Thursday, June 25, 2015

At the mansion, Ridge indicated that he was there to talk to Maya. Maya claimed that Ridge had something to say to Rick, too. She agreed to return to Forrester and make it known that she hadn't been fired for being transgender, but Rick had to be along with her.

Ridge stated that Rick had made his day by punching Bill, and there was probably a place for Rick in Paris. Rick grunted, saying he could run international from where he was. Maya insisted that she and Rick were a package deal, and Ridge said it was fine. Ridge welcomed Rick back aboard, and as the men shook on it, Rick hoped all Ridge's CEO choices would be as good as that one.

Later, Rick and Maya were alone, and he commended the way she'd handled Ridge like an executive. Maya couldn't believe the ground support surrounding her, and Rick exclaimed that she had "hash tags." She said Ridge could have asked her to just make a statement to clear up her resignation misunderstanding. Rick claimed that Forrester could never find another led model like her.

Rick was blown away that Maya had used her moment with Ridge to ask for Rick to return to Forrester. She said Rick would still be CEO if it weren't for her. He claimed that he wouldn't want to be CEO without her, and she said she didn't want to be at Forrester or anywhere without him, either.

Rick said modeling meant a lot to Maya, and Maya said it meant as much as Forrester did to him. He replied that he hadn't been thinking of his job when he'd punched Bill. "I know. You were thinking about me," she replied. Rick said that Maya didn't have to do what she'd done for him. She stated that Ridge was willing to give her a second chance, and she thought Rick deserved one, too.

Rick decided that he and Maya needed to take their party upstairs. The two went upstairs and held each other on the bed. They said that they'd missed each other, and they kissed.

In Steffy's office, Caroline, Steffy, Wyatt, and Quinn met about jewelry. Caroline wondered where Ivy was, and Quinn guessed Ivy was somewhere around there with her husband. Caroline was shocked and asked if Liam and Ivy were married.

Wyatt explained Ivy's immigration problem to Caroline, who said that the couple would have to live together. Steffy murmured that Immigration would check up on them for years. Quinn decided to take some design notes to Ivy, and after Quinn had gone, Caroline said she was sorry to Steffy.

Wyatt interjected that Steffy had been through it before with Liam, and Steffy asserted that she wouldn't put herself through it again. Wyatt said she wouldn't have to if she found the right guy.

In Rick's old office, Liam assured Ivy that she could relax because she couldn't get deported. Quinn arrived and asked Liam to leave so that she and Ivy could work. After he'd gone, Quinn exclaimed, "No goodbye kiss for your husband?" Quinn urged Ivy to reel Liam in and make the marriage work. Ivy stated that her marriage shouldn't have happened, and she didn't need it to stay in the country.

Quinn and Ivy tried to work, but Ivy couldn't concentrate because of worrying about telling Liam the truth. Ivy felt that Liam deserved to know that they hadn't had to get married. Quinn felt that, because the marriage had torpedoed any chance he'd had to be with Steffy, keeping silent was the most compassionate thing Ivy could do for Liam.

Ivy reasoned that Liam didn't love her. Quinn disagreed, but Ivy insisted that it wasn't the same way he loved Steffy. Quinn tried to convince Ivy to make her marriage work, but Ivy was convinced that the marriage had been a huge mistake.

Quinn indicated that Liam had known what he'd been getting into by marrying Ivy, and he'd done it without even considering Steffy's feeling or the implications. Quinn believed it was the very reason Steffy had given up on him. Ivy argued that she hadn't given Liam time to think about anything.

Wyatt arrived, and Quinn sent Ivy to meet Steffy about some jewelry notes. Wyatt observed Ivy's demeanor and guessed that Liam wasn't the only one having second thoughts about marriage.

Back in Steffy's office, Liam arrived to explain his reasons for marrying Ivy. Steffy insisted that he could have hired Ivy a lawyer or gotten Bill's help instead of getting married. Steffy asked if Liam had anything work-related to discuss. Shocked by her coldness, he asked her not to shut him out completely.

Unbeknownst to them, Ivy cracked the door and heard Liam declare that he loved Steffy and knew that she loved him. Ivy walked away, and Liam told Steffy he didn't want to lose her.

Steffy asserted that Liam could kick himself all he wanted, but she was done obsessing over what might have been. Liam claimed not to be asking that of her, but she balked at his audacity to ask her for anything. He claimed that he'd meant everything he'd said to Steffy, but she asked if he'd meant his "till death do us part" vows to Ivy.

Liam stated that the marriage would not be until death; it would end with Ivy's citizenship. Steffy said it could take years. "Or it could not," he contended. Steffy said it was too late. She recalled that he'd said he'd talk to Ivy, and Steffy had spent hours shopping and putting together a ridiculous trip down memory lane. He claimed it hadn't been ridiculous, and he'd loved it.

Steffy asked why Liam had let her go on like that when he'd known he'd asked her there to tell her about the wedding. He claimed he'd tried but hadn't been able to. Steffy replied that it made two of them because she couldn't do it, either.

Back in Rick's old office, Ivy stormed in. Quinn asked if she'd seen Steffy. Ivy relayed that she'd overheard Liam expressing love for Steffy. Quinn hoped Ivy had dragged Liam out of there, but Ivy said she'd slipped away unseen. Ivy didn't want to trap anyone in a marriage.

Quinn insisted that Ivy had been in real distress, and Ivy's feelings and devotion to Liam were real, too. Ivy declared that it wasn't who she was, and she had to tell Liam.

Later, Ridge entered his CEO's office, where Caroline was designing. Caroline got onto him for keeping things like Liam's marriage a secret. Ridge said he had some news for her, and he informed her that Maya -- and Rick -- were headed back to Forrester. Caroline's jaw clicked. "Great," she murmured.

Ridge and Caroline sketched together and discussed Maya's dedication to Rick. Ridge believed that Maya was all-in with Rick, and Ridge was impressed by Maya's loyalty to Rick. Caroline asked if Ridge thought the two would reunite. Ridge believed they would by nightfall.

Caroline and Ridge smooched, and he apologized for cutting her party short. She said she wouldn't be there if it wasn't for him helping her recover. Ridge responded that he was being selfish because it was no fun without her there, and they kissed.

. . .

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