Thursday, October 20, 2016

At the mansion, Quinn tended to Eric. He noted that she looked tired. Quinn hadn't slept much the previous night after she and Ridge had had a run-in. Eric began inquiring about what had happened, but Quinn didn't want to get into it or have Eric worry. He asked if she were stressed.

Admitting that she felt vulnerable, Quinn revealed that she'd hired a new security team for the house that would listen to her over Ridge. That way, Ridge couldn't move her out in the middle of the night. She didn't want Eric to worry and said she could handle herself with Ridge.

Downstairs later, Quinn greeted Wyatt, who was in a dim mood. She advised him to fight for Steffy, but Wyatt replied, "Whatever." He asked what was with the new security team at the house and was surprised to hear that she'd let Forrester's security team to go. Quinn said she needed people who'd listen to her over Ridge. Wyatt asked if she was trying to protect Eric or herself.

Quinn conveyed that she'd had another confrontation with Ridge the previous night. Ridge hadn't left the house as Eric had asked and had been waiting for Quinn downstairs to bark at her and threaten her. Wyatt asked if there had been serious threats.

Not one to take chances, Quinn said she'd hired a new security team who'd be loyal to her, not Ridge. She didn't want Ridge being there anytime he wanted and said no one would jeopardize her husband's recovery -- son or not.

Upstairs later, Wyatt and Quinn got a positive report from Eric's nurse. "Strong like bull," Eric said. The nurse warned that Eric couldn't do too much too soon. Quinn let the nurse take a break, and the nurse thanked "Mrs. Forrester" before leaving. Quinn loved the sound of the name.

Quinn assured Eric that the new security team was in place. Wyatt remarked that he'd heard things had gotten heated with Ridge. "Out of line..." Eric said, exerting effort to speak. Quinn said it didn't matter, and her goal was to keep Eric safe while he recovered. She remarked that she could use some support. "Move in," Eric said, staring at Wyatt. "Your mother needs you..."

Quinn was excited by Eric's proposal. She said it would give Wyatt a chance to spend time with her and Eric and get to know them as a couple. Wyatt admitted to having prior reservations about the couple, but he was beginning to see that they were good for each other. He thanked Eric for accepting Quinn and making her happy. Quinn began bubbling with thoughts about the move and said Wyatt could even have his own guesthouse. Quinn said he could think about it or just agree right then. Wyatt stopped her mid-muse, saying he didn't hate the idea of moving.

Just then, Carter entered with papers for Quinn. Eric had had the nurse message Carter to be there. Quinn saw that it was their unsigned marriage certificate and couldn't believe Eric had been thinking about that. "Unsigned. Have to fix that. Married legally," Eric replied. Quinn said he was the best man. The couple began kissing, and Wyatt decided to leave them to their private moment.

Eric asked Wyatt to stay. Eric said his family had left them alone at their wedding. "You stay now," Eric instructed Wyatt. Eric and Quinn signed their paperwork. Eric asked Carter to say "it." Carter pronounced them husband and wife. "And?" Eric added. Grinning, Carter instructed Eric to kiss his bride. As the couple kissed, Carter said they were officially married.

Eric and Quinn fondly said "my wife" and "my husband." Carter concluded that his work there was done, and he'd been happy to help. Carter took off, and Wyatt decided that the couple probably wanted to be alone. Turning to leave, Wyatt congratulated them. "Thank you, son," Eric said.

"I'm -- I'm sorry?" Wyatt emotionally replied. Eric stated that he'd like to call Wyatt "son." Wyatt didn't know what to say. After a second, he decided he'd be honored. Eric then asked Wyatt to move in and support his mother. "I guess I can make it work," Wyatt replied. Quinn hugged Wyatt, and he said it was just temporary.

Touching Wyatt's hand, Eric expressed his regret that Wyatt had lost Steffy. Eric said that he wasn't as pretty, but Wyatt had him.

In Bill's office, Bill enthusiastically greeted Donna and said it had been a long time. Donna loved traveling the world, but it was good to her to be home. She'd heard about Eric and knew it was time to return. Bill didn't think Donna's timing could be better for her to be there for her sister. Donna hinted to knowing about Bill and Brooke. Bill said he wanted to marry Brooke as soon as possible.

