Wednesday, October 19, 2016
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Pam had made some food for Eric, and Quinn asked why she hadn't left the house earlier. Pam said she often used Eric's kitchen, and she liked to cook for him. Quinn said it wouldn't be necessary anymore because she would take care of Eric. Pam wondered if Ridge was still with Eric, and Quinn said he was. Quinn knew that Pam didn't like her, but she said that she loved Eric. "You know Eric loves me," she said. She begged Pam to understand that they were building a life together. Pam looked skeptical.

Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Ridge pressured Eric to allow him to be Eric's power of attorney. "It has to be me," Ridge said. He insisted that he had to protect the family and the company. Ridge was happy that his father was improving every day, but until Eric was back at the helm of Forrester, Ridge maintained that he needed to be in charge.

Ridge admitted that he had not been happy with Quinn nor had he been happy that she was in Eric's life, but he couldn't let her run the company. Eric struggled to say that he knew what Ridge had done in the hospital. He knew that Ridge had kept Quinn away from him. "You should not have done that," Eric said.

Ridge said he didn't trust Quinn, and the issue was the company. Ridge wanted to run the company. Eric grew angry and upset, and Ridge noted that it couldn't be Quinn in charge. "Let Rick do it. Let Brooke do it," Ridge said.

"My wife," Eric said. He repeated it and struggled to remove his oxygen. He hit a call button that sent a signal to a monitor in the living room. It alerted Quinn. "Quinn," Eric called. "Quinn!" he shouted. Ridge tried to get Eric to calm down, but Quinn raced into the room. "My wife," Eric said. Quinn soothed Eric and asked if he wanted her to call the nurse. Eric kissed her hand. "You're upsetting your father," she told Ridge.

Quinn told Eric and Ridge that the doctor had been very clear that Eric needed his rest. Ridge backed away, and Eric shouted at him. "Go! Go!" Ridge turned away and left the room.

Later, downstairs in the living room, Ridge waited for Quinn. She asked why he had stayed and reminded him that he had upset his father. Ridge countered that Quinn had manipulated her way into Eric's life. Quinn wanted to find a way to get along.

Ridge accused Quinn of being a gold digger, and he ordered her to move along -- to Alaska, perhaps. Ridge told Quinn that she knew nothing about how to run a company the size of Forrester. He promised to move back into his father's office, and he encouraged her to find a nice "little corner where you can make your jewelry." He turned and noticed the portrait of Quinn hanging on the wall. He paused.

"Stay away from my kids," Ridge warned. He reminded her that he had the trust of all the Forrester clients and the responsibility of taking care of all the employees and customers. He advised Quinn that she could take care of Eric, but he warned that he would talk to the nurse every day. "If you do something not in the best interest of my father," he said. Quinn interrupted. She reminded him that she was there because she loved his father and he loved her.

Ridge scoffed that there had been many women in Eric's life. "Do me a favor. Look around. Notice something? None of them are here," he said. He reminded Quinn that she had moved from a dirty little apartment into the Forrester mansion and had done an admirable job of wrapping Eric around her finger, but he predicted it would all fall apart. He added that he and the family would be there to pick up the pieces.

"He will forget about you just like all the others. Make no mistake, Quinn Fuller, I'm gonna get rid of you," Ridge said, and he left. Quinn closed her eyes and sighed.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and R.J. discussed Brooke's relationships with Ridge and Bill. R.J. said he wanted his parents to be happy. R.J. wondered who Ridge and Brooke counted on when they needed someone. "Who will be there for you? Spencer? Do you count on him the same way you count on Dad?" R.J. asked. Brooke admitted that she and Ridge would always care for each other.

R.J. encouraged her to patch things up like they had before. Rick overheard the conversation and agreed with R.J. "Why can't you do that?" Rick asked.

Brooke insisted that she and Ridge bonded during stressful situations, but she wanted to marry Bill. R.J. left.

Rick asked Brooke about Ridge's plan that required her to marry Spencer in order to get his shares of the company. Brooke said that Ridge might not need the shares, and Rick asked if she could back out of marrying Bill, because Rick didn't want her to marry Bill. Rick pointed out how badly Bill had treated Maya. Brooke said she wasn't marrying Bill for the shares. Rick looked doubtful.

At Liam's, Liam and Steffy kissed and hugged on the couch. They had a glass of wine and said it felt right to be together. Liam said that was because they belonged together. "This is our home," Liam reminded Steffy. He added that they had a lot of memories there. He didn't want to be apart from her any longer. They made out.

Steffy noted that Liam looked happy. He agreed and said it had been a long time. Steffy said that she knew they couldn't pick up like nothing had happened. "But I'm ready to move forward. I want to be with you Liam," she said.

Liam guided her toward the bedroom. Steffy looked out the patio doors at the ocean, and Liam kissed her neck. They slowly undressed one another and made out. They eventually made love. Afterward, Steffy noted that Liam had never given up on them. "Not a possibility. I can't live without you," Liam said. Steffy felt the same way. "I thought I'd lost you, Liam," she said. They kissed passionately.

. . .

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