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Thursday, January 19, 2017

At the mansion with Eric, Wyatt discussed his decision to move out. Wyatt was grateful for the support, but living there wasn't the way to get Steffy back. Wyatt didn't want her to feel bribed into being with him. Eric stated that it had never been the intention.

Wyatt understood, but he had to see it from Steffy's point of view. Steffy was under a lot of pressure, and their pitch had worsened things, in his view. Wyatt felt that he was the guy for Steffy, but he also felt that he shouldn't have to convince her of it.

The decision to move had surprised Eric. Wyatt said it hadn't been an easy one, and though he couldn't believe he was saying it about living with his mother, he'd enjoyed staying at the mansion. Wyatt stated that Eric had transformed Quinn -- and Wyatt, too. Eric had shown Wyatt how important integrity was in a relationship. It had made Wyatt realize that he wanted someone who believed in him completely, the way that Eric and Quinn did.

Later, Wyatt set down a suitcase at the beach house and whipped out his phone to make a call.

In the CEO's office, Liam let Steffy know that everyone had limits, and he'd reached his. Steffy noted that he'd been patient. He agreed but was starting to think it was a mistake. He wanted all of her or nothing. He wanted to be together right then, not when her grandfather deemed it okay.

Liam felt he should have taken a stand awhile back. Liam told Steffy to tell Wyatt that she was done and to move back in with Liam. Steffy stated that the divorce was almost final, and then she and Liam would have their future. Liam asserted that Quinn wouldn't stop trying; therefore, Steffy had to make it clear to Wyatt and Quinn that there was no chance of a reunion with Wyatt, and Steffy wanted the divorce finalized immediately.

Steffy asked what the urgency was, and Liam said they were getting to her. She asked who he meant and if he meant her grandfather, Wyatt, and Quinn. She asserted that they weren't. Liam insisted that they were, and he was tired of watching it happen.

A call from Wyatt to Steffy interrupted the dispute. Wyatt wanted to see her and said it was important. She told him the situation was bad enough, and she didn't want them to make it worse. Wyatt understood, but he wouldn't accept a refusal. He informed her that he was at "our place." She clarified that it was the beach house and agreed to go.

After the call, Liam was upset that Steffy was agreeing to meet Wyatt, legitimizing everything that Quinn had done to them and honoring a marriage that shouldn't have happened. Steffy claimed not to be, but Liam noted that, in the middle of their conversation, she'd answered the phone because it had been Wyatt calling. Liam stated that she was dropping everything she was doing to meet Wyatt.

Liam knew how Steffy felt about the company and Eric, but Liam insisted that their relationship had to be first after waiting so long. Liam urged her to end the marriage, get the remnants of the God-forsaken tattoo off her finger, and return home. He decided he'd go make dinner, and after she'd ended it, she could meet him at home.

Steffy suggested telling Wyatt to meet her at the office -- if Liam was that worried about it. Liam said that she should just go, set Wyatt straight, and go home to Liam. Steffy reassured Liam again that he had nothing to worry about. She promised that she'd talk to Wyatt, and everything would be fine. As she left, Liam seemed uncertain.

At the beach house, Wyatt was on the phone, thanking someone for doing a task on short notice. Steffy arrived and noted that the place looked nice. He said he'd spruced up because she'd agreed to meet him. He offered her some of the wine he was drinking, but she declined, saying it was too early. "It is never too early. How dare you," he joked, pouring the drink.

Wyatt said it was for old time's sake. Steffy agreed to have a glass but said no toasting. Wyatt said he had something he really needed to tell her. It had been a long time since they'd been in the house together. "How about this?" Wyatt asked.

Raising his glass, Wyatt said it was to all the good times they'd shared together there. He toasted to the laughs, the love they'd shared, and the dinners she'd ruined. Steffy corrected that she'd forgotten the timer only once. "To bad timing," Wyatt stated, and they clinked their glasses.

Though Steffy acknowledged that things had been difficult for Wyatt, she didn't think that reminiscing was a good idea. She was there to talk, as he'd asked, and she wanted to get to it. Wyatt said it had been difficult for them both, but they could make it better by not listening to the ticking clock and instead focusing on what they'd done together as a couple. He wanted to forget about the divorce and think of what they meant to each other.

