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Thursday, June 22, 2017

In the Forrester design office, Zende asked Nicole to think of the baby. Nicole claimed to be doing that. Zende asked if she'd considered that Rick and Maya also had a bond with Lizzie, who they'd been raising. Zende said Lizzie would always be in Nicole's life, just not as Nicole's daughter.

Zende asked Nicole to be strong and understand what she was doing. He asked her to suppose that they didn't sign the papers. He asked if they would run away with Lizzie and leave everything they'd worked for behind. Zende doubted they'd be welcomed at Forrester. He advised Nicole to think of her bond with her sister, the bond that Maya and Rick had with Lizzie, and the reason Nicole had committed to the surrogacy in the first place. He concluded that hanging onto Lizzie wasn't the way to stop the pain over the news they'd gotten about having kids.

Zende reassured Nicole that they'd have a family, but Nicole said the doctors had told her that it might not happen. "To hell with those doctors," Zende responded. He reasoned that it might not happen at that time, especially with all the pressure Nicole was under. He noted that they were young newlyweds. He said it was okay not to have kids right away.

Nicole felt that she'd taken for granted and hadn't appreciated how easy it had been with Lizzie. Zende said Nicole had appreciated it, and so had Rick and Maya. "I can't do it for us!" Nicole declared. Zende told her to stop it and said she could. He was sure she'd heard the stories of couples who'd been told they couldn't have children, and then "boom." He said maybe it happened for those couples because they stopped stressing.

Zende believed that Nicole would get pregnant when the time was right. Nicole feared the time might never be right. She asked what would happen if Lizzie was her only chance. Nicole was afraid to sign away her chance to be the mother of her biological child. She believed that she and Lizzie had a connection, and Nicole said Julius had seen the connection.

Zende asked if Nicole had talked to her father about the issue. Nicole revealed that she'd told her father about the prognosis and the adoption paperwork, but she wondered if Julius was right about the clerical error happening for a reason. Zende didn't appreciate Nicole talking to her father about it instead of her husband.

Zende didn't know where Julius was leading Nicole, but Zende believed it wasn't right. Nicole asserted that Julius understood. She said Zende didn't know what it was like hearing that she was infertile and hearing Lizzie call her mommy. "Don't you get it?" Nicole asked. Zende replied that he didn't know. He'd wanted badly for her first child to be his, but it hadn't been. Instead, it had been Rick's. Zende said that they would be parents, but not to Lizzie.

Zende knew how hard it was for Nicole, but he urged her to sign the papers. Nicole said she needed time, and she needed to think. She recalled that Zende had said he'd be there for her and asked if he could understand. Zende nodded and hugged her. After Zende had gone, Nicole sat on the sofa in the dark.

In the CEO's office, Maya and Rick were disconcerted by Nicole's hesitancy to sign the papers. Rick admitted he'd been too strong with Nicole, and it was unbelievable to him that they had to remind Nicole of who the child's parents were. Maya said she thought it had been settled. Rick noted that Zende had become involved, and Rick said Zende had better convince Nicole to sign.

To Maya and Rick's surprise, Julius arrived. He asked if they'd been expecting someone else. Rick and Maya explained that they were waiting for Zende and Nicole to work out something. Julius replied that he'd heard about the problem with the adoption paperwork. Rick asserted that there was no reason to worry, and Nicole would sign the papers.

Julius said that it was no wonder Nicole was upset. Rick replied that Nicole was being unreasonable. Julius defended his daughter, who had just learned that she couldn't have more children. Maya corrected the statement with the word "might" and said they all needed to remember it. Maya and Rick felt for Nicole, but it had nothing to do with the adoption.

Rick was sorry because he felt he'd gotten carried away with Nicole. He said Zende was with Nicole, and Nicole would sign. Rick decided to leave to inform Carter of the temporary holdup. Maya asked Rick to have Carter see to it that it couldn't happen again.

After Rick left, Julius inquired about the clerical error. Maya replied that things happened. Disagreeing, Julius said that one never heard of it with all the celebrity divorces and breakups in their town. Maya replied that Julius didn't hear about it because it was an easy fix. He reasoned that it might not need fixing, and it was good to stop and think about life-changing decisions.

Maya replied that the decision had been made a long time back. Julius stated that it had apparently become undone, and when things like that happened out of the blue, people ought to think about the reason for it. Julius asked if Maya didn't think her sister had enough to deal with. He stated that the outcome just wasn't fair after what Nicole had done for Maya and Rick.

Maya knew that the timing was awful. Julius roared that Maya didn't have a clue. He said that if Maya understood and cared about what she was doing to Nicole, then Maya would stop doing it. "Don't you realize how devastating this is? And you go on, and you force some legal papers in her face and demand that she sign them?" Julius asked.

