Tuesday, March 3, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Ivy and Steffy discussed that Liam and Ridge had talked about Liam's plan to take over the company. Steffy confided that Liam understood that if she gave him her shares, it meant they would be running the company together as a couple -- just as her grandparents had -- because husband and wife teams had been the most successful in running the company.

Steffy's phone rang, and it was Liam. He told her that he wanted to see her at his place. Steffy looked confident, and Ivy looked worried.

At the Forrester mansion, Maya admired her new necklace in the mirror, and Rick surprised her when he caught her checking out her reflection. She thanked him again for the gift. Rick said it had all been due to his father's support. Rick said it had been one of the best days of his life. He reminded Maya that the necklace had been very expensive.

Maya said she was very proud of Rick because he had made amends and proved he was a team player in the earlier meeting at Forrester. "I hope I was convincing," Rick said. Maya asked if he'd meant what he had said.

Rick professed that he had made the announcements at work in a calculated way. He added that he had been working on his interpersonal communication skills. Maya gushed that it was what made him a good CEO. Rick added that he was going to remain CEO.

Aly entered, and she had numerous bags. She reminded Rick and Maya that they had agreed to review her shoe line. Rick feigned that he remembered. Rick told Aly that it would be best if he had a martini and Maya had a glass of Champagne.

Aly agreed, and she paused, but then she realized that Rick expected her to get the drinks. Aly begrudgingly left to prepare the drinks, and Maya playfully swatted Rick for treating Aly like a servant.

Aly delivered the drinks. She pulled out a pair of shoes and started to discuss them, but Rick interrupted and grilled her about how many times she had shaken the martini. He chastised her because she had done it too many times, and Thorne should have instructed her in the art of martini making.

Aly apologized, and Rick said the shoes looked more like a discount line, but then he said he wanted to see them on. Aly suggested that Maya model them because she knew that Rick would like them on Maya. Maya declined because she had been on her feet all day. Rick suggested that Aly massage Maya's feet so she could model the shoes.

"Excuse me?" Aly asked in shock. Maya said it was unnecessary, but Rick insisted. Aly massaged Maya's feet, and Maya looked embarrassed. Maya told Aly that she'd done enough. Maya looked impatiently at Rick.

At the Forrester offices, Ivy and Wyatt reviewed the jewelry line. Wyatt noted that Rick had approved an opal bracelet -- a surprise. Ivy agreed, but she seemed distracted. She said that Rick had been critical, but it had been approved.

Wyatt noted that Ivy seemed distant, and he asked what was wrong. Ivy explained that in order to take control of Forrester, Liam had to get back together with Steffy. "He could have this entire company and his ex-wife," Ivy lamented.

Wyatt said he didn't believe that Liam would choose Steffy. Ivy reminded him about Liam and Steffy's history, but Wyatt reminded Ivy that Steffy was Liam's past, and he wanted to look toward the future. "He started this project to protect you and Caroline -- the Spencer women -- that's how he referred to you," Wyatt said. Ivy left to visit Liam.

At Liam's, Steffy entered and said that her father had understood her conditions. Steffy wondered if Liam had agreed. "Is that why you called me? Are you ready to take over Forrester Creations?" Steffy cooed.

Steffy reminded Liam that she'd left before because she couldn't handle it -- the loss of the baby. She had practically handed Liam over to Hope, but Hope hadn't appreciated what she had. Liam argued that Wyatt's mother had been a crazy interference, and Steffy understood that it hadn't been entirely Hope's fault.

Steffy said she understood Liam had feelings for Ivy, but they couldn't compare with the feelings Liam had shared with Steffy. She wanted to pick up where they had left off. "Ivy is very important," Liam said. Steffy interrupted that Forrester could be theirs if they did it together.

Liam professed that the idea of running Forrester with her would feel good. Liam gushed that he had deeply loved Steffy. "You know how much you mean to me," he said. He added that she was one of the smartest people he had ever met. He enjoyed the thought of working with her, living with her, and touching her again. He warmly touched her face. "We would make it work this time," he said, "but Ivy."

Liam said he was committed to Ivy. Steffy was saddened. "She better appreciate you. I don't blame you for giving that kangaroo a shot," Steffy said.

"What happens now?" Liam asked. Steffy said she would return to Paris and watch from there. She'd watch the company from afar and see what happened. "And wait. For now," Steffy said. Liam and Steffy hugged. "Be happy," she told Liam. They hugged again, and Steffy left. Outside, Steffy paused and cried.

Later, Ivy arrived at Liam's. Liam welcomed her, and she wondered if Steffy was still there. Liam teased that Steffy was gone and had not been hiding in her bikini. Ivy confessed that she had seen Steffy at Forrester, and Steffy had been very confident that she and Liam would reunite and run Forrester together.

Liam stopped Ivy and told her that he had really wanted to take over Forrester but not at that cost. He had no plans to agree to Steffy's conditions. They hugged. Ivy was relieved. Liam was surprised that Ivy had been worried. "We talked about this," he said.

Ivy agreed they had discussed it, but Steffy had been confident, and it had all made sense that Liam and Steffy would revisit their history. She marveled that Liam could have had it all. She wondered who could push Steffy aside. "A man in love with someone else," Liam said. Ivy smiled.

"What I've discovered about myself is that I love my beauty with an accent," Liam teased. He added that he had wanted control of Forrester Creations for Caroline and Ivy. He didn't want to have it all if he didn't have Ivy.

At Forrester, Steffy entered Wyatt's office, and Wyatt wondered what had happened with Liam. Steffy begrudgingly confessed that Liam had chosen to stay with Ivy. "For now," Steffy said with a smirk.

. . .

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