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Monday, March 10, 2003
by CBS

Brooke runs into Ridge at the Café Russe and convinces him to join her. They discuss Amber's decision in the face of the latest scandal at Forrester. Brooke changes the subject and wonders if Ridge will consider forgiving her. She's not ready to give up her dream of the two of them having a future together. Amber braces herself for the press conference, knowing that, for the sake of the company, she needs to step down. Eric and Stephanie assure Amber that they are there to support her and appreciate the sacrifice she is making. Amber faces the reporters and announces her resignation. She explains that the Ambrosia line will cease to exist. Amber fields questions but becomes agitated and tries to explain that she was being exploited. A voice from the back of the room calls out that it wasn't Amber at all in the video. A dead ringer for Amber claims that she was the one in the video. C.J. can't believe that Bridget is attracted to her own brother. Bridget realizes that the only way to defend herself is to reveal that she and Ridge aren't related. C.J. is stunned when she explains that Ridge is a Marone. C.J. points out that Bridget has spent her whole life thinking of Ridge as her brother and can't overlook that now because of a crush. Bridget confesses that she loves Ridge, but has to keep it bottled up inside.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

At the Forrester Creations press conference, Amber prepared to inform the press that she was resigning from the company. Amber's look a like, however told the press that she was Amber's twin sister and in fact had made the X-rated video, not Amber.

At the Café Rouse, Ridge asked Brooke why she slept with Deacon? Brooke revealed it was because she was lonely after she had learned she did not have a chance with Ridge. Brooke admitted that sleeping with Deacon was a mistake. Brooke was happy that because she slept with Deacon, she ridded Bridget of Deacon for good. Deacon arrived at the restaurant and noticed Brooke with Ridge. While he was intoxicated, Deacon sang a song to Brooke. Ridge left Brooke at the table. Brooke demonstrated her distaste to Deacon by throwing a glass of wine in his face.

Amber's twin sister revealed to Amber, Rick, Eric and Stephanie that Tawny had given her up for adoption at birth. She told Amber that Tawny had done the same with her, however, her adoption had failed and Tawny had no choice but to take Amber back to live with her. Amber and Rick thanked Amber's sister for saving Forrester Creations millions of dollars by taking responsibility for the X-rated video and letting Amber off the hook. Amber's sister asked for nothing in return. Amber was still in shock for having learned that she has a sister. Amber and Rick invited her to stay in LA.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
by Anna

In Massimo's office, Stephanie tells Massimo that she is glad Ridge hasn't told Eric about his paternity. She says Ridge is hurt, but Massimo says that Ridge is angry. Massimo tells Stephanie that Ridge is coming over, so let's stop arguing and let Ridge see his parents together happy. When Ridge enters, he is upset to see Stephanie. When Massimo starts wondering what Ridge would have been like if both his parents had raised him, Stephanie tells him to stop fantasizing about being a family. Massimo tells Stephanie that he loves her and his son, and he intends to make Ridge his son. Massimo is tired of pretending. Ridge tells both of them that no one cares about Eric except for him. Ridge intends to tell Eric that he is not his son because he deserves to know. Stephanie insists that Eric is Ridge's father because he was always there for Ridge while he was growing up. Ridge says that Eric taught him to do what is right and that means telling the truth. After Ridge storms out, Massimo tells Stephanie that he wishes he could have protected her from all of this. Stephanie tells him that she wonders what made her ever love him. Massimo has changed. She tells him that she hopes all of this gives him satisfaction.

Eric visits Bridget in her apartment. He is happy that Bridget is still around. They discuss Ridge. Eric tells Bridget that Ridge is upset with Stephanie for manipulating Bridget's future. He has noticed that something is bothering Ridge and asks if Bridget knows what's wrong with him. Bridget tells Eric that Ridge has been through so much lately and his feelings are unpredictable right now. Eric felt that Portofino was a turning point for him and Ridge but lately, everything has been slipping. Eric feels like he is loosing his son. Eric starts to leave, but Bridget asks him to help fix a light in the other room before he goes. Ridge comes by and tells Bridge that he intends to tell Eric the whole truth. Bridget tries to stop him from talking about because Eric is in the next room.

