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Monday, October 20, 1997

Lorenzo can't believe Sheila is pulling the same tricks she pulled in Genoa City by taking Maggie's baby. The plan is for James to prove Sheila is mentally unstable and then sue for custody, Maggie informs Lorenzo. Sheila's no fool, Maggie continues, so she and James had to have their marriage annulled to prove James is in love with Sheila. Maggie tells herself it's only for a couple of weeks. Lorenzo suspects Sheila will start making sexual demands on James.

After James tells Sheila he loves her, she wants them to fly to Las Vegas tonight for a quickie marriage. James tries to put Sheila off by saying he wants something more traditional. What about my needs, Sheila demands. Sheila says she needs reassurance that James is in love with her and a marriage will prove it. Again James says he wants to take things slow between them which includes no sex. Sheila only laughs at this. You expect me to let you to stay here but no sexual relationship? Sheila wants to know James' real intentions.

Thorne and Doctor Santana arrive at Taylor's house only to find her not there. Where could she have gone?

Taylor is at Ridge's house waiting for him to come home to tell him the news. Taylor remembers how in love they used to be and she hopes this pregnancy will bring them closer.

Ridge is in his car on the way home. Before going home, he is going to stop and see Eric to finalize some things for the Italy trip.

After looking at the beach, Thorne receives a call from Taylor. She informs Thorne that she is at Ridge's and she is going to tell Ridge the truth tonight. Taylor has a pain while speaking to Thorne and Thorne is more worried than ever that Taylor will miscarry. Thorne and Doctor Santana head for Ridge's hoping to make it there before Ridge does...

While on their way to Ridge's house, Thorne phones Ridge from his cell phone and makes up a bogus excuse to delay Ridge coming home. Thorne asks Ridge to pick up a prescription for Taylor at a drugstore. He would do it, Thorne explains but the drugstore closes soon and Thorne does not have time to get there. Too bad, Ridge says. Thorne hangs up though before Ridge has a chance to say no. Thorne has the doc call in a prescription for Taylor. The doc and Thorne hope Ridge goes to the drugstore before going home.

James asks Sheila why she is always so suspicious of him. Sheila again states she wants a marriage to prove James' love. James gets ready to leave but before leaving he shows Sheila a ring he was going to give her. Sheila is touched James' would give her his mother's engagement ring. The ring was to prove James' desire for a traditional courtship. Sheila hugs James after he acknowledges they are enganged. Your first priority is being a mother, James reminds Sheila.

Taylor falls asleep in Ridges bed and is awakened by someone coming in the house. Is it Ridge or Thorne?? It's Ridge! Ridge starts undressing and heads to the bedroom and crawls into an empty bed!!

Thorne and Doctor Santana got to Taylor before Ridge showed up and wisked her away in the car. The good doc reitirates if Taylor wants to carry this baby to term, she must stay stress free and that means avoiding Ridge since he is the cause of 99% of her stress.

Ridge crawls into bed and smells Taylor's perfume on his pillow. Ridge thinks it's odd after all these years of Taylor not living there, he still feels like she never left. He wonders if he will ever stop thinking about Taylor.

Taylor is back home and realizes she has to protect the baby but she is more determined than ever to tell Ridge the truth.

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Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Eric is busy designing the collection for the upcoming fashion show in Italy. If this showing isn't a success, Forrester might never recover. Even though he is under enormous pressure to deliver a fantastic showing, Eric can't get his thoughts off Lorenzo. The phone rings and it's Lorenzo. She wants to see him. Eric reminds Lorenzo he is still planning on marrying Stephanie and tells her he does not want her to call him again.

Ridge stops by his father's office and suggests even though Forrester is under a lot of pressure, he hopes his father has not forgotten Stephanie. Don't worry, Eric assures Ridge, he plans on romancing Stephanie in Italy. Eric changes the conversation to Ridge's love life and suggests he and Brooke rekindle their love.

Sally is getting her hair done at Gladys' salon while reveling in Spectra's success. Lorenzo comes in to get her nails done and fills in Sally about her recent conversation with Eric. If Eric insists on marrying Stephanie than he really is a loser, Sally says. Lorenzo is determined not to let that happen although she is not sure how she is going to get through to Eric. Sally informs Lorenzo that Stephanie is about ready to take Eric back. As proof, Sally reads an article from one of the latest fashion magazines about the Forrester showing in Italy. Sally fills in Gladys about how she planted the picture in the minister's Bible to stop Eric and Stephanie's wedding unaware the Stephanie is getting her hair done right next to Sally!

Eric introduces Ridge to Forrester's newest super-model Caterina. Eric wants Caterina to be Forrester's star model at the showing in Italy. Ridge has doubts because he has heard about Caterina being just as spoiled brat as he is. Clarke introduces the stuck-up Caterina to Eric and Ridge. Caterina has a lot of attitude and a list of demands she hands over to Eric.

