Thursday, October 1, 15

At Wyatt's place, Wyatt wanted to know what his mother had done. Liam just insisted that Quinn was on the move. "Whatever that means," Ivy quipped. She believed Quinn was upset by the way Liam and Steffy had treated Ivy and by how Liam got breaks while Wyatt got marginalized. "We both know the signs," Liam said to Wyatt. Wyatt asked if Quinn had threatened Liam.

"In so many words," Liam said. Wyatt asked how many words, but Liam said the threat had been implied. Ivy scoffed. Liam said Ivy didn't know Quinn like Wyatt and Liam did. Wyatt reasoned that Quinn was upset about Wyatt being passed over, about Bill's special treatment of Liam, and about Ivy's plight. Wyatt sarcastically asked how his mother could get things so right.

Liam wasn't saying Quinn was off her rocker -- yet -- but he didn't like her getting in his face. Wyatt said he worked with Quinn while Liam was playing footsy with Steffy. Wyatt felt that Quinn was on her best behavior, and Ivy stated that Quinn seemed to be one of Ivy's biggest supporters. Liam quipped that the thought of such was reason enough to keep an eye on Quinn.

Ivy retorted that it was too late to show concern for her. Liam said Ivy could trust someone who'd tried to drown her if she wanted to, but he didn't know why Ivy would defend Quinn after what Quinn had done to them. Wyatt said it was because Quinn defended Ivy against Liam's bad treatment.

Wyatt recounted that Liam had strung Ivy along when Steffy had returned demanding a reunion. He added that Liam had broken up with Ivy at her cousin's memorial, of all places, and Liam had done nothing when Steffy had fired Ivy from her family's company.

Liam understood why Wyatt was upset , but Liam was worried about Quinn for all their sakes. Wyatt called Liam's concern sweet but felt Liam was overreacting. Ivy offered to watch Quinn.

Wyatt's phone beeped, and once he'd gone to answer it, Liam told Ivy that he hadn't wanted things to work out as they had. He didn't think Steffy should have fired Ivy. "Yeah, okay," Ivy bit out. Liam said that he might just be an optimist, but he believed there was a way for all to get along.

After Liam had gone, Wyatt couldn't believe that his brother had just been there with an olive branch after standing by Steffy's firing decree. Ivy didn't know how to gauge Liam's sincerity, but Wyatt's had stood up for her again, which turned her on. She said a girl loved having a man in her corner. Wyatt said that was right where he was, and they kissed.

In the design office, Quinn fixated on website pictures of Liam and Steffy that looked more like the couple's glamour shots than professional photos. Deacon figured she should concentrate on him, not Liam. Quinn said Liam wasn't worth her breath, but she'd keep him from interfering with Wyatt.

Deacon questioned how Quinn looked at matters. Quinn recounted that Liam had made a play for a job that should have been Wyatt's, he'd stolen a girl that Wyatt had been interested in, and he'd let his girlfriend fire Wyatt's new girl, who had once been with Liam. Quinn felt that Liam was on a mission to take down Wyatt, and it was because of her.

Deacon reasoned that Quinn wasn't responsible for Wyatt or the things that happened to Wyatt. Quinn said she was Wyatt's mother. Deacon replied that he didn't see Spencer winning any father awards. Quinn stated that Bill had called Wyatt impulsive and reckless and had said Wyatt had gotten his instability from Quinn.

Deacon remarked that the words were from a guy who'd tossed Ridge out of a helicopter. Deacon reasoned that Liam might have been lucky to have only his mother growing up. Quinn refused to give Liam's mother a gold star because Liam was just as unstable as Bill. Deacon said Liam was okay most of the time, and Quinn asked if it was because Hope had fallen in love with Liam.

Quinn said Wyatt had lost a lot because of Liam -- and Quinn. She knew people judged Wyatt based upon her, and though she wouldn't apologize, she knew her behavior had consequences.

Deacon concluded that Wyatt did have a lot of his mother in him -- and it was a good thing. Quinn relayed that Bill had said Wyatt wasn't as smart as Liam. Deacon wondered how the genius Spencer could tell that. Quinn and Deacon called Bill an idiot and a moron.

