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Monday, February 10, 2003

Eric thought Ridge just needed some time to put everything in perspective, but Brooke was desperate to find Ridge before he talked to the wrong person. Brooke was relieved when she heard that Ridge was with Bridget, certain that if anyone could convince Ridge to give Brooke another chance, Bridget would. Bridget apologized when she realized that she had cried herself to sleep on Ridge's shoulder. Ridge admitted to Bridget that he was furious with Brooke, but it was Bridget who had been betrayed.

Ridge promised Bridget that someday she'd meet a man who would completely turn her life around. He urged Bridget to get her feelings out. Brooke overheard as Bridget explained to Ridge that what Brooke had done was heartless, ugly, and cruel. Ridge hugged Bridget, and assured her that they'd get through it. Brooke couldn't believe Bridget had spoken to Ridge about her that way.

Deacon was smoking a cigar at Massimo's desk when Massimo found him. Deacon assured Massimo that it was over between Ridge and Brooke. Deacon wondered if Massimo was taking care of Ridge to score points with Stephanie. Massimo said that that Deacon should be focusing on his daughter and planning his next move.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Brooke talked to Bridget and asked her daughter to help smooth things out with Ridge. Bridget replied that she was tired of bailing her mother out of her problems. Brooke was crying and told Bridget that Ridge had been planning to propose to her until Deacon had appeared and messed everything up. Brooke said that Bridget couldn't imagine how good it had felt when Ridge had slid the heirloom ring on her finger. Bridget had a flashback of when Ridge had put the ring on her finger for her to try on for him. She said, in a soft voice, "Yes I do."

Brooke said that Bridget should want to help her. Brooke said that it was Bridget's way of getting back at her mother for what had happened with Deacon. Bridget said her mother was crazy. Brooke asked why Bridget was turning Ridge against her. Bridget said that she had not turned Ridge against Brooke. Bridget said, "You hurt people, Mom. That family doesn't need any more hurt in their life."

Brooke insisted to Bridget that she was good for Ridge and his kids. She said that if Bridget would stand up for her, Ridge would listen to her. Bridget had another flashback of her and Ridge teasing each other and having a good time. Brooke pulled her daughter out of her daydream and asked if Bridget would help her. Bridget said that she was not going to stand by and watch Brooke do to Ridge's kids what she had done to her own children.

Brooke said that Bridget had changed. Bridget said that she couldn't forget that her mother had a child by Bridget's husband. Brooke asked her daughter to just forgive her. Bridget walked over to the door and opened it. She told her mother to leave. Brooke walked over to her and said, "Bridget, please!" Bridget told her again to leave. Brooke grabbed her coat and walked out. Bridget slammed the door behind her.

Stephanie went to Thorne's office, and Thorne told her about Macy being alive. He told his mother that it was a long story and he would tell her all about it later. Stephanie couldn't believe it. Macy was really alive. Thorne told her that Macy was in Los Angeles. Stephanie asked if there was a chance that he and Macy would get back together. Thorne told his mother yes, but there was a slight problem.

Thorne told Stephanie about Macy being married to Lorenzozo. He reminded his mother about telling her that if he ever got another chance with Macy, nothing would stand in his way. Stephanie hugged her son and said that she was very happy for him. Thorne asked if she would like to go and see Macy, and Stephanie said that she couldn't wait. They took off for Sally's apartment.

At Sally's apartment, Macy was reading in the paper about her return. Lorenzozo walked in and told Macy that they could stay in L.A. to be with her mother. Lorenzozo also told Macy that he was ready to start a family. Macy was hesitant. She told Lorenzozo that they had just gotten married. He reminded her that they had been together for over two years. She told him that a lot had happened in the previous few weeks, and she needed time to adjust.

Lorenzozo asked, "Is there no other reason that you don't want to be pregnant right now?" She told him no. He kissed her passionately. He stopped himself and told her that if they were not going to start their family immediately, he would have to get out of there. Lorenzozo went out the front door, and Macy watched him with a worried look on her face.

Later, the doorbell rang. Macy went to the door, and Thorne was there. She asked, "Thorne, what are you doing?" He said, "I brought you something. You are going to love it, and I know it loves you." He motioned to his mother, and Stephanie popped in the doorway. Macy gasped, and the two women embraced each other.

