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Wednesday, August 26, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Liam advised Ivy to go to the police with the video or delete it. He maintained they were the only two options. "You're such a risk taker," Ivy mocked. Liam reminded Ivy that he was a risk taker. He had jumped in the Seine to save her; married her to keep her in the United States; and loved her.

Ivy quickly pointed out that Liam had not loved her the way he loved Steffy. Liam looked away. Ivy said that Liam wanted what was right for Steffy, not for Ivy. Liam threatened that if Ivy was the person who put Steffy in prison, everyone at Forrester would dislike her. "Steffy did not commit murder," Liam said.

Liam and Ivy argued about Steffy. Ivy maintained that Liam refused to see the truth. Liam countered that Aly had planned to murder Steffy, and Ivy knew that.

Ivy argued that the video told another story, and she called it a murder in progress. Liam argued that it had been self-defense, and Ivy said Liam's judgment was clouded by his obsession with Steffy. Liam shook his head and softened.

Liam apologized for hurting Ivy. He worried that she was seeking revenge. Ivy said she had trusted and loved Liam. She said he was always the superhero, the rescuer -- like he had rescued her from the Seine. But he could not rescue Steffy and allow her to avoid justice. "I will not let Aly die in vain," Ivy said.

Ivy told Liam that Steffy needed to confess to the police. "Time is running out," she said. She added that Steffy belonged in a courtroom. Liam walked out, and Ivy looked determined.

On the Forrester rooftop, Quinn and Wyatt discussed that Ivy was the new face of Forrester. Quinn questioned how "Poison Ivy" had pulled it off. Wyatt said that he and Ivy were working toward similar goals. It was their turn in the limelight at Forrester.

Wyatt was sick of what Liam, Hope, and Steffy had achieved. Quinn agreed that Wyatt deserved more, but she felt something was going on. Wyatt dismissed her concern and said that he and Ivy were a couple, and it was Ivy's turn to rise to the top.

In Steffy's office, Ridge encouraged Steffy to reconsider being the face of Forrester. Steffy begged Ridge to let it go. She needed time to recover. Ridge sympathized with her.

Ridge reminded Steffy that Aly's death hadn't been her fault. Steffy flashed back to when Ivy had shown her the video on her phone. Ridge said she had to move past what had happened. Steffy said she would try, but she needed time.

Ridge suggested Steffy take a few weeks before she made a decision. He promised to speak to Ivy and tell her she would not be the face of Forrester. "Ivy will understand," Ridge said.

Steffy panicked and implored Ridge to give the job to Ivy. "I told you I don't want to do it," Steffy said. Ridge argued that Forrester needed Steffy. Ridge wanted to find someone else. Steffy refused. She told Ridge to go home to Caroline. Ridge left.

At Ridge's place, Thomas and Caroline worked on designs. Caroline explained that the California Freedom fashion line was about having no constraints. She suggested that he lose the sleeves on the design he had. She suggested he drop the neckline by an inch. While she worked on the design, Thomas fantasized about kissing Caroline. She wondered if Thomas disapproved. He said he liked her changes.

Thomas said he was worried about Steffy. He explained that Steffy had turned down becoming the face of Forrester. Caroline was surprised. Thomas noted that they both knew why she had turned it down.

Caroline didn't believe that Steffy could be prosecuted. They were glad they could confide in one another. Thomas asked if Caroline had told Ridge how important a family was to her, but Caroline said Ridge had "been there."

Thomas confessed that he, Phoebe, and Steffy had been a handful to raise. They both laughed. Caroline said Ridge liked to live in the moment and didn't want to discuss the future.

Conversation turned to the painting that Ridge had done of Caroline. Thomas teased that he could paint a fresh portrait of Caroline from a different angle. He painted a giant smiley face on the easel, and they both laughed. Ridge entered. "What's going on here?" Ridge asked.

At home, Steffy and Liam kissed, and they discussed that things had not ended well when Liam had met with Ivy. Steffy lamented that her dad had pressured her into being the face of Forrester, but she had declined. She felt like she had been squeezed from every angle. Liam promised they would get through it. Liam vowed not to give up, but he realized it wouldn't be easy. Steffy worried.

Wyatt and Ivy met, and Ivy shared that her meeting with Liam had been tense. She said that Liam had threatened her to take the video to the police or stop her threats. "He tried to scare me," she said.

Wyatt called Liam an idiot. Wyatt and Ivy made a pact that they would get what they wanted together. They agreed they had been overlooked for too long. Ivy pointed out that Wyatt had delivered a huge audience for the Hope for the Future diamond and had put Forrester jewelry on the map, but he had received nothing.

Wyatt agreed, and he noted that Ivy was a Forrester but had never been in the spotlight. Ivy said it was because she wasn't Ridge's daughter. They kissed and promised to work together to get what they deserved.

. . .

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