Wednesday, April 29, 2015
by Pam

In Rick's office at Forrester, Rick and Maya discussed their relationship. Maya said she had something to tell him, and Rick told Maya that everyone had failed relationships in their past, but Maya admitted it had nothing to do with that.

Rick said no matter what she had to say, it would not affect how he felt. He predicted that in a year, they would have a baby or have one on the way. He didn't want anything to interfere with their relationship.

Nicole stood in the doorway and overheard Maya and Rick's conversation. Nicole barged in and interrupted. "Maya, I've been looking for you," Nicole said. Maya told her it would have to wait, but Nicole said it was important, and she needed her big sister. Rick encouraged Maya to meet with Nicole. Rick said they would pick up their conversation later. Maya left with Nicole.

At Spencer, Liam, Wyatt, Bill, and Katie discussed the situation at Forrester. Wyatt reiterated that Maya had a secret, and it had to be potent enough that Nicole and Maya felt it would create serious problems for Forrester. Bill and Liam agreed they had to find out what it was so they could oust Rick from his CEO chair.

Liam noted that Rick treated everyone at Forrester so badly that they all wanted to leave. Wyatt explained that Rick had taken credit for all the company's recent success. He added that he knew Katie was conflicted because Rick was her nephew, but Rick had to be stopped.

Wyatt explained that it had gotten so bad that Rick had told Ridge how to design and had told Wyatt how to choose jewelry. Rick had ordered him to buy a variety of gems for Maya. Wyatt Said Rick had priced the couture line extremely high because he'd thought it would fail, but it had succeeded. "He got lucky enough to feed his Napoleonic ego," Bill noted. Wyatt maintained that would not happen with jewelry. Rick was going to have to price the gems so high that only royalty could afford them.

Bill presented Wyatt with a new sword necklace, and Wyatt worried that his mom would be unhappy. Bill said the new sword was a symbol of Spencer unification, and they all had to wear them. Wyatt put on the new sword necklace, and Liam, Wyatt, and Bill discussed their next move.

Katie assumed the Spencer men would be talking about Nicole. Katie wondered if Wyatt was using Nicole, and Wyatt said he wanted to continue a relationship with her, but he planned to get information from her.

At Forrester, Charlie was on the roof, trying to lift weights, and Pam stopped him. Pam worried that he had made some poor decisions. She worried that Charlie had made some wrong assumptions about Maya and had decided to try to lift some extremely heavy weights.

Charlie maintained that he was right about Maya, but Pam disagreed. She had researched the reasons that Maya could have needed to take estrogen. Pam explained that Maya could have had low levels of estrogen, early menopause, or osteoporosis. Charlie disagreed. Pam warned that they would get fired if Charlie shared his theory with anyone.

"Maya is Queen Bee around here," Pam added. Ridge overheard the end of the conversation. "What's all this about getting fired?" he asked. Pam answered that it was the number one concern of nearly everyone at Forrester. Everyone lived in fear of Rick and Maya. Charlie wondered if Maya was really the woman Rick thought she was.

Later, in Rick's office, Rick and Ridge reviewed one of Ridge's designs on Heidi, the model. Rick insisted the gown had to be shorter, but Ridge said it was not a cocktail dress. It was elegant. Rick recommended that the gown should have a different waist or neckline. Ridge was angry. Ridge told the model to leave, but Rick insisted he would tell her when she was done. Rick paused and told her she was excused.

Ridge warned Rick to never publicly criticize him again. "Do not belittle me in front of a model or anyone else," Ridge ordered. Rick mockingly said he was sorry if he had bruised Ridge's fragile ego. Rick explained that he had to keep an eye on the bottom line at Forrester. Ridge countered that his designs went from sketchpad to trending.

Rick scoffed and said that no one had seen numbers like his sales reports in a long time. Ridge reminded Rick that the success was because of Ridge's design talent. Rick agreed that Ridge was a valued part of the team.

Ridge said Rick was letting his ego get in the way. Rick advised Ridge that their dad had put Rick in charge, and Ridge would deliver the changes that Rick had ordered on the designs. "One year, Ricky. The clock is ticking," Ridge replied.

Rick laughed. He felt it would be impossible for anyone to take his place as CEO because he planned to post four of the most successful quarters Forrester had seen in a long time. Rick planned to be running the company for many years with Maya by his side. Rick ordered Ridge to think of how his designs would look on Maya "when you are doodling on your board."

In another office, Nicole and Maya argued that Nicole should not have interrupted Maya's conversation with Rick. Nicole advised that Maya should not tell Rick her transgender secret. Maya countered that Nicole had been adamant that Maya tell Rick. Maya surmised that Nicole had changed her mind because of her new relationship with Wyatt.

Nicole admitted that Wyatt was cute, and Maya added that Wyatt was also rich. Nicole wondered why Maya was pretending she hadn't liked Rick and his money. Maya admitted that she loved everything about Rick, but her relationship was much deeper than money. "Stop your judging," Nicole said. She reminded Maya that they had found two great guys, and no one could have ever imagined that Maya and Nicole would be in such a situation.

Maya said that Nicole wanted her to forget about honesty in order to protect Nicole's fling with Wyatt. Maya said Rick had said beautiful things to her and discussed that he wanted children. She had to tell him she was transgender.

Nicole warned Maya that she had no way of knowing how Rick would react. "What if he freaks out?" Nicole asked. Nicole maintained that it was too risky when Maya was so close to having it all. "Unless you're ready to lose it all. Don't be foolish. He'll never have to know. Don't tell him," Nicole advised.

On the Forrester rooftop, Rick met with a jeweler and examined engagement rings for Maya. He selected a ring with a lot of sparkle "just like her eyes and her smile," Rick said.

At Pam's desk at Forrester, Ridge stopped and told Pam that he couldn't reason with Rick. Ridge worried that Rick and Maya would be in power for a very long time. Pam disagreed and pointed out that Rick had less than a year left as CEO, but Ridge said that Rick had Eric's support. "He's got my dad in his back pocket. Rick and Maya could be running Forrester for the rest of their lives or until it goes under," he said.

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