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Monday, October 5, 1998

James encourages Stephanie not to give up as she is being operated on. Amber informs Ridge and Taylor what happened and Lieutenant Baker informs them Sheila has been out of prison for three weeks after she switched places with another inmate. The lieutenant advises Ridge that Stephanie's condition is not good and he should call the rest of the family.

Brooke helps Bridget with her homework when Bridget wonders if Brooke will warm up to the idea of Rick being a father. After all, Brooke must feel something for the child. Brooke isn't thinking that way since she believes adoption is the only solution. Ridge calls Brooke and reports that Stephanie has been shot. Rick fantasizes about his future with Amber when Brooke informs him of Stephanie's situation and they head to the hospital.

Eric and Thorne arrive as the lieutenant says Sheila escaped with the baby but the police are doing everything they can to find her. The doctor operating on Stephanie gives the Forresters good news: Stephanie is going to be fine. Amber admires how close the Forresters are. Stephanie regains conscious and James informs her that Sheila got away with Mary but he will always be there to protect her.

The rest of the family join James and express their gratitude that Stephanie will be ok. Brooke and her kids arrive and Rick hugs Amber. After Brooke and the kids go in to see Stephanie, Amber experiences some pain and dizziness. The Forresters are surprised when Stephanie says Amber saved her life. Rick goes to get Amber and is shocked to find Amber collapsed on the floor!

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Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Rick screams for a doctor to help Amber who has passed out at the hospital. Bridget tells Brooke that Amber passed out. The doctor exams Amber and finds she has a nasty cut on the back of her head as a result of her fight with Sheila. The blackout is caused by internal bleeding and could affect the baby due to the loss of oxygen.

Three Spectra production workers express their concern over the lack of work since Grant has been gone. There hasn't been enough business to produce a spring fashion show with Spectra's head designer in the hospital. C.J. joins the Spectra team and is determined to learn the business from ground up. The workers hate to do this, but with no work, they can not support their families and are forced to quit. Sally tries to explain the setback is only temporary but the workers realize Grant is not coming back and there is only one month until the spring showing. Sally asks to give her two more weeks, but the workers can't afford it. They quit. Darla reports that Sheila escaped from prison and shot Stephanie. Sally, C.J., and Darla head to the hospital.

Lieutenant Baker informs there is still no sign of Sheila but vows to find her and Mary. Brooke informs Stephanie and the rest of the Forresters that Amber has been admitted to the hospital after passing out from a blow to the head. There might be some internal bleeding under the skull and Amber could lose the baby.

Amber's CAT scan shows there has been some internal bleeding but there is not any pressure or swelling so there is no need to operate. Overall, Amber will be fine but until there are more tests run, the jury's still out regarding the baby. The doctor reports the news to Brooke and the Forresters. Rick comforts Amber who is scared to death she might lose her baby. Brooke and Eric hear Amber say how much she loves the baby.

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Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Amber fears for her baby's life as Taylor relates to Amber's situation since she almost lost Thomas last year. Taylor advises the best thing Amber can do for her baby is to relax and stay calm. The doctor preps Amber for an ultrasound. The doc doesn't hear a heartbeat so she schedules Amber for a second ultrasound using a machine that is more sensitive. If there is a hearbeat, this machine will be able to pick it up.

Bridget tells her parents it's obvious how much Rick and Amber love each other. Bridget realizes Rick and Amber are young, but what they have is more than a high school crush. Stephanie blames herself for the baby's life being in jeopardy. Amber risked her life defending Stephanie against Sheila and that is something Stephanie will never forget.

C.J. reports to Sally that Amber suffered a concussion and the baby might not make it. C.J. fears for Amber because he knows how much the baby means to her. Sally wonders if Eric and Brooke can't help but feel some relief if Amber did lose the baby.

Amber wonders what she was thinking fighting with Sheila, but Rick urges her not to think the worst. The thought of losing her baby frightens Amber to death. Amber's baby may be dead because of her. Taylor, Eric, Brooke, and Bridget anxiously await the result of the second ultrasound. Taylor reminds everyone to keep a positive attitude. Brooke still can't imagine her sixteen year old son with a child. The doc readies Amber for the ultrasound. Just as Amber is about to give up hope of hearing the baby's heartbeat, Amber is overjoyed when she finally hears the heartbeat. Brooke notices how much the baby means to Amber.

