Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Thomas and Liam returned to Liam's after surfing. Thomas apologized for tracking sand and water in. He said Liam had to have noticed that he was rusty. Liam asked why Thomas had called him and suggested surfing. Thomas said they were almost brothers-in-law. Liam pointed out that they were not. Thomas said it was through no fault of Liam's.

Steffy was working on her computer when Bill arrived. She told him to call and make an appointment for when she was not busy. She advised him that Pam would not give him one, since Bill had already made his point. Bill said he didn't make appointments with family, especially when it was about not disgracing family.

Brooke walked into her bedroom and took off her shoes. She had a flashback to her and Bill making love.

In one of the offices, Nicole asked Vivienne if she had overreacted with Zende. Vivienne said treating someone like family did not mean "letting them walk all over you." She said that Nicole should not let any woman do what Sasha had done to her. Vivienne did not think Sasha walking around in lingerie and Zende photographing her was a good idea.

At the shoot, Zende told Sasha not to be sad. He was okay with photographing shoes. Sasha told him there was a wall of shoes in a Chicago museum about 20 feet high, and Aunt Vivienne had taken them there as kids when they had been in the fourth grade. Sasha said that Nicole could tell him all about it, since she had launched his new shoe photography career. Zende said maybe if he did a good job, they would graduate him to handbags. Sasha said he was supposed to have had the lingerie line, and he was stuck doing shoes. She tried to touch him but pulled back and said she felt terrible.

Nicole told Vivienne she thought Sasha was sorry for lying the way that she had. Vivienne said being sorry and being a better person were two different things. She was all for giving Sasha the benefit of the doubt, but there was no doubt that Sasha wanted Zende for herself. Nicole agreed but asked if, even though she did not trust Sasha, she should trust Zende. Vivienne asked if Nicole remembered the cute little dog her aunt had owned and how Nicole had thought he was the best dog in the world. Vivienne asked Nicole if she would have trusted that dog next her hamburger with her back turned.

Zende told Sasha that he'd told Ridge and Rick he was willing to do anything, and he was. He said he would never say shoes were beneath him. Sasha joked, except for the ones he was wearing, and they laughed. Zende said he hadn't been there that long and was surprised they even let him use the copy machine. "How hard can it be? You put the paper in, and it comes out the back, and…" he stopped and apologized.

Sasha said she had been there half the time Zende had and advised him to look where she was. She was modeling for the intimate line, and she owed all of that to him. After the chances he had given her and all the good he had done for her, she just wanted to do some good for him.

Steffy told Bill that before she listened to his unsolicited advice, she wanted to give him some of her own. She told him to stop playing favorites with his sons. Bill said there was no way he could be accused of doing that in that scenario. Steffy continued to accuse him. Wyatt had previously been the black sheep, but it had changed to Liam -- for the same reason: he smelled of Quinn to Bill. Bill said that was absurd. She told him to leave Liam -- and all of them -- alone. Bill said not until she stopped thinking of doing what she was thinking of doing.

Liam told Thomas he'd had a future with Steffy, and Thomas had been part of that too. Liam was grateful to have his memory back, but it was like having a map to a planet, just not the same one he woke up to every morning. He held his head and sat down, saying that was all he could think of until he got home.

Vivienne said she had to get going. Julius was probably wondering where she was. Nicole asked how things were between Vivienne and Julius. Vivienne said they were working on it. Vivienne asked how her little girl, who was not so little anymore, was doing. Nicole said she just felt bad. Vivienne told her to stop that.

Nicole wondered if telling Zende not to do something he wanted to do was the surest way to lose him. It would be a huge opportunity for him to be in charge of creating a look and a brand for an entire Forrester line. Vivienne said Zende's mother was a Forrester, and she encouraged Nicole to believe that Zende would have many more career possibilities that didn't involve Sasha. She kissed Nicole's cheek and left.

Sasha had one woman's shoe and one man's shoe and told Zende they were dancing and then, "Oh, no, look! He steps on her foot," while Zende took pictures of the shoes. Sasha said every woman could relate to that. Zende and Sasha created scenarios for the shoes while he photographed them. Sasha helped Zende photograph the shoes. They moved on to a gold pair of shoes.

Zende told Sasha she looked excited. She said Zende looked cheered up. Zende had just remembered something: it was just a job. Sasha said it was not just a job, not for him, and went to stand in front of him. He said that was true; it was a family business. He said he was just a worker bee and didn't call the shots around there. Sasha said, "Yet. Now get back to work."

Brooke returned to her bedroom after having a shower and once again had a flashback of making love with Bill.

Bill told Steffy she was not leaving Wyatt. She was not even allowed to think of leaving Wyatt. Steffy said she'd sat through his lecture to his sons. She'd heard it all. She asked what the point was. Bill said she was the only person with the power and possibly the desire to upend his sons' lives again. People who had been victims had no problem rationalizing whatever they needed to do to feel less victimized. Liam was struggling with that, understandably, but Steffy was not a victim.

Steffy said they all were victims. Quinn had manipulated all of them. Bill said that was true, but she had fallen in love with Wyatt and married him because she'd wanted to. He said she might feel she needed to display a retroactive show of regret for falling for Wyatt while Liam was missing, but she had made a commitment and needed to respect that. He advised her to not let Liam go to her and make it harder for him than it already was.

Liam walked downstairs, buttoning up his shirt, and Thomas said he'd always thought Liam was the type to kick down the drawbridge door to get his Steffy back. They were both drinking beer, and Liam said he would like to knock down Wyatt's door and couldn't tell Thomas how many times he had thought about it. Thomas asked him why he didn't. Thomas didn't think the sanctity of marriage applied in a situation like that.

