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Thursday, February 23, 2017

At Spencer, Jarrett asked Bill to listen before they did something irrevocable. Jarrett felt that Sally's designs, while rough, had been interesting and unique. He'd seen potential there and wanted to be true to himself in his reporting. He felt that Sally could do well. Bill replied that she could do well, just not in her location.

Bill ordered Jarrett to read what he'd written. When Bill heard the article, he learned that the worst Jarrett could say was that the gowns hadn't been couture and that Jarrett was sure there was a market for playful whimsy. Bill had known Jarrett wouldn't have the stones to do his job, so Bill had done it for him. Slapping down a stack of papers, Bill announced that it was the review. He ordered Jarrett to publish it. Bill wanted Spectra out of business by day's end.

"Read," Bill ordered. As Jarrett complied, he said that the article was harsh and untrue. In Jarret's view, the designs had been hastily put together, but they hadn't been an abomination or joke played on the fashion industry. Bill asked if Jarrett wanted to be replaced by someone who valued loyalty and cooperation with his boss over his own journalistic standards.

Jarrett didn't want it. Bill advised Jarrett to learn to live with the article because Bill wanted Spectra out of business and out of the building ASAP.

Later, Bill pushed a man downward into a seat in front of Bill's desk. The man was surprised that someone as powerful as Bill even knew who the man was. The man wasn't thrilled when he heard that he and Bill had a common interest in Sally Spectra. "Oh, her," he groaned. He didn't like Sally, who thought it was clever to call him "Shifty" when his name was Shifter.

Bill knew that Shifter had been lending Sally money and suspected that she'd return for an extension on her loan. Bill wanted Shifter to refuse her. Shifter asked how Sally would repay him. Bill replied that she wouldn't, but Bill would make it worth Shifter's while.

Later, Jarrett returned to say the review would post at any moment. Jarrett looked as if he might be sick, and Bill asked if he had to get a box of tissues. It wasn't the end of the world, in Bill's view, but Jarrett quipped, "Not ours, anyway." Bill thought Jarrett should feel good about pleasing his boss and keeping his job.

Jarrett was uneasy about violating journalistic ethics, but Bill said only Bill's ethics counted. Jarrett said the designs had been rough, but not horrible. Bill believed the bonus in the next paycheck would soothe Jarrett's anxiety. "If you'd been there..." Jarrett started to say. Bill interjected that if he'd been there, he would have bulldozed the place himself. "Why didn't I think of that?" Bill asked himself.

Jarrett implored Bill to reconsider and said they could still pull the review. Bill didn't know how he'd want to do it. Jarrett said mild criticism was warranted, but Bill had gone way too far. Bill called it a means to an end, but Jarrett worried that Sally didn't have the track record to survive it. Bill got that Jarrett thought Bill was a monster, but Bill hadn't built his empire on feelings. He'd built it upon doing what needed to be done.

Admiring his building model, Bill noted the smoked windows, the chrome, and the mirrors. He asked if he'd said how much he liked mirrors. Jarrett replied that Bill had mentioned it. Bill's phone chimed. As he checked it, Bill said the review had hit their site, and Spectra Fashions was about to implode.

At Spectra, Sally waited with Shirley, Darlita, and Saul for Jarrett's review to be released. Saul was skeptical about things because only one guest had shown up to the preview. Sally believed that Jarrett had been the only guest that had counted, and he'd been impressed. She said Jarrett hadn't laughed in their faces, and the designs were good. She hoped her team was ready because Spectra Fashions was back.

Thomas arrived with flowers as an apology for missing the showing. He asked how it had gone, and Saul was the only one to be a "wet rug" in describing it, in Darlita's opinion. Sally was confident that Forrester would choke on Spectra's dust once Jarrett's review was out.

Thomas looked over the designs that hung on dress forms in the room. He spotted the one that he'd seen as a sketch. He stated that he'd tried to imagine what the evolved product would look like. It was nothing like he'd envisioned. He called it completely unique. He thought her designs were odd, but they had staying power.

Shirley left with Saul and Darlita. Thomas said it seemed like a fun place to work. He wanted to know how the event had gone with Jarrett. Sally said Jarrett should have put up a review first thing that morning, but thus far, she'd seen nothing. She hoped it would be good because they had a lot riding on it.

Thomas noted that Sally was really nervous. Sally admitted that she wasn't good at waiting when her whole future was riding on something. Thomas said that it was just a review. She replied that reviews probably rolled off his back, but for her, it was the difference between success and failure. She asserted that she couldn't fail.

Thomas replied that Sally couldn't put it all on her shoulders. Sally reasoned that it was because her crew was counting on her. Her great aunt had created the place with sweat and grit. Sally said they were her people and her legacy, and she had to take care. She noticed that Thomas was giving her "that look" again.

Thomas said he liked her. She was nutty and made him laugh. At the same time, she chased her dreams. He was glad to be there to get a front-row seat to her first glowing review of many. Sally didn't know how he would relate to her nervousness when a successful fashion house was his for the taking whenever he wanted it.

Thomas replied that Sally was wrong, and he was far down on the line of succession. He honestly thought his family had forgotten him. She asked if he wanted to be CEO. Thomas didn't think it mattered, but he should at least be asked. He believed the worst part was that his grandfather was parroting his wife. Thomas decided that it was enough about him on her day.

Sally stated that it was the day that she'd busted her butt for. She refused to cut Forrester or Thomas any slack just because he'd given her flowers. Thomas believed that everything Sally wanted would happen for her.

As Thomas was deciding to go, the others rushed back in, excitedly announcing that the review had been posted. Thomas stayed, and Sally hopped behind her desk and began reading it to everyone.

It began by saying Sally's Spectra's namesake was trying to revive the business. "Jarrett" would call his preview an exclusive; however, he'd merely been only one of over a hundred to accept the invitation to see the bare-bones preview held in their war-torn rag shop building. Darlita shrugged off that fact that Jarrett hadn't liked the building.

Sally read that Jarrett thought she had a glint in her eye, a broad smile, and a shoot-for-the-stars mindset. Everyone was relieved to hear it; however, the review went downhill from there. It said that the abomination of a showing proved that Sally had a sense of humor, because she'd played a joked on the entire fashion industry. It said she had no talent, and her designs were hideous, vulgar, and clumsy.

The article wished Sally would go back to wherever she'd been. Spectra should have remained in the past, but the showing was the final blow, the proverbial wrecking ball to crumble the fashion house. Sally asked how Jarrett could say those things. Darlita wanted to cry.

Sally said there were to be no tears. They'd done their best, but it hadn't been meant to be. She was up to her neck in debt with no way to pay it back. Shirley said they'd find a way, but Sally apologized to them for letting them down. Saul, Shirley, and Darlita acted as if she hadn't done so. Sally said it had been the best dream she'd ever had, but it was all it had been. "Spectra Fashions is dead," she said, fighting back tears.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Ridge and Quinn continue to play a dangerous game.

• Emmy tells Bill to look for sunshine on the horizon.

• Sally wants Cocoa to rob Forrester blind.

• Rick doesn't trust a Spectra employee at Forrester.

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