Quinn wondered how to get through to Liam, who detested her almost as much as Bill did. Deacon offered to talk to Liam and Bill, but Quinn said they wouldn't listen to Deacon. Quinn decided she'd handle it and somehow neutralize Liam. Deacon found the word "neutralize" troublesome.

Quinn stated that she wanted to change Liam's attitude. Deacon doubted she'd change it while carrying around a big stick and suggested that she leave her stick at home. "We'll see," Quinn reasoned and added that Liam couldn't keep marginalizing Wyatt.

At the beach house where she'd gotten married, Caroline roamed the grounds, consumed with thoughts of the events of the last weeks. She flashed back to sleeping with Thomas, sleeping with Ridge, learning about the pregnancy, and then hearing about the vasectomy.

When Caroline arrived home, she saw the empty bassinet and recalled learning she was pregnant and about Ridge's condition. She looked at a picture of her and Ridge and sobbed.

At the mansion, Ridge asked Thomas how it had felt to hit him. Thomas replied that Ridge had disrespected Thomas all his life. Seeming doubtful of that, Ridge asked how Thomas could hit his own father. Thomas claimed that he'd forgotten for a moment, and Ridge's behavior didn't carry too many reminders.

Ridge ordered Thomas not to act like a child. Thomas yelled that he wasn't a child who needed the approval Ridge had given so little of in Thomas' childhood. Thomas certainly didn't need Ridge to approve of whom Thomas bedded. Ridge reckoned it was quite a list and asked who else was on it.

Ridge turned to leave, but Thomas claimed that Ridge was turning his back on him again. Ridge accused Thomas of turning his back on decorum, good sense, and family. Thomas asked where Ridge had been when Thomas had needed him the most. He claimed Ridge had been too busy with his ego, Brooke, and Taylor. Ridge supposed Thomas was purporting to have issues.

Thomas claimed to be beyond it, but Ridge noted that Thomas had just hit him. Thomas said he'd done it because Ridge couldn't keep treating him like a little boy. Ridge yelled that Thomas was not an adult, because an adult knew that some things were off-limits.

Thomas claimed there was nothing wrong with sleeping with Charlotte. They were both young and single, and he wasn't ready to settle down with a woman half his age as Ridge had. Thomas said he'd lived how he'd wanted to in Paris, and he'd do the same in Los Angeles under his own boundaries.

Ridge quipped that Thomas didn't believe "the great Thomas Forrester" needed boundaries. Ridge guessed Thomas didn't need respect for anyone, including his father. "I won't forget this," Ridge concluded and left.

Thomas text-messaged Charlotte to apologize and say it shouldn't have happened. She didn't fault him, but he responded that it still wasn't good. He then flashed back to hitting Ridge. Thomas shivered, thinking of his night with Caroline. "No, no, no, no," he told himself.

Later, Ridge arrived at the loft. Caroline asked what had happened to his face. Ridge revealed that he and Thomas had argued about who Thomas had been sleeping with. Caroline was shocked Thomas had revealed who he'd been sleeping with. Ridge conveyed that Charlotte had been standing right there. Noting that Caroline wasn't surprised, he concluded that "the kid" was out of control.

Caroline asked if the men had fought. Ridge said there had been one punch. However, Thomas was Ridge's kid, and Ridge wouldn't hit his kid. Ridge said Thomas had been disrespectful, and it was the perfect recipe for "another lawsuit." Caroline didn't think Charlotte would go that route.

Ridge said Thomas had been saying all the things Ridge had done wrong to destroy Thomas' life, and he believed Thomas had enjoyed punching him. Caroline didn't think it sounded like Thomas. Ridge didn't know anymore because Thomas had challenged Ridge and said Thomas would take whomever he wanted whenever he wanted. It saddened Ridge to think of the count of women in Thomas' bed.

Caroline's face darkened as her morning after with Thomas flashed in her mind. She looked upset, and Ridge said he was sorry to put it on her because they had their own issues. He asked if they should talk about alternatives to their baby issues. Caroline shook her head. She said there was something that she had to tell him first.

. . .

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