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Monday, February 26, 2007

At Taylor's, Ridge and Taylor argue about Rick's involvement with Phoebe. Taylor thinks Ridge is underestimating the depth of Phoebe's feelings. However, Ridge maintains that there is nothing to worry about since Brooke convinced Rick to call things off. Taylor remains skeptical arguing that Phoebe may go after Rick and try to win him back. Taylor tries to get Ridge to look at it from Phoebe's perspective as a young woman experiencing her first time of real heartbreak. Ridge believes Taylor may be too distracted with Nick to keep an eye on their daughter. Taylor assures him she is capable of taking care of Phoebe and herself. Ridge pries into Taylor's love life worrying that Nick is just a rebound to help her forget about the pain of losing Thorne. Taylor assures Ridge that Nick is not a rebound for her and adds that she finally understands what Brooke saw in him.

At Jackie M's, Brooke stops by and Nick jokingly asks if she is lost. Brooke tells him that she is on her way to check out the site for Forrester's new store. Nick is impressed with the location, and wonders how much the Forresters had to borrow to secure it. Brooke admits that she didn't come to discuss business; instead she wants to know what the hold up is on the divorce papers. Nick thinks she is just using that as an excuse so she can come by and find out about his relationship with Taylor. Brooke denies it, telling Nick she is far too busy trying to keep her life on track with Ridge to worry about him. Nick tells her he knows about the Rick/Phoebe situation and tells Brooke it's wrong for Ridge to make her go against her son. Brooke tells him she had to put a stop to Rick and Phoebe's relationship after she found out that they kissed. Giving Brooke a lusty look, Nick tells her the attraction between Phoebe and Rick will be there whether they are together or not. He argues that Ridge has no right to stop it, but Brooke catches him in his hypocrisy when she asks him how he would feel about if it were Hope in the same situation. Seeing that her question struck a nerve, Brooke apologizes and hurriedly says goodbye.

At the new building site, Stephanie commends Eric for finding such a prime location on Rodeo Drive for their first store. Eric worries that he may have gotten in over his head, but is glad it will be easy to sale the building if his store doesn't succeed. Stephanie scolds her husband for having such a negative attitude and reminds him that it was his idea in the first place. Stephanie advises Eric to stop second guessing himself. She stresses to her husband that he must be confident, strong and determined or the whole thing will come tumbling down on them and the press will eat them alive. When Brooke and Ridge arrive Stephanie tells them of Eric's sudden apprehension. Ridge suggests that if he and Brooke have their wedding at the store's grand opening it will be a huge success. Eric and Stephanie are excited by Ridge's idea; however Brooke isn't thrilled about her wedding being a publicity stunt. Stephanie doesn't think Brooke has ever had a qualm about making a spectacle of herself before. Ridge manages to sell Brooke on it after he promises her a private ceremony later. Excited with his victory, Ridge pulls Brooke into a passionate kiss and tells her nothing can keep them from being husband and wife.

Meanwhile at Forrester Originals, Phoebe daydreams of her sexy kiss with Rick in the rain. As her photo shoot begins, the photographer unsuccessfully tries to get Phoebe to sparkle. As soon as Rick walks in, Phoebe lights up. Rick admires Phoebe as she continues to pose. When the photo shoot ends they sneak back into a dressing room and kiss. Rick tells Phoebe he doesn't like sneaking around, but admits that he wants to be with her. Phoebe promises they won't have to once Ridge and Brooke are married. As things continue to get hot and heavy, Rick tries to put a break on it. Hungry for more kisses, Phoebe insists that they aren't doing anything dangerous.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

At the new Forrester Boutique, construction was underway. Ridge and Brooke announced to Felicia that for the store opening they would be getting married to conjure up publicity. As Ridge explained the public was often more interested in him and Brooke rather than their merchandise over the years.

Felicia disclosed to Bridget that Dante had chosen to remain in Italy and work as an artist. Felicia also disclosed that she was always worried about losing Dante to Bridget.

