Thursday, July 30, 2015

In the CEO's office, Thorne didn't believe that Aly had died by tripping and falling on a rock. "And not over a cliff?" he asked. Steffy insisted that Aly had fallen hard. Thorne sensed that something else had happened, and he demanded that Steffy tell him how his daughter had died.

Steffy asserted that Aly had attacked her and had wanted to hurt her, and in Aly's rage, Aly had fallen. Thorne didn't buy it, but Steffy stated that he hadn't been there. Agreeing that he hadn't, he said his little girl had died on the side of the road, but he hadn't been there. He demanded to know how Aly had died and that Steffy tell him at that instant.

Ridge told Thorne that it was enough, and he tried to get Steffy out of the office. Steffy sobbed and said she was sorry. She stated that she would have done things differently if she'd realized how far gone Aly had been. She said Aly had really loved Thorne, and he'd been a good dad.

Steffy exited, and Ridge asked Thorne what he was getting at or trying to accuse Steffy of. Thorne didn't know. Something just wasn't right to him. Ridge replied that Thorne's little girl was gone, and it never would be right. Patting Thorne's chest, Ridge said Thorne needed to cry, grieve, and tear up the room if need be. Ridge was there for Thorne but wouldn't allow Thorne to blame Steffy.

In Rick's old office, Ivy pulled back from Wyatt's kiss and asked what he was doing. Wyatt claimed to be stopping her from obsessing. Ivy said she couldn't stop envisioning Steffy and the tire iron. Wyatt pledged to help Ivy in whatever way he could. He said they could talk to Steffy or the police -- whatever it took. He didn't care, as long as she understood he wanted to be there.

Wyatt kissed Ivy again, and Ivy asked if he was distracting her. He said he wasn't but figured she actually did need a distraction. He decided that she'd have dinner with him at his house that evening.

Later at the beach house, Ivy grimaced, exclaiming that her food was too spicy. Wyatt said she'd insisted upon it, and she replied that she hadn't wanted to look like a wuss. He replied that he'd never think that -- especially after the last few days. To him, Ivy had been strong while losing Aly and Liam. He wanted her to know that he'd be there for her for anything she needed, and Ivy asked if he'd swap dishes with her.

After the meal, Wyatt and Ivy drank wine and watched the ocean. She said he'd accomplished his mission of getting her to forget her pain for a night. He was glad because he'd wanted to give her a night that was just for her. She called him gentlemanly. Chuckling, he replied that he tried to be at times.

Ivy acknowledged that Wyatt had to be hurting, too, because Liam and Steffy were together. Wyatt admitted that he'd gotten his hopes up, but he didn't know the good of dwelling on it -- especially when a bad thing turned out to be really good. He motioned her forward, and they kissed.

As Ivy and Wyatt made out, Ivy asked if they could take it slow. Slow was good for Wyatt. He kissed her neck. Flashing to Steffy striking Aly, Ivy jerked. He asked what was wrong. She sighed and hugged him.

In the sky lounge, Caroline found Thomas working out. She said she still had a way to go before she could do the same. He recalled being a little panicked when he'd heard about her being hit by a car, but he'd realized that if anyone could make it through with a smile on her face, it would be Caroline.

Thomas guessed his father had helped her with her recovery and wondered how the relationship had formed. Caroline was surprised that Thomas and Ridge hadn't talked about it. She explained how things had been after the helicopter incident and that she'd become Ridge's drawing tool. Thomas remarked that one could leave it to his father to pick the prettiest tool in the shed.

Caroline preferred to be called "muse," and Thomas joked that he'd always wanted a stepmother younger than he, just like the other kids on his street. Caroline got a message from Ridge that he wanted her to meet him at home. Thomas joked that his father's young girlfriend was teaching his father some new tricks, like leaving work for a change. Caroline said she'd see Thomas later.

At Ridge's loft later, Ridge showed Caroline a picture of Aly that he'd "stolen" from the memorial. He didn't know where to put it, and Caroline suggested the mantel. He repeated that he didn't know where to put "it," and he was tired of losing people. She replied that he wouldn't lose her, and she kissed him.

As Ridge and Caroline had sex, Thomas was at the office, sketching Caroline's face on a pad.

At the cliff house, Katie was glad to hear that Liam had made his choice -- even though she'd believed that Ivy had been a refreshing choice. Bill asked what the point was of continuing a relationship bound for nowhere, and he was glad that Liam had handled things like a man -- more or less.

Katie asked how Ivy had taken it. Liam replied that Ivy hadn't taken it well, but he'd had to be honest. Before she and Bill left, Katie said she believed that Ivy would be just fine, eventually.

Later, Steffy arrived, still upset by her talk with Thorne. Liam said she had to remember that Thorne wasn't thinking straight, and Steffy knew that it had been just an accident. Steffy pursed her lips.

Deciding Steffy needed to unwind, Liam poured some wine and said he wouldn't let Thorne blame her for Aly's death, which wasn't her fault. Liam figured Thorne just didn't want to hear the truth.

Steffy asked if Liam would want to hear that his daughter had jammed a nail into someone's tire and had tried to run them over. Steffy said it was tragic to lose Aly to such a horrific accident. Liam noted that it hadn't been entirely an accident, and Aly had targeted Steffy and tried to run her over.

Liam figured that the truth of it was eating at Thorne. Liam said Thorne wasn't ready to place the blame on Aly yet. Liam believed Steffy was strong enough to bear it, knowing that Thorne's pain and disillusionment wasn't about her. Liam said all that mattered was that Steffy knew what had happened.

In the bedroom later, Liam said it felt natural to be together again. Steffy agreed. He remarked that she was the prodigal wife, and she added that she was right where she should have been all along. She didn't want him to resent her. Liam replied that she'd returned with her arms swinging, fighting for them. Steffy told him that he could trust her, and she was never leaving him.

Liam said he wouldn't let Steffy. He and Steffy kissed again and had sex.

. . .

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