Wednesday, July 1, 2015
by Pam

In an office at Forrester, Ivy met with Carter and reviewed the annulment papers. Ivy looked sad, and Carter suggested that she could sign them in a few days if it was too much for her to handle. Ivy shook her head and said that she had promised Liam she would sign quickly.

Carter wondered if she and Liam were still together. Ivy said they were still dating, but she knew Steffy's return could change everything. Ivy signed the papers, and Carter promised to deliver them to Liam.

In Steffy's office at Forrester, Aly continued to berate Steffy because Aly assumed that Steffy had stolen Liam from Ivy. Aly was obsessed. Liam tried to calm Aly, but she ranted that Liam had loved Ivy until Steffy had returned to town.

Aly announced that Steffy always tried to use her body to get what she wanted. Aly noted that resurrecting the lingerie line was just a ploy for Steffy to tease and eventually return to Liam. Steffy rolled her eyes then finally laid into Aly. Steffy wondered if Aly would rather be massaging Maya's feet and making crab for Rick.

Steffy reminded Aly that if Steffy had not returned, Maya and Rick would have continued to mistreat family and employees. Steffy promised things would be better at Forrester because she was president. Liam agreed, and he reminded Ivy that Liam's relationship with Steffy was none of Ivy's business.

Aly was not impressed. Carter entered and interrupted with the annulment papers. He told Liam they needed to get them processed quickly. He had pulled everything together, and Ivy had already signed.

Aly begged Liam not to sign the papers and leave Ivy. Aly grabbed Liam's arm and reminded Liam that he loved Ivy. He had loved Ivy until Steffy had shown up. Liam told Aly she had to let it all go. Liam left with Carter.

Aly ranted at Steffy. She said Steffy was a slut just like her mother -- her mother who had killed Aly's mother. Steffy gently reminded Aly that it had all been a terrible accident. She thought that Aly had accepted that.

Aly said she would never accept that Taylor had killed her mother. Steffy reiterated that it had been an accident, but Aly was undeterred, and she called Taylor a lush. Steffy was shocked, but Aly continued. Aly had a wicked look in her eye and advised Steffy to return to Paris.

Steffy tried to reason with Aly, but Aly was out of control. Steffy suggested that Aly clearly needed a distraction. Steffy suggested that Aly get to work on her shoe line, but she didn't appear to be serious.

Aly glared at Steffy and said she had to defend the family -- or what was left of it -- because so many evil people had taken over the company. She was glad that Rick and Maya were gone, but she knew she had to keep the company from falling into the wrong hands. Aly said the family tree had poisonous branches.

Aly looked up and saw Darla's head. Darla encouraged Aly to fight for the family because she was the only one who could. Darla advised Aly to get rid of Steffy. Aly nodded. Steffy noted that Aly was distracted, and Aly admitted she had been talking to her mother. Steffy looked worried, but she dismissed Aly and said they needed to stay away from each other. Aly looked at Steffy with an evil stare.

On the rooftop, Zende and Nicole discussed their family relationships. Nicole explained that she was Maya's sister. Nicole added that she had learned about Maya's transgender status and had not been fair to Maya when they had first reconnected. Nicole regretted that she had expected Maya to take care of her, give her a job, and more.

Nicole confessed that she had made a mistake in trusting the wrong people with the information that Maya was transgender. Zende asked who had let her down, and Maya answered that Wyatt Spencer had told his father then Bill Spencer had told the world.

Zende agreed that Bill Spencer had had no right to make Maya's decision so public. Conversation turned to Forrester Creations, and they agreed that they were both excited to be working at Forrester for the summer.

In another office at Forrester, Caroline and Maya shared forgiveness for all they had done to each other in the past. They were both emotional and thankful. Maya said that no matter what happened, she was glad they'd had that moment together. Caroline agreed. They held hands, and Rick entered.

Maya shared that she and Caroline had managed to mend fences, and Rick was glad. He teased that there had been no welcome party when he'd returned to Forrester. Caroline and Maya laughed. Rick said he was glad to be working with Forrester International again, and he thanked Maya for striking the deal that she would not return without him. They all smiled.

Ivy sat in the office after Carter left, and Wyatt entered. Wyatt had overheard that Ivy and Liam were getting their marriage annulled. Ivy shared that she had believed Liam when he'd said he was over Steffy. Ivy asked if Wyatt was over Hope, Wyatt hesitated and answered affirmatively, but he was unconvincing.

Ivy wished that Steffy would get her own boyfriend. Wyatt said that he was in the running. Ivy was surprised, and she demanded that Wyatt dish on his relationship. He said he'd kissed Steffy twice, but he said they had not dated yet. He hoped Steffy would be over Liam before they went out. Ivy was hopeful.

Wyatt said if things worked out, he could end up with Steffy, and Liam and Ivy could remain together. They both smiled, and Liam overheard their conversation as he was listening at the door.

. . .

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