Thursday, June 23, 16

At Forrester, Steffy tried to work but kept flashing back on her wedding day and the day Liam had returned. Caroline arrived with Douglas. Steffy said she was just on her way to Spencer to see Wyatt, but Caroline begged Steffy to stay for some "adult time."

The women cooed over Douglas, and talk turned to Steffy's life and how complicated things were between the Spencers and the Forresters. Steffy was sure Caroline had stories due to living in the house with all the Forrester men. "Phew..." Caroline quipped, cutting her eyes.

Steffy discussed how Quinn had kept Liam, who'd had no memory, isolated, and Wyatt had been there for Steffy when Quinn had been pretending that Liam was sending Steffy hurtful messages. Steffy said her feelings for Wyatt were real. It felt good to Steffy to get it out in the open. "Keeping secrets doesn't solve anything," Steffy said, and Caroline grimaced.

At Spencer, Liam met with Bill and Wyatt. Liam had been thinking of the company image and how Spencer could "play a bigger role" and get a "bigger stage." Bill was all for expansion, but it took money and resources. Wyatt started to say something contrary to Liam, but Liam cut in, saying that he wanted to use Spencer's power and resources to make a difference in the world.

The men agreed that profits were up with good projections. Wyatt thought they needed to grow more, not rest on their laurels. Liam persisted with his idea of wanting to make a difference and suggested that a significant percentage of future profits go to their foundation. Wyatt didn't even know they had a foundation. "Fine. Then we have to start one," Liam replied. Bill informed Liam that Spencer wasn't a charity, and Bill had worked for all he had. He didn't believe in handouts.

Liam noted that they'd get significant tax write-offs, and as he felt Wyatt should know, it would be good for public relations. Liam believed that giving out grants to tackle issues would show leadership. Wyatt claimed that they already showed it daily. Disagreeing, Liam said there was a difference between leadership and dominance. Bill liked dominance and said it wasn't their job to save the world.

"But what if we could -- or at least tried?" Liam asked. Liam believed Bill would leave a legacy bigger than he'd ever imagined. Wyatt said that was true, as long as they didn't forget about making money. Liam believed there was a right way to make money, and it meant giving back. Liam added that a lot of the business' work had value; however, they also had magazines full of hearsay and shock-value gossip, and there was no journalistic integrity to such trash.

Wyatt said that not everyone was looking for journalistic integrity, and the "trash" had gotten them a lot of advertising. Wyatt had worked at Spencer long enough to know that ending the publications would negatively affect their margins. Liam didn't know why the public relations master Wyatt was fighting Liam's idea.

Wyatt said it sounded good in theory to save the world, but it wasn't how business worked. Bill decided that they didn't need to change anything -- except Liam's tie. Wyatt suggested that they give away half their profits, close departments, and lay off people. Wyatt asked who it would help, except for their competition. Just then, Steffy entered. Liam said he could use someone on his side.

Wyatt informed Steffy that Liam wanted to give away half their profits and stop selling unredeeming, but profitable, gossip. Liam had run the numbers and decided it wasn't that big of a hit; plus, the upside couldn't be measured in dollars. Bill decided that the bottom line was the bottom line, but Liam insisted upon doing something different. He wanted a foundation that would face all of the world's problems, including disease and world hunger.

Liam believed many people needed their help. "Too many," Bill responded. Wyatt believed their first responsibility was to their shareholders and employees. Wyatt asked Steffy's opinion. She said that Forrester hosted charity benefits and continued Stephanie's work with the homeless. Wyatt replied that they could do something like that.

Liam wanted more. He'd start his own global foundation, and he was happy taking no profit. Making a difference was the only thing left that made sense to him. Wyatt understood, but he said it was a little crazy. Liam asked Steffy if she thought he was crazy.

At Ridge's house, Ridge arrived home as Thomas was toweling off from a swim. Ridge had arrived because Thomas had sent a message that they needed to talk, but Ridge didn't see why they couldn't do it at the office. Replying that it was about Douglas, Thomas said he'd done a mile in the pool, trying to sort it out. Ridge replied that it was sorted out, but Thomas said he couldn't do it anymore.

Thomas couldn't keep lying. He felt that someone would slip up and say something or that Bill would use it against them. Thomas believed they could control how it got out, but not if they didn't do it first. Ridge didn't know why they were talking because they were saying the same thing.

Ridge tried to go upstairs but stopped when Thomas said he didn't think it was the right thing to do. Ridge knew that it was hard and complicated, but he stated that they had an agreement. Thomas replied that they didn't, and Douglas needed to know who he was.

Ridge asked if Thomas feared the child would resent Thomas. Ridge said that when he'd learned about Massimo, Ridge hadn't resented Massimo. Instead, Ridge had almost wanted to thank him for giving him the life that Ridge had lived. Ridge said it would be that way with Douglas, too. Thomas said it wasn't the same. Thomas knew about Douglas, unlike Eric and Massimo knowing about Ridge.

According to Thomas, Thomas had to live every day with the knowledge that his father had taken his son from him. Ridge relayed that it was a son born of a night that never should have happened. Thomas told Ridge to just stop it, because it had been a misunderstanding. "Misunderstanding? That's how you justified what you did to that girl? Misunderstanding?" Ridge raged.

Thomas claimed it hadn't been a betrayal, and he hadn't been getting back at Ridge for anything. "Caroline needed me. You had broken her heart, and I was there when she needed it most," Thomas said. He said Ridge couldn't use the night to take Douglas from him.

Ridge decided that Douglas was where he needed to be. Thomas asserted that the child needed to be with his real father. Saying that they were a family and had already talked about it, Ridge stated that they'd live in harmony, and no one would rock the boat. Ridge suggested that Thomas take another swim, if need be, and get back to the plan.

Thomas figured that Ridge didn't like people speaking up, but Thomas had to do it because Douglas was his son. Thomas decided that he'd claim the baby, but Ridge noted that his name was on the birth certificate. Thomas was ready to challenge it and take it to court.

Ridge asked Thomas to calm down and wondered what the real worry was. Thomas claimed that the secret was too much for him, and it was time for it to be out. Ridge said it wasn't.

Caroline arrived with "my boy," according to Thomas. Ridge told Caroline what was going on, and to Thomas, he said that Caroline was also asking for silence. Ridge stated that Thomas had been there to hear Caroline implore Bill and Brooke to let the Forresters live their lives as they wanted to. Ridge was willing to help Thomas through his issues, but the secret had to be a secret.

Thomas refused and said the truth getting out was inevitable, and they had to do what was right. Ridge replied that they were doing what was right. Caroline was pained to see the men arguing and said a baby was supposed to make a family closer. She believed they were all trying to do the right thing. She loved that Ridge wanted to protect the family and their privacy, but they needed to go ahead and be honest about who Douglas' father really was.

. . .

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