Thursday, November 19, 15

In San Francisco, Wyatt and Quinn arrived at their hotel. Quinn joined Wyatt in his room and cooed about how exciting the private jet ride had been. He seemed preoccupied, which she translated into him being no fun. She wanted to eat out, but he reminded her that they had an important meeting very early the next morning.

Quinn called Wyatt cranky. She said she knew "that face," and he was missing Ivy. Quinn exclaimed that it had only been a few hours. She imagined Ivy pining for him at the beach, but he said Ivy, too afraid to be alone at the beach house, was spending the night at the mansion.

Wyatt wished he'd encouraged Ivy to go with them, but Ivy had needed to finish work at the office. He missed her and wished she was there. "So call her!" Quinn exclaimed. He said he would -- once he got some privacy. Wyatt asked if Quinn was tired, but wiggling herself, she said she'd had an energy drink on the plane and was "Whoo! Buzzing!" She told him that she'd raid his mini bar while he called Ivy.

In the mansion's kitchen, Thomas' food order arrived. Ivy said he hadn't had to go to the trouble, but he replied that he'd found it hard to eat alone with a gorgeous woman in the house with him. Ivy insisted that it was for one night, and once Wyatt's trip was over, she'd be back at her boyfriend's house.

Thomas hoped for an extended trip, though he didn't know how Wyatt could tear himself away from Ivy. Ivy said it was a business trip, and she and Wyatt could afford to be apart for one night. Thomas hinted that a lot could happen in one night.

The cousins ate dinner, and Ivy complimented the food from the restaurant named the Ivy, after the plant. Thomas fed her a sample of his risotto and said there was red velvet cake for dessert. Ivy appreciated all the effort he'd gone through to make it a lovely evening.

Ivy got a call from Wyatt and went to take it in the living room. Thomas text-messaged Steffy to ask her to guess who'd be across the hall that evening. He added a kangaroo emoji. He wandered into the living room. Ivy stared at him conspicuously after she'd told Wyatt that she wished she was there, too. Wyatt asked if she was getting work done, and she said she was -- a bit here and there.

Wyatt was glad that she was staying at her uncle's and added that it would be horrible for her to be all alone at the beach house. Ivy said nothing as she stared at Thomas. After the call, Thomas asked if she were really there only due to anxiety about being alone at the beach house.

Ivy didn't get Thomas' point, and Thomas wondered if she was trying to get another kiss out of him. Growling, Ivy said the kiss had been really nice but wrong, and technically, she still had a room in the mansion with all her stuff in it. He claimed to be glad she was there with him in the big, scary house and added that a storm was on the way.

Thomas indicated that the rest of the housemates were at a fundraiser in Laguna, so it was just him, Ivy, and Maya's portrait. Ivy was ready to turn in, but he insisted that they had too much cake to finish off. Ivy turned him down. She'd had a lovely evening, but "that's that." She walked away, but he said it didn't have to end. "Goodnight, Thomas," she asserted, and smiling, she headed upstairs.

Later, Ivy went to the kitchen in her nightie to get some water. She flashed back to Thomas saving her from the light fixture and later kissing her. Thomas entered with no shirt. She stammered that she was just getting water. He replied that he couldn't sleep, and he'd been thinking about her.

Back in San Francisco, Quinn tried to strategize for the meeting, but Wyatt was distracted. She guessed it was because Ivy was at the mansion. He asked why it would matter, and Quinn asked if Thomas was staying at the same house. Quinn stated that Thomas had been giving Liam and Wyatt a hard time, and Thomas felt threatened and somehow inferior.

Wyatt agreed, but he scoffed when Quinn said that Thomas was getting to him. Quinn relayed Thomas had put Wyatt in Wyatt's place, made him feel like an outsider, and had blatantly hit on Wyatt's girlfriend. Quinn doubted Thomas would respect Wyatt's relationship. Wyatt exclaimed that he trusted Ivy, who'd never fall for a womanizer like Thomas.

Wyatt said Thomas could just keep making a fool of himself. Quinn relayed that she didn't trust Thomas, the spoiled brat who took what he wanted. Wyatt declared that Thomas wasn't taking Wyatt's girlfriend if Wyatt had something to say about it. Quinn advised Wyatt to keep an eye out because Ivy's track record with men before him was "meh, you know." Quinn didn't want him to be naïve. She warned that people were shady, and his girlfriend was sleeping beneath the same roof as Thomas.

At the cliff house, Liam set a romantic mood for Steffy and let he know that he'd pushed her meetings in the morning back so they could sleep in. He asked what Bob Hope movie they'd watch. When Steffy let him pick, he decided that something was off about her. She claimed that it was no big deal, and it wasn't about them. Liam pressed her to tell him if it was something he should know about.

Steffy felt that Liam could read her like a book. Liam said he could tell when her mind was wandering. She apologized for being preoccupied and recalled that they'd promised not to talk about "them." Liam guessed it was about Ivy and Wyatt. Steffy didn't know how much she should say about it.

Liam didn't think Steffy needed to say more. He felt that she'd made great efforts with his brother and to give Ivy another chance. It showed him how remarkable Steffy was. Liam admired her beauty and brains. Yanking her into his lap, he exclaimed, "My God, those lips!" The two kissed.

Liam went to open a bottle of Montrachet that Bill had gifted him from France. In response to Thomas' message, Steffy texted, "You're terrible. Go to bed." Sipping the wine, she remembered that the bottle had cost as much as a car and guessed Liam wasn't kidding about it being a special night.

Liam recalled how special the walk down memory lane Steffy had created had been. He said that the night wasn't about their past; it was about the future and the life they'd build. Liam had once thought it was about adventures, and even though they'd do all kinds of crazy things, being there with each other, their movies, and wine; working together; and raising a family were the real adventures.

Liam said it never got old with Steffy, and they kissed.

. . .

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