Wednesday, April 16, 2014
by Pam

At Liam's house, Liam told Hope they had a second chance together. "Let me prove to you that we love each other enough to make this work," Liam said. They kissed again, but Hope pulled away.

Hope reminded Liam that he had stolen Wyatt's truck to talk to her. "What is this supposed to accomplish?" Hope asked. She wondered if Liam had intended to talk some sense into her. Liam laughed and said that he did. "Enough. There has to be a line. I'm dating Wyatt. I'm in a relationship with Wyatt," Hope said. Liam countered, "You're not ready to marry him, and you're sure as hell not ready to have his kids."

At Forrester, Wyatt confided in Quinn that he felt Liam had stolen his truck and his girlfriend. Quinn advised Wyatt to hurry to Liam's house. Wyatt and Quinn drove to Liam's house, and Quinn insisted she wanted to get her hands on Liam. Wyatt advised his mother to stay out of his confrontation with Liam and remain in the car after she dropped Wyatt off. Quinn warned Wyatt not to underestimate Liam's bond with Hope.

At Liam's, Hope recalled good times in Italy with Liam. "This is your home, it's our home. Come back to me," Liam said. He reminded Hope that her pregnancy scare had scared him to his core. "We would have lost each other forever," Liam said.

Hope admitted she had been scared. She tearfully agreed that she was not ready to give up on Liam, but she was taking things really slowly with Wyatt. Liam countered that she had to think about what marriage and children with Wyatt would have meant to Hope. "We would be married right now if it weren't for Wyatt and Quinn," Liam said.

Liam reminded Hope to focus on the good and how they made each other laugh. Liam recalled how they had met when Liam was a computer geek that Hope had reunited with his dad. "Don't close the book on us when we have so much more story to tell," Liam said.

Liam tried to kiss Hope again, but Wyatt barged in and told Liam to get his hands off Hope. Wyatt called Liam pathetic and insisted that Hope had to leave with him. "I'm sorry, Liam," Hope said. Hope left with Wyatt.

Later, Quinn barged into Liam's house and pushed Liam. Quinn threatened Liam never to pull something like his recent stunt where he had stolen Wyatt's truck. "Wyatt will never end up with Hope. Never," Liam said. Quinn prepared to slap Liam, but he angrily stopped her.

At Forrester, Donna entered Brooke's office, and Brooke shared that she and Bill had reunited and were living together. Brooke added that Katie and Ridge were together as well. Brooke said that Katie had been on a major power trip. Donna noted that Brooke and Katie had to work things out. Brooke left.

At Spencer, Justin, Karen, Katie, and Katie's assistant met about the company's quarterly report. Karen was displeased with the numbers and said they had flattened out. "What are we going to do about it?" Karen asked. Katie replied that the company was in transition. Justin suggested that the company had gone from profit to loss. Karen said that the numbers were unacceptable, but Katie countered that the numbers would improve after two more quarters in projections.

Justin worried that the company had to lower expectations. Katie said the company had been shortsighted under Bill's presidency. Katie added that morale around Spencer had been low when Bill had been in charge. Katie advised that the company would be back on track earnings-wise. Karen smiled. Karen agreed with Katie.

The meeting concluded, and Karen met alone with Katie. They discussed that Bill was again with Brooke, and Katie had united with Ridge. Karen noted that Katie seemed happy. Karen wished she could be closer to Bill, but they had a lot to work on. Katie said that Karen's support meant everything to her. Katie had to leave for a meeting.

Later, Brooke called Karen and requested a luncheon meeting but asked Karen not to tell anyone about it. Brooke and Karen met at an outdoor café. Brooke complained that Katie's power had become a problem. Karen said that she hadn't seen power as a problem. Karen had seen two sisters butting heads.

"From what I hear, you're both in love," Karen said. Brooke wanted to talk about Bill and his company. Karen listened but warned that Bill had gotten what he had deserved.

Brooke pressured Karen to admit that Katie had not done as well as Bill had as company president. Karen acknowledged there had been hiccups in Katie's administration. Brooke advised Karen to fire Katie and rehire Bill as CEO.

. . .

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