Wednesday, April 15, 2015
by Pam

In Rick's office at Forrester, Maya and Nicole discussed how important it was to keep Maya's secret because if it leaked out, it could ruin Forrester, and Rick could lose his job. "No one else can know," Maya said.

Nicole promised to keep Maya's secret. Outside the office, Wyatt had overheard the conversation. He didn't know the secret, but he smiled at his discovery and that it was so important that Rick could lose his job. Wyatt left unnoticed.

Inside the office, Nicole said she felt like she and Maya were really sisters. She was grateful that her modeling career had kicked off, and she would never tell anyone that Maya was a transgender woman.

Carter entered, and Nicole worried about Carter keeping Maya's secret. Carter admitted he was uncomfortable with keeping the secret from Rick. Maya maintained that she would tell Rick when she was ready.

"It's my life," Maya announced. Rick entered and asked what had happened. Carter looked away. Carter explained that he and Maya had had a disagreement. Pam entered and reminded Rick that he had a meeting with Quinn, and she added that Carter also had a meeting with Quinn.

Pam told Rick that she couldn't believe he had rehired Quinn. Rick defended his decision and advised that if anyone was unhappy, they could leave. "I'm allowed to have an opinion, and you're going to be sorry you let her back in," Pam said.

Carter and Pam left, and Nicole and Maya shared that they were both fans of old movies while Rick listened. Maya said there were a lot of DVDs at the house, and she loved the comedies. They agreed to watch a movie and make popcorn together. Nicole left, and Rick praised Maya for repairing her relationship with Nicole.

Maya agreed she really liked her sister, and she saw a lot of herself in Nicole -- someone who had been fighting for a better life. She and Rick smiled, and Maya said she was happy because she had the best man, and he was all hers.

Rick asked about Carter, and Maya explained that it was awkward between them and always would be. "It is inevitable," she said. Rick agreed that Maya had almost married Carter, and Rick would be just as awkward if he had been in Carter's shoes.

At Spencer, Katie was on the phone with a client, and Bill and Liam overheard her conversation. "Hey, that's my husband you're talking about," Katie said on the phone. Katie hung up, and Bill and Liam surprised her.

Bill said that he had been impressed with the hot, efficient ball of hyper energy he had witnessed. "I may need to cool you down," Bill said. Liam begged his dad to save the innuendos for private time, but Bill countered that he never picked on Liam for panting all over Ivy. Liam shook his head and smiled.

Bill countered that Katie was his hot wife, but Katie agreed that Bill's conversation had been inappropriate for the office. She teased that she would have to call HR. Liam cheered her on. Talk turned to Rick and how he had rehired Quinn.

Bill and Liam worried about how Rick had treated Ivy and the other employees. They added that Ivy had literally worried about Quinn sticking a knife in her back. Katie looked pensive. Bill lamented that Little Ricky had made a lot of decisions the Forrester family would regret.

Wyatt burst into the office. Katie, Bill, and Liam stopped mid-conversation. "I might have something on Rick," Wyatt said. He explained that he was not sure what it was, but he'd overheard Maya and her sister talking about some "epic secret that could send shockwaves through the entire company," and Rick could be out as CEO -- if the secret got out.

Bill and Liam hoped it would help with their takeover. Katie suggested they take a step back. Wyatt said he knew where to start: with Nicole. Wyatt left, and Liam followed him. Katie was conflicted because Rick was her nephew, and no matter what they did to anyone at Forrester, it would affect Brooke.

Bill noted that there would always be collateral damage. Katie said it was "the height of irony that Bill was going after someone for being a tyrant." Bill defended himself and reminded her that he was the CEO of multinational company -- not a dress factory.

In another office at Forrester, Quinn and Deacon cuddled and discussed that Quinn had sent out Evites for their wedding. Quinn worried that no one would show up, but she and Deacon agreed they didn't care. "This will be my first wedding," Quinn said. "And hopefully your last," Deacon added.

Quinn hoped that people would notice that she had changed. Deacon said Quinn often put on a brave face, but he realized how much it meant to her to be accepted. Brooke entered and gave Quinn and Deacon disapproving looks.

Quinn said she was waiting for a meeting with Rick. Brooke said she had received Quinn's Evite. "Are you coming?" Quinn asked. Brooke looked skeptical. Brooke declined to attend and advised Deacon to bail.

Quinn pressed on. She maintained that she wanted to invite the mother of her groom's child, and Quinn hoped that Hope would attend also. "Don't count on it," Brooke advised. Quinn hoped that Rick would attend out of professional courtesy. Brooke scoffed.

Quinn said it would be nice to have both Wyatt and Hope at the wedding, but Brooke reiterated that Hope would not attend, and neither would anyone else. Quinn maintained that she had changed. Brooke reminded Quinn that she had been horrible to everyone in the family.

"Disapprove if you want, but you will not interfere with our wedding," Quinn ordered. She added that Brooke had had more men in her life than anyone could keep track of, but Quinn had loved only two men: Bill and Deacon. She planned to celebrate that Deacon supported and loved her.

Quinn begged Brooke to get along with her for their family's sake, but Brooke ignored her.

Carter entered, and Quinn asked if he had received her Evite. Carter stammered that he had, but he seemed to be looking for an excuse not to attend. Quinn said they'd wanted him to perform the wedding ceremony. They offered to pay him, and they promised it wouldn't take much time. Carter reluctantly agreed. Quinn hugged him. Carter left, and Quinn had to leave. She announced to Brooke that she didn't care what Brooke did. Quinn left.

Brooke told Deacon that he was making a mistake. She added that she had been lost, and he and A. A. had helped her. "Now you're lost," she said. Brooke insisted that Deacon had to be crazy to go through with a wedding to Quinn. "I won't accept that. I'll never accept that," she said. Brooke maintained that she cared about Deacon. "I am not going to let you marry Quinn," she said.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Nicole scanned the crowd, looking for someone. Wyatt noticed her and asked if he could help. Nicole said she was looking for Oliver because she wanted to see the photos from her shoot.

Wyatt was surprised that Nicole was a model. She replied that her sister had helped set things up for her. "Maya has a lot of influence," she said. Wyatt agreed, and he said it was mind-blowing how far Maya had progressed -- from an "ex-con to queen of the manor."

Nicole agreed. She asked if Wyatt liked Maya, and he responded that some people saw her as a manipulative gold-digger. He admired that she had seen what she'd wanted and gotten it.

Nicole said she lived at the Forrester estate with Maya and Rick. Wyatt asked if they were all getting along, and Nicole admitted that "it had been bumpy at first. I had to do a lot of negotiating," she said. Wyatt said he wanted to get to know Nicole better. Nicole agreed.

. . .

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

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• The wedding night begins.
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