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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

In the design office at Forrester, Sasha found Nicole deep in thought. Sasha said she'd stayed away at Thanksgiving because she'd known that Nicole was still hurting. Sasha claimed that it didn't change how she felt about Nicole, the sister Sasha had been unable to claim for years. Sasha asked Nicole to not let bad feelings about Sasha dictate how Nicole felt about Zende.

Nicole didn't speak to or look at Sasha. Sasha said she wouldn't make excuses, but she and Zende hadn't known Nicole had changed her mind about the surrogacy. Nicole asked if the statement was supposed to make the act okay, and she quipped that she'd thought Sasha wasn't going to make excuses.

Sasha said she was just trying to help Nicole understand how hard it had been for Zende, and she felt that Nicole should let Zende explain it himself. Nicole stated that she'd just been with him. Sasha asked if the couple had worked things out. Sasha said she "sure hoped so." Nicole asked if Sasha actually expected Nicole to believe her. Sasha claimed it was the truth.

Nicole asserted that Sasha wanted Zende for herself but didn't want people to know that she was that selfish. Nicole didn't trust that Sasha was rooting for Nicole and Zende and asked how she could trust Sasha at all. Nicole asked how she could trust Sasha ever again.

Nicole decided that Sasha was only making it worse. Nicole wondered if Sasha was really "that" jealous of Nicole, a jealousy that stemmed from being their father's secret. Sasha scoffed and claimed she wasn't. She said she actually cared for Zende, but she'd respect it if he and Nicole were getting back together. "So, are you? Are you back together?" Sasha asked again.

Nicole admitted the error in her ways of not talking to Zende before changing her mind with Maya and Rick; however, Nicole's problem was how Zende had acted out by taking her sister to Hawaii. Nicole didn't know how to get rid of the image of Zende and Sasha in bed on the jet. Sasha groveled about how sorry she was and asked Nicole to find a way to get past it.

Nicole scowled as Sasha went on to ask Nicole not to take it out on Zende, who was more in love with Nicole than ever. Nicole stated that she'd told Zende the same thing she'd told Sasha -- that Nicole could never trust him again. Sasha deduced that Nicole just needed some time before pushing Zende away.

Nicole stated that it never would have happened if it hadn't been for Sasha, who'd taken advantage of Zende when he'd been hurting the same way she'd done before. Nicole asked what kind of woman or sister did that and questioned if Sasha had morals at all. Sasha claimed that she did and noted that Nicole was acting as if Sasha was a tramp.

Sasha stated that Nicole thought she could talk down to Sasha, but Sasha asserted that nothing could affect her after the life she'd been through. Nicole wanted her future back and claimed Sasha had taken it. Sasha responded that Nicole had messed it up on her own when she'd decided to be the surrogate again. It had been too much for Zende -- or anyone, really.

Nicole told Sasha not to dare talk as if she knew Zende better, because Sasha only knew him because of Nicole. Sasha expected that kind of answer from a person with a cushy life. Sasha said Nicole's sister had gotten her all the opportunities in Los Angeles, and Nicole had been coddled. Sasha wasn't sure Nicole was even mature enough for a relationship.

Sasha added that having the baby might have messed Nicole up a bit because there was no such person as Prince Charming, and Nicole's actions had pushed Zende away. "Right into your arms," Nicole concluded. Sasha said Nicole was right about it. Nicole declared that she was done, and Sasha could have Zende. Nicole warned Sasha not to be surprised when he realized that Sasha was a self-absorbed play toy.

Sasha figured Nicole's anger had more behind it than just Zende. She stated that Nicole was harboring old resentment. Sasha believed that Nicole blamed her for arriving in L.A. and messing up Nicole's perfect life, "not because I wanted to, but because Julius Avant made me carry around his little secret." Nicole said to stop blaming their father for everything. Nicole clarified that the problem that day was Sasha, who could have befriended Zende without crossing the line.

Again, Sasha blamed it on not knowing Nicole had changed her mind about carrying another baby. Nicole said she should have considered Zende's feelings more before taking on the surrogacy again, but Sasha had taken advantage of the situation, of Nicole, and of Zende. Nicole felt that Sasha had to live with it.

Sasha asserted that she hadn't taken advantage. She had real feelings for Zende and had never met a man like him. Sasha warned that if Nicole still wanted him, she had to "speak now" or risk losing Zende forever. Nicole silently walked out the door.

At Spencer, Bill worked out on his punching bag in his office. Steffy arrived and seemed disconcerted. Bill welcomed her and assured her that it was fine because she'd seen him shirtless before. Steffy rolled her eyes. As Bill put on a shirt, he took a call from Justin, who wanted to use Bill's office while Bill was gone. Bill declined but said Justin could keep Alison in line in Bill's stead. Bill stated that he'd tell "her."

