Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Steffy told Liam he shouldn't be saying those things her. Liam asked what he shouldn't say -- that he loved her, that he would always love her. He said he would shout it from a rooftop. They were supposed to be married.

Steffy said she'd thought Liam had left. Liam agreed that their lives had been completely derailed, and it was not easy for him to wrap his head around it and let her go. He claimed he loved his brother but not enough to hand Steffy over to Wyatt. The only thing that gave him pause was Bill talking about respecting marriage and the example Bill has set by his commitment to Katie.

Bill had told Liam he was supposed to let Steffy go and respect her marriage. He wished he knew how. Steffy admitted it was hard for her, as well, but they had to. She reminded him that Bill would cut Liam off from the family. Liam said he didn't care. Steffy knew that being a Spencer meant everything to him. Liam said it doesn't mean much without her. Liam kept replaying this happy ending in his head: Steffy would get an annulment, and they would start over someplace else.

Liam said Quinn had gotten what she wanted, and Steffy was stuck in a marriage. Steffy said she was not stuck, and it was not just about Quinn. Liam felt it should be all about them and the future that had been stolen from them. Liam said it was funny how one day could change the course of their lives. Steffy told Liam that she was staying married to Wyatt.

Liam said Steffy hadn't been planning a future with Wyatt, but it had happened very fast. Steffy admitted that things had happened very fast, but it didn't mean that what she felt for Wyatt was not real. Liam wondered what would have happened if she had just waited a little bit longer. Steffy said she'd thought Liam hadn't wanted her.

Liam said Quinn made Steffy think that, but he was standing in front of her, wanting and loving her more than he ever had. Steffy told Liam she had made vows and meant them. Liam asked if she really loved Wyatt. She said that as far as she had known, Liam had never been returning, at least not for her, so she'd had to move on.

Liam wanted to know if Steffy could move on and forget. She said she didn't want to talk about it anymore. She cherished what they'd had, but they needed to move on. Liam wanted to know how he could look at her lips and not want to kiss them. She asked him to hold her. Liam said he loved holding her like that, even knowing he had to let her go.

Liam asked if Steffy remembered when they'd first met. They recalled the happy times they'd spent together. Liam said it was not supposed to end "like this." Steffy fingered Liam's sword necklace. Liam had gotten it back because it was a symbol of what it meant to be a Spencer: honor, integrity, and commitment. Liam suddenly realized that Steffy and Wyatt were his family, and he had to learn to accept that. That would be the hardest thing he had ever done.

Liam said he was going to live for moments like that, and if that was all he was ever going to get, then that was the way he was going to live. Liam put his hand over Steffy's while she held his necklace. He said no matter how difficult it was, he had to live up to his father's expectations; he had to be a Spencer, a man with honor.

Katie was happy to see Wyatt. He commented that Katie seemed happy. She admitted it had everything to do with Bill. Wyatt said he should sit at his father's feet and learn how to keep the glow Katie was wearing on Steffy's face. He was happy things were going well for her. Katie admitted things were good at that moment, and she and Bill had worked things out. Life couldn't be better.

Katie asked if Wyatt had been nervous telling Liam he was married to Steffy when Liam had returned. Wyatt said he hadn't been nervous at all because he knew what he and Steffy had. He said they were solid and were a better fit than Liam and Steffy had ever been. He was not worried about anyone taking his wife away from him. Katie admitted she felt the same way about Bill, finally. Wyatt said that it was the getting there that mattered, not how long it took.

Wyatt told Katie he was happy that she and Bill were in a good place. Katie admitted that there was a change in Bill and that he seemed more at peace. She hadn't seen him like that in a long time. Wyatt mentioned the meeting with Bill. Katie was very proud of Bill and how he had defended Wyatt. Wyatt admitted he'd never thought Bill would take his side over Liam.

