Thursday, February 26, 2015

At the Aspen compound, Katie and Bill languished in bed on their honeymoon. Katie had a wedding gift that she kept forgetting to give Bill. She wasn't sure if he'd like the risk she'd taken with the gift but urged him to open it. He opened it and saw a new sword necklace like the one Ivy had designed for Liam. Katie said it was something new, like their new life.

Bill wasn't sure about the new necklace. The old one had been with him for his entire adult life, and it was part of who he was. He'd never taken it off, and its origin had no bearing on his attachment to it. Katie understood that it symbolized how he'd had to fight for everything in his life, but it also represented the past. The new necklace was his future.

Removing the old sword necklace from Bill's neck, Katie said the new union of Bill's family deserved something new. Katie put the new necklace on him, saying that it would grow in significance because it represented who he was at that time. She felt that he was stronger and better than ever before. Katie didn't want him to renounce his past, but to embrace his future.

Katie and Bill discussed the falling snow and how, as kids, Brooke had let Katie win at sledding. Katie was concerned about Brooke, who Katie hoped wasn't making bad choices due to loneliness.

Later, Bill was dressed. He reentered the bedroom to tell Katie something, but when he saw her in lingerie before the fireplace, he forgot what he was talking about. He readily removed his shirt to join her on the rug. Bill expressed his love for her, and he was grateful they'd reunited. He vowed that they'd be together forever, and the two began to make love.

At Quinn's loft, a breathless and red-faced Deacon hoisted himself up from the floor to halfway onto the kitchen counter. In his hand was a whisk, and he told Quinn that "that" was a new one. Sex had made Quinn hungry, and he offered to get takeout from Il Gardino. As he left, she told him not to be late, and he asked if she'd punish him. Quinn fiendishly replied that she'd do that either way.

Later, Quinn was setting the table when Wyatt arrived. He was checking on his mother after seeing her on Valentine's Day. He wanted to know if Deacon had made the holiday up to her after being with Brooke during it. Quinn was impressed that Wyatt was worried about her, but he cynically said he might be worried about Deacon because his mother didn't always do well with rejection.

Quinn said to not worry because Deacon treated her the way she wanted to be treated. She asked about Bill's wedding, and in discussing it, Wyatt remarked about Brooke's tipsiness. Quinn knew from Deacon that Brooke had been hitting the bottle and wondered what "that" was about.

Quinn was touched by Wyatt's concern but said Wyatt didn't have to worry about her because Deacon was a gentleman. Wyatt quipped that she'd have no interest in Deacon if that were true. Quinn said that when Wyatt had lost his child, Deacon had saved her from a bad place, and he'd been there for her ever since. She trusted Deacon.

Quinn was even thinking of beginning a business with Deacon, but Wyatt advised her to start a life -- with herself. He wanted happiness for his mother but didn't think Deacon could deliver. She said Deacon had done it thus far, but Wyatt was worried that she'd rely on a man for happiness. "He won't betray me. If he does --" Quinn began saying.

Wyatt cut in, saying the statement was just what he worried about. He didn't want Deacon to disappoint Quinn and wind up with a key missing body part. Wyatt didn't want her to go down a path like that. She was sure she wouldn't have to because Deacon wouldn't disappoint her.

At Forrester, Brooke and Eric toasted to their son's success. Brooke giggled, and Eric said he'd never tire of the sound of her laughter. She poured more scotch and toasted to Rick's parents. She tried to pour a third drink, but Eric said he still had a long day ahead of him. She offered to break for lunch at Il Gardino, but he was too busy to go. Brooke decided she'd go -- alone.

Eric hoped Brooke wouldn't drive, and she said she'd have a car take her. He asked if she was okay. She said she was glad things were stabilizing. Eric left, and she downed more scotch.

Later, Brooke was drinking at the restaurant when Deacon spotted her. She beckoned him to sit down and have a drink with her. Deacon sat down but said he was there to pick up takeout, and Quinn was waiting for him. Brooke was sure that was true and again tempted him to drink. He asked how many drinks she'd had, and she mentioned that she'd begun drinking with Eric.

Deacon asked if Brooke had driven there. "No, I was driven," Brooke quipped. His food arrived. He paid the server for it and for Brooke's drinks. He decided that they were leaving because he didn't trust drivers with drunk women. She protested, and Deacon struggled to lift her from her chair.

Brooke was flailing everywhere as she claimed she was just buzzed. She drew attention to herself when she knocked over glasses while picking up her purse, and Deacon hustled her out of there.

Later, Deacon stumbled with Brooke into her house. She danced around the room, ready for more drinks, but he wanted her to sober up and take a nap. Brooke decided to go upstairs. She was going to sober up but said Deacon would help her. She tripped on the way up the stairs, and shaking his head with exasperation, he warned her to be careful.

While Brooke was upstairs, Deacon saw a picture of her and Hope. He flashed back to past times with Brooke. Brooke arrived downstairs in a bathing suit and sarong. She wanted him to go swimming with her, but he said he couldn't be her drinking buddy or go swimming with her. He asked if she got that. Brooke claimed she didn't get it, but what she could get was another "drinkie."

Brooke swiveled on her heel to go to her bar, but Deacon whipped her around and kissed her. They pulled back and stared at each other in surprise.

. . .

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