Thursday, September 11, 2014

At his office in the morning, Bill called Liam, who was working from home, to confirm their plans to watch a game that evening. As they concluded their call, Wyatt arrived to ask a favor of his father. Wyatt asked if he could move into the Spencer Cliff House with Hope. "That's Liam's house," Bill said.

Bill asked why Wyatt would want Liam's house, and Wyatt replied that it was bigger. "What?" Bill exclaimed. Beating the air with his fist, Wyatt complained that Liam was single, Wyatt was married, and Liam didn't need all that space. Bill replied that Wyatt didn't need it either, and Wyatt scoffed.

Bill asked if Wyatt was saying that Hope was pregnant. Dismissing his father's guess, Wyatt stated that it could happen one day, and it was good to be prepared. Wyatt claimed not to be asking Liam to live under a bridge, and he offered to let Liam live at the bachelor-pad beach house instead. Bill doubted that Liam wanted to think of himself as living in a bachelor pad.

Wyatt believed "that" could be the problem. Wyatt stated that Liam had lost the girl fair and square and asked if that wasn't what Bill had been telling Liam. "It was," Bill murmured. Wyatt asked Bill to talk to Liam and contended that it wasn't good for Liam to live all the way over there alone, where he'd once lived with Hope.

Believing it could be a new start for Liam, Wyatt offered to "De-Wyatt" the place and stock it with tofu. Bill agreed to talk to Liam but wouldn't make promises. Wyatt said he'd heard that Liam had been trolling and had kissed Ivy. Bill acknowledged it but said he wished she had a different last name.

At home later, Liam was closing a document on his laptop. He saw the picture of him and Hope that had somehow resurfaced on his desktop. Bill arrived with a pizza and bucket of chicken. He threw a football, and it whizzed by Liam and out the open patio door. "We'll work on that," Bill said of Liam's failure to catch. Bill was pumped about the game that night and asked if Liam was, too.

Liam wasn't psyched. He thought Bill was early for the game. Bill offered to return later -- or watch the game at his place. Bill called the cliff house cavernous, like a "mauso-liam" or shrine to something. Liam replied that he was working on it. Bill suggested that the young and single Liam move to the city and get back into the game.

Liam replied that a lifestyle like that wasn't really him. Liam liked it where it was; it was peaceful. Bill replied that Liam had spent a lot of time in that house with Hope, and it might be time for a fresh start. Liam replied that he wasn't ready for that, and he was taken aback when Bill, whose mouth was stuffed with chicken, yelled, "Well, get ready for it, Liam, all right! It's over! It's done!"

Bill insisted that Liam would never find the woman for him while camped out on the side of the cliff. Liam grew suspicious and asked why the hard sell. Stammering while he munched on a chicken leg, Bill reluctantly murmured that Wyatt wanted to move in there with Hope. Liam asked what Bill had just said. "He wants to move in here with Hope!" Bill repeated louder.

Liam asked why Wyatt hadn't asked him because it was Liam's house. Bill corrected that it was Bill's house. Liam assumed Bill had turned Wyatt down. In Bill's silence, Liam chucked a piece of chicken at Bill, who then said he'd agreed to talk to Liam. "So, can I do that? Can I talk to you?" Bill asked.

Liam growled and folded his arms. Bill said that Wyatt was married, and the cliff house had more space. Liam retorted that the beach house was "so" small. "For a family..." Bill replied. Liam asked if Hope was pregnant, and Bill said she wasn't. Liam asserted that the pair could find their own house, but Bill asked what the point of that would be if Liam wanted to go to the beach house or live in the city.

"This is about Wyatt taking everything from me! Well, I'm not moving out! Period," Liam declared.

Later, Liam was alone when Wyatt breezed in through the front door, carrying a bottle of champagne. He called it a house-warming gift, because, "You're moving. I assume you heard."

Liam said he wasn't moving out. Wyatt decided that Liam was being stubborn, and Wyatt knew why. Liam claimed it had nothing to do with the marriage, which had happened because Wyatt had been an opportunist. "And you being a no-show again," Wyatt murmured.

Liam almost debated the statement, but cut himself short. Wyatt admitted that Liam had a right to be upset but said Liam had to move on at some point. Wyatt mentioned that Liam had kissed Ivy, and Liam couldn't believe Wyatt would drag her into it. Wyatt claimed it was an issue of space, and Liam snarkily said he'd heard about them planning a family.

