B&B Recaps: The week of December 21, 1998 on The Bold and the Beautiful
Myles expressed displeasure over Kimberly's involvement with the Forresters. Pierce threw a party to celebrate his and Taylor's video, and Stephanie became disturbed by Pierce and Taylor's closeness. Jack Abbott arrived in town for a Forrester meeting.
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Monday, December 21, 1998

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Rick tries to stop thinking about Kimberly and blames himself for his situation with Amber. At least Kimberly is still talking to me, Rick says. Outside, Amber traps Kimberly in a head lock and accuses Kim of turning Rick against her. Kim understands why the Forresters do not want Rick to marry Amber. She's a bitch! Amber warns Kim that Rick is off limits and pushes her into the Forrester pool.

Macy goes next door to tell Thorne about her father. Thorne is surprised to hear Macy's father has been in LA for months while Macy says he came back because of Grant. Grant brought her father back. Something no one else could do. Macy explains the reason Adam Alexander left is because he was working undercover for an illegal operation and when his cover was blown, Adam didn't want to involve Sally or Macy so he left. Her father had no other choice. Thorne advises Macy to be careful. Thorne's date comes over and Macy leaves a little jealous.

Myles is shocked when Kimberly comes home sopping wet and learns Kim has been involved with boy who is engaged and expecting a baby with another woman. Kimberly counters by saying she tried to tell her father but he kept disappearing and she never knows when he will be back. Kim explains that Rick is trying to do the right thing but Amber keeps trapping him. Myles is furious to learn Eric asked his daughter to get involved. Myles orders Kimberly never to have anything to do with Rick again and vows Eric will not get away with this.

Amber joins Rick in his room and says this whole thing with Kimberly is a big "what if." Rick is attracted to what Kim represents not the person, and what Kim represents is not real. Amber feels they are close to getting married and having everything they always wanted. After Amber leaves, Rick bids Kimberly goodnight while Kimberly wishes Rick a goodnight.

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Myles blasts Eric for involving Kimberly in Rick's mess. Eric counters by saying he had hoped Kim would be able to stop Rick from making a major mistake. Myles thinks Eric felt it is ok for Kim to sacrifice her happiness for Rick's sake and demands that Rick stay out of Kim's life.

Pierce praises Taylor for her work on their sexual responsibility video. Pierce is planning a wrap party for tonight and asks if Taylor knows of any great singers. Taylor mentions her brother-in-law and his ex wife, Macy. Pierce call Macy and asks to see her. He needs help with his new project and wants Macy to come over at once. Macy agrees to help and Pierce advises Taylor to wait and see what he has in store for her now. It will blow her away.

Brooke sports a fabulous, short haircut while Ridge is measuring some lingerie that Brooke happens to be modeling. Ridge makes a crack about her weight and Brooke says if she lost weight around her thighs, she would also lose weight here, and places Ridges hands directly on her breasts! Ridge removes his hands from her breasts and continues measuring while Brooke fantasizes about Ridge touching and caressing her. Brooke recalls the trip to Italy last year and their honeymoon. Taylor catches Brooke saying whenever she puts this lingerie on, she feels like she is back in Italy with Ridge.

Wednesday, December 23, 1998

Sally is determined to find out who the mystery benefactor is that saved Spectra from financial ruin. Macy calls her mother while she is at Pierce's to let her know she is ok. Sally and Darla think it is wonderful Macy was asked to work with Pierce. Pierce hands Macy some lyrics he wants turned into a song that he is going to sing at tonight's party. Pierce admits he has never sang before and needs a voice coach. Macy says she would like to help but has a lot going on in her life already. Pierce shows how serious he is by handing Macy a big fat check. Macy agrees to help.

Taylor drops by Forrester to tell Ridge she and Pierce finished shooting the video and are planning a party to celebrate. Brooke gets word that Jack Abbott from Genoa City will be arriving to meet with her to discuss a new fragrance. Since Jack is coming to LA, Brooke tells Taylor that Ridge will not be able to make it to the party after all. Taylor thinks Brooke can handle the meeting alone, but Brooke says Jack is expecting to see Ridge. Ridge just agreed to spend the evening with his wife, Taylor says. Ridge says he will meet with Jack Abbott and still make it to Taylor's party. He gives Taylor his word he will make it to the party.

Sally is happy Macy is helping Pierce but the important thing is Macy is getting back on her feet. Macy mentioned something else during the call that has her so happy. Darla thinks Pierce wants Macy to sing at his party tonight. While Pierce and Macy practice, Macy concludes that the song is a classic love song and whoever it is must be special to inspire him like this. After Ridge leaves, Taylor says the only reason Ridge is attending the meeting is because Brooke ordered him. Brooke says she made an executive decision but Taylor doesn't buy that excuse. Taylor knows Brooke wants her to believe Ridge chose to spend the evening with Brooke, but Taylor is sure Ridge will be at the party. He will not let his wife down. We'll see about that, Brooke says.

