B&B Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on The Bold and the Beautiful
Macy struggled not to start drinking again, and Kimberly expressed her worries about her sister to Sally. No longer able to deny his feelings for Brooke, Thorne decided to tell Macy the truth. A drunken Macy confronted Brooke. Becky's parents arrived in town to stop the wedding.
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Monday, May 22, 2000

Macy & Thorne's House
Macy and Thorne are in bed. Thorne is asleep. Macy is thinking about her conversation with Brooke in which Brooke told her Thorne was only staying out of a sense of duty and because he was worried she would start drinking again if he left.
Macy is kissing Thorne, waking him up. Thorne tells her he has to get to work. She wants him to stay, she thinks it is time they had a family.

Brooke's Office
Rick tells Brooke they need to talk. Brooke has a meeting to get to. Rick says he knows Brooke thinks she has a future with Thorne, but Rick doesn't see it happening. Rick says he knows Brooke loves Thorne but Kimberly and Macy believe the relationship was not based on love at all!

Morgan's Home
Taylor can't believe what Morgan is asking of her, to allow Ridge to father her child? Taylor says it is too much and it is out of the question.
Brooke's Office
Brooke says Thorne's marriage was a mistake. Rick tells her what Kimberly and Macy think, that Thorne's relationship with Brooke was based on sex and nothing else. Rick wants Brooke to talk to Thorne, since she believes he is only staying with Macy out of duty. Rick feels Thorne needs to make a decision, he feels for Macy but Thorne can't leave Brooke in limbo. Brooke says the situation is complicated. Rick says Thorne needs to talk to Macy, their marriage isn't going to last and he needs to do something! (Brooke leaves for her meeting.)

Thorne's Home
Thorne is surprised Macy would want a family. He wonders if it is because she is reacting to the Brooke situation ? Macy assures him that is not it at all. Thorne wonders if she is feeling insecure? She is surprised that since she wants to make love with her husband that he would think that makes her insecure. He suddenly notices the clock says 9 30, he says he set it for 6 am. Macy says she turned it off. He says he has a meeting to get too.
Later, Thorne is getting ready to go, he is packing up all the liquor in the house and putting it in a box. Macy asks him why he is packing it all away? He says he doesn't want it around her. He wants to protect her. She feels he is treating her like a child. Liquor is all around her. If she goes to the grocery store liquor is there. Thorne says he just wants to help her. He picks up the box, says he will call her later and leaves, bumping into Kimberly on the way out. Kimberly notices Thorne leaving late and assumes he and Macy had a nice morning.
Kimberly asks Macy what's wrong? Macy says Thorne packed up all the liquor and went flying out of here to the office. Kimberly says Thorne loves her and wants to help her. Macy wonders if Brooke is right, Thorne is only staying with her out of obligation. Kimberly says Thorne loves her. (Macy finds a bottle that Thorne forgot). Macy just stares at the bottle. Kimberly says Macy is scaring her, the way she is staring at the bottle!

Morgan's Home
Morgan asks Taylor if this upsets her? Taylor says no, but she is surprised as she only just learned Morgan wanted a child not that long ago. And now she wants Ridge to be the father! Morgan assures her that Ridge would not be a father, they could sign papers and she would be a single parent. She would even leave LA to start a new life with that hole in her filled, because of the child. Morgan asks Taylor as her friend to do this for her, let Ridge give her that child! Taylor asks Morgan not to put her in this position. Morgan assures Taylor she is not after Ridge. She knows Ridge is happy in his marriage to Taylor and won't do anything to disrupt it. Morgan asks Taylor what she is afraid of? Taylor says Ridge will never go for it, and she isn't afraid of anything. Morgan asks Taylor if she will think about it? Taylor agrees to think about it. Morgan hugs Taylor, thanking her and telling her how happy she will be.

