Tuesday, December 16, 2014
by Pam

At Maya's new condo, which was the same condo that Steffy had purchased from Jackie M, Rick and Maya sat in the bathtub. Maya marveled at her new luxury condo. She thanked Rick and giggled at the tub in the middle of the living room.

Rick apologized that he couldn't spend all his time with her. "It's not forever -- only until you solidify your position as CEO," she said. She added that the real fireworks would then begin.

Rick promised that it would happen soon. He had hired an attorney, and the attorney was on his way to meet with them at the condo. Rick promised he would make a move and give some people "the shock of their lives." He and Maya kissed passionately.

Later, Maya and Rick dressed, and the attorney, Kris, arrived, and he announced that he had the irrevocable power as CEO at Forrester Creations papers with him. Kris questioned why Rick would make waves with the success that the company had recently had. Kris also wondered why Rick would want to take power away from the founding member of the company.

Rick argued that he'd wanted to be in control and insisted that if Kris couldn't handle the legal challenge, Rick would find another attorney. Kris agreed to file the appropriate papers. Maya asked what the documents meant, and Kris explained that Rick's father could never remove Rick as CEO -- and Rick would have irrevocable control. Kris added that Rick had to get his father to sign the papers. Kris left.

Rick declared that he couldn't wait to stick it to Ridge, and he promised that Caroline would get hers. "Obviously, her vows meant squat. I loved her so damn much, I believed in her and what we had. How could she betray our marriage like this?" Rick said emotionally. He vowed that once his dad had signed the papers, his life would begin. "And I can tell them all to go to hell," he seethed.

At Forrester, Ridge and Caroline discussed Ridge's idea to design the showstopper first and then design the entire line around it. Caroline thought it was genius, but she wanted to run the idea past Rick.

Ridge disagreed. "I don't think Rick cares about the process," he said. Caroline gushed about how understanding Rick had been and how he had encouraged them to design together again. Eric entered, and Caroline explained that Ridge had the idea of designing the showstopper first. Eric wanted to see the design, but Ridge said it wasn't ready yet. Eric asked what Rick thought of the idea.

Caroline answered that Rick was "up to his neck in hot water." Eric wondered what she'd meant, and Caroline said that had been what Rick had told her when she'd called him. He was out of the office.

Eric gushed that he'd been impressed with how Rick had adapted to the role of CEO. He had turned his life around for the sake of his marriage. Eric looked at Ridge and reminded him that his brother had made a concerted effort to mend fences with both Ridge and Caroline.

Eric wondered if Ridge had noticed the changes. Eric encouraged Ridge to meet Rick halfway. "I understand. I'm trying," Ridge said. Eric ordered Ridge to try harder.

Ridge asserted that it wasn't easy, since he'd had to step aside from his rightful place in the company. Eric scoffed and reminded Ridge that the company was only as good as its lead designer. "You and Caroline are the most successful design team in the business," Eric said.

Later, Eric revisited Caroline, and he told her to track down her husband and go out for an expensive romantic dinner on him. Caroline thanked Eric and said that Rick had never been more committed to their marriage.

At Katie's, she and Will played on the floor, and Bill entered. He offered to play with Will, and Katie noted that Will was happy to see his daddy. "Is Mommy happy to see his daddy?" Bill asked. Katie looked surprised.

Later, Bill had put Will to bed, and Katie cleaned up toys. Bill returned and told Katie that Will had wanted a story, and Katie guessed that Bill had told his son the story about the Spencer kingdom. He teased that it had included a dark knight, three princes and a beautiful queen. Ex-queen -- Katie reminded.

Bill said that the dark knight hadn't appreciated what he'd had in the queen. A crash in the kitchen interrupted their conversation. "Rudolpho?" Katie called out. Rudolpho, a personal chef, entered and apologized for a spill in her kitchen. He assured her the appetizers were fine.

Bill wondered if Katie had a party planned. She said she had a special evening planned. "Come on. Forrester?" Bill asked and demanded to know what was going on. Katie laughed. Rudolpho placed flowers on a table, and Bill rolled his eyes.

Bill said he'd asked as politely as he could what was going on with "Fashion Boy." Katie admitted she had a significant evening planned. Bill worried that Katie had planned a future with Fashion Boy, and Katie reminded that it was none of his business.

Bill embraced Katie, and told her that he'd had time to reflect. He'd remembered that his time with Katie had been the happiest time of his life. "When I see you with Will, and we're all together, I want our family back, Katie. I want us back," he said.

Bill caressed her hair and face. "I made the biggest mistake of my life, letting you go. I want a chance to make this right," he said. Bill insisted that they had been great together, and he maintained that he had never stopped loving her, and he knew that she had never stopped loving him. Katie looked thoughtful.

Later, Bill had left, and Ridge entered the house -- it was alight with candles, a roaring fire, and flowers. Ridge asked Katie what was going on, and Katie told him it was a special evening "for you and for me," she said. Katie poured wine, and they toasted.

Ridge noted that she had all his favorites, and he worried that he'd forgotten something special. She said it had been a long time since they had connected. She took a sip of wine, and Ridge noticed the red string on her finger. He admitted that he should have replaced the ribbon with the real deal a long time before. "Do you think a minister would agree?" she asked.

At Spencer, Bill looked thoughtful, and he flashed back to when he had kissed Katie passionately. He looked worried.

At Maya's place, Maya called Rick and left a message that she knew he had a meeting with his dad to present the papers. She excitedly said that she couldn't wait to start their life together. After she hung up, she danced around the condo and smiled.

At Forrester, Rick entered Eric's office. Eric declared how proud he'd been of Rick and how Rick had truly behaved like a CEO. Eric noted that Rick had treated Ridge with respect and repaired his marriage with Caroline.

Rick gushed that Eric had taught him to be a true Forrester. "We don't give in. We persevere," Rick said. Rick added that he wanted to move the company forward.

Rick explained that he'd had papers drawn up that would give him irrevocable control of Forrester. Eric wondered why it had been necessary, and Rick explained that Ridge had always challenged his authority.

Rick reminded Eric that Eric had known what it was like to have Ridge question his authority and decision making. Rick guessed it had been because Ridge was a Marone. Rick added that loyalty was not one of Ridge's strongest traits. Rick pulled put a pen and pressured Eric to sign the papers.

. . .

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