Thursday, September 22, 2016

At the mansion, Quinn thought that because she and Steffy cared about Eric and Wyatt's happiness, she and Steffy should be able to find common ground because the men wouldn't be happy without both women. Steffy quipped that Quinn was a chronic illness that Wyatt was used to managing. Quinn asked Steffy to attend the wedding and believed the family would follow Steffy's lead. Quinn wouldn't take it as a blessing for herself, but for Eric.

Quinn said that Steffy was the apple of Eric's eye, and her being at the wedding would be like a sign from Stephanie, whom Steffy was named after. Steffy replied that Quinn could sleep in Eric's bed and call herself Mrs. Forrester, but she'd never be one of them. Quinn respected Steffy's idealism and need to stand up for what she believed in, but Quinn asked if Steffy understood that she wasn't really hurting Quinn. Instead, Steffy was hurting Wyatt and Eric.

Quinn asked how hurting the men fit in with Steffy's ideals. "Not well," Steffy replied. Quinn asked if Steffy would let Eric stop her from living the life she wanted, and Quinn added that it was exactly what the family was trying to do to Eric. Steffy said that Eric might find his senses. Quinn asked if Steffy would cut Eric out of her life forever if he didn't.

Quinn asked if Steffy realized that her campaign to force Quinn out was making a shambles of Steffy's life, not Quinn's. Quinn noted that Steffy had walked out on her husband, "And tomorrow your family? How righteously alone do you want to be?" Steffy believed that Eric would listen one day. Steffy wanted him to be happy. "But not you," she added.

Steffy believed that Eric had a gaping wound from Stephanie's death and reasoned that maybe "we" should have moved back into the mansion and rallied around Eric to keep Stephanie's memories alive. Steffy said they would do it the day Eric threw Quinn out.

At the sky lounge, Carter gave Eric the paperwork he'd asked for. The marriage license needed a witness' signature, and Eric figured he'd have to bribe or shame someone. Carter handed Eric the prenuptial agreement Eric had wanted. Carter had one more document, a power of attorney designation. "Ridge's idea, right?" Eric asked.

Carter said it wasn't anything that an attorney wouldn't suggest for the estate. Eric quipped that he'd never asked Ridge for legal advice about the estate. Carter explained that it was for Eric's children and would designate someone to handle Eric's affairs if Eric was incapacitated. "Or I'm dead," Eric added. Carter said that the will would take over at that point, and Eric could name whomever he wanted for the power of attorney. Eric was sure Ridge believed it should be Ridge.

Eric asked if the power of attorney had an exception clause. Carter replied that he could add any kind of language Eric wanted. Eric said he'd look it over later that night. Eric knew that his family was frantic, but he believed that seeing him and Quinn together at the wedding would reassure the family.

In the CEO's office, Eric's family discussed whether to attend Eric's wedding. Felicia stormed in, asking, "Where is Daddy? Where is he? And why are you people letting him marry this crazy person?" Felicia, who'd gotten an email invitation to the wedding, demanded to know why Ridge had allowed Eric to date Quinn. Ridge hugged Felicia and asked her to stop blaming him.

Felicia said Ridge always acted like the head of the family -- until something went wrong. Back to the topic of Quinn, Felicia asked, "What about all the things she's done to Liam Spencer?" Thorne replied that Quinn should be in jail. Maya asked how they knew about it, and Pam said she liked to keep the family informed. Felicia asked where her sister was. Zende said Kristen was too upset to be there and kept calling to see if the wedding had been called off.

Felicia asserted that she wasn't there to attend a wedding; she was there to stop one. Ridge asked what was with Felicia thinking she had a power over Eric that she didn't have. Felicia said she worshiped Eric, so she always got what she asked for. Rick stated that it worked for cars and trips, but asking Eric to give up intimacy and companionship was different.

Thorne asked if anyone had suggested a pre-nup to Eric. Ridge replied that Eric had gotten one on his own. Maya thought it was good that Eric wasn't going into it blind, but Ridge replied that it wasn't good enough. Ridge revealed that he'd gotten Carter to draw up a durable power of attorney for Eric, naming Ridge to take care of the company and Eric if Eric got sick.

"Why couldn't it be me?" Rick asked. He accused Ridge of worrying about himself, not the company. Felicia asked them to get back to the task at hand and offered to talk to Eric that night. Zende said Eric would be busy with Thursday Night Football. Maya replied that there could be wedding prep, but Zende asserted that Eric wouldn't miss the game.

Eric arrived, and his face lit up at the sight of his daughter. Felicia rushed to hug her father. Eric needed a sympathetic face to stand up for him at the wedding, and the criterion excluded Rick and Ridge. Eric asked Thorne to do it. Put on the spot, Thorne didn't know what to say except that he was honored. Felicia said she didn't want to turn Eric over to another woman.

Felicia revealed that what she'd heard about Quinn worried her, and Eric snapped that Felicia should have talked to him. He declared that no one in the room knew Quinn as well as he did. Rick said they knew her as well as they wanted to. Eric asked if the knowledge was based upon hearsay or the perfectly cordial relationship they'd had with her when she'd worked there. Rick twitched, shocked by the statement, and rolled his eyes with a smarting grin.

Thorne stated that his mother hadn't been gone that long. Eric asked if he should die alone out of respect for Stephanie's memory. Felicia replied that he wouldn't be alone as long as he had them. Eric appreciated the sentiment but asked when he'd last seen Felicia.

Eric couldn't wait for Felicia to meet Quinn and felt the women had a lot in common. He asked again if Thorne would be the best man, and Thorne agreed. Eric said he'd known he could depend on Thorne, and Eric was depending on the rest of them to open their eyes at his wedding to see what Quinn meant to him.

Eric left, and Rick and Ridge berated Thorne for agreeing to be the best man. Thorne said he'd been put on the spot, and life was short. Thorne knew that life and love didn't last forever, and he just wanted his father to be happy. Maya said Thorne and Felicia hadn't been there to see how destructive Quinn could be. Felicia couldn't believe Eric thought she and Quinn had a lot in common. Pam said that, unless Felicia rode a broom, Pam didn't see it.

Later, Eric arrived at the mansion and gave Quinn the prenuptial agreement, which she hadn't known about beforehand. As Quinn glanced over the papers, Eric said Ridge's words about Eric making a legal relationship between Quinn and the other family members had struck a chord with Eric, and the marriage could affect many things about the family. "What if I refuse?" she asked. He asked if she meant refused to sign it, and she replied she'd meant what if she refused to read it.

Quinn began flipping through it for the places to sign and initial, and Eric began telling her that it said she had to iron his shirts and give him massages. Quinn grinned as she signed, and he asked why she wasn't being indignant and feeling as if he didn't trust her. Quinn replied that she knew that he trusted her and why the others didn't.

Quinn didn't care about money. Having made it before, she knew that she could do it again on her own. Quinn didn't need Eric to take care of her. She just needed him to be himself. As she and Eric completed the pre-nup, he asked why everything but their relationship was difficult. Quinn guessed they were doing something right.

Later, Steffy arrived at Forrester. She announced that she'd been with Quinn, who talked like the devil. In Steffy's view, Quinn could say what sounded like the right thing to make Steffy feel guilty and heartless. Steffy believed that Quinn knew there were certain lines that the family wouldn't cross because of their respect for Eric, so it was time to start crossing them.

One by one, family members began stating how they couldn't go to the wedding. Thorne stated that he wouldn't go alone, and Rick guessed they'd all made a decision. Ridge said that their last chance was that an empty house would make Eric see his mistake, and their next move was to boycott the wedding.

. . .

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