Tuesday, September 16, 2014
by Pam

At Wyatt's place, Wyatt listened as Liam accused Quinn of pushing Ivy into the Seine. Liam had presented evidence of a video and customs records. Liam seethed that Quinn had pushed Ivy to distract Liam and keep him from arriving at the Eiffel Tower to marry Hope.

Quinn exclaimed that the video footage Wyatt had was so grainy no one could see it. Liam argued that it was Quinn. Wyatt asked his mother if she had been in Paris. Quinn lied that she had been there for a job interview. Wyatt doubted her.

Quinn launched into a defense of her actions. She told Wyatt that she had been sorry to interfere, but she pointed out that Hope had chosen Wyatt. "They're married, Liam. You need to respect that. And that is all that really matters," Quinn hissed.

"We'll see how much it matters when she finds out what you did," Liam replied. Liam reminded Quinn and Wyatt that Hope had married Wyatt because she'd thought that Liam had not shown up. Liam noted that Quinn had planned everything. Wyatt begged Liam not to tell Hope. Wyatt wanted to tell her himself, but Liam refused because he didn't trust Wyatt to tell Hope the truth. "Wyatt, I would prepare yourself," Liam advised. Liam left.

Quinn tried to hug Wyatt, but he pushed her away. Quinn justified her actions as "a bad decision." Wyatt was furious with his mother, and he knew she was apologetic only because she had been caught. Quinn wailed that Hope loved Wyatt, but Wyatt told her to stop talking. He reminded her that he had told her never to interfere again. He questioned whether she had ever had therapy.

Wyatt lamented that he and Hope had just started their life together and had planned to have children. Quinn gleefully said she couldn't wait to be a grandmother, but Wyatt shouted that she was not grandmother material. Quinn said that she had anticipated becoming mellower as she headed into her golden years. Wyatt argued that no one would want anything to do with him or have children with him because of Quinn's "crazy gene."

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope discussed that Wyatt wanted to start a family. Hope said that Wyatt would be an amazing father. "But you imagined a life and a family with Liam," Brooke pointed out. Hope agreed. She said that she felt she was too young to start a family, and she admitted that Liam had been the love of her life. She noted that if Liam had shown up in Paris, she would be married to him. Brooke called it an inexplicable twist of fate. Hope emphatically agreed and said it was all a sign that she was supposed to be with Wyatt.

Talk returned to a baby, and Brooke said that a baby would affect Hope's career and her plans to travel. Hope also admitted that she worried about Liam's reaction if she were to get pregnant right away because he had been devastated after her marriage.

Brooke said she understood. Hope asked how she would know when it was the right time, and Brooke answered that it would be when Hope no longer had any more doubts. Brooke advised Hope to take it day by day and that it would all work out. Hope's phone rang. She answered, and Liam told her that he had to speak to her at his home. Hope hesitated then promised to meet him.

At Liam's, Liam remembered his first meeting with Hope, and he flashed back to many good times with Hope and the wedding in Italy. He also recalled when he had seen her after she had returned from her wedding to Wyatt.

Hope entered and said that she had always loved the house. "I understand why you don't want to hand it over to Wyatt," Hope said. She insisted that she didn't want Liam to do anything he didn't want to do. Liam said that the house was not why he had called her. Liam said that Hope had married the wrong guy. Hope sighed.

Liam reminded her that with all the weddings they had attempted, they had always been manipulated -- even by their fathers. He reminded her that they would be married if things had worked out in Paris. Hope maintained that they hadn't been manipulated in Paris. "But we were. Ivy was pushed," Liam argued.

Hope asked who would do that, but Liam told her to think about who would do it. "Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine. This moment is going to change it back," Liam said. Hope looked confused.

At Forrester, Oliver and Aly chatted in his office. He teased that if she ever got tired of medieval nights, he wanted to go to wrestling matches. Aly wasn't keen on the idea of professional wrestling, but Oliver said he wanted to eat nachos and asked Aly to agree to one Saturday a month. They laughed.

Ivy interrupted. She shared that crazy Quinn Fuller had pushed her into the Seine. Ivy told Aly and Oliver the entire story of how Quinn had flown on the same flight as Liam and Ivy to Paris. She added that Quinn had pushed her without any regard for Ivy's safety. Ivy lamented that a boat could have run her over. "I could have died," Ivy said.

Aly and Oliver sympathized. Ivy added that after Liam had found out, he'd left to tell Wyatt and Hope. Ivy said she knew that Liam hoped to get back together with Hope. Aly worried about Ivy's feelings.

Aly knew that Ivy had started to have feelings for Liam. Ivy agreed, but she said she wanted Liam to be happy. She wondered if Hope and Liam would get together. Aly reminded everyone that Hope hadn't cared that Liam had been in Paris, so she doubted that Hope would care that it had been Quinn's fault. Ivy disagreed.

. . .

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