Tuesday, May 19, 2015
by Pam

At Big Bear, Maya and Rick discussed that nothing had to change. Rick maintained that it was "nobody's business but ours," he said. Maya confessed that Brooke, Eric, Ridge, Carter, and Nicole all knew. Rick was shocked.

Maya tried to explain that it had all started with Nicole, who had initially threatened her. Maya explained that Carter had found out and told Ridge -- who had told Rick's parents. Rick freaked out that so many people knew. "How could you let this happen?" Rick asked. He worried that he was an office joke. Rick worried that Ridge would lord it over him.

Rick worried that his mother had insisted that Maya tell Rick the truth, but Maya explained that Brooke had known Maya had planned to tell Rick that night. Maya wanted to do something to help, and she picked up her phone, but Rick told her not to look at her phone. Maya was shocked at the headlines.

Rick's phone started to beep with a multitude of text and media messages. Rick was in shock too. Maya looked concerned. She predicted it would not be as bad as it seemed, but Rick was skeptical. Rick said that he would get Carter to force Bill Spencer to remove the stories.

Rick added that half the world was asleep. The eastern US and the rest of the world might never see the stories. Rick promised to take care of it. "I'll take care of it. I'll take care of us," Rick promised.

Rick called Bill Spencer and appealed to Bill to remove the articles. Rick didn't want Bill to destroy Rick's and Maya's lives. Bill scoffed and advised that Rick had mistreated everyone at Forrester. He was getting what he deserved. Bill hung up, and Rick worried.

At Forrester, Ridge met with Eric and Brooke, and they looked at the online articles about Maya. They maintained it would be a nightmare in the media. The phone started ringing, and Ridge was furious that Bill Spencer was trying to humiliate them.

Brooke claimed she would talk to Bill, but Nick entered and wondered what had happened. Nick reminded them that he had expected Ridge to keep his promise to keep the news in the family. Nicole entered and blamed Ridge for the news outbreak, but Brooke chimed in that they all knew who had spoken to the media.

All eyes were on Nicole, and Ridge asked if she had a guilty conscience. Nicole responded that Wyatt wouldn't have said anything. Nick responded that Wyatt had had no business hearing Maya's story.

Nick marveled that Nicole had shared Maya's story without her permission or knowledge. "Maya didn't get a voice or a vote," he said.

Nick reminded Nicole that transgender women had been murdered when they had been outed. Brooke understood because she had seen it in the news, and Nick noted that it had never been a problem that would have caught the attention of anyone at Forrester because it didn't affect them.

Eric took a call from Rick, and Rick blamed Ridge for the publicity. Eric defended Ridge and added that they knew who had shared the news with Spencer. Rick maintained that he loved Maya, and Eric understood. Rick said he would force Bill to take down the stories to protect Forrester, but Eric doubted that Bill would budge.

Rick promised that he would handle it. Eric voiced his encouragement and faith in Rick. Rick vowed to rise above the scandal, humiliation, and mockery because he had done it countless times. Maya overheard Rick, and she looked disappointed.

Rick promised his father that he would do "whatever it takes" to keep Forrester's image untarnished. "I swear it," Rick said. Eric maintained that he was worried about Rick -- not the company. Rick promised to take care of things.

Rick and Eric hung up, and Brooke asked how Rick had sounded. Nicole voiced that it was Maya she was worried about -- not Rick. Nicole worried that she had made a mistake and hurt her sister. "I never meant to hurt her," Nicole said. Nick noted that it could have all been prevented. "She'll never forgive me. I lost my sister all over again," Nicole said. Nick said he had an idea.

At Spencer, Katie entered Bill's office and chastised him for sharing Maya's story publicly. Bill defended himself and said that he made choices to protect his business and his family.

"Rick is my family," Katie shouted. Bill scoffed and said that Rick had made his bed and needed to have his girlfriend keep him warm in it. Bill reminded Katie of what Rick had done to his niece, but Katie fired back that Caroline could handle herself. Bill promised to run his business as he saw fit.

Bill and Katie continued to argue. Katie said that Bill needed to remember to do the right thing at times, even if it meant he would make less money. Bill scoffed, but Katie reminded him that he had held Maya up to public ridicule. Bill called Katie a hypocrite.

Bill's phone rang, and Eric had called. Bill feigned that it was good to her from him. Eric reminded Bill that an organization called GLAAD would be happy to hear the news about Maya, but they would also be vocal about the way Bill had shared the news. Bill promised to let the public decide how they liked it. Eric reminded Bill that his sister, Karen, was a huge supporter of GLAAD and one if its largest donors. Bill sighed and hung up.

At Big Bear, Maya worried that things were getting worse. Rick promised to call Carter and get a court order that prevented Bill Spencer from sharing the stories. Rick wanted to get out of the public eye. Maya announced that she was not ashamed. Rick looked at the Spencer articles that were headlined "Uncanny Tranny" and "Mama Maya." "Such an embarrassment," Rick shouted.

Maya was hurt. She took her stuff and left, but Rick followed her. He advised that it was hard for him to deal with the information. He begged her not to leave. Maya drove off, and Rick followed her in his car.

On the back roads, Rick honked at Maya and called her repeatedly on his phone. Maya finally answered, and Rick begged her to pull over, but Maya sobbed. She pleaded with Rick to tell her that he still loved her and wanted to marry her. She didn't want him to be embarrassed by her. Maya didn't hear an answer then the line went dead. Maya cried harder because she thought Rick had rejected her, but she didn't realize that Rick's car had crashed.

. . .

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