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Taylor and Brooke finally agree on something
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

At the cliff house, Hope watched Steffy open a gift Hope had gotten for Kelly. It was a pink stuffed rabbit. Steffy loved it but thought Hope could have given it to Steffy at the office. Hope had another item to give Steffy. From her purse, she pulled out an envelope with Steffy's name on it. Steffy asked what it was, and Hope replied that it was a wedding invitation.

Hope believed that she, Steffy, and Liam would be in a blended family, and their children would have three parents who loved them. Hope wanted to start setting the example for all to see. Hope understood if it was too much to ask, but she said that she and Liam would be honored to have Steffy at their wedding.

Steffy asked if Liam had suggested the invitation. Hope replied that he hadn't. For Hope, it was about Steffy and her. The women had known each other all their lives and would continue to know each other for the rest of their days. Hope wanted to build on the relationship between them. Steffy did, too, but she said it might be too soon.

Later, Steffy returned to the living room after feeding Kelly. Hope and Steffy discussed life choices. Hope asserted that it would be unacceptable for anyone at the wedding to think that she'd won and that Steffy had lost. Steffy replied that it was true that Hope had won. Hope stated that it had been Steffy's choice, but Steffy said Hope knew why Steffy had made the choice.

Hope decided that it was the reason Steffy needed to be at the wedding. That way, everyone could see that it wasn't about winning or losing, but about their family coming together. Steffy said Hope was right. Steffy decided to go, but she wanted to invite someone to go with her for support. Steffy conveyed that Taylor was in town, and Hope replied that it was fine. Hope knew it wouldn't be easy, but she believed they'd get through it as a family.

Later, Hope had gone, and Taylor had arrived. Steffy joked that Taylor needed to devote her life to babysitting. Taylor didn't know if that would be her thing or if she even knew who she was. Steffy said they'd work on it, but she had a favor to ask. Steffy remarked that Hope had been there. Taylor wondered what Hope could want after taking Liam.

Steffy replied that it had been her decision, and even though Taylor didn't agree with it, she had to accept it. Taylor murmured that it didn't happen overnight, and she asked what Hope had wanted. Steffy explained Hope's idea about starting right away on being the family their children deserved, and Steffy said she'd decided to go to Hope's wedding.

"Like hell you are!" Taylor yelled. Taylor said Hope wanted to park Steffy in the front row to show how magnanimous Hope was. Taylor asked if Steffy was supposed to watch Hope steal Steffy's husband as Brooke had done to Taylor again and again. Admitting that it wasn't pleasant, Steffy said Hope was right about the principle of it.

Taylor replied that Hope was Brooke's clone, decked out in virtue instead of lingerie. Steffy said to stop because it wasn't easy for Hope, who'd done nothing wrong. Steffy believed she was the one who'd screwed up. Disagreeing, Taylor called it revenge for whatever imaginary injury Hope believed Steffy had done to Hope, and as retribution, Hope had set her sights on Kelly's father.

Steffy replied that Liam had proposed to Hope, and Hope wasn't imagining things. Taylor stated that it wouldn't be happening had it not been for Bill. Steffy told her mother that none of them was innocent. Taylor replied that she knew and had apologized in every way she knew how.

Steffy didn't want to be at the wedding alone, and she figured people wouldn't even know what to say to her. She wanted Taylor to go with her. Angry, Taylor couldn't believe that Liam would even let it happen. She asked if he'd said he wanted Steffy there. Steffy didn't know. Taylor decided that it had to be Brooke's idea.

Steffy reminded Taylor that she'd supported Taylor. Steffy needed the same thing in return. Taylor took issue with cooperating in the humiliation of her daughter. Steffy said she'd made her own decisions and mistakes, and no one could shame her for them -- including Taylor.

Steffy wanted Taylor to accompany Steffy, but Steffy wanted Taylor to promise not to cause trouble at the event. Taylor flashed a defiant look. Steffy said that she meant it, and she ordered Taylor to say she wouldn't cause trouble.

In Brooke's cabin, Wyatt and Liam squabbled about how Hope would feel about seeing Wyatt at the altar. Wyatt wondered if he was being punked or if Liam had lured Wyatt there under false pretenses. Wyatt had thought Liam had promised to make Wyatt breakfast. Liam replied that the vegetable hash was on the stove. "I thought you said you were cooking me breakfast," Wyatt responded.

Liam said that if Wyatt declined being best man, Liam would have to ask their father. Wyatt assumed that meant Satan was busy. Liam said Bill had apologized, but Wyatt advised Liam to get that apology in writing or on a check. Liam dropped the pretense of seriously considering Bill and suggested Rick. Wyatt said he'd thought Rick, Maya, and Lizzy were traveling.

