Thursday, April 23, 15

At Spencer, Liam questioned Wyatt's kiss with Nicole. "Have you seen Nicole?" Wyatt asked. Wyatt liked her, and he noted that his marriage had been over for a while. Liam understood Wyatt's need for female attention but insisted that Wyatt keep his game face on, so they could oust Rick as CEO.

Wyatt and Liam discussed what Rick could be hiding. Liam said he'd been up all night, researching, but had found nothing. He told Wyatt about the theory that Rick was cooking the books. Liam decided that while he continued to investigate, Wyatt should meet with Nicole again -- to talk. "I know!" Wyatt replied. Liam had an idea for the meeting -- the Spencer jet.

As president, Liam offered to authorize it, but Wyatt quipped that he should ask their father if he wanted to use it. Wyatt asked why he needed a jet to impress Nicole. Liam stated that Wyatt could be charming -- when he wanted to be -- but one reason that Nicole was hanging out with him was his last name.

Liam suggested going to San Francisco for dinner and popping Champagne at forty thousand feet. "That's kind of badass," Wyatt replied and decided that he and Nicole were going on an adventure.

Liam realized that it had been a "really, really, really, really" long time since Wyatt had been on a date. Liam wasn't endorsing anything and insisted that whatever the pair did on it was their business. Wyatt said he couldn't help it if he liked Nicole. There was something about her that reminded Wyatt of himself. Liam thought that was sick and insisted that Wyatt keep his eye on the prize.

Later, Liam smiled when he got a call from Caroline, who was at a desk in New York. She readily ranted about Rick's enigmatic and incessant revisions to her work, which she was certain were for Rick's amusement. Liam stated that he'd thought things had improved with her and Rick.

Caroline replied that Rick had claimed to be pushing her to be her best, but she felt that he was just pushing her. Liam said to hang in there because he had a new lead that might end Rick's reign of terror. Liam missed Caroline. She missed him, too, and added that she was hanging out with her mamas. Liam asked why Caroline was away for so long. "You'll know soon enough," she cryptically replied.

At the mansion, Nicole grinned to herself. Maya noted that her sister had gotten in later than usual the previous night. Nicole explained that a meeting with Wyatt had turned into a date. "Nicole, you did not!" Maya exclaimed. Nicole replied that she hadn't done anything but dancing, and she said, "I've got me a Rick."

Nicole gushed about her beach house evening, but Maya wanted to know how "you and Wyatt" had happened. Nicole said they'd gotten caught up in the moment, and she wouldn't mind getting caught up again. Maya wanted Nicole to slow things down and be less available.

Nicole asked Maya to just let Nicole enjoy it. Nicole wasn't looking for a big commitment, but she was sure Wyatt would want to see her again soon. Maya warned Nicole not to get her hopes up.

Just then, Wyatt called to invite Nicole out for a mystery evening. Maya scowled when Nicole offered to cancel her "other plans" to make it, and Wyatt said he'd send a car for Nicole. After the call, Nicole was ecstatic about her official date, which would start in a limo. Maya asked Nicole to be careful and not to say or do anything she'd regret. That time, Nicole scowled.

Alone later, Maya flashed back to Rick calling her a woman of integrity and to Nicole saying that Maya was really Myron, Nicole's brother. Maya solemnly popped her estrogen pills.

Later, Nicole changed into a sleeveless black dress, and Maya suggested that Nicole cover up with a sweater. Nicole asked if there were any Brooke's Bedroom clothes laying around, in case Nicole needed them. She claimed to be kidding, but Maya looked worried.

At the jet later, Wyatt checked a Champagne bottle. Nicole arrived and was floored to be traveling on a private jet that evening. She'd only seen the jets in the movies, and it was the best surprise she'd ever had. Wyatt said the night might be full of surprises.

After takeoff, Nicole and Wyatt cracked open the Champagne, and she asked where they were going. Wyatt called it a secret. She said she'd told Maya about him and the other night. Wyatt assumed that Maya had played her big sisterly role. Nicole remarked that Maya had said Wyatt wouldn't call, but he had. Wyatt replied that he'd wanted to see her again.

Proposing a toast, Wyatt said he didn't take anything for granted, and though things were new, Nicole could share anything with him. He felt that being up-front was the only way to see where things could lead. He wanted them to have no secrets and not to wonder what the other was thinking.

At Forrester, the bearded Eric surprised Brooke and Rick, who hadn't known he'd be in town. Brooke couldn't wait to hear about Eric and John's worldwide adventures. Eric asked how things were there. Brooke said Rick was doing amazingly well. Eric was glad that Rick was in a good place.

Eric liked that profits were up in every market and said Forrester was on a roll because of Rick. Rick called it a team effort, but Brooke said it began at the top with Rick, who'd created more respectability for the family. "To the Forresters and the Logans. Two great legacies," Eric added.

Eric felt that Rick filled Eric's shoes seamlessly. Rick said there had been bumps, but Brooke relayed that everyone made mistakes. Rick wanted to be the son Eric had hoped Rick would be. Eric conveyed that Rick was. Rick believed he could be better. Rick wanted to learn from Eric and believed a man had no greater teacher than his father.

Eric felt that Rick's stewardship had been stunning. Brand image and integrity were more vital than ever in their business, according to Eric, and he wanted Rick to make that a new priority. In appreciation of Rick's accomplishments, Eric gave Rick a watch that Eric had been given after receiving a lifetime achievement award. The humble Rick stated that he remembered the event.

Eric and Rick hugged, and Eric said he was proud of his son. Rick rendered an emotional expression as he admired the watch. Eric said that Rick could pass it on to his son one day. Rick hoped it wasn't too far off. Eric asked if Rick and Maya were that serious. Rick indicated that he and Maya weren't talking babies, but he was thinking of proposing in the near future.

Brooke reminded Rick that he was still married, but Rick said there were no laws against proposing. Brooke saw no harm in waiting, either. Rick stated that Maya had been wondering about their future, and she'd never let him down. He didn't want to risk losing her.

. . .

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