Tuesday, April 28, 2015
by Pam

In Rick's office at Forrester, Charlie whispered to Pam that Maya had to be transgender because of the estrogen they had discovered in her purse. Charlie insisted there could be no other reason for her to take estrogen.

Pam argued that Charlie was wrong. She insisted that Maya could have taken estrogen for any number of reasons, but Charlie refused to believe it. Pam added that Charlie had seen something on TV and formed and opinion that was "dangerous and ridiculous."

Rick interrupted and overheard the end of the conversation. "What's dangerous? What are you two up to?" Rick asked. Charlie tried to cover. He told Rick that Pam had been worried about him because security work was dangerous, and it was ridiculous that it was always dangerous.

Rick told Pam and Charlie that he "wasn't buying it." Rick asked why Pam and Charlie were in his office. Pam claimed she'd heard a noise and asked Charlie to investigate. Rick didn't believe them. Charlie laughed and changed his story. "We're busted," Charlie said. He concocted a story that he and Pam had been looking for a little privacy, and danger was part of it. "What is the fun if you can't get caught?" Charlie asked.

Pam agreed. She laughed and claimed they were adrenaline junkies. "Too much information," Rick said. Charlie and Pam left the office.

Outside at Pam's desk, Charlie reiterated that he was convinced that Maya was transgender. Pam argued that he was wrong and had to stop talking about it. "We could lose our jobs," Pam said. She advised Charlie that he would never work in security again if he started that rumor.

Charlie argued that he could send an anonymous message to Wyatt, but Pam refused to allow it. She admitted that Rick had made a lot of mistakes and treated everyone badly, but Rick cared about Maya. She refused to allow Charlie to hurt Rick and Maya.

Later at Forrester, Rick met with Wyatt regarding the new jewelry line. Wyatt said it would focus on Maya and her grace and femininity, but that meant they had to use smaller, more delicate stones that were high in quality.

Rick didn't like the stones. Wyatt defended them as the highest quality, but Rick replied that if a person couldn't see them, they weren't worth it. "Start over. It's not Maya," Rick said. Rick explained that Maya was a powerful woman, unafraid to put herself out there. "It's like you don't know her at all," Rick said. Wyatt looked confused.

In another office, Maya and Nicole chatted about Nicole's date with Wyatt. Nicole suggested that she'd changed her mind about Maya telling Rick the truth about her transgender surgery. Maya was surprised that Nicole had changed her mind. Maya insisted she would tell Rick if and when he proposed. "I'm just not sure that's such a good idea," Nicole said.

Wyatt entered. He thanked Nicole for the time they'd spent together on his dad's jet. Maya noted that Wyatt had taken Nicole to San Francisco to dinner. Nicole chimed in that it had been the plan, but she'd been having too much fun up in the sky. Maya disapproved.

Maya told Nicole that she was being a big sister to Nicole with her disapproval. Maya wondered if it was just a fling for Wyatt. Wyatt maintained that he liked Nicole and enjoyed spending time with her. He needed her positive energy in his life.

Maya advised Nicole not to get physical with Wyatt. Maya wanted to know where the relationship was headed, and Wyatt said he didn't know, but he wanted to find out. Nicole and Wyatt smiled at each other.

Wyatt said that he and Nicole had agreed to honesty in their relationship and "keeping it real." "It is awesome," Nicole said. Wyatt suggested that secrets always caused problems in his experience. "Wouldn't you agree?" Wyatt asked Maya. Maya looked nervous.

At Spencer, Liam explained to Katie and Bill that Wyatt had discovered that Rick had no secret. It was Maya who had the secret, according to Nicole.

Liam doubted they would find anything helpful in Maya's secret, but Bill disagreed. Bill said that Maya had obviously been hiding something that was dangerous to the company as indicated by the argument Wyatt had overheard between Nicole and Maya.

Bill maintained that he'd always thought Maya was a gold-digger. Katie suggested the secret had nothing to do with Forrester and was personal.

Liam agreed that Wyatt thought it could have been an argument between sisters. Wyatt showed up and said he was convinced the secret Maya had was something big because he'd mentioned secrecy to Maya, and she and Nicole had looked panicked.

At Forrester, Maya entered Rick's office and told him that Pam and Charlie had given her a weird look when she'd entered his office. "What's gotten into everyone?" Maya asked.

Rick proudly showed Maya the latest sales reports, and Maya gushed that they were better than predicted. She added that his performance could mean that Eric would make him the permanent CEO.

Rick told Maya he'd meant what he'd said about her to his parents the pervious day. He attributed his success to Maya. He shared that until she had entered in his life, he had suffered a lot of deception and scandal because of his mother, Amber, and Caroline. He'd been humiliated in the past.

Maya and Rick hugged. He appreciated Maya's honesty and promised a future with her. He wanted to marry her and have lots of kids. "You'd be a wonderful mother," Rick said.

Maya turned away in tears. Rick worried about her. Maya said she was overwhelmed with happy emotions. "I am happier than I ever imagined I could be," she said.

Maya added that before anything happened, she had to tell him something. She felt very loved, and she had faith in their relationship and what they meant to each other. She didn't want it to change. Rick promised it wouldn't. "Maya, whatever it is, you can always tell me anything," Rick said.

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