Thursday, July 21, 2016

At Quinn's place, Quinn had just told Deacon about getting caught in disguise. He said he'd told her that the affair would backfire, and Steffy had told Quinn to stay away from the Forresters. Quinn said she hadn't been there to see Steffy, and staying away wasn't an option because Steffy was married to Quinn's son. In Quinn's view, Steffy needed to see that Quinn had changed.

As Quinn constructed jewelry, Deacon doubted Steffy would warm up to Quinn or that Quinn's affair with Eric would pan out, either. Quinn reasoned that Eric could have ended it when Steffy had caught Quinn, but he hadn't. "Not yet," Deacon replied. He felt it was a matter of time.

Quinn asked when Deacon had become so pessimistic. She claimed she'd had a setback, but it hadn't hurt her relationship with Wyatt or her connection with Eric.

In the photo studio, Steffy posed next to a Forrester logo pedestal as a photographer snapped shots. Steffy wondered if it'd be better to get stills of her working. Wyatt thought they needed promo shots and would get all the candid photos they needed in Monaco.

Steffy replied that Monaco was where she'd get away from Quinn. Getting away from Quinn sounded good to Wyatt. Steffy wondered if six thousand miles was far enough. Steffy still couldn't believe Bill had taken Will. Wyatt stated that it was to protect the child, and if Bill stayed in town, the couple might be able to work things out. It was all they could hope for.

Wyatt noted that the Spencer Summit was short one big-name speaker, and he was thinking of asking Eric, the international icon of fashion and legend in business. Steffy called it brilliant because the summit would be the perfect place for Eric to announce his return as CEO.

Wyatt replied that he'd thought Eric's job was temporary. Steffy said it was, but they still wanted it to make headlines. Wyatt figured it would keep the spotlight off Douglas' paternity. "When it comes out, yeah," Steffy replied. He asked if she knew when it would happen. Steffy believed it should have happened the moment Ridge had known, and Ridge should have been honest about it. She thought it was "so messed up." Wyatt believed they couldn't let their parents' choices affect them.

Wyatt was ready to get away from the drama by hosting the summit. Steffy wondered if Quinn would do something crazy in their absence. He hoped not and volunteered to talk to Quinn. Steffy replied that talking to Quinn never did anything good.

Later, Wyatt arrived at Quinn's house and noted that she wasn't surprised to see him. Quinn assumed it was about her Forrester visit. Wyatt seemed incredulous about her showing up there, dressed as a Russian man, and asked why Quinn couldn't do what he'd asked her to do.

Quinn claimed she'd done it to get her job back and asked Wyatt to look at where she was living. Wyatt didn't believe it was the motive. Quinn said it had been worth a shot. He asked in what universe, because in theirs, she had zero shot of it. She replied that it might be true, but not everyone at Forrester hated her, and Eric had always been kind and generous.

Wyatt agreed, saying anyone else would have thrown her in jail for trespassing. Quinn suggested that Wyatt tell his wife that all the stress and animosity wasn't good for her. Wyatt yelled that it wasn't good for him, either. He loved his mother but hated the position she put him. He said he needed a break, and he and Steffy were going away for a while to host the summit in "Monte Carlo" together.

Quinn became excited and called it romantic. Wyatt grumbled that Liam was hosting, too. Quinn asked if it would be awkward. Wyatt said it might not be just the three of them because Steffy was inviting Eric to speak there. "Really? Eric might be going, too?" Quinn asked.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Eric sat down to go over the new lines. Eric asked if Ridge could do it or if it was too much of a stress or strain to see Eric behind the desk. It wasn't either for Ridge, who said Eric should be running the company. Ridge had to focus on his family. Eric said it was wise.

Ridge disclosed that Brooke had helped him decide it. He said that they often forgot that Brooke always knew what to do in a crisis. Eric wondered how Brooke was doing. To him, she'd seemed stressed. Ridge replied that people went through things. Agreeing, Eric said it was good to have someone to depend upon, which Ridge and Brooke had been for Eric during Stephanie's passing. Eric remarked that Brooke had her sisters and Ridge. Ridge agreed and said it was nice because he and Brooke didn't judge each other as they tried to take care of the people they cared about.

Steffy arrived, and over coffee, she, Eric, and Ridge discussed Quinn's antics. Ridge hadn't heard about it yet and wanted to know what Quinn had said to Steffy. Steffy shared that Quinn hadn't been dumb enough to show up to see her, but Quinn had hoped Eric would give her job back to her. Steffy cringed about Quinn's disguise and said she couldn't wait to get away from Quinn.

