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B&B Recaps: The week of February 3, 1997 on The Bold and the Beautiful
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Monday, February 3, 1997

   Taylor wonders why she and Ridge are fighting all the time. Thorne goes to see shows up at Taylor's door. Thorne tells Taylor what happened with Macy. He tells her he needs someone to talk to. She tells him about lunch with Ridge. She tells him about Ridge's tirade about Thorne. They finally break down and laugh at their situations. Taylor and Thorne drink to broken hearts. Thorne asks Taylor if he should talk to Ridge for her. She tells him not unless he keeps her name out of it. Thorne tells her that she is the only thing he and Ridge have in common at the moment. Taylor asks if she should call Macy. He laughs saying, "I am talking to Ridge for you, you are talking to Macy for me. Why don't we just talk to each other?"
   Meanwhile, Stephanie notices Ridge is home and asks how it went. He tells her fine until Thorne's name was mentioned and it went south from there. Stephanie begs him to work out their differences. Ridge says, "He is so busy trying to save the world, he's destroying his own marriage." Stephanie tells Ridge to tell Thorne that. She figures it might mean something coming from Ridge.
   Stephanie wonders where Thorne is. Ridge tells her that he better not be at Taylor's because he told Thorne that she was off limits. Claudia comes in blaming herself about the divorce. Ridge tells her she had nothing to do with the divorce. Ridge tells Stephanie that tomorrow he will spend some time with Thorne. Stephanie still wondering where Thorne is, she asks Claudia. But Claudia just says he was pretty upset when he left. Stephanie calls the office to track him down. But no luck.
   Grant tells Brooke she needs to unwind, to just sit back and have some champagne. She realizes that he has hopes for sex, and tells him she just isn't ready yet and doesn't know when she will be ready. Grant leaves and ends up at a bar where he runs into Clarke. When Grant realizes that Clarke has figured out that his marriage hasn't been consummated yet, he tells him to drop it. Clarke tells him that until he sleeps with her it is not considered a marriage. Brooke can get an annulment. When Grant speaks with the bartender, he learns that one of the men in the bar is the man who married him and Brooke. That same man is a con man who pretends to marry people on his boat.
   Thorne tells Taylor that he is moving on. He also tells her that eventually she will move on to. He knows it will be hard but with friends and family and him to lean on. She will get through it. She tells him "That makes a difference." Thorne says he can count on coming over to her house and talking. But she means more than that to him. She hugs him. Thorne says, "I'll have to use you, you'll use me. That's what good relationships are all about. I'll be here for you Taylor." They hug and he kisses her head. As they are doing so, Stephanie happens to walk by the window. She bursts in demanding to know what is going on. She asks, "What have the two of you done?"

Tuesday, February 4, 1997

At the pool, Claudia asks if Ridge found Thorne. Claudia tells him that it would really make Thorne happy if Ridge and he made up. She tells him that Thorne tried to help him not hurt him. She asks what could Thorne possibly gain. She tells Ridge that Thorne would never betray him.
   Stephanie is furious to find Taylor and Thorne hugging. Taylor tries to explain what was going on. But Stephanie doesn't want to hear any details. Stephanie orders Thorne to get in the car so they can go home. She tells him he betrayed his brother. He tells her he is not a child. Taylor tells Thorne to go home so he and Stephanie can talk. He heads out the door but refuses to ride with his mother.
   Clarke calls Lauren trying to get her to come to Spectra. She tells him she is not interested. Then Eric comes into her office. She tells him they have some unfinished business. He knows exactly where they left off and kisses her. Lauren tries to convince Eric to put her designs in the fall line. Eric tells Lauren that it's not going to happen. They just do not fit it at Forrester. She is very disappointed. Clarke fantasizes about Lauren wanting him and wanting to work at Spectra. After Eric walks out, Lauren calls Clarke at Spectra. She asks if he is still interested in her designs. They make plans to meet in the morning.
   Stephanie bursts through the front door screaming Thorne's name. Thorne tells her she is overreacting. She asks him if he trying to tear the family apart. She tells him never to tell Ridge. Thorne admits he has feelings for Taylor. She tells him that Ridge is engaged to her and that she belongs with Ridge. He tells her he is tired of her taking Ridge's perfect side. Thorne brings up Ridge sleeping with Caroline as he cries that Ridge doesn't deserve his loyalty.
   Claudia tells Ridge that she would do anything to help Thorne. She continues to blame herself. Claudia convinces Ridge to go make up with his brother right now.
   Stephanie asks if Thorne is using Taylor to get back at Ridge for sleeping with Caroline. She tells him that if he tries to take Taylor away from Ridge she will just despise him. Stephanie just can't allow it. Ridge walks in and tells Thorne he has been looking for him. Ridge tells Thorne he wants to put everything behind them, thanks to Taylor. She convinced him that Thorne has a right to see Taylor. Ridge apologizes for letting things get out of hand. Ridge puts his hand out to shake on it. Thorne laughs saying, "Me helping you get back Taylor." Ridge tells him he hasn't lost her. Thorne replies, "Not yet!" He walks out. Ridge wonders what his problem is. Stephanie tells Ridge she will handle it. Then Ridge realizes his brother has the hots for Taylor.

