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Thursday, April 20, 2017

At Spencer, Brooke and Bill kissed. He hoped she didn't have to get back to work. Brooke wasn't in a hurry to do so because of the design theft chaos. Bill said he'd normally be happy about something like that, but he didn't want disappointment near Brooke. She replied that it was only business. Bill normally didn't like that phrase, but he was beginning to understand it.

Bill wanted to know when Brooke would tell him why she hadn't married Ridge. Brooke didn't want to talk about it. Bill pressed, but all she said was that it hadn't had anything to do with him. "Hardly had anything to do with me," she added.

Bill guessed he really wanted to know if Brooke was done with Ridge for good. Brooke stated that people believed that she and Ridge always returned to the same place. She'd figured out that the place she and Ridge always returned to was the end of their relationship. She didn't want to be on the roller coaster anymore.

Brooke asked how Bill had known where she'd be when they'd encountered each other at the opera house. Bill replied that he hadn't known. Brooke recalled that she'd been crying in the hotel and had left her room to get some sun on her face. She'd been drawn to the ocean and hadn't known why. Bill replied that when one didn't know what he was looking for, one could count on the Pacific. She asked if he thought it had been a sign.

Bill entertained the idea. He said he'd been trying to figure out what would be next -- or if anything could be. A flashback of Bill and Brooke encountering each other outside the opera house played. Brooke said that, like magic, he'd just been there. He replied that he always would be. Brooke apologized, but Bill declared it in a no-apology zone.

Brooke conveyed that she'd gotten lost in what she'd thought she should have and the kind of life she'd thought she'd be in. She vowed to never turn her back on Bill again. She appreciated how good and patient Bill had been through it all. Bill didn't know if "patient" was the right word.

Brooke asked how he liked the terms "loving and loyal." It hadn't been her experience with men, and she hadn't known if she could trust it. Bill replied that she'd changed him. She stated that she hadn't wanted to change him.

Bill explained that he'd always wanted more -- more money, more attention, and more women. He still wanted more money, but the only woman he wanted more of was Brooke. Bill knocked files off his desk and tried to lay Brooke down on it. "Whoa, Stallion," she said. Brooke wanted them to have a proper reunion and decided they'd have just that later in the evening.

Bill put his hand over Brooke's eyes and claimed that it was already dark. Brooke asked for the keys to the house and for him to meet her there later. She said he'd made a big investment in her, and it was time to cash in. Bill replied that she was speaking his language, and they kissed.

In the Forrester kitchen, Quinn was startled when Katie appeared as Quinn made tea. Quinn said she hadn't heard the doorbell. Katie claimed that she'd never known there was a side entrance to the mansion, but that morning, she'd seen it. Quinn stated that it was the service entrance and asked if Katie was delivering something. Katie replied that she was there to collect on a job offer and reminded Quinn that she'd said there might be a place for Katie at Forrester.

Quinn responded that the operative word was "might," and Eric was busy with his lawyer at that time. Katie stated that she could wait, and Quinn rolled her eyes. Katie began having a craving for hummus with crunchy celery sticks and asked if Quinn had anything like that. Quinn said Katie had miscalculated if Katie thought Quinn would let Katie bully her.

Quinn explained that she was hospitable to Katie because Katie was Eric's old friend. Quinn loved her husband, but she loved her autonomy more, and if telling Eric about the kiss would get Katie out of there, then it was exactly what Quinn would do. Katie figured that if might be true if the kiss had been with any other man than Eric's son. Quinn replied that even Brooke had the decency to respect Eric's feelings about Ridge and Quinn.

Katie wasn't sure that Quinn deserved decency, and because Brooke was going through a grieving process, Katie felt that it was up to her to watch Quinn at home and at Forrester.

In the living room, Eric met with Carter and fumed about the similarities in the Forrester and Spectra designs. Carter stated that it was the subtle changes, like a strap or the length, that made the difference in whether Forrester could win a lawsuit. Eric said that Spectra knew it and had done it for years. Carter was willing to sue -- if it was what Eric wanted -- but Carter believed Eric would be handing Spectra more publicity and another win.

