Thursday, May 5, 2016

At the mansion, Julius didn't like Nicole's tone or attitude, and he ordered her to respect him as her father. She quipped that he'd taken the fatherhood role "so seriously" over the years. She demanded that he tell Vivienne, or Nicole would.

Julius asked to be with his wife alone, but the sisters insisted upon being there for support. Vivienne said someone needed to tell her what was going on. Julius took her hand and led her into the living room to sit down. Julius reminded her of the time she'd bought the wrong sized refrigerator, which had remained in the dining room a long time. She chuckled, and he asked if he'd complained.

Vivienne said it had been daily, but Julius quibbled that it hadn't been that much. He told a similar story about her getting him bowling shoes instead of golfing shoes. He stated that they could look back on past mistakes and laugh at the dumb things they'd done. She agreed but asked why they were discussing it. "Because of her," he replied. "Sasha is my mistake."

At first, Vivienne didn't get how Sasha was Julius' mistake. "Her mother was," Julius added. It dawned on Vivienne, who said, "You and Lucy? Sasha's yours?" Vivienne gasped in realization of all the years that he had cheated on her with Lucy behind her back.

Julius said it hadn't been that way. It had been over before it had even started, and he'd ended it the moment he'd known it had been a mistake. However, Lucy had become pregnant, and he hadn't known what to do. He hadn't wanted to lose his wife, and he'd offered to financially support Lucy if she'd move away. Lucy had refused to move or do the right thing. "If she'd just done the right thing!" he said.

Vivienne said it was Julius who'd cheated on her. Julius said he'd prayed every day for forgiveness. She replied that he'd just wanted to protect himself. He included her and his family in the protection and asked her to say they could get through it.

Vivienne asked if Julius wanted her to say they could get beyond a secret he'd kept for most of their marriage. He claimed that he'd done it for the marriage. He'd been thinking of their children. He said they'd had children, and Vivienne would have surely left him. He hadn't wanted to be a part-time father, especially when they'd already had a son who'd been challenged. Julius had wanted to be there for Myron. Vivienne asked if Julius and Lucy had laughed behind her back.

Vivienne recalled all the holiday parties and play dates. She asked how many times he'd taken that woman into her house and hadn't said anything. Vivienne realized that none of them had and asked if Sasha had known. Sasha shamefully admitted it. Vivienne was upset that Sasha had played with Vivienne's daughter, and Vivienne had treated Sasha as her own.

Sasha said she was sorry. The sobbing Julius tried to touch his wife. "No!" Vivienne raged, snatching herself away. She asked who he was and if he heard himself talking. After thirty-five years of marriage, she didn't know what was real. She yelled that he'd refused to acknowledge Maya's suffering.

Pointing at Sasha, Vivienne couldn't believe she'd allowed Julius to throw her child away while he'd had "this secret right here" in front of her eyes for years. Julius screamed back that Vivienne hadn't known the pressure he'd been under to keep the family together and to keep a good name in the community and the church. "What about my name? What about me, Julius?" Vivienne asked.

Julius' irritated treatment of Sasha started to make sense to Vivienne. It had been because he'd been a coward, afraid of his own daughter. Julius said he'd been afraid of losing Vivienne. She believed it was his reputation he'd feared losing. It was more important than the truth or her. She figured he hadn't known what to tell people if she'd left; however, he knew fewer people in Los Angles, so there were less people for him to be embarrassed around.

Julius said they'd been together too many years to let it go, and they needed each other. Vivienne replied that she only needed him to leave. "Go!" she bellowed. He stated that the tension, secret, and lies had been harder to deal with than any of them would know, but he'd done it for Vivienne. Vivienne frowned at his audacity and watched him walk out.

"You could have told me," Vivienne told Sasha. Vivienne said that, instead, Sasha had been like her father, lying to Vivienne's face. Nicole claimed that Sasha had been afraid because of Julius. Sasha sobbed that she was sorry. Vivienne slumped into a chair and sobbed. The sisters gathered around her and held her hands as she cried. Vivienne hugged both of them.

At Forrester, Katie wanted to know who Douglas' father was. Ridge said Katie couldn't tell anyone, including her "idiot husband." Katie persisted to believe Ridge had pushed the doctor, no matter how many times he told her that he hadn't. She said they had a great legal team, but Ridge yelled once more that he hadn't pushed the man.

Katie assumed Wolin had known who the real father was. Ridge replied that Wolin hadn't known, and he and Caroline didn't know, either, because they'd gotten an anonymous donor. Katie didn't understand why Ridge hadn't said so from the beginning. He replied that it was because he didn't like all the questions, "like right now."

Katie apologized if she had overreacted and claimed to just be worried about Ridge. Ridge stated that it was "sweet" of her to think he'd pushed a man into traffic. In a skeptical tone, she stated that it had just been an accident. Ridge agreed. She appreciated him telling her, but she didn't see why it should be a secret. She said he shouldn't be embarrassed.

Ridge said he wasn't embarrassed. He was protecting Douglas and wanted the boy to feel that he was completely Ridge's. Ridge said there was no reason to ever talk about it again.

In the design office, Thomas wondered what Douglas dreamed about. Assuming it had to be about his parents and the people who kept him safe, Thomas hoped the dreams would always be sweet. Thomas laughed at how sleeping babies, not models, distracted him from work. The baby had taught him to be a role model, and he couldn't imagine how he'd be with his own kids.

Thomas showed Caroline a design, and she said Ridge would approve it. Thomas wanted Ridge to be proud, but as painful as they might be, Thomas also looked forward to critiques from Ridge, who was the best as a designer, as a man, and as a dad. He appreciated the ways that Ridge had stepped up over the years with him and Douglas, and he hoped to be the kind of father Ridge was.

Thomas took his design to Ridge in the other office and noticed that Ridge was distracted. Thomas didn't blame Ridge -- after all, Ridge had a new baby, who he probably wished he was holding at that moment. Thomas added that if he were in Ridge's shoes, he'd be just as distracted.

Thomas wanted Ridge to know that Thomas would help out in any way Ridge needed. Ridge said that he and Caroline really appreciated how much Thomas cared about their son.

In the corridor, Katie looked around and entered the design office to ask Caroline for a "baby fix." As Katie cooed over the sleeping boy, Caroline warned that he'd make Katie want another one. Katie did already, but with her heart, Bill wouldn't even let her talk about it.

Caroline said it would probably be just one for her. Katie didn't blame Caroline because of all she'd gone through to get Douglas. "Excuse me?" Caroline replied. Katie decided that she probably shouldn't have said anything. She closed the door and revealed that Ridge had told her. Caroline asked what he'd told, and Katie replied that he'd told her about the paternity.

"Explain, please," Caroline said. Katie reviewed how she'd seen the argument with Ridge and Wolin, and while she'd talked to Wolin, he'd let it spill out that Ridge wasn't Douglas' father. Katie went on, explaining Ridge's weird responses to her questions and that she'd thought Ridge had been involved in Wolin's death.

Caroline became visibly upset. Katie said not to worry because Ridge hadn't been involved in the death, and he'd explained the paternity. Caroline couldn't believe he'd told Katie. Katie claimed it was no big deal. "Thomas is that father, and it's no big deal?" Caroline said.

Katie looked shocked and asked if Thomas was the donor. Caroline got confused at the word "donor," and Katie exclaimed that Thomas was Douglas' father.

. . .

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