Wednesday, February 5, 1997

Thursday, February 6, 1997
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Stephanie tells Eric that she saw Thorne and Taylor kissing. Eric asks if Ridge knows about it. Stephanie tells him that Ridge suspects something. Eric wonders why Taylor allowed it to happen. Stephanie thinks Taylor may have feelings for Thorne. Eric tells Stephanie that they must keep Thorne and Taylor apart. Stephanie tells Eric she has an idea . . . a party. Eric leaves.

As Thorne is thinking of Taylor, she arrives at his office. Taylor tells him he has to forget about the other night. He asks if she can do that.

Brooke arrives in Ridge's office with some sketches and tells him to give them to Thorne. Ridge tells her she can do it. Ridge asks how things are with her and Chambers. She simply says fine. He tells her how Grant keeps going on and on about their romantic escapades. Brooke tells him not to believe everything he hears. Ridge realizes that Brooke and Grant haven't made love yet.

Taylor lets Thorne that the other night shouldn't have happened. He can't deny his feelings for her. She tells him she is going to marry Ridge. Thorne says, "I know you have feelings for me too. I can't forget that something special has happened for us. You can't either."

Claudia vows to Stephanie to repay her for her kindness. Stephanie tells Claudia she can tell that she is a very interesting woman with good values. She tells her her parents did a wonderful job. Stephanie has a surprise for Claudia.

Ridge asks Brooke why she hasn't consummated her marriage to Grant. She says it's just not easy letting go.

Two women from Forrester bring Claudia a whole wardrobe of Forrester Originals. Claudia is truly shocked. She models all the outfits.

Brooke asks Ridge if he has moved on. When he tells her he is trying, she asks why he isn't married to Taylor yet. He just says they hit a few bumps, that's all. He tells Brooke he cares for her, but what's done is done. He wants her to be happy in her marriage. She asks if he wants her to go home and make love to her husband. He doesn't answer. When they both realize they aren't getting anywhere Brooke leaves.

Stephanie tells Ridge she is having a party and to invite Taylor. Thorne doesn't like the way Ridge treats her. Thorne promises never to break her heart. Ridge comes in and asks what's going on. Thorne asks what he wants. Ridge tells Thorne to back off. He tells him about the party and then kisses Taylor. Totally disgusted, Thorne walks out.

Claudia comes in a short blue dress. Stephanie tells her to wear it to the party. Stephanie says, "This is going to be a night that's going to be remembered."

Friday, February 7, 1997
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Stephanie stops by Taylor's place and explains why she is throwing the dinner party tonight. Taylor lets Stephanie that she is worried about sitting down with Ridge and Thorne. Stephanie impresses upon her the need for togetherness, reminding her that she will be Ridge's date tonight and assuring her that she will not tell Ridge what she saw the other night.

Thorne walks in on Ridge as he dresses for the big bash and when Ridge comments that Taylor's driving herself to the party, Thorne accuses his brother of not treating Taylor like a lady. Ridge warns his brother to stay away from Taylor tonight.

As the party gets underway, Claudia makes a grand entrance wearing one of Ridge's designs and wowing the Forresters. Ridge makes a toast all the beautiful women in the room. Stephanie pushes Claudia to be with Thorne. Meanwhile, Ridge flirts with Taylor, angering Thorne who can't take his eyes off them. Thorne thinks that Ridge is embarrassing her. Finally, when he can take it no longer, Thorne storms out. When Taylor threatens to go after him, Ridge asks her not to. Instead, Claudia runs to Thorne.

Macy complains to Sally about the sorry state of her marriage. She explains her feeling that Thorne has no interest in working on their relationship because he's involved with another woman. But she can't believe that his involvement with Claudia is the reason because it happened so fast. Macy decides that another woman must have his attention and vows to find out who she could be.

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