Macy and Stephanie sat on the couch and spent a few minutes catching up. Stephanie told Macy how much she had been missed. Then, Stephanie asked if Sally was there. Macy said that Sally was in the bedroom, resting. Stephanie asked if the queen was receiving. Macy laughed and said that some things never changed. Macy told Stephanie to go in and see Sally.

After Stephanie was gone, Thorne sat on the couch beside Macy. He looked around the room and then put his arm around Macy. Macy asked, "What are you doing?" Thorne said that he was just helping her get back to her life. She told him that she was not the same woman. He asked, "Because you are married to a man that you don't love?" She told him that he didn't have any idea about her feelings for Lorenzozo. Thorne asked, "Well, do you love him?"

Macy told Thorne that they were not going to discuss her feelings for Lorenzozo. Thorne said, "Fine, then let's talk about your feelings for me." Macy told him that she didn't have any feelings for him. He said, "Yeah, right." She called him arrogant, and he called her beautiful. He leaned in to kiss her.

Thorne started kissing Macy, and she kissed him back. Then, she pushed him away and said that she couldn't do that because she was married. He said that her marriage was a joke. She turned to him and said that her marriage was real, and she and Lorenzozo were going to start a family. Thorne said, "What? You can't have a baby with this guy!"

Amber was having a meeting with Rick and Eric in Eric's office. The phone rang, and Eric answered it. The man on the other end of the phone asked for Amber. Eric handed the phone to Amber, and she said hello. The man told her that it was Rudy, and her face went white. Rudy told her that he couldn't get all the tapes of Ambrosia Undressed back, and even if he could, there could be people out there that had dubbed the tape.

Amber told Rudy that she couldn't talk right then, and she would head over to his place later. He told her that he would stop by to see her. Before she could tell him not to, he hung up the phone. Later, Rick and Eric were still hanging around the office, and Amber reminded them that they had another meeting to go to. Eric told her that they had time. She made an excuse that the traffic could make them late. Rick told his father that she was probably right.

As they were preparing to leave, Amber opened the office door for them, and Rudy walked in. He looked around the room and said, "Just look at this place." Rick introduced himself as Amber's husband and introduced his father. Rudy said that his name was Rudy Delight and he was the owner and executive producer of Rudy Delight Productions. He told Rick and Eric that his company was new, and he had just released his first feature.

Rick asked how Rudy and Amber knew each other. Amber said that she knew Rudy from a long time before. Rudy said that he had just read about Amber in the paper, and he thought her celebrity could make him some money. Rick asked if they were working with each other. Amber said no and Rudy said yes at the same time. Rudy said that he was working on a promo for Amber. Eric said that he hadn't heard about it.

Amber said that she hadn't wanted to say anything about it until it was finished. Amber told Rudy that it was not a good time to talk about the tape because Rick and Eric were late for a meeting. As she pulled Rudy to the door, he dropped a videotape on the floor. Rick picked it up and told Rudy that he had dropped something. Rick read the label and said, "Ambrosia Undressed?" Rick asked, "Is this Amber's video?" Amber became even more nervous.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
by Anna

Amber grabbed the Ambrosia Undressed tape from Rick and hustled Rudy into her office. Rudy said the tape was a success and there was no way to stop it. He showed Amber a magazine and read the review about their movie. Amber was disgusted by the review.

Stephanie visited Sally, and they discussed their families. Stephanie was hopeful that Thorne and Macy might have a second chance, and said she supported his efforts to win Macy back. Sally reminded Stephanie that Macy was married to a good man. Stephanie wanted Sally and Macy to give Thorne a chance to redeem himself. Sally trusted Macy to do what her heart told her to do.

In Eric's office, Rick told his dad how happy he was with the good decisions that Amber was making. He felt he could rely on her for the first time in a long while. Rick was happy that they had turned a corner in their marriage. He admitted that he was still feeling guilty about not believing in Amber before. Eric hoped that Amber would be the one to carry on the Forrester designing legacy.

In her office, Amber put in the tape, but quickly realized that it was of the Portofino show, and she had left the Ambrosia Undressed tape in Eric's office. She hurried to Eric's office, hoping to get back the videotape before they could watch it. She entered the office just as the video started to play.

