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B&B Recaps: The week of January 13, 1997 on The Bold and the Beautiful
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Monday, January 13, 1997
by Lisa Flam

Eric goes to Lauren's and flirts a little. He asks if she needs a ride to the wedding. He tells her he is little worried about Ridge trying to stop Brooke's wedding the night before his. Lauren tells not to worry about it. He then suggests that he and Lauren go away together on a little vacation.

Taylor, very angry, tells Ridge that he still has feelings for Brooke. She asks him what would have happened if he's made it on time. He just keeps telling her he only wants to marry her. Taylor then announces to him that the wedding is being postponed until he can decide which woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Ridge then goes looking for Thorne to blame him for his mess.

Thorne is at Claudia's where she is apologizing for all the trouble she has caused. Then Thorne reveals to her that Macy is the one who turned her in to the INS. Thorne promises to get her the best immigration lawyers and tells her she has to fight hard to stay in the country.

Sally mentions to Clarke about Brooke's wedding. Clarke wonders if anyone actually saw this wedding take place. Macy interrupts their conversation with the news that Claudia has been released. She automatically assumed that Thorne made the arrangements.

Tuesday, January 14, 1997
by Lisa Flam

Claudia goes to Macy's office to confront her about turning her in. They argue back and forth. Claudia accusing Macy of being insecure. Macy tells her she isn't stupid and she knows what she is up to. Jack and Stephanie talk about Eric. Jack thinks there is something going on with Eric and Stephanie. Stephanie changes the subject to Taylor and Ridge. Taylor talks to James about her situation without actually telling him anything. Ridge confronts Thorne. Immediately they begin to argue. Ridge tells Thorne that it wasn't his place to tell Taylor. Thorne says well you weren't.

As Stephanie are about to walk out the door to go pick up Taylor, the phone rings and it is Taylor. Before Taylor could say anything the phone conversation was over. Ridge asks Thorne what it feels like to betray your own brother.

Claudia tries to explain that she is not after her Thorne. She is a woman of principle, not a whore. She didn't try to seduce him. She was simply thanking him. She explains that Macy may have caused her to be killed if she is sent back.

When Stephanie gets to Taylor's, she notices that she is not dressed. Taylor tells her that there is going to be a wedding tonight. Stephanie knows what happened and half expected it. She tells Taylor not to over re-act. Taylor crying her eyes out, says she can't go into a marriage like this always wondering if he loves Brooke.

Thorne tells Ridge he doesn't deserve Taylor. Ridge tells he is no longer his brother, he is enemy. Ridge punches Thorne and leaves. Thorne just lies there doing nothing.

Wednesday, January 15, 1997
by Lisa Flam

The show opens with Grant saying "Hello Mrs. Chambers" while Brooke looks very glum. They talk about him being a father to her children. She is very skeptical. She tells him she just can't believe Ridge actually married Taylor.

Stephanie blasts Ridge for doing this to Taylor. He thinks Taylor is over reacting. Stephanie tell him he's in serious trouble.

Thorne goes to see Taylor to make sure she is okay. Thorne blames himself for the postponement. She tell shim she's grateful for him giving her the information.

Ridge goes on about Thorne is to blame. They rehash on the things Brooke has done. Stephanie tells Ridge to go to Taylor and make her understand or he will lose her forever.

Brooke tells Grant she doesn't feel married. He tells her that they should do what married people do. She says she's not ready. Brooke tells Grant that Ridge is the only man she ever loved. Grant tells her to just let him go. He believes that he and her can be happy together. He says if he didn't believe that, then he would've called the wedding off. Brooke doesn't think she can be the wife he wants her to be. He wants her to let him love her his way and they kiss. Then she goes into the changing room.

Taylor tells Thorne that Ridge will get over it and things will go back to the norm. She tells him one day they will be married. Right now he needs time to resolve his feelings for Brooke.

Grant calls his house, where Taylor is and shocked when she answered the phone. Taylor tells Grant what happened. Grant tells her that she is reading too much into this. Grant says he plains to stay married.

Then the phone call is cut short by a knock at the door. It's Ridge. He apologizes for the way they left things. He told her Thorne deserved what he got. She tells him she was on the phone with Grant. He immediately jumps at her asking "What did he say?" He wants to know if they are married. She just glares at him.

Brooke comes out in a sexy white flowing nightgown. She tells him she never thought she'd wear anything like that for anyone but Ridge. He start to tell her something. (I think about Ridge and Taylor.) Brooke says "Don't say anything." She says Ridge made his decision and married Taylor. He decides not tell her. They kiss. He tell her he loves her and they fall back on the bed kissing.

Thursday, January 16, 1997

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Friday, January 17, 1997
by Lisa Flam

We open with Brook telling Katie how disappointed she was that Ridge didn't try to contact her. Katie insists that Brooke take a few days off. But she declines saying it won't help.

When Ridge get to work he is shocked to find Grant in his office. When Ridge thinks out loud about whether or not the wedding even took place. When Grant begins to boast about the wedding and honeymoon, they begin to argue ending with Grant throwing Ridge out. Then as the smile fades from his face he wonders how Brooke will react to the news that Ridge tried to stop her from marrying him.

Stephanie is outraged to find out that Taylor told Grant about her wedding being canceled. When Taylor stops by to offer Grant congratulations, she and Grant want to know what is going on with Ridge and BRooke. Stephanie stops by to offer Brroke her congratulations on her marriage. As they are talking she realizes that BRooke is unaware that Ridge and Taylor have not married. Stephanie decides not to spill the beans and leaves. Ridge finally goes to see Brooke and ends up telling her that his marriage to Taylor did not take place.

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