Tuesday, September 27, 2016

At the mansion, Eric arrived in the bedroom with mimosas to start off the morning. Quinn couldn't believe it was her life. He told her to believe it, and they kissed. Eric had packed for Quinn for the honeymoon. She said she trusted him with her life, but not her wardrobe.

Quinn asked to know where they'd go, but Eric distracted her with another gift in her drink. It was a huge crystal pendant floating in her water. He said it was perfect for any honeymoon destination. As he put it on her, she stared at it in the oval mirror. She said he had to stop getting her gifts, and she had no gift for him. He replied that she was the gift of a lifetime.

Quinn wanted to make it her personal mission to make it be true for a lifetime. She planned to be the best wife and stepmother she could be. The family members hadn't been there for the wedding, but she figured they'd be there for the marriage. Eric didn't want to talk about his family. Quinn said they were her family, too, and she didn't want to alienate him from them.

Eric was still smarting because the family hadn't been there for the most important day of his life, and he had never felt so disrespected. He didn't know how to get through it, and he couldn't forgive them for not trusting his judgment. Quinn said they'd been trying to protect Eric, but she and Eric would show that there was no reason to protect him. She imagined that they'd throw an anniversary party the next year, and everyone would be there.

Eric didn't know how Quinn could be the way she was when the family had been horrible to her. Quinn replied that it was because she'd been horrible. She knew she had been, but the woman they feared didn't exist any longer and wouldn't for as long as she was married to Eric.

Eric decided that he needed to address the family right then. Quinn wanted to go with him, but he said he didn't want her exposed to any more ugliness. He said he'd handle it, and then they would take off for their honeymoon. Quinn frowned anxiously when he left.

In the CEO's office, Ridge arrived. Steffy, Thomas, and Wyatt were already there. No one had heard from Eric. Maya and Rick entered, and the two of them concluded that the family had made a mistake by not attending the wedding. Steffy said that Eric was the one who'd made the mistake, but Rick reasoned that it was all the more reason they should have been there for Eric.

Zende and Thorne arrived with Pam. They agreed that it had been a mistake. Thorne said that Eric had always stood by them, but "what did we do?" Ridge claimed that they'd taken a stand. Pam contended that they'd shown that they didn't care. Ridge asserted that they'd shown how much they cared, just like families should do.

Ridge stated that Eric needed to open his eyes to what a mess Quinn was -- no offense to Wyatt. Wyatt rolled his eyes, and Steffy looked away. Rick stated that maybe it was the family members who needed to open their eyes. Steffy said that when Eric and Quinn got divorced, they'd be there for Eric and throw the biggest party they'd ever seen.

Thomas suggested there might never be a divorce, and "this" could be it for Eric. Wyatt believed that it was "death do they part" for the couple. Ridge was sure Quinn would try to outlive her rich, older husband. Wyatt asked Ridge not to say it. Steffy said it wouldn't last. She thought it sometimes took time for someone to see the viciousness and ugliness of a person, and they'd be there for Eric when he finally saw it.

Zende feared it could have the opposite effect, and Eric could be so upset that he would begin to only trust Quinn. Thorne noted that no one had heard from Eric since before the wedding, which indicated how hurt Eric had to be, and what they'd done might backfire big time.

Later, the family had congregated in the design office and was still worrying that they'd made a mistake. Ridge and Thorne received text messages from Felicia, who was at the airport, worrying about the same thing. Ridge asked what was wrong with everyone. Thorne asked if Ridge thought the family didn't have a right to feel guilty. Thorne made up his mind and said they never should have abandoned Eric on his wedding day.

In the corridor later, Pam was on the phone, making jousting theater plans with Charlie, when Eric arrived with an envelope. Eric said her name, and she rushed off the phone. She was surprised to see him. Eric reticently responded that he worked there. She said she'd said it because it was the day after he'd gotten married.

Pam nervously offered Eric a corner piece lemon bar. Eric wordlessly walked into his office. Pam hopped from her seat and followed him into the office to say that she felt terrible. Eric replied that Pam had been there, helping him set up and lying to his face. Pam said it hadn't been like that. Eric asked where Pam had gone when she'd left the wedding.

Pam explained that she'd talked to Ridge, and Ridge and Steffy and the whole family had thought staging a boycott might lead Eric to call off the wedding. Eric asked if he'd not marry the woman he loved because his family had staged a group tantrum. He asked if it had been Ridge and Steffy's idea. Pam started to explain Ridge and Steffy's view, but Eric cut her off. "Enough. Get them in here," he said. He wanted to see everyone who hadn't shown up at his wedding.

Back across the hall, Ridge decided he had better things to do than to wring his hands over their choice. Thomas said they were all just worried. Ridge said he was, too, and he hadn't gone to the wedding because he didn't want Eric to be "with this silly woman."

Pam entered. She said Eric was there, and she shook her head when Wyatt asked if Quinn was. Steffy thought that was a good sign. Pam shook her head again. In her opinion, Eric was really hurt, and she'd never seen him like that before. She said he wanted to see them all right then.

Everyone went across the hall and wordlessly filed into Eric's office. He had his back to them. Ridge crossed his arms defiantly, and Pam said she'd gathered everyone as Eric had asked. Thomas said they'd heard from Ivy that Quinn and Eric had been alone at the wedding. It shouldn't have happened like that in Thomas' view, and he was sorry.

Zende said that it hadn't been their intention for Eric to get married alone. Instead, they'd thought he'd change his mind, but they'd been wrong. Maya added that it had been a terrible mistake, and they would have been there if they'd believed Eric would go through with it. Thorne said he'd been the best man but had let Eric down. Thorne asked Eric to please forgive him. Rick said they'd been trying to make a statement out of concern and had done it for Eric.

Eric finally turned to face the family. He said he'd heard from everyone but the ringleaders. He stated that it had been Ridge and Steffy's doing and asked if Steffy had anything to say. She was silent. Eric said that Steffy was as stubborn and opinionated as Stephanie and asked if Steffy hadn't learned from Stephanie's mistakes of hurting the ones she wanted to help.

Steffy said nothing. In her silence, Eric guessed not and concluded that the respect, love, and admiration they'd shared was out the window, just thrown away. Eric told Ridge that he was Eric's son, and Ridge knew what Ridge meant to him. Eric stated that after all the raising, support, and mentoring, "this is what it comes to. You betrayed me," Eric accused.

Back in the design office, Quinn arrived and was surprised to see Wyatt there. Wyatt said he was waiting for her as he'd said he'd do in the text message. "Well, I didn't know if I could trust it. You also said you'd be at my wedding," she replied.

Wyatt suggested they go to the CEO's office, where Eric had asked everyone to gather. Quinn declined and opted to let Eric say what he needed to without her there as a distraction. Wyatt asked how the wedding had been. She quipped that it hadn't been crowded. She then added that it had been elegant and simple, just what she and Eric had needed.

Wyatt remarked upon Quinn's new necklace from Eric. Wyatt wanted to be happy for Quinn. "No, I know -- you have Steffy to think about," she said. Quinn stated that she wouldn't have risked Wyatt's happiness if she didn't truly believe in what she and Eric had. Quinn said her marriage didn't need to interfere with Wyatt's, and she hoped Steffy could understand it. Wyatt did, too.

Quinn also hoped Steffy realized what her little stunt the other day had done to Eric. Wyatt clarified that it had been the whole family. Quinn asserted that the whole family had united to hurt Eric, and not one person could be there to support Eric. Quinn didn't know if Eric would ever forgive them.

. . .

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