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Wednesday, February 15, 2017
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Carter started the wedding ceremony for Nicole and Zende. He discussed that young love was an inspiring and enduring commitment. He said that Nicole and Zende had wanted him to thank their parents. He added that the families had been a source of peace and stability, and the Forrester home had seen many Forrester family weddings.

Carter continued to tell the group that marriage had its ups and downs, and Zende and Nicole had managed to face their own challenges prior to the wedding. Zende had been born in another country and lost his parents but had been adopted by Kristen and Tony and enjoyed a wonderful life.

Nicole had grown up in Chicago, and their separate paths had merged when they'd become interns at Forrester. Carter said that Zende and Nicole's romance had blossomed at Forrester. He joked that romance happened a lot at Forrester. He wondered if it was a fashion house or a dating service. Everyone laughed.

In the audience, Pam whispered to Charlie that the two caterers were not working. They were watching the ceremony. Charlie told her not to worry. Sally and Shirley stood in the Forrester foyer and watched the wedding. Sally said it was truly the Buckingham Palace of fashion. Shirley dabbed at tears and said it was beautiful. She added that they had to get out of there before someone saw them. Sally stared at Thomas.

Carter invited family members to share their feelings and advice with the bride and groom. Kristen shared that she was thrilled Zende and Nicole were being married in the home where she had grown up. It was the home where she and Tony had fallen in love. Tony added that he had been lucky enough to find Kristen to love him in sickness and in health.

Tony added that there was still no cure for people with HIV, but he was able to "enjoy days like this. We want the best for you," he said, and he patted Zende on the shoulder.

Rick joked that he and Maya had probably given Zende and Nicole too much advice, but they had always known how good Zende and Nicole were for each other. "We are so proud of you," he said, and he smiled.

Eric said he was proud of his grandson -- the man he had become and the commitment he had made to Nicole. "It's important to have a strong woman by your side in this life," he said. He smiled at Quinn.

Maya told Nicole that they were grateful to her for giving them Lizzy and to Zende for recognizing Nicole's generosity.

Ridge said he wished Zende and Nicole lifelong happiness. Steffy added that they would have a love and connection that lasted the rest of their lives. "Trust your heart and hold onto each other and never let go," Steffy advised.

Julius spoke and said he had a good feeling about the marriage. He said there was a lot of support, love, and warmth in their families. He told Nicole that she had found a good man. "He's lucky, too," he said with a smile. He added that his and Vivienne's hearts were full, and they were very proud. "Be grateful for one another. Be honest. Be forgiving, and love every single thing about each other every single day," Julius advised tearfully. "We will, Daddy," Nicole said.

Carter stated the marriage commitments, and Zende and Nicole answered, "I will," to each one. Then Carter invited them to recite their own personal vows to one another.

Nicole started and said she wanted to do all the things her dad had talked about. "To love you every day, share my feelings and my life with you, and never forget how hard you fought for us. You didn't give up, and neither will I. You are my husband and my best friend -- the only one who can make me smile. You know me better than I thought anyone ever could. The man I want to spend my life with," she said.

Zende told Nicole that he was in awe of her. "Right now and ever since the first day we met. Every time I thought I couldn't admire you more, you found a way to surprise me," he said. He said that when she'd had Lizzy, she'd exhibited grace and strength, and he admired her. "I knew I was in the presence of an angel. I don't know anyone more loving and forgiving," he said.

Zende added that he had waited and prayed for their wedding day. "I promise to always cherish you and our lives together," he said. Rick handed the rings to Carter, who said the rings symbolized the fidelity of marriage. " Repeat after me, 'I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and commitment to you," Carter said.

Zende and Nicole exchanged rings, and Carter announced that they had pledged their lives to each other with love, respect, and happiness. "It is my honor and pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife," Carter said. He encouraged Zende to kiss his bride. The newly married couple kissed, and everyone cheered.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Bill were in Bill's office, and Bill inquired about numerous reports. Wyatt answered that he had done them all. "Forrester Creations, eat your heart out," Bill said. Wyatt recalled that he missed his work there, but he couldn't work alongside Steffy.

"Working alongside your dad is not as exciting as working alongside Steffy?" Bill asked. Wyatt was tongue-tied, but Bill told him he had made a good call. "Focus on work. That will get you through it," Bill advised.

Wyatt wondered if that was what Bill had done, considering that Brooke was engaged to Ridge and was probably at Zende and Nicole's wedding with him. Bill insisted that Ridge would never marry Brooke, even though Ridge was probably counting on his wedding to be the next weeding.

Wyatt recalled his history with Steffy, but Bill interrupted and reminded him of Steffy's history with Liam. He said things were different with Brooke -- she had decided to marry Ridge to make R.J. happy so that he could have his family back together.

"Brooke knows what we have. Her future is with me," Bill said. Bill vowed that if the wedding hadn't happened yet, it wouldn't. He said that Ridge had been dragging his feet, and it wasn't a good sign. Bill anticipated that somehow, Ridge would screw up, disappoint Brooke -- like he always had -- and Bill would be there to pick up the pieces.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Ivy confronts Ridge.

• Bill wants to squash Sally's dreams.

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