Tuesday, June 30, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Maya was back in the office and on the phone. Caroline entered with her walker, and Maya hung up to greet her. Caroline welcomed Maya back to Forrester, and Maya also welcomed Caroline back after her accident.

Maya asked about the accident in which Caroline had been hurt, and Caroline explained that one minute she had been walking, and the next she had been under a car. She added that Ridge had helped her start walking again.

Caroline commented on Maya's situation with Rick. Maya said that Rick knew about her past and still wanted a relationship with her. Caroline chastised Maya for keeping it from RIck for so long. Maya agreed she should not have done that. She added that when Bill Spencer had told the world about her past, she had tried to do what she'd thought was best for Rick and the company by quitting her job and staying away from Rick so he could made a decision about his personal life with her and the business.

Maya told Caroline to call her names including Myron and Myrna. Maya said that she could take it after all she'd been through. "Take your best shot. Go ahead and hurt me if you can," Maya shouted.

Caroline admitted she was bitter. She said that Maya had not been honest, and Maya had made a big deal of a few kisses that Caroline had shared with Ridge. Maya defended herself. She said that she had not lied, and she reminded Caroline that her relationship with Ridge might have started out as a few kisses, but it was clearly more than that.

Caroline maintained that Maya had lied and manipulated Rick. "I think you're a hypocrite," Caroline said. She added that Maya's cover-up was far more intense. But it was all over.

Maya argued that she should have told Rick sooner, but she was the woman that Rick loved. She had grown up a boy, but that was not who she was. "Rick has only known the real me," Maya said.

"I've moved on now, and I'm happy with Ridge," Caroline said. She said she wanted Rick to find a woman that made him happy. "And he found that in you because you are a beautiful and courageous woman," Caroline said tearfully.

Caroline added that she had grown up with two moms, and she had been teased throughout her school years. She said she couldn't imagine what Maya's life had been like. She and Maya were both tearful. "I admire you and respect you because you had the strength and courage to be the woman you are -- someone that Rick is proud of -- one kick-ass woman," Caroline said. Caroline said she liked Maya just the way she was. They tearfully hugged.

On the Forrester rooftop, Zende and Nicole discussed the gym that was on the roof. Zende was impressed, and Nicole was surprised that Zende hadn't seen it before. Zende explained that he hadn't been to Forrester in a long time.

Nicole wondered about Zende's mother. She assumed that it was Felicia, but Zende explained that his mom was Kristen Forrester. Nicole figured that he looked like his father. Zende showed Nicole a picture of his dad, Tony, and laughed as he admitted that he had been adopted.

Nicole wondered if Zende had ever tracked down his parents. He explained the entire story about how his parents had both died of AIDS, and he had been raised in an orphanage. He added that he was not HIV positive, but his adopted father, Tony, was. Zende flashed back to his first meeting with Kristen and Tony in Africa. They had met when Zende had found a roll of film that Kristen had dropped.

Before Kristen and Tony had left Africa, they had visited Zende in the orphanage, and he flashed back to their meeting with all the kids and babies in the orphanage. Zende had announced that it was his home. Kristen and Tony had been shocked. They had been distraught that he'd lived there, but they had thanked him and left.

"I thought I would never see them again," Zende said to Nicole. But they had returned to get him and adopt him. He flashed back to their invitation to live with them. "We missed you so much. We decided you could come live with us and be our son," Kristen had said. Zende said he had lived with them ever since in Miami.

In another office at Forrester, Aly and Ivy discussed Ivy's marriage ceremony. Aly lamented that she could have been a bridesmaid. Aly encouraged Ivy to have a second ceremony so the family could celebrate, but Ivy confessed that there was nothing to celebrate. She shared that the marriage would soon be annulled because Liam had only married Ivy to save her from being deported.

Aly acknowledged that Liam cared for Steffy, and she added that Liam had stepped up to save Ivy. Aly wondered if Liam didn't want to stay married. Ivy said that Liam had feelings for Steffy. Aly said that Liam would not choose "Taylor's slutty daughter over you."

Ivy was surprised that Aly had become agitated. "Aly, there's no need for name-calling," Ivy said. Aly replied that Steffy had always used her body to get what she wanted. Aly added that Liam had proven he loved Ivy when he'd married her to protect her from deportation. Aly was sure he would do the right thing again. "He better," she muttered.

Ivy said she loved Liam, and she hoped he would reconsider. But she knew he and Steffy had a strong bond and a lot of history. She doubted that Liam would decide to remain with her, but she still had hope. Aly encouraged her not to give up and hand Liam over to Steffy. Ivy agreed.

Liam and Steffy met in Steffy's office. She discussed reintroduction of the lingerie line. Steffy teased that she didn't think an "old married man" could handle it. Steffy continued to tease Liam about his marriage. She suggested that Carter should give him a deal on all the legal paperwork because Carter had conducted the marriage and the annulment. Liam asked Steffy not to joke about his marriage. He cared about Ivy.

Steffy said she understood. She knew that Ivy still believed they had a future together. Liam looked confused. Steffy said she wasn't happy about it. She reminded Liam that she would not wait around for him to decide who to be with. She added that Ivy needed to become a blonde because she was accustomed to fighting over Liam with a blonde, meaning Hope, and she didn't want Liam to confuse two brunettes. She laughed and told Liam to lighten up.

Steffy said she had a much better idea for the use of their time. She planned to get his opinion on the new lingerie line. She changed into a blue lacy and satin outfit, and Liam loved it. Steffy teased that he had to touch the fabric, and Liam said they would sell out of it in a hurry. Aly entered and ordered Steffy to take her hands off Liam. Steffy and Aly argued about who Liam belonged with, and Aly was clearly agitated. Steffy shook her head.

. . .

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...
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  • Wyatt says that Ivy can drag Liam anywhere -- if she's willing to drag.

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