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Monday, September 29, 2003

Ridge is stunned to see Sheila, who is holding a handgun. Sheila cannot believe the ineptitude of her henchmen. She orders Anna to leave, but warns her to keep her mouth shut. Sheila knows that Ridge wishes she were dead, but insists that what happened to Taylor was an accident. She explains to Ridge that if he wants to see his family again, he'll do exactly as she asks. Nick sees an opportunity and jumps from the shadows. A fight ensues, but Ridge and Nick freeze when they hear a gunshot and Sugar appears. Sheila pulls off Nick's disguise. Nick informs Sheila that Massimo contacted the embassy, but Sheila assures them that she'll be long gone before anyone finds them. Brooke is determined to find a way to help Ridge, despite Massimo's warnings. She realizes Anna recognizes Nick and Ridge when she shows her the photos of them. Brooke begs Anna to reveal where Ridge is, but Anna is fearful. Deacon takes Macy to interview for a gig at Ozzz, but is stunned when he finds out Oscar is the owner. Oscar tries to convince Deacon that the place is legit and his troubles in Vegas are over, but Deacon isn't interested. Oscar promises he'll do anything they want if Macy will agree to sing at his club.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

In the bar, Brooke begged Anna to tell her where Nick and Ridge are. Brooke made sure that Anna Knew that Ridge is the father of three children, and that their mother had been killed. Brooke also revealed to Anna that she and Ridge had just been re-married after many years of broken dreams for both of them. Anna accidentally mentioned that a woman named Sheila was behind the kidnapping. Anna told her that she feared for her own life if she helped Brooke. Brooke promised Anna that Massimo, a powerful man, could protect Anna from the kidnappers. Out of fear, Anna refused to help Brooke.

Meanwhile, Sheila tied Nick up and made him part of the ordeal. Ridge could not understand how Sheila was out of prison. Sheila admitted that she got out after paper work got botched. Ridge taunted Sheila about Taylor's murder. Sheila denied that it was murder. In Sheila's opinion, it was only a tragic accident that Taylor had been shot and killed. Sheila revealed to Ridge that she knew he had remarried Brooke. Sheila questioned just how miserable Ridge's life had actually been after Taylor died? Sheila's friend warned Sheila that Ridge and Nick were never supposed to see them; now they know how Sheila escaped from prison. Nick deduced that Sheila's friend was the warden at the prison. Sheila rationalized the kidnapping to Ridge by explaining that she wanted a chance to start over.

At Oscar's club, Deacon voiced his concern over Macy singing in the club. He was concerned that Macy would be in danger by people from Oscar and Deacon's past in Las Vegas. Oscar guaranteed Deacon that the club is free of the criminal element. Macy and Deacon agreed to Oscar's deal.

Back in the bar, Brooke desperately tried to find someone who knew the whereabouts of Nick and Ridge. Brooke noticed on the bar, there was a napkin with the name Sheila written on it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2003
by Anna

Oscar is overseeing the crew's work on the club when Bridget comes by with doughnuts for the workers. She tells him she heard the advertisements on the radio saying the Macy was the headliner for the grand opening. Oscar tells her that he reached an agreement with Deacon, and that he's letting go of the past. Bridget is very proud of him and tries to calm his nerves about the opening. He invites her to be with him at the opening, and lets her know that it may be a late evening. As Bridget leaves to go to work, she gives him a kiss for good luck.

As Macy awakes, Deacon is excited about the day ahead of them. Suddenly they hear Sally, who is outside with a blow horn announcing Macy's comeback performance to the neighborhood. Deacon brings Sally and Clarke inside. Both are very proud of Macy. Clarke brings two gowns for Macy to pick from, which he made especially for her. After Sally and Clarke leave, Macy tells Deacon that she's never been happier.

Stephanie comes into Amber's office where Amber is packing her things. Stephanie tells her that she doesn't have to leave. Amber confides in Stephanie that she's made her mistakes and she can't force Rick to see her. Amber is certain that leaving Forrester is the right thing to do. Stephanie begs her to talk to Rick, but Amber says that she loves him too much to ask him to forgive her again. As Rick stands in the hallway and listens at the door, Amber tells Stephanie that she has to move on and give Rick a chance to move on too. Stephanie realizes that Amber has made up her mind, but reminds her that she'll always be a part of the family, and to call if she needs anything. As Amber leaves, she passes by Rick in the hall, who doesn't try to stop her.