Wyatt asked if Katie thought that Liam would back off from Steffy, and Katie felt that Bill had not given Liam any choice. Katie stood behind what Bill had said. Bill had given Liam an ultimatum, and the family had to be united. Wyatt said it meant a lot that Bill took his side and that Katie agreed with Bill. Katie said it might take Bill a while, but eventually he made the right call. Wyatt felt that was because of Katie's influence. She admitted that they'd had their challenges, but she liked how good they were for each other.

Wyatt was happy that Katie and Bill were back on track. Katie said she wanted to fix her relationship with Brooke, but Katie seemed to go to a dark place with Brooke. Katie was not sure she could trust Brooke. Katie said Bill was right; Wyatt and Steffy were married, and Liam had to respect that.

Wyatt admitted it was hard on Liam and Steffy. He knew Steffy's feelings for Liam wouldn't magically disappear and that it would take time for emotions to settle, especially for Liam. He was aware that Liam had lost everything. Wyatt said he felt for Liam. Wyatt said if he lost Steffy, he knew he would go crazy, and he would not just hand Steffy over to Liam. He said Steffy was happy with him and was not going anywhere.

Brooke told Bill they couldn't "do this," and she thought they'd decided that long before. She wanted to know how they'd gotten back to that place. Bill said they'd never left it, and they couldn't deny they loved each other. Brooke admitted she still loved Bill, but she couldn't betray Katie once again. Bill advised Brooke that Katie was happy. Brooke refused to hear it. Bill said if he was going to stay in his marriage, he had to have Brooke in his life. Brooke asked if he knew how crazy that sounded, but Bill told her he was never letting her go again and kissed her.

Bill said Brooke wanted it as much as he did. Brooke couldn't keep sneaking around. Brooke told Bill she'd lost her earring in Bill's office. Bill told her he had it. He kissed her again. She protested, but Bill picked her up and laid her on the bed. While Brooke and Bill were embracing, Rick knocked on the door, asking if Brooke was in there. Brooke told Bill to get under the bed, but he hid in the bathroom.

Rick asked if Brooke was okay because she seemed out of breath. She said she had been napping. Rick became concerned and asked if she was feeling all right. He touched her forehead and checked for fever. He told her she was definitely hot and flushed and wanted to get her back to bed.

When Rick walked in and saw the bed, he was embarrassed, realizing Brooke was entertaining someone. Rick told her he had spoken to Ridge and that Ridge had told him that Forrester needed him. Ridge was going to find projects for him, and he wanted to work with Rick.

Rick admitted that Maya and he were not leaving town. Brooke was delighted about the news. As Rick was leaving, he told Brooke that whoever the guy in her room was, he was happy for her. When Bill stepped out of the bathroom, Brooke asked what would happen if the door was not locked and Rick just barged in and saw them together. Rick had known there was someone in the bathroom. Bill said that was good because it deflected suspicion, proving she had moved on. Bill put a positive spin on the whole situation because Ridge wanted to work with Rick, so Rick would not be going anywhere.

Brooke admitted she didn't want to lose anyone. Bill admitted she was not losing anyone and had a full life. Bill said he just wanted to make her happy, just the two of them. Brooke said they didn't have that right, but Bill said they had no choice. The situation was far from ideal, but for the time being, it was the only way for them to be together. They kissed.

Brooke touched Bill's sword necklace and said she knew it was a symbol of what it meant to be a Spencer. She knew he felt so strongly about that symbol that he had his sons wear it to remind them of who they were, what they stood for, and what Bill stood for. Bill asked her where she was going with that. She said it was all a little hypocritical, and they should hold themselves to higher standards, just like they expected from their children. She pointed out that he expected Liam to respect Wyatt and Steffy's marriage, yet they were disrespecting Bill's marriage. She asked where the honor was in that.

Bill said he had always been the exception to the rule -- for his whole life -- and their situation had to be ruled as an exception. He said they were saving his marriage, and he couldn't be in that marriage if he didn't have Brooke. Bill said Katie would never know, and she would be happy. Brooke told him he couldn't show up unannounced. Bill agreed to set up times whenever she wanted but reminded her he couldn't live without her. She fingered his sword again. Bill said, "The hell with honor," and kissed her.

. . .

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