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Wednesday, October 7, 2015
by Pam

At the loft, Ridge and Caroline got ready for work, and Ridge reminded Caroline that Thomas could never know about the baby. Caroline didn't want to go to work. She felt they could work from home and give themselves time to process everything that had happened. Ridge refused. He wanted everything to seem normal.

Ridge told Caroline he wanted to make everything right "for that innocent little baby inside you." He encouraged her to "stick to the plan." They embraced.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Liam sat at a table. Quinn entered and sat across from him. He encouraged her to sit at another table, but she refused and said if she sat at another table, he would accuse her of stalking.

Quinn told Liam that she missed Ivy. Liam was surprised, but Quinn explained that Ivy was an artist, and she and Ivy had learned to respect each other. They had bounced ideas off each other. Liam wondered why she couldn't bounce ideas off Wyatt.

Quinn launched into her tirade of how Wyatt should be busy with a leadership role at Spencer or Forrester and have more pressing matters than making jewelry. Liam rolled his eyes, and Wyatt showed up. Wyatt asked what they were talking about, and Quinn quickly responded it was Ivy.

Wyatt told Quinn and Liam that Ivy was downstairs, working on getting her job back. Quinn was pleased, and Liam was surprised. Liam felt Ivy would never return.

Quinn noted that Steffy and Ivy could learn to get along again just as Ivy and Quinn had. "I pushed Ivy off a bridge. She hated me for very good reason, but we learned to respect each other as artists," Quinn said. She noted that Ivy was looking for a second chance. Quinn left.

Wyatt dished that Ivy and Eric were there to visit Steffy. Liam presumed Wyatt and Ivy had encouraged Eric to visit Steffy on Ivy's behalf, but Ridge was the CEO, and Steffy was the president. Wyatt reminded Liam that Eric had founded Forrester Creations. "He still has influence," Wyatt said.

Liam countered that Steffy would never trust Ivy again. Liam guessed that Ivy had not told Eric the whole story about blackmailing Steffy. Wyatt grew quiet. Liam added that Eric would never side with Ivy over Steffy.

In Steffy's office, Thomas worked hard on the new lingerie line designs, and Steffy entered. She ignored Thomas, and he said he would apologize to their dad. He promised that Ridge would get over their argument. Steffy told him not to waste time waiting to apologize.

Eric entered with Ivy, and Eric asked Thomas to leave. Thomas complied. Eric told Steffy he did not understand why Ivy was no longer working at Forrester. Steffy refused to discuss Ivy's employment, and Steffy assumed that Ivy had begged Eric to intervene on her behalf. Eric reminded Steffy that Ivy was family, and he had promised her parents that he would take care of her. Steffy refused to rehire Ivy.

Ivy begged Steffy to allow her to return and prove that things could be different. Steffy refused and told Eric that the situation was more complicated than he realized. Steffy told her grandfather that Ivy had blackmailed her. Eric looked surprised. Steffy and Ivy stammered about the evening that Aly had died.

Steffy explained that Aly had tried to hit Steffy with a tire iron and had then tried to kill her with a rock. Steffy had hit Aly with the tire iron in self-defense, but Ivy had had a video that had not shown that Aly had attacked Steffy after trying to run Steffy over with her car.

Steffy dished that Ivy had blackmailed Steffy and had said she would go to the police with the video. Eric asked about the video, and Ivy admitted she had deleted it. Eric wondered why Steffy hadn't told the police, and Steffy said she had been freaked out the night Aly had died and realized that if she changed her story, no one would believe her.

Ivy interrupted that she had overreacted, but Aly had been her best friend. Arguing ensued between Ivy and Steffy. Eric told them to stop. "This is inappropriate and disturbing. You both need to let this go and move on," he said. He added that they had to rebuild trust, and it would take time, but Aly loved the company and her family. Eric ordered Steffy to allow Ivy to return to the company.

Steffy hesitated, but she acknowledged that Eric had the ultimate voice. Ivy promised to respect Steffy's authority. Ivy thanked Eric, and he insisted that they would get along and move forward. Eric left.

Ivy thanked Steffy and said she knew she had a lot to do to earn Steffy's trust. Steffy said she was glad to hear it. Steffy eyed lingerie designs on the drawing board and said she had an idea for how Ivy could prove herself.

In Ridge's office, Thomas sat and scanned the room. He looked at photos of Caroline and briefly recalled their romantic tryst. Caroline and Ridge entered. Caroline stopped. "Thomas!" she proclaimed, stating that it wasn't a good time. Ridge, with a banged-up eye from when Thomas had hit him, glared at Thomas.

Thomas noted that Ridge's eye looked bad, and he stammered apologies. Caroline told him it was not the best time to apologize. "I know you're angry," Thomas said. Ridge was clearly beyond angry. He told Thomas that what he had done "would not go away with a couple of 'I'm sorry's."

Thomas admitted that he'd lost control and lost his temper. He added that things had been building up for a long time, but he had hoped to reconnect with his father the way that Steffy had. Thomas reminded Ridge that he had been hurt many times as a child, and he had pulled it all up at once and overreacted by hitting his father. Thomas recalled that Ridge had destroyed his first designs when he had returned to Los Angeles.

Ridge mocked him. "What I did hurt your feelings?" Ridge asked. Thomas said he would take responsibility, and he had overstepped. "You stepped way out of bounds," Ridge said. Caroline tried to tell Thomas to stop and return at another time, but he continued.

Thomas said that Ridge was looking at him the same way he always did when he was angry. He wanted to take it all back. Ridge agreed he should be ashamed of himself. Thomas begged Ridge to get past it. He didn't want them to harbor resentment any longer.

Thomas asked for Ridge's forgiveness. Ridge glared at him. "I don't even know who you are anymore," Ridge said. "I am your son," Thomas said emotionally. Ridge noted that Thomas had wanted to join the design team in Los Angeles, but plans had changed. Thomas was needed in Paris.

Thomas was confused. He had worked hard on the collection and wanted to finish it. "My wife and I will finish the collection," Ridge said coldly. He told Thomas to pack his bags because he would be on a plane that day.

. . .

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