Wednesday, February 25, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy discussed that Liam had visited Ridge and shared his plan to take over the company. Ridge asked what Steffy thought. She admitted it was tempting. He added that it meant they would stab Eric in the back.

Steffy disagreed. Ridge reminded her that they would undermine Eric's authority and end his career. Steffy claimed that she and Liam would get back together. She was angry that Ivy had told her to back off. "We were married. We were gonna have a family. I lost everything -- my marriage, my baby,"Steffy wailed.

"You still love him," Ridge said. Steffy agreed. "And I want him back. This is my chance. Liam knows how good we are together. Ivy thinks she can replace me," Steffy said. She professed that she had lost Liam before and gotten him back.

Steffy said that Liam knew how much the company meant to her and Ridge. Steffy wanted the rush of going to work and being revved up about her job. She knew that wouldn't happen with Rick in charge.

Ridge realized it was more about Steffy and Liam. Ridge quizzed her about Eric. "I'm not the man's kid, and he was loyal to me," Ridge said. Steffy argued that Eric had changed his loyalty to Rick.

Ridge refused to trust the Spencers. Steffy said it was Liam, not Bill, they would be dealing with, and the Spencers already owned a part of the company and had for years. Steffy wanted to have papers drawn up that would make Liam a profit participant only.

Ridge said that Bill would never agree to that. Steffy reminded him they would not deal with Bill. She reminded her dad that they had to protect their own interests. They had taken control of Forrester before, and they could do it again. "We deserve this," she said. She insisted they should be running Forrester Creations, not Rick and Maya. "Maya and Rick have to go," she said.

At Liam's, Ivy entered and shared that she'd had a stressful day. Liam wondered if Rick had sent her on errands again. She explained that he had her getting lavish gifts for Maya.

Ivy added the gifts were not the source of her stress. She had seen Liam and Steffy earlier in the day. "She was on top of you, kissing your face off," Ivy said. Liam explained that he had turned Steffy down, and Ivy had already known that. Ivy also knew that Steffy wanted to run Forrester with Liam as a couple.

Ivy noted that Liam was very hard to get over. "Like the flu," Liam teased. Ivy maintained that Liam could have it all with Steffy. She was a Forrester. She was sexy, beautiful, powerful, and successful. Liam didn't want Ivy to worry about Steffy. Ivy wanted Steffy to get on a plane and return to Paris. "I know how much you love me, and after what I saw today, I have no doubt. She's not gonna get you back," Ivy said.

At Rick's, he and Maya drank Champagne, and Maya giggled that it was the middle of the day. Rick said he had a present for her. "Another present?" Maya asked. "This one is special -- as unique and precious as you are to me," Rick said. He held out a jewelry box.

Maya opened a box with a stunning diamond necklace. Rick crowed that it was the most expensive necklace Ivy had ever designed. He added that he appreciated her more every day. They discussed that Rick had given her many gifts, and Maya maintained that she was unaccustomed to the way they lived. She added that they needed to make stylish clothing for more than the blue-blooded clientele of Forrester. Rick agreed. "You are good for me in so many ways," Rick said.

Eric met with Brooke at Forrester, and he said he had total confidence in their son. "Forrester is in good hands," he said. Eric professed that when he'd made Rick CEO, it was the smartest business decision he had ever made.

Brooke wondered if Eric had heard everything. Eric said he had. He handed the profit reports to Brooke, and Brooke smiled. Brooke said she had some concerns about Rick's behavior. Eric agreed that Rick had made some decisions he didn't agree with.

Brooke was in awe, and she mentioned Rick had been dangerous with a gun. Eric said he knew Rick had been remorseful. "I do understand what drove him to it. I remember the feeling when Ridge took the woman I loved from me too," Eric said.

Brooke smiled. She worried about Rick and Maya, but Eric said they seemed to have a commitment to each other and the company. Eric added that they had the company moving in the right direction.

Brooke wondered why Eric had moved into the guesthouse, and Eric said it was fine for him. He said everything was moving forward, and there was reason to celebrate. Brooke agreed and wondered if the secret bottle of scotch was still in its hiding place. She found it, and Eric grabbed glasses.

Eric was happy to celebrate Rick's success with Rick's beautiful mother. Brooke smiled. They poured scotch and toasted to success.

At Rick's home, Maya marveled that Eric hadn't asked Rick to remove Maya's portrait. Maya thanked Rick for all his lovely gifts to her. They drank more Champagne. She had another idea to thank Rick for his gifts. "What goes better with diamonds than bubbles? Meet me upstairs," Maya cooed. Rick smiled.

Later, in the bathtub full of bubbles, Maya wore her necklace, and she and Rick toasted with Champagne. They recalled their first bubble bath together in the condo that Rick had bought for her.

Maya remembered they had plotted taking over Forrester together, and it had happened just like he had promised. She said she wanted to savor every moment and continue to have little celebrations together.

Rick agreed they would make the house Celebration Central. He was elated that Ridge no longer dominated the house or work. "I'm the number one son. My dad gave me this house and his support," he said. Rick claimed he felt invincible when he was with Maya. They kissed. Rick attributed all his success to Maya.

. . .

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