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Monday, September 10, 2007

After Nick tells Taylor of Donna's plan to use Thorne for revenge against Stephanie, Taylor rushes to the ceremony, with the intention to stop it, but finds that the wedding had already been called off. Donna is shocked to learn that it was Katie who convinced Thorne to reconsider marrying Donna. Donna frantically tries to convince Thorne that she loves him, but he tells her that he doesn't believe her. Donna promises to get revenge on Stephanie in some other way. Meanwhile, Thorne is grateful to Katie for being honest with him about Donna's intentions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

At home, Ridge was supportive to Brooke. Together they tried to figure out who assisted Andy. Ridge insisted that Brooke and the children live in his home with him until they solved the mystery of who assisted Andy. Ridge left for the Café Rouse to retrieve Andy's cell phone.

At the Café Rouse, Ridge and the detective he hired asked the bartender about Andy's cell phone, in an attempt to retrieve it. Ridge felt that they could identify the person who gave Andy the information about Brooke. More, disconcerting, they were hoping to find out who provided Brooke's house keys to Andy.

Meanwhile, Katie went to Stephanie's house at Stephanie's request. Stephanie had Katie go to her home under the pretense that Stephanie was thanking Katie for stopping Thorne from marrying Donna. Katie soon figured out that Stephanie had an ulterior motive for her being there-Stephanie wanted Katie to help keep Brooke and Ridge apart. Stephanie spoke to Ridge on the phone. The conversation did not go well and Katie could hear that. Stephanie rapidly left the house for somewhere. Felicia arrived and found Katie still there. Katie assumed that Stephanie went to find Brooke to harass her about Ridge. Katie asked Felicia for help in stopping the fighting between the two families.

Meanwhile at the Café Rouse, Ridge asked the bartender for Andy's cell phone. The bartender thought that it was a strange request from Ridge, but the bartender gave Ridge the cell phone. Ridge telephoned Brooke to inform her that they would know shortly who provided Andy with Brooke's house keys.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ashley visits Eric to get from him his take on Ridge and Brooke's past, current and possible future relationship. Eric tells Ashley that he honestly feels that Ridge and Brooke are truly meant for each other. Felicia talks to Brooke about ending the war between the Logans and the Forresters. Felicia also advises Brooke that it would be better if Brooke and Ridge were apart. Brooke reveals to Felicia that she was attacked and that Ridge is looking for the accomplice in the crime. Ridge locates Andy's secretary who gives him access into Andy's locked cell phone where Ridge recognizes one of the phone numbers.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

At Cafe Russe, Ridge recognizes Steph's phone number on Andy's cell phone. While he tries to think of excuses why Steph could have called him, Ed explains that Andy was a corporate lawyer and had nothing to do with family law. Ridge tries to defend Steph but Ed says there's an undeniable connection. Ridge heads to his parents' home to discover the truth, but Steph is gone. Ridge tells Eric Brooke was raped and give his dad the whole story about Andy's crime and subsequent electrocution. Ridge explains that someone helped him and that the house phone was used to call Andy.

At Ridge's Brooke is staying there and Felicia and Brooke discuss the rape and that fact that someone set her up. Felcia tells her Ridge cares for her, but Brooke says it's much more. Felcia leaves as Bridget arrives at Ridge's house and somehow the conversation turns to babies with Bridget saying maybe she's not meant to be a mom, and Brooke fires up the litany on how she could have had a baby but didn't – referring to Nick's baby. Bridget looks uncomfortable. Ridge returns and tells Brooke he thinks his mother was Andy's accomplice.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Everyone is torn by of the outcome of Ridge's search when the new-found accomplice turns out to be Stephanie. Eric shares with Bridget how much he cares for Brooke and proclaims that he has made a life-altering decision. Later, Eric finds another clue to connect Stephanie to Brooke's attack. Ridge and Brooke visit with Eric where they find a detailed and heartfelt letter from Stephanie.