Brooke's Office
Thorne comes in, apologizing to Brooke for being late. Rick is there, he tells Thorne that Brooke is in the boardroom, conducting the meeting, covering for him as usual. Thorne asks what he is talking about? Rick says he and Kimberly have been talking about this situation with Macy and Brooke and him. Rick says he knows what Thorne is doing and it will stop now! Rick wants Thorne to tell him that he is not in love with Brooke. Rick knows Thorne can't do it!

Tuesday, May 24, 2000

Macy is still holding the bottle in her hand. Kimberly is telling her that if she takes a drink out of that bottle, Brooke will win. Macy states that Brooke has already won because she knows why Throne is really married to her. Kimberly tells her to think of Roberta and that she is her sponsor. Macy eventually gives Kimberly the bottle. They share a tearful hug and Kimberly leaves.

Becky is at Spectra and she overhears Clarke telling Sally that he doesn't think that they should get married. Becky enters the office and tells Clarke that she and C.J. don't have to be married. They can wait. They have all the time in the world to get married. She tells Clarke to give her a date but no matter what, she will still love C.J.. Clarke breaks down and says that she has his blessing.

Rick and Thorne are in Brooke's office. Rick is telling Thorne that he was stupid for staying with Macy while he is in love with his mother. That he was just like Ridge, just using her and dumped her. He says that if Macy will most likely drink more because she knows that he is really with her out of obligation and not love. Rick wants him to go home and tell Macy that it is over.
Thorne tells Rick that it is not that simple. He does not know the circumstances. Rick tells him what he is doing is sick. Thorne told him that it was his life and that it was none of his business. Thorne says that Brooke will survive. Rick tells him how stupid for him to have left his mother over a trick orchestrated by Ridge. Brooke comes in right when the two were about to come to blows. Thorne wants to speak to Brooke alone. Rick reluctantly leaves them alone but not after letting Thorne know that he meant every word that he said. Thorne tells Brooke that Rick was right. It is time for him to leave Macy.

Later, Kimberly stopped by Sally's office and told her what happened with Macy.

Meanwhile, Macy is buying a bottle at the liquor store.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Brooke's Office
Brooke and Thorne are holding each other. Thorne tells Brooke he loves her. Brooke is ecstatic and he kisses her. Thorne admits Rick was right, and he is sorry it has taken him so long to see it. Thorne knows Rick loves his mother, and Thorne loves her too. He tells Brooke that they will be together, he can't live without her. Brooke asks if he is sure he can do this? Thorne says he can, his marriage was a mistake. He can't be somebody he isn't. He can't be Macy's savior. He admits he was giving up on the thing that means the most to him. Thorne holds Brooke.

Spectra Fashions (Sally's Office)
Sally and Kimberly are talking. Sally asks Kimberly why Macy is concerned about her marriage? Kimberly says she has never seen Macy so upset. Sally doesn't understand why? Sally says Macy is very happy in her marriage; she has nothing to worry about. Kimberly says the problem is very serious, and it has left Macy feeling very insecure. Sally wonders why Macy would be insecure when she knows Thorne loves her. Sally "It can't be that." Kimberly "It is." Sally "Not Brooke Logan."

Thorne's House
Macy is sitting at the table, a bottle of vodka in front of her. She is thinking back on her conversation with Brooke. Brooke told her she was dependent on Thorne. Macy denied it. Brooke said she was dependent on Thorne for her sobriety and she had better start admitting it. Brooke told her that Thorne was only staying with her out of a sense of duty, and because he was afraid she would start drinking again. (Macy is in tears as she stares at the bottle of vodka.)

