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Tuesday, February 21, 2017
by Pam

At Forrester, Ivy said she had wanted to talk to Brooke and Ridge about their wedding. Ivy claimed that she needed to talk to Brooke "before you start making plans." She added that she knew some things they would want to hear. Ridge nervously said that Brooke was on her way out, but Brooke said she would like to hear what Ivy had to say.

"What is it, Ivy?" Brooke asked. Ivy glared at Ridge. Ivy said she had some options for them because she'd heard that they and Steffy and Liam had been considering an Australian wedding, and she wanted to offer an insider's point of view to getting married in Australia. "Double up. It's something to consider," she said. Brooke thanked her. She asked to talk about it later because she had some work to do. Brooke kissed Ridge, and she left.

Ridge asked what Ivy thought she was doing. "What do you think you're doing? You and Quinn? I saw you and Quinn outside Eric's house," she said. Ivy angrily told him that his father could have seen them. "Don't you care about him?" she asked. Ridge encouraged her to "leave this alone." Ivy refused. She quizzed Ridge and wanted to know if he was toying with Quinn or trying to get back at his father by kissing Eric's father's wife.

Ridge countered that it wasn't what Ivy thought, but she fired back that she knew it wasn't the first incident. She had learned about the outdoor shower and the steam room. She accused him of having an affair with Quinn and betraying Brooke and his father.

Ridge maintained that he was committed to Brooke, and Quinn had a harmless crush on him. Ivy wondered if the feelings were mutual. "Everyone in this building knows how I feel about her," Ridge said. He added that he appreciated Ivy's concern for him and his dad, but she needed to back off.

"There's nothing going on, and you saw a couple of people being stupid," Ridge said. He questioned why Ivy would want to start something after the family had finally gotten back together. "You want to be the one that breaks that up?" Ridge asked. Ivy was exasperated. She said she would let it go "for now, but know that I'm watching you and Quinn." Ivy left, and Ridge looked relieved.

Thomas and Steffy discussed Thomas' designs in another office at Forrester. Steffy remarked that the designs looked good. "It's a bit odd that you're in here giving me critiques instead of Dad," Thomas said.

Steffy tried to make peace with Thomas, but he was angry and told her that she had no design experience. She reminded him that many Forrester CEOs had not been designers. "It's the way things are. Get on board," she said.

Pam interrupted. She said the incident with Steffy pushing Sally Spectra's face into the cake at the wedding had gone viral. Thomas laughed and said it was all a publicity stunt, but it didn't make them enemies of Spectra.

Steffy returned to the sketches. She said that some of his designs didn't pop like one of them. Thomas suggested she take another look "when you're a little less cranky." Steffy countered that she was doing her job. Thomas argued that she should pull out some of their granddad's old designs. "Why use my designs? I'm just a grunt, after all -- a hired hand," he said.

Steffy maintained that Thomas was a valuable member of the team, but he said he was "working for my little sister." He was upset that he had been passed over. Steffy tried to appease him, but she reminded him that it was her job as CEO to critique designs, and CEOs didn't have to have design experience. Thomas told her not to use any of his designs. "I don't care," he said. He took his designs and left. Steffy looked upset.

At Spectra, Darlita, Saul, and Sally looked at the video in which Steffy had pushed Sally's face into the cake at the Forrester wedding. "Shirley needs to see this," Darlita said. Sally reminded Darlita that Shirley had been the one shooting the video. Darlita said she looked ridiculous, but Sally enthused that the video was trending. "It was totally worth it," she said.

Discussion turned to the fashion show scheduled for the next day. Saul reminded Sally that silk and sequins weren't free. Sally countered that they only needed to give buyers a taste -- a small sample. Saul shouted that they had no place to hold a fashion show because the showroom was a disaster area without lights or a sound system.

Sally said they would hold the show in the office, and she asked Darlita how many people had said they would attend. Darlita said they had sent out more than 100 invitations but no one planned to attend except Darlita, Shirley, and Sally. Sally glared at Saul, and he made an excuse. Sally was irritated.

At Spencer, Bill met with Eye on Fashion reporter Jarrett Maxwell to discuss the Spectra fashion show. Jarrett said no one intended to attend. Bill said he wanted Jarrett to attend. Jarrett balked that he was a respected voice and fashion reporter.

Bill said it was the new Sally Spectra, and her great-aunt had always made front page. "Why would you want me to attend this carnival side show?" Jarrett asked. Bill explained that he wanted the Spectra building. "And you're going to help me get it," he said.

Bill explained that he had big plans for the property. He wanted to buy the building, tear it down, and make room for Spencer Tower -- he pointed to a model that he had in his office. He explained that C.J. Garrison had reneged on a deal to sell because he wanted to give his cousin a chance to revive his mother's company.

Bill ordered Jarrett to write a review that would embarrass Spectra enough to throw in the towel. Jarrett argued, but Bill ordered him to cover the event. He grabbed Jarrett's phone and sent a revised RSVP to Sally that he would attend the fashion show.

Bill encouraged Jarrett to give Spectra a scathing review. "Sink Spectra. Don't hold back -- make it the worst review you have ever written," he said. Jarrett objected that Bill wanted him to be a hired gun. Bill wondered if Jarrett wanted to defy him. "No, sir," Jarrett answered.

At Spectra, the phone rang, and Darlita discovered it was Shifty, Sally's loan contact. Sally picked up the phone and told Shifty that money would be rolling in after her fashion preview because orders would be pouring in.

Sally hung up and said they needed to rustle up some reporters. The text message that Bill had sent as Jarrett arrived, and Darlita announced that Jarrett Maxwell of Spencer Publications would attend the fashion preview. They all celebrated. Sally promised that the next time they had a preview, they would need to rent a stadium. "Spectra is back," she said.

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