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Thursday, February 11, 16

In the CEO's office, Quinn tucked Steffy's phone, with the missed call from "Liam," back into Steffy's purse. Wyatt and Steffy entered, and he asked Quinn what she was up to. Quinn pretended that she hadn't eaten that day and that she felt a little lightheaded.

Quinn asked how Rick's meeting had gone. Wyatt informed her that they'd covered International stuff that Liam had been in charge of. Quinn remarked upon how weird it was for "Mr. Responsible" to just take off like he had, and she told Steffy that it was as if Liam was on some sort of power trip. Wyatt said, "Mom," in an admonishing tone.

Quinn stated that Steffy was supposed to be the love of Liam's life, but Liam hadn't returned any calls or text messages. It was as if Liam was holding Steffy hostage. Wyatt tried to shush Quinn, but Steffy agreed with Quinn. Steffy felt stuck. Steffy didn't even know what she'd done, but she couldn't move forward without knowing where she stood.

Quinn pretended to suddenly recall Steffy's phone ringing earlier. Steffy checked it and gasped upon seeing that Liam had left a message. Wyatt offered to let Steffy listen to it in private, but she declined and played the message. She quivered upon hearing Liam say, "Get a life and never call again."

To Quinn, it was obvious from the look on Steffy's face that Liam had blown her off again. Quinn asserted that Liam should be ashamed of himself for not breaking up to Steffy's face.

Steffy murmured that she hadn't even had the chance to explain herself. Quinn said that if a guy broke up as Liam had, without giving a chance for explanations, then he didn't want her. Quinn felt that Steffy was too good for it and needed to let Liam go. Wyatt asked for a moment alone with Steffy.

Quinn left, and the despondent Steffy couldn't believe what she'd heard. Wyatt asked what Liam had said, and Steffy let Wyatt listen for himself. After listening, Wyatt became angry and told Steffy that Liam wasn't worth her tears. Steffy didn't know what to do with the message. Wyatt admitted that it was weird; however, it seemed clear that Liam meant it, and the relationship was over.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam browsed through the desk in the living room. He opened a book and smelled it but got nothing from the scent. He flashed back upon learning that he was Adam, and Eve was his wife. He rendered a confused expression.

Later, Quinn arrived. Liam put down the New Year's Eve hat he was holding. He said he'd missed her. He was accustomed to her being around, kind of like Adam and Eve, the first two people on earth. He asked if they kissed "hello" usually. Quinn indicated that it was fine, and he kissed her.

Quinn asked how Liam was feeling. He indicated that he was in less pain, but he was still struggling to remember. She said he was in healing mode, and one couldn't force memories. The memories would return, or they wouldn't. He seemed sad but said that he at least had her.

Liam asked if the prank caller had contacted Quinn again. Quinn said that, thanks to her Adam, she didn't think it would be a problem anymore.

In the design office, Thomas told Caroline that he'd taken a hard look at himself. He didn't recognize himself, and he wondered how he'd embraced who he'd become after moving home from Paris. He didn't have the answer, but he wanted to apologize to the women he'd hurt, especially her.

Caroline warned that soul-searching could lead Thomas to a place he didn't want to go. Thomas felt like he'd been an arrogant menace, hooking up with women to prove he could. He said that his reasons for being with women hadn't always been admirable, but it had been different with her.

Thomas was glad that Ridge was still out of town because there were some things he needed to say. "Or not," Caroline replied in a warning tone. Still, Thomas persisted in saying it was about "that night." He felt that pretending it hadn't happened didn't make it so. She replied that it had been one night, and they needed to just move on.

Thomas was happy that Caroline had moved on and that they could work together; however, there was still something unresolved for him. Caroline asked if Thomas really thought rehashing things would give him some kind of closure. He said his journey into self-examination wouldn't be complete unless he acknowledged his role. Sighing, she stated that he obviously wouldn't drop it, so he should say whatever he wanted to say.

Thomas claimed that he'd been deliberate in his pursuit of women, but it hadn't been that way with Caroline. After Ridge and she had broken up, Thomas had just wanted to be whatever she'd needed him to be. When he'd been drinking, he hadn't been himself or coherent, and he hadn't known she'd taken pills. He didn't mean it as an excuse, but as an explanation.

Thomas had been under the impression that Caroline had had some sort of realization about him and had been seeing him differently. Becoming emotional, Thomas conveyed that he'd thought Caroline had wanted him. He supposed that he'd just been projecting, but he needed her to believe he'd never take advantage of her. In a whimper, she asked why he had to talk about it at that point.

Thomas said it was because he'd realized that he had done something wrong. He couldn't take back what had happened, but he'd realized that he should have known better. He believed he should have known she'd been in no position to do what they'd done, and he should have just been there to listen to her. He was sorry. He respected her and wanted her to somehow respect him, too.

Thomas looked forward to being a better friend, a better son, and a better person. He wanted to take responsibility for his actions and their effects on others. He felt he needed to be completely honest, and he said he'd never felt for anyone what he felt for Caroline. He claimed not to be hitting on her, but he wanted her to know he was done being a self-centered, entitled idiot.

Thomas admitted that Ridge had been right. It felt weird for him to see himself though his father's eyes. Caroline believed that Ridge had been hard on Thomas but wasn't perfect, either. Thomas reasoned that Ridge had changed and was responsible and committed to Caroline. Thomas felt that if he wanted to emulate Ridge, Thomas needed to be happy with his life and have a wife and family.

Caroline was surprised to hear that Thomas wanted a family. Thomas said he'd always wanted kids, but he hadn't found the right person. He was open to the possibilities of what it might look like. Caroline became emotional. He asked if she was okay. She said he'd just surprised her.

Suddenly, Caroline bent over and began experiencing pain. Thomas asked what was going on. She replied that she might be going into labor.

. . .

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