Brooke and Ridge debated whether they should get married at the opening of the boutique or just get married quietly. They agreed to have the big romantic wedding with the publicity.

At Eric and Stephanie's, Ann was refusing to find a condo to buy. Ann told Stephanie that Pam was more of a wife to Eric than she was. Later, Eric and Stephanie argued about their sex life as Pam over-heard. Eric insisted during the argument that Pam and Ann would remain in LA and in their home if they wanted to.

Later at the guest house, Ann described Stephanie as "damaged goods." Ann explained that the person living with Stephanie suffers even more. Ann boldly told Pam that Eric deserved someone better than Stephanie; Eric deserved someone like Pam.

Back at the boutique, Phoebe met up with Rick in the backroom. They agreed that they should not be together until after Ridge and Brooke's wedding. They intended to stay away from one another but ended up with a passionate kiss. To her dismay, Brooke walked in and saw Rick and Phoebe kissing.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

At Forrester's new building site, Brooke confronts Rick and Phoebe, furious to discover that they lied about breaking things off. Rick tells his mother he tried to abide by her wishes, but in the end he felt like what he and Phoebe were doing was not wrong, instead he argues that Ridge is wrong. Brooke pressures Rick to end it, telling him if Ridge finds out that she knew that they were sneaking around and didn't tell him the wedding would be off for good. Phoebe offers to talk to her father, but Brooke tells her not to bother since Ridge will never accept Phoebe dating Rick. Trying to appeal to Brooke's sense of romance, Rick explains the depth of his feelings for Phoebe, telling his Mom she of all people should understand the power of being in love. Rick admits that he was wrong to try to come between Brooke and Ridge, just as Ridge is wrong to interfere with him and Phoebe. Rick adds that he would end it if he felt that it was wrong, but he cares deeply for Phoebe and thinks their relationship is worth fighting for. Moved by her son's passionate plea, Brooke concedes to allow them to explore their feelings, but adds that Ridge cannot be kept in the dark any longer. Phoebe and Rick tell Brooke they were planning on telling Ridge after the wedding. Brooke decides it would be best for her to be the one to break the news to Ridge. She bravely heads out to tell him, hoping that eventually he'll come around.

At the Shady Marlin, Taylor surprises Nick with a picnic dinner and convinces him to take her out to sea on his boat. Once they get on course, Taylor compliments Nick on his steering skills. As things heat up they begin to kiss. When the boat runs out of power, Nick wants to make a call to get them towed back to shore. However, Taylor persuades Nick to take advantage of the situation and enjoy a romantic evening together. As they cozy up on the couch, Taylor admits her life felt empty until he came along. Nick is excited that they both are getting a whole new start. After kissing passionately, Taylor tells Nick she wants him to make love to her.

Meanwhile at Forrester Originals, Ridge tells Stephanie he has set up an exclusive interview to announce his plans to wed Brooke at their store's grand opening. Stephanie fears Ridge is taking on too much, but he tells her it is necessary in order to sink Marone. Still not sure about his choice for a bride, Stephanie asks him if Brooke is really the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Annoyed with her meddling, Ridge assures Stephanie that Brooke is the only woman he will ever love. Stephanie then questions him about Brooke's feelings for Nick. Ridge says Brooke is over Nick and things couldn't be better between them. He tells her the only problem has been the Phoebe/Rick situation, but adds that he has taken care of that and Brooke supported his decision. Stephanie is upset that Brooke didn't see that Rick had no business with Phoebe from the beginning. Ridge warns his mother to not start bashing Brooke again or she will be the one out of his life. Before they can talk more, Brooke walks in and tells Ridge she needs to talk to him alone. After Stephanie leaves Ridge blathers on about how wonderful it will be once they get married and how nothing will ever come between them again. Ridge is surprised when Brooke tells him they can't continue to move on until they get in sync about a certain subject. She then tells him she has some news about Rick and Phoebe that he isn't going to like.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Brooke prepares to tell Ridge that Phoebe and Rick need to explore their feelings for one another, but Ridge stops her, and says Rick needs to stay away from Phoebe, and this will all be over when Rick returns to Europe. Before Brooke can explain, Stephanie brings in Jarrett, the reporter from Eye On Fashion. He wants an exclusive advance interview before the proposed Rodeo Drive wedding. As Ridge drones on about the plans, Jarrett finally interrupts and questions Brooke, Ridge and Stephanie about Rick and Phoebe's relationship since he saw their photo from the coffee shop duet on the Internet. They all deny anything is going on, and Stephanie threatens Jarrett that the kids are off limits, or he'll never see another exclusive. After Jarrett leaves, Ridge and Brooke argue about Rick's understanding of the importance of his actions.