Credits Roll

Brooke's Office
Thorne tells Brooke how sorry he is, for everything. Brooke tells him it is all over and he shouldn't worry. Thorne says he has to tell Macy. Brooke offers to help but Thorne doesn't want her to be involved. He says he made this mess and eh will clean it up. Brooke can't believe this is really happening. Thorne says he came so close to losing her. Brooke says he didn't and they will be together. Thorne says they will never be separated again. (Thorne kisses Brooke and holds her.) Brooke asks how he will tell Macy? Thorne says he will tell her and nothing will stop him. He says he cares for Macy deeply but the marriage shouldn't have happened. It wouldn't have if it hadn't been for Eric and Ridge! He tells her he wishes he had realized it sooner. Brooke assures him it wasn't his fault. Thorne says he should have trusted her and known she couldn't have done anything to hurt him. Brooke says it doesn't matter. They can still have all their wonderful memories and feelings from Ven! ice. All of those feelings have come alive again, now that this sorrow and misery is over. Thorne says this time has been some of the most difficult in his life. Brooke says she knew this day would come. Thorne admits it won't be easy telling Macy but from now on, they (Brooke and Thorne) are one. Nothing will change that, he tells her. (Thorne holds Brooke.) Thorne tells Brooke he has to go and tell Macy. Brooke wants him to call her when he is finished. (Brooke looks concerned). Thorne asks what's wrong? She says they have come so close before and each time they were disappointed. He tells her that he loves her and he won't lose her again. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Brooke says she believes in him. Thorne says "You and me forever." (He leaves.) Brooke is ecstatic.

Spectra Fashions (Sally's Office)
Sally can't believe Thorne is entangled with Brooke. Kimberly says it all came to a head in Venice. Thorne and Brooke were engaged, but he ended up marrying Macy. Sally asks how that happened? Kimberly tells her that Thorne was tricked; he caught Brooke and Ridge in a compromising position, and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Thorne took off and that is when Macy found him on the bridge. Sally asks if Brooke told him it was a set up? Kimberly says she did tell him but by then it was too late, Thorne was married to Macy. Sally asks where she is now? Kimberly says she left her at home to rest. Sally is concerned there is liquor in the house? Kimberly says there isn't, she took the last bottle, and just in time too. Sally says Macy had a close call but she didn't take a drink. Kimberly says Thorne will be home soon and then Macy will realize how wrong she has been. Sally asks if Thorne is aware of what is going on? Kimberly says she made sure of it! Sally says she is glad it is ! over between Brooke and Thorne. Kimberly is not sure that it is. Brooke tried something in the steam room the other day. Sally "How dare she, that little tramp!" Kimberly "That is why Macy is so insecure." "Brooke talked to her." Sally "Brooke talked to Macy?" "Well, I think she should talk to me." ""And believe me the conversation won't be pleasant." "If she even thinks of interfering in my daughter's marriage..." "Or she will rue the day that she did!" Sally wants to pay a visit to Brooke and then see Thorne; things have gotten out of hand. Kimberly says she knows the affect Brooke has on men. Sally agrees but says she is a "clinger." Kimberly wishes Macy had not found out. Sally does too. Sally asks how she found out? Kimberly tells her that Macy overheard a phone call between Ridge and Eric about what they had done. She didn't have all the details until she spoke to Ridge. Kimberly says Macy has been insecure ever since. Sally says Thorne has been a loving husband to her! . Kimberly says she has tried telling Macy that, but it is as though her whole world has been shattered. Sally decides she has to go and see Macy, and talk to her. Kimberly wishes her luck and she leaves.

Thorne's House
Macy gets a glass; she puts it on the table next to the vodka bottle and stares at it. She thinks back on talking to Brooke. Macy asked Brooke what Thorne was protecting her from? Macy asked if he was protecting her from Brooke? Brooke told her it was something far more powerful than she (Brooke.) And they both know what that is! Macy just stares at the bottle, debating whether to take a drink.

Brooke's Office
Later, Brooke is sitting at her desk, there is a knock at the door, and Brooke says to come in. Macy is there, wearing dark sunglasses, looking very pale. Brooke "What are you doing here?" Macy "You look frightened Brooke." "Well, you should be!"

