Tuesday, April 15, 2014
by Pam

Liam had kidnapped Hope, who was in the retro Silver Bullet trailer. Liam drove the truck attached to the trailer. Liam called Hope to tell her he was driving. "What are you doing?" she screamed. Liam said they needed to talk.

Wyatt walked out of Forrester and helplessly watched the trailer head off the Forrester property. Wyatt chased after it. Hope called Wyatt and told him that Liam had kidnapped her. Wyatt was furious and said that he planned to call the police, but Hope told him to calm down. She said that Liam needed to talk, and she would call Wyatt later. Wyatt promised to pick up Hope, no matter where Liam had taken her.

Liam pulled the trailer into his driveway at home. Liam opened the trailer door and sat down with Hope. Liam admitted that he had been extreme. Hope reminded Liam that he had stolen Wyatt's truck, and Wyatt had been worried sick. Liam said that they needed time together. "Want to come inside -- we have a lot to figure out," Liam suggested. Hope agreed.

Hope called Wyatt and advised him that she was at Liam's house. Wyatt promised to drive up and rescue her, but Hope advised him to stay away. She told him that Liam had locked the gate, but Wyatt furiously said that nothing could stop him from getting Hope away from Liam.

Hope repeated that she wanted Wyatt to stay away from Liam's house. "I don't like what Liam did, but he needs this time. And honestly, so do I," she confessed. Hope begged Wyatt to understand. Wyatt agreed.

At Forrester, Wyatt sat in a daze, and Quinn entered. Quinn told Wyatt that she had ordered amethyst from Brazil for some new pieces. Quinn wanted to get Wyatt's opinion on a few things before Wyatt and Hope took off on a trip.

Wyatt told his mother that Liam had stolen Wyatt's truck and kidnapped Hope. Wyatt confessed that he was worried. Quinn said it was bizarre behavior, even for Liam. Wyatt agreed, but he admitted that Liam was not a psychopath. Quinn shouted that Wyatt had to get out to Liam's house immediately, even though Hope had asked Wyatt to stay away.

Inside at Liam's house, Liam confessed to Hope that he had freaked out. "Can you blame me," he asked. Liam reminded Hope that things would have changed permanently if she had been pregnant with Wyatt's child. "I almost lost you today. We almost lost each other forever. I hope that scared you as much as it scared me," Liam said.

Hope admitted she had been scared. She tearfully agreed that the thought of losing Liam forever was something she couldn't do, but she couldn't imagine losing Wyatt either. "I know how you feel," Liam said.

Liam told Hope that he knew she didn't love Wyatt the way they had loved each other. He told her that she was home. "Look at the memories here. We should be married now. We should be planning a future," Liam said. Hope tearfully looked at Liam. "This is your home, and you belong with me. Come home to me," Liam said. Hope and Liam kissed passionately.

At Forrester, Brooke and Katie sparred over Katie's conversation with Eric. Brooke advised Katie that it had been Eric's decision to make Brooke and Ridge co-vice presidents.

Katie doubted that Brooke was telling the truth, but Brooke assured Katie that Eric had always seen Brooke and Ridge as the future of Forrester. Brooke accused Katie of being insecure. Katie asked Brooke if Eric knew that Brooke and Bill had been sharing a bed.

Brooke warned that Forrester was a place of business, and Brooke's romance should have no impact on her work. Katie scoffed that Brooke had suddenly taken a renewed interest in Forrester after having little to do with the company for a long time. Brooke said she had to protect her interest in the company and that of her children.

Katie reminded Brooke that Taylor had said the exact same things when Taylor had started working at Forrester. Brooke said that Taylor had been a psychiatrist, while Brooke had been a chemist who had created BeLief, and she had helped with the Men's Line and with Brooke's Bedroom -- one of the most successful lines at Forrester.

Brooke refused to defend herself to Katie. "Who are you, Katie?" Brooke asked. "Not your shy wallflower sister," Katie responded. Brooke recalled that she didn't recognize Ridge anymore, and she felt the same about Katie.

Brooke surmised that Katie had been waiting her whole life to get the best of Brooke. Katie looked determined. Brooke accused Katie of looking for payback. Katie snarked that she didn't need payback. Katie professed that she was happy with Ridge.

Katie reminded Brooke that Katie was a mother and a CEO, running a company. Brooke noted that Katie had manipulated Bill out of his position and stolen his company.

Katie accused Brooke of having selective memory because Brooke had conveniently forgotten what Bill had done when he had tricked Katie into signing the company over to him. "You and Ridge are so hypocritical," Brooke said. Brooke added that she and Bill had made mistakes. Brooke said that everyone should be forgiven.

Katie said that she had supported Brooke through all of her sordid relationships, but Katie was done. "I stopped defending you and started defending myself," she said. Katie looked confident. "Enjoy my husband," Katie said, "you're two of a kind."

Brooke looked pensive, but Brooke recalled that Katie had married Bill. "He's not the same man I married. I haven't seen that man in a long time," Katie said. Katie added that she and Ridge wanted a life with less drama.

At lunch at an outdoor cafe, Bill flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Katie -- when he had told her that she and Karen had stolen his business from him. Bill remembered Katie's confidence and her response that she had learned from the best. Justin interrupted and promised good news.

Justin reported that the Spencer quarterlies had been flat, at best. Justin believed the board would reinstate Bill because the company couldn't continue on that same path. Bill professed that he would soon have his company back. Justin was glad because Ridge had seemed totally at home in Katie's office. Bill looked determined.

. . .

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