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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

At Il Giardino, Coco was grateful that Nicole had met her there. Nicole asked what kind of friend she'd be to abandon Coco when things had gotten tough. Coco stated that she kept hoping it had been a bad dream. It hurt Coco deeply that her sister had used her to rip off Forrester.

Nicole stepped away from the table, and as she returned, the manager was telling Coco to just leave her information with him on the way out. He left, and Nicole asked what the talk had been about. Coco conveyed that she was looking for a job. Nicole was surprised that Coco was giving up on fashion and asked where things stood with R.J.

Coco had decided to take a break from fashion because she wasn't welcome at Forrester, and she couldn't face her family. Nicole assumed that Coco had heard from R.J. Coco had, but she hadn't responded because she didn't want to complicate things with his parents. Nicole said that Coco was innocent, and R.J. and Nicole knew it. Coco wished she could do something to make it right and prove that she hadn't been disloyal.

The topic turned to Coco's disappointment in Sally for not respecting that Coco didn't want to spy. Coco said Sally had disrespected Coco's feelings and their bond as sisters. It was a bond that might be broken forever.

Nicole said she understood and didn't know what she'd do without Maya. Coco replied that she'd looked up to Sally, but she wondered if she'd known Sally at all. Nicole advised Coco to remember that even the people they loved made mistakes at times. Coco replied that it had been more than a mistake. Nicole knew it and sensed that Sally did, too. Nicole said that what mattered were the steps Coco would take moving forward.

At Spectra, Shirley couldn't read Darlita's handwriting on an order, and Darlita couldn't, either. Saul said to go easy on Darlita because the orders were pouring in. Shirley exclaimed to Sally that being a hit should put a smile on Sally's face. They were almost out of debt, and in Shirley's view, Sally should feel like a million bucks about it.

Sally agreed that she should, and she said she would if she hadn't had to use her little sister to steal the designs from Forrester. Sally stared at their blank expressions and said they didn't get it. Saul claimed the contrary. He understood that she'd had a dream and a shot with Thomas Forrester, but she no longer had either. "Well, that makes me feel better," Sally quipped.

Shirley stated that Sally had wanted them to be a real fashion house, but they were a knockoff shop again. It wasn't the end of the world, and they were moving product like hotcakes. "We did it, and there's nothing to worry about," Shirley insisted.

Sally vowed to never poach gowns again, especially from Forrester. In Saul's view, that bridge was burned, anyway, and there was no way they'd get close to the Forrester building again, let alone near a Forrester. Shirley told Saul to remember the words "where there's a will, there's a way." Sally told Shirley that the will was no longer there.

Sally vowed that the next designs on their runway would be hers, and they'd either fly or tank. She refused to have another moment where she basked in applause while seeing the hurt look of a person who'd trusted her and had believed in her. She believed it was too late to salvage things with Thomas; however, she hoped there was a chance for her to make it up to Coco and for Coco to reconcile with R.J. Sally said there was no reason for Coco to lose a job and a guy she cared for over Sally's screw-ups.

Shirley reasoned that Coco was young, and R.J. wouldn't be the last guy to break her heart. Sally corrected that R.J. hadn't done it; Sally had. Shirley asked Sally to consider the people she hadn't let down and said Sally had pulled through for them and the workers.

Saul added that Sally Senior had wanted the business to rise from the ashes. They'd made it happen, and in his opinion, they should be proud to be no longer the wrecking ball.

Sally said that she'd heard them out. She agreed to ride the collection until they were back in the black, but after that, they'd rise or fall on their own. Sally said that one day, they might win back the trust and respect of Coco and the Forresters -- if Sally lived that long.

Shirley gave Sally a newsflash that walking on water wouldn't make her good enough for the Forresters. The statement didn't matter to Sally, who said pilfering didn't work for her as it had for her namesake. Shirley accused Sally of turning her back on and judging her great-aunt.

Saul disagreed that Sally was doing it. He said that Shirley's sister hadn't been a designer, but Shirley's granddaughter was. Sally said Saul was right. Sally planned to work her blankety-blank off and hoped that, one day, they could compete with the Forresters honestly.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Steffy asked her father if he wouldn't give up on Brooke, who was engaged to Bill. Ridge replied that Bill and Brooke had been engaged before but had never married. At the moment, though, Ridge needed to concentrate on the mess with the Spectras. Steffy stated that Sally needed to be locked up. Ridge said Sally had stolen their whole collection, and there was nothing they could do about it.

