Tuesday, July 19, 2016
by Pam

At Brooke's, she and Ridge looked through her refrigerator to see if there was anything Ridge wanted to eat. She said that Maya liked to always buy one extra of everything in case Zende popped in for dinner.

Brooke asked why Ridge had decided to visit, and Ridge responded that he had wanted to check on Brooke. He worried about her relationship with Katie because Katie had learned about Brooke and Bill. Brooke correctly assumed that Caroline was busy.

Ridge explained that he had given Caroline and Thomas some time alone with Douglas. Brooke admired his decision. He admitted that it had been Katie's idea. Ridge acknowledged that Katie had often seen things more clearly than he had. "Except in choosing a husband," he added. Brooke looked distracted. Ridge asked about Katie.

Brooke said that Katie wanted nothing to do with her. Ridge asked if she had explained that Bill and Brooke had never slept together. Brooke said she had, but Katie saw that as a technicality, and Brooke agreed with her.

Ridge asked about Bill, and Brooke said she had made it very clear to him that there was no future for them. "Even though I was hoping that he would persuade me otherwise," Brooke admitted. Ridge said that Bill had taken Will away from his mother. He quickly noted that he was no better than Bill. Brooke disagreed. "Your situation is completely different," she said.

Brooke asked about Thomas, and Ridge said that he had given his loft to Thomas. It would be easier for Thomas to have overnights and weekends with Douglas. Ridge worried that giving up the loft meant he had parted with a lot of memories he had made with Caroline there. He also worried that he would have nowhere to go after his dad threw him out of the house.

"Eric will never throw you out," Brooke said. "He fired me," Ridge countered. Ridge noted that he would be a designer, but his dad was CEO. Ridge lamented that he was an outsider looking in on his company and his marriage.

At Forrester Creations, Caroline and Douglas visited Thomas. She wondered if it was a bad time, and Thomas said it was never a bad time "to see my son and his lovely mother." Caroline said she and Ridge needed to get out of the house because Zende had some romantic plans for the evening.

Thomas wondered if Zende and Nicole would get back together. Caroline didn't know. She noted that having a baby changed people, but Zende and Nicole had seemed to be very close for a long time.

Thomas was thrilled that his father had agreed to the visitation schedule and had offered to let him move into the loft. It eliminated the awkwardness of him living on the Forrester grounds. Conversation changed to Douglas, and Thomas said he didn't know much about how to be a father. He said he didn't feel he'd have his Dad merit badge until Douglas had puked on him. He and Caroline laughed.

Thomas and Caroline discussed that Thomas would learn how to become a father as time passed. They shared a few laughs and played with Douglas. Caroline shared funny things that Douglas did like cute little baby snores. Thomas noted he was comfortable with the baby, and the baby seemed to be comfortable as well. Thomas kissed Douglas, and Caroline watched. She said it was a moment she'd never thought would happen.

In the studio at Forrester, Zende and Sasha had wrapped up photo shoots, and Zende said he was in a hurry to leave. Sasha said she wondered if he would start shooting her again soon. Zende left the room, and Sasha looked at proofs of her latest photos.

Zende returned dressed in a suit. Sasha admired his look and wondered if he and Nicole planned to attend a premiere. Zende told her not to worry about what he and Nicole did. Sasha asked him to look at her photos, and she wondered why they didn't look good. "He doesn't know how to light you," Zende said of the photographer who had shot the photos. Zende had to leave, and Sasha thanked him for the advice.

At Julius and Vivienne's place, Nicole talked to her parents, and Vivienne asked if they could all head out to dinner. Nicole said she had plans with Zende, and Vivienne offered that she and Julius could join them. Nicole tried to be courteous, but Julius interrupted and told Vivienne to leave the kids alone.

Nicole smiled and said that Zende had said he would pick her up at her parents' place. Someone knocked at the door, and Nicole worried that it couldn't be Zende because she hadn't had time to do her hair.

A Forrester employee entered the apartment and delivered a gown in a wardrobe bag. He said it was from Zende, and he left. Nicole gushed as she told her mother to open it. Vivienne opened it, Nicole gasped, and her mother said, "Wow. Zende is one special young man!"

Nicole disappeared to get ready for her date with Zende. Vivienne said they had the most beautiful and caring daughters in the world. Julius reminded his wife how beautiful she was. He worried that he had caused her a lot of pain and that she wouldn't let him back into her heart. She said she was trying.

Zende showed up, and Julius and Vivienne admired his haircut and suit. Julius teased that when he'd been young, people would have said that Zende was "clean as a preacher's son." Vivienne and Julius said the gown he had sent over was beautiful. Nicole greeted everyone, and they admired her gown and hair. Zende told her she looked beautiful. Zende and Nicole left, and Julius taught Vivienne how to putt.

Vivienne said it was fun to see "our little Cinderella going out with her Prince Charming." Julius said he remembered when they'd been young, he would walk her home from concerts in the park, and all the fellows and neighbors would peek out the windows at Vivienne, the most beautiful girl he had ever known.

Nicole and Zende entered the Forrester mansion, and Nicole wondered why it was so dark and if there was a surprise party planned. She wondered if she would know anyone. Zende teased that it was just the two of them. He took her hand, and a waiter seated her at a table set for dinner. Another served them Champagne. "I can't believe you did all this for me," she said. "I want to make up for lost time. Let's not lose any more," Zende said.

Later, Zende and Nicole danced in the living room. He took her outside on the terrace, and they admired the view of a sunset. Zende reminisced about his childhood. They kissed, and Zende said he admired her strength and generosity.

Nicole said she appreciated that Zende had taken the time to make sure that she knew how he felt. She marveled about everything that had happened to her since she had moved to Los Angeles. Her parents had moved there; she'd had a baby for her sister. She said, "Life has changed so much, and best of all -- I am here with you. Nobody can be as happy as I am tonight." They kissed.

. . .

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