Liam suggested Thorne. Wyatt called Thorne a vulture and hoverer. Liam decided that Wyatt should just do it. Wyatt yelled that he would because someone had to protect Liam. Liam gazed knowingly at Wyatt, conveying that he'd tricked Wyatt into agreeing. Wyatt said it was fine, and he'd be honored. The men hugged.

Later, Liam was walking out of the kitchen as Wyatt reentered the cabin with a plastic bag of bacon. Liam asked if Wyatt had stolen Brooke's bacon. Wyatt said it had been in the fridge. He shoved it at Liam and said to make it. Liam claimed not to know how to make it. Wyatt murmured about a microwave and paper towels.

Wyatt wanted to make sure Liam really wanted to get married and said it seemed like half Liam's heart was still with Steffy. Liam quipped that Wyatt just needed to give Liam the ring the next time. Wyatt asked Liam if he'd be content to have a house with Hope and one with Steffy.

Liam wasn't one to fantasize about harems and said the world didn't work the way Wyatt was depicting. Wyatt asked Liam to just say if he could be happy that way. Liam replied that it wasn't just about who he wanted to be with. It was about who Liam wanted to be.

The subject changed to Liam being a different person with each woman. Wyatt said Steffy bossed Liam around, but Hope went along with whatever Liam wanted. Liam disagreed that Steffy was like that or that Hope simply deferred to him. Liam said Hope just wanted to know what he was thinking. Wyatt asked if it was a good thing.

Liam replied that it required him to know what he was thinking, which wasn't always the case. Wyatt told Liam to at least fake it. Liam accused Bill of being that way and said that Wyatt took after Bill. In Liam's view, the men flew by the seats of their pants but acted like their actions had been written in the heavens.

Wyatt insisted that he could have semi-profound thoughts and offered Liam one of those thoughts, saying that while Steffy didn't really boss Liam around, she, not Liam, was the one who'd decided that Liam should marry Hope. They heard a beeping sound, and Wyatt stated that his bacon was done.

As the men ate breakfast, Liam expressed admiration of Steffy's courage to reevaluate her life. Wyatt reminded Liam that his last wedding to Hope had been predicated on Bill's lies, and if not for that, Liam would have been back with Steffy and wouldn't have a baby with Hope. Liam said it was complicated, but he really did want to marry Hope.

Wyatt didn't want to talk Liam out of it. Wyatt thought he was giving awful advice for a best man, but he couldn't help thinking about how different it would all be if it hadn't been for Bill.

At Brooke's house, Brooke said the problem was Liam. Ridge replied that he couldn't agree more. Brooke meant it was a problem that Liam was a vegetarian. Ridge thought she should simply order roast beef and tell Liam it was soy meat. Brooke replied that Ridge might have to plan a wedding someday. Ridge replied that he'd planned one before. He just didn't feel good about the one before them. Brooke replied that Steffy had given her blessing.

Brooke was in awe of Steffy, who was taking her life in a new direction. Ridge said his daughter was strong and independent, but "independent" was just another word for being lonely. Brooke growled and said she loved him. He replied that she was good at it, and she said she'd done it for years.

Brooke wanted Ridge to accept that the wedding would take place in their home. She offered to let him see the wedding gift, so he could pretend he'd picked it out with her. Ridge asked if he was a terrible person. She said he was just disappointed. He stated that the most amazing thing he'd ever done had been to fall in love with Brooke, and he hadn't even done it on purpose.

Later, Hope arrived, and Brooke was alone and busily working on a reception menu. Hope wanted to add two names to the guest list. Brooke prepared to type them into her tablet, but she paused when Hope said Steffy's name. Brooke said that Hope couldn't be serious. Hope replied that she was, and it was her wedding. She asked Brooke to please add Steffy.

Brooke explained that it was finally Hope's wedding day, and they shouldn't take any chances. Hope didn't believe Steffy would cause a disturbance. Brooke said it was what everyone had said about Taylor, the famous psychiatrist. Brooke couldn't imagine Steffy would want to do it, anyway. Hope said Steffy and she were in agreement, and it was time they acted like a family.

Brooke suggested that the women save it for the holidays because there was no time for rivals and surprises at a wedding. Hope said she'd invited Steffy, Steffy had accepted, and Hope needed Brooke to help Steffy feel welcome. Brooke gave in and decided that she had to call the caterers right away. Brooke asked who the other person was. "Her mother," Hope replied.

Immediately, Brooke opposed, calling it a recipe for disaster. Hope said it was the right thing to do, and it had already been done. Brooke wanted it undone and didn't care what excuse Hope made. Brooke insisted that she would not have those two people at Hope's wedding, ruining Hope's special day. Brooke thought Steffy might behave, but Taylor would cause a scene.

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On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Hope and Liam throw another wedding.

• Taylor cuts the cake -- with her claws!

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