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Monday, September 18, 2006

At the hospital, Bridget remembers her night with Nick and fears her Mom will find out. Stephanie and Eric drop by and tell her they are planning a party for her Friday to celebrate her becoming a doctor. Bridget tells them she would love to come but she may be moving to Africa to work in and AIDS clinic. Eric is shocked. Stephanie is suspicious that she is leaving because of Brooke. Bridget tells her that it has nothing to do with Brooke, it's just a great opportunity for her to make a difference. They try to convince her to stay, but Bridget is determined to go telling them it is only for a year. Stephanie is surprised that she hasn't told Brooke yet and accuses Bridget of running away from something. Bridget denies Stephanie's accusations and leaves.

At Taylor's, Shane tells her that he knows her secret. Taylor misunderstands and thinks he is referring to her relationship with Thorne, so soon after his wife's death. Before he can explain, Hector walks in and Taylor introduces them. She is surprised that Shane already knows who Hector is. She tells Hector that Shane was warning her to be more discreet if she wants to keep her relationship with Thorne private, since he saw them kissing in her yard yesterday. Realizing that he will have to come to Taylor another time when he can get her alone, Shane tries to make a speedy exit. However, Hector won't let him get away so easily. Hector demands to know why Shane is prying into Taylor's private life and he also questions him about how he knew who Hector was before they met. Shane tells Hector that he read about his accident in the paper. Taylor steps in and tells Hector that Shane was only trying to protect her privacy by encouraging her to keep her hedges taller. After Shane leaves, Hector tells Taylor he doesn't trust him and thinks he is up to something. Taylor continues to defend him. Finally seeing that she can't convince him otherwise, she tells Hector if he is really worried about Shane he should keep living with her and let Shane know she is not alone. Although it kills Hector to stay and see Taylor getting closer to Thorne, he vows to find out what Shane is up to.

Outside of Taylor's, Shane heads to her pool, very upset that he wasn't able to confront her about Darla's death. Phoebe walks up behind him and asks him what's wrong. At first he is upset because he thinks she is spying on him. She asks him how things went with her Mom and he angrily replies not well because of Hector's interference. Phoebe tries to lighten his mood and begins goofing around with some of his equipment. Shane tries to stop her and she accidentally cuts his hand badly. Phoebe immediately wraps a towel around his hand and they rush to the hospital. When they get there a panic stricken Phoebe tells Bridget what happened. As Shane lies on a stretcher, writhing in pain, Phoebe apologizes profusely for hurting him.

Meanwhile at Forrester, Brooke admires Eric's latest designs. Nick walks in still worried about keeping his night with Bridget a secret from Brooke. Brooke happily greets him with a kiss. She praises him for being such a loyal and forgiving husband. Nick enjoys being at Forrester with Ridge away and asks Brooke if she has heard from him. She tells him not really and that she is focused on him and their marriage and kisses him again. Stephanie walks in and finds them having a romantic lunch of chicken wings and beer. She informs them of Bridget's plans to move to Africa and asks them what's going on. Brooke admits that Bridget is still in love with Nick and she thinks getting away could be good for Bridget. Stephanie thinks it's a bunch of bull since Brooke is still in love with Ridge and Bridget is still in love with Nick. Brooke denies Stephanie's accusations. She tells Stephanie with Ridge there was always another woman, but with Nick there are no secrets and she knows he would never cheat on her. Stephanie doubts that Nick is so perfect and tells Brooke that she hopes Ridge will take her back when it falls through with Nick. After Stephanie leaves, Brooke reassures Nick that as long as they have love, understanding and honesty their marriage will last forever. Nick is eaten up with guilt.