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Eric invites Sheila to move in
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

At the mansion, Sheila lay bleeding on the floor, and Eric said Quinn had killer her. As Quinn massaged her bruised throat, he told her to call the paramedics. Sheila stirred, and Quinn watched him cradle Sheila from behind. He asked Quinn what had happened.

Later, Eric and Sheila sat on the sofa by the wet bar. He said Dr. Andrews was on the way, but an unsteady Sheila replied that she didn't need it. Eric insisted because she wouldn't let him take her to the hospital. He instructed her to press a towel to her head and demanded to know what had gone on there.

Sheila mumbled that she'd thought he'd been home to receive his watch. "Oh, please," Quinn replied and took over explaining. Quinn stated that Sheila had let herself in, and Quinn had seen Sheila staring at the portrait. It had been unsettling. Eric figured that he should have been clearer about where he'd been. Quinn asserted that Eric knew Sheila was dangerous. Quinn hadn't felt uncomfortable with Sheila being there and had asked her to leave.

Sheila disagreed and said Quinn had demanded that Sheila go. Sheila relayed that she'd been halfway to the door when Quinn had called her a "bitch." Quinn heartily agreed. Sheila repeated that his wife had called her a "bitch." Sheila said she'd simply reminded Quinn of her betrayal with Eric's son. Quinn stated that Sheila had skipped the part about Sheila attacking her.

Sheila accused Quinn of throwing "that" at Sheila's head. "No, no! You attacked me first!" Quinn yelled. Sheila winced, and Eric offered her water. Quinn was in disbelief that Eric was buying the victim act. Sheila raged that it wasn't an act to be knocked unconscious. Quinn said to give her a break. Eric decided he didn't want another word. The women shot each other dagger looks.

Later, Dr. Andrews concluded that Sheila's pupils looked good, but she'd been fuzzy on his questions. Sheila replied that she hadn't remembered what day it was. She had a little nausea, and her head was killing her. Dr. Andrews determined that she didn't need stitches, but he wanted to run a CT scan to check for internal bleeding.

Sheila didn't think it was necessary, but Dr. Andrews believed she had a concussion. Sheila replied that she was a nurse and could deal with it. He asked if she had family and friends around. Sheila didn't, and Dr. Andrews decided that he couldn't allow it because she couldn't sleep for long periods. Someone needed to awaken her every two hours.

"We'll take care of her. She can say here," Eric readily said. Quinn grimaced.

The doctor wrapped a white bandage around Sheila's head and gave her a card so she could call him if she had any setbacks. He couldn't stress enough that she not be left alone. Eric promised to follow the doctor's orders and asked that Dr. Andrews keep the visit confidential.

After Dr. Andrews left, Quinn said they couldn't let Sheila stay at their house. Eric yelled that they had to do it because it had happened under their roof, and if the women had shown restraint, it wouldn't be happening at all. Sheila claimed to be grateful, but she offered to return to the hotel so she wouldn't create more division.

Quinn thought it was a great idea and offered to also hire a nurse. Eric insisted that Sheila stay there. He apologized to Sheila because it had been one thing after another ever since she'd returned to town. He refused to send her away. Quinn said Eric had told her himself that whenever Sheila seemed to have changed, it was when Sheila was most dangerous. Quinn begged Eric not to let Sheila move in.

At Forrester, Charlie was in the design office, explaining to Pam that Sheila had gone to the mansion instead of taking the watch to Forrester. Brooke overheard them as she entered, and Pam and Charlie informed her that Sheila had gone to the house, where Quinn was alone. Eric had rushed out when he'd heard. Brooke doubted things had gone well with Quinn and Sheila.

Later, Charlie said he hadn't known Sheila had been so bad. "I mean, kidnapping? Baby swapping?" he asked. Pam replied that it had been much worse. Brooke added that Sheila had shot her and had tried to poison Stephanie. Brooke didn't believe that Sheila was getting better, as Sheila claimed, and said Sheila was still playing the victim and couldn't be trusted.

At Spencer, Justin and Bill discussed Bill's efforts to get his skyscraper, and Justin thought it was cold for even Bill, who'd led Thomas to believe Caroline was dying so Bill could get the Spectra property. Bill had no doubt that his bleeding-heart son had already told Steffy, but Bill was sure Steffy would appreciate Bill's efforts to rid Thomas of Sally. The skyscraper project meant a lot to Bill, and he had a plan B if plan A didn't work. "Money," Justin replied.

Just then, C.J. arrived at Bill's earlier behest. Bill indicated that he was tired of waiting, and it was time to make deal. Bill read from an article that questioned whether Spectra could make it without Thomas. Bill had contemplated naming the article "Bargain Basement Bottom Feeders Dead in the Water," but against his better judgment, he'd changed it.