Liam asked if Hope was in on the plans, but Wyatt refused to debate it. Liam said it wasn't really about family planning or space; it was about Wyatt trying to gobble up everything that was Liam's. Wyatt said that Liam needed to talk to somebody. Stamping his feet, Liam decreed his land sacred, promised to him by his father, and insisted Wyatt would not take it from him.

Wyatt claimed that he wanted to exchange, not take. Liam refused to do it, and Wyatt called him unreasonable. "Because I won't give up my home, so you can have something else that's mine?" Liam raged. Liam declared that the house was all he had left, and it would never be Wyatt's.

At Forrester, Hope tensed upon entering Rick's office, where Ivy was working. Sensing awkwardness, Ivy apologized for the exchange they'd had the other day. Hope dismissed it, as they'd each said their peace, but Ivy insisted that she hadn't meant any disrespect.

Hope switched the subject to the couture line and then to Ivy's dinner party. Hope asked how it had gone and who'd been there. Ivy named Rick, Caroline, Aly, and Oliver and noted that it had been an impromptu event. Hope pressed to know who else had been there, and Ivy mentioned Liam. "By invitation, I assume," Hope snipped, rolling her eyes with a cynical smile.

Ivy stated that she cared about Liam just as much as Hope did, and Hope figured that meant Ivy would see that he needed time to sort things out on his own. Ivy wanted to help him do it and asked if she and Hope both wanted simply to see Liam happy again. Hope asserted that she knew him better, and he didn't need to jump into a romantic relationship so soon. "He's been running the treadmill with me for years!" Hope exclaimed.

Ivy believed she could give Liam the room he needed, but Hope doubted Ivy's objectivity. Ivy guessed that it was she who Hope didn't like, and Hope also didn't like that Ivy was a Forrester. Ivy told Hope not to worry about Liam. Hope said she didn't worry about him; she cared about him, and he needed time to heal before moving on.

Ivy said that she and Hope wanted the same things, and if they could work together, they should be able to get along. Ivy added that getting along was the same thing Hope wanted for Wyatt and Liam. Hope asserted that the men would get along, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

In the CEO's office, Maya slipped in while Caroline was studying designs. Assuming Maya was looking for Ridge, Caroline said he'd just left after helping her with a few designs. Maya thought it was strange for Ridge to do that, because it was crunch time for Ridge to produce designs. Maya was surprised that Ridge had time for Caroline or anyone, even Katie.

"Ridge will deliver," Caroline asserted. Maya cynically quipped that Caroline sounded like she was Ridge's right hand. Caroline claimed to help when needed, and Maya questioned Ridge's need for help. Caroline snipped back, asking what was with all the questions.

Maya innocently claimed to be glad that Caroline was working with Ridge because Caroline might be designing the future couture collections. The skeptical Caroline thanked Maya for the compliment -- if it had been one -- but Caroline believed that Ridge had a lot of years ahead of him.

Katie arrived, looking for Ridge. Caroline complimented Ridge as a designer, and a salacious look covered Maya's face when Caroline remarked that Ridge drew out the designer in her. Maya remarked that everyone was waiting on the couture designs, and Caroline protectively asserted that everyone would have to be patient because Ridge was doing his best. Katie agreed.

Maya exited, and Caroline confided to Katie about not liking everyone pressuring Ridge, who always "came through." Caroline knew that there would be another fabulous Forrester collection, just like always. Katie surmised that Ridge had told Caroline about his problem. Closing the office door for privacy, Caroline replied that Ridge had told her that he couldn't draw.

Caroline vowed to keep the secret safe, and Katie was relieved that Ridge had finally confided in someone else. Caroline said she'd figured it out on her own when he hadn't been able to sketch without guiding her hand. To her, Ridge was a genius and he'd taught her more in two days than she'd ever learned in school. Caroline was sure he'd get through it.

Katie was grateful because Ridge had needed a breakthrough. Caroline grinned. She felt like she was the grateful one. To Caroline, Ridge was on a whole different level and knew what women needed to be beautiful. Caroline said he dressed women as if he loved every single one of them.

Caroline had felt a surge of energy when Ridge had guided her hand as he'd perfected the lines. "It was all Ridge. But it was me, too. He changed my career, Katie. He changed my life," Caroline professed. Caroline wanted to see Ridge get his gift back. Katie said Caroline had given him back his confidence, and Caroline called it unreal.

Katie acknowledged that it was real, and Ridge recognized Caroline's talents. Katie believed that Caroline could help Ridge, and Katie appreciated that Caroline had given him something that Katie couldn't.

. . .

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