Thursday, August 18, 2016

In the evening, Wyatt knocked on Quinn's door, but Quinn didn't answer.

At the mansion, Quinn asked if Eric was sure. Eric asked what it was in her hand. She looked at the key, hugged him, and exclaimed that they were shacking up. As they drank Champagne, Quinn talked about the way she'd once thought women at the bar were weak and stupid for going on about how their men loved them and took care of them. Being with Eric had caused her to get it. She said she didn't how long it would last, but she'd be grateful.

Eric enjoyed seeing Quinn happy. Quinn said her heart was full, but she wasn't a giddy girl and knew that his family wouldn't react well to the new living arrangement. Eric said not to worry; he'd handle his family.

Just then, someone pounded on the door. Eric answered it, and Wyatt entered. "Oh, my God. You are here," Wyatt stated upon seeing Quinn in the living room. Wyatt began apologizing for Quinn, but Quinn said she hadn't done anything crazy. "You're here, aren't you?" Wyatt replied. Placing his arm around her, Eric stated that Quinn was there at his request.

"Seriously, Mom, you know how Steffy feels about this whole situation," Wyatt said. Eric replied that he knew it, too, and even though Steffy was his granddaughter, she didn't dictate his life. Eric added that anyone who tried was being insulting and disrespectful.

Wyatt relayed that things were a bit confusing. Eric felt that he owed Wyatt some clarification. Eric explained that Quinn added something very special to his life, and it was a joy had hadn't known he was missing. No part of him wanted to give it up. Eric also felt that having Quinn on staff was just good business, and being around her was a bonus. He said Wyatt would be the first to know that the couple had made the next step in their relationship.

"Oh, so there's a next step?" Wyatt asked. Quinn replied that Eric had asked her to move in, and Eric added that she'd accepted. Eric said that Wyatt could like it or not, but no one would dictate how Eric and Quinn lived their lives. Eric left to give Quinn time with Wyatt.

Once Eric had gone, Wyatt said it didn't matter what Quinn said or did; she could not move in there. He stated that Steffy had been more than clear with Quinn since the beginning of the marriage that she didn't want Quinn around. "But then you come up with this brilliant idea to move into her family home with Eric. Seriously? Like, you have something wrong with you!" Wyatt concluded. Quinn asked if it was because she wanted to grab a little happiness.

Quinn asked if she didn't deserve some happiness. She claimed the relationship had been a surprise to her, too, and it had happened so fast that she could barely keep up. Wyatt claimed it looked as Steffy perceived it; Steffy had shut Quinn down, and Quinn had become all "I'm gonna show you." Quinn replied that she didn't live her life to get reactions out of Steffy.

Wyatt didn't know why Quinn couldn't respect Steffy's wishes. Quinn said she'd tried and asked if he knew how difficult it had been for her to live a solitary existence. She'd gotten lonely after Wyatt had grown up and found his own path, and it had been how Deacon, her typical, disposable man, had gotten in. Quinn said that Eric was kind, and he treated her respectfully and as if she was important. Wyatt said he'd be happy for his mother if it wasn't Steffy's grandfather.

Quinn believed that everyone would accept it in time. Disagreeing, Wyatt conveyed that cramming herself down everyone's throats would destroy his marriage. It wasn't okay with Wyatt, who said it wouldn't last with Eric. In Wyatt's view, her relationships with men didn't last, except for the one she had with him. "You are this close from blowing that one, too," he said.

Quinn said that she couldn't lose Wyatt. He'd been her life since he'd been born. Wyatt replied that it should make it a lot easier for her to choose the son who'd been there for her and been there to clean up her messes over a fleeting romance. She said she didn't want to lose Eric, either, but Wyatt said she'd sworn to abide by Steffy's wishes. He asked if it mattered that Quinn was hurting him and said she was putting her selfish needs over his marriage.

Quinn said that for the first time, she'd gotten a life, just as Wyatt had always told her to do. For the first time in her life, she had a man who treated her with respect. She asked if Wyatt knew what kind of a gift it was to be accepted as she was. She finally had something to live for besides Wyatt, and she didn't want to give it up.

Wyatt said he'd promised Steffy that he could get Quinn to back off. He asked how Quinn thought it would go over with Steffy that Quinn had moved into the mansion and if Quinn wanted to be the reason that his marriage ended. Quinn didn't, but she said that Wyatt didn't know what he was asking of her. Wyatt claimed that he did know and was asking anyway, which should let her know how important it was. He declared that it had to be over with Eric.

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge discussed Eric and Quinn. The situation scared Steffy to death. She couldn't believe Eric had asked Ridge to move out. Ridge corrected that Eric had demanded it. It was plain to Ridge that Eric wasn't thinking clearly. Steffy became worried that Eric might ask Quinn to move into the mansion. Ridge believed that anything was possible.

Steffy said Wyatt had to do something, and they couldn't have that woman in their lives. Ridge asked how it would affect her marriage if Wyatt couldn't impact the situation and if they couldn't get Quinn out of their lives. Steffy didn't know. Ridge asked how Liam saw things, but she replied that it didn't matter, because she was married to his brother. Ridge said she'd thought Liam had been gone.

Steffy replied that she'd meant her vows, but she couldn't have the psycho in her life. Steffy didn't want Quinn in her life or near Forrester. Ridge asked Steffy to confide in him. He said she was in a safe room and wouldn't be saying what he didn't already know. Steffy admitted that she loved Liam and hadn't ever stopped, not even when she'd been in Paris and he'd been with Hope. She'd always thought they'd find their way back and would have the family they'd dreamed of. She said she and Liam would be married if it hadn't been for Quinn.

In Liam's office at Spencer, Liam set up a meeting for his foundation and concluded the call by saying that "of course" he could introduce the person to Steffy. Thomas arrived, saying that he'd stopped by to tell Liam something he thought Liam should know -- Eric had rehired Quinn. Thomas had heard it from Rick and Pam.

Thomas said one would think Quinn would lay low and prove she could take direction. Liam replied that, ironically, it might have worked. Thomas had wanted to let Liam know about it because Liam was a good guy, and he thought that Steffy should spend the rest of her life with him. Liam was surprised for the support because he usually heard "respect the marriage."

Thomas claimed that he did, but Steffy had thought that Liam hadn't "liked" her anymore, so she'd let someone else in. Thomas believed that Steffy took "this thing" with Wyatt seriously and wouldn't have married him if she didn't love him; however, Thomas felt that Liam was the real love of Steffy's life. Thomas said that Steffy's marriage had had potential, but it wasn't a package deal of Wyatt and Quinn. Liam said Quinn wasn't going anywhere.

Thomas stated that it was the deal breaker, and he could live with it if Quinn being in Eric's life was what forced Steffy to return to Liam.

. . .

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