Tuesday, February 2, 2016
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill sat in his office and flashed back to when Brooke had kissed him and called him "the love of my life." Katie entered, and Bill greeted her with a hug. Katie kissed him passionately. Bill thanked her for the warm romantic greeting, and Katie thanked him for their life together.

Katie rehashed why she couldn't work with Brooke, and Katie noted that Brooke had reached a level of selfishness that she couldn't believe. Katie poured a scotch and drank it. She wondered why Brooke could be so selfish. Bill told her that they had no control over what had happened. "Let it go," Bill said. Katie refused. "She betrayed me again. I'll never be able to forgive her for that," Katie said.

Katie started to rant about Brooke. She lamented that she should have seen Brooke's betrayal on its way. Katie was in disbelief that Brooke had told Bill he had been the love of her life. Katie angrily said that Brooke had to have been fixated on Bill for months. Katie announced that Bill was married to her, and it had been too much for Brooke to handle.

Bill caressed Katie. "It was just words. There was no harm done," Bill said. He tried to soothe her. He told her that Brooke had been emotional and had clearly been carried away without realizing the impact until the fallout.

Katie paused and glared at Bill. "Are you defending her? I really don't want to hear that," Katie said sternly. Katie said she could have forgiven almost anything, but Brooke had been trying to ruin her marriage. "I feel so stupid," Katie said. She added that Brooke had been "in full seduction mode" in order to go after Bill.

Katie regretted that she had given Brooke the benefit of the doubt too many times. "I'm not going to make that mistake again," Katie vowed. She promised to cut Brooke out of her life and remembered that other people had told her was crazy for inviting Brooke to work at Spencer. "Others saw that she would betray me," Katie said.

Katie continued to insult Brooke. She said that Brooke had lied to her face, and Brooke had been ecstatic to be close to Bill again. "She wanted you back in her bed," Katie seethed. "Not a possibility," Bill insisted.

"She can't change. She's a wrecking ball, but not with my life," Katie said tearfully. Bill embraced Katie and tried to get her to calm down. Katie thanked Bill because he had not "fallen into her arms" and left Will and Katie.

Katie told Bill how much she loved him and said she knew he loved her. "Your heart is here. I'm yours, and you're mine," she said. "Never doubt it," Bill said. Katie kissed him. They embraced.

At Forrester, Brooke met with Eric, Rick, and Maya. She announced that she was no longer working at Spencer Publications. Eric said he was happy about the change because he had missed her.

Maya noted it hadn't taken long for Brooke to return to Forrester, and Rick wondered what had happened. Brooke said that it "just didn't work out." She felt it was best for Katie that Brooke was not at Spencer, but Rick remembered that Katie had been excited about Brooke working at Spencer. Rick wanted to get a news release out about Brooke's return, but Brooke didn't want to draw any attention to the situation. Maya received a text message from Nicole that she couldn't find her vitamins, and Maya picked them up and took them to Nicole.

After Maya had left, Brooke noted that Rick was clearly glowing, waiting for the baby to be born. Rick agreed, but he wondered if something was wrong. Rick worried aloud that he had been missing a few pieces in Brooke's hasty return to Forrester.

Rick remembered that Katie had visited him to discuss that Brooke had joined the team at Spencer. "Aunt Katie was really stoked," Rick said. Brooke looked guilty, and Eric encouraged Rick to let it go. Rick agreed, but he worried that something had happened and that it would be announced sooner or later.

Rick left, and Brooke admitted to Eric that she wished she had resisted the impulse to tell Bill that she still loved him. She said Katie would never forgive her, but Eric felt Katie would eventually forgive Brooke. "Give it some time," he said. Brooke sighed and said she could never deny that she loved Bill. "I never stopped," she said.

In Zende's office at Forrester, Nicole admitted she knew that Zende had been disappointed in her. He agreed and chastised her for using her influence with Rick to get Sasha fired. Nicole said she had struggled with hormones. "Baby, you're beautiful," Zende said.

Nicole admitted that she had been wrong. "Forgive me? I got her rehired," Nicole said. Zende reminded Nicole how hurt Sasha had been. He kissed her. "I want to lose myself with you," he said. He locked the door and passionately kissed Nicole. They made out, but Nicole stopped. They discussed that they had tried to be intimate a few times, but it hadn't been right.

Nicole urged Zende to wait until she had finished the pregnancy. Zende claimed he would die of frustration. They kissed again and overheard Maya outside the door. Maya tried to open the door, but she noted it was locked.

Nicole opened the door and said she and Zende had been kissing. Zende kissed her goodbye because he had to go to a photo shoot. Maya gave Nicole her vitamins and asked how things had gone with Sasha. Nicole admitted that she had taken a cheap shot in getting Sasha fired -- selling out her best friend. Maya congratulated her for getting Sasha rehired. "It says a lot about your character," Maya said. Then, Maya asked, "Are you really okay with Sasha and Zende working together again?"

In the studio at Forrester, Sasha discussed her predicament with Julius. Sasha noted that Nicole had stabbed her in the back. Julius added that Nicole had made it right. Julius encouraged Sasha to get a job somewhere other than Forrester. "I belong with my family -- that's you, Dad," she said. She reminded him that she was a result of his affair with her mother.

Julius tried to encourage Sasha to leave Forrester. She wanted him to bond with her, but he had ignored her. "I'm tired of being relegated to daddy at a distance," Sasha said. Julius defended his decision to keep her a secret from his family. "Vivienne would have lost her mind," he said.

Julius professed that he did not want to lose his wife. "I can't imagine life without her," he said.

Julius begged Sasha to keep his secret. Sasha said she was not very obedient. "Maybe I am the way I am because of you," she said. She boasted that she had a photo shoot to prepare for. "Why modeling?" Julius asked. "If Myron can do it, so can I," Sasha responded.

Sasha reminded Julius that she had stolen many of Nicole's boyfriends in high school, and she had plans for Zende. Julius advised her to stay away. "He is way too fine for nerdy Nicole," Sasha said. She noted that Nicole was "having her sister's husband's baby -- that's messed up, and you know it," Sasha said. Nicole said she was leaving because Zende was waiting for her for a photo shoot, and uttered, "Bye, Dad."

In the photo studio, Zende photographed Sasha, and she unzipped her dress and encouraged him to take a few shots for his "personal collection." Zende looked confused and backed away. "What are you up to?" Zende asked. She moved closer to him. "You know I'm with Nicole, right?" Zende asked.

Sasha professed that she had no loyalty to Nicole after Nicole had worked so hard to get her fired. "I don't owe her anything," Sasha announced.

. . .

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