Tuesday, May 26, 2015
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline and Rick discussed that Rick would fight Ridge to retain his position as CEO. Rick said Caroline could tell Ridge that his bid for the CEO spot wouldn't work, and Ridge wouldn't take Rick's job.

Caroline reminded Rick that she was there to offer her support. She realized that it had to be difficult to deal with the news that Maya was transgender. Rick claimed it was "nothing we can't overcome."

Caroline wished that Maya had told Rick sooner, but Rick defended Maya. Caroline said that Maya had been manipulative. Caroline reminded Rick that he'd been furious about her kisses with Ridge. Rick told her things were different.

Rick thanked Caroline for reaching out to him. She said they had meant a lot to each other at one time. Rick encouraged Caroline not to trust Ridge.

At Spencer, Liam complained to Ivy that Bill had gone behind Liam's back to print the stories about Maya. Ivy reminded Liam that his father had always been ruthless. Liam agreed, but he wanted the company to have some sensitivity and common decency. Ivy advised him not to feel guilty, and she added that she loved him.

Ivy noted that Ridge had said that Rick's situation could mean a shift in power at Forrester. "Rick could be on the way out," Ivy said. She added that Bill had said it was "all just business."

Liam lamented that he could live with it all -- as awful as Spencer had handled it -- as long as it protected Ivy and Caroline from Rick. Ivy cuddled Liam and admired his necklace. She claimed it wasn't because she had made it but rather because it meant that Liam was wearing a little part of her. Liam smiled. They discussed that the last necklace had been the past, and this one represented the future. Ivy noted that Steffy had been in Liam's past. Ivy was glad she could trust him.

At Forrester, Ridge and Eric discussed Eric's dilemma about what to do with Rick as CEO. Eric refused to use Rick's pain against him. Ridge pointed out that Rick had made some poor decisions in his time as CEO.

Eric countered that Rick had many accomplishments, as well. Ridge pointed out that Rick didn't have any compassion or leadership skills. Ridge pointed out that it was not about Maya being transgender. It was about how Rick had reacted to that news and to other news. In recent months, Ridge noted that Rick had crashed his car and could have killed someone. Rick had also taken a loaded gun to the office and fired it. Ridge demanded that Eric make him CEO.

"I'm gonna stand with Rick," Eric said. Ridge was angry. He said that Eric seemed to be making decisions that were directly in opposition to what Ridge suggested. Ridge noted that it was about their past. Eric said they always seemed to return to the same point.

Eric argued that it had nothing to do with the past. He wanted Ridge to accept that Rick was the better man for the job. Ridge scoffed. Ridge insisted that Eric had to be concerned.

Ridge reiterated that it all went back to the past. Eric agreed somewhat. He pointed out that Ridge had stolen Brooke from him just as he had stolen Caroline from Rick. "They were happy," Eric said. "You expect to be rewarded for that?" Eric asked. Ridge was silent. "You're not quite the Forrester you think you are," Eric said.

Eric continued that Ridge would not be crowned for those achievements. Eric accused Ridge of wanting to take everything that Rick had left. "Shame on you," Eric said.

Ridge refused to accept Eric's decision. Ridge added that it all boiled down to being a true Forrester, and Ridge was not truly Eric's son. Eric angrily stated that he was Ridge's father. "Don't you dare suggest otherwise," Eric ordered.

Ridge countered that Eric insisted that he loved Ridge, but he showed him no loyalty or respect. Eric argued that Ridge was a world-famous designer, and Rick was the CEO. Eric couldn't believe that Ridge could not be content.

"And you got the girl. You always get the girl. Lean back and enjoy the fruits of your labors," Eric suggested. Ridge was angry but said nothing. Eric left. Ridge picked up the phone and said, "I need to see you right away," to someone.

Later, Steffy walked into Ridge's office after she had received his call. She smiled and asked how he'd known she was in town. Ridge teased that he always knew where she was. Steffy and Ridge discussed the news about Maya, and Ridge pointed out that Rick had handled it badly.

Steffy noted that Rick had handled many things badly, including shooting a gun off in the building. Ridge lamented that Rick had not done enough to convince Eric to force Rick to step down as CEO.

Steffy asked if her father was ready to be part of a hostile takeover, and Ridge agreed. He insisted it was time to fight for Forrester and oust Rick.

At the Forrester mansion, Rick was dressed in a suit, and he grabbed his briefcase, but Eric entered the house and stopped him. Rick greeted him and acknowledged that Ridge had probably spewed a bunch of negative comments about Rick. Eric agreed but said it was a battle Ridge could not win.

Eric added that he recalled what Rick had said about Ridge stealing Brooke and stealing Caroline. Rick agreed. Eric complimented Rick on his treatment of the situation with Maya. Eric said that Ridge could learn from Rick. "You've done a terrific job as CEO," Eric said. He added that Rick had also grown as a man and had Eric's unconditional support.

Rick gushed that he would continue to improve because he wanted to be like his dad. They emotionally shared that they loved and trusted one another, and they embraced.

. . .

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