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Thursday, October 8, 1998

James and Rick take Stephanie and Amber home from the hospital. Stephanie is wearing a left arm sling, otherwise she seems to be doing just fine. James asks Connie if there have been any messages and she sadly tells him that there haven't been any. Amber hopes that Sheila doesn't hurt the baby, but James insists that the one thing he is sure of is that Sheila would never hurt Mary. Just then, Connie comes in after answering the door and tells James that the messenger has brought him a parcel. Opening the envelope, James finds that it is a letter from Sheila.

Bridget joins her parents at the breakfast table telling Eric that she is so happy that he is coming over for breakfast so often. He says that he enjoys it also. When she asks where Rick is, they tell her that Amber was being released from the hospital today and he was taking her to Stephanie's house. Bridget is happy that the baby is okay and says that she knows her parents are happy about that also. She mentions that she saw her mother's face yesterday when the doctor was searching for the heartbeat. She says that Amber is special; she has a certain charisma. Eric says that he wouldn't call what Amber has charisma. What she has has had a negative affect on Rick. Bridget says that the jury is still out on that. Anyway, it isn't the worse thing that could happen to Rick. Brooke tells her daughter that yes, it is the worse thing that could happen to her brother. Bridget says that she knows what her mother was thinking yesterday and she wanted that baby to be alive.

Macy tells Sally that she is going to Mexico City. She has been researching alternative medicines on the Internet and there is a drug down there that has been showing good results with cancer.

Grant is looking awful. He is barely there and he has several days growth of beard. His doctor, Dr. Hughes, comes in saying that the nurse told him that he wanted to see him. Grant looks up at the doctor and weakly tells him that it is time. What do you mean? The doctor asks Grant. Grant tells him that he knows what he means. He wants to be taken off the machines as they discussed earlier. Dr. Hughes is hesitant. He thinks it is too soon and he also thinks that they should talk to Macy about it. Grant says that he doesn't have much time left. "Will you help me go out the way I want?" He asks the doctor.

Stephanie sends Connie to make breakfast then asks James about the letter. He reads it to them. Sheila tells him that his daughter is safe and she will guard her with her life. She will raise Mary to be a responsible adult and she will never let harm come to her. She assures James that she is sane and focused. She has no regrets about anything that happened. She promises that she will tell Mary all about her father; she will make him as real to Mary as if he were there with them. She says that she could not abandon her daughter, especially to Stephanie but neither could she abandon her to James. She pleads with him to stop trying to find her. The longer he searches for her, the more he will prevent Mary from having a stable life since she will have to be constantly moving to keep away from him. Once again she assures him that she will take good care of their daughter. She says that she continues to love James and she is sorry for the pain she has caused him. "In fairness," she tells him, "you brought it on yourself. I trust that Stephanie is with her maker. I am told that there is a merciful God; for Stephanie's sake, I hope so!"

Rick asks if James wants him to call the police but James stops him. Why? Asks Stephanie. James says that he needs some time to think this out. He kisses Stephanie and leaves the house. "Poor James," Amber says. "No, poor Mary," Stephanie says.

Brooke tells Bridget that the baby should never have been conceived but she didn't wish it harm. It is more than that, Bridget insists. "That was not just any baby you were reacting to. Rick and Amber are having your first grandchild. That is why you were freaking out."

The doctor tells Grant that he will have to sign papers for the machines to be unhooked and Grant says that is fine with him. Bring them on, he says. Now it gets interesting. He tells the doctor that he has a suit and tie in the closet and he wants the doctor to help him into it. Then he needs him to order some flowers for his wife. The doctor agrees and goes to get the papers for Grant to sign.

Brooke tells Bridget that she is mistaken. This was just a baby in danger and she was only as concerned for it as she would be for any baby in that situation. She still thinks that the right thing is to put the baby up for adoption. Eric mentions that he thinks that is what her brother should do also; he says that Bridget is romanticizing the situation. Bridget says that Rick was there for Amber; anyone could see that they were in love. Eric tells her that being in love doesn't make Rick ready to be a father. Bridget thinks that since this is Rick's baby, they should have her living there with them. "Do you really want Stephanie raising your first grandchild, Mom?"