Sally realizes Ridge and Taylor will be at Pierce's party and imagine the fireworks since Pierce has the hots for Taylor. Pierce loves a challenge about as much as Sally likes to see the Forrester dynasty fall apart. If Pierce gets out of line, Ridge will surely make a scene and Sally does not want to miss any of the action. Darla reminds Sally their names are not on the invitation list, but that is not going to stop La Spectra. Sally and Darla are going to that party whether they are invited or not!

Brooke has dinner prepared in case the meeting runs late and tells Ridge she is not going to rush this meeting just because he has a party to go to. Brooke does not think Forrester has a chance to make a deal with Jabot unless they are totally focused. Pierce readies for the party and surprises Taylor with a gorgeous dress he had designed especially for her to wear tonight. Pierce says to himself the dress is only the first of many surprises for Taylor tonight. This will be a celebration she will never forget. Piercewants Taylor and after tonight, he will be one step closer to having her.

Thursday, December 24, 1998

Brooke, still in her kimono, tells Eric that he should make the introductions when Jack Abbott arrives---which should be any moment because his plane has already landed. She notices Ridge looking at his watch and chastises him for it, reminding him that they have an important meeting. Ridge says that it is important that he attend the party at Pierces. Eric looks at him and tells him that this is business and it is important. Just then Jack arrives.

Stephanie is all aglitter in her bright red party dress and James is handsome in his tuxedo. She tells him that they are going to the hottest party in town tonight---there is a wrap party at Pierce Peterson's house. James thinks that Taylor secured invitations for her but she tells him that Taylor doesn't even know that they are coming. She wants a closer look at this man who is occupying so much of Taylor's time.

Taylor is getting ready for the party when Pierce comes in saying that everyone is asking for her. They want to meet the other half of the team, he tells her. "Tonight we celebrate a very special creation, the completion of the video. It is a night of supreme accomplishment. And, I have a surprise for you after the party is over." Taylor is excited and asks what the surprise is. He tells her to just expect the unexpected. Who will deliver the unexpected? Taylor asks. "Me," Pierce smiles. He tells her to hurry and finish.

Downstairs at the party, all the guests are mingling around in their festive attire, drinking champagne and laughing and talking. At the door, Sally and Darla seek admittance but don't have an invitation to show. Sally is doing her best "I'm someone important" act while Darla looks on. She tells the doorman that she doesn't have an invitation because this is a surprise. As Pierce walks into the room, Sally quickly tells Darla to turn her head. She doesn't want "him" to see her; it would spoil the surprise. The doorman glances around to see whom she could be talking about. "Hide, Darla, hide!" Sally implores. "You don't want your brother to see you, do you?" "Mr. Peterson is your brother?" the doorman asks. "We are . . . family," Sally says as the doorman lets them by.

Pierce walks up to Macy and asks if she has gone over the music with the band and she tells him that she has. She says that it is going to be powerful! He says that as long as it gets the effect he is hoping for, that is all he needs. "What effect are you looking for?" Macy asks. He tells her that she will see and walks away. Unreal! Macy says.

Alone in the dressing room, Taylor is pacing and thinking about Ridge. "You promised you would be here, Ridge, you gave you word! You know that this is an important night for me---the most important night ever. Please don't let me down Ridge. I need you here with me tonight."

Pierce opens the door and is shocked to see that Taylor isn't even dressed. He sees the tears and tells her that she can't keep doing this to herself. "How many times are you going to let him destroy you like this? This is your moment! You don't get many moments like this. Taylor, there are many people anxious to see you. Please get dressed."

Sally and Carla are toasting themselves with champagne and looking around the house. Sally says that this place is full of "big bucks!" Look at the art! Darla is looking at the people around the room and sees a distinguished older man who looks a lot like Tony Bennett. "Who is that?" Darla asks. Sally looks at him and says, "Darla, you are looking at a former captain of industry. Through the toss of the dice, he lost it all. He was on the verge of hanging himself when the great Doctor Pierce Peterson came to his rescue. Now he is one of Pierce's biggest supporters."

The man in question looks over in their direction and smiles at Darla. He leaves his group and walks over to the two ladies. After saying hello, Darla asks him if he had anything to do with the video. He tells her his name and says that he is head of CompuTech. "Pardon me," Sally flirts. "Don't you mean that you were once a spy who helped influence the world. But when you became disillusioned with that world, you decided to kill yourself. On the verge of hanging yourself, you picked up one of Pierce Peterson's tapes and it changed your life." Looking at Sally and kissing her hand, the man tells her that she isn't just beautiful; she is BRIGHT!