Stephanie blasts Sally. Steph says Sally revels in shame like a pig in slop. Next Steph verbally decimates Lorenzo. Steph says she has been thinking alot about Lorenzo's father lately and how ashamed he would be to find out his daughter turned out to be such a trollop. Lorenzo says Stephanie is just a bitch and is going to get exactly what's coming to her.

Ridge tells Caterina her list of demands is way too much. Caterina reminds the Forresters she has a reputation to protect and it's no secret in the fashion industry the Forrester is a sinking ship. Eric assures the stuck-up model Forrester is hardly sinking but gives into her list of demands. After the showing, Forrester will be able to afford her, Eric says.

By Eric's request, Stephanie drops by his office and Eric gives her in invitation to the showing in Italy. Why would Stephanie need an invitation to a Forrester showing? The showing is going to be a tribute to you and your strength, Eric explains. Eric then kisses Stephanie.

Lorenzo is determined to get to the Forrester showing and wonders if Sally has any ideas on how to get tickets. Sally plots and comes up with an idea. She phones Forrester and speaks with Megan. In a phony accent, Sally pretends she is on the guest list but has lost her tickets. Megan can't find the name Sally gave on the list and says she must get authorization to give out any tickets. Plan A failed but Sally is determined not to let Stephanie steal her thunder or let Stephanie win Eric. After all, all is fair in love and war. One way or another, Lorenzo and Sally are going to be at the biggest international fashion event of the year!

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Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Macy and Grant are having coffee at Insomnia while discussing business. Grant wonders how why the fashion industry is buzzing about Forrester's upcoming show in Italy when Forrester has had only a few weeks to prepare. Macy reminds Grant that the Forresters are talented plus they have Clarke who is also quite gifted. Clarke comes in with Forrester's latest model, Caterina.

James is reviewing the info he has on Sheila being an unfit mother. He realizes he doesn't have much to go on yet. Sheila comes home with the baby. She had her attorney check out James' annulment to Maggie. It's legit. Sheila also went shopping for a wedding gown. The gown she wanted was not in stock and would take six months to get. James thinks that is perfect timing but Sheila doesn't want to wait that long. Not until they are married will Sheila be able to trust James. Conner drops by since he promised Maggie he would find out what is going on with James and Sheila. James admits he doesn't have any evidence that Sheila is an unfit mother.

Amber is surprised James is going to marry Sheila since he just ended his marriage to Maggie. Sheila explains that in order for her to trust James, he is going to have to marry her.

Macy is surprised the Forresters hired Caterina. That must mean they are planning something huge for their showing. It means Forrester doesn't have a product and this is their last chance on having success, Grant counters. Maybe, Macy says, but what if you're wrong?

Clarke tries to impress Caterina by ordering drinks in Italian. Their waitress is fluent in Italian and embarrasses Clarke. Caterina notices Grant and goes to introduce herself. Caterina does not even acknowledge Macy while coming on to Grant. Grant seems flattered by declines her offer of a tryst in her hotel room. He later tells Macy he is tired of being used and is looking for a woman who can appreciate the real Grant.

James orders Conner not to tell Maggie he is planning on marrying Sheila. Is there any other way of getting Sheila to trust you besides a marriage, Conner asks. Not unless I sleep with her, James says. Then again, maybe there is something James can do...

Amber reminds Sheila of everything James has already done for her: leaving Maggie, moving in, creating a baby together. Still, there's no commitment, Sheila says. Amber advises Sheila to cut James a break otherwise she might lose him for good.

Clarke informs Caterina after the Forrester showing next week, Grant Chambers will be old news.

Sheila hears James and Conner "arguing" downstairs. James throws Conner out after he insults James' relationship with Sheila. Sheila hugs James after hearing he stood up for their relationship. James promises to take care of Sheila starting with a big wedding in front of the friends and family. Sheila gives James one month to pull off a big, splashy wedding or else they do it her way.

With Sheila tending the baby, Amber informs James if he doesn't get the proof he needs, wedding bells will be ringing...

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Thursday, October 23, 1997

Everywhere at Forrester Creations people are preparing for the trip to Italy. There seems to be a controlled chaos everywhere. In Thorne's office, the packing and planning are coming along. Brooke tells Thorne about her night working with Ridge. She is sure that she and Ridge will be married soon.

Dr. Santana has just finished examining Taylor. Your condition is improving, she tells Taylor. You took an awful chance the other night going to Ridge's house. You could have harmed the baby or yourself. Eric is busy preparing his precious designs for the showing in Italy. Megan enters with the plane tickets. She reassures him that everything is ready. The limo is waiting downstairs. Caterina and Clarke enter. Caterina is sulking, as usual. She asks about extra tickets and is annoyed when Eric tells her that all the tickets have been sent out. But I need them for my family and friends, she tells him. Ridge tries to calm her down; we will see what we can do, he tells her. As she spins around to leave, Clarke tells her that she is riding with him. She gives him a piercing stare but follows him out.

