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Monday, December 27, 1999

In Paris, Becky is sitting at her desk daydreaming about Little Eric. She remembers when he called her Mama over the phone. Suzanne comes in. Becky asks her about her family. Suzanne said that most of her family was in the States and she only had her son with her. She invited Becky to come with her to the nursery. Suzanne tells her that it is really convenient being a working single mother at Forrester's because they provide daycare. She says that she can't imagine her life without her baby, and that women who give their babies up for adoption are selfish. Becky tries to explain that it is a great sacrifice to give your child up when you are poor and you have nothing to offer. Suzanne tells her that nothing is more important than a mother's love, and the rest is just creature comforts. She feels that a mother who gives her child away is abandoning the child, and that the woman is only doing what is best for herself. Becky starts jabbering incoherently about how there are lots of reasons to give a baby up for adoption and that it is a huge sacrifice. She then gets a strange look in her eyes and faints.

At the Forrester Studio, Kimberly is in a photo shoot. She and Giovanni are discussing the upcoming trip to Venice.

Amber comes in and asks Kimberly about her holiday. She asks Kimberly why she left the party so early. Kimberly replies that she only came because Macy asked her to be her maid of honor, but since the wedding didn't take place, there was no reason for her to stay. They then start discussing the Venice trip. Giovanni asks Amber if she had ever been to Italy. She said that she doesn't have time to travel because she has a baby. He says that she may not have been to Venice, but he is sure that she has travelled to Europe. Amber says that she has never traveled much outside of California because her family was poor. She tells Kimberly to fill Giovanni in because she is sure that she would take great satisfaction in that. Kimberly tells Amber that she doesn't take satisfaction in other people's misery. After Giovanni leaves, Amber accuses Kimberly of only working at Forrester to be near Rick. She tells Amber that she knows that Becky knows a secret, and she is going to find out the truth. Amber tells her to leave Becky alone, and let her get on with her life. Amber tells her that she is a little bit insecure because her mother-in-law hates her, and no one particularly likes her except Stephanie. She tells Kimberly that if she had any decency she would respect her family. Kimberly tells Amber that if she had any decency, she would tell Rick the truth. Kimberly then leaves.

Rick is at the cafe, when C.J. joins him. C.J. is anxious to hear the details about his second wedding night with Amber. Rick says that there is nothing to tell. C.J. concludes that it most have been boring. Rick says that nothing is boring with Amber. He said that she came to bed wearing a leather outfit. C.J. said what about the whips and chains? Rick tells him that it wasn't kinky. C.J. tells Rick that he knows that Amber is not his type, but that they had a kid, and he needed to try to make things work. C.J. leaves to meet some of the guys. Kimberly comes in and sits with Rick. She tells Rick that she ran into Amber. Rick apologizes to Kimberly for having to witness his wedding vows to Amber. Kimberly tells Rick that if she thought that he really wanted to be married to Amber, she would fade out of the picture. She tells him that if Amber is the woman that he really wants, then he is free, but that if she isn't then he's trapped.

Rick doesn't answer. Kimberly tells him that she still believes that there is hope for the two of them, and that she would find out the truth, and that the truth would set them free.

Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Kimberly tells Rick that she wishes he could come to Venice with her. He jokes that Giovanni wouldn't like that very much. Kimberly insists that Rick never has to worry about her. She sings him a beautiful song and insists she means every word of it. Amber gets a phone call from Tawny, but Amber isn't ready to talk to her since the incident with the gun. Tawny claims that Amber should thank her. Tawny feels that she is the main reason Amber has been able to hold on to Rick and the baby. Amber has a long talk with Little Eric. She tells him the whole story of how she became his mother and she hopes that everything will work out for them as a family. Suzanne brings Becky home after her fainting spell. She takes notice of all the pictures Becky has of Little Eric. It becomes apparent to Suzanne that Little Eric doesn't look like Amber, but bears a striking resemblance to Becky. Becky breaks down and tells Suzanne that Eric is her child, not Amber's.

Wednesday, December 29, 1999

When Suzanne presses Becky to explain why she's so upset, she reveals to Suzanne that Amber's baby is really her son. Before she tells the truth, Becky asks Suzanne to promise not to tell, but Suzanne refuses. Becky then tells her about the pregnancy, Amber's dead baby, and the incident with the bottlecap.

When Brooke drops some papers off at The Forrester's home, Eric insists that she come inside to witness Stephanie's progress. He then demands that she end things with Thorne. Stephanie interrupts and suggests that Brooke wash the floor. Stephanie takes great pleasure in standing and taking a step to show Brooke the progress that she is making. After Brooke congratulates her, Stephanie escorts her to the foyer and shows her the door.

Adam refuses to give his blessing when Kimberly mentions her upcoming trip to Italy and how she hopes to find out Amber's secret. He demands that she forget about Amber and concentrate on work. Though Rick suggests that it's a terrible time to go on a vacation, Amber works her charm and convinces him to look into making the travel plans to Italy.

Thursday, December 30, 1999

Eric eavesdrops on Thorne and Brooke through his intercom. He is sure that Brooke is about to break up with Thorne. When Ridge enters the office, Eric tells him to listen in. Brooke tells Thorne that she is tired of all the animosity his family feels for her. She's not sure she can take any more. Eric and Ridge wait for the final break when Brooke suggests that she and Thorne go to Venice to get away. Eric is livid. Brooke might go over there with his son, but they won't be coming back together. Tawny arrives unexpectedly at Amber's house. She offers to take care of Little Eric when Amber and Rick go to Venice, but Amber is planning to take him with them on their trip. Becky finds out that Amber and Rick will be in Venice. Suzanne tells Becky it's fate that her son will be so close to her. Now she doesn't have to go to the States to get him back.

Friday, December 31, 1999

The Bold and the Beautiful will be pre-empted so that CBS News can provide coverage of the millennium celebrations around the world. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, allow me to extend to you wishes for a safe, happy, and healthy New Year. Thank you for your patronage over the past five years --- and we look forward to seeing you in 2000!

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