Tuesday, July 28, 2015
by Pam

Outside on the Forrester mansion terrace, Wyatt and Liam discussed the sad loss of Aly Forrester. They agreed that Thorne had suffered for years because he'd lost his wife, and his only child had just died in tragic, horrific accident -- just like his wife. Liam noted that Steffy felt horrible, but it was not her fault. Wyatt asked if Steffy had remembered anything more about the accident. Wyatt noted that it was crazy that Aly had stumbled and fallen.

Liam lamented that if Aly had not gone crazy, she'd be there, and they would all be celebrating after the fashion show. Instead, Aly had clearly hated Steffy and had attacked her. Liam noted that it would haunt Steffy for the rest of her life. Liam and Wyatt worried about Steffy's ability to cope. Wyatt said he wondered if she would handle it.

Liam insisted that Steffy had Liam to lean on, and they would get through it. Liam was suspicious of Wyatt's intentions. Wyatt was angry that Liam had implied that Wyatt would try to hit on Steffy. Liam and Wyatt argued, but Liam said they had been involved in a stressful situation.

Liam said that Steffy had blamed herself, but no one else would say it was her fault. Wyatt said that could change. "They were there," Wyatt said of Aly and Steffy. Liam maintained that Steffy had nothing to feel guilty about.

Inside the Forrester mansion, Ivy confronted Steffy about Ay's death. "Aly died because of you," Ivy accused. Steffy countered that it had been an emotional few days. Steffy knew that Ivy didn't like her, but Ivy had no right to blame her.

Ivy said she knew exactly what had happened. "She was my cousin too," Ivy said. Steffy wondered why Ivy was accusing her. Ivy reminded Steffy that Aly and Steffy had been the only people on the side of the road. Steffy was stunned that Ivy was holding Steffy responsible. "That's exactly what I'm saying," Ivy said.

Steffy reminded Ivy of what they had all found in Aly's closet -- Aly had destroyed pictures of Steffy. "Aly went ballistic," Steffy maintained. She recalled that Aly had blacked out her eyes and put a nail in her head in one picture.

Steffy added that Aly had driven a nail into her tire so she would veer off the road, and then Aly gotten within inches of hitting Steffy with her car. "And then she tried to attack me. She was ill, Ivy. She completely lost her sanity," Steffy said.

Ivy didn't back down. "What did you think would happen?" Ivy asked. Steffy seemed confused. Ivy insisted that normal, healthy people didn't trip over something and die. Ivy grilled Steffy about what she had told the police. "Is that your story? Is that the truth? Is it not possible that you distorted reality?" Ivy shouted. Steffy maintained that she had done nothing wrong.

Liam and Wyatt entered to a clearly awkward moment between Ivy and Steffy. Liam wondered what was wrong. Steffy said she'd had a disagreement with Ivy. Liam worried about why. Liam said he needed some time alone with Ivy. Wyatt suggested that he and Steffy get some air out on the terrace.

Outside, Wyatt said it was weird that Liam wanted to talk to Ivy. Wyatt worried that Liam was breaking up with Ivy. Steffy said it wasn't her place to say.

Inside, Liam professed that he cared about Ivy. "Are you seriously doing this right now? At my cousin's memorial? This is how you want to do this?" Ivy asked. She was in disbelief that Liam would break up with her at that time.

Ivy knew Liam wanted to be with Steffy. Ivy was angry and felt betrayed. "You finally gave in," Ivy said. Liam maintained that it was more complex. "We've finally been given another chance," Liam said of his relationship with Steffy. He told Ivy that he had loved her, and he grabbed her arm. "Don't touch me," Ivy said.

Ivy maintained that she had been nothing more than someone to fill the time while Steffy was out of the picture. Liam disagreed, but Ivy went off on him. She told him that he clearly wanted to be with someone with no moral center and no conscience. "Then good luck with that," she said. Liam looked confused.

Later, Steffy met with Liam, and he lamented that he had broken up with Ivy after a funeral -- it had been poor timing, but he didn't want to string her along. He noted that Ivy was furious. "She was hurt," Steffy noted. Liam confessed that it was much more intense and that Ivy had been very insulting about Steffy. "I know you're the best decision for my life, and I'm optimistic about our future," Liam said. They kissed.

In another room, Wyatt met with Ivy, and they agreed that Liam had terrible timing to break up with her after her cousin's funeral. Wyatt asked if Ivy had confronted Steffy, and Ivy said she had. She said that Steffy had not admitted to anything. "She wouldn't budge -- not even an ounce of remorse," Ivy said.

Ivy played the video again on her phone of Steffy hitting Aly with the tire iron. Ivy praised Aly as a loyal friend who had been a little withdrawn and in pain. Wyatt and Aly agreed that they all should have done more, but Wyatt said that none of them had known how much help Ivy needed.

Ivy said that Steffy had lied to her father and the police. Wyatt argued that he knew Ivy wanted justice, but she had to be careful. "No one can see this video," he said. Ivy looked confused.

At Forrester, Caroline and Ridge discussed how sad it was that Thorne had lost his wife and his only child. Caroline wished there was something they could do for him. Ridge maintained that they would support him and surround him with family. Thomas stood in the doorway and watched Ridge hug Caroline.

Caroline greeted Thomas and told him they had been talking about Thorne. Thomas said he felt horrible for Thorne. Thomas had wanted to be there for Steffy. He promised to stay. "I've decided to move back to Los Angeles," he said. Ridge wondered if he'd thought it through.

Thomas said it had been on his mind for a while. Caroline defended Ridge's questioning because they wanted Thomas to be happy. Thomas promised to take care of his responsibilities in Paris, but he planned to return to Los Angeles. Ridge announced there were no executive positions in Los Angeles. Thomas understood, but he wanted to join the design team. Ridge wondered if Thomas would be happy.

Thomas said he'd learned all aspects of the business, but he wanted to be a member of the design team. Ridge was skeptical. "The Taboo line was a huge moneymaker, and I backed you in the takeover," Thomas countered.

Thomas added that he had some designs that he felt Ridge and Caroline would like. Ridge asked if Thomas had discussed it with Eric. "Grandad will be thrilled," Thomas said. He added that they needed another Forrester on the design team, "Am I in?" he asked. Ridge said Thomas would have to earn his stripes like everyone else.

Alone in an office, Steffy read an obituary for Aly. She flashed back to the scuffle she'd had with Aly and to Ivy's voice echoing: "It wasn't an accident."

. . .

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