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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill flashed back to when he had given his sword necklace to Brooke, and he fondly recalled embracing Brooke at the opera house in Australia after she had decided not to marry Ridge.

Jarrett and Wyatt entered and said they had news. Bill assumed the Spectra fashion show had been an epic fail. Jarrett shared that buyers and reporters had been amazed at the quality of the show, but the Spectras had clearly ripped off the Forresters.

Bill was amazed that the Spectras had jumped on Forrester designs again and beaten them to the runway. Wyatt wondered what would happen when buyers found out the designs were Forrester knockoffs. Bill and Jarrett explained that no one cared because the quality and prices were attractive. Bill was frustrated. "My skyscraper, dammit!" Bill screamed.

Wyatt wanted Bill to calm down, but Bill was really angry that his dream was on hold. He refused to allow it to happen. Wyatt wondered if Thomas had something to do with the Spectras stealing designs from Forrester. Bill said Thomas was involved with Sally, but he would never have sold out his own family. "She duped him," Bill said.

Bill added that Sally had sold her soul and the relationship with Thomas so that Spectra could come out on top. "This will turn around and bite them on the ass," Bill said of Spectra. He insisted Spencer would move ahead with their plans to take the building. "That building will be bulldozed as planned," he said.

Bill threatened Wyatt and Jarrett that Spectra would not stop his dream. He wanted a crew on scene at Spectra to take down the building in the morning. He added that Wyatt had better not argue with him, and Jarrett had better give Spectra the scathing review Bill expected. Wyatt and Jarrett left.

Later, Brooke showed up, and Bill was glad to see her. He said he had given her space, and Brooke said she appreciated it. Bill said that he had known Forrester would let her down. He guessed it had to be something pretty bad for her to cancel her wedding the night before it was scheduled. Brooke agreed. Bill asked if she wanted to discuss it, and she said she didn't.

Bill guessed that Ridge had begged for forgiveness. "Don't tell me you forgave him," Bill said. Brooke said she had not. Bill wondered what Brooke wanted to discuss. "I have something for you," she said, and she presented his sword necklace and put it around his neck.

Brooke reminded Bill that when he had given it to her, he had told her it had guided him and given him strength. She thanked him because it had done the same for her.

Brooke said she wanted to return the necklace to Bill because it had given her strength and returned her to him. She said she planned to take control of her life. She called the necklace a symbol of love and honesty and respect. "And everything that you've shown me," she said. She promised to never take him for granted, and she called him her stallion. Bill made his horse noises, and they kissed and smiled.

At Forrester, Brooke, Thomas, Steffy, and R.J. discussed what had happened, and Brooke noted that it had happened frequently with the original Sally Spectra.

Steffy was angry, and Brooke said it didn't matter what they did. Ridge and Rick were meeting with Carter to see if something could be done, but in the meantime, they had to have a plan.

Steffy said they had to scrap the designs and start over. Discussion turned to how they had to go back to the drawing board. Steffy and Brooke agreed they could give no credibility to Spectra. Thomas pointed out that it would be costly to start over, but Steffy said they had no choice. She refused to allow Spectra to get away with stealing a collection.

Brooke and Steffy ordered R.J. and Thomas to have absolutely no contact with Sally or Coco. Thomas said there was no chance of that. Steffy acknowledged to R.J. that Coco had probably not been involved, and she understood that Sally had used Coco. R.J. defended Coco, but Steffy said there was nothing they could do, and he had to stay away from her and Spectra.

Thomas and R.J. met in another office, and R.J. professed that Coco had had nothing to do with stealing designs. Thomas said he wanted to believe Coco, but it didn't matter. No one would agree to allow her to stay on as an intern. R.J. objected, but Thomas said it was over for Sally and Coco. "Move on, R.J. Let it go. It's what you need to do," Thomas advised, and he left.

At Spectra, Sally met with her sister, and Coco wondered how Sally could use her own sister as a spy, especially after Coco had made it clear that she had refused to be a spy. "I thought you were being nice and giving me a gift with the jewelry," Coco said.

Coco angrily accused Sally of never caring. "I never thought my own sister would betray me," she said. Sally insisted that Coco had not been involved, and R.J. would understand. She had to tell him. Sally promised to tell him the truth.

Coco said she had already told R.J. the truth. "He believed me," Coco said. But she added that his family had thrown her out and never wanted to see her again. "We had amazing opportunities," Coco said. Sally argued that it would have never lasted because they were Spectras. She parroted her grandmother's opinion that the Foresters would never have real feelings for the Spectras.

Coco disagreed. "You ruined it for both of us," Coco said. Sally confided that she had felt like a failure because their grandmother would not let up on how Thomas would leave her and she would never be good enough for him. Sally lamented losing him and stealing from him. "The thing I regret the most is hurting you and ruining your dream," Sally said. "You ruined both our dreams," Coco replied, and she left.

Steffy showed up at Spectra and entered Sally's office. "I just wanted to stop by and say thank you," Steffy said. She explained that Thomas and everyone would finally see Sally for who she really was. Sally said her sister, Coco, hadn't known anything about the plan to steal designs. She begged Steffy not to punish her. Steffy scoffed.

Steffy told Sally that she had made a huge mistake. Thomas had really liked Sally, and the entire family had liked her. "You had a place in his heart," Steffy said.

Steffy wondered what had happened to Sally's desire to be a respected designer. "Why would you resort to stealing?" she asked. Sally explained that Spencer had given her the terrible review, and she had been desperate. Sally said that Steffy lived in a platinum world and wouldn't understand. However, Sally, her grandmother, and Coco had needed to scrounge for everything they achieved after her parents left.

Steffy argued that Sally could have done things differently because, after her stunt, she had ruined any chance she had of being respected. Sally admitted she had thrown it all away, but she couldn't go back and make it right. "All I can say is I'm sorry, and I'm disappointed in everyone, including myself," she said.

Sally added that on the plus side, Spectra was alive again, and she owed it all to Steffy and her family. She hoped someday she would have the approval of the Forresters and could at least be friends with Thomas. She hoped he would forgive her one day.

Sally hoped she could be friends with Steffy one day, too, just like their namesakes had been friends. Steffy glared at Sally. "You're just trash. Don't come anywhere near my company or my family," Steffy said coldly. She also warned Sally to communicate the message to her little sister and her grandmother. Steffy turned and left.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Coco tells R.J that she'll do it.

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