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Recaps for the week of February 10, 1997
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B&B Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on The Bold and the Beautiful
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Monday, February 10, 1997

Thorne thinks about how he thought Ridge was embarrassing Taylor at dinner. Then Claudia comes in. He apologizes to her. She tells him she is confused but can tell that he is in love with Taylor. He tells her how beautiful she is and that the man that loves her is going to be so fortunate. She replies by telling him that she only wanted one man to love her. He tells her he cares for her but not in the same way he cares for Taylor. Claudia, very hurt, realizes that Stephanie had only pretended to like her.

Taylor tells Ridge he took it too far at dinner. Taylor doesn't think that Claudia will help much. She thinks maybe she should go up and speak to me. Ridge tells her no. Stephanie suggests they go for a walk. They leave as Claudia comes downstairs. Claudia tells Stephanie that Thorne feels very close to Taylor and not her. Claudia says that she and Thorne are just friends and nothing more. "Sorry to disappoint you!" Claudia says very bitterly.

Ridge and Taylor talk about Thorne until he changes the subject by asking if she has been down Rodeo Drive lately. She tells him no that it's too expensive. He gives Taylor a very expensive tennis bracelet she had been wanting. Thorne fantasizes about dancing with Taylor at the pool and just being with her. Thorne watches Ridge and Taylor embrace.

Claudia accuses Stephanie of using her to come between Thorne and Taylor. Claudia tells her she should've been told of Stephanie's plan. Stephanie tells her that she can turn the caring into love if she wanted to. Stephanie asks if Claudia is afraid to compete with Taylor.

Thorne tells Taylor he will make up with Thorne if she will go swimming with him in nothing but her new tennis bracelet. When they are embracing, she notices Thorne looking down from his bedroom window. They both leave to change.

Claudia lets Stephanie know that competing is beneath her. Stephanie tells her if she truly loves Thorne that now is her best opportunity. Stephanie says, "He has realized he can't Taylor. He's feeling very alone. You're the one who has to take the first step."

When Taylor returns she is still fully dressed. When Ridge asked why she tells him she saw Thorne staring down at them. Ridge grumbles a little. Taylor asks him to have a little compassion. Because Thorne just found out he is getting a divorce. So he is not thinking clearly. Ridge says he will have a talk with Thorne tomorrow and put everything behind them. Ridge says, "I want to be close to you tonight. I really need that." They dance.

As Thorne looks on at Ridge and Taylor, Claudia walks in a sexy nightie. Thorne is in awe. She seductively walks over to him and starts stroking his face. He just looks at her very vulnerably and about ready to cry.

Tuesday, February 11, 1997

Sheila wonders if James will still be attracted to her when she gets bigger. She can't take that chance and must get rid of Maggie so they can be together. James and Maggie come in laughing. Sheila and Maggie exchange looks and words. The phone rings and it is Jessica crying.

Ridge tells Stephanie Taylor went home. Ridge begins to go up stairs but decides against it realizing Claudia may be in Thorne's room. Ridge says Thorne has got to know he doesn't have a chance with Taylor. Stephanie says, "I wish I could believe that." Ridge says, "It is totally a one-sided thing. Taylor hasn't reciprocated it." Stephanie just looks on.

Taylor asks Lauren how long Claudia has been in Thorne's room. When Lauren tells her about an hour, Taylor thinks she should go stop them from making a mistake.

Thorne pulls Claudia's hand away and turns to take another drink. She asks if she should leave. At first, he tells her yes and then no. He asks her how to make the pain go away. Claudia says, "Let me help you." They kiss passionately.

Jessica is having panic attacks that are affecting her asthma. She is missing classes. Maggie is worried. Sheila suggests that she see a shrink. Maggie wants to go be with Jessica.

Ridge doesn't think Taylor could ever fall for Thorne. He says, "Even if she did . . . " Stephanie looks up saying then what. Ridge says, "Even she did, I'd have to kill them both." Stephanie looks at him in horror. He tells her it's the only thing he could do, with a smile.

Thorne stops kissing her. He apologizes. He says, "I shouldn't be doing this! I know you feel you owe me because I hired you. I don't expect anything for that. I respect you and I wouldn't put you in that position." Claudia tells him it is not gratitude. She wants to help him. He doesn't think there is a way to help him. He thinks the pain will never go away especially if Taylor marries Ridge. Claudia tells him that there is the possibility that Taylor won't marry Ridge. Thorne thinks that Taylor and every other man think of him like a brother. He doesn't think women find him attractive. He yells at Claudia to get out and go stare at Ridge. Then he hugs her wondering what he is doing.

Lauren tells Taylor that she is acting very jealous. Taylor says she is not jealous. She is just worried about Thorne. He is very vulnerable right now. He can be pushed over the edge so easy. Taylor says, "I'm not sure what Little Miss Claudia wants."

Maggie wonders what Sheila is planning while she is gone. Maggie just gives Sheila the eye. Maggie knows that Sheila will try to come onto James and she will self destruct. Sheila says, "If anything happens, I'm living with a shrink." Maggie says, "If anything happens while I am gone, you won't need a shrink. You will need an emergency room!" James made arrangements for Maggie to leave tonight and he tells her he will find a shrink in London to refer Jessica to.

Lauren tells Taylor that the only reason she doesn't want Claudia with Thorne because she wants to be with Thorne. Taylor tells her that it is not true. Taylor tells her that if any woman were with Thorne, there would be a major disaster.

