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Monday, August 3, 1998

At Forrester, Brooke thinks how good Pierce made her feel the other night and how long it has been since she has felt that way about her self. Eric comes in and informs Brooke that he ran into Amber at Brooke's house. Amber is after their son and is not to be trusted. One would think with $50k, Amber would have sense enough to stay out of Rick's life, Eric says. Rick drops by and wants to know how his mother could give Amber money to stay away from him.

Amber tells C.J. she bumped into Eric and was accused of wanting Rick for his money. Amber didn't take the money and run because she is pregnant. C.J. mentions the perfect solution about how to get out of this mess. Let Grant and Macy adopt her baby. Amber is going to have a child she doesn't want while Grant and Macy have everything they want except a child. It's the perfect solution. C.J. tries to get Amber to see herself nine months from now, living alone and struggling. Grant and Macy would be able to give the child a wonderful, loving home. Just think about it, C.J. says.

Grant days with Macy have been precious but he realizes their time together will end sooner than either one of them imagined. Macy suggests they try donor insemination, and tries to convince Grant he would be the only father the child would know, no matter who the donor is. Grant is distant and can't think that far ahead. Grant doesn't want Macy to worry about him and suggests they treat each moment as it's thier last. Please remember how much I love you, Grant begs.

Thorne drops by after Grant leaves and Macy says Grant is still upset about not being able to father a child. Thorne realizes Macy and Grant have been going through some heavy stuff lately and says it's time to have some fun. Thorne offers to throw a party at his house to cheer Grant up. Macy agrees.

Rick still can't get over the fact that Brooke paid Amber to leave town. Eric tells his son that Amber was trying to take advantage of you and tries to convince Rick that he and Amber are finished. Meanwhile, Amber envisions herself after the baby is born living in a loud, dumpy apartment, cleaning, doing laundry, and never getting to go anywhere. Then Amber realizes the baby is a Forrester and the Forrester's would never turn their back on their flesh and blood. Amber envisions what life would be like after she and Rick are married and being accepted into the Forrester family. That would be like a dream come true. Eric tells Brooke they have to stop Amber before she gets her hooks into Rick. Amber realizes the baby inside her is her ticket to the good life. She's going to have a Forrester baby and if the baby is a boy, she will name him Eric the 3rd. .