Thorne's House
Thorne arrives home; calling Macy's name, there is no answer. He notices the glass in the sink. He picks it up and smells it.

Thursday, May 25, 2000

Bold and the Beautiful Thursday, May 25, 2000 by Stephanie

Brooke's Office
Brooke "Macy, what are you doing here?" Macy "I came for my husband." Brooke "He is not here." Macy "I thought he had a meeting to go to." Brooke "He missed it." Macy "He never showed?" Brooke "He went home." "He wanted to talk to you." Macy "He probably wants to finish what we started." Brooke "What was that?" Macy "Making a baby." "We were just about to get started, but then you needed him here." "Was the meeting in the steam room?" "I am going home to make love to my husband!" Brooke "He is not there to make love to you, Macy." "He is there to tell you it's over." "He wants out of the marriage." Macy "Thorne would never leave me" (She walks up to Brooke, face to face.) "You are nothing but a sick, obsessed woman, who knows nothing about love and commitment." Brooke "Macy, have you been drinking?"

Thorne's House
Thorne is alone, wondering where Macy is. Sally arrives. Thorne is surprised to see her. Sally says she is there to see Macy. Thorne tells her, she isn't here. Thorne asks why she came? Sally "I came because I am concerned about my daughter." Thorne "Why?" Sally "Well, that is a strange question, considering everything that has been going on around here." "All this business about you being engaged to Brooke, before you married Macy." "Why didn't you tell me?" Thorne "It was none of your business!" Sally "Fine, but you do realize that Macy might be tempted to drink." Thorne "Yeah." Sally "So, you have no idea where she is?" Thorne "Listen..." Sally "Macy is depending on you." "She is relying on you for support." Thorne "She can't depend on me for her sobriety." Sally "She loves you." "When you are married you have to stand by each other." "For better or for wore, remember?" Thorne just stares at Sally. Sally "What?" "Why are you looking at me like that?" Thorne "We had better t! alk."

Becky's Apartment
Becky is holding the baby. Amber offers her a smoothie. Becky asks if she has to drink it? Amber tells her it will make her feel better. (There is a knock at the door.) Becky (to Little Eric) "I bet that's your new daddy." (Becky opens the door, C.J. is there.) C.J. comes in, says hello to Amber and kisses Becky on the cheek. C.J. tells Becky they need to work on the list for the wedding. Becky says she has some news, before they get started. C.J. "What is it?" Becky "I talked to your mom and dad." "Your dad isn't going to try to prevent us from getting married." "We have their blessing." C.J. "Are you serious?" Becky nods and smiles at C.J. (C.J. holds her.) C.J. "I love you so much."

Credits Roll

Thorne's House
Thorne tells Sally he is going to make things better for Macy. Sally is relieved to hear it, she tells Thorne that a marriage has to be protected. If you don't protect it, you will lose it, she says. Sally says often in a marriage weeks will go by, you get caught up in work and things. Sally says Macy needs to be told that he loves her. Thorne says he will talk to Macy but will do it in private. Sally says that's fine but if anything happens that causes Macy to drink, she will hold him personally responsible! Thorne doesn't understand why, after all this time Macy suddenly needs a drink. Sally says she is vulnerable and needs his support, especially with Brooke around. Thorne says Brooke has always been around and Macy never had a problem. He doesn't think that this has anything to do with Brooke. Thorne says Macy was always strong, until they got married. Now she is depending on me, he says. Sally says Macy is relying on him during this difficult period. "She has a husband who will support her, right?" (Phone rings.) Thorne "Hello." Brooke "Hi, it's me, Macy is here." "You had better get over here, right away." Thorne "My god." Brooke "There is something you need to know." Thorne "I can't talk right now." "I am on my way." (He hangs up.) Sally "Who was that?" Thorne "It was work, I have to go." Sally "Work?" Thorne "Stay out of it." (He leaves.) Sally is left alone looking concerned.

