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Monday, April 26, 2004

Stephanie walks up to Eric and kisses him. She thanks him for loving her. He still doesn't trust her intentions when it comes to Brooke but they have managed to set aside their differences by agreeing to disagree. As the subject changes, the topic of Thorne and the Presidency of Forrester Creations comes up. Stephanie feels that Thorne wants to show them that he is ready to be a more meaningful part of the family company. Eric and Stephanie agree that they do not want to make the same mistakes with Thorne that they did with Ridge. Stephanie tells Eric that Thorne needs a place in the family where he can feel secure. He needs to be his own man and to get out of Ridge's shadow.

While preparing to meet Eric and Stephanie, Thorne and Darla talk. She praises the accomplishments that Thorne has completed and the big contributions he has made to his family's company. Thorne believes he could contribute even more if given the chance. Stephanie and Eric arrive and Thorne and Darla go to meet them. After pleasantries are exchanged, Stephanie offers to throw them an engagement party. Getting down to business, Eric says the President will be required to fill a large position. Eric tells him he has been indispensable in the job he has performed up to now. Thorne asks if they are telling him that they are turning him down. He tells Eric that he has worked hard and proven himself and he deserves that job for all the hard work he has put in over the years. Eric says many things are a factor in determining whether or not someone is appointed President. However, the time has come, and he presents and uncovers a desk plaque, naming Thorne Forrester, President. Thorne is overwhelmed but, thanks Eric and then says, for the first time in his life he doesn't feel like the other son.

Caitlin, looking at some things on the desk, suddenly notices that this year, her birthday falls on Mothers Day. Samantha walks into the office and notices that Caitlin is near tears. They sit and talk. Caitlin explains that her birthday is approaching and it reminds her of her Mother's death. She died giving birth to her and now she is gone and Caitlin is left. Samantha says she knows how she feels as she has suffered a loss in the past herself. Caitlin tells Samantha how she would fabricate stories to herself about her Mother. Samantha tells her she must always know and believe that her Mother is with her every moment of everyday.

Amber approaches Hector. Amber was told by Hector that Samantha had broken his heart but had not been told that she had given birth to a child. Amber tells him she needs to be told the truth. Hector tells Amber if she threatens him, that to be sure he will allow no one to destroy his family.

Amber promises him that she will not say anything. Hector admits that for years he carried this secret. Only three (3) people knew the secret and now it is four (4).

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

In Hawaii, Nick questioned if Brooke was becoming attracted to him. Nick told Brooke that he wants to hear about her feelings for him, not other men. Nick was referring to Ridge.

Samantha comforted Caitlin in her office. Caitlin told Samantha that she wished there were no holidays or birthdays so she would not always become sad during them. Caitlin revealed that she was feeling very distant from her father and that he did not yet know that she is working at Logan Designs.

Amber encouraged Hector to inform Caitlin that Samantha is her mother. Hector revealed reasons why he would never do that. Hector revealed to Amber that Caitlin's mother did not want her. Hector felt it was better for Caitlin to believe that her mother was dead, rather than know her mother did not want her. When Amber continued to press Hector about Caitlin, he revealed that when Caitlin was born Samantha's family made him sign an agreement that he could have custody of Caitlin only if he agreed never to contact Samantha ever again. Hector commented that it was hard for him to believe that Samantha would have agreed to never see her child.

At Stephanie's, Samantha confided in Stephanie that her intern at work reminds her of the child she lost. Samantha also confided about the connection she feels with this intern. Stephanie cautioned Samantha to not let this intern take advantage of her.

Caitlin arrived home and confronted Hector about her new internship. She told Hector that she was afraid to tell him. Caitlin also revealed that she felt very distant from Hector and wanted to fix that. Caitlin went to sleep and had nightmares about looking for her mother. Hector awoke Caitlin from her sleep. While Caitlin was still sleeping, Hector heard Caitlin say "Mother, where are you"?

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Hector comforts Caitlin as she wakes up from her nightmare. He holds her as she cries out for her mother. When she wakes up, she wonders why she is having her old nightmare again. Jimmy goes downstairs to get his sister some tea. Amber knocks on the door and Jimmy lets her in, telling her about Caitlin's nightmare. Hector comes downstairs and asks Jimmy to go and sit with Caitlin. Amber begs Hector to be honest about Caitlin's mother. Amber insists that the secret will come out eventually, but it would be better for Caitlin to find out now from him. Hector finally agrees to talk to Samantha.