Thorne pressured Macy to admit that she loved him more than she loved Lorenzozo. He vowed not to let Macy slip away again. He got down on one knee and proposed to her. Macy reminded him that she was a married woman. She said that it was true that Thorne could offer her electricity and passion, but pointed out that it was the same thing Brooke had used to lure Thorne away when Macy and Thorne had been married. Thorne asked her to tell him she had lied when she said she loved him in Italy.

Macy couldn't take back her words, and Thorne reminded her that nothing was impossible between them. Stephanie interrupted them. Lorenzozo arrived back at the apartment. When Stephanie was polite to him, Lorenzozo told Stephanie that Thorne had made his intentions clear and Thorne didn't respect Macy's marriage. Lorenzozo headed to the kitchen to make lunch, and Stephanie left to wait for Thorne in the car. As Thorne prepared to go, he told Macy that he would wait for her.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

The X-rated tape stunned Eric and Rick, but Amber tried to convince them that she would handle the situation. They couldn't believe the tape had already been released to the public. Eric was amazed by Amber's knack for dragging the Forrester name through the gutter.

Stephanie explained that she hadn't filled Ridge in about Brooke and Deacon because she had given Bridget her word that she wouldn't. Ridge admitted to Stephanie that Thomas' guidance counselor was concerned about him. Ridge admitted to Stephanie that he had misjudged Brooke, but Stephanie had been right about her all along.

Massimo said that he was glad Brooke was out of Ridge's life, but he had never wanted Bridget, Ridge, or the children to suffer. Massimo assured Bridget that Ridge cared about her, and if Ridge were to find out they weren't brother and sister, Massimo was sure that Ridge could fall in love with Bridget. Thomas called and implored Bridget to go to the house that night, but Bridget explained to him that she couldn't.

Brooke revealed to Megan that she couldn't give up on Ridge and said that she had to make him understand. Ridge was trying to talk to Thomas about Thomas' problems at school when Brooke showed up. Ridge assured her that nothing she could say would undo what he'd heard the night before. Thomas sneaked over to the bar and picked up a bottle of vodka. Amber tried to apologize to Rick.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Brooke tried to explain to Ridge that her affair with Deacon had happened because she had really believed that his and Bridget's marriage was over and she had been at one of her lowest points. Ridge couldn't accept her reasoning because it didn't excuse Brooke's betrayal of her own daughter. Brooke also told Ridge that she knew it was too soon for him to think about forgiving her but at least she was glad that Ridge and Bridget were able to comfort each other. Brooke wanted Ridge to remember that she was not the same person she had been at the time of her affair with Deacon.

Ridge told Brooke that he wished he could forgive her, but he couldn't because Bridget hadn't been able to forgive her, and he couldn't live his life knowing that Bridget felt the way she did. Massimo arrived and was surprised to find Brooke with Ridge. Ridge told him that Brooke was on her way out. Massimo said if Brooke got lost, he'd be only too happy to show her the door. Ridge went to get Thomas so that he could spend time with Massimo, who agreed to help cheer Thomas up. Brooke told Massimo that he didn't need to give her a lecture; she had already received one from Stephanie. Massimo told Brooke she should find someone else's life to ruin.

Bridget confessed to C.J. that Thomas had called her and asked her to go over. As much as she had wanted to say yes, she said she'd thought it best to say no. However, she felt instinctively that something was wrong and maybe she should have gone. C.J. told Bridget that Thomas would probably be fine, but he was concerned that Bridget was putting her concern for Ridge and his kids over concern for herself. He reminded her that she had a commitment to the academic program she was involved in.

Bridget reassured C.J. that she had done what she had for Ridge and his family not out of obligation but because she had wanted to. C.J. continued to reassure Bridget and remind her what a wonderful, caring person she was, but he worried that her concern for what was happening with Ridge's children was taking a toll on her. C.J. told her that if Ridge really cared about Bridget, he would tell her the same thing.

Bridget was unaware that even as she was speaking, Thomas was in his room, trying to make himself feel better by drinking vodka that he had sneaked from the liquor cabinet. Thomas couldn't understand why the alcohol wasn't helping him to feel better. Thomas continued to drink to the point of getting drunk. He passed out. Ridge found Thomas unconscious on the floor. He saw the bottle of vodka and realized that Thomas had gotten into the liquor cabinet. Ridge screamed for Massimo to help while Brooke called for medical help.

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