Thursday, October 16, 2014

At the beach house, Hope stated that Quinn wasn't supposed to be there. Quinn said she'd been visiting her son to find out if he'd been able to reason with Hope. Hope asked if Quinn remembered being told to stay away. Quinn replied that Hope couldn't keep Quinn away from Quinn's son or grandchild, who meant the same to Hope as Wyatt meant to Quinn.

Hope stated that she couldn't stop Quinn from seeing Wyatt outside the beach house, but Quinn would not be a presence in the unborn child's life. Quinn appealed to Wyatt, but he said he'd already told her to back off in the past regarding Ridge and Liam. Hope noted that Quinn had hurt Ivy, Ridge, and Liam. Quinn asked if it was punishment for hurting Hope's "precious" ex.

Quinn believed Liam was fine and moving on, and every one of them could feel different in time. Hope doubted that she would. "Why are you being so difficult?" Quinn asked, advancing toward Hope. Wyatt slipped between Quinn and Hope.

Quinn insisted they could put the past behind them and move forward as a family. Quinn was tired of being treated like damaged goods and a liability to her family. She felt that her mistakes weren't egregious or unforgivable. She declared that she didn't deserve to be punished "this way."

Hope looked away, and Quinn asserted that the baby had her genes, too. Wyatt stated that it was what scared him and Hope. Quinn told her son that it shouldn't, and while the child would get a pedigree from Hope's family, it would get its grit and determination from Quinn, who'd had to scratch and claw for everything.

Hope and Wyatt sensed that Quinn was justifying her actions, and Wyatt opened the door for Quinn to leave. Quinn pleaded with Hope to start again with no judgment or manipulation. Hope shook her head.

After Quinn had gone, Hope changed into her robe and prepared for bed. Wyatt had checked the doors and windows but doubted his mother would be back. Hope was emphatic that Quinn stop showing up there, and he promised to make sure that Quinn wouldn't return. Hope hugged and thanked Wyatt. He figured that Hope was distracted by more than just Quinn, and Hope relayed that she'd seen Liam earlier. Wyatt asked if Liam had given her a hard time.

Hope said Liam hadn't, and he'd hurried off to a date with Ivy. Wyatt replied that it was good for Liam. Hope asked if Wyatt really believed so. Wyatt said he and Hope had moved on, and Liam should, too. Wyatt remarked about Liam becoming an uncle, and Hope nodded with a mirthless smile.

Wyatt still couldn't believe they had a baby on the way. Though his mother complicated things, he felt that he and Hope couldn't let others damped their excitement. Agreeing, Hope said she wanted to concentrate on their family. He stated that they'd soon be parents, but they were still newlyweds. When he began discussing how preoccupied she'd been, Hope kissed him, and they eased onto the bed.

Later at her loft, Quinn stormed inside and ordered Deacon to talk to his daughter. She claimed that she'd been getting through to Wyatt until Hope had arrived with her unreasonableness. Quinn asserted that she and Deacon wouldn't let Hope keep Quinn out of her grandchild's life.

Deacon stated that if Quinn thought he'd be the lynchpin in her plan, then she needed a new plan. Deacon replied that he'd just forged a relationship with Hope. Quinn asked if Deacon wouldn't risk it to help Quinn. Deacon explained that he'd been kept from Hope, but time had changed things for him. He believed that it could do the same for Quinn.

Quinn refused to wait for time. She vowed to be there for every single day of the child's life. Quinn felt that she'd given the couple her unwavering support, and she deserved support in return. She knew that Hope would need help and recalled being all alone while pregnant with Wyatt. Deacon said Quinn wasn't alone anymore, and she asked if that meant he'd help her.

Deacon asked Quinn to trust that he knew his daughter and to take his advice to let up. She replied that his daughter was being unfair. He told Quinn that Hope wouldn't be manipulated, and neither would he. He advised Quinn to stop the "I want to help crap," because all she wanted was access. Though he agreed to talk to Hope, he doubted things would happen on Quinn's time. He was confident that Hope would "come around." Quinn replied, "She'd better."

At the cliff house, Ivy and Liam toasted to the future and new beginnings. He joked that he'd made tofu barbeque for her, but he'd actually made chicken. Ivy said she was up for trying new things, and Liam contemplated doing the same.

Liam and Ivy's conversation turned to Eric's decision to step down at Forrester. Ivy said her father wanted Eric to join him on a trip around the world, and her father always seemed to breeze in and turn everyone's life upside down. She guessed it ran in her family and told Liam to look at what she'd done to him. Grinning, Liam stated that she'd made him smile again.

The topic turned to Bill, and Ivy couldn't imagine what it had been like growing up with Bill Spencer. "Neither can I. Honestly, I wouldn't even have a relationship with him right now if it weren't for -- uhm -- him changing his attitude," Liam said, murmuring the last bit.

Ivy relayed that her father's flirtatious nature had gotten him into trouble. Liam remarked that his father was great with his family but needed to learn that he didn't have to be a jerk to get ahead. Liam said that Ivy was sweet, talented, and successful without being a jerk.

To Liam, Ivy had a go-getter attitude like her father. Ivy admitted that she was a little more reserved than what Liam envisioned. Liam suspected that there had to be a way to make her let go.

After dinner, Ivy and Liam discussed her work at Forrester. She'd feared that she wouldn't be able to experiment at a big company like Forrester, but she'd quickly learned that she could. Pulling a box from her purse, she said she had something for Liam, but she asked that he not tell Bill or Wyatt about it. Liam opened the jewelry box, and inside was a white gold sword charm.

Liam was awestruck by the gift. Ivy hadn't wanted to overstep by mimicking the charm of significance to the Spencers, but she'd made it because of what Quinn had put the Spencers through. Ivy said she could make a little one for Hope and Wyatt's baby, and Liam rendered a fake smile.

Ivy apologized, but Liam said that Hope's pregnancy was a reality. "But now you're thinking about it," Ivy replied. Liam stated that he wasn't, but Ivy responded that it was okay if he was. "Look at me. I'm not," Liam uttered with a smile.

The song, "Follow me Home," by Ethan Thompson played over scenes at Liam and Hope's houses.

Wyatt left Hope in bed, and Hope thought of Wyatt's first kiss. She put on her robe, and on her terrace, she thought of Liam hugging her as she cried. At the cliff house, Ivy cleared the dishes, and Liam thought of rescuing her and lying together on the bank of the Seine. Liam put his arms around Ivy, and they deeply kissed. As the pair moved into the living room to kiss on the floor by the coffee table, Hope was at home, touching her belly and attempting to smile through her sorrow.

. . .

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