Tuesday, March 24, 2015
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Maya had a heated discussion with her sister, Nicole, about Maya's decision to become a transgender female. Maya maintained she had nothing to be ashamed of and had nothing to hide. Nicole said she didn't understand.

Maya said she'd done what she'd had to do. Nicole asked about Maya's daughter. Maya said the girl had been her boyfriend's child. Maya had become her guardian and had raised her like her own. Maya reminded Nicole that the little girl had died in a car accident.

Maya shared that her life had changed a lot in the past decade, and she had never dreamed she'd be leading the life she had. Nicole wanted an explanation. Maya said that she'd been born male but had always wanted to be female. Maya noted that she was no different than people born with ailing hearts that needed to be rebuilt.

Maya insisted she would no longer apologize for who she was. She had put up with all the insults of people wondering about her breasts, what she'd had removed, and how many hormone pills she had taken because they could result in cancer. She added that people had asked why she couldn't just be gay.

Nicole pointed out that Maya would have to tell Rick she could not have children. Maya agreed, but she wanted some time to tell Rick about what had happened. Maya maintained that she would not lose Rick. She wanted to work everything out with him.

At Forrester, Rick sat in his office, and Ridge and Carter entered. Ridge wondered why they had been summoned. Rick shared that he had recently finished a meeting with Ridge's ex. Ridge looked suspicious, and Rick laughed that the ex had been Katie -- one of many of Ridge's exes.

Rick noted that Katie and Bill had apparently returned from their honeymoon. Ridge replied that he'd heard it had all been Champagne and fairy dust, but he wanted to know what Rick wanted from him and Carter. Rick said he'd wanted to discuss designs that Ridge and Caroline had completed. He said that while Caroline was in New York, taking springtime selfies, he wanted to finish the line and review jewelry. Rick asked Pam to call Ivy in.

In Ivy's office at Forrester, Ivy and Liam discussed that Ivy had been working too hard. Ivy said she had to keep Rick happy. Pam called and summoned Ivy to a meeting. Liam wanted to attend with her. Ivy wasn't keen on it, but Liam said it couldn't get any worse.

Liam promised to annoy Rick, and Ivy decided that was a good enough reason to attend. Ivy and Liam entered Rick's office, and Rick wondered why Liam was there. Liam reminded Rick that his father owned part of the company. Rick promised that he could easily ignore Liam's presence just as he would have ignored Liam's father.

Liam countered that it was too bad Rick hadn't inherited any of his father's concern for family, employees, and manners. Rick ignored him, and said "Ivy, Ivy, Ivy, I am heartbroken." He chided Ivy and said her designs were "adorbs" -- something he noted that Caroline would say. But he said she needed to up her game. Rick checked with Carter to see if they had a contract with Ivy, and Carter confirmed that they did not.

Liam noted that Rick was trying to humiliate Ivy, but Rick said he needed her to develop some edgier designs. Rick felt that she needed to have some bold, sleek items that worked with the Forrester style. Ivy agreed she could do that.

Liam argued that Rick needed to improve his method of communicating with employees and asking for feedback. Ivy interrupted and said she would create something gutsier. Rick encouraged Ivy to make something like "Quinn used to dream up."

Rick added that Ivy and the design team should think about Maya when they designed necklaces and clothing -- how things would look on her because she was the lead model, and her femininity should be considered.

Rick left, followed by Liam and Ivy. Carter and Ridge discussed Rick. Ridge said Rick had been completely wrong about Ivy's jewelry. He added that it had always been Rick's style to terrorize people then say something nice. "He perfected it with his mother," Ridge said. Pam entered and encouraged Ridge to be a good big brother to Rick. Ridge maintained that would never happen.

In Ivy's office, Liam was angry that Rick had started a full frontal assault on Ivy, but Ivy said she had a bulletproof vest. Liam promised to soften the blow of Rick's insults. Liam offered keys to his home. Ivy refused to take them, but Liam insisted that if Ivy and Aly needed to get away from Rick, they could get into his house. She accepted the keys and kissed him.

At the Forrester mansion, Nicole lamented that Maya had left her with parents who were never happy. Maya apologized but added that she'd had to save herself and live her own life. Maya promised to be the woman Rick wanted as long as he wanted her. Nicole reminded Maya that Rick would want children, and she could never have a child of her own. Maya added that she hoped Rick didn't call her a freak as Nicole had.

Maya said she would tell Rick on her own terms, and if she lost him, she would have to live with it. Rick entered and hugged Maya.

Maya said she had lost track of time, and she had not made the martinis yet. Rick gushed that he had the love of a woman he thought he'd never meet. He praised her love, beauty integrity, honesty, and more. Rick hugged her, and Maya looked at Nicole.

. . .

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