Brooke's Office
Brooke asks Macy why she drank? Macy tells her to stop being so self-righteous. Macy says it is Brooke's fault she is drinking again. Brooke says things shouldn't have "come to this." Macy tells her to stay away from her and Thorne and then things will be fine! Macy heads for the door to leave; Brooke grabs her arm and tells her she won't allow her to drive in this condition. Brooke tells her if she tries to leave, she will call security and have her restrained. Macy is furious.
Later, Brooke is on the phone, Macy is looking for a drink. She pulls the bottle out of her purse and goes to take a drink. Brooke turns around and sees Macy; she grabs the bottle out of Macy's hand and dumps the contents in the garbage pail. Macy tries to grab it saying "Give it to me." Brooke "You want it, take it." Macy grabs the bottle and drinks the last few sips. Macy "I hate you!" "I hate you." Macy tells Brooke she has a lot of nerve, interfering in her marriage and in her life! Brooke offers her a coffee. Macy refuses and says she is going home, she wants to see Throne. Brooke says he isn't there he is on his way to the office. Macy is angry with Brooke and accuses her of planning this so Thorne will see her in this state! Macy tells her to get her a coffee, now! Brooke (Clearly shaken) opens the office door to leave and Thorne is standing there. Macy doesn't see Thorne at first; she has her back to the door. Thorne walks up to her and says "Good God, Macy!" "Have you been drinking?" (Macy is crying.) (He holds her as she cries, leaving Brooke alone.)

Becky's Apartment
C.J. can't believe his dad agreed to the marriage. Becky says he won't try to stop them, if this is what they want. C.J. tells her she is amazing. (C.J. and Amber exchange looks.) Becky says they have to work on the list. Becky wants to call the florist, but Amber says she already did. Becky is surprised. Amber explains she did it earlier, while Becky was asleep. Becky says they still need a cake and a chapel. Amber says she took care of everything. Becky is upset and wonders why Amber did that? Amber says she (Becky) needs her rest. Becky asks why Amber wants her to rest all the time? She asks what's going on? C.J. says Amber was just trying to help, after all the wedding is next week. Becky says she is not an invalid, and she will see a doctor, since she doesn't want to be sick for her own wedding. C.J. says she won't be sick for the wedding. Amber agrees and says she will be the prettiest bride ever. Becky apologizes for being "snippy" with Amber. C.J. says there is one thing she needs to do. He thinks she should call her mom and dad and tell them about the wedding. Amber doesn't think it is a good idea. C.J. "I think she should invite them, they are her parents."
Becky isn't sure about calling her parents. C.J. asks why not, it is her wedding; doesn't she want them there? Becky doesn't think they would approve. Amber says C.J. is right, they should be there. C.J. "I think they would approve." Becky "It means that much to you?" C.J. "Yes, it does." "Eventually it will mean a lot to them too." Becky "OK", she calls her mother. Tilly (Becky's mother answers the phone.) She is surprised to hear from Becky. Becky asks if her father is there? Tilly says he is. Becky says she has someone there who would like to talk to them. Becky asks to be put on the speakerphone. C.J. introduces himself as Becky's boyfriend, and then says he is actually more then that, they are getting married. Tilly and Joe are shocked at the news. Tilly asks if Becky is pregnant? Becky says no. Amber says C.J. is a great guy; he is in college and has a bright future. Tilly asks why they can't wait until he finishes college? Amber says they are doing the right thing. Becky asks them to come to LA. Joe says they will come but it won't be for any wedding. He tells them they (C.J. and Becky) had better not do anything until they arrive. C.J. promises they won't. They hang up. Becky is very upset. C.J. tells her it will be all right, he tells her not to worry. Becky says they will try to stop us. C.J. promises her that won't happen. (He holds her as she cries.)

