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Thursday, March 23, 2017

In Australia, Steffy and Liam took their guests on a winding cigar boat ride to Shelly Beach. Upon landing, they were greeted by the sound of the didgeridoo and the sight of aboriginal dancers. The guests joined in the dance of the chanting Komari group. Afterward, Steffy welcomed everyone to get a drink because it was just the beginning.

Steffy, Thomas, and Sally reached an outdoor buffet table at the same time. Steffy quipped that her drink offer had only been for the invited guests. Thomas replied that Sally had been invited. "Not by me. By you," Steffy quipped. Sally decided to let the siblings speak alone.

After Sally had gone, Steffy asked if Thomas had invited Sally to stage some sort of protest. Thomas said it wasn't that. Steffy told him to keep Sally away from her, and Steffy marched off.

Thomas found Sally by the outdoor bar, and she wondered if she should go. He replied that he thought she should stay. He kissed her, and she easily gave in to staying.

At the bar later, Bill stared at Ridge and Brooke, who kissed and canoodled by the seafood buffet. Eric was observing, too, from another point on the beach, and noted to Quinn that the couple was cute. Quinn replied that Ridge and Brooke looked happy. Eric said everyone was, and even Thomas had a date. Quinn quickly recognized Thomas' date as Sally Spectra.

"You gotta be kidding. Sally Spectra?" Eric responded. Eric figured that Sally would be one to watch, but not that day. That day was for the family. He said Steffy and Liam were together, Ridge and Brooke were on their way, and Eric could have Quinn anytime he wanted.

Later, a guitarist and a woman who sang the lyrics, "You're like Sydney to me," serenaded the guests. Afterward, Ivy announced some beach activities available to the group then she decided it was time for toasts.

Liam toasted to his jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, high-flying bride, who outdid herself over and over again. All of the guests said a few words except Sally and Ridge. Steffy stood and thanked them all for taking the journey. She announced that it was time to party. The beach deejay started the music, and everyone danced to the techno beat.

Later, Eric found Quinn at a table and wondered about her thoughts. Quinn said she was married to the most amazing man and was part of an amazing family. He replied that being a Forrester looked good on her. Quinn stated that she wasn't perfect. She made mistakes, but doing so would never change her love for him.

Eric told Quinn that she should start the walk on the beach she'd wanted to do, and he'd catch up later. Before she left, he told her to kiss him as if it was the last time. She replied not to say that because their love would last forever. They kissed, and she left.

At another table, Ridge and Brooke canoodled and were excited for their wedding the next day. She asked if he had second thoughts. Ridge replied that he was made for her, and she should never doubt it. They kissed. Ridge grunted when he saw Eric. Brooke noticed that Eric was alone. She left to talk to Eric, and Ridge decided to go "explore."

On a secluded stretch of rocky beach, Ridge and Quinn encountered each other. Quinn said that Steffy had made a beautiful day, and Ridge had to be proud. Ridge was, and he added that he'd liked Quinn's toast earlier. Quinn said she'd meant it. She felt lucky and honored to be Eric's wife.

On a pier, Sally stared at a wedding photo she'd taken and thought of Shirley's insistence that Sally get something to help the business. Thomas approached. The two flirted, and Sally announced that she was going to leave. He insisted that she was his guest, not his sister's, and he wanted her there.

Sally said that Thomas had the wrong picture of her. She stated that she was too bold and brash. She didn't have his breeding or style, and it would only be a matter of time before Thomas figured out that she didn't fit in there. He said she kept saying things like that, but he liked what he saw. He decided he'd go get them some drinks. He smiled. Sally said she was a sucker for his smile.

Thomas left. Sally stared at the picture on her phone. Her finger hovered over the "share" and "delete" buttons. She pressed one, and closed the phone.

A woman named J.J. approached Sally to ask if Sally was indeed the Sally Spectra, whom J.J. followed online. Sally replied that J.J. had her in the flesh. J.J. remarked upon seeing Jarrett's designs review, and Sally said it had been unfair. "Unfair? Well, they were awful. They were hideous!" J.J. exclaimed. J.J. went on to mention Sally sponging off Steffy and the Forresters, but Sally told J.J. to buzz off before she could finish her sentence.

Sally strode down the pier and answered a call from Shirley, who wanted the wedding photos. Sally said she'd "decided not to." Shirley warned Sally not to get caught up because they were stealing from the Forresters. Sally knew what they were doing but said the ceremony had been private. She also didn't think it was wise to make waves while poaching designs.

Shirley asked if Sally had fallen for Thomas and if that was what the wavering was about. Sally saw Steffy approaching and quickly clicked off the call without an answer.

Steffy parked herself in front of Sally, and Sally said she hadn't had a chance to congratulate Steffy. "You know you shouldn't be here," Steffy stated. Sally replied that Thomas had invited her, but Steffy believed he'd done so because he was unhappy that Steffy was in charge at the company with their father. Steffy stated that Sally was there, but Sally had better not dare to ruin the day for Steffy and her family.

As the sun set, Brooke sat in the sand with the waves before her, and Eric handed her a glass of Champagne as he sat down beside her with his own glass. Eric asked if she could believe how long it had been for them. He remembered the first time he'd laid eyes on her thirty years earlier and said she'd changed the family forever that day.

"Thirty years," Brooke said. Eric stated that he wouldn't change a minute of it, not even the conflicts, which had helped take them to where they were that day. "The Forresters and the Logans," Brooke said.

"Yes, and the Spencers, and the Avants, and the Spectras," Eric added. He said there had been happiness and hardships, but they were all still there. They toasted "to us" and clinked their glasses.

A montage of thirty years' worth of scenes played on-screen, from the excitement of the fashion show that opened the show in the beginning to the weddings, the fashion shows, and the reunions. Eric said there had been many memories.

"They've been bold," Brooke said.

"And beautiful," Eric added. He and Brooke laughed and toasted.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

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