Thorne wishes he felt for her like she does for him. Claudia doesn't expect it. Thorne tells her that she deserves to be happy. They start kissing again. He hesitates and then she pulls him closer. They fall back on the bed, and this time she stops them. Claudia says, "No! I can't do this! This isn't what you want. You want Taylor." He tells her he can't have Taylor. She tells him that if they were to do this they would be wrong. Thorne thinks he keeps making one bad move after another. She tells him she is the one making the bad moves. Claudia says, "I will probably regret this. You deserve to be with the person you love." They hug

Wednesday, February 12, 1997

Brooke thinks how she used to love her love her work and her life. Grant calls asking her to go to dinner. She turns him down saying she is tired leaving Grant very frustrated.

Mike Guthrie visits Sheila and wants to her what her plan is now that Maggie is gone for a few days. She tells him she has no plan but to be herself. She wants him to see the side of her that isn't sexual. He wishes her good luck and she tells him she doesn't need it.

Katie stops by to babysit while Grant and Brooke go "two steppin'." Brooke insists that she is not going anywhere. Katie tells her that Grant will be disappointed. Brooke explains that she already spoke with Grant and he understands. Katie sees a picture of Ridge, Brooke and the kids. She suddenly understands. Katie asks Brooke if she is just sitting around the house thinking about Ridge. Brooke doesn't want to talk about it. Katie and Brooke start talking about how things were when she was with Ridge and how Brooke and Grant were. They spoke of the little stone turtle he gave her a while back. Brooke tells her she threw it away but wishes she didn't. Katie says, "Don't' you just hate it when you throw things away that meant something to you!"

Grant tells Clarke that all the stuff, like the prestigious job, nice office and a nice car, doesn't mean anything without Brooke. Grant tries to figure out a way to get back to the way they were when they met.

When James comes home, Sheila asks how is day was. James doesn't want small talk and tells her to get on with it. She is confused. James says, "Go ahead, take it off!" James assumes she has some lingerie under her apron. She says, "Sorry to disappoint you but I was just thinking of a quiet dinner." She pours him some white wine, gives him the paper, and tells him dinner will be ready soon.

Clarke tells Grant that he fantasizes about Lauren Fenmore. Grant tells him that he won't get anywhere with Lauren Fenmore. Clarke says, "I'll take your word for it. You are the expert of not getting anywhere."

Brooke tells Katie that she is not throwing Grant away. She just needs time. Katie tells her that she is married to a wonderful man who worships her. Once he made her very happy. Katie thinks if Brooke gives him a chance that he could again. Brooke has a change of heart and calls Grant. She asks him if he still interested in dinner. When he jumps at the chance, she tells him to dress up.

Sheila makes a big dinner with steak, real potatoes and real gravy, etc. James is afraid if Maggie finds out that Sheila is eating this he will get into trouble. She tells him it will be their secret. He finally agrees to this one time.

Katie helps Grant with his tuxedo tie. Then Brooke prances down the stairs looking stunning. Grant tells her that he never thought he would have the chance to make her happy and that she would not regret it. They embrace.

Thursday, February 13, 1997
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Eric hesitantly mentions to Lauren that he hopes that his decision about her designs has not affected their personal relationship. Lauren assures him that it's in their best interest to keep their professional and personal lives separate. She then kisses him. When he admits that he's bothered by how long it's taken him to move towards developing a relationship with her, Lauren suggests that it's time to tell Stephanie. Eric assures her that it's her decision.

Looking for Eric, Stephanie finds Sally at the door, looking to talk about Macy and Thorne. When Sally speculates that Thorne is to blame, Stephanie counters that Macy has caused most of the problems in that relationship. Angry, Sally boasts that Stephanie must have some idea of what it's like to watch the person in your life go after another person because of Eric. Stephanie is outraged by the statement and orders Sally to leave.

Lauren finds Stephanie with a terrible headache and learns that Sally just stopped by. She worries that Sally mentioned her meeting with Clarke but is then caught offguard to hear Stephanie talk about her strong feelings for Eric.

Brooke and Grant enjoy their night out at the Café Russe and as they dance, Brooke notices Captain Harper at the bar and suggests they stop by and say hello. Grant convinces her not to and then later tries to approach the man but finds him gone. He does find a matchbook from a hotel and guesses that he might be staying there.

Friday, February 14, 1997
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Stephanie urges Thorne to give up on Taylor for the sake of the family.

Lauren seeks out Ridge's advice regarding Stephanie and Eric and Ridge confirms that his mother hopes to get back together with her ex-husband. Lauren goes to see Eric and stuns him with the news that she wants to back down from their relationship for a little while. He guesses that it's because he refused her designs but she assures him that his decision had nothing to do with it. Lauren leaves, crying to herself after making the sacrifice for Stephanie's sake.

Claudia has a chat with Taylor about Thorne and admits that while she had the opportunity, she did not sleep with Thorne. Taylor accuses her of having feelings for Thorne and suggests that she stay away. Claudia counters that it might be better if they both stayed away though she adds that it would be best if Taylor completely forgot about Thorne.

Thorne confronts his brother and reveals that nothing happened between him and Claudia. He lays into his brother for the way he talked toTaylor at the family dinner last night and for embarrassing Taylor. Ridge warns Thorne that he doesn't have a chance with Taylor.

Thorne heads to Taylor's where he claims Claudia is only a good friend. He then surprises Taylor with airplane tickets for two and asks her to go away with him.

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