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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Wyatt entered Steffy's office and looked at the wedding band tattoo on his finger. He told her that her Sexy CEO photo shoot had gone well and was trending in social media. Thomas entered and asked about the campaign. He sneered that it had clearly been Wyatt's idea.

Wyatt ignored Thomas and said there was more good news at Forrester because his mother and Ridge had been a hit at the symposium in San Francisco. He encouraged Steffy and Thomas to meet in Quinn's office to hear the news.

In Quinn's office, she flashed back to her kiss with Ridge at the hotel in San Francisco. She took a call from Eric and told him she missed him. She couldn't wait to see him. She explained that she had taken the private jet home, and Ridge had returned on a commercial flight. Eric thought that was odd, but she said she thought Ridge had some other business to attend to.

Eric said he knew that Quinn and Ridge had to update Steffy about the symposium, but Eric wanted his own personal update as soon as possible. Quinn gushed that it had gone well, and she was curious how Eric had fared without her. "I hated being without you," she said. Eric agreed and said it was funny that they had only been apart one night, but it had seemed longer. Ridge eavesdropped on Quinn's side of the conversation. Quinn hung up and promised to see Eric soon. Ridge entered and closed the door.

"Someone feeling guilty?" Ridge asked. He wondered why. Quinn regretted that she had not left San Francisco sooner. Steffy, Wyatt, and Thomas barged in to hear about the success in San Francisco. They had all heard that Quinn and Ridge had praised one another's talents. Ridge and Quinn were quiet.

Wyatt joked that there was something juicy they were keeping from everyone. Ridge ordered Wyatt to take a breath and stop talking. Ridge said that he and Quinn had complimented each other and impressed everyone because they had simply acknowledged each other's accomplishments and talents. "I still have issues with her," Ridge said. But he added that they would all learn to work together.

Ridge sent everyone out of the office, and he closed the door. Quinn said she knew what would happen next. "You're going to leave the office and tell your father what happened, aren't you?" she quizzed.

Quinn worried that Ridge would tell his father that she had crossed the line -- something he had wanted her to do all along. She lamented that he would soon destroy her marriage, but she made an impassioned plea for how much she loved Eric.

Quinn knew Ridge had his proof, and she could deny it, but it would mean lying to her husband. She refused to do that to the only man she had ever loved. She knew that Ridge would shatter her world. "And I will be gone," she said.

Ridge agreed she had figured out his plan and caught him. "And I admitted it," he said. But he added that something had happened in San Francisco. He had gotten to know her better. "I allowed myself to know you better. I'm not gonna say anything to my dad," Ridge promised.

Quinn wondered what else he had planned to trap her. Ridge's reaction to her had been one of her worst nightmares for a long time. Ridge answered that he wanted them to try to get along. Quinn agreed it was what Eric had wanted all along. Ridge demanded that she had to stop controlling people. Quinn agreed.

Ridge said that whatever the breakthrough in San Francisco had been, they had to build on it. Quinn reminded him that she loved her husband. She didn't know what had happened with the flirtations with Ridge, and she couldn't explain it. "I am in love with Eric," she said. Ridge understood. "Eric can never know. This will be our secret," she said. Ridge agreed.

Liam sent a text message to Ridge to see what had happened in San Francisco. Ridge responded that things had not gone as planned. Liam was disappointed and flashed back to an argument he'd had with Steffy about how she believed that once the divorce was final, they would be together. Liam had argued that once the divorce was final wasn't soon enough because Quinn had been working overtime to break them up. He also flashed back to a time that he had encouraged Ridge to get rid of Quinn. Liam was distraught, and he left the house.

At Eric's house, Katie delivered mail that had been dropped at her house by mistake. They discussed that it was from Eric's brother. Eric encouraged her to stay and keep him company, but Katie said she was uncomfortable visiting Eric without Quinn's permission. Eric wondered if Quinn had really intimidated Katie, and she said that Quinn had. Katie and Eric laughed.

Katie wondered how things had gone at the symposium. Eric said that Ridge and Quinn had been a hit. He believed that Quinn and Ridge would learn something about each other and learn to get along. He was happy that it had gone well because he had forced them to present at the symposium. "I want this for Quinn and Ridge. They may find something between them that they didn't even know was there," Eric gushed.

In Steffy's office, Liam barged in and said she had to listen to him. He said they had been tested more than any other couple, and he was tired of it. She wondered why he was so fired up. He said she had not been listening to him. "You shouldn't have moved out, and it's not fair what your grandfather has done," he said. He said his father had given him a lecture on patience and reminded him that Spencers never gave up. "And that includes Wyatt," he said.

Liam insisted that Quinn had never paid for her crimes. She had tried to murder him, kidnapped him, taken advantage of him, and stolen months from them. "We will never get that back," he said. Liam worried that Steffy was placating Wyatt. "You're not doing me or Wyatt any favors," Liam said. Steffy shook her head.

Liam lamented that Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt had gone too far trying to bribe her to move into the Forrester mansion. He wanted to stop worrying and begging her to move back in. He wanted their relationship back on track.

At the Forrester mansion, Wyatt entered and told Eric that Quinn and Ridge had been an absolute hit at the symposium. Eric smiled and said he had missed her. He added that he loved Quinn like Wyatt loved Steffy. Wyatt thanked Eric for supporting him and his marriage.

Eric said that Wyatt should work on his marriage, but Wyatt disagreed. He said he had wanted to win Steffy over, but it was time to admit that what they had done was unfair. "Three of us against my brother -- it's not right and not fair," Wyatt said.

Wyatt planned to move back to his beach house. Eric said Wyatt always had a home with Eric and Quinn. "This is the Forrester house. I'm not a Forrester," Wyatt said. He thanked Eric because Eric had given his mother peace and happiness. They had created a beautiful, inspiring relationship, and he knew they would never let each other down. "I know that my mom will never let you down," Wyatt said.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Liam is about to lose his mind because Steffy still isn't home.

• Quinn can't understand Ridge's motives.

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