Thursday, May 26, 2016

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Thomas discussed business. Thomas had an expectant look on his face, and Ridge asked what the matter was. Thomas wanted to have Douglas that evening and spend uninterrupted time with his son. Ridge said the only one that got to call Douglas his son was Ridge.

Ridge reminded Thomas that the walls had ears. Thomas said to look, but Ridge quipped that Thomas needed to look. Ridge explained that, despite Rick, Ridge was CEO and in control. One day, Thomas would lead Forrester, and Ridge had thought a lot about grooming Thomas for the CEO position.

Thomas, in Ridge's view, needed overseas experience, and therefore, Thomas was headed to Shanghai. Thomas asked if Paris wasn't far enough away for Ridge. Ridge insisted the help was needed in Asian markets. Ridge called it the greatest experience of Thomas' life and said that, when Thomas returned, Ridge could tell Eric that Thomas ready to take over.

Thomas said it was still years away. Ridge replied that he still needed Thomas to be ready. Ridge claimed that there were commercial flights that went between home and there all the time, so Thomas could be back when he needed to be. "To see my son?" Thomas asked, and he added that Douglas was his son whether Ridge wanted to call him that or not.

Ridge insisted that he wanted Thomas to understand that being CEO meant sacrifices. Thomas wanted Ridge to be honest about wanting to get rid of Thomas. Ridge admitted that emotions were raw, and it might be good to have some space. He told Thomas that men raised other men's babies all the time, and Ridge cited that Eric had raised him instead of Massimo.

Thomas pointed out that Ridge and Massimo were estranged. Ridge said the situations were different. Thomas noted that Massimo hadn't known until much later, but Thomas already knew about Douglas. Thomas assumed Ridge wanted Thomas to man up and forget he had a son. Ridge told Thomas to do what was best for Douglas and added that Thomas needed to get on with his life.

Ridge believed the trip would make Thomas a better designer, businessman, and person. Thomas only contended that Ridge wanted Thomas on the other side of the world. Ridge insisted that it was to secure his sons' futures. Ridge was sure that if the secret got out, Eric would hand the business to Rick, who'd run into the ground, and he asked if it was what Thomas wanted.

Thomas asked if Ridge knew what he was asking of Thomas. Ridge believed he was asking Thomas to do the right thing. Thomas said he would be shipped off to Shanghai so that Ridge would enjoy his perfect little life. Thomas didn't know what Ridge thought had happened on conception night. Ridge got upset and yelled, asking if Thomas really wanted to have that conversation.

Thomas didn't, but he also didn't know if he could leave. Ridge said he loved Thomas, even though it didn't always seem that way. Ridge said he'd brought Thomas into the crazy, complicated world, and they all made mistakes. Ridge clarified Douglas wasn't a mistake but a great gift.

Ridge felt that he was giving Thomas a great gift so that he could take the Forrester reins. It was what Ridge needed Thomas to do. Whipping out a ticket, Ridge said he'd booked the flight, and Thomas was leaving that day. "This is something you have to do," Ridge stated.

At the mansion, Eric, Brooke, Vivienne, Nicole, and Zende gathered around Maya, Rick, and the baby, who was swaddled in a pink blanket. Zende and Nicole were preoccupied with talk of Sasha, but Rick called them over for an announcement. He and Maya had named the baby.

Handing Nicole the birth certificate, Rick asked if she approved. The name was Elizabeth Nicole Forrester, and Rick said they'd call her Lizzie for short. Maya said they were honoring Beth, Rick's grandmother, and Nicole, who'd made the miracle possible. Nicole and Maya hugged, and Nicole stared dismally at the baby.

Maya put the baby down and watched Zende and Nicole head into the kitchen. She followed the pair and overheard enough to glean that Zende wanted to be with Nicole. Maya hugged Nicole, and Zende said that he wanted to spend his life with Nicole and never disappoint her. He feared that he already had, though, because Sasha was pregnant.

Later, Maya had been filled in on how Zende had heard about the pregnancy. Zende said he didn't want to hurt Sasha, and he wouldn't turn his back on his child. "If there is a child," Maya quipped. Nicole asked if Maya also thought Sasha was lying.

Maya believed Sasha was desperate to hang on to Zende, and it was odd timing. Nicole said she'd told Sasha they'd find out if she was lying. Maya saw no reason to wait to find out.

In the living room, Eric, Brooke, and Vivienne discussed Zende and Nicole with Rick. They saw it as a hopeful sign that Zende had shown up at the hospital. Zende entered, and Rick asked if there was anything to report about Zende and Nicole. "Or should I pump Maya for details?" Rick asked. Zende replied that Nicole and Maya had left to take care of something.

At the photo studio, Julius griped to Sasha that he should be at the mansion with his family, but he wasn't because Sasha had wanted revenge about her paternity. As she put on makeup, Sasha said that if it was any consolation, she hadn't been invited, either. He wasn't surprised, given what she'd been up to. He said that getting pregnant by her sister's boyfriend wasn't the path to the love she wanted.

Sasha asserted that Zende and Nicole had already been broken up. Julius said Zende hadn't stopped loving Nicole. Sasha wanted Julius and her to work together, but he refused to get between his daughters. Sasha claimed she could help Aunt Viv forgive him if he supported Sasha and the baby. Julius said that if Sasha was pregnant, she should have nothing to worry about.

Julius expressed confidence that Zende would do the right thing by the baby, and Nicole would never stand between a father and a child. Sasha relayed that Zende had asked Nicole to return to him, and Nicole had agreed. Julius was pleased, but Sasha said things could still work out for her. She believed Zende loved her, too. Julius asked if Zende had said it or just made a baby with her.

"If that's what's even happening here," Julius added. The timing of the pregnancy was fishy to him. Sasha claimed that there was nothing fishy about it, and Nicole would just have to deal with it.

The photographer Jeremy arrived. Julius said he'd thought Sasha worked with Zende exclusively. "Obviously not, and if you don't mind, you can kick rocks," Sasha replied. Julius grinned at her dismissive behavior. She told him not to forget her offer for them to help each other.

Julius left, and the photo shoot commenced. Jeremy had problems getting Sasha in the mood. He guessed it was because he wasn't Zende. Jeremy asked if she and Zende were dating, engaged, or had kids. Sasha said she didn't have kids. Jeremy bet she wanted her future kids to be Zende's. She smiled, and Jeremy snapped away. Her smile faded when she remembered Nicole warning Sasha that she had better be telling the truth about the pregnancy.

Jeremy decided to end the shoot and try to work with what he had. She apologized and said she had a lot on her mind. Jeremy left. Sasha changed clothes and was about to leave when Maya and Nicole arrived. Maya assumed that Sasha had really thought that Maya wouldn't find out. Sasha claimed that an off-day modeling was no big deal. Maya replied that Sasha was pregnant with Zende's baby.

Maya called it awfully convenient of Sasha to trap Zende. Sasha was offended and asked Nicole if she'd told Maya that Sasha was using the pregnancy to trap Zende. "If you really are pregnant," Maya added. Sasha acted surprised and said she didn't even get the benefit of the doubt.

Maya replied that she was looking out for her sister. Sasha quipped that she was also Maya's sister, if Maya hadn't forgotten. "Sister-to-sister, let's get it all out on the table," Maya said, whipping out a pregnancy test. Maya told Sasha to show her sisters that she was telling the truth.

. . .

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