"Maybe not," Carter said as he arrived with Lieutenant Baker. The men had good news about Forrester's case against Spectra Fashions. Steffy told the men that she'd thought they didn't have one. "Well, now it's possible that you do," Baker revealed.

Steffy had thought Carter had believed pursuing a case would be pointless. Carter indicated that he'd felt the need to dig into it further and had sought out advice from Baker. Baker said that Forrester could have Spectra prosecuted for grand larceny and corporate espionage, especially the ringleader, Sally Spectra. A criminal case could result in up to fifteen years in prison, and Forrester could also sue for up to ten million dollars.

Ridge was eager to prosecute and ordered Carter to file the papers. Steffy wanted Sally to pay dearly. "Everyone involved, including Coco," Steffy said. Baker asked who that was, and as Carter began to elaborate that Coco was Sally's sister, who'd worn spy cameras, Ridge impatiently cut in to ask what the men needed from Forrester to get it started.

As Baker expressed that he'd picked up on Ridge's eagerness, Carter interrupted and said that, to succeed, they needed the right testimony from someone at Spectra. Carter decided to let the Forresters think it over, and he and Baker left for Carter's office. Steffy wondered about how to get a confession, and Ridge stated that there was one person who claimed to be a victim in it all. "Coco," Steffy gleaned.

In the design office, Zende said that R.J. should admit that Zende had been right. R.J. contended that his cousin had been right about the Spectras, not Coco, who hadn't willingly gone along with Spectra's plan. R.J. hadn't given up on Coco, but she wasn't responding to his calls or messages. It sounded like guilt to Zende.

R.J. replied that it might be the case, but Coco had nothing to feel guilty about. Zende knew that it was difficult for R.J. to hear, but Zende believed that it was best that R.J. had nothing to do with the Spectras. Zende asserted that R.J. had to know that the Forresters couldn't let the Spectras get away with ripping off their family.

R.J. received a message from his father. Zende asked what it was about. R.J. didn't know but figured it could only be about one thing. "Coco and the Spectras," Zende said. R.J. repeated Zende and said he'd see Zende later. In the corridor, R.J. flashed back on meeting Coco, spending time with her, and kissing her.

When R.J. entered the CEO's office, Ridge said he and Steffy wanted to talk to him. R.J. immediately launched into a defense of Coco, who hadn't been in on Sally's design theft. Steffy said she and Ridge wanted to believe R.J. Ridge and Steffy explained that Coco's family had hurt their reputation, stolen from them, and cost them a ton of money in starting over.

R.J. hated what the Spectras had done but insisted that Coco hadn't been a party to it. Steffy thought he was just saying so because he had a crush on Coco. R.J. said he was defending a decent person, and Coco had been horrified by what had happened. Steffy hoped it was true, because they might have a case against Coco.

R.J. replied that Carter had talked to Eric. Steffy started to explain Carter's new findings, but Ridge interrupted, saying that if Coco was who R.J. believed her to be, she'd do the right thing. R.J. asked what Ridge wanted. Ridge wanted Coco to tell the truth in a signed confession that stated she knew what the Spectras had done and how.

R.J. grew silent. Steffy said he believed that Coco knew right from wrong. He agreed that Coco did know. Ridge stated that if she did, she should step up and do the right thing. R.J. contended that it had escalated to lawyers and signed confessions. Ridge knew that it sounded scary, but he said that they had to do it if they intended to hold Spectra's feet to the fire.

R.J. asked what would happen. Steffy assumed a judge or jury would decide damages. R.J. asked if she meant monetary compensation. Ridge said it could be millions. R.J. stated that it would bankrupt the Spectras, who didn't have millions of dollars. He concluded that they probably deserved it.

Steffy and Ridge additionally explained that there could be up to fifteen years of jail time. R.J. repeated the length of the prison term, and Steffy replied that industrial espionage and grand larceny were serious crimes. R.J. concluded that they wanted him to talk to Coco, but the problem was it was about sending her sister to prison. Ridge said they didn't know for how long, but there could be prison time.

Steffy told the wary R.J. that if they didn't do it, Sally could do it to them again or to another fashion house. R.J. asked about Thomas, who had a thing for Sally. Steffy said it was over. Ridge asserted that they were done, too, with all of them. R.J. worried again about Coco putting away her sister. Ridge asserted that Coco's sister had done it to herself. "It has to be done," Ridge decided.

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