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Tuesday, June 20, 2017
by Pam

At Forrester, Rick and Zende talked in Rick's office. Rick explained to Zende that there had been a problem with Lizzie's adoption papers, and they needed to get it taken care of in order to finalize the adoption. Zende looked concerned. Rick tried to convince him that it wasn't a big deal. All they needed was Nicole's signature. Zende looked even more uncomfortable. Rick noted that sometime soon, Nicole would give him the same gift of a child that she had given to Rick and Maya. Zende agreed.

In the hallway at Forrester, Carter was on the phone, and Julius entered. Carter paused his phone call to greet Julius, who said he was looking for Nicole. Carter said that she was with Maya -- they had to take care of signing some legal papers. Julius looked concerned. Carter paused again.

Julius asked what legal matter had taken place that needed attention from his daughters. Carter said it was nothing to worry about. There had been some clerical errors with Lizzie's adoption, but it would be cleared up in no time. Carter excused himself and said he needed to finish his call. Julius thanked him and left.

In Nicole's office, Maya pressured Nicole to sign the adoption papers. Maya was impatient, and Nicole flashed back to hugging and holding Lizzie. Nicole said she didn't know what to do. Maya didn't understand Nicole's issues. Nicole said she needed more time. Maya countered that it was a formality. "Lizzie is my daughter. Sign the papers," Maya demanded.

Nicole looked nervous. "Why is there suddenly a problem? I thought it was finalized and legal," Nicole said. Maya explained that there had been some errors, and Nicole just needed to sign off on it. Nicole stammered that she had thought it had all been done. She continued to question why it had happened. Maya grew concerned and noted that Nicole wasn't making any sense. Maya softened and asked, "What's going on here?"

Nicole was visibly shaken. "While you were in Paris, I spent all that time with Lizzie. She is the best, sweetest little girl, and I love her so much. The way that she looks at me, and the way that she feels in my arms..."

Maya interrupted. "Nicole, what exactly are you saying?" Maya asked. Maya acknowledged that Nicole had been going through a tough time, but Maya maintained it had nothing to do with Lizzie. "Rick and I are her parents, and we have been since conception," Maya said.

Nicole said she understood, but she had so many feelings that she didn't know what to trust anymore. She promised that she wanted to be a good person and do the right thing. "I'm sorry. I can't sign those papers right now," Nicole said.

Maya looked horrified, but she tried to maintain a calm demeanor. She stammered that she was sorry it was so difficult, and she promised to leave the papers. However, she added that she wanted to get it taken care of and settled. "Please don't take too long," Maya begged. Maya was clearly concerned as she left.

Later, Julius entered and wanted to take Nicole to lunch. Nicole declined. She said she wasn't hungry. Julius was concerned and said he knew she was upset, and he knew it had something to do with Maya. Nicole asked why he would say that.

Julius said he had seen Carter in the hallway. Julius said he understood there were some clerical glitches with the paperwork. Nicole said everyone had to sign off on it because it wasn't legally valid. It was just a formality. "Is it?" Julius asked. Nicole was shaken.

Julius worried that his daughter didn't want to give up her own daughter. Nicole tearfully said that everyone had told her she would eventually have another baby, but she worried it would never happen. She had given the only baby she might ever have to Maya and Rick.

Nicole explained that she wanted to keep Lizzie with her all the time. She had feelings that didn't make any sense. Julius said they did make sense because Lizzie was her daughter. Maya hadn't carried her for nine months. "Do you think it's a coincidence that this happened?" Julius asked. He wondered if it wasn't meant to be because he recognized that bond between mother and child because he had seen it with his wife and their children.

"Lizzie knows you're her mother, and this is happening for a reason," he said. He maintained that the adoption was not as official as everyone thought it was. "Don't sign those papers, Nicole. Don't do it!" he said.

Zende entered Coco's office, and Coco said she was worried about Nicole. Zende said they were going through a lot. Coco hoped that everything with the possible infertility would work out, but she expressed concern because Nicole had confided in her. She didn't want to betray any trust. "What's going on?" Zende asked.

Coco related that she had been really worried about Nicole's relationship with Rick and Maya's daughter. Zende understood, and he appreciated that Coco had been a good friend to Nicole. He added that the infertility issue was difficult to deal with because Nicole had always been so controlled. However, when she met with doctors, her feelings and emotions had been all over the place. He worried that she'd had to relive Lizzie's adoption because of some clerical mistakes. He promised they would all be there for Nicole and get her through it. Coco agreed.

Maya entered Rick's office, and he was on the phone. After he'd hung up, Maya disclosed that she was upset about the adoption papers and that Nicole had refused to sign them. Rick was concerned.

Maya explained that Nicole had been upset and said she need time to process the whole thing. Maya said she had pressured Nicole at first because Lizzie was their daughter, but she realized they couldn't put Nicole under any additional stress because she was clearly emotional. Maya said they had to be sensitive because of Nicole's situation dealing with possible infertility. Rick was angry, "This is our legal right to our child," he said. He angrily said he was "going to get those papers signed."

In Nicole's office, she looked at the legal papers, and Rick entered. He ordered her to sign them. He noted that she had "scared the hell" out of Maya. "This is not a game," he shouted.

Rick calmed down and reminded Nicole that he and Maya had been Lizzie's parents from day one. They made her feel safe and secure. They were her world, and she was their world. He wondered if Nicole had thought about that.

Nicole reminded Rick that she had carried Lizzie for nine months and had felt her growing and kicking inside of her. Nicole worried that she might never be able to have another child. Rick tried to calm her and said he understood she was going through a lot of scary tests.

Rick noted that she and Zende might have fertility issues, but they might not. It could take time, and there were always miracles. "No matter what the outcome, we are going to be there for you because we are all family," Rick said.

Nicole needed time. Rick grew more irritated. He reminded Nicole that she had to understand that he and Maya were Lizzie's parents. "Do the right thing. Sign these papers. Don't you understand the sun sets and rises around Lizzie? Taking her away from me is never gonna happen. Not gonna happen!" Rick shouted.

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