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Thursday, December 8, 2016

At the mansion, Ridge owned up to what he'd done to hurt Eric and believed that they could move forward. He felt that he'd been groomed to take over the business after Eric stepped down, and it had always been his position to take. Ridge said Steffy was incredible, but she was young. It wasn't her time. On the other hand, Ridge and Brooke had reunited and were ready to lead the family and the company into the future. "Make me CEO," Ridge said.

Eric began to breathe a little heavily as he spoke. He hated to say it, but he didn't trust Ridge. It had been one betrayal after another from Ridge, and Eric was committed to his decision about Steffy. Ridge said it wasn't Eric's decision, and Quinn was exploiting Eric.

Guessing Ridge thought Eric was too feeble to make up his own mind, Eric contended that it was difficult for Ridge and hard for him to accept when he didn't get his way. What was hard for Eric to accept was how Ridge had turned his back on Eric and Quinn. Eric looked to Steffy to unify the family, and the CEO position was hers if she wanted it. Ridge said Eric was making a mistake. "Mine to make," Eric concluded.

Ridge stormed out of the house just as Rick was arriving. Rick greeted Ridge, but Ridge silently exited. Rick asked Eric was had gotten into Ridge. Eric said he'd made a decision, and Rick probably wouldn't like it, either. Eric informed Rick that Eric might not ever return to Forrester, and he'd asked Steffy to be the CEO. Rick scoffed in disbelief.

Later, Rick helped Eric into bed. Eric thanked him and said, "That's better." Rick eased onto the edge of the bed and said he didn't understand a few things, like why Eric wanted to step down when he'd had such success before the brain hemmorage. Rick recalled Eric's new zest for life back then. Eric attributed it to Quinn.

Eric wanted to stay at home and had no desire to direct "drama traffic" at the office. Rick asked why Eric didn't choose Ridge, who felt entitled to it. Eric revealed that he didn't trust Ridge. "Then why not ask me? Steffy as CEO? Why not me, Dad?' Rick asked.

Rick recalled that he'd had a profitable run as interim CEO. Eric agreed and said he didn't want to take anything away from Rick's accomplishments. "Yeah, but you kinda are by passing me over for Steffy," Rick reasoned. Eric stated that it had been Quinn's idea. Eric was on board with it, though. "Do you see how often this happens?"Rick raged.

Eric warned Rick about "going down that road" with him. Rick hopped from his seat, pointing out that Eric acted defensive whenever any of them tried to advise him about Quinn. In Rick's view, Eric just refused to hear it. "You're damn right, I do!" Eric yelled. He began bellowing in defense of Quinn and said all the accusations had to stop.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Quinn said, rushing in at the sound of Eric's upraised voice. She wondered what was going on, and when she saw Rick, she assumed that it was about Rick hearing that they'd offered Steffy the CEO position. "What do you mean, ‘we,' Quinn?" Rick asked. Rick deduced that Quinn had instigated that job offer because she wanted Wyatt and Steffy together.

Eric got riled up again in defense of Quinn and became short of breath. Quinn decided that Rick needed to leave because he was upsetting his father. Rick smiled wryly and bit back a retort as he watched Quinn calm Eric with breathing exercises. Rick wordlessly left.

Eric calmed down and wondered what he'd do without Quinn. Quinn said he never had to worry about it because she'd always be there to protect him and love him.

At the cliff house, Liam asserted that any offer from Quinn should receive and automatic decline. Steffy said her grandfather wanted her to be CEO. Liam replied that Quinn had put it in Eric's head. Steffy scoffed. Apologizing, Liam said she'd be great at it, and Eric might offer the position under different circumstances; however, the words at the time had been Quinn's words.

Thought Steffy understood Liam's concerns, she felt that Liam was acting as if her grandfather couldn't think or speak for himself and as if she were too gullible to think for herself. Liam repeated that it was Quinn they were talking about, and Quinn was working behind the scenes to wrap Steffy up in a neat little bow to hand over to Wyatt.