Sally tells Macy that if she believes in this new medicine that strongly, she will go with her to Mexico. Macy rushes into her mother's arms, crying. The phone rings and when she answers, Macy hears her husband's voice. He tells her to come right over to the hospital; come as quick as you can, he tells her. Macy says that she will be right there.

Rick kisses Amber good bye and leaves for school. Amber is going upstairs to lay down when Stephanie asks her to come and sit beside her on the couch. She tells Amber that she didn't sleep very well last night. Amber asks if she was in pain but Stephanie says that she was okay; she was just trying to figure out the best way to thank Amber for saving her life. Amber reminds her that she also saved Amber's wife; she didn't have anywhere to go and Stephanie let her stay here with her. "I came to your door step---your worse nightmare---and ended up a blessing in disguise." She tells Stephanie that everyone thinks that all she wants is the money, but that isn't so. Yes, the money is a part of it, but the most important thing is being a member of this family. She loves this family; she looks at them and sees the closeness---something that she has never had---and she wants it for herself and her baby. "If what I did makes you see that I'm not a bad person, then it was worth it." She says that her acceptance into the family begins with Stephanie; she is the engine that runs the family. She can make it possible. Stephanie only smiles as she gathers her in her arms.

C.J. is leaving for school. Sally tells him to take a little time today and say some special prayers for his sister and her husband. She says that she has a feeling that today might make a big difference for them. "Also, ask God to help your sister find the strength to endure what she is going through."

Macy arrives at the hospital and finds Grant laying on the bed dressed in a nice suit and tie with a dressy striped shirt. He has a white rose in his lapel. When Macy looks at him in surprise, he reminds her that she bought this suit for him. He reaches to the side of the bed and hands her a large bouquet of flowers and tells her that she is the best part of him. Macy asks what is going on; are they releasing him today? "In a way, yes," answers Grant. Macy wonders if it is okay for him to come home so soon; he is still weak and sick. "I'm not going home," Grant tells her. "What is going on?" Macy demands. "Why did you need to see me?"

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Friday, October 9, 1998

C.J. returns to Sally's office and she asks him what he is doing there; why aren't you in class. C.J. tells her that he is worried about Grant; Grant has been like a big brother to him. He thinks that they should be at the hospital with him but Sally tells him that Macy is there. "I want a chance to say goodbye," C.J. tells her. Sally says that Grant could have another month, even six more months. That is what his sister believes. She tells him that she and Macy are flying to Mexico tonight for a medication that Macy believes will work wonders. C.J. is afraid that Grant might die while they are gone but Sally tells him that Grant would never let that happen!

Grant reminds Macy of the first time he wore the suit that Macy had bought for him. It was the night when they opened the coffeehouse. "You told me I looked like Humphery Bogart, hopping for table to table; we were so happy and it has only gotten better after that." He tells her. Macy tells him that they will have it all back; he will go into remission and they will be at the coffeehouse together just like before. She tells him that there are so many treatments out there; they will go find the one that will work for him. Grant interrupts. He tells her that he has been so fortunate to find a woman like her and to be able to share the past year with her. We will have much longer, Macy says. "That is not for us to say," Grant tells her. "We've had each other as long as we needed one another and for that I am truly grateful." Macy jumps up and tells him that she needs to get the doctor; she wants him to hook the machines back up. "Come here, Sweetheart," Grant says. "I'm done with that; no more machines. Don't look at me like that, Macy." Macy says that she is going to get the doctor. "The doctor can't help me now," Grant says softly. He holds out his hand and Macy takes it. He pulls her close.

Ridge goes to Pierce Peterson's office and peeks in. He calls out for Taylor. When he doesn't get an answer, he slowly comes in and looks around. The office is empty. He looks at the bag of lunch he is holding and hopes that she isn't out to lunch. She walks over to the side table and sees the crystal. He picks it up and holds it while it swings and sways, reflecting the light in multicolor. Just then, Bailey comes in and orders him to put it down. "Well, hello, Bailey Boy," Ridge says in a cheerful but insolent voice. In a hard voice, Bailey orders him out of the office. Ridge tells him to take it easy and calls him "my man." Bailey takes umbrage at this and informs him that he is not his man. "If you call me that again, you will regret it!"

