Wednesday, July 29, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Ivy looked at a photo of Aly and flashed back to when she had seen Steffy hit Aly with the tire iron. Wyatt entered and quoted from an article that said the accessories alone in the most recent fashion show warranted a new product line at Forrester. The article praised the design work.

Ivy was distant. Wyatt said it was cause for celebration and expansion. Ivy didn't feel like celebrating. "Steffy's the reason Aly's dead," Ivy said. Wyatt argued, but Quinn entered and interrupted. Quinn advised Wyatt and Ivy that they needed to get on board for expansion.

Quinn ordered Ivy to get Liam "in the loop" for expanding the jewelry line. Ivy wasn't paying attention. Quinn softened and said that she knew Ivy was grieving Aly's death, but they had to get to work.

Thorne entered, and Wyatt greeted him. Quinn stopped talking, and Thorne lamented that it seemed impossible that his daughter could fall, hit her head on a rock, and end up dead. Thorne was angry at Ridge's comments at the memorial service. "He's got to carry on like some arrogant ..."

Wyatt and Ivy defended Ridge's comments that they had all missed signs that Aly needed help. They added that Ridge had been worried about Steffy. "Steffy's alive. My daughter's dead," Thorne said. He wondered how it had happened. Ivy looked away.

Quinn tried to help and offered to take Thorne for a walk. Ivy pointed out that Aly had talked about Thorne and how much she loved him all the time. Thorne was angry and wanted explanations. Quinn took Thorne outside for some fresh air.

Ivy seethed. "Steffy killed her," Ivy said. She wondered if they could remain silent while Thorne suffered. Wyatt insisted that Ivy had to calm down. He reminded her that no matter what Thorne knew, Aly would not return.

Wyatt added that they didn't know everything that had happened between Aly and Steffy. Ivy argued that Thorne should know the truth, but Wyatt said the repercussions would destroy the family and the company.

Ivy lamented that Aly had needed help. She added that Steffy shouldn't have put herself in a situation that confronted Aly. Wyatt said that Aly had attacked Steffy and had tried to hit Steffy with her car. Ivy reminded Wyatt that the video on her phone showed Steffy had hit Ivy with a tire iron.

"I knew she was in trouble that night. I wanted to bring her back," Ivy said of Aly. Ivy lamented that Aly had died on the side of the road. "You're amazing," Wyatt said. He praised the ways she stood up for Aly. "I think it's amazing," he said. Wyatt kissed Ivy.

On the rooftop, two women sat at a table and discussed Aly's death, while Steffy stood nearby. Liam entered and asked them to leave so he could talk to Steffy alone. They left, and Liam announced to Steffy that they had sales through the roof for the new line. Steffy agreed and said they had numerous buyers scheduled to visit the company within the week. Liam promised to handle it. Liam wanted Steffy to get away for a few days.

Steffy refused, but Liam said that she had been through a traumatic experience that most people couldn't even imagine. He wanted to help her, but she said she didn't want to relive it. Liam wanted her to tell him what had happened.

Steffy flashed back to the flat tire and Aly nearly hitting her with her car. Steffy recalled dragging Aly out of her car and Aly's attack on her. Steffy said she should have known that Aly wasn't herself. Aly had claimed that everything decent had been taken from her.

Steffy recalled that, for a moment, Aly had seemed to listen, and she remembered that she had hugged Aly. Then, Aly had gone on the attack again. Liam suggested that was when Aly had fallen and hit her head on a rock, and there was nothing Steffy could have done to prevent it. Steffy said it was all a blur.

In Ridge's office, Ridge seemed distracted while he worked on a design. Caroline worried that he was concerned because his daughter was going through a lot. Ridge agreed. Thomas entered. He shared that Steffy was withdrawn. "It's almost as if she feels responsible," Thomas said.

Caroline said she still couldn't believe that Aly was dead. Thomas wanted to cover for Steffy as president, but Ridge refused his offer. Thomas promised he would earn Ridge's trust.

Thomas teased Caroline and Ridge about their relationship and called it bizarre. Caroline was offended. She asked what he meant, and Thomas noted that he and Caroline were the same age. Ridge interrupted and said that Thomas needed to submit designs. Caroline commented that if Thomas was half as good as Ridge, "then he's better than most," she said.

Thomas vowed to deliver. "Make sure you wear your reading glasses," Thomas sneered at Ridge. Caroline asked if it bothered Ridge. "Don't be ridiculous," Ridge said, and he hugged Caroline.

Caroline left, and Steffy met with Ridge. They discussed that the company had tremendous success due to the California Freedom line. Orders were rolling in. Ridge noticed that Steffy was distant.

Ridge reminded Steffy that it was awful about Aly, but he needed her leadership. He wanted her to stay away from the press and not answer questions from the media because it was a difficult time. Thorne stood in the doorway and overheard the conversation.

"A difficult time for Steffy?" Thorne asked. Ridge maintained that he wanted to protect his daughter and help Thorne. "What about my daughter? Who protected Aly?" Thorne asked.

Ridge and Steffy maintained that they felt terrible. Thorne noted that Ridge had lost a daughter, but he had learned the details of what had happened to Phoebe. Thorne wanted to know the details of what had happened to Aly because he had nothing.

Thorne angrily said that Ridge had trashed Aly in front of family and friends at her memorial service. Ridge argued that he had told everyone they needed to be more aware of cries for help because they had all missed the signs that Aly had been a victim of mental illness.

Thorne didn't let up. He insisted that Steffy had been with Aly when she had died. "You tell me what happened. Tell me!" Thorne demanded. Ridge tried to intervene. "Shut up, Ridge," Thorne said.

Steffy said Aly had been out of control and had tried to hit Steffy with her car. Then Aly had attacked her. "I just tried to defend myself," Steffy said. "I don't believe you. Something else must have happened. Tell me. You tell me," Thorne demanded.

. . .

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