Thursday, August 28, 2014

At the beach house, Hope unpacked and smiled wistfully at her wedding band. Wyatt, who was on his way out, said to use any drawer or closet in their home. He kissed her and sneezed. She asked if his allergies were bad. Clearing his throat and looking at Bu, he remarked that they were getting worse.

Later, Hope was alone when Deacon arrived to check on how Hope was coping with the news that Liam had been in Paris. "Well, it's like you said; Wyatt is my husband," Hope replied. Deacon said he'd also stopped by to see if Hope could offer him some help with Brooke.

Deacon suddenly felt dumb for going to Hope for advice, but Hope was glad that he'd decided to do it. She also felt relieved upon hearing the type of help he needed. He stated that he could use a job and extra money, but he'd never ask Brooke or Hope for that. He knew he'd never have Bill's wealth; but he was determined to prove that he could be the man Brooke could depend upon.

Deacon suspected his desires were just wishful thinking. Though he'd spent time with Brooke, it had only been as consulting parents. He knew they could be a family, and with Ridge out of the picture, it was their chance. Hope wished she could tell Deacon where Brooke's head was.

Deacon declared that he wanted Brooke back. Hope sighed and advised him to be the man Brooke wanted to return to. Hope believed he could do it, but he said it would take patience. The party had given him a glimpse of what it could be like as a family, and he wanted it more than anything.

Hope smiled and hugged Deacon. She urged him to be honest with her mother because Brooke deserved to know how he felt.

At Brooke's house, Brooke reviewed jewelry on her tablet. Upon seeing a wedding picture of herself and Bill, she flashed back to the couple's time in the Middle East. Brooke moved on to gazing at Ridge's old sketches. She gulped wine and remembered Deacon exposing Ridge's inability to draw.

Brooke heard her front door open, and she stated that she wasn't ready to see him. The camera flashed to Bill, who'd just entered the house, unannounced. He noticed the sketches fanned out on the coffee table, and she explained that she was reviewing one of Ridge's portfolios, which was filled with years of dedication, hard work, and achievement.

Bill quipped that he and Brooke had been on their way to an achievement of their own until Ridge had derailed them with yet another news flash. Brooke replied that Ridge hadn't wanted her or anyone to know about his shortcoming. To her, the impairment was a devastation to the fashion community.

Brooke believed that Bill only saw fashion in terms of dollar signs. In her eyes, it was an art, and Ridge had been a master. Ridge's designs told the story of Ridge's evolution as an artist and a person. They depicted Ridge's relationship with his father, his family, his travels, and his loved ones.

Selecting a design from the table, Brooke noted that it showed Ridge's artistic maturity, refinement, and joy. Brooke said Ridge had reveled in his work, and he'd had a true gift. "But you destroyed it," Brooke accused. "Thanks to you, Ridge and Forrester Creations may never be the same."

Bill asked what he could do to fix it, but Brooke didn't know. He suspected that she wanted to forgive him. She admitted that she did. She loved Bill but didn't know how to minimize the situation. She was worried about what would happen to the business, the family, and Ridge if Ridge couldn't draw again. She'd been up all night, pondering whether she could be with a man who'd done that to Ridge.

Bill asked if Brooke had lost the right to be happy. Brooke responded that she didn't think she could be happy under the circumstances, and Bill didn't realize what he'd done. He asserted that what he'd done had been to go after the woman he loved.

Bill stated that Ridge had assaulted him and dragged Brooke from the wedding. Bill claimed that Brooke had been yelling for him as Ridge had pulled her down the beach, and Bill hadn't known where Ridge had been going or what he'd had planned. All Bill had known had been that he wouldn't let Ridge take Brooke from him. "And I'm not going to let him or anyone else come between us now," Bill vowed.

