Tuesday, January 27, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge encouraged Caroline to run away with him. He enthused that they could leave Forrester and start their own company. "Just say yes. Say yes," Ridge prompted.

Rick's attorney entered and interrupted. He presented Caroline with divorce papers. Ridge gave the attorney the gun that Rick had used to shoot at Caroline and Ridge and suggested that the attorney knew what to do with it. Ridge encouraged Caroline to have her own attorney look at the papers, but Caroline refused. She wanted to sign and get it over with.

"Do you have a pen?" Caroline asked the lawyer. He handed her a pen, and Caroline maintained that she had wanted nothing from Rick, but Ridge recommended that she give it some time. "I've given this enough time," she countered.

Caroline signed the papers and handed them back to the lawyer. "There, it's done. Now we can all move on," Caroline said, and she smiled and looked satisfied and at peace. "I didn't expect Rick to come in here with a gun -- he's not the man I married," she said.

Caroline shared that Rick had hurt her and threatened her, and she had put up with it. Ridge said he was sorry, but Caroline wasn't. "I did everything I could to save my marriage," she said. She added that she had drawn the line at Rick's violent threats, and she had no room for him in her life. "Now what?" Caroline asked with a flirty smile.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke was surprised at all the changes at the house. She noted that Maya had "put your stamp on this place." Brooke motioned to the painting of Maya that had replaced the painting of Stephanie. Maya explained that it had all been Rick's doing, and they would replace the painting when Eric returned.

Brooke advised Maya that it had all happened a bit too fast. "What are you up to?" she asked Maya. Maya blamed Caroline for Rick's actions. Brooke asked Maya to explain, and Maya launched into her explanation of how Caroline had kissed Ridge, and that had hurt Rick.

"But why is he living here with you," Brooke asked. "We're a team," Maya answered. Brooke was skeptical. Maya professed that Rick had needed a woman he could trust -- who was devoted to him and his success. "I won't let him down," Maya promised.

Brooke noted that in return "you get all of this" Maya acknowledged that it looked bad, but Maya added that she "loved the life of Forrester," and she did not plan to pretend that she didn't because she had grown up with nothing, and she had nothing to hide.

"How is my son?" Brooke quizzed. Maya explained that Rick had not dealt well with Caroline's betrayal with Ridge. Maya said that Caroline had to have known Rick's history with Ridge. Maya said that Caroline had reopened a huge wound for Rick.

Rick entered the front door, and worried aloud that he needed some relaxation. Maya called to Rick's attention that Brooke had arrived. Rick asked if Hope had also returned, but Brooke said that Hope had needed some more time to work things out. Hope planned to remain in Milan for a while.

Rick said he'd had a "bang-up day at the office." He acknowledged that Brooke had to have had some questions because he'd been living with Maya. Rick explained that before he answered her questions, he had to tell her about the problems at the office.

"There was an incident at the office. Shots were fired," he said. Brooke and Maya were shocked, and Rick tried to explain that he hadn't tried to hit anyone. Brooke and Maya asked who he'd shot at. Rick replied that it had been Caroline and Ridge. Rick added nonchalantly that they had probably called the police.

Brooke asked about the gun, and Rick explained that it had been in Stephanie's nightstand. He whined that Caroline had begged him to return to her and their marriage, but she'd been kissing Ridge. "I had to get him off of my wife," Rick shouted. Maya and Brooke looked confused and worried.

Rick maintained that Ridge and Caroline would make it seem worse than it had been. Rick sat down, and Maya sat down and grabbed his hand. Brooke left the room and called Ridge.

At Forrester, Caroline flashed back and relived the shooting incident in which Rick had mocked her. "Teach me, Ridge," Rick had said. She recalled that Rick had said he'd had to get Ridge off of Caroline and that Ridge had called Rick insane. "You could have killed us," Ridge had shouted.

Rick had maintained that they'd deserved it.

Caroline looked thoughtful, and she stopped her flashback. She overheard Ridge, who had called Eric. Ridge explained what had happened while Caroline continued to flash back to Rick's justification of shooting at Ridge and Caroline.

After Ridge hung up, Caroline wondered what had happened. Ridge noted that Eric had been shocked. Ridge reminded Caroline that Rick should be in jail. Caroline agreed that any other employee would be in jail, but she added that Rick didn't belong in jail.

Ridge's phone rang, and it was Brooke. Ridge gave her a quick version of what had happened, and he shouted that Rick could have killed them. Ridge told Brooke that Caroline had refused to call the police, but Ridge added that he would not let it go. "Your son's out of control," Ridge said.

Brooke hung up and returned to the living room with Rick and Maya. Her eyes were filled with tears, and she told them that Ridge and Caroline had not called the police. Rick lamented that Caroline had been lying to him, and Maya chimed in that it had all been Caroline's fault, and Rick was a victim.

Brooke reminded Rick and Maya that Caroline was his wife. Rick shook his head and said that he'd been stressed out about running the company. Rick professed that his only peace had been with Maya.

Rick justified that he had shown his appreciation for Maya when he'd hung her portrait because she was the only one who'd been there for him. Brooke explained that she'd have been there for him, but she'd thought he'd been fine, and she had been helping Hope.

Brooke hugged Rick, and he said he had to go to bed. She encouraged him to get a good night's sleep, and she hoped he would awaken and feel more like himself. Rick looked confused. He kissed Maya, and Maya promised to join him soon. Rick went upstairs.

Brooke poured herself a drink and noted that Rick was really attached to Maya. "We've been through a lot," Maya said. "My son is in trouble," Brooke announced. She added that she understood that Maya was helping him, but she worried about Maya's sincerity.

"I am back, and I will be watching," Brooke advised, and she scowled at Maya. Brooke promised to show herself out after Maya had gone to bed. "Goodnight, Mrs. Forrester," Maya said. Brooke squinted at Maya and looked around the house with distaste. Brooke glared at the painting of Maya, and Maya watched Brooke from the balcony above.

At Forrester, Caroline told Ridge that she hoped Brooke had returned to help Rick. Caroline thought Rick should be fired because he was unstable. Ridge wanted to get away from Forrester, but Caroline said they needed to fight because Rick was dangerous and had to be stopped. Caroline reminded Ridge that Eric had originally chosen Ridge as CEO, and Ridge noted that he and Caroline had developed the greatest couture line ever.

Caroline maintained that she and Ridge should run the company. They agreed to take over with no more regrets or guilt. Ridge smiled, and he and Caroline embraced.

. . .

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