Tuesday, February 24, 2015
by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge advised Rick that his term as CEO would be short-lived. "Oh Ricky, I'm going to have to stop you," Ridge warned. Ridge wondered how many performances Rick had prepared for their dad. Rick maintained that he had backed up all his promises with profits. Ridge argued that the numbers were up because of Ridge and Caroline's designs.

Rick scoffed. His phone rang, and it was Maya. She asked when he would return home. Rick promised to be there soon. Ridge overheard the conversation and wondered if Rick had slept well knowing that Eric had moved into the guesthouse.

Rick replied that Eric had made that choice, and Rick proudly claimed that he and Maya didn't do a lot of sleeping in Eric's bedroom. Ridge said he couldn't wait until the day he could knock Maya and Rick off their perch. Ridge left, and Rick shook his head.

At Liam's, Ivy confronted Steffy. Ivy advised that Steffy was not welcome at Liam's house. Steffy scoffed that Ivy had no idea what Steffy and Liam had shared. "You don't know our history," she said.

Steffy explained that she and Liam had been together for years. Steffy maintained that they had been lovers, had been married, and had lost a child together. Ivy recalled that Liam and Steffy had had a connection, but it was in the past. Ivy also reminded Steffy that Ivy had stood up for Steffy in the past when people had trash-talked her lingerie line. "I defended you," Ivy said. Steffy nodded.

Ivy warned Steffy to back off. Steffy continued to defend her romance with Liam, and Steffy was convinced it would happen again. She reminded Ivy that she and Liam had been apart before but always find their way back to one another.

Ivy disagreed. "You're a memory -- a part of his past," Ivy said. Ivy added that Steffy had left Liam after she'd lost their baby. Ivy sympathized, but she noted that Steffy had left, and there were consequences for that. "I am the consequence," Ivy said.

Steffy said she didn't want to argue with Ivy. Steffy had spent years in love with Liam, while Ivy had been with Liam for only a few months. Steffy recalled that she and Liam had struggled through breakups, interferences, and more. Then, Steffy emotionally shared that she had ridden her motorcycle when she shouldn't have, "and I lost our baby," she said.

Steffy admitted that she'd been racked with guilt and had needed to get away, but she had returned. "I've been down this path, and you're merely a bump in the road. Nothing more," Steffy said. Ivy didn't back down. "Remember, I'm a Forrester, too, and I will fight for what's mine. Learn to respect that, or you're gonna regret that," Ivy said.

At Rick and Maya's, Maya welcomed Rick home. "I'm so proud of you," Maya said. Rick credited his dad, who had pulled through for him when he'd needed him most. Rick added that Ridge had confronted him about his position as CEO. Rick worried that there was a battle brewing at Forrester.

"Forget about Ridge. You're a leader. No one can touch you, Rick. It's your time," Maya crowed. "It's our time," Rick answered. He wanted to celebrate, but he wanted to change first. Maya promised to get the Champagne. Rick went upstairs.

Maya heard the doorbell, and her sister Nicole entered. "Hey, big sister," Nicole said. Maya looked uncomfortable. Nicole admired the painting of Maya on the wall and asked to meet her future husband. "Rick and I have plans. Let's make a date and do lunch," Maya said.

Nicole said that Maya was "so Hollywood." "Let's grab a bite," she said. Nicole added that she'd lost her apartment at UCLA and needed a place to stay. "How about a room at Hotel Forrester," Nicole asked.

Rick entered, and Maya introduced Nicole, who said she was a student at UCLA. Rick complimented her on her achievements at school. Nicole shared that she needed a place to stay because she had to get away from her roommate, and she couldn't sleep in the library all the time. Rick told her she could crash at the house anytime, but Maya said that Nicole was fine.

Nicole was in shock. Maya hustled her off to the door and promised to call her. Nicole looked sick.

Rick wondered why Maya didn't want Nicole to stay, and Maya said she wanted some alone time with Rick. "We're just getting started," Maya said. She added that they already had Ivy and Aly hanging around the house all the time. Rick said a full-time student at UCLA would hardly be hanging around.

Maya changed the subject to celebration, and they toasted with Champagne. Maya reminded Rick that his father loved him as the number one son. "I'm gonna prove to him that I'm the best CEO," Rick said.

At Forrester, Liam visited Ridge and said he had talked to Steffy. "Don't drag me into that drama," Ridge said. Liam confessed that he was committed to Ivy.

Liam confided in Ridge that he was worried that Forrester would soon implode. Ridge wondered why it would bother Liam. Liam said that Rick had treated Ivy and Caroline like slaves.

Ridge agreed. Liam confessed that he hadn't liked the idea of Ridge and Caroline at first, but he'd changed his mind. He didn't want Caroline to ever be near Rick again. Ridge said he loved Caroline and missed her when he was away from her for any length of time. Liam said he had a plan to take Rick down.

Ridge was mildly interested. Liam proposed that combining the shares of Steffy, Ridge, Thomas, and Bill could give them leverage for a hostile takeover. Ridge refused to partner with Bill. "I would be in control of his shares," Liam said.

Ridge was unconvinced. "I don't trust your father," Ridge said. Liam said that if he controlled the shares, he would not be doing his father's bidding, and he would be a silent partner at Forrester.

Liam worried that if they didn't stop Rick soon, everyone would leave, and Forrester would no longer be a family-owned company. Ridge agreed, but he noted that going against Rick meant he would have to betray his father. Liam sympathized, but he said they had to move fast.

. . .

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