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Monday November 22, 1999

Tawny and Amber are glad this is finally over; now, Tawny says, no one ever has to know. Brooke can ask all the questions she wants to but she won't have the answers. Amber isn't so sure. She says that Becky will always know and she can tell anytime she wants to. It has been one crisis after another ever since Becky found out about Little Eric. Tawny tells her that there is still one way she can make her marriage solid and satisfy Becky at the same time. Amber says that if she is talking about having another baby, she can just stop right there. She and Rick decided that they wouldn't have any more children until after he graduated from college. Besides, she isn't going to have a baby as some kind of insurance policy. Besides, Rick has too much on his plate as it is; he is torn in a hundred directions a once and she will not add another problem to that list. She slips and says that she couldn't get pregnant if she wanted to because... She doesn't finish but Tawny knows that she is talking about sex. She tries to convince her that she has to make herself more available and alluring. Amber says it is because he is so tired; however, Tawny says that since the dawn of time, there has never been a teenage boy who has been too tired for sex. She warns Amber that if she doesn't do something quick, she is going to lose that man. Amber takes this to mean that Tawny doesn't think Rick loves her. She is devastated. Tawny tries to convince her that she does believe that Rick loves her.

Kimberly continues to tell Becky that Amber is hiding something but Becky says that it is her imagination. Kimberly wants to know why she made that phone call; did Amber put her up to it? Becky says that Amber had nothing to do with it so Kimberly asks what she hoped to find out if that is so. She tries to convince Becky that she wants to help her. She can see that Becky is hurting and wonders if Amber took something from her. When this doesn't work and Becky pushes Kimberly's coat and purse at her, Kimberly changes tactics and tries to make her do it for Little Eric's sake, even saying that Eric is Becky's flesh and blood. Before Becky can react to that, Kimberly says that they are cousins. She wonders if she really wants that child to be raised in a house where the parents don't love each other. If she is afraid, Brooke will protect her. Becky reminds her that Brooke has been trying to break up that marriage since the beginning. Kimberly says that that isn't so. In the beginning, Brooke liked Amber and tried to help her. She gave her a job until things began to go missing. Then Amber was driving a car that caused Rick to lose his kidneys but she lied about who was driving. Then Brooke found out that Rick and Amber were having sex. Only then did Brooke begin to hate her because she was ruining Rick's life. Now, she says, Rick is trapped in a marriage that he doesn't want. Think of that precious little boy. Do you want him to grow up in a family without love? Think about him and then tell me the truth. Becky has been holding the door open for Kimberly to leave but now she closes the door again.

Brooke is playing with the baby when Rick gets up from a nap. She wonders if he has been losing sleep and blames Amber for it. He explains that he doesn't have much time since he has been working, going to school and studying for exams. He tells her not to feel sorry for him; he is doing what he wants to do. But she says that she can't help but feel sorry for what is happening to him. She tells him that she has made some lunch and invites him to sit and eat with her. While they are eating, she begins again trying to get him to get out of that house and away from that woman. He gets angry and asks her to show some respect for his wife. She can't respect a woman who has tied her son to herself and trapped him in a marriage he doesn't want. He claims he does want the marriage and stalks off. She asks him to say he loves Amber but he says that she isn't a bad person. Brooke asks him to say whether he loves Amber the same way he loves Kimberly but he can't. Without Amber, she tells him, you would be free. He again says he doesn't want to be free and begs her to leave it alone. She says that the only thing he feels for Amber is guilt and obligation; she will not let it go and leave her son to live like that. He says that he won't take his home away from his son, because... She guesses that he is referring to the way he grew up. He says he didn't say that to hurt her, but it is true. He is trying to do the right thing like his father did. Brooke tells him that when she married Eric, they loved each other, yet it still didn't work. Therefore, his marriage doesn't stand a chance. He has to get out of this marriage before it is too late.