Oscar is still working at the club when "friends" from his casino days in Vegas appear. Jimmy is interested in what Oscar has going on, but Oscar reminds him that he paid his debt to Jimmy and they no longer have any business together. Oscar asks the men to leave, and on their way out, they tear a poster of Macy, promising that this will be a grand opening Oscar will never forget.

Thursday, October 2, 2003

Bridget told Samantha that Ozzie had invited her to be his guest at the opening of his club. At the club, Ozzie remembered that two members of the mob from Las Vegas had threatened him.
Sally and Clarke arrived at the opening of Ozzie's club to see Macy perform. Sally told Ozzie that she is certain that Macy will be a big hit at the club. Sally was rattled when she noticed Darla and Thorne arrive together. Sally told Thorne and Darla to leave.

At home before the show, Deacon gave Macy a gift. The gift was to celebrate Macy's first singing appearance with Deacon as her manager. Macy and Deacon prepared to leave for the club. As they were leaving, Deacon noticed that the answering machine had a message on it. He did not listen to the message. The message was Ozzie telling Deacon to call him prior to arriving at the club with Macy.
Samantha and Bridget arrived at Ozzie's club. When Samantha met Ozzie, she questioned whether Bridget and Ozzie were friends or if they shared powerful chemistry?

Deacon pointed out to Macy that Darla and Thorne had arrived at the club together. Macy was surprised to see Darla and Thorne together, but decided not to let them upset her. A few minutes later, Thorne and Macy went backstage to talk to Macy. Darla told Macy that she has always been her best friend and she only wanted to wish Macy the best. Macy was gracious. She told Darla and Thorne that she was happy that they were both there to see her perform.

The crowd seemed to love Macy as she sang. Ozzie noticed the two mobsters inside his club. Ozzie was horrified to see that they were up to some kind of trouble.

Friday, October 3, 2003

Macy's finale ends tragically when the chandelier comes crashing down on top of her head. Ozzie had seen the thug unscrewing the bolts to the fixture, and tried to make his way through the crowd to push Macy out of the way. Unfortunately, he doesn't get there in time. Macy is rushed by ambulance en route to the hospital with Deacon at her side.
When they arrive, Deacon reflects on conversations he had with Macy and her passion for getting her singing career going, while holding on to her new family. Sally and Clark arrive at the hospital. Everybody is upset because they don't have any answers about what caused the accident. Ozzie comes to the hospital with Bridget. Deacon confronts Ozzie who tells him that he saw the guy responsible for hurting Macy, and that it wasn't an accident. When he tells Deacon that Jimmy Walter was behind Macy's accident, and that Ozzie had earlier warning because he had been threatened, Deacon goes ballistic.

Brooke returns to the hotel where she learns that Massimo left to try to rescue his sons. She's even more upset because she knows what Massimo doesn't, that Sheila is behind the kidnapping. Brooke tries to explain to Charles that Sheila is crazy. She tells him the story behind Sheila's killing of Taylor, wounding Brooke, losing her daughter and blaming Ridge and Massimo for all the depressing things that have happened in her life. Charles shocks Brooke by telling her that Nick is with Ridge. Charles doesn't buy Brooke's theory about Sheila until he receives a fax photo intended to verify that Sheila is still in prison. Brooke looks at the picture and tells Charles the person in the photo is not Sheila.

Massimo also doesn't know that Sheila has her own plans for what will happen when she comes face to face with him. Sheila prepares for her meeting, putting a gun in her bag. She says she's waited a long time to confront Massimo. The entire kidnapping plan has been about getting revenge against Massimo. Two of Sheila's thugs arrive to pick up the ransom money from Massimo. Massimo insists they take him to see his sons, and if they do, he will give them the 10 million dollars to split between themselves and nobody else needs to know. They tell him it's too late because the person in charge already knows. With this statement, Sheila comes out of the darkness to tell Massimo not everybody is as disloyal as he is.

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