After the gentleman has left, Sally sees Macy and comments on how happy she is. Darla wonders what has happened to change her into this smiling young lady. Sally says that they will go and find out. As they start over to the other side of the room, Stephanie and James arrive. "What a gathering!" she says, as she looks around. "And they are all here to give credit to Pierce and Taylor." James wonders how much of the credit Pierce will give to Taylor.

From the upstairs balcony, Pierce looks out over the party, pleased. He calls for their attention then announces that they are all here for a significant event. "As you know, I always say that my work is a collaborative effort of many people. But, this project tonight owes its success to one individual more than any other person. She has put her whole heart and soul into this project. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Taylor Hayes Forrester." Taylor comes out, beautiful in her black designer gown and smiles as the people below begin to applaud her. As Pierce looks at Taylor, Stephanie's smile slips as she sees that Pierce is looking at Taylor with love.

Eric introduces jack to Brooke and Jack says that it is a pleasure to finally meet the woman he knows only by report. Eric introduces Ridge and Jack is happy to meet the man who made such a big splash at his showing in Italy. He asks what a mogul from the fashion industry wants with him. Eric continues the introduction by introducing Thorne. He then tells Jack that they want to introduce a fragrance to go with their new bedroom line. There are many fragrance companies they could have gone to but they want only the best. Jack asks if this is to be a joint project. When they say that it is, he wonders if this would also involve the haute couture line. Brooke tells him that it is only for the bedroom line and it is to be a very sexy perfume. Jack likes the sound of that.

Ridge tells him that they already have $20 million in advance orders while Thorne tells him that they have a very complete line ready to go. Brooke asks if he has seen any of their signature line and when he says he hasn't, she asks if he would like to see one of the negligees. Looking around, Jack says that if they have a manikin with one, then yes he would like to see it. Very sexily, Brooke tells him that they don't use manikins here. She undoes her kimono and lets it drop. She is standing there, much to Jack's delight, in a very sexy blue lace teddy.

Taylor looks down on all the people applauding and wonders why they are praising her. He tells her that they love her. These people don't know me, Taylor says. How can they love me? Pierce says that they have seen the out takes from the video and now they do love her. "You deserve this," Pierce says. "And don't you forget it."

Stephanie isn't applauding. "Did you see the way he looked at her?" she asks James.

Sally says that this is a sight to behold but Macy chides her for crashing the party. Sally wants to know what she is doing here and she says that Pierce invited her. She has helped Pierce with preparing a surprise. She didn't know what it was all about before but she thinks that she does now. Sally asks if Pierce is the reason she is in such a happy mood. No, Macy says. But it is a man. I'll tell you about it soon.

Taylor is talking to several people when she sees Stephanie with James. Going up to her, she asks if Ridge is here. Stephanie says that Ridge is in a meeting but he is supposed to come. Taylor is obviously upset. "He promised me that he would be here," she says. "This was important to me, Dammit." Pierce comes up to her and says that the guests are asking for her. Seeing that she is upset and seeing whom she is with, he says to Stephanie that he doesn't recall inviting them to his party. He tries to get Taylor to go with him but she says that she cannot do this right now. She runs out of the room.

Ridge is still checking his watch while Brooke asks Jack if he wants to feel the fabric. Unsure of where to put his hands, Jack falters. Brooke picks up the skirt of the negligee and holds it out to him telling him that it is quite soft. Eric says that they have some things to talk about then they will have supper. Ridge says that he won't be there for supper as he has a prior engagement. When Jack looks disappointed, Brooke objects, saying that Mr. Abbott won't be in town tomorrow. She looks at Jack and asks if Jabot can create a fragrance for them.

Taylor is sitting on the bed crying when Pierce comes into the room and asks if there is anything that he can do for her. Taylor apologizes for running out on him. He guesses that she is upset because Ridge isn't there. She says that he is at a meeting and it doesn't look like he will come. Pierce offers to go and get Ridge but she tells him no. He should have remembered how important this night was to her. Again Pierce says that he will go and drag him out of the meeting if that will make her happy. She won't let him. He looks at her helpless and says that he can't stand to see her so unhappy. And, he adds, your night is ruined after all the work she put into the project. Ridge should be here to see how happy she is. Taylor admits that she is acting like a child. Okay, she says wiping her tears. Let's go. He tells her that first he has a gift for her and maybe it will cheer her up. He hands her a box telling her that he was going to give it to her after the party but this is a better time. She asks if this is the surprise and he tells her that the surprise is bigger. Opening the box, she finds a magnificent diamond necklace. She objects and says that it is too expensive; she can't possibly accept it. He tells her that she should at least agree to wear it tonight I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me, Taylor says. "You can start by making this an evening you will never forget," Pierce tells her. "If you won't do it for yourself, will you do it for me?" Taylor says that he gets so much happiness from her success that she will wear the necklace to honor him and to thank him for all the opportunities he has given to her. . He puts the necklace on her.

Friday, December 25, 1998

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air an original episode today. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Thursday's show concluded.

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