Wednesday, November 25, 2015
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Eric looked at photos of himself with Stephanie that dated back decades. He wished her a happy Thanksgiving. Brooke entered and said that she had put all the place cards on the table, and Hope would be proud.

Brooke and Eric overheard Pam yelling at everyone to get out of the kitchen. Charlie shooed Zende, Nicole, Rick, Maya, Ivy, and Wyatt into the living room and explained to Brooke and Eric that Pam was having a fit.

Caroline and Ridge entered, followed by Steffy and Liam. Ridge and Eric huddled alone for a moment. "Mom would have loved this," Ridge said to his father. Eric wondered if Ridge was prepared to "jump back into fatherhood." "Absolutely," Ridge said. Zende joined them and said his parents sent their love.

In the living room, Ivy and Wyatt joined Steffy and Liam. Ivy complimented Steffy's ring. Quinn and Deacon entered, and Quinn insisted that Wyatt try her yam casserole because it was his favorite. Julius and Vivienne Avant entered, and Nicole and Maya greeted them. Vivienne had a casserole of twice-baked potatoes and noted that Nicole was eating for two, so she could have plenty.

In the front hall, the Forresters and Spencers had an indoor game of football started, and it moved outside. Later, all the men returned, and Katie assumed the Spencers had won. Bill said they had "kicked butt."

In the kitchen, Charlie helped Pam. Charlie had a gadget to figure out when to baste the turkey, but Pam ordered him to just baste it. Later, Katie and Brooke joined Pam along with Vivienne. Brooke and Katie left, and Pam noted that the Logans were no help at all.

In the living room, Quinn chatted with Ivy, and Thomas interrupted and said Ivy was gorgeous. Pam and Charlie called the family into the dining room. Before they left the living room, Caroline told Ridge she wanted a photo to send to her mothers. Thomas offered to take the photo, and he did.

Caroline encouraged Ridge to be nice to Thomas. She reminded him they were having a baby. She told him he was the kindest, sweetest, most loving man ever. "I am?" Ridge asked. He smiled, and they kissed.

Everyone was seated, and Eric announced that Thanksgiving was a symbol of thanks and a tradition of celebrating freedom. He noted that the tradition Hope had started years before would continue with each person expressing a heartfelt compliment to the person on their right.

Eric turned to Thomas and said that he was glad Thomas had returned for the company and also for his father. Eric said he knew that Ridge was glad to have Steffy and Thomas back at home and at work with him. Thomas thanked his grandfather. Thomas looked at Caroline and said that he was glad that Caroline and Ridge were bringing a child into the world.

Caroline turned to Ridge and said that the Forrester family had expanded beyond the traditional family. She had grown up with two moms and looked around the table at a loving and caring family. She told Ridge that he would be an amazing father, and they embraced.

Ridge looked at Steffy and told her she was independent, opinionated, and cutthroat, and he loved her. He told Liam that he was happy for them, and he advised Liam to take care of her.

Steffy looked at Liam and thanked him for giving them another chance. "I love you, my fiancé," she said, and they kissed. Liam looked at his dad and thanked him for all his love and support and a vote of confidence in everything he had done.

Bill turned to Katie. "My Katie, I'm so lucky to have you sitting next to me again this year," he said. Katie agreed he was the luckiest man in the world, and she laughed. They kissed.

Katie looked at Vivienne and admitted they didn't know each other well, but Vivienne and Julius had raised two lovely daughters, and they had to be wonderful people.

Vivienne looked at her husband and noted they had not always agreed, but she was elated that he had agreed to move to Los Angeles to be closer to their children.

Julius looked at Maya and haltingly called her his daughter. He joked that he didn't know why his kids wanted him with them at Thanksgiving, but he was glad. He was also grateful to Rick for bringing his family together, and he added that they could all be crazy together.

Maya said she was happy her parents were with her. She was glad that Julius had tried to accept her. He told her he loved her. They embraced.

Maya told Rick how happy she was to have a family. She thanked him for his love and support. Rick noted he loved her too.

Rick told Zende how much he admired him for standing by Nicole. He was glad that Zende had returned to Forrester.

Zende told Nicole that he was impressed with what she had done for Rick and Maya. It was a life-changing decision. He hoped to be a part of her life for a very long time. He kissed her cheek.

Nicole turned to Charlie and thanked him for always protecting all of them and making them laugh.

Charlie thanked her and turned to Pam. He thanked Pam for being a part of his life. Pam looked at Deacon and thanked him for being in Quinn's life because he had been good for her.

Deacon turned to Quinn and told her she was stubborn and vindictive, and Quinn interrupted to remind him that he was supposed to say good things. Deacon added that the last thing he ever would have wanted was a boring marriage.

Quinn looked at Wyatt and said that they had been through a lot together. She remembered the time she had tried to flash-cook the turkey in a kiln. They all laughed. She added that Wyatt had been brilliant at a young age, and she was proud of him.

Wyatt looked at Ivy and said she been relentless in her work and family. He said she never gave up, and he hoped she would never give up on him. He told her he loved her and kissed her.

Ivy turned to Brooke and called her the legend and the myth. She added that Brooke filled the holes and offered compassion and kindness to everyone in the family, and she was amazing at work. She knew everything but was not gossipy. Instead, she helped everyone. Ivy thought it was sweet.

Brooke told everyone at the table that none of them would be there without Eric. He was "the leader and the foundation" of the family. She cheered Eric and everyone toasted.

Eric thanked everyone and said that they had kept alive a tradition of love, commitment, and respect and had evolved as a family. He praised them all and wished them a happy Thanksgiving.

Charlie and Pam wheeled in the turkey, and they all kissed, laughed, and shared dinner.

. . .

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