Friday, May 26, 2000

Amber's Apartment
Amber is talking to Stephanie on the phone. Amber agrees with Stephanie that Becky's parents have the right to be told about Becky's condition. C.J. doesn't want them to know. Stephanie says they have to right to know their child is dying. Amber tells Stephanie that Becky is coming back and hangs up. Becky comes in pushing the baby stroller. C.J. says Becky was tired and that is why they came back earlier than planned. Becky picks up Little Eric and asks if he is looking forward to seeing grandma and grandpa? Becky "Well, I guess, not smelling like that you're not." She tells Amber she is going to change him. Becky leave and Amber tells C.J. that Becky's parents must be told the truth. C.J. refuses saying that her parents will try to stop the wedding and he won't let that happen! Amber wants C.J. to tell them. C.J. refuses to he just wants a few days and then after that... Amber "What, they will get used to the idea?" There is a knock at the door. Amber opens the door and Joe and Tilly are there. She lets them in, makes small talk about their trip. Becky comes back holding the baby. Tilly fusses over the baby as Joe stares at C.J.. Amber and C.J. exchange looks.

Brooke's Office
Thorne is holding Macy, Brooke is watching them. Thorne asks Macy how she got to the office? Brooke tells him that Macy drove. Thorne can't believe it. Macy says she didn't have that much to drink. She says she won't do it again; she won't give Brooke the satisfaction of seeing her like this again. She won't let Brooke use her insecurity against her. Brooke says, "I am not happy about this, Macy." Macy tells Brooke to shut up; she can't believe that Brooke had the gall to tell her that her marriage to Thorne was over. Macy "She told me that you were leaving me for her."

Credits Roll

Eric's Office
Eric and Stephanie are talking. Eric says it is too bad about Becky. Stephanie agrees because there are so many people who need her and love her, the baby, C.J., her family, even Amber. Eric didn't think that Becky was close to her family. Stephanie says the situation was strained but now that she is back in LA things are better. Stephanie finds the whole situation difficult, you are supposed to watch your children grow up, she says. "They are not supposed to go before you." Eric says he understands where C.J. is coming from in not wanting to tell them the truth about Becky. Stephanie says she does, but Becky's parents have the right to know. If they are not told and they find out later that they could have had more time with Becky and didn't because he didn't tell them, they would never forgive him!

