Tuesday, October 21, 2014
by Pam

In the cabin, Ridge and Caroline made out. Ridge said he was going to miss their collaboration. Caroline said Ridge didn't need her anymore. Caroline walked over to the sketchpad and held up the pencil. "Go ahead. You can do it. Take the big bad pencil. Don't be afraid. Show me what you got. Do it, Ridge," Caroline said.

Ridge took the pencil and started to sketch, and Caroline watched. Ridge finished a sketch, and set the pencil down. Caroline and Ridge smiled at one another.

Ridge said the sketch was a little rough, but Caroline disagreed. She noted that they had shared some incredible creativity in design. She said she could only imagine what else they could have done. "I guess we'll never know," she said. "No," Ridge answered. She moved in closer to Ridge and said goodbye. Caroline left, and Ridge watched through the window as she walked away.

At Forrester, in Rick's office, Rick checked out a dress that a model was wearing. He pulled some accents off of it, and the model seemed shocked. Rick noted that he couldn't tell if the one item had been a bow or a dead bird. He said he didn't mind Ridge and Caroline taking risks, but he didn't like the look.

Maya walked in, and Rick dismissed the model. Maya asked if Rick had become a designer. He responded that he was the president and future CEO, and he didn't like the design that Caroline and Ridge had produced.

Maya mocked Caroline and Ridge as "the happy little design team." "Where are they right now, anyway?" asked Maya. Rick coldly replied that he didn't care where they were as long as they had created more award-winning designs. Maya noted that Ridge and Caroline had not been in the office, and their cars had not been in the parking lot.

Rick tired of her insinuations, but Maya interrupted that she had seen Caroline in Ridge's arms. Rick advised her that they could have embraced for any reason. Rick said he had often embraced people during the day, but it didn't mean he wanted to jump in the sack with them. Rick refused to accept Maya's attacks on his wife.

"Be careful and be aware," Maya said. Rick called her bluff and said that she had clearly wanted to drive a wedge between Rick and Caroline ever since Maya and Carter had broken up. Maya ranted that Caroline didn't appreciate the life that Rick had given to her. Maya walked out, and Rick looked angry.

At Hope and Wyatt's, Hope tried to convince her father that Quinn was no good. Hope had given Deacon an ultimatum that it was Quinn or her. Hope maintained that she intended to keep Quinn far away from her family. Hope advised Deacon that Quinn had been using him. Deacon tried to persuade Hope to give Quinn a chance, but Hope refused. Quinn tried to interrupt, but Wyatt told both Quinn and Deacon to leave.

Quinn agreed they should leave to let Hope cool off. Deacon and Quinn exited, and Hope hugged Wyatt. She admitted that she loved her dad, but she refused to see him with Quinn. Wyatt worried that Quinn and Deacon were stressing Hope, and he didn't want any stress on her or the baby. Wyatt said that it might be good that Quinn had something to focus on other than Hope and Wyatt, but Hope disagreed. She knew that Quinn would try to worm her way back into their lives.

Hope acknowledged that Brooke had hurt her dad, and she understood that Deacon had enjoyed the attention from Quinn. Wyatt kissed her to stop her from talking. "We can't worry about what our parents do," he said. He wanted them to worry about their own family. "We'll be the parents we never had," Wyatt said. He and Hope kissed.

At Quinn's, Deacon tried to comfort Quinn, who angrily said that Hope had rejected her. "Granny does have a history," Deacon noted about Quinn. Quinn insisted that Hope had to give her a chance, but Deacon defended Hope. Quinn said she had wanted to instill peace and harmony in her family. Deacon wondered if Quinn had been using him. Quinn scoffed and said that Hope had thrown huge temper tantrums.

Deacon countered that he barely knew Quinn. He agreed that Quinn had used him in the beginning, and Quinn admitted it, but she said they had done much more than share a few beers, a few laughs, and more. Deacon was despondent. "I think I've overstayed my welcome. Nobody cons me. Not even you. I'm outta here," he said. Deacon opened the door to leave.

"You're not going anywhere," Quinn ordered, and she took off her coat. Quinn insisted that he had to experience a little bit more of what she had to offer. They kissed passionately, and Quinn pushed Deacon down on the couch. She placed her stiletto heel on his chest and inquired what his safe word was. "Diamonds," Deacon replied, and he smiled. Quinn jumped on top of him.

. . .

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  • Caroline begs Rick to forgive her.
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