Wednesday, May 20, 2015
by Pam

Rick was woozy and heard the muffled voices of Brooke, Eric, and the doctor. They discussed how lucky Rick was to have survived the car crash. Rick opened his eyes. He was in his bedroom at the Forrester mansion, and he asked about Maya. "Is she here?" Rick asked in a panic.

Rick continued to quiz Eric and Brooke, who tried to calm him down. Rick maintained that he had to see Maya. He had to talk to her. She had been ahead of him on the road from Big Bear.

The doctor told Rick that he was lucky he hadn't sustained a head injury. The doctor suggested that Rick relax and take care of himself first. The doctor left, and Brooke insisted that Rick calm down. Rick wanted to call Maya, but Brooke reminded Rick that Maya had lied to him.

Rick argued that Maya had not been clear about some things, but there were no lies. He insisted that he still loved her, and he tried to get out of bed, but his ribs hurt. Brooke ordered Rick to stay in bed.

Brooke said there would be no more discussion until Rick got some rest. Rick said he had offended Maya and hadn't meant to do it. He realized that what he'd said to Bill and his dad had upset her. Rick wanted a phone. Brooke refused and told Rick that Maya could wait.

Rick blamed Bill for the publicity and Ridge because Ridge had known, but Brooke and Eric said that no one had wanted to tell Rick because that had been up to Maya. Brooke reiterated that Rick needed to rethink his feelings.

Brooke said that Maya should have told Rick before he'd made her the face of the company. Rick said he still wanted to marry Maya. Rick shook his head that everybody had been talking behind his back. Ridge and Carter had issued cryptic warnings. "I didn't know Maya -- they kept saying," Rick said. Brooke and Eric told Rick to get some rest. They promised to spend the night, and they went downstairs.

In her old apartment Maya was in tears, and she typed a letter of resignation on a laptop computer. She recalled Rick's words about how he would handle the scandal, humiliation, and mockery because he had done it countless times before. She remembered he had called it a disaster.

A knock on Maya's door interrupted her thoughts. Nicole entered, and Maya was glad that Nicole had found the apartment. Nicole asked why Maya was there. Maya explained that it was where she had lived before. "This is where I live now," she said. Nicole sat down and hugged her sister. "It was my fault," Nicole said. She explained that she had told Wyatt about Maya.

Maya was shocked. She scolded Nicole for telling the biggest publisher in the industry and reminded her sister that Nicole had tried to dissuade Maya from telling the man she loved, but Nicole had told a perfect stranger. "Please believe me. I didn't want to hurt you," Nicole cried.

Maya said it wasn't all Nicole's fault. Maya admitted she should have handled it differently.

Nicole assumed that Rick had walked out on Maya, but Maya said that she had been the one to walk out. Maya admitted that Rick had proposed, and it had been the "most beautiful, romantic moment" of her life, and she'd wanted to say yes, but she hadn't been able to until she'd told Rick the truth.

Maya shared that Rick had been shocked and disappointed that she hadn't told him sooner. "He still loved me," Maya said. Nicole wondered what had gone wrong.

Maya explained that Rick had been upset that Brooke, Eric, Carter, and Ridge had all known before she'd told Rick. Then Rick's phone had lit up with all the stories that had appeared online, and Rick had called his father, but the conversation had been about how much shame and embarrassment the news had caused at Forrester. "I wasn't gonna sit there and listen to that," Maya said.

Maya lamented that she and Rick could have handled everything, but the media fallout and press backlash had put his career, his business, and his family in a horrible situation. Maya added that she had resigned from Forrester.

Nicole was surprised. "You can't quit," she said. Maya said that she had to because Rick needed someone he could trust and rely on. Nicole maintained that Forrester could endure a little bad press, but Maya disagreed. "Rick is a good man, but this is bigger than us," she said.

Nicole asked what had happened to end the relationship. Maya explained that she had left the cabin and driven home in her car, and Rick had followed her. He had called her repeatedly on her cell phone, and when Maya had finally answered, she'd asked if he'd still wanted to marry her, but he'd hung up.

Maya lamented that Rick would have accepted her if she had told him before anyone else had found out -- especially Ridge. Nicole asked if Maya had checked her phone to see if Rick had called, and Maya said she'd turned it off because she'd received so many media calls.

At Forrester, Pam lamented that every tabloid had news that Maya was transgender. Ridge said Bill was taking advantage of it. Pam said that Charlie had predicted that Maya was transgender, but she hadn't believed him. Ridge was surprised that Charlie had known, but Pam explained that Charlie hadn't heard it from anyone. He had just known.

Jake entered with the email Maya had sent to HR -- her resignation. He asked if he should forward it to Rick or Eric, but Ridge stepped in. "I'll take care of it." Ridge said.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Eric sat in the living room and stared at the portrait of Maya. Brooke said that Maya should have told Rick sooner. "She let him down just like Amber and Caroline -- every other woman in Rick's life," Brooke said. She wondered where Maya was -- she should have been with Rick.

Eric defended Maya. He said she probably felt unwelcome, and she might not have known about Rick's accident. Brooke reiterated that she hoped Rick would take some time to rethink his feelings.

Eric and Brooke talked, and the front door opened. Ridge entered, and he overheard them, but he slipped past them, unnoticed. He headed straight upstairs to see Rick. Ridge asked Rick what he wanted to do about the press, and Rick said that Forrester did not respond to negative publicity.

Ridge said he had some other news, and he handed Maya's resignation letter to Rick. "No, no, no, she can't do this," Rick exclaimed. Ridge offered to help. He said that Rick was clearly tied up with personal problems. "Then I will take over," Ridge offered. Rick knew that Ridge would take advantage of the situation.

Ridge laid into Rick. He accused Rick of being arrogant when he had taken up with Maya. Ridge shouted that Rick had tried to make Maya the next Forrester matriarch and had even put her painting up in the mansion.

Ridge accused Rick of freaking out on Maya just like he had with Caroline. "You snapped. You lost it like you always lose it," Ridge said. Ridge berated Rick. "You brought this on yourself," Ridge said. He walked out of the room, and Rick, in severe pain, jumped out of bed and chased after Ridge.

. . .

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