Tuesday, August 26, 2014
by Pam

At Brooke's place, Hope and Liam were in an upstairs bedroom. After Liam shared that he'd been at the Eiffel Tower, Hope was despondent, but Wyatt entered and encouraged her to say goodbye to guests downstairs at the party in Wyatt and Hope's honor.

"It's time to go home," Wyatt said. Hope agreed. She left, and Wyatt and Liam sparred about the wedding. Wyatt admitted that Bill had told him Liam had been at the Eiffel Tower to marry Hope. Wyatt had expected Liam to keep it to himself instead of telling Hope.

Liam scoffed and said that too many people had already known about it, and Liam had wanted to tell Hope himself. Wyatt snarked that Liam had been late, and it was a testament to how unreliable Liam had always been for Hope. Wyatt accused Liam of never putting Hope first.

Liam angrily said he hoped Wyatt felt good about what he had done. Wyatt confessed that he was sorry "it had to go down like this." But Wyatt discouraged Liam from trying to change anything. Wyatt said that Liam had disappointed Hope again. "You really want to win this way?" Liam asked. Wyatt suggested that he knew he had always been second choice to Liam in Hope's eyes. "I know that she still loves you, but you never made her happy, and I do," Wyatt said.

Liam laughed at the idea that Wyatt made Hope happy with necklaces, trailers, and schemes. Liam scoffed that Hope would be "chewing off her foot" to get away from Wyatt. "You'll be a jealous little boy who stabbed his brother in the back," Liam said.

Wyatt disagreed. "We have things to do," Wyatt said. He inquired if there was anyone he could call to help Liam deal with the consequences. "Did you give Steffy a call while you were in Paris," Wyatt asked. Liam scoffed.

"My wife is waiting for me. Ivy probably wouldn't have drowned, you know," Wyatt said with malice. He left. Liam looked angry.

Downstairs, Ivy told Hope that if Ivy hadn't fallen into the river, Liam wouldn't have been late. "I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be married right now to Wyatt," Ivy said. She added that they would have celebrated a very different marriage.

Hope couldn't believe that Liam had been in Paris. Hope tearfully flashed back to her wedding and "the leap of faith" she and Wyatt had taken when they'd jumped off the yacht and into the water. Ivy advised that in Australia, annulments were how folks dealt with problems like hers. "I'm married," Hope whispered.

In the kitchen, Brooke and Bill discussed that Ridge had lost his drawing skills because Bill had dumped him into the water from the helicopter. Bill and Brooke had a heated argument. Bill accused Ridge of using his inability to draw to drive a wedge between Brooke and Bill. Brooke was horrified, but Bill maintained that Ridge had interrupted their wedding and hated Bill.

Bill maintained that Ridge had used his inability to draw as a strategy to keep Bill and Brooke apart. Brooke refused to believe that Ridge had been lying about his ability. Brooke told Bill that Ridge had been honest with her, while Bill had lied to her from the beginning about what had happened to Ridge.

Bill dismissed Ridge's injury. Bill said that Ridge had recovered from his memory loss and would recover from his inability to draw. Bill reminded Brooke that his yacht was waiting for them, and the captain was waiting to marry them. Brooke shook her head.

Bill said that Ridge needed a specialist to evaluate him before anyone panicked. Bill promised to hire the finest surgeons, but Brooke was angry that Bill was suggesting brain surgery. Bill maintained that Ridge might not need surgery, but he needed someone to evaluate if he truly needed help.

Bill added that he had been trying to help. He said that they would discuss it on the flight to the yacht. Brooke tearfully refused. She said she didn't want to change Bill, but she did want to respect him. "I think you better go," Brooke said.

Bill tried to smooth things over. He said they had encountered obstacles previously and had conquered them, and they would again. Brooke turned away, and Bill left.

On the patio at Brooke's, Deacon and Quinn discussed that Brooke had been horrified when Deacon had shared the news of what had happened to Ridge. They paused when they overheard Bill in the living room, calling the captain of his yacht. Bill informed the captain that the wedding had been postponed. Quinn was excited that her and Deacon's plan to break up Bill and Brooke had worked. Quinn encouraged Deacon to go to Brooke. Deacon entered the kitchen, and he found Brooke crying.

. . .

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