Priscilla stops by to see Samantha. Samantha mentions Caitlin, a girl interning at Logan, who gave her the puppy after Poochie died. Priscilla suddenly wants Samantha to move back to New York with her. Samantha says that she'll think about it. Priscilla goes upstairs to make a few phone calls. Hector knocks on the door. Samantha answers the door and wonders why Hector has come. He tells her that they need to talk about their daughter.

Eric comes to see Ridge. Ridge is upset that Brooke is gone and has accepted Nick's proposal. He feels that everyone is rewarding Nick for stabbing Ridge in the back.

In Hawaii, Nick enters their suite with Hope, who he has taught to hula dance while he sings. As Nick goes to put Hope down for a nap, he hands Brooke a present. Brooke opens it to find a negligee. Visibly shaken, she calls Ridge. She tells him that she has accepted Nick's proposal, but is still confused. Ridge urges her to take the ring off. Brooke tells him that Nick wants to make love to her.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Hector verbally attacked Samantha today, accusing her of being cold and just like her mother, Priscilla. Sam was horrified at the spiteful and cruel things Hector spat at her about their baby daughter. The conversation between the two came close to revealing a very long lie and secret. Priscilla was on the landing of the stairs at Sam's, listening, when she burst down the stairs and Sam burst out the front door. When Hector ran after her, Priscilla demanded he stop going after Sam and listen to what she had to say. Hector demanded answers from Priscilla, wondering how and why Samantha would think their baby daughter was dead. She stated that she would tell him everything.

In paradise (Hawaii), Brooke cried and sobbed on the phone to Ridge about Nick wanting to make love to her. Ridge told her he really couldn't handle the whole situation of him having to be the one to help her decide if she would or wouldn't sleep with Nick. In the bedroom, Jackie phoned to make sure everything was going as hoped for and Nick got on her case for the "intervention" for Brooke. He told Jackie that things were moving surely but slowly and that Brooke would decide when to make the move. Saying goodbye and holding the ukulele, Nick's jaw dropped as Brooke stepped through the door and stood near the foot of the bed in the lingerie Nick had given her. He got up and guided her to the bed and began to make love to her. The show flashed between Ridge grabbing his drawing pencils and sketch pad and Nick and Brooke advancing to their destination with images of Ridge drawing like a madman, then Brooke and Nick moving closer, touching more, caressing. It seemed that Ridge's pencil drawings intensified with rage while Nick and Brooke relaxed and submitted to a fire of a different sort.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Priscilla is forced to tell Hector the whole story. When Caitlin was born, she had a C-section and Samantha never knew the truth. She never knew the baby lived. She thought it had died. The baby was given to Hector. Hector realizes that Priscilla had to leave where they were living because she couldn't stand the shame of a teen-age daughter having a baby. He remembers the look on Samantha's face and now realizes that Samantha has lived a lie all these years and never knew it. Priscilla tells Hector that both their daughters are now grown, and what good would it do for them to know the truth. Stephanie enters and wants to know what is wrong, Hector says that he was about to commit a murder.

Samantha sees Caitlin sitting in a restaurant booth looking despondent over the events of the evening. Caitlin tells Sam she has thought about her Mom more and more lately. She has had dreams of her holding her, and she can almost smell the scent of her Mother but she cannot put a face to her. Then she wakes up crying. Samantha tells Caitlin that they have both suffered losses and then Samantha takes Caitlin in her arms and holds her.

Thomas and Ridge share a conversation. Thomas wants his Dad to know that they all share in Brooke's loss. They know of her engagement to Nick. They will all miss her just as he does.

Eric has left a sketch pad for Ridge. He picks it up and sketches some new designs with a fervor. He decides what he must do. He heads for Eric's office and tells him that these designs really do not fit at Logan Fashions. He would like to return and work side by side with Eric as he has done in the past.

Thorne Forrester, President. He is pleased to be running Forrester Creations with his Dad, his "old man." Thorne says he is finally out of Ridge's shadow and can shine on his own. Eric and Thorne are excited about working side by side. Thorne's life is finally coming together. Coming back to the office, Thorne overhears Ridge telling Eric he wants to come back home and be his number #1 son, and work side by side with him again. Thorne listens and a look of defeat once again appears on his face.

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