Wednesday, February 3, 2016
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill reminded Katie that he was devoted to Katie and Will. Katie worried about Brooke's admission that Bill was the love of her life. Bill anticipated that Brooke had never intended to act on her words, but Katie noted that Brooke had wanted Bill to reciprocate that he had the same feelings.

Katie maintained that she had wanted to help Brooke, but Brooke had wasted that chance. "I won't give her another one. She can't be a part of our lives anymore. Thank you for understanding even if you don't agree," Katie said.

Bill said he understood, and he wanted to protect Katie. She smiled and thanked him. Katie left to pick up Will and said she would see Bill at home later.

At Forrester, Brooke told Eric that she had felt she had to be honest with Bill about her feelings, but she wished she had kept her mouth shut. Eric reasoned that Brooke had acted from the heart. Brooke said she would never jeopardize Katie's marriage. "Katie thinks I deceived her," Brooke said. She explained that Katie believed that Brooke had taken the job at Spencer in order to get close to Bill.

"She called me sick," Brooke said. She added that Katie had lashed out at Brooke with an entire litany of Brook's mistakes with Stephanie and others. Eric acknowledged that Brooke had made mistakes, but she was not the same person. He believed that Katie would eventually see that Brooke was not a threat to her family.

Eric wanted to cheer Brooke and everyone up. He said they would have an impromptu dinner with everyone to celebrate that Brooke and Eric would soon become grandparents again. He asked Brooke to join him in the studio to invite everyone out to dinner. Brooke suggested that Eric should invite everyone, but Brooke had a few things to finish before she could leave. Eric agreed, and he left.

In another office, Maya and Nicole discussed the photo shoots that included Zende and Sasha. Maya pointed out that Sasha was spending a lot of time with Zende. Maya wondered if Nicole trusted them together.

Nicole trusted Zende, and she added that Sasha had always gotten guys away from Nicole when they were younger, but things were different. Maya wondered if Sasha was jealous. "Girls like Sasha don't get jealous. They get what they want," Nicole said. Rick entered and said he wanted to check out the photo shoot with Zende and Sasha. He invited Nicole and Maya to attend with him, and they all left for the studio.

In the photo studio at Forrester, Zende shot photos of Sasha and tried to keep everything on a professional level in spite of Sasha's periodic flirtations. Zende admitted that he was glad they could be a fashion team together again, "but I am committed to Nicole," he said. Sasha said that Nicole was the girl who had stabbed her in the back. "Not so sure we're besties anymore," Sasha said. She added that the only reason Nicole had gotten her fired was because she didn't want Sasha near Zende. Zende shot more photos.

During a break, Sasha opened up. "Nicole has always been jealous of me. She thinks I can't be trusted around her boyfriends. I should teach her a lesson and prove her right. It would serve her right. Nothing's gonna happen. What kind of friend does that?" Sasha ranted.

Zende encouraged Sasha to pour her emotions into her feelings at the shoot. She did, and Zende captured an engaged and intense Sasha. He complimented her because it made for interesting shots. "Sexy," Zende said.

Sasha stopped and noticed that Nicole, Maya, and Rick had entered the studio. Maya noted how well Sasha and Zende worked together. Rick liked the attitude that he'd seen in Sasha in the shots. He added that he was glad Nicole and Sasha had worked things out.

Eric entered and said he wanted to take everyone out to celebrate the fact that Brooke and Eric would soon be grandparents again. Everyone agreed it would be fun, but Zende backed away, and Sasha grew quiet. Zende quietly declined the invitation to Nicole.

"This is you and your sister's thing. It's something you should do without me," Zende said. Nicole worried he would be home alone, but Zende said it was fine. Sasha listened intently. Later, Zende and Sasha left.

Maya wondered if everything was all right between Zende and Nicole because Zende hadn't wanted to join the family celebration. Nicole said Zende needed a break from the pregnancy. Rick interrupted and encouraged Maya and Nicole to check out the photos Zende had taken. "Sasha is lovely," Rick said. He noted that Sasha had an intensity in the photos that he hadn't noticed before. "They really bring something out in each other," Rick said of Sasha and Zende. Nicole tried not to show any emotion.

Rick stepped away, and Maya worried that Zende didn't want to accompany them to dinner. Nicole maintained that she wasn't concerned about Zende. Maya encouraged Nicole to call Zende.

Katie was at home with Will, and she eyed a photo with Brooke in it. She turned the photo over so she couldn't see it. Katie flashed back to her encounter with Brooke at Spencer. Brooke had said, "If you ever need me ..." Katie had responded, "Never again."

Katie turned to Will. "I love you," she said to the boy. "I will never let anything happen to our family."

Later, Katie sat alone in the living room. She poured a drink and looked at family photos that included Will, Katie, and Bill. She flashed back to unhappy times when Bill and Brooke had been together. Katie drank the liquor. She flashed back to when she had told Bill to get out of her house. She remembered Brooke had told Bill that he was the greatest love of her life. Katie seemed obsessed.

At Forrester, Brooke was at work on her computer, and she heard the door open. "I'm almost done," she said, thinking Eric had returned to take her to dinner with the family. She turned and saw Bill.

"Does Katie know you're here? You have to focus on your family," Brooke said. Bill agreed, but he said he needed to make sure that Brooke was all right. Brooke reminded Bill that Katie had cut Brooke out of her life. "I'm not giving up on the two of you," Bill said. He promised to get through to Katie.

Brooke worried that the stress and anxiety Brooke had caused was not good for Katie. Bill agreed and said Katie needed a little time. Brooke was worried, and Bill was worried about both Katie and Brooke.

At the Forrester mansion, a shirtless Zende was in his room, dancing to music. Sasha entered unannounced. Zende was surprised and wondered what she was doing there. Sasha smiled. Zende was uncomfortable. "Good job today. Rick was really impressed," Zende said. "I didn't come here to talk about work," Sasha said.

Sasha wondered why Zende didn't want to join in the family celebration. Zende answered that it was between Maya and Nicole, and he didn't want to attend. But it was no big deal. He supported Nicole's decision to have a baby for Rick and Maya.

Sasha said she couldn't believe that Nicole expected Zende to wait until after she had delivered the baby to be intimate. Zende said he had agreed. Sasha noted that it took a long time to recover after a baby was born. She added that Nicole wouldn't be "ready to jump" Zende's bones so quickly.

Sasha smiled wickedly. She added that Zende was far too sweet, thoughtful, handsome, sexy, and sophisticated. Sasha put her hands on Zende's chest, and he backed away. She followed him. "I know you're attracted to me," Sasha said. Zende removed her hands.

Sasha said she had never realized Nicole could be so selfish, and Sasha could see that Nicole's decision was frustrating Zende. Sasha offered that she could be with Zende. "We can keep it quiet. I'm good at keeping secrets. Call it friends with benefits or whatever you want. Nicole never has to know," Sasha said. Zende looked skeptical.

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