Bill stated that things weren't looking good for Spectra, and it would be a complete disaster for C.J. The uneasy C.J. said he was aware of it; however, Spectra had been paying its rent, and Thomas would be back. Bill asserted that C.J. couldn't count on it, but C.J. luckily had a good-looking, bearded angel on his shoulder who'd buy the building right then and there.

Bill showed off "Sky" to C.J., who recognized the proposed address. C.J. said he couldn't do it. Bill said C.J. could do what he wanted and had given his cousin ample opportunity. Bill likened it to a horse with a broken leg and said it was time to put it out of its misery.

Presenting the same contract as they'd drawn up before, Bill said he'd sweetened the deal with an extra five million dollars. Justin explained that it was legit, and they'd put it in an offshore account. Bill called it a tax-free gift for C.J., who'd never have to work another day in his life. All C.J. had to do was take the deal and put an end to Spectra.

After C.J. had gone, Bill and Justin discussed whether C.J. would take the deal. Bill stated that C.J. was broke and couldn't pay the taxes on the building. Bill believed it was a good deal.

Just then, Brooke entered and inquired about the deal Bill and Justin were discussing. The men changed the subject to how Brooke could have possibly married Bill. Justin left, and Brooke walked into Bill's embrace. Bill told "Sky" not to look and remarked that she got jealous. "'Sky?'" Brooke repeated. Gesturing to the model, Bill said it was the other woman in his life.

Brooke didn't like sharing Bill with another woman. Bill said "she" couldn't hold a candle to Brooke. Brooke was sure "she" would be very beautiful and asked when she'd meet "her." Bill replied that it would take years, but all good things were worth the wait. The building reminded Bill of Brooke because it was tall, statuesque, gorgeous, and all Bill's. Neither of his girls had been easy to obtain, but both were worth it. He loved them both very much.

At Spectra, Saul reviewed some of Sally's designs at her request. Saul thought they were amazing, and she asked if he was just being nice. Sally was a little vulnerable without Thomas, but she believed Thomas still believed in her. Saul replied that, more importantly, Saul believed in Sally, the visionary who'd put Spectra on the map. He insisted that she'd done it, not Thomas.

Sally stated that it had been a team effort. Saul repeated that he had faith in her, and he said he always would. He thought they could do it themselves, and they didn't need Thomas. From the doorway, Shirley chimed in that they did so need Thomas, especially with Bill gunning for them.

Shirley wanted Sally to remind Thomas of his responsibilities in Los Angeles, and she asked if it bothered Sally that he'd left her high and dry. Sally insisted that it was temporary, and they needed to focus on building Spectra on their own. Saul believed that they could do anything with Sally at the helm.

Darlita entered with an article on her phone about Thomas' leave of absence. Sally suspected that the announcement was Bill's doing because Bill wanted to put them out of business. Sally rolled her eyes as she they listened to Saul read the article, which questioned their survival without Thomas. Saul exclaimed that they would survive without Thomas Forrester.

Darlita had thought Bill was laying off. Sally had, too, and had been surprised he hadn't pulled anything in Monaco. Shirley reasoned that Bill had made it a tie when he could have given the win to Forrester, and she wondered what was up with Bill.

C.J. arrived, and Shirley assumed he was there to congratulate them on their performance in Monte Carlo. Shirley bragged about the whole world falling in love with Sally and said C.J. should see all the followers they'd picked up. Saul added that Sally had made them proud.

C.J. congratulated them, but he said there wasn't an easy way to tell them about his decision. He had to just say it. He announced that he was selling the building and needed them to vacate. Saul replied that they had a lease, and their rent was paid up. "Barely," C.J. responded.

Sally explained that they were producing new designs and had an upcoming show. Shirley mentioned the buzz from the challenge, and Darlita said the phone was ringing off the hook. C.J. reasoned that it had been for charity. Shirley conveyed that they'd held their own against Forrester and should have won. C.J. replied that they'd lost Thomas.

Sally reminded C.J. that they had a deal, and there was still time on the clock. She needed him to trust that she could do it. "Without Thomas?" C.J. asked. Sally pointed out that Thomas was still technically on the team. Thomas had just taken a leave, not a new job. C.J. stated that Thomas wasn't designing at the time, and Sally conceded the point.

Shirley asked C.J. to let them have the one show and line. Saul said C.J. could kick them out if it failed. C.J. flashed back to Bill sweetening the deal, and C.J. insisted that they had to go because the lease was up. Sally guessed that Bill Spencer was behind it.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Katie and Wyatt hit the sheets, and Bill asks if there's a man in there.

• Sally is confident, but Bill wants to crush Spectra.

• Sheila continues to threaten James.


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