Liam said he looked at his dad, a man of wealth and stature, and men like him were usually on their fourth or fifth wife, each one younger than the last, and his dad had Katie, and she was not the easiest person. She had a great big beautiful heart that she hadn't been born with, and it kept her on a health roller-coaster, yet his dad stayed put. He didn't say, "Oh, man, this should be a whole lot easier -- let me out of here." He made Liam think maybe marriage was that big and that worthy of respect, even a mistaken one or a stolen one.

Zende arranged another pair of shoes, and while he was photographing them, Nicole walked in. She said the way he looked at those shoes made her jealous. He never looked at her shoes like that. He started taking pictures of her shoes, and they giggled. She told Zende she felt awful, and he had to think she was petty for not wanting him to work with Sasha. He said he understood. She wished she didn't have those feelings and that she could trust Sasha, but she didn't.

Steffy walked into her office, looked around, and picked up a drawing. She had a flashback to the day Liam had returned and run down the beach toward her, and she had jumped into his arms. The memory made her smile.

Thomas told Liam he should probably get going. Liam thanked Thomas for stopping by and getting him out on the water. Thomas said anytime, but Liam still seemed tense, and Thomas felt he hadn't done very much. Liam said it was not good for him to be alone in the house with his thoughts.

Thomas said Liam respected his brother's marriage. He said people got mis-married all the time, and it was hard to get the hang of something a person was supposed to do one time for an entire lifetime. Yet he looked at his dad, and it made him think there was something sacred about those promises, even if a person made them to the wrong person for the wrong reasons.

Brooke was brushing her hair when Bill walked into her bedroom. She asked him if he was insane. He said no one was home; he'd checked and his driver had dropped him off. She said Rick and Maya had taken the baby out, but they would be back any minute. He said then he would be gone, just like Zorro, and told her to drop the robe. She said, "No, no, no. Stop," insisting they couldn't do it. It was risky, careless, and wrong.

Bill said he didn't know about any of that, but that was how it was going to be. He put his arms around her waist. She said no, she was not an option. She tried to walk away, but he grabbed her wrist and said she was a necessity. Brooke told him to go home to his wife. Bill said it was the only solution. He would stay married, but he could only do that if he had her and she had him.

Bill said he and Brooke could make Katie's life miserable by trying to stop loving each other and keeping their distance. Brooke said they couldn't have it both ways. Bill said that was exactly what they were going to do. They kissed.

Nicole told Zende she knew he was disappointed and had sacrificed a big job for her. Zende said that if she wanted to talk about sacrifices, Maya had wanted to have a baby but couldn't have one of her own, so Nicole had given her one. He said he had wanted to support her but had backed out when things had gotten hard. He had taken up with Sasha, who he'd thought was her best friend, and when they'd found out that she was actually Nicole's sister, she had led the crusade to have Sasha officially accepted into the family.

Zende said Nicole amazed him. She was like one of those weekend heroes on television. They giggled, and Zende said, "Girl saves family from burning car" or "Dog carries lost kitten twelve miles to safety." Nicole asked, "A dog?" He said he loved dogs. She said she loved him, and Zende told her he loved her too. He said they would have a dog and kids, and they would chase them around the back yard.

Nicole wanted Zende to have everything he wanted -- the dog, the yard, the kids, and a name that everyone knew was the world's greatest fashion photographer. She didn't want to ask him to give up anything for her, but she had. Zende said when his mom and dad had adopted him, his reading and writing hadn't been the best, so they'd give him some books; they were fairy tales, and he had loved them.

Zende said the books had reminded him of the stories his biological parents had told him when he had been younger, but even in fairy tales, not everybody got what they wanted. There was always going to be a door or a box that couldn't be opened or a person that couldn't be let in. He knew it was not a fairy tale, but she was his princess, and he would give up much more for her. They kissed and hugged. Zende looked at the shoes and rolled his eyes.

Bill told Brooke he loved her and had never forgotten their past -- and he knew she hadn't either. He knew by the way she was looking at him and her smile that she remembered as well. Brooke said she couldn't go through with what they'd done before. Bill asked if she couldn't see how things had gotten better since they'd stopped fighting. Katie was happy, and they were happy, but Brooke said she was not happy.

Bill asked if a visit from her stallion didn't brighten her day. He neighed like a horse, and Brooke laughed. He told her he loved seeing her eyes bright and her smile. He needed it; they needed it. Brooke said that didn't make it right. Bill said they had tried starving in the name of virtue, but it wouldn't die. It wanted what it wanted. It was like being alive, like breathing. He said they only thought they had a choice. They kissed again.

Liam went to see Steffy. She said he had just missed his father. Liam asked if she was protecting his twelve-and-a-half percent. Steffy said that Liam would agree with his father that he did not belong there. Liam said she was protecting the marriage thing. Steffy said Bill had been full of stern warnings. Liam said the marriage should have been theirs.

Steffy looked at her tattooed finger, and Liam asked if he had mentioned that she could get that removed. Steffy asked why they couldn't just try to be true to their word. They were good people. Liam said those vows had been said under false pretenses, and she knew that. Steffy walked around her desk.

Liam said he was trying, but it was taking everything in him. He was trying to do what his father had said and respect Steffy's marriage, yet he'd still had to go there and see her because she was all he thought about. Nothing his dad said was going to make him change how he felt about her. Steffy had tears in her eyes. He said he was always going to love her and want her. That was what he would have to live with. That was what he was married to.

. . .

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