Steffy explained that it was why she was there. She told Ridge and Eric that she and Wyatt were hosting the Spencer Summit because Bill had his hands full with Katie and Will. She couldn't say more on Bill's issues. Eric asked if Bill hadn't chosen both sons. Steffy said Bill had, but it took more than three Spencers to fill Bill's shoes. That was why Wyatt had proposed inviting Eric. "Me?" Eric asked.

Steffy said Eric was an innovator with a record of respect. Ridge urged Eric to do it. Steffy said they could get Eva to cover publicity. Ridge offered to hold down the fort. "And keep an eye out for Quinn," Steffy added. Eric doubted Quinn would pull another stunt. Steffy hoped not, but they wouldn't be there if Quinn did.

At Spencer, Brooke entered Bill's office. He'd been wondering when she'd show up. She asked how he could take Will from Katie. Bill corrected that he'd kept Katie from taking Will from him. Brooke wanted to know where Will was, and she wanted to see him. Bill said Will was fine where he was.

Brooke asserted that Will wasn't fine and needed to be with his mother. Bill stated that he wasn't being heartless. He was concerned about Katie, which was why he didn't want her alone with Will.

As Brooke was claiming that Katie wasn't a danger to Will, Bill received a call from Alison that Katie was in the building. Bill said to not let Katie up and to say that she and Bill could speak via the phone, just as they had been doing.

After the call, Brooke asked if Bill really wouldn't let Katie up there. Bill said he wouldn't allow Katie to make a scene. Brooke asserted that keeping Katie from Will was wrong, and Brooke wouldn't allow it. Brooke insisted that Bill talk to Katie, who had a right to know what he'd done with her son.

Bill said Will was a lot safer than he'd be with the out-of-control Katie, who'd threatened not to let Bill see Will again. Brooke claimed that Katie had been upset about what they'd done. Bill said it was irrelevant; Katie's reaction had been reckless and irresponsible -- on top of the drinking and tantrums.

Just then, Katie burst through the door with a complaining Alison behind her. Alison said she could call security. Brooke said not to, and Alison left. Katie demanded to know what Bill had done with Will. Katie wasn't surprised to see Brooke there and said Alison could call security and the police, but Katie wouldn't leave without Will. Brooke replied that no one would call the police, but Katie asserted that she would if it didn't end soon.

Katie had already called Liam, Karen, and prior nannies, and Katie had hired a detective. Bill replied that Katie shouldn't have done it. She asked why he was hiding her son. Bill replied that he wasn't hiding the child; he was protecting the child, which had obviously been the right call because Katie had lost it. "I mean, hiring a private detective? Involving my family? Come on," Bill said.

Katie asked if Bill had expected her to stand by as he stole her child from her. Bill replied that barging in with threats and posturing would accomplish nothing. "You just need to calm down and get yourself together," he told her. Katie claimed that she wasn't being irrational, and her fears had never been so -- though he'd wanted her to think it. Bill said it had never gone as far as Katie had thought.

Katie asked what it meant or even mattered. Katie decided to meet at the police station because she was having Bill arrested for kidnapping. Brooke intervened, saying they needed to calm down and talk about it. Katie claimed to need her son. Brooke agreed and said she and Bill weren't involved with each other.

Brooke said she was there for Katie and Will. Brooke told Bill that Will needed his mother and said to Katie that she'd told Bill to give the child back. Katie said it didn't involve Brooke. Brooke said she knew what Will meant to Katie, who responded that it hadn't stopped Brooke from destroying Katie's family. Brooke said it should have. Bill interjected that if they rehashed it, they'd at least be honest.

In Bill's view, Brooke hadn't moved in on him, and he hadn't abandoned Katie. He'd been there, supporting Katie and Will, through the depression, the insecurities, and the drinking. Katie claimed that he'd lied each time she'd asked what had been going on with him and Brooke. He yelled that she'd been hanging by her fingernails, but she said it was because he'd lied to her face.

"What's your excuse now?" Bill demanded to know. Katie called Bill's actions despicable and told him that saying that she was unstable didn't make it true. "History does," Bill replied. "Now I am giving you time to get the help you need. Why are you wasting it fighting with me?"

Brooke claimed that she and Katie were asking Bill to do what was right for Katie's son. Brooke told Katie that Brooke was sorry for what she'd done, but she wouldn't wallow in her grief. Brooke was determined to fix it. "No one is asking you to do that," Bill responded.

Brooke felt that Will needed both of his parents. Brooke didn't think the wounds would heal overnight, but Bill was wrong to think he was protecting Will by keeping Will from his mother. Brooke asked Bill to reunite the mother and son, but Bill said that Will's safety was first.

Brooke said Katie was Will's mother. "I don't trust her. I can't do it," Bill said. Brooke replied that he could and ordered him to call whoever had Will and get them to get Will there at that instant. She insisted that Bill would reunite Will and Katie that day.

. . .

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