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Monday, October 19, 1998

Ridge and James are talking. James tells Ridge how he went to see Taylor but Bailey wouldn't let him. Ridge says that Bailey once had a problem with alcohol and was on the verge of suicide when Pierce saved his life. Now Pierce is not only his best friend, he is like a God to him. James can see the analogy and says that if they don't believe in Pierce then they are the heretics. Ridge says that James is the heretic but he is an animal. Then what does that make Taylor, James asks. "Taylor is the human sacrifice," Ridge says. Ridge says that he has already had a run-in with Bailey and was told that Taylor could do a lot better than him. Ridge says that whatever is wrong with Taylor, his money says that Bailey is behind it. James agrees.

Brooke tells Bailey that he can't be serious when he says that Ridge will be hers soon. "Have you seen Ridge lately?" Bailey asks. He asks if she has noticed how tense and upset Ridge has been lately. Brooke admits that he is upset. Bailey says that he should be upset! Brooke says that Taylor may be infatuated with Pierce, but she is in love with Ridge. Bailey asks if she doesn't think that she is better suited to Ridge than Taylor and Brooke can't help but agree. However, she reminds him that Taylor and Ridge see it differently. Besides, how can he be so sure of what he is saying? Bailey says that right now the two of them are together planning their future. It could all be over by tonight. Pierce softly caresses Taylor's face but as he goes to kiss her, she pulls away. He says that she is only afraid of her feelings but she will be all right. She says that this is not right; she is married and she loves her husband. Pierce demands that she look at him. He says that there is something missing in her life; that is why she is having feelings for him. She doesn't have to remain stuck in a marriage that doesn't fulfill her. She needs so much more than Ridge is giving her; she needs passion. Taylor says that this isn't real; but her marriage is real. "No," Pierce tells her. "Look into my eyes and tell me that you don't want me." As hard as she tries, Taylor can't tell him that.

Brooke admits that she did something today that she shouldn't have done. She called Pierce and told him to go for it with Taylor. Bailey becomes excited that the two of them can work together, but Brooke says that she regrets making that call now. Bailey says that they are perfect for each other---just like she and Ridge. Between the two of them, they can make this happen. He admits that he has made it happen so far. What did you do? Brooke asks. He admits that he gave her some hypnotic suggestion but all he did was hurry along the inevitable. Brooke is shocked to learn that Bailey has hypnotized Taylor.

Taylor says that she isn't giving in on this. "We are not a slave to our feelings," she tells Pierce. "We have a choice." Pierce tells her that she doesn't love her husband but she says that she does love Ridge. She says that she would never forgive herself if she betrayed her husband and herself. Pierce says that she isn't being fulfilled in her marriage to Ridge; it is all wrong for her to accept only half a life when he is offering her a full and satisfying life. Taylor says that she can't stay there but Pierce stops her. He tells her that she really doesn't want to leave. Please, she begs.

Ridge says that when Bailey threatened him, he figured he was only blowing smoke. James tells him that he should take it more seriously. Ridge says that if Bailey is behind what is happening to Taylor, he will be one sorry individual. He wonders if Bailey could be giving Taylor drugs---slipping something in her food. James wants to hear the symptoms again and Ridge tells him about the nights that Taylor comes home. He never knows what to expect. Sometimes she is so touchy that nothing he can say is right. Another time, she comes in all weepy, touchy and irritable. He says that everyone keeps saying that he is reading too much into her behavior, but he knows that she is as scared as he is. Neither have any idea of what is happening. He just hopes it will be over soon. "What if it isn't?" James asks. "Can your marriage survive?"

Brooke wants to know if Pierce is aware of what Bailey has done. When he tells her that he doesn't, she says that he will when she tells him. You can't! Bailey says. She tells him that what he did was wrong; it is mind control---brainwashing! Bailey says that he doesn't believe that she would give up her chance to have Ridge. She tells him that she doesn't want him this way. He convinces her that when you make a hypnotic suggestion, the person would never do anything against their will. Taylor and Pierce would have gotten to this point eventually; all he did was hurry it along a little. This is crazy! Brooke says. Bailey says that what is crazy is that she and Ridge are separated and it is just plain insane that a couple like Taylor and Pierce can't be together. "But I can put this right," Bailey tells her. "I will give you back the love that you lost. It is destiny."

When Taylor insists that she can't do this, Pierce tells her that he needs for her to admit that she needs him. He tells her that she cannot hide from her feelings and she knows that. He forces her to look at him and admit that she wants him. Looking at Pierce, Taylor can't help but answer yes, but it doesn't make her happy. Pierce begins to describe the wonderful life the two of them will have when they have begun their life together. He tells her that if she doesn't feel the same way, she had better leave now because he can't stop himself form making her his.

Brooke arrives in the lobby and tells the receptionist that she is there to see Pierce. When she says that she cannot, Brooke says that Bailey sent her. The receptionist calls Pierce and Pierce says that he will be right out. When he comes outside, he tells Brooke that this is a bad time for her to come. He thanks her for calling him and encouraging him to tell Taylor how he feels. Broke wonders how Taylor feels and Pierce says that she is scared and confused, but it is only a matter of time before Brooke has Ridge back and he gets to spend the rest of his life with the most wonderful woman he has ever known.