Over coffee with Bill, Donna stated that Brooke had said she and Bill had delayed their wedding, and Brooke felt that R.J. needed more time. Bill expressed frustration about letting a teenager run his life. Bill believed R.J. would resign himself to it once he realized he had no choice and that Bill made Brooke happy. Done wasting time, he wanted to make Brooke his wife as soon as possible.

Donna felt that Bill and Brooke had waited a long time to be together and had proven their commitment to each other. Donna supported the couple. Bill was glad to hear it and said that it would be great to have Donna there on their special day.

After ascertaining that Donna hadn't seen Eric yet, Bill warned that she'd have to go through Quinn. Donna didn't know what Eric had been thinking to get involved with that woman. Bill replied that people thought Eric hadn't been thinking, and Quinn was ensconced. Donna replied that they'd see how long it lasted, but they had a wedding to pull off in the meantime.

Bill stated that Brooke and he had been about to start their lives together when Ridge had stopped them in Abu Dhabi. Bill believed that the one thing Ridge couldn't stop was Bill and Brooke's real and permanent love. "He can't touch it," Bill concluded.

At Forrester, Ridge filled Brooke in on how things had gone when he'd tried to reason with Eric. Brooke was sorry about it. Ridge said he'd been trying to avoid the alternative, but it had gotten down to Brooke. It was up to her to get the shares. She conveyed that Bill wanted to get married right away, but she felt that R.J. needed more time. She reminded Ridge that R.J. thought his parents should be together. Ridge remarked that R.J. made sense.

Confused by the mixed signals, Brooke asked Ridge if he had feelings for her. "Of course I have feelings for you. What do you think?" Ridge replied. He stated that he had to stop Quinn but also didn't want to lose Brooke. Brooke pointed out that Ridge couldn't lose her because he didn't have her. She reminded him that she was marrying Bill. Ridge knew it but conveyed that she wouldn't remain with "that clown." Ridge believed Bill would say or do something stupid, and she'd leave.

Brooke asserted that she was marrying Bill because she loved him, not for shares that Ridge could use in a takeover that might not even happen. She thought it was still possible for Eric to realize what he'd done then kick Quinn to the curb. Ridge replied that Quinn was a problem, and once they'd taken her out, they could get on with their lives.

Ridge couldn't get the horrible image out of his head of Brooke about to marry Bill in Abu Dhabi. He couldn't stand the thought of Brooke being married to Bill for one second, even though it was to get the shares. Brooke asserted that she'd tell Ridge again -- she wasn't marrying Bill for a business transaction. It was because she loved Bill. Ridge asked if Brooke really wanted it.

Brooke affirmed it and said Ridge didn't have to worry about her. She didn't even know why they were talking about it. Ridge replied that there were a lot of memories, and R.J. had stirred them up. It didn't help that she was marrying a guy that Ridge didn't care for. "There's just something about you, Logan. I want you to be okay. I want you to be happy," Ridge said.

Brooke said she was, and Ridge should be happy for her because she'd be married to Bill. Brooke also thought Ridge should be happy for himself because he'd get the shares. Ridge was happy for himself about getting rid of Quinn and putting things back to normal. He said that Brooke would just have a little detour in her life, and "that's all." Brooke cocked her head, eyeing him, and Ridge studied her response.

"Bill is not a detour!" Brooke replied in a raised whispery voice. Ridge insisted that she couldn't be married to Bill, who didn't have any business looking at her, let alone marrying her. "Just get the shares and then get away from him," Ridge instructed, and Brooke's mouth fell open slightly at his gall.

A tune similar to the opening bars of "Bad to the Bone" sounded, and Brooke went to get her phone. Ridge assumed it was Bill calling. He was right. Bill was on the line to urge Brooke to get married, and she'd get her wedding present. He'd give her the Forrester shares, and she could hand them over to Ridge. Bill said he loved her, and Brooke replied that she loved him.

After the call had ended, Ridge asked if there was no talking Brooke out of it. "Ridge, come on!" Brooke replied. Shrugging, Ridge said, "Okay..." He turned from her, but in an instant, he whipped back around, slipped his hand around the nape of her neck, and planted a passionate kiss on her. Brooke stared quizzically at him.

. . .

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