Wednesday, September 24, 2014
by Pam

At Liam's, Liam stood outside his house and flashed back to his conversation with Hope when she had told him she was pregnant. Liam suddenly heard Bill calling out to him from inside the house. Liam entered, and Bill wondered if Liam had talked to Hope. Liam said that he had, and he had told her all about Quinn. Bill said that Brooke had been confident that Liam and Hope would be back together. "So where's Hope?" Bill asked.

Liam admitted that Hope had returned to Wyatt. Bill wondered if Hope would leave Wyatt. "It's too late for that," Liam said. "Because they're married?" asked Bill. Liam answered that Hope and Wyatt had been married for a while -- building it on a lie -- but they'd moved on. "I thought Hope and I could turn back the clock. I really did, but I was wrong," Liam said.

Bill sympathized with Liam, but Liam was convinced that Bill was pretending. Bill told Liam that Wyatt wasn't happy because Liam had been unhappy. Bill promised that Quinn would never mess with Liam again. Liam said that there was nothing left for Quinn to take from him.

"So what now?" Bill asked. Liam answered that he wanted to focus on work and asked Bill to teach him to rock climb. Bill offered to call his boxing trainer. Liam said he'd had one gut punch already. Bill reminded Liam that he had not been hit with anything new. Liam agreed. He thought it would make a difference that he had uncovered what Quinn had done, but it hadn't. "Right now, I don't know what to believe," Liam said. Bill hugged Liam.

At Wyatt's, Hope entered, and Wyatt said that he had tried not to call or text her. "I've been pacing a groove in the floor," he said. Wyatt admitted that his mother had gone to a whole new level of crazy. Hope said she had gone to Liam's. Wyatt noted that she had returned, and he hoped that it was very good news. "Or you're here to get your stuff," he said.

Wyatt shared that his mother had returned and actually made sense. He acknowledged that she had been despicable and disgusting, but it hadn't changed the reason they had been married. Wyatt justified that Hope would not have married him because Liam hadn't shown up. She'd married him because they were in love and he made her happy. "It had nothing to do with my mother or Liam," Wyatt said. He reminded Hope that they had taken a leap of faith, and no one had forced or pushed her to do that.

Hope made Wyatt promise that his mother's involvement would stop and could never ever happen again. Hope acknowledged that she had put herself in the middle of everything by dating both Liam and Wyatt. Wyatt didn't want to relive the past. He said he looked forward to adventure with her. "I don't need to know what's in our future. I know that I want to share it with you. Where do we go from here"? Wyatt asked.

Wyatt suggested that they get away and stop worrying about the past or the future. Hope laughed and said that she loved that Wyatt had one surprise after another for her. "That's what life is going to be like with you," she said. Wyatt kissed her and noted that she'd made it sound like they had a future together.

Wyatt wanted them to be as successful as Eric and Stephanie. Hope said she had always been a planner and wanted to slow down. She added, "You are my husband, and I love you, and I'm committed to our future and our family. This is where I need to be."

Wyatt promised to make Hope happy and begin their life together, and maybe start a family of their own. "Yes, we will," Hope said. They hugged. Wyatt smiled gratefully, and Hoped looked scared.

At Forrester, Aly and Ivy discussed what would happen when Hope learned that Quinn had pushed Ivy into the Seine. Aly said that Hope and Liam had a deep connection, and she said Hope would leave Wyatt. But Ivy said that Hope had married Wyatt, and the news about Quinn changed nothing -- Hope had chosen Wyatt.

Ivy said that she had heard Logan women never let go of any man they wanted. It appeared that Hope was a lot like her mother. Ivy and Aly worried about Liam. Aly suggested that Ivy call Liam, but Ivy refused.

Aly decided to call Liam, and Liam answered. He said he had to call her back because he and his dad had been talking. Aly asked if Hope had been there, and Liam said that she had returned to Wyatt. Aly thought that Hope would end her marriage, but Liam said that wouldn't happen.

"I understand," Aly said. Aly shared with Ivy that Hope had honored her commitment to Wyatt. Aly felt that Bill would be glad to have Hope away from Liam. Ivy disagreed.

Aly told Ivy to visit Liam, but Ivy said he was heartbroken. She hoped that Hope would let Liam get on with his life. "He's such a wonderful guy. He deserves to be happy," Ivy said. She hoped he discovered life after Hope.

At Liam's, Bill had left, and Liam sat outside his home and flashed back to meeting with Hope when she had said, "I will love your forever."

. . .

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