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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
by Pam

In the hotel in San Francisco, Quinn and Ridge drank tequila. Quinn was angry and told Ridge to get out. Ridge said she shouldn't be alone. Ridge poured another drink and asked if Quinn wanted another one. She stood up and told him a second time to leave. "I'm not going anywhere," he said. They drank the tequila.

Quinn angrily advised Ridge that she was never going to allow Ridge to take Eric away from her. "Never going to happen," she said. She added that Ridge didn't know "a damned thing about me." Ridge agreed. "Let's change that," he said.

Quinn snickered that Ridge wouldn't be interested. She asked why she would tell her secrets to someone who hated her so much. Ridge said it might make him hate her less. Quinn noted that after everything that had happened to her, she could never make Ridge understand. Quinn shook her head. "Please," Ridge suggested.

Quinn emotionally said she couldn't try explaining "what it feels like to be disrespected and used over and over and over." She added that she had always believed the next guy was going to be different, but they'd ended up just as awful. She lamented that she had been young when Bill Spencer had walked into her life and tossed her aside; he had thrown money at her and said, "Get rid of the kid. " She lamented that every guy was just another version of Bill or just another version of men that her mother had taken home. "I swore I would never be like her and give up power," Quinn said.

"Bill was the first one?" Ridge asked. Quinn said she had kept Bill away and protected her son from him, and all her hard work had paid off. "My son is nothing like the rest of you guys," she shouted. Ridge took exception to being lumped into the same lot as Bill Spencer.

Quinn was in disbelief. She reminded Ridge that he had tried to humiliate and disgrace her. "Of course you're like the rest of them," Quinn shouted. She maintained that her son was different, and Eric was different. Eric had been the first man to respect her, and he truly loved her. She didn't have to guard herself.

"I'm not giving that up -- not ever," Quinn shouted. Ridge said he understood her, and he understood his father. "It's my job to protect him from people like you," Ridge said. Quinn wondered what he meant, and he called her a gold digger. Quinn laughed that if she had truly been a gold digger, she would have gone after Bill's money.

Quinn emotionally explained that Ridge had no idea what it was like to be poor and give that last bit of food to her son when they were young. Rather than let him go hungry, she would go hungry. "You don't know what it feels like to be hungry. I come across mean and aggressive -- I had to be," she said. "You used meanness to push people away," Ridge said.

Quinn admitted that she hated who she was and all that she'd done, and she'd justified it all to give her son a better life. "We would do anything for our children. For you, it was writing a big check, but I had to be creative. I made so many mistakes," she said.

Quinn proudly said that after years of hard work, she had given her son a life worth living -- all because of love with Eric. "Now that I have that, you have to hear me. I am not letting you take that away from me," she shouted. Ridge was quiet. He promised he didn't want to take his dad away from her. "I want to protect my dad, this company, my family, and this legacy," Ridge said.

Quinn responded that she'd lived with fear every single day before Eric. Quinn had worried every month that she would end up homeless. Quinn cried. Ridge sat next to her and gave her a hankie. Quinn said she hated to be guarded, but she had been burned many times. "I had to, and who cares? Who cares what people thought?" she asked. She had endured everything and made it through somehow, and she'd met the greatest man, who'd taken a chance on her. "I don't want to be alone anymore," she cried.

Ridge told Quinn she was not alone. He said he knew why Eric had fallen for his mother. "And now I can see why my dad fell for you," he said. Ridge noted it was not because she was pretty or younger but because of who she was. "It will be all right. It will be fine," Ridge promised.

Quinn doubted Ridge. He advised her to stop spinning her webs and building walls. "Trust that," he said. Ridge turned to leave, but she stopped him. She handed him his hankie. He opened his arms and hugged her then he kissed her on the lips, and they made out. He pulled away.

At Eric's house, Katie wondered how Ridge and Quinn had gotten along in San Francisco. Eric said he trusted Quinn, and she trusted him. Katie wondered if things were going well. Eric said they might surprise themselves and learn to get along.

At Liam's, Bill advised Liam not to be late for the meeting the following day. He didn't want to have to be alone in a room with "those Bozos." Liam responded that he meant employees. Bill noted that Liam seemed stressed. Liam agreed. He wanted Steffy to return home.

Bill advised Liam to be patient. Liam asked about Brooke. Bill said she had gone to visit Hope in Europe. He knew that his relationship would eventually work out, and he knew Steffy would move back in. Bill claimed Brooke would never marry Ridge because he always messed up, and he would do it again. "We're Spencers. We don't give up," Bill said.

At Thomas' loft, Thomas shared that he and Caroline had been together but were apart for the moment. He missed her and Douglas. He added that when Caroline eventually returned to Los Angeles, he didn't want to have a roommate. Steffy agreed. She knew that Thomas and Caroline would be together again soon. Thomas wondered how long it would take for her to get back with Liam.

Steffy said she cared about Wyatt's feelings, but the divorce would be final soon. Thomas wondered how long it would take for Quinn to have a meltdown. Steffy said she genuinely believed that Quinn had feelings for their granddad, but she didn't trust Quinn and hoped that when Quinn did have the meltdown, it didn't hurt Eric too badly.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Steffy tells Wyatt she can't give him what he wants.

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