Sally is reading one of the "rags" and says they must be desperate for news since they have given so much space to the Forresters whom everyone knows is desperate for a showing. But no matter, the more hype and publicity you have, the farther you have to fall, she tells her staff. Macy seems worried. She tells her mother about seeing Clarke and Caterina out together the other night. This is more proof to Sally that the Forresters are desperate. Grant wishes he could be there to see what they are showing; Sally declares that Spectra will definitely be there!

Eric tells the group that they have to be ready; they can't second guess anything. Our collection is small but it is excellent, he tells them. I have never let this company down in the past and I won't start now. Megan wishes him good luck and leaves. But before she can leave, Ridge asks if there are any messages. She tells him that there haven't been any since the last time he asked. Alone, Eric asks if Ridge expects to hear from Taylor. Ridge confides that he has a feeling that something is wrong with Taylor. However, Eric tells Ridge to forget Taylor and concentrate on Brooke. He encourages his son to "move on. Now is the time for you and Brooke."

Stephanie interrupts Thorne and Brooke's conversation about Ridge and Taylor. Brooke leaves after making a pointed remark for Stephanie's benefit about riding to the airport with Ridge. Stephanie mentions that the two of them are spending a lot of time together but Thorne tells her it is just work. Steph wonders where Taylor is but Thorne brushes her off. You are leaving for Europe and the mother of your child isn't her to say good-bye to you? Stephanie asks. Thorne tells his mother that Taylor isn't having an easy pregnancy. There have been complications and she has almost miscarried a couple of times, he tells her. Stephanie is worried, but Thorne tells her that Taylor is confined to bed rest. He tells her that his only priority is to make sure this kid will make it. Just then, Stephanie is summoned. Before she leaves, she offers her help with Taylor, but Thorne tells her that HE has everything under control.

Brooke enters Ridge's office and asks if he is ready. She is all excited about the coming trip. It will be wonderful for us, she tells Ridge. "Yes, it is going to be wonderful for the company," he answers. No, she tells him, I meant for US. Now let's go.

Once alone, Eric places a call to Rocco Boracco, the Italian designer. I am looking at your sketches right now, Eric tells the designer. Is everything ready at your end? Having been assured by the unseen Rocco that everything is ready, Eric tells him in Italian that he is crossing his fingers.

Back at Taylor's beach house, Dr. Santana continues to berate Taylor for her obsession with Ridge. I am worried about you, she tells her patient. Taylor tells her that it is the guilty secret that is eating her up inside. She will be all right if she can only tell Ridge and get it over with. If you are so set on telling him, why don't you just call him? the doctor wonders. Taylor tells her that she has tried. Didn't you leave a message, the doctor asks. Taylor tells her that she has left several but he has never called back. Well, doesn't that tell you something? the doctor bluntly asks Taylor. Ridge cannot be a priority, the doctor tells her, Taylor agrees. Dr. Santana begins to sing Thorne's praises. He is a wonderful man and he only wants to help you and your baby. He loves you very much and he only wants your happiness and the well being of your child. Thorne enters the bedroom. I couldn't leave without saying good-bye to you and the little one, he says.

Back at Spectra, Sally says that they have to be at that showing. She cannot let the Forrester Circus get away with anything. Queen Stephanie will try anything. She already has Eric, her prince consort, handcuffed to her wrist. We cannot let her get away with it, can we Lorenzo. Darla enters with the tickets. Only $300.00 ROUND TRIP! she tells an excited Sally. As Sally and Lorenzo head out the door, Darla wishes the Baroness good-bye. Grant turns to Macy and asks what that was all about, but Macy laughs and tells him that they really don't want to know.

Thorne tells Taylor to take it easy while he is gone. She assures him that she will, but she also tells him that she still intends to tell Ridge about the baby. This guilt is eating away at me. But it will be worth it in the end when you give birth to a healthy baby, Thorne promises. Taylor shoos him away; you have a plane to catch, she tells him. Once outside the door, Dr. Santana shakes her head. She still insists on telling Ridge, she says. Don't worry about it, Thorne says. By the time my brother and Brooke get back from Italy, she's not going to want him to know.

In first class, Ridge and Brooke are sitting together. How do you feel, Brooke asks. Ridge tells her that he is tired and drained. Brooke tells him to feel free to use her shoulder as a pillow.

Caterina is drinking champagne. Clarke sits beside her but she doesn't look at all happy.

Eric and Stephanie are sitting together. Eric orders Champagne. Stephanie wonders why Eric is smiling. He tells her this is a trip they won't soon forget. Stephanie wonders where Thorne is since the plane is about ready to take off.