Julius asked how Maya could live with herself while knowing she'd taken the only child her sister could ever have. Maya conveyed that she was also worried about Nicole. He stated that Nicole was yearning for her baby. Maya replied that Nicole would have the baby someday, but Julius clarified that he meant Lizzie.

Maya asserted that Lizzie was her baby. Julius countered that Nicole had given birth to her. "And I am her mother. Nicole was my surrogate," Maya insisted. Julius believed Nicole had only done it because she'd felt indebted to Maya. Shaking her head, Maya replied that they'd discussed all the issues before the procedure. Her father told her it was time to think of someone other than herself for a change. Maya asked if he wanted to tell her what he meant by that.

Julius said Maya had the chance to do the right thing, the compassionate thing, and the moral thing. Maya warned him to watch himself. Julius stated that Maya had done well with Lizzie, who was a happy baby. Maya had gotten her chance to experience motherhood, something she'd probably never believed would happen. Julius said that Nicole had given it to Maya, and Maya could give it back to Nicole.

Maya uttered that Lizzie was her child. Julius stated that legally and genetically, the child was Nicole's, and Maya needed to give Lizzie back to her mother.

"You need to stop, Julius. Maya is Lizzie's mother," Zende said, closing the door as he entered the room. Julius said it wasn't Zende's place. Zende disagreed, and he said Maya had every right to be a parent. Zende believed that he and Julius both knew Lizzie's place was with Maya. Julius claimed to be looking out for Nicole and his grandchild.

Zende argued that Maya and Rick had been there for Lizzie every single day of her life. Zende respected that Julius was Nicole's father, but Zende asserted that he was her husband. "Now you need to know your boundaries," Zende said. Zende asserted that convincing Nicole not to sign those papers would change everything, not to mention that Zende wasn't Lizzie's father.

Julius asked if boundaries were only set up for him. He declared that he was Nicole's father, and he was Maya's father, too. Julius noted that Zende had arrived to tell Julius how it would be, but Julius said he'd be the one to tell Zende. Julius would never stop protecting Nicole, and no act of God or husband would change it.

"And that's a fact. Just like it's a fact," Julius said, waving a finger in Maya's direction, "that if Maya was meant to have a child and be a mother, she would have been given what's necessary for that to be possible." Maya quietly asked Julius, "How dare you?"

In Zende's view, Maya had given Lizzie understanding and compassion since the day Lizzie had been born. Maya murmured that it was a lot more than Julius was giving her. Zende reasoned that Rick and Maya had adopted Lizzie. They'd made an agreement with Nicole, and no matter who liked it or didn't, Nicole had agreed to it.

Zende said Mr. Avant was known as a man of his word, and Zende asked what Julius wanted Nicole to be. "Stay out of my marriage, man," Zende stated. He also said to stay away from Maya. Julius quietly left. Maya thanked Zende, and the two hugged.

At Spectra, Thomas kissed Sally from behind as she cooled off in front of the fan. She said they might have found a way to fix their air conditioner, but Thomas didn't want to fix it. Sally giggled as he nibbled her neck. She said that type of thing probably didn't happen at Forrester. He replied that she'd be surprised by what happened over there. He said he'd meant it when he'd told her that he'd rather be at Spectra with her than any other place in the world.

Walking around an easel with the new logo on display, Sally said she loved the new logo. Thomas replied that not everyone felt that way. Sally conveyed that Saul was just a little concerned by all the new expensive changes. Thomas wondered if Saul would feel the same way if Sally was proposing the changes. Sally admitted that Saul might be a little jealous.

Sally believed that Saul would come around. Thomas wondered if a chat with Saul would hasten things. Sally didn't think Thomas should do it that day and motioned to his shirtless physique. She told Thomas not to worry about what Shirley or Saul thought because leaving the knockoff business required change.

Sally said that with the Forrester influence and style, they would turn the battleship into a luxury liner. She believed it would be amazing, and it couldn't happen without Thomas. He asked if she minded that Coco wasn't a part of the family business. Sally reminded him that he wasn't at his family business. Though Sally wanted Coco there so Sally would have more chances to redeem herself, Sally said that Coco was happy and doing well at Forrester.

Thomas believed that Coco had forgiven Sally, and he'd also forgiven her. He stated that they'd given Spectra a new start, and it was time for Sally to forgive herself and give herself a new start, too. He noted that she kept thanking him, but he asked if she ever thought he should be thanking her. Thomas felt that she'd led him out of his comfort zone and caused him to challenge himself.

Thomas claimed that he'd been angry, aggressive, and frustrated at Forrester. He hadn't been happy there in ages, but when he'd felt the energy at Spectra, it had made him remember why he'd fallen in love with fashion. He said she'd made him remember, and it was why he'd fallen in love with her. Thomas stated that Sally made Spectra unique, she was the reason that he was there, and she'd saved him. With a kiss, he uttered, "Thank you."

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Quinn insists that Sheila is dangerous.

• Maya begs Nicole not to take Lizzie.

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