Tuesday, May 24, 2016
by Pam

At Liam's, Liam flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Lieutenant Baker. Liam remembered that Baker had asked him if he was ready to press charges. "You want to press charges or not?" Liam recalled that Quinn had shaken her head at him.

Lam's phone rang and returned him to reality. It was Lieutenant Baker. "I can't hold Quinn much longer without formally charging her," Baker said. Liam answered that he would be at the station shortly with his attorney. Liam hung up, and Wyatt showed up at Liam's home. Wyatt asked to talk to Liam, but Liam said he was on his way to the police station.

Wyatt begged Liam not to press charges against his mother. Wyatt understood that there was no rational explanation or excuse for his mother, but Wyatt maintained that Quinn needed "more help than we ever thought." Wyatt added that Liam drew out good things in Quinn, and he worried that all of that would be lost if she was sent to jail. "She'll have to harden up just to survive," Wyatt said.

Liam was unsympathetic. "She stole my life from me, and she gave it to you. I'm not gonna let her get away with that," Liam replied. He pointed out that he would be married to Steffy if it hadn't been for Quinn's interference and manipulation. Wyatt refused to argue about Steffy. He argued that his mother was bright and funny. "Have some compassion. Show some generosity," Wyatt begged. Liam said he had to leave. He shook his head and walked out.

At Spencer, Justin and Bill discussed that Liam had asked Justin to accompany him to the police station. Bill was grateful that Justin would accompany his son. "She stole his life and held him hostage," Bill said of Quinn. Justin agreed, but he said it would become a "he said, she said" story. Bill worried. He reminded Justin that he was on Bill's payroll, and he had to look out for Liam's best interest. Justin left.

Later, Wyatt visited Bill. Wyatt admitted he had stopped at Liam's. Bill assumed it had been a fight over Steffy. Wyatt disagreed. He admitted he'd asked Liam not to send Quinn to jail. Bill argued that Wyatt was wrong. "You're not doing her any favors. She thinks she can get away with every outrageous thing," Bill said.

Bill added that it was not Wyatt's decision. Bill was confident Liam would press charges. "I'm sorry, Wyatt. She's going away for a good long time." He added that Quinn had no one to blame but herself. Wyatt maintained that she didn't deserve prison. Wyatt added that he hated what she had done to Liam, but she was his mother, and prison would not help her.

At the police station, Quinn paced a room and flashed back to when Liam had told her that he loved her when they had lived together at the cabin. She remembered telling him that she loved him. She smiled. Lieutenant Baker interrupted, and Quinn asked if Liam had pressed charges. She maintained that she was not a criminal. "Maybe misguided sometimes," she said.

Quinn's attorney entered and told her she shouldn't have been talking to the police. He asked to speak to his client alone. Lieutenant Baker said that Liam would be there soon, and he would either charge her or let her go. "I believe Liam will refuse to press charges," Quinn said and smiled.

Baker left, and Quinn's attorney told her to remain quiet during the meeting. He ordered Quinn to avoid heartfelt appeals to Liam. Quinn said she understood. "I have so much to prove, and I can't do that from behind bars," she said.

Baker entered followed by Justin and Liam. Quinn immediately started to chatter. She maintained that she and Liam didn't "need lawyers and cops." She addressed Liam and acknowledged that she had done him wrong, but she had never lied to him about her feelings. "You know that we had a connection," she said. She begged him to honor their commitment. "Please don't send me to prison," she said. Liam looked conflicted.

Quinn's attorney maintained that Liam had never truly been abducted, and the sex he'd had with Quinn had been consensual. Liam argued, but the attorney forced Liam to admit that Quinn had never restrained Liam or held a gun to his head or a knife. He further quizzed Liam about how Quinn had taken care of him. She had picked him up in the parking lot -- she had not pushed him or hurt him, and she had never barricaded him in her cabin. "You were free to leave," he said. The attorney insisted there had been no abduction. Liam argued that he hadn't agreed to be there.

"Did you resist? Make advances of your own? Tell her that you loved her?" the attorney quizzed. "Yes," Liam said quietly.

"Did you ever say stop?" the attorney asked. Quinn smiled. Justin asked to speak to Liam alone. Justin and Liam left to talk in the hallway. Quinn asked her attorney and Lieutenant Baker about her fate. "What if he does press charges? What about bail?" Quinn asked. Baker and her attorney said a hearing would be set, and everything depended on the judge. Quinn's attorney said her past deeds could indeed return to haunt her.

Outside the room, Justin and Liam discussed that proving Quinn had been trying to hurt Liam would be next to impossible in court. "Do we even have a case?" Liam asked Justin. Justin maintained that there were a lot of gray areas, and Quinn had a lot of strong arguments. Liam admitted he didn't want to go to court and let the whole world know what he'd been through if nothing would happen to Quinn. Justin agreed it was a difficult case to prove.

Liam and Justin returned to the room. Liam told Quinn that she had stolen his life and kept him from medical treatment when he'd had a brain injury. Quinn tried to interrupt, but Liam stopped her. "I'm talking. I don't care about you. I never will," he said coldly.

Quinn said she should never have taken him from the parking lot that day, but she insisted her time with Liam had been the happiest time of her life. "I can be that woman again," she said.

Liam angrily told Quinn that she had cost him "the woman I actually love." He added that she had played a role and manipulated him. "You are the same conniving, scheming monster you were in the real world," he insisted. Baker interrupted and demanded that Liam press charges, or he had to let Quinn go.

. . .

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