Back in coach, the conditions are anything but serene. Children are screaming and jumping around. A large man arrives and sits beside Lorenzo. This is going to be the longest twelve hours of my life, Lorenzo wails. No, Sally assures her, this is going to be a real Zen experience. Focus all your energy on the reason for this trip: Eric. Lorenzo focuses and they begin to chant. A child behind them throws a pillow against Lorenzo's head.

Thorne arrives in first class. Where were you, Stephanie wonders. Yes, what took you so long, little brother? Ridge asks. Thorne pointedly tells them that he had to say good-bye to Taylor and the baby. Brooke smiles as she is caressing Ridges hand.

Back at the beach house, Taylor lays in bed. I've gotta tell you, Ridge, she whispers. You need to know that I'm carrying your baby.

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Friday, October 24, 1997

In the air and headed for Europe, Brooke and Ridge toast to a successful showing. Stephanie turns from the window and finds Eric staring at her. What is that look? She wants to know. Eric acts innocent and she tells him that ever since they took off, he has been looking at her as if he has a secret. Maybe I have he answers. He finally admits that he has something in the works but won't say what it is. Seriously, Stephanie wonders what will happen if they don't have the success they are hoping for. Maybe we'll move to a beach in Maui, he tells her.

Looking over at Brooke and Ridge, Eric suggests that Stephanie will need to make an attitude adjustment concerning Brooke. Stephanie doesn't think so. Eric points out that they are getting closer, but Stephanie doesn't think Ridge will make that same mistake again.

Caterina continues to sulk. Clarke rejoins her and tries to lighten things up, but she is having none of it. The Italian stewardess comes by and asks if they want anything. Caterina answers her in Italian and it doesn't a knowledge of Italian to know she is insulting Clarke. However, she manages to "interpret" her comment for him without as much insult. As he relaxes in his seat, Clarke mutters: Thanks, Eric, for hiring that one and sitting me next to her.

Brooke catches Ridge smiling and thinks it is for her. However, he tells her that he is thinking of his parents. Brooke glances that way and says that they look like they are on their honeymoon. Maybe it is, Ridge answers. He tells Brooke that Eric plans to remarry his mother. He is definitely a man with his priorities straight. Dad says he has a plan, Ridge goes on. I think he is planning on marrying her while we are in Italy. Brooke says she hopes he doesn't propose at the show. That has already been done, Ridge agrees.

Watching from his seat, Thorne seems pleased. They are in love, he says to himself. I wish Taylor could see them together.

Back in L.A. Dr. Santana reports to Taylor that her blood pressure is down and so is the number of contractions. I think this is due to the fact that Ridge is no longer in town, she says.

Lorenzo and Sally are engrossed in watching the couple in the seats in front of them as they openly make passionate love. Lorenzo catches the fat man sitting beside her looking at her legs. The children in the seats behind them are still cutting up. Sally rises from her seat and shouts at them, quieting them down for a couple of seconds. Once she turns around, they begin making faces at the back of her head and are soon getting loud once again. Just then, the pilot announces that the flying time to Milan is 16 hours with stopovers in Gander Newfoundland and Reykjavik Iceland. Lorenzo looks at Sally and says: Darla is a dead woman.

Lorenzo checks the time and tells Sally that time sure flies when you are having fun. There is a lot of turbulence and Sally is wondering if this old crate will make it. The fat man begins to search frantically for "the bag" but Lorenzo can't figure out what he needs until he barfs into her bag of chips. Lorenzo is disgusted. This had better be worth it, she tells Sally. Oh it will, Sally assures her. When Eric gets a look at you dressed and so beautiful and when he realizes that you came all this way just to support him, he won't be able to resist you. Lorenzo wonders what they will do when they deplane. Snuggling together, Sally tells her that they will arrive in Milano and check into a hotel just long enough to get refreshed. Then they will hire a car and drive to Lake Como and check in at the Villa D'Este. But Eric has taken over the whole hotel, Lorenzo reminds Sally. Don't worry, we will find a way. Don't forget, we have Hutzpha. Now the fat man has to go to the john and for some reason (he is in an end seat) has to climb over everyone in the row. Once he is past, Lorenzo and Sally look at each other and break out laughing.

Ridge excuses himself and leaves for the lavatory. Seeing his brother leave, Thorne joins Brooke and asks how things are going. He tells her that Taylor is still insisting on talking to Ridge. He reminds her that neither of them want that; trust me, he tells her, that will mean trouble.

Thorne returns to his seat. Brooke gets up and walks to the lavatory area. As Ridge leaves the lavatory, she grabs him and pulls him back into the small room. I want to join the mile-high club and I want you to initiate me, she tells Ridge.

Thorne watches Brooke make her move and is deliriously happy.

Taylor stares out into the night longing for Ridge. You should be here with me, she says, me and your baby.

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