Wednesday, March 25, 2015
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Rick and Maya shared martinis in the living room, and Nicole sat with them. Rick gushed to Nicole that what he loved most about Maya was her self-acceptance. Maya knew herself, and she didn't apologize for it, Rick said. Maya smiled.

Nicole listened intently. Maya inquired about Rick's day, and they discussed Ivy. Rick said Ivy had been difficult, and Maya agreed. Rick said he didn't like Ivy's attitude. Nicole wondered what the problem was because she liked Ivy.

Rick explained that Ivy was his cousin, but she dated Liam, who was Caroline's cousin. Nicole guessed that Ivy supported Caroline. Rick said Ivy had accused Maya of being a gold-digger and pretending to be something she wasn't. "The irony was that Caroline was the one keeping secrets," Rick said.

Rick explained that Maya had been totally up-front with him. Nicole noted that Maya would never take advantage of him. Nicole offered to talk to Ivy and smooth things over. Rick agreed it might be a good idea, but Maya refused. Maya didn't want anyone interfering in a personal issue. Maya said that if Ivy had done something wrong at Forrester, Rick should fire her, but they had no reason to discuss a personal issue with Ivy.

Nicole argued that she would be happy to try. Maya adamantly refused and asked Nicole to leave the room so she could have some time alone with Rick. After Nicole left, Maya looked uncomfortable, and Rick wondered what was wrong. "Rick, there is something I need to tell you," she said.

At Ridge's place, Bill visited Ridge. Bill eyed the painting of Caroline and teased that Ridge had to have liked becoming an artist in Europe. Ridge agreed. Ridge asked what Bill wanted, and Bill talked about Ridge's designing abilities.

Ridge wondered if Bill had been concerned about him. Bill said that he was concerned about Forrester because he owned part of it. Bill said the Forresters had a thing for paintings. Rick had a giant portrait of Maya in the Forrester mansion, and Ridge had one of Bill's niece.

Bill stared disapprovingly at the portrait of Caroline. Ridge said Caroline was beautiful and had offered to pose for it. "It's my niece. It's disgusting," Bill said. Ridge promised to share Bill's review of the painting with Caroline.

Bill wanted to know if Ridge had thought about the takeover. Ridge said it couldn't happen without Steffy. Ridge handed Bill a beer, and Bill worried that the company might not last long if Rick remained at the helm. Ridge said he felt things would turn around.

Bill countered that Ridge and Rick had daddy issues, and daddy had apparently chosen Rick over Ridge. Ridge said that Rick would fall soon enough. Bill said Liam had been interested in the takeover because of the way Rick treated Ivy. Ridge noted that Liam was preoccupied with Ivy.

Bill asked how much it would cost to take over, and Ridge said Forrester wasn't for sale. Bill disagreed. Bill wondered what, if anything, Ridge and Caroline had in common. Ridge told Bill to remember that Caroline had been fresh off a divorce. Bill noted that the six-month waiting period was a good thing because people changed their minds. Ridge said that Rick had lost his mind.

Ridge reminded Bill that Rick was out of the picture because he was with Maya. Bill worried that the company needed leadership, but it had done extremely well because of Ridge and Caroline's designs. Ridge predicted that Rick would eventually go off the deep end. He added that Maya had a lot to do with it, and her sister was in town. "You never knew what you're going to get with Maya Avant," Bill said.

At Liam's, Ivy entered and said it was nice to be away from Forrester and Rick. Liam said that Rick didn't know what he'd been talking about when he'd insulted Ivy's work. Liam promised a special evening to take Ivy's mind off Rick. "Rick who?" asked Ivy playfully.

Liam handed Ivy a glass of wine, and they discussed that Ivy could work from Liam's house, but Ivy teased that Liam would never do well with the clutter she would have. Ivy encouraged Liam to tell her more about the surprise evening he'd planned for her. "Is it a Ferrari? Because I've always wanted one," Ivy joked.

Ivy lamented that she and Rick had been cousins and on friendly terms at one time, but when Rick had lost Caroline to Ridge, Rick had taken it out on everyone. Later, Liam cooked Ivy dinner, and they fed each other dessert. Ivy thanked Liam for a great evening, and Liam joked that Ivy could always kiss up to Maya to get on Rick's good side.

Ivy shared that Rick and Maya had treated Aly and Ivy horribly at the Forrester house. Liam wondered if Rick and Maya were really in love. Ivy thought they were. Ivy had originally thought Rick was on the rebound after Caroline, but it seemed that Rick and Maya had been sticking together like glue. Ivy added that with Nicole living at the Forrester house, it was a different dynamic because Nicole seemed to annoy Maya.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick wondered what was wrong that Maya was so serious. He suggested that it was something with her sister, and she could share anything she wanted with him. Maya said it was serious, and she added that she wasn't perfect. Rick noted that no one was perfect, Maya said she'd never regretted anything she'd done.

Rick praised Maya because she had always been honest. Rick wondered if they were talking about something specific. Maya said that everything she had done to become the woman sitting in front of him had been worth it. Rick noted that she had become a different person since she'd left her family, and he added that nothing that had happened could be as bad as she was making it seem.

Maya maintained that it was very personal. Rick had hoped that Maya and Nicole could be close again, but he understood how difficult it was because he had siblings he couldn't stand, and they had complicated relationships.

Rick worried that Nicole didn't appreciate Maya, and he apologized because he had invited Nicole to live there. Rick said that if Nicole didn't appreciate Maya, they should find her another place to live. Nicole entered and overheard the conversation. Nicole confronted Maya and asked if that was what Maya wanted. Maya looked nervous.

At Ridge's place, Bill had gone, and Ridge sketched some designs. He looked at his painting of Caroline and flashed back to their first drawings together. He recalled guiding her hand to create Forrester designs, and he remembered how their romance had blossomed. He flashed back to a series of kisses and making love with Caroline, ending with the evening they had painted each other. He smiled at the memories.

. . .

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