Sally says that Macy loves Grant so much. It is a miracle to find that kind of love. C.J. says that he did what she asked; he said a prayer for Grant and Macy. Sally assures him that God will answer one way or the other. "You think that Grant is going to die today, don't you?" He asks.

Grant asks Macy to sit next to him but she wants to have the IV's hooked back up. She tells him that she has already told her mother not to include them in any holiday plans because they will be traveling. She has heard about a clinic in the Philippines that is doing miraculous work with cancer. "Today is all we have," Grant tells her. "The future doesn't matter; that is never more true than now. Now, no more talking about the future. Treat this moment as if it were the only one that will ever matter."

Macy sits beside him and holds his hand. He tells her that he had an amazing gift of consciousness; every breath was a celebration. But he had more than a gift of consciousness. Earlier he fell asleep and it was the deepest sleep that he has ever had; it was more than sleep, he was halfway there and it was beautiful. It was every bit as fulfilling and wonderful as being awake. He says that he learned something from the experience. Death is nothing to be afraid of. "We come in this world from who knows where and it is truly a miracle. When we are ready, we grow and move on and that is another miracle. Every stage of life is as important and joyful and wonderful as the last and when we are ready to move on to the next stage, we never want to go back. Macy, I want to move on. I'm ready to move on."

"I'm here for you, Grant," Macy says with tears streaming down her face. Grant tells her that he hopes those are tears of joy for him and his new adventure. "Now, will you show me the best part of you? Will you show me one of your beautiful smiles?" Macy struggles through her tears to give Grant a smile and she finally succeeds. Grant is happy to see her smile. "Now, sing for me----Please!"

"You are an animal, Ridge!" Bailey says. "That is the only way I can describe you." Ridge feigns fright! "What are you going to do, Bailey, spit on me? If I am such an animal I wonder why Taylor married me."

"As do I Ridge, as do I!" Bailey answers.

Ridge tells him that the reason he can't see that he and Taylor belong together is that he and his boss are so caught up with themselves and their self-importance. They are victims of their own runaway egos. Bailey laughs and says Taylor is able to see beyond those egos to see the wonderful man behind them. "Ah!" Ridge says as he sees the light. "I see now. Your black heart hopes that Taylor will show an interest in Pierce Peterson." Ridge says that they get Taylor so wound up here at work that it takes him hours to get her relaxed once she gets at home. Bailey says that it isn't easy for Taylor to go home every night to a husband who mocks the work that she believes in but Ridge denies that he mocks Taylor's work. But he does worry that some dishonest people with no moral values will take advantage of her. But he warns Bailey that if that ever happens, Taylor will be out of there and it won't be his decision it will be hers. "There is no chemistry between your boss and my wife," Ridge warns Bailey. "Your boss doesn't stand a chance." He slaps the lunch bag into Bailey's hands and tells him to tell Taylor that he stopped by. After Ridge leaves, Bailey flips the lunch into the trash. "It's time. Yes, it's time I made my move."

C.J. thinks that if Grant is going to die today, then they should be there. Sally says that they will be there as soon as Macy calls. But if she doesn't call, then they don't belong there. She says that he may want to be alone with his wife; he may need time with her to prepare her for what is going to happen. She feels now that that is why he was so insistent in her rushing down there today. Then we have to respect their privacy, C.J. says, but I am going to miss him. Whether he goes today or next week, I am really going to miss that guy.

Macy tells Grant that she cannot sing today. Today is all we have, Grant tells her. "If I had my choice, I would leave this world sitting on a mountain top watching the sunset listening to the sound of your beautiful voice carrying me through." Macy nods her head and struggles to control herself. Slowly and falteringly she begins to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings." As her voice grows stronger, Grant closes his eyes and smiles. By the end of the song, he appears to be resting quietly with a tear in the corner of his eye. Macy calls out to him but he doesn't answer. Getting up, she lays her head beside his and strokes his face with her hand while she begins to weep. Grant is gone.

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