At Bridget's beach house, Rick is packing, and Bridget teases that he hasn't worn out his welcome yet. He fills her in on the fact that he and Phoebe can't stay away from each other. Bridget warns that this will be a big problem to Ridge and Brooke as Brooke enters. Brooke tells Rick she didn't have a chance to break the news to Ridge about Rick and Phoebe. As they talk, in walks Stephanie accusing them all of lying about Rick's relationship with Phoebe. Brooke, Rick and Bridget tell Stephanie this is none of her business, but she tells them all that the family has bet the farm on this new business venture, and this bad publicity with the Internet photo could blow the whole thing. Stephanie continues telling Brooke she supported her marriage to Ridge, but thinks it's a mistake now since Brooke is lying to cover for Rick. Steph also tells them that she wants to protect Phoebe - a vulnerable 18-year-old girl who has been through a lot this year. Brooke and Rick say he would never do anything to hurt Phoebe while Stephanie appeals to Bridget who says everything gets worse when Stephanie gets involved. Arguing escalates with Rick and Bridget defending their mom to Stephanie who warns them all she'll make sure Ridge knows about the cover-up.

Onboard the powerless Shady Marlin adrift in the bay, Nick and Taylor cuddle with Nick telling Taylor this is the first time he made love on the Marlin while drifting at sea, and that he has a deal with the Marlin that it will restart with a replacement fuse so no need to worry about the power outage. Taylor tells Nick she feels everything is going to be fine, and wonders if they could sail around the world and be explorers. They dreamily snuggle in each other's arms, falling asleep. Nick awakens to hear a tanker approaching as waves begin to toss the Marlin around. He wakes Taylor telling her they have to get off the boat, but it capsizes before they can get out. Searchlights illuminate the sea strewn with debris that was once the Marlin. Nick surfaces desperately looking for Taylor, but not finding her. He repeatedly dives underwater, and finally finds an unconscious Taylor. He pulls her to safety aboard a floating chunk of the Marlin where he begins mouth-to-mouth.

Friday, March 2, 2007
by ED

In his office, Ridge confronted Phoebe about the internet photograph taken of them at C.J.'s club, Insomnia. Phoebe almost inadvertently let it slip out about her continued relationship with Rick but then realized that Brooke had not told him.

At Bridget's, Stephanie continued her attacks on Brooke and Rick and demanded the truth about Rick's relationship with Phoebe. Tired of Stephanie's constant badgering, Brooke threatened to cancel the wedding if it meant that she and her son's life would be under constant surveillance. Meanwhile, Bridget received a phone call from Nick filling her in on Taylor's prognosis in the emergency room. Bridget left for the hospital to check on her chart with Stephanie in tow.

At the hospital, to Nick and Taylor's dismay, the whole family appeared to show support for the patient. Stephanie told Taylor that she was making a mistake falling for a "bum" like Nick. Nick later told Taylor that he was falling her, something he thought he would never do.

Phoebe and Rick shared their intimate feelings for each other. Stephanie warned Brooke that she did not tell Ridge about Phoebe and Rick's relationship, he would leave her but Brooke ignored her saying that Ridge would not believe her because of her past history of meddling.

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