Liam knew it had been bound to happen. He ranted that Quinn never went away. She just laid low until people believed her changed it, and then she'd start the manipulating again. Steffy said he didn't have to school her one Quinn. Liam decided that he apparently did have to because Steffy was was considering the offer. Steffy didn't know how she'd not consider it.

Liam asked if Steffy knew it was the one thing Quinn knew she could do to get Steffy's guard down. Sick of Quinn's interference, Liam decided to end. He marched out the front door. Steffy yelled after him, asking where he was going. The door slammed, and she grimaced.

Later, Ridge arrived, and Steffy guessed that he'd heard. "Not from you," Ridge murmured. Steffy replied that she'd gone straight to "Liam's" after talking to Eric. Ridge explained that he'd told Eric about the reunion with Brooke and that they were ready to lead the company into the future; however, Eric had already picked someone. Steffy said she hadn't campaigned for it, and it had surprised her, too. Ridge stated that it wasn't Eric's offer -- it was Quinn's.

Ridge acknowledged that it was a big deal that Eric would trust Steffy enough to hand the company over to her. Steffy stated that it meant the world. Ridge said she deserved it, and when she was ready one day, he'd be behind her. "One day?" Steffy asked.

Steffy assumed Ridge wanted her to decline it. She asked if Ridge wanted her to throw Eric's belief in her back in his face. Ridge said they all believed in Steffy, but Eric just did whatever Quinn wanted. "And she wants something from you," Ridge asserted.

Ridge advised Steffy not to fall into Quinn's hands. Steffy remarked that she resented the implication that she was so naive that she'd let Quinn roll right over her. Steffy said Liam had acted the same way. Ridge stated that the two most important men in Steffy's life had alarms bells going off, which meant something was up. Ridge believed Quinn wanted Wyatt back in Steffy's life.

Steffy said to forget about what Quinn wanted and to think about what they wanted and how hard they'd worked for it. Steffy reasoned that she'd be in charge, and they wouldn't need Bill's shares anymore to get Quinn out. Ridge said that, like it or not, the job offer made Steffy into Quinn's ally. Once Quinn had that, she'd go after what she really wanted in life. "And that is Liam away from you for good," Ridge asserted.

In mansion kitchen, Quinn cooed about her idea being the best she'd had yet. Wyatt said it was a win for Steffy -- whether or not it accomplished what Quinn wanted. Quinn said not to pretend he didn't want to reunite with his wife. He asked who'd be happy about a failed marriage.

Quinn was upset that her happiness was at Wyatt's expense, and she'd do whatever she could to fix it. "No hiding, no scheming," Quinn promised. She urged Wyatt not to give up on Steffy. Wyatt reminded Quinn that Steffy was back with Liam, the supposed love of her life. "No, that would be you," Quinn corrected and urged her son to be in it to win it.

Quinn figured all Wyatt had to do was be in proximity to Steffy, who loved him. Proximity was good for Quinn, too, because if she and Steffy spent time together, Steffy might see the change in Quinn. "Maybe she'll even like me a little bit," Quinn imagined. Quinn asked Wyatt to see how the new job for Steffy could be good for his marriage.

Discussion turned to Quinn's run as CEO. Wyatt was proud of her for running the company without experience in that arena. Quinn said she was always only supposed to be a place holder until Eric returned, and Eric had surprised her by not wanting to return. It had made her wonder who'd run the company. Wyatt was surprised that Quinn had never considered doing it herself.

Quinn said that if Eric wanted to be at home, she wanted to be at home with him. Quinn believed that Steffy was the answer. Steffy was smart, savvy, and experienced. Thanks to Wyatt, Steffy was a success on the "social media stuff." Working with Steffy would give Quinn a chance for Steffy to respect and like her, and Quinn hoped to heal the family.