"Tell who?" Steffy asked after the call had ended. Bill called her a nosy little thing then explained that he and Brooke would get married that day on his yacht. Steffy asked if he was worried about Ridge talking Brooke out of it. "Do I look worried?" Bill asked.

Bill said he and Brooke were inevitable, and there was no way Ridge would get another shot at keeping them apart. Steffy said not to count out Ridge, who'd stopped Bill's weddings to Brooke twice before. Bill asked if Steffy knew that Ridge had proposed to Brooke.

Steffy was shocked to hear it. Bill stated that he guessed it was a proposal -- a proposal to have some kind of future together. Bill revealed that Ridge had used Stephanie's ring and gravesite to play upon Brooke's feelings for Stephanie in hopes of getting Brooke to be with Ridge. Bill concluded that Stephanie wouldn't get her final wish, and Ridge just had to accept it once Brooke made it clear to him that there was no future for them.

Joking again, Bill said that since Steffy had just willingly approved of his impending marriage, he wondered what else had led her to stop by. Steffy didn't recall saying she approved but conveyed that she was in the building to see Liam, who wasn't in his office. Gesturing to the window, Bill guessed that, with some binoculars, they could spot Liam on the corner, helping on old lady across the street.

Steffy didn't know what to make of Bill's lighthearted joking. Bill said he'd never felt better in his life, and it was due to being set to marry Brooke in Saint Barts. He remarked that he'd been trying to teach Liam how to live life, but Liam was more concerned about polluting oceans than partying on them.

Steffy guessed Bill thought it would be simple to deal with Brooke and Ridge and wondered if Brooke should be back already. She joked that Brooke might have run off with Ridge. Bill replied that Steffy couldn't rattle him, and he was completely confident in his bride's devotion to him.

Steffy gave Bill props for sitting at the holiday dinner table with his arch nemesis. She didn't know how she'd tolerated hers. He assumed that she was referring to Quinn. Steffy conveyed that she'd only done it for Eric. Her opinion of Quinn hadn't changed. She was hoping Quinn would self-destruct. Bill noted that his stock was the key to getting Quinn out of Forrester.

Bill reasoned that Quinn would be gone by then if Ridge hadn't blown it by interrupting another of Bill's weddings. Steffy replied that it wasn't too late to sell; however, Bill repeated that Ridge had blown it, and Bill would never let Ridge interrupt Bill's happiness with Brooke again.

Steffy wished Bill luck but asked if it was risky to send Brooke to tell Ridge farewell. Bill had a successful career in assessing risk-to-reward ratios, and he was very confident in "this one."

On the cliffs at the beach, Ridge called Bill and his sword ring a joke. Ridge asked Brooke to say she wouldn't marry that clown. Ridge remarked that R.J. was on site to help with the photo shoot. R.J. was still hoping for a reunion, and Ridge asked Brooke what he should tell their son. Brooke replied that she'd just been with Bill, and she was there to tell Ridge that she was leaving that day to get married to Bill.

Ridge assumed Bill had sent her to end things with Ridge. Brooke stated that Bill had been patient and had waited long enough, and Ridge had been the one to crash the last wedding. She asked Ridge why he wouldn't leave them alone. Ridge asked if it was what she really wanted. "Walk away from me and R.J.? Walk away from us?" Ridge asked.

Ridge asked Brooke to think of what the marriage really meant. He said Spencer wouldn't let her spend holidays with Ridge and R.J. Brooke stated that Ridge knew she'd always wanted to be a Forrester. "So for me to just walk away..." she uttered. She'd always love Ridge, but she insisted that he and R.J. had to accept that "this is what I want. Bill is who I want."

"Then you should go to Bill," Ridge replied with resolve. Claiming he had work to do, Ridge climbed higher on the cliff boulders. Huffing, Brooke couldn't believe he'd said he was getting back to work. She asked if he'd heard a word about her saying she was marrying Bill, and she and Bill were about to head to St. Barts. "Okay," Ridge responded, scrolling through his phone.

"'Okay?'" Brooke replied. Taking off her heels, she asked if Ridge was even listening. She stated that it was a life-changing moment for them and for R.J. Brooke made it to the cliff overlook, and her eyes followed Ridge's down the beach.

Below them, Brooke saw a replica of the enormous Ridge and Brooke heart in the sand that he'd made for her the last time she'd been about to take a plane out of Los Angeles. Smiling, Ridge said that Brooke wasn't leaving him then or ever.

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