Becky's Apartment
Becky tells them she is glad to see them. Tilly asks if Becky is ok? She is looking pale. Becky says she is fine. Becky introduces C.J. to her parents, C.J. extends his hand to Joe but Joe refuses to take it. Becky prods her father into accepting C.J.'s hand and he does reluctantly. Tilly says they knew she was seeing someone but didn't realize it was so serious. Becky admits it hit them quickly too. C.J. says he knows it is awkward having Becky call and say she is marrying someone they don't know. Joe says he is disappointed in Becky. Becky wonders why? Joe says he thought that she had learned from the last time. Becky says "the last time?" "I am not pregnant!" Tilly says this came on all of a sudden, she isn't well and they want to get married quickly. She feels it is a little odd. Becky assures them she is fine. Joe asks if she is sure? Tilly thinks this is crazy getting married, so young. Amber tells them this is the "real thing." Tilly says Becky has turned her life around, a good job, and the baby. Why does Becky want to get married? Tilly asks if she isn't proud of herself? Becky says she is proud of herself. Tilly feels this is reckless and something "the old Becky would have done." Becky says she isn't the "old Becky." She tells them she is happy and C.J. makes her happy. She is sure once they get to know him they will love him as much as she does. Joe says, "It's not that simple." "I can't just walk you down the aisle into the arms of a stranger." "You are my little girl." Tilly says it isn't that they want the wedding cancelled, but "postponed." C.J. "No, we are not postponing the wedding!" (Joe stares at him.) Becky asks Amber to put the baby down for a nap. Amber takes the baby. Joes asks C.J. how old he is? C.J. "I am 19." Joe "19!" "And you think you know what you want for the rest of your life?" C.J. says he knows he wants to make Becky happy. Joe asks why they are rushing into marriage? Becky insists they are not rushing into anything. Tilly reminds her of what she used to want when she got married "some day." "A carriage, lots of bridesmaids." Becky says she was young then and didn't know anything. (Amber comes back and listens as they talk.) Becky feels marrying C.J. will make her happy and she wants her family's blessing. Joe asks what will happen if they can't give it? Becky asks if they trust her? She says she has changed and this is what she wants. Tilly feels they are too young. Becky says they were young when they got married. Joe reminds her that they knew each other "since Junior High" He wishes they had waited until they were older. He says since they are young they think "it will all be laughs and a good time." C.J. says they don't, not at all. Joe says, "Life is not like that." He wonders what happens when times get hard, will C.J. be around? C.J. says he will. Joe feels they have no idea what they are getting into. C.J. says they do, he knows it won't be easy. He loves Becky more than anything and wants her to know that no matter what happens, she won't be alone. Becky holds C.J.. (Becky has her back to her parents and Amber.) (Tilly and Joe exchange looks.) (C.J. looks at Amber.) (Joe notices C.J. and Amber exchanging looks.) Becky says she told them "he was wonderful." Joe says, "If we had time to get to know him..." Becky feels that is a good idea, she says she has things to do, tells Amber "Don't let them kill him." She kisses her parents goodbye. C.J. doesn't think it is a good idea. She says not to worry and leaves. (Amber and C.J. exchange looks.) Joe "What's going on Amber?" "What is with the looks you and C.J. have been exchanging?" "What is going on here?" Amber "Uncle Joe, Aunt Tilly." "There is something you need to hear." C.J. "Amber don't." Amber "They are her parents, they have the right to know." Tilly "Is she pregnant?" Amber "No." (To C.J.) "They have to be told." Joe "What is it?" Amber "I am so sorry." Tilly "Tell me what is wrong?"

Brooke's Office
Macy can't believe some of the things Brooke has been saying. Thorne admits Brooke shouldn't have said anything. Macy says she can't take any more of this "Brooke just pushes and pushes and pushes until..." Thorne tells her "Just stop it." Macy says, "Brooke has got to learn." Throne "How could you do it?" "You have been sober for 6 years, Macy!" "How could you take a drink?" Macy asks him not to be upset, since it was just one drink. Thorne "Listen to yourself." Macy "I quit before, and I will quit again." Macy blames Brooke for her drinking. Thorne says she can't blame Brooke for this "she is not responsible." Macy "She is never responsible for her actions, is she? "She is responsible for your parents marriage breaking up, for the trouble that Taylor and Ridge had." "She is always in the right place at the right time in the right underwear!" "Brooke, do you get off on breaking up marriages or is it just Forrester marriages!" "You don't look afraid but you should be." Brooke "Are you threatening me?" Macy "No, I don't have to." "You have set yourself up to fail and I just have to watch it happen." "You are a three time loser!" Brooke "If anything, I feel sorry for you." Macy "You are envious of me." "I have what you want and you will never have it!" "Thorne and I have loved each other from the day we met." "We have been through a lot together, all the ups and downs." "It will take more than a cheap seduction attempt from you Brooke, to end what we have." "He will tell you himself!" Macy tells Thorne to tell Brooke the truth. Thorne says, "We won't have this conversation here, Macy." Macy knows Brooke won't stop until he tells her too. Thorne tells Macy she has a bigger problem then Brooke. Macy feels Brooke is her problem. Thorne "Brooke can't ruin your life, only drinking can." Macy "I won't do it again." "I won't give her the satisfaction." "She is trying to break us apart." "I can't take it any more!" Thorne "I know you can't" (Thorne holds Macy.) Macy "Tell her to back off." "You are the only one she will listen to." "Tell her to stay away from me and from you!" (As Thorne holds Macy he looks at Brooke.)

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