Quinn added that Wyatt could win Steffy back because Quinn would no longer be an obstacle. Wyatt seemed skeptical, and Quinn asked if he really didn't see the positives. Wyatt said that her intentions were good, and it would be the best idea ever -- if it worked. He loved Steffy, but he said he couldn't put his emotional well-being into something so uncertain.

Later, Wyatt answered the front door and heard, "Where is she?" as Liam strode into the house. Liam wanted Quinn to see the look in his eyes when he told her how serious he was about her not interfering in Steffy's life. Wyatt claimed that Quinn was upstairs, and he refused to get her until Liam calmed down.

Liam was fed up, and since Quinn usually acted on Wyatt's behalf, Liam assumed Wyatt was in on it, too. Wyatt had no idea what Liam was talking about. "Really? The CEO position?" Liam said in an expectant tone. Wyatt asked if that was actually what Liam was upset about. Liam asked if his anger surprised Wyatt. It did surprise Wyatt, who said it was a big opportunity for Steffy.

Wyatt thought that Liam should be thrilled that Eric trusted Steffy with it. Liam said he'd be thrilled -- if Quinn hadn't been behind it. Wyatt accused Liam of overreacting and repeated that it was an amazing opportunity for Steffy. Wyatt saw nothing wrong with his mother coming up with it. Liam called it an amazing opportunity for Quinn.

Wyatt asked how Quinn would gain from it and asserted that all she cared about what Eric. "Yeah, and her son, who must have whatever he desires at any given moment," Liam quipped. Wyatt said it was probably true before. Liam warned Wyatt not to even start the "‘my mother has changed' crap." Wyatt affirmed it as true. Wyatt barely recognized his own mother.

Wyatt added that Quinn only cared about making Eric happy. Healing the family was in that category, and Quinn believed Steffy was the only one who could it off. That was the only ulterior motive he could find in the CEO offer. Liam insisted that it was just the benign reason Quinn was using, and Wyatt knew there was something more "son-serving" going on.

"Fine! You're right! My mother wants to see me with Steffy, my wife! The nerve of that, right?" Wyatt quipped. He pointed out that he and Steffy weren't eve divorce yet, but she was living with Liam. Wyatt told Liam not to show up morality-policing Wyatt's mother while having zero respect for his brother's marriage. With that, Wyatt strode out the front door.

Later, Quinn felt someone's stare on her as she put away a dish in the kitchen. Turning, she saw Liam behind her and asked what he was doing in her kitchen. He agreed it was her kitchen, and she'd really pulled that one off. She asked what he wanted.

Liam said he wanted to relay that whatever scheme Quinn had hatched up wouldn't work. He and Steffy were back together and working toward the future that Quinn had almost stolen from him to give to Wyatt. Quinn was glad Liam had gotten it off his chest and asked if they were done. Liam stated that Steffy was not interested in any offer that was evenly partly from Quinn.

Quinn contended that Steffy was intrigued by becoming the CEO. Liam acknowledged that Quinn was good with words and would spin it to sound amazing for Steffy; however, Liam knew better, and it was just a trick to get Steffy for Quinn's son. "And, well, stop that ‘cause it's not happening," Liam informed Quinn.

Quinn asked why it was then that Liam felt threatened. "I'll tell you why," she stated. Quinn believed it was because Steffy wanted it, but Liam didn't want her to do it. In Quinn's view, Liam wanted to keep Steffy down, so he could still believe he deserved her. He wanted to stop Steffy from becoming the woman was meant to be. Wyatt, on the other hand, supported Steffy and her ambition.

Liam said it was like Deja vu -- same old Quinn saying the same old stuff. He told her that she had to accept that Wyatt and Steffy were over. Quinn replied that it wasn't over until it was over. The divorce hadn't happened, and things could change. Quinn envisioned Steffy becoming CEO and the woman she was destined to be and believed Wyatt would be by her side.

"I'm warning you, Quinn. Stay away from Steffy," Liam said.

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