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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill talked to Justin, Wyatt, and Liam about how Liam had told Steffy about his horrible review of Sally Spectra's designs. Bill lamented that Liam's honesty had cost them the Spectra property.

Wyatt and Liam noted that Bill had been obsessed with the building. Bill denied it at first, but then he said he had a new focus. Conversation turned to Bill's wedding to Brooke. Bill announced that they were getting married that day, and he wanted the three of them to join him.

Justin, Wyatt, and Liam teased that they had try to fit it into their schedules, but they all said they wouldn't miss it for the world. Bill announced that he was marrying the girl of his dreams.

Wyatt and Liam noted that Bill had never given up on Brooke, and it had all worked out. Bill agreed, but he added that Ridge had to have done something really bad to screw up his wedding to Brooke in Australia.

Bill made calls about flowers and security for the wedding. He explained that the ceremony and everything would be simple because all he and Brooke needed was each other. Wyatt, Liam, and Justin agreed.

In Quinn's office at Forrester, Quinn, Ivy, and Katie discussed some of the big statement pieces they had created for the new line. Katie asked if Ivy and Quinn had looked at the designs that Katie had done the previous day. Katie knew she wasn't a designer, but she wanted them to add a few tweaks and run it past Eric. Ivy and Quinn exchanged a glance, and Katie said she had to leave because Brooke was getting married.

Quinn assumed Brooke was marrying Bill, but she wondered if Ridge had given up on her. Katie said Ridge would never give up. Quinn hurriedly said she had to talk to Brooke before she left.

After Quinn had gone, Katie said it was odd that Quinn was in a rush to see Brooke. Katie noted that Brooke had feelings for Ridge but intended to marry Bill.

At Forrester, R.J. asked if Brooke was going to wear her tacky ring for all eternity. He asked what had happened with Brooke and Ridge. Brooke said she would always love Ridge, but she was going to marry Bill. R.J. questioned if Brooke might change her mind because she and Ridge always wound up together again. He advised her not to marry Bill because she might "realize it was Dad you wanted to spend the rest of your life with." Quinn barged in and said she had to talk to Brooke. R.J. left.

Quinn wondered why Brooke was in such a rush to marry Bill. She wondered if Brooke had really ended things with Ridge. Brooke wondered if things were really over between Ridge and Quinn. Quinn maintained that she'd had no contact with Ridge.

Brooke reminded Quinn that she had seen Quinn and Ridge kiss in Australia. It had made Brooke call off her wedding and her engagement. Quinn tried to convince Brooke that it was over. She was committed to Eric and her marriage.

Quinn wondered if Brooke had reconsidered her marriage to Bill. She wondered how Brooke could turn her back on Ridge. Brooke said that Ridge and Quinn were a lot alike. They both had a dark side -- a deep flaw. Quinn continued to quiz Brooke about Ridge, and Brooke questioned Quinn about what she would do if she were in Brooke's position.

Brooke said she had two men interested in her, and she wondered who Quinn would choose. Quinn said she was happily married. But Brooke pressed her for an answer because Quinn had had relationships with both Ridge and Bill. Quinn answered that she and Bill had never gotten along, but they shared a son. Quinn added that Ridge and Brooke also shared a son. Brooke asked if Quinn would be upset if she chose to marry Ridge.

Quinn noted that Ridge meant nothing to her, and it was a ridiculous question. However, she added that Brooke seemed conflicted and confused about her relationship with Ridge. Quinn was convinced that Brooke was having second thoughts.

Ridge entered, and Quinn left. "Don't do it. Don't marry Spencer. You will regret it," Ridge said. Brooke told Ridge that she had discussed her wedding with R.J., and he seemed to be all right with it. Ridge returned the conversation to why a wedding with Bill would be a huge mistake.

Ridge wanted to travel back in time to change things that had gone wrong. Ridge added they had both made mistakes over the years, but they always found their way back to each other. Ridge tried to convince Brooke not to marry Bill Spencer.

Ridge said he would return to her house and wait for her by the fountain that afternoon, the same place they had reconnected the last time. Brooke flashed back to Ridge's return for her when she had seen him at the top of a staircase above the fountain that flowed down to where she had been waiting. Ridge promised to wait for her to start their next chapter.

"Come home to me," Ridge said. He asked her to spend the rest of her days with him. "Marry me. Be my wife," he said. Brooke smiled.

In another office, R.J. met with Coco. He told her that his mother was going to marry Bill Spencer. Coco wondered how he felt about that, and R.J. said he wanted his mother to be happy. Coco wondered if Bill Spencer would be an intimidating stepfather. R.J. said Bill wasn't so bad once he'd gotten to know him.

R.J. added that his parents always seemed to find their way back to each other. He knew that his dad wouldn't give up on his mother. R.J. and Coco discussed that Ridge could turn on the charm and might still win Brooke back. They joked that it was a Forrester trait that ran in the family -- turning on the charm. They laughed and kissed.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

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• Pam feels sorry for her nephew.

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