In the design office, Quinn couldn't believe that Ridge, who'd been out to get her for such a long time, would be willing to keep secret what had occurred in San Francisco. Ridge gazed intently at Quinn as she said she needed his word that Eric would never know about any of the flirting or what had happened on the trip. Ridge replied that what they'd shared -- that kiss -- was between them and no one else. She asked him to promise. "It's our secret," he concluded.

Later, Ridge worked alone in the office. He flashed back on the kiss in San Francisco, and a disconcerted expression settled over his face. Liam arrived, wanting to know what had happened on the trip. Ridge replied that Quinn hadn't betrayed Eric or crossed the line. Ridge had thought he'd known how Quinn would react to things, but he'd actually had no idea.

Confused, Liam said Ridge had called Liam from the hotel to say that it had been about to happen. Ridge replied that it hadn't happened, and it had been a bad plan. Ridge added that it was never going to work. Liam asked what that meant. Liam wondered if Ridge meant he couldn't get to Quinn or that he'd just stop trying. "That's what I'm saying, yes," Ridge replied.

Liam was upset because, even after the divorce went through, Steffy still had to work with Quinn. Ridge replied that Steffy had to work it out for herself. He believed that she loved Liam, and in time, they'd work through it. Confused, Liam said Ridge had been sure it would work. "You're saying nothing happened? Nothing at all?" Liam asked. Ridge echoed, "Nothing at all."

Back at the mansion, Eric greeted Quinn with an embrace. He wanted to hear all about the trip and how she and Ridge had "made out" in San Francisco; however, Eric wanted to share some news with her first, and he didn't want her to be upset by it. Eric informed Quinn that Wyatt had decided to move on and return to the beach house.

Eric explained that Wyatt was starting to think he'd done his best to save his marriage, but it might really be over. Quinn blamed herself for her son's marriage problems and said she'd made many mistakes. Eric told her that Wyatt didn't blame her, and she wasn't the same woman. Eric said that Wyatt was an intelligent man and would be just fine.

Quinn thanked Eric for being there for her and her son. Being away from Eric had made her realize how much she loved him and how thankful she was to be his wife. She'd missed Eric. Clinging to his shoulder, she stated that she hated to be away from him.

Eric said he'd vowed to protect Quinn, take care of her, and give her everything in the world. Quinn stated that he'd done so, and she had everything she could have dreamed of.

Eric turned the topic to the symposium and his surprise at Ridge's complimentary behavior toward Quinn. Quinn said the whole trip had been that way. Eric asked what she meant, and she said it hadn't been what she'd expected. Eric was pleased that he'd gotten what he'd wanted -- for Ridge to spend time with Quinn and see her for the woman she was.

Quinn wanted to focus on Eric, and Eric asked if she didn't want to talk about the trip. She replied that she'd already told him on the phone that it had gone well. She didn't know what more to say because she and Ridge would never be best friends.

Eric asked what had happened and why Ridge had taken a separate flight home. "Did Ridge do something to you?" Eric asked. Quinn quickly said Ridge hadn't. Eric was pleased to hear it. He just wanted Ridge and Quinn to have a decent relationship and to know that they were getting closer.

At the bar, Eric started making drinks to celebrate. Quinn passed on martinis, but Eric said he had her new best friend on hand. "Tequila?" Quinn said and flashed back to drinking with Ridge. She told Eric that she wasn't in the mood for that, either.

Eric stopped making drinks and sat with Quinn to inquire about what was really wrong. He wondered if he'd been wrong to send her and Ridge on the trip in hopes that they'd get closer. Quinn flashed back to kissing Ridge. She blurted out that they'd been too hard on Ridge, who wasn't the enemy. She said she wasn't, either, and things were just complicated. She understood that Eric wanted her and Ridge to be closer, but she didn't need the relationship to change.

Quinn didn't want to talk about Ridge. She was with Eric, whom she loved, and she didn't want things to change. She hugged Eric and said she never wanted to lose him. Quinn flashed to kissing Ridge. Back at the office, Ridge was thinking of the same thing.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Steffy tells Wyatt she can't give him what he wants.

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