Tuesday, April 21, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Wyatt shared with Ivy and Liam that his mother had married Deacon in a ceremony at his house. Liam wondered if there had been any drama, and Wyatt admitted there had. Wyatt explained that Brooke had interrupted the wedding. Brooke had delivered a tablet with Hope on video feed to try to persuade Deacon not to marry Quinn. "It didn't happen. I now have a new stepdad," Wyatt said. Ivy and Liam were surprised that Brooke and Hope would go to such lengths, but Wyatt said it didn't matter.

Discussion turned to Nicole and Maya. Liam said he'd overheard them discussing that something Rick had done or was going to do could affect the company. Wyatt had planned to meet Nicole and get some information, and Liam advised that Nicole was hot for Wyatt.

At Forrester, Maya announced to Nicole that she was heading home, and Nicole noted that Rick was crazy in love with her. Nicole wondered if Maya had changed her mind about telling Rick about her secret before he proposed. Maya said it was personal, and the timing had to be right. "I will tell Rick I'm a transgender woman if and when he proposes," Maya said. Nicole said she would see Maya at home. Wyatt entered and greeted both Maya and Nicole. Maya left.

Wyatt told Nicole he had a proposal for her. He asked her to be one of the jewelry models. Nicole was thrilled. He added that she would be in all the Forrester media and print advertising. Nicole was very excited. He asked if she had to check with Rick or Maya, and she said she had made the decision to model.

Wyatt didn't want to get in the middle, and Nicole said it would be fine. She and hers sister were getting along, but they had a lot to work out. Wyatt said he had some of the jewelry at his home if she wanted to see it. Nicole asked to work on the pieces immediately, and Wyatt agreed. They left for his house.

At Quinn's, Quinn and Deacon made out on the couch in a romantic setting. Deacon had decorated with candles. He added that he had champagne on ice for Quinn, but Quinn maintained that she didn't need it. "I don't need anything but you," she said. Deacon couldn't wait to get his hands on her. They returned to making out on the couch.

Deacon and Quinn discussed why it had been a great wedding day. Deacon gushed that Quinn had been a blushing bride, and he would never forget that beautiful dress she had worn. Quinn said there had been a significant hiccup in the day when Brooke had interrupted. Quinn noted that it had to have been difficult for Deacon to have to listen to Brooke and Hope diss her. "It meant a lot that you stood up for me," Quinn said. "No one and nothing was gonna stop that wedding," Deacon said. Deacon hoped that Hope would someday be accepting.

Quinn gushed that it was time to reward her husband -- and she loved saying that she had "a real live husband." Deacon called her his wife and claimed he was a lucky guy. They cuddled, and Quinn was flattered and grateful. "I can't imagine being loved this way. I can now," she said. Later in bed, Deacon and Quinn agreed they had made a pretty good start and planned to love each other for decades. Deacon expected she would outlive him, and he added how sexy she was.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick admired the painting of Maya on the wall, and she entered and interrupted him. She noted that he loved the painting, and Rick said he loved the woman in the picture "for everything she is." They kissed.

Ivy interrupted when she entered with Liam. Ivy announced she had a guest for the evening. Rick gushed about how beautiful Maya was. Liam noted that Rick had gotten the girl, the estate, and the quarterly figures. He wondered what else Rick would get in the future.

Rick noted that many employees felt his bedside manner needed tweaking. Ivy agreed. Liam asked if wedding bells were in the future. Rick said he could do anything with Maya by his side, and he planned to be CEO for a very long time. Rick added that things had been falling into place.

Liam noted that the big bump in sales had been due to Ridge and Caroline, and Maya noted that it had been Rick's pricing that had influenced the bottom line. Rick congratulated Ivy because Ivy's jewelry line had also influenced sales. Rick noted that he'd gotten the best out of his employees. Rick also paid tribute to Maya, the face of Forrester. Rick added that Maya had always supported him. "A man in my position needs someone like Maya. She's like no one else," he said.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt and Nicole hung out, and Nicole noted that he had a great place. Wyatt attributed it to the fact that he had awakened one day and discovered he was a Spencer, and his father had given him a place to live. Nicole said that she would play in the ocean waves every day if she lived there.

Nicole said they should have margaritas and music before she modeled jewelry. Wyatt laughed and said he had music. She checked his phone and made fun of his music. Instead, she used her phone to play music and playfully urged Wyatt to make the margaritas.

Wyatt delivered the margaritas, and Nicole gave them her approval. She said Wyatt seemed more like a martini man. Wyatt said he was more of a scotch man, but he guessed that Rick was a martini man. Nicole agreed that Rick and Maya had martinis every night and stared at her portrait. Wyatt pointed out that he and Maya had a lot in common.

Wyatt said that Maya had started in a family with nothing and had become woman of the year, thanks to Rick. Wyatt shared a family secret and confessed that his mother had told him for years that his father had died. When he’d discovered that he was a Spencer, it had been awkward, but it had all worked out, and his had life changed forever -- just like when Maya had hooked up with Rick. Wyatt noted that Rick and Maya seemed like the perfect couple. "I wouldn't go that far," Nicole said.

Wyatt assumed there were secrets at the Forrester mansion, and he encouraged Nicole to share them. Nicole said that she and Maya had just started getting along, and Maya hadn't always been the way she was. Wyatt asked about Rick. "There's something going on there -- it's major, isn't it? You can tell me," Wyatt encouraged. Nicole looked surprised.

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