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Monday, September 15, 2003

Ridge takes Stephanie by the arm and ushers her out of the showroom as everyone reacts to her outburst. He tells Stephanie that was the last straw. He doesn't ever want to hear another negative word about Brooke from her. Ridge threatens to cut Stephanie out of his life if she forces his hand. He would rather lose Stephanie than see her hurt Brooke again. Eric tries to comfort Brooke. When Brooke joins them, Ridge asks Stephanie if she has anything to say to her. He coaxes an apology out of her. Stephanie balks when Ridge insists that she put the engagement ring on Brooke's finger. He makes Stephanie promise to respect their marriage and not to interfere. Ridge proclaims the war between Stephanie and Brooke over. Bridget deals with Oscar's attitude and is helping him check on his friend when Massimo arrives. Massimo informs Oscar that Paolo died at the scene and the detectives will want to talk to him. As Oscar rests, a thug enters his room dressed as a doctor, holding a syringe of clear liquid. Bridget walks in as the thug is about to empty the syringe into Oscar's I.V. The thug grabs Bridget. Clarke asks Sally what she had to do with Stephanie's arrival, and Sally is pleased with herself.

Monday, July 16, 2003

As Ridge demanded, Stephanie gave Brooke and Ridge her blessing on their up-coming marriage. As soon as Ridge left, Stephanie and Brooke were at each other's throats. Stephanie defied Ridge and told Brooke that she would never accept Brooke into the family. Brooke begged Stephanie to end their war and call a truce. Stephanie refused to do so.

In the hospital, Oscar's assailant held Bridget. She managed to get herself free and get the police. Oscar would not admit to what kind of trouble he was in. He advised Bridget not to ask him about his troubles.

In Stephanie's office, she informed Sally that Ridge would not give back her company to her. Sally had assumed that Stephanie could not do much to stop Logan Designs. Sally and Stephanie became intoxicated. Sally gave Stephanie a haircut. Stephanie offered Sally a position at Forrester Creations.

At Brooke's house, Nick went to wish Brooke good luck on her marriage to Ridge. Nick wanted to know if Brooke was happy. When Brooke said that she is happy, Nick was happy for her. Ridge arrived and asked Brooke to climb down the ladder that he placed against her bedroom. Brooke climbed down the ladder to elope with Ridge.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Sally wakes up in Stephanie's office with scissors in her hand. She looks over and sees Stephanie lying on the coach, asleep. Stephanie wakes up, just as Thorne comes in and notices Stephanie's hair.

As Massimo's jet prepares to take off, Brooke tries to guess where Ridge is taking her. Brooke tells Ridge how romantic he was when he suggested they elope. As the plane is flying to a tropical destination, they make love. Brooke and Ridge look forward to many years ahead, promising not to take any of it for granted.

Stephanie tries to sneak into her house, but Samantha is waiting for her. She tells Stephanie of Brooke and Ridge's elopement. Stephanie takes off her baseball cap and says, "I didn't think the day could get any worse." Samantha asks what happened and Stephanie tells her what Sally did. She warns Samantha to be careful what she wishes for; Brooke has won for now.

Rick comes by Amber's hospital room. Amber tries to apologize, but Rick is angry. He accuses Amber of being the problem by jeopardizing herself and Eric. Amber says she won't let it happen again, but Rick says she can't make it up to him this time. He informs her that their visitation was revoked because of her actions. He tells her their marriage is over, and walks out.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

At the hospital, Bridget consoled Amber over losing custody of Eric. Bridget was not on Amber's side over Rick's announcement that he is divorcing Amber.

At Marone Industries, the captain informed Nick that the Marone symbol was defaced in South America. Nick informed a very unhappy Massimo that Ridge and Brooke had eloped.

Bridget transferred Oscar from ICU to Amber's room. Deacon and Macy brought Eric to visit with Amber, for a moment only. When Macy and Eric left the room, Amber accused Deacon of stealing Eric. Deacon reminded Amber that she is the one who kidnapped Eric. As they argued, Oscar eavesdropped. Oscar recognized Deacon's voice and pulled the curtain back to speak with him. Oscar alluded to the fact that Deacon and Oscar shared a shady past. Amber was curious how Oscar was acquainted with Deacon.

Ridge and Brooke vacationed at a resort on a tropical island, in preparation for their elopement. Ridge showered Brooke with bikinis, negligees, and a wedding dress. He gave her a crown that symbolized he would be treating her like a queen. When Ridge presented Brooke with photos of his children and Hope, he asked Brooke if she wanted to have a child together with him-their child!

Friday, September 19, 2003

Ridge, dressed in the traditional dress of the South American Island he and Brooke where he and Brooke have eloped, greets the padre who will marry him and Brooke (who arrives for the ceremony also dressed in Island garb, complete with crown headdress.) Ridge and Brooke exchanges vows and seal their commitment with rings. They are finally married. Back in the states, Nick receives information that confirms the presence of a guerilla faction that has displayed hostilities against Marone Shipping. He orders all personnel and anyone associated with his company, to be evacuated from the island where the group is headquartered. Unbeknownst to him, this is the same island where Ridge and Brooke have gone.

Deacon has a history with Amber's hospital roommate. They knew each other in Las Vegas. There is no love lost between the two men. Deacon leaves after arguing with the guy about whether he did or didn't steal money from a casino when Deacon was in Las Vegas. Deacon tries to tell the man that he has changed, and again denies taking any money from the casino. Angrily, he leaves the hospital, refusing to listen to any more of Amber's tirade against him for taking her son, revoking hers and Rick's visitation with Little Eric, and ruining her marriage to Rick. After Deacon leaves, Amber is chatting with her roommate who comments that in his opinion Deacon hasn't changed and that he is, and always will be a thief. This gives Amber the idea that the man she has been so annoyed by, just might be the person who will help her get her son back from Deacon.

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