Thursday, February 4, 16

At the beach house, Steffy and Wyatt were happy to be off work. She was worried that all their fun and drinking was giving her "party body." He said she was sexy and claimed he'd tell her so the next year, too. Steffy replied that he was sure of himself, and he said he knew a good thing when he saw it.

Wyatt wondered if he and Steffy should get back to work. It was hard for Steffy to be at the office. She was upset about Liam leaving the company, but his disappearance didn't make any sense. She decided she shouldn't be discussing Liam with Wyatt, but Wyatt claimed to get it.

Steffy and Wyatt agreed that it was weird of Liam to drop off the face of the planet. Steffy wondered if Bill had heard from Liam. Wyatt stated that he'd been too caught up with Steffy to talk to Bill. Bashfully, she admitted to enjoying every moment with Wyatt. Steffy just wished she knew where Liam was.

Later, Wyatt was alone when Quinn called. Quinn sensed something in Wyatt's voice when he greeted her. He admitted that Steffy was worried about Liam, but he was enjoying the chance Liam's absence was giving him with Steffy. Quinn urged Wyatt to make his move and do something special for Steffy, because they never knew when Liam would be back.

Steffy returned to the room, and Wyatt rushed off the phone. He told Steffy that he had an idea if she was up for it. "Another adventure?" she asked. He replied that it was something like it.

Later, Wyatt took Steffy out on the beach for a sunset picnic. Steffy was cheerful until he mentioned that he'd wanted to get food from a place with great truffle fries, but they'd been closed. Wyatt saw the change in her face and referenced the pretty ocean. He kissed her.

At Quinn's mountain cabin, Liam checked himself out in the mirror as if he were looking at a stranger. Quinn caught him when he spun around too fast to walk, and he said he was lucky to have her.

Though Liam was grateful for Quinn, he was also confused about who he was. He asked if he could borrow "this for a second." Quinn snatched up her laptop before he could get it. She said she'd take care of it, and she just wanted him to heal.

Quinn used her laptop, and Liam asked if she'd found anything. She closed the device and knelt before him. She said not to worry about it, and she knew everything she needed to keep him safe. He asked how long they'd be there, and she replied that it would be as long as it would take. Grasping her hand, he told her that she was "so good" to him, and he didn't know how he'd repay her.

Later, Liam had fallen asleep. Quinn peeked in on him and went to the other room. She retrieved a pouch from a drawer, and her mind churned in thought.

Liam entered the room to talk to Quinn. He said that he didn't know her, and he didn't know himself; however, he could feel that he was happy. He was grateful to have someone invested in taking care of him. He wished he knew what he'd done to deserve it. Quinn said he'd been asking a lot of questions, and it was time he got some answers.

Quinn didn't want Liam to be upset that she knew more about him than he realized. Liam said he didn't even know her name, and asked what it was. Looking at a New Year's Eve hat across the room, she said her name was Eve. He asked what his name was, and she replied, "Adam. Your name is Adam."

"I'm Adam, and you're Eve?" Liam asked. Quinn added that she was also his wife. Liam's eyes bulged, and he incredulously repeated the statement. "Yeah, I'm your wife," she said, holding up her hand and displaying a wedding band.

In Zende's room, Sasha hit on the shirtless Zende. She thought it was a shame his body wasn't being put to good use. He reiterated that he and Nicole were waiting. Sasha said it would be a long time until Nicole had Maya's baby; however, Sasha was ready right then, and no one had to know.

Rubbing Zende's bare arms, Sasha offered to be friends with benefits. She could tell he was hurting for benefits. "I'm good," he replied and strode away. Sasha sashayed over to him, surmising that Nicole was off celebrating the baby while Zende was in his room, getting hot and bothered. Rubbing her backside against him, she suggested that they find a way to ease the frustration.

Zende repeated that he was with Sasha's best friend, Nicole. Sasha called Nicole a former best friend and didn't feel she owed anything to Nicole after the betrayal with Rick. Zende asked if "this" was revenge. Locking his door, she said it was two people helping and being there for each other.

Sasha insinuated that there was a reason their photos were so amazing. She said they connected and "vibed." She believed that spending late nights at the studio would make it only natural for them to get closer. She cocked her head to kiss him, but Zende stopped her.

Zende said that Sasha was beautiful and sexy. He loved working with her, but the only woman he wanted was Nicole.

At Forrester, Bill suggested that Brooke be patient and take of herself. He thought Katie would get over her anger. Brooke exclaimed that she wasn't worried about herself but about her sister.

At home, Katie had a drink in one hand and a picture of herself and Brooke in the other. "You betrayed me again," Katie said. As Katie sat by the fireplace and ranted at Brooke's image that Brooke had promised her, Bill arrived. He asked if Katie was okay.

Katie pretended to be fine, but it didn't sound convincing to Bill, who said she had to keep herself relaxed. Katie couldn't get Brooke's words to him out of her head. All Brooke had ever done was break Katie's trust, and Katie said she'd be stupid to let it happen again. Bill believed Brooke loved her sister. Katie didn't. He said the anger wasn't good, and Katie had to find peace with the situation.

Katie didn't want to hear her sister's name anymore, but Bill said it was something they needed to discuss. Katie was adamant that Brooke had wanted to create a secret between her and Bill; it wasn't an accident or mistake -- nor was it something Katie would get over.

Katie checked on Will and returned to thank Bill for supporting her and letting her vent. She called him her rock and rock star. Bill replied that he was her husband, and he loved her. They kissed and hugged, but Katie still looked distressed.

At Il Gardino, Maya, Rick, Nicole, and Eric looked over the menu, grateful for the chance to celebrate together. When Brooke finally arrived, she apologized for being late. Rick asked where she'd been, and she said she'd been trying to get a handle on something.

Brooke remarked that sisters were special. Maya called Nicole "auntie" and expressed that they couldn't wait for the due date. For Nicole, who still battled morning sickness, it couldn't arrive soon enough. She said she'd be lying if she said the sickness wasn't affecting her relationship with Zende.

Brooke was confident it would all work out with Zende. Maya suggested that Nicole find Zende and remind him of how important she was in his life, and Eric said they could get Zende a slice of tiramisu to go. Nicole thought it would be good to have alone time with Zende.

Later, Nicole arrived in Zende's room with a dessert box. He thanked her and hoped she wasn't upset that he hadn't joined them at the meal. Nicole claimed she understood his need for some alone time. He kissed her and said he'd missed her. Being in the house had made him appreciate being with her. He said he hadn't been looking for a mate, but he was very glad he'd found her.

Nicole said that she should get him dessert more often. Zende stated that no matter how rough things got, he had no doubt in his mind about them. He was okay with waiting to be intimate because he loved her, and it made everything worth it. He kissed and hugged her.

. . .

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