Taking her hand, Bill said that Brooke still wore the ring he'd given her because she knew they'd get through things. He believed that Ridge would recover, and Brooke and Bill would be married. "Because we love each other, and no other outcome is acceptable. You're the only women for me, Brooke, and I'm the only man for you," Bill concluded. Brooke turned, and Bill nestled his nose in her hair. The camera view split to show Deacon beside them onscreen.

In Liam's office, Bob Barker and Liam discussed the success Liam's article had garnered for the animal shelter. As Bob left, he asked Liam to keep advising people to get their pets spayed or neutered.

Later, Liam was on the phone, trying to tell Alison to make a visitor go away, but Wyatt entered anyway. Wyatt was carrying a box full of Bu's toys, food, and kitty litter. He plopped it down and refused to live with the "hairball." Liam said Hope wouldn't stand for it, but Wyatt contended that her husband was allergic. "You're allergic to cats," Liam cynically said.

"Yeah. And anything that reminds her of you," Wyatt added. He figured that Liam could use the cat's company due to the lonely nights. Liam looked down. Suddenly, he grabbed a tablet and charged out of his office. Wyatt pursued Liam, shouting that Liam was still taking the cat.

Outside on a pathway, Liam caught up to Bob Barker to hand him the forgotten tablet. Wyatt ran up to them and told Liam that they weren't done. "Just because I'm not some stupid animal lover doesn't mean I'm taking that cat," Wyatt asserted, his face inches from Liam's.

Bob turned Wyatt to face him and asked who he was. Wyatt asked why Bob cared. Bob stated that animal lovers were not stupid, and he didn't like that type of remark. "Sorry. You're right. I meant animal wacko," Wyatt retorted. Bob asked Wyatt to tread carefully, and Liam told Wyatt not to be a "jackass." Bob suggested that a pet could make Wyatt happy, and Wyatt seemed to need that.

Wyatt scoffed, and Bob repeated his mantra of having pets spayed or neutered. "Wacko! Whoa!" Wyatt said to Bob. "That's it. That's it!" Bob declared and socked Wyatt in the face. The shocked Wyatt sustained at least six punches from Bob, who then uppercut him and punched him in the back.

Wyatt hit the ground, and Liam chuckled. With his foot, Bob shoved Wyatt, and Wyatt rolled down the grassy incline. "Really?" Wyatt said as he sat up. Bob proclaimed, "I've still got it, 'wacko!'"

At the sky lounge, Ivy and Aly prepared Maya for a photo shoot. Maya asked for Rick's opinion of how she looked. "Wow..." Carter murmured to Oliver, who guessed it was hard to work with an ex. Carter quipped that the best thing one could do with "a mess like that" was to move on.

Maya was perky during the photo shoot, and her eyes flirted with the camera and Rick. At the end, Rick congratulated everyone and told them to have a great time at the Bikini Bar party that evening. Maya asked if he'd be attending, but he said that Caroline was still out of town.

Maya urged Rick to go out anyway and celebrate the success in Paris. Carter suggested making it a guys' night out, but Oliver responded that he had a beautiful date.

Nearby, Aly was excited to hear that Ivy had a date with Liam that night. Ivy corrected that it wasn't really a date, but he wouldn't be sitting at home alone that evening.

As the sun set, Rick, clad in a breezy purple shirt and shorts, arrived in the midst of flashing cameras outside the Bikini Bar. He posed for a few photos and headed inside. The party was in full swing, and when he met the open-shirt-wearing Carter, he noted that the paparazzi had delayed him. Carter replied that Rick had put Forrester on the map and suggested that they celebrate with shots.

Aly arrived with Ivy and Oliver. As Oliver got them a table, Aly became worried about ruining Ivy's date with Liam. Ivy again declared that it was a party, not a date, but Aly replied that Liam would love Ivy's hair. "And speaking of..." Aly said as Liam traversed the crowd to reach them.

Aly left to join Oliver, and Liam complimented Ivy's hair. She said she was glad he'd made it. Liam concluded that a night out was just what he needed.

. . .

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