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Monday, January 17, 2005

Hector, Samantha, and Ridge observed Caitlin and Thomas prepare for the dance. Caitlin and Thomas appeared to be getting closer, and Ridge hoped that Caitlin would be the answer to Thomas' problems with Amber.

Ridge confessed to Brooke that he was concerned that Amber was up to something. Later, Amber showed a stunned Brooke the photo, which Amber had taken with her cell phone, of Ridge and Bridget in the compromising position.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

At Brooke's house, Amber showed Brooke the photograph that she had taken of Ridge and Bridget in a "compromising position." Brooke immediately believed, to herself, what she saw in the photograph. Amber explained that she had not taken the photograph to hurt Brooke. Amber's rationale for taking the photograph was that she'd wanted to show that Ridge was out of control. Amber emphasized how Ridge was all over Brooke's daughter in the photograph. Brooke was defensive and denied that Ridge had done anything wrong.

When Amber did not show up for work at Spectra, Darla informed Sally that Amber was taking care of personal business that involved Brooke and Ridge. Darla explained that Amber had said that she was on a crusade to help save Ridge from himself and at the same time help Brooke and Ridge.

At Marone Industries, Ridge told Nick to back off because he and Bridget were fine. Nick explained that he had set Bridget up with a date but that she would not go because she felt she was not ready. Ridge interpreted Nick's help as trouble. Ridge felt that Nick was trying to cause trouble so he could then comfort Brooke, whom he was still in love with. Nick promised that if Ridge hurt Brooke, he would be there to pick up the pieces.

At Stephanie and Eric's house, they questioned why Bridget had kept her broken engagement from them. Stephanie advised Bridget that she could not handle living with Brooke and Ridge while she still had old feelings for Ridge. Eric advised that she move in with them instead. Bridget revealed that she was feeling better because of her friendship with Nick. Nick arrived, and Bridget pulled a prank on Nick. Bridget fixed Nick up with a real monkey.

Ridge arrived home and found Amber there and Brooke crying. Brooke showed Ridge the photograph of him and Bridget. Ridge immediately felt that Amber had purposely caused trouble. Instead of being upset with Amber, however, Brooke was upset with Ridge. Brooke questioned how Ridge could have done that to them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Brooke was still in shock from the picture that Amber had given her, showing Ridge holding Bridget in his arms. Ridge was furious with Amber and accused her of trying to cause trouble. He assured Brooke that the picture was not what it looked like. Amber tried to explain that she wanted to help Ridge and Brooke see the problem so their marriage could be saved before Ridge did something to hurt it.

Amber tried to make Brooke think about what might be going on between Ridge and Bridget when Brooke wasn't home. Ridge threw Amber out then tried to calm Brooke. Brooke was in tears, warning Ridge that she'd told him before that if he ever touched Bridget again, their marriage would be over. Ridge told her that his family meant everything to him, and he wouldn't do anything to hurt it.

Stephanie and Eric watched Bridget and Nick talk by the pool. Eric was glad that Bridget was smiling again. They both agreed that if Nick was who Bridget ended up being with, it was okay if it helped her get past Ridge.

At the pool, Nick and Bridget laughed about the chimpanzee that Bridget had gotten to be Nick's surprise date. The two were enjoying each other's company and exchanged some meaningful looks.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to news coverage of the presidential inauguration, this episode was preempted. The preemption was planned for, and there were no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting resumed Friday where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Bridget and Nick were flirty, and there was a moment where there was an obvious connection between them.

Later, Brooke showed Bridget the picture that Amber had taken, and Bridget was horrified. Bridget said nothing had happened between her and Ridge, but Brooke asked them both to tell her if they had any feelings at all for each other.

Amber looked to Stephanie as her lifeline, but Stephanie snatched the duplicate picture away from Amber. Amber admitted that she'd overheard Stephanie's conversation with Ridge; she looked incredibly foolish to Stephanie.

Stephanie wondered how Amber had not been able to foresee the repercussions of showing the photo to Brooke. Stephanie saw the stunt as Amber's revenge on Ridge and laid into her.

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