Ridge arrived and eagerly asked how much they planned to sue for. Eric said Carter didn't think they'd win. Noting that the theft had happened on Ridge's watch, Eric demanded to know how Ridge could have let it happen. Ridge asserted that they'd thought Sally would be different, but she'd turned out to be in a gang of thieves. Carter exited to let the men talk alone.

Eric pressed to know what had happened, and Ridge said that Eric already knew about Ridge deciding not to fire Coco after she'd saved R.J. from the forklift. Eric couldn't believe that Sally had done it to them after how welcoming they'd been to her in Australia. Ridge didn't think it had been personal and assumed that Sally had been desperate. Eric concluded that he, Thomas, and Ridge had to work triple time to create a whole new line.

Standing to leave, Ridge decided that he'd better get to work. Eric asked what had happened in Sydney and why Ridge and Brooke hadn't gotten married.

As Ridge avoided giving a direct answer, Quinn and Katie entered. Katie asked if they were interrupting something, and Eric asked if Katie knew why Ridge hadn't married her sister. Katie replied that she knew. She asked if Ridge wanted to tell Eric or if she should.

Ridge didn't think it was anyone's business, but Eric said his family's business was his business. Katie hinted that Ridge had failed Brooke the same way he'd done many times over the years. Eric asked for specifics. Katie replied that the answer was probably staring them in the face.

Eric concluded that Katie wasn't going to tell him, either. Eric stated that Ridge had a problem with commitment and had deserted Brooke many times. Ridge quipped that he was the deserted one that time, but he'd try to make it right.

Eric was sorry that it had turned out not to be a good time for Katie to visit. Katie said she didn't mind a little arguing between neighbors and claimed that Quinn had invited her for tea. Eric decided that he'd love to have tea. Katie sat down and noticed that Quinn had forgotten the honey. Quinn replied that Eric didn't use honey. Eric believed there was honey in the kitchen. He looked expectantly at Quinn. Katie did, too, and Quinn left to retrieve it.

Eric persisted in questioning Ridge about the breakup, but Ridge said that the matter was private. Katie remarked that Quinn was taking a long time to find the honey, and Eric sent Ridge to help Quinn. Ridge blinked at Eric, and Eric wondered if it was too much to ask. Silently, Ridge walked off.

In the kitchen, Quinn was trying to reach for something high in a cupboard. When Ridge entered, she seethed, "To hell with her and her honey. Is she gone?" Ridge said Katie wasn't gone, and he'd been sent help with the honey. Standing behind Quinn, he reached where she was also reaching in the cabinet. She decided to step back.

Ridge retrieved a few plastic containers. Examining one, Quinn asked why Eric had a cabinet full of expired honey bears. Ridge replied that it hadn't been Eric; it had been Katie's sister, Donna. Quinn stated that Katie was trying to blackmail Quinn, and Quinn didn't want to lose her husband. Ridge replied that Katie could blackmail Quinn but wasn't doing it.

Checking labels on the honey containers, Ridge advised Quinn to just keep loving Eric and not to push Katie. Quinn feared returning to the life she'd had before Eric, especially over something that hadn't even been real. Ridge reminded Quinn that she'd said something on the beach in Australia, and he wasn't sure where to put it. He asked if she recalled what it had been.

Quinn flashed back to telling Ridge that she'd found love twice. Quinn claimed that she'd been tipsy, jetlagged, and emotional. She added that she'd already said she didn't know her way around feelings. Ridge asked if she hadn't meant any of it. "No, no...I just wish I didn't have to see you anymore. That's how I feel," Quinn decided.

Quinn located a bottle of honey that she deemed to be okay, but as she thought to pour it in a container, Ridge grabbed it, and honey bubbled out of the spout and onto his shirt. She grabbed a napkin to clean it up. Suddenly, she stopped and said that she couldn't. "The stolen kisses, they mean absolutely nothing. Please...never again," she implored him. Ridge seemed affected by the moment, but he replied, "Yeah, I got it."

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Katie thinks she is in control.

• Steffy wants Sally to face criminal charges.

• Bill wants to expose Ridge for whatever it is Ridge had to have done.

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