Tuesday, July 15, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Hope, Liam, and Wyatt met in Hope's office. Hope and Liam insisted that Forrester needed Wyatt. Wyatt agreed that Forrester was where he wanted to be. He was pleased that Hope and Liam trusted him. Hope announced that Wyatt would have to work out details with Rick to work on the new jewelry line. Wyatt was happy to be back in the building and part of the team. He considered himself lucky, and he said he had been worried about how he was going to get back to work, and he figured it would take a miracle.

Wyatt said that he had another shot at the future he had planned. He pointed out that the Hope for the Future diamond had been a sign of good luck. Liam and Hope looked doubtful, but Wyatt continued that Hope and Liam had given him a priceless gift: their forgiveness. Hope left.

Wyatt and Liam expressed that they had both changed. Liam said that Wyatt had saved his life, and Wyatt said that he was changed man. Liam added that he trusted Wyatt and that Wyatt was his best man -- for his weeding and more. Wyatt said that the bow tie was not his style, and they argued about bow ties, but they laughed. They noted that they had been at each other's throats for so long, it might take time to learn to get along. Liam asked Wyatt not to let him down. Wyatt promised not to let Liam down, and they embraced, but Wyatt looked pensive.

In another office at Forrester, after Rick had told Carter that Maya had joined him in the steam room and tried to kiss him, Carter confronted Maya. Carter insisted that he wanted the truth. He asked if Maya had hit on Rick. Maya admitted that she had. "Maya what is this? What's going on with you?" Carter asked.

Maya explained that she had almost been a Forrester when she'd been with Rick. She lamented that she had been so close. She needed closure with Rick. Carter scoffed that Maya had embarrassed herself. He wondered why she'd taken so long to make wedding plans, but he had found his answer. She wanted to be a Forrester.

Carter told Maya it was over. Maya argued that she wanted to marry Carter, but Carter said she had no dignity. She didn't want to marry him. Maya begged Carter to reconsider, but he refused. Carter was disgusted, and he walked out on her.

In the photo studio at Forrester, Oliver tried to make Aly understand that he had spoken to Maya in anger after Ridge had fired him. He explained that Maya had accused him of using Aly, and Maya had recorded an unflattering conversation where Oliver had not been kind. Aly asked what exactly Oliver had said.

Oliver said that Maya was also vengeful because she had overheard him say that Aly should be the face of HFTF. He added that he'd said some things he wasn't proud of. Aly demanded to know what he had said. "I was telling Maya how much I liked hanging out with you," Oliver said. He confessed that he'd added that he considered her job security.

Aly was hurt. She said that he had been pretending all along. Aly lamented that she had shown Oliver her true self. Oliver said he had loved getting to know her. Aly noted that he'd only put up with her as long as he'd had to. Oliver disagreed and said that he had been happier than he had ever been since he had been with Aly.

Aly insisted that he had felt sorry for her. Aly was disappointed. "You were my first love and my first kiss," she said. Oliver apologized. He promised to prove himself. Aly refused. Oliver refused to allow her to break up with him over a recording.

Aly maintained that she no longer knew what was real. "I just can't be with someone like that. You were my knight in shining armor," she said. Oliver begged her to forgive him, but Aly left. Oliver looked heartbroken, and he followed Aly out of the room. He called after her.

. . .

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