plans for their company "M." Nick had asked when Jackie would turn a profit in the company and Jackie assured him it took time to turn things around with a new business. Nick had poured himself a drink, mumbling under his breath. Jackie realized he'd changed the subject and Nick admitted he had women troubles. He explained to Jackie about Katie and Bridget while Jackie seemed amused he had two women fighting over him.

Nick mentioned Katie's likes being similar to his and Jackie said he was falling for the babysitter. Nick said Katie was a grown woman, hardly a child but Katie was also Bridget's Aunt. Jackie had forgotten the connection and said it definitely was a complicated situation.

In Nick's den, Bridget demanded answers from Katie. Katie had admitted that she and Nick had only kissed but nothing else had happened. However, Katie felt insulted when Bridget said she thought it was "cute" that Katie had a crush on Nick. Bridget asked if Nick had feelings for Katie. Katie said it wasn't like they stayed up all night talking about it, and there was nothing going on between them. Bridget said she was glad, as it would've been weird because Katie was the babysitter. Insulted, Katie asked if being the babysitter meant she wasn't sexy or hot enough for Nick. Bridget said she she'd never thought of Katie and Nick that way. Katie sarcastically asked Bridget if it was because Katie couldn't give him the unbridled attention Bridget did. Bridget said she'd been through a lot with Nick, knew him better than anyone, and didn't want Katie to get her hopes up. Bridget changed the subject and said she'd go fix a bottle for Jack. Katie sarcastically replied that she was the babysitter so she'd go, and left the room. Talking to herself, Bridget said she'd lost Nick once before and she wasn't losing him again, especially to Aunt Katie.

Jackie greeted Bridget when she returned to the living room. Bridget checked out the gifts Jackie had brought for Jack. Bridget said Jack would be the best-dressed baby in the "mommy and me" exercise class she had planned on bringing him to. When Jackie began to question her, Bridget said she loved Nick but wasn't getting her expectations up. She said she was aware Jackie wanted Brooke and Nick together, but Brooke's time with Nick had passed. Nick came downstairs with Jack and asked Bridget how things had gone with Katie. Jackie grabbed the opportunity, took Jack, and went back upstairs with him.

Bridget said Katie had informed her of the kiss. She said while she knew it didn't mean anything, it had hurt her. She asked Nick to never let it happen again, and if he decided he wanted to kiss someone else, to discuss it with her first. Bridget said it was cute that Katie had a crush on him, but Nick meant the world to Bridget. He said she knew how he felt and kissed her. Jackie called for Nick to come upstairs as Katie walked out of the kitchen with a bottle. Nick grabbed the bottle and went up to tend to his son.

Bridget told Katie she'd had a chance to talk with Nick. When Katie asked how it went, Bridget said when she'd been married to Nick before, they had never really had a shot. Bridget said she had lost him once and had no intention of losing him again, especially to Katie.

Brooke and Ridge met up in his office. Brooke asked if he had told Ashley the truth about Stephanie's shooting. Ridge lied and said he hadn't told Ashley. Brooke said maybe Storm and Ashley could go on another date and Ridge said they already were. He admitted he'd seen them at Café Rouse having dinner, and he didn't feel comfortable about it. Brooke admitted surprise that they had gone out on a date so soon but felt it was a good sign. Ridge said he wasn't comfortable having Storm around people he cared about.

Brooke defended her brother's actions. She said Storm had snapped once but was healing. Ridge said Brooke had tunnel vision when it came to her brother. She said Ridge's concerns weren't about Storm, but were about Ashley. He said Storm was a loose cannon and he didn't want Storm around anyone he cared about, including Ashley. Brooke said Storm wasn't a threat to anyone and she felt he was infatuated with Ashley.

Ashley and Storm had left the restaurant and were in his car. Ashley had Ridge's warning echoing in her head while Storm remembered his last words with Ridge. Ashley offered to take a cab home rather than Storm going out of his way but Storm said it was no trouble. He drove off and halfway to Ashley's he pulled the car off to the side of the road. Startled, Ashley asked him what was wrong. Storm apologized and admitted he'd seen her and Ridge talking and wanted to know what Ridge had said to her. Ashley said she hadn't thought it was a big deal to mention it but Ridge found her to discuss a problem at work. Storm apologized and said he had just been worried Ridge would try to ruin things between them. Ashley said they'd had a fun night together but she was tired and ready to go home. She offered to call a cab to come and get her but Storm said he'd bring her home.

After they arrived at Ashley's house, Storm walked her to her door. Ashley said she'd had a good time and Storm wanted to go inside for a nightcap. She said she was tired and needed rest for work. Storm said, "Yes, on the BeLieF pattern," and asked Ashley if she believed in the fun she'd had with him or in Ridge's dislike of Storm. Ashley said she'd had fun but the evening was over because she was tired. She kissed Storm goodnight, went inside, and locked the door. Storm realized Ridge had told Ashley because she had changed towards him.

Inside, Ridge called Ashley on her cell phone to make sure she got home okay. She thanked him for telling her about Storm and assured him she'd locked her door. Meanwhile, outside, Storm stood in the rain watching Ashley and said to himself that Ridge would not get away with ruining Storm's relationship with Ashley.