At her house, Amber is enjoying getting to know her sister, April. While Amber goes into the kitchen to get some breakfast, Brooke comes into the room unaware that Amber has a twin. She congratulates "Amber" on stepping down from Forrester, and then is shocked when the real Amber comes back in. Amber explains to Brooke what happened yesterday at the press conference. April mentions how she came to LA to try her luck in a singing career. Amber insists that April stay with them while she is in LA, but April wants to find her own apartment. Amber leaves with April to help her look at apartments. Rick tells his mom that things will never be the same.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Stephanie criticized Massimo for convincing Ridge tell Eric that he's not Ridge's father. Ridge was surprised to see Eric at Bridget's apartment. Eric announced to Ridge and Bridget that he had to inform them about something regarding Stephanie. Eric revealed that he felt his family was falling apart. Eric said he was heartbroken and could not bear it if he lost any family member. Eric announced that it was about time to do something to bring his family together. Eric revealed that he was planning to ask Stephanie to renew their wedding vows tomorrow. He asked Ridge to stand up for him. Ridge accepted.

After Eric left, Ridge told Bridget that he could not devastate Eric by telling him that Massimo is his biological father. Ridge revealed that he was also sympathetic to Massimo who cannot publicly acknowledge that he is Ridge's father. Ridge was grateful to Bridget for her advice.

Macy told Sally that she is leaving Lorenzozo and reuniting with Thorne. Sally was okay with this news. Sally warned Macy that she would be watching Thorne very carefully.

Mass went to spectra Fashions to celebrate with Sally the fact that Ridge is informing Eric that he is not Ridge's father. Massimo planned to throw a lavish party to announce to the world that Ridge is his son.

Stephanie was thrilled when Eric asked her to renew their marriage vows. She was relieved that Ridge did not tell Eric about Massimo. Stephanie telephoned Ridge to thank him for not telling Eric that he is not Ridge's father.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Thorn sends Macy a Forrester original gown and calls to invite her to join him at his parents marriage renewal. Macy protests not too harshly that Thorn is not giving her the "time" she says she needs to make up her mind. Thorn is persistent. Macy agrees to meet Thorn at the ceremony but promises only to witness the exchange of vows and not stay for the reception. Macy tries on the dress and loves how she looks in it. When there's a knock on the door, thinking it is her mother Sally, she opens the door to find Lorenzozo standing on the other side. He sees her in the dress and asks what's going on?

Eric has been busy getting the house ready for the big event. Stephanie comes by and can't believe how much he has done on his own. She goes off to get ready. Bridget arrives and Eric asks her to go look in on Stephanie and help her get ready. Bridget and Stephanie talk and clear the air. Bridget admits that she agrees with Stephanie about Massimo trying to put weird ideas into her head about Ridge. She tells Stephanie that Ridge wants the family back together as much as Eric and won't stand for interference from Massimo.

Ridge goes to see Massimo to tell him that he couldn't bring himself to tell Eric the truth - that Eric is not his father. As he suspects, Massimo does not take the news well. Massimo argues that if Ridge decides to follow this decision, it will mean the end of his family line. He tells Ridge that all his life all he's ever wanted was to have an heir. Ridge responds by telling Massimo that family is about more than just having the same blood. He asks Massimo why he can't be content with Ridge knowing who his biological father is and letting it go at that. Massimo says he wants to also be as much a part of Ridge's children's lives as Eric has been. Ridge tells him he can't allow that. It would be too hurtful to Eric and confusing for the kids. Ridge wants what Eric wants, to see the Forrester family reunited. He will not do anything to stop that from happening and he tells Massimo that if Mass can't respect his decision or does anything to prevent Eric's wishes from happening, then Massimo will risk losing Ridge's acceptance of him as his father. Massimo is really angry. After Ridge leaves he sits at his desk talking to himself. He says, he can't stand by and watch Eric and Stephanie make another attempt at a marriage that won't work. He also says he can't allow his son and his son's mother to be a part of a lie. He believes that once Eric learns the truth, it will be over between Eric and Stephanie. Massimo is determined to do something to stop the renewal of marriage vows. He plans to crash the wedding and tell Eric and the rest of the family the truth.

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