Thursday, August 27, 15

In the evening at the beach house, Ivy and Wyatt said they had the power and wouldn't be pushed around. She knew he didn't like the idea of putting Steffy in jail. He said it wouldn't happen, as long as they got what they wanted. He believed that people like Liam got things handed to them. Wyatt felt that, as long as no one got hurt, it was fine to use the video to get him and Ivy a chance to move up.

Over wine, Wyatt and Ivy discussed how they were probably the bad ones in Liam and Steffy's eyes. Ivy said Liam had made her promises, but she'd become the disappointment after Steffy had returned to town and murdered their cousin. Wyatt was amazed that his brother had said that. Ivy replied that it had been in Liam's tone when he'd said she wasn't the Ivy he'd known.

Wyatt said change was good, because the new Ivy wouldn't wait for Liam's scraps. Ivy conveyed that Liam thought it was Wyatt's fault, and Ivy had hung around Quinn for too long. Ivy said it was true, and her changes were due to Wyatt. Wyatt asked if it was a good or bad thing and if she had any regrets or thought he was a bad influence on her.

Ivy didn't think it was bad, but she did have regrets. She regretted not wising up to Liam sooner and not being a better friend to Aly. Ivy said the change Liam saw was Ivy's coping mechanism for Aly's death, and Ivy didn't care if Liam didn't know who she was anymore. She felt stronger due to Wyatt.

Wyatt found the fire within Ivy sexy. He said a weaker person might have "gone home." Ivy admitted to contemplating it, but she asked what it would mean for Aly's memory if Ivy packed up and left. "Especially if you'd be leaving me," Wyatt added.

Ivy said Wyatt was joking, but it was kind of true. She told him that he'd been a shoulder to cry on when she learned she'd been just a Steffy stand-in. Ivy said she and Wyatt had been bummed that they'd never find people like them again and hadn't realized what had been right in front of them. Wyatt stated that he realized "now," and he and Ivy kissed.

Wyatt couldn't help but wonder what would happen in a few months when Liam would tell Ivy that he was done with Steffy. Ivy replied that Liam would never be done with Steffy. Wyatt stated that Liam always needed a girl in the wings. Agreeing, Ivy was sure Liam had been shocked when she'd declined the role, and she declared that he'd have to find another. Wyatt said she'd made his day.

Wyatt wanted Ivy to know that she'd helped him, too. He'd felt like second fiddle to Liam, but Ivy had seen Wyatt's potential and wasn't looking over his shoulder, waiting for Liam to show up. "Right?" he asked. Ivy claimed not to be waiting for Liam.

Wyatt said Ivy was genuine and all the things he wasn't. Ivy replied that he was all those things. Dubiously, he said he tried. To him, Liam had taken advantage of her goodness, but Wyatt planned to appreciate it. Liam had wronged her, but it had given her a confidence that Wyatt found sexy.

Wyatt and Ivy kissed and had sex on the sofa. After, Ivy was amazed at how different her summer had turned out. She'd been in a marriage of convenience with Liam but had wound up with Wyatt. Wyatt said she was moving up in the world. She said it was thanks to his support, which was the most support she'd ever felt. Surprised, Wyatt asked about her parents' support.

Ivy said her father was great, but he was in and out and always traveling. Her mother wasn't as hands-on as Quinn. Ivy noted that she'd been in the States for a while, but it hadn't yet occurred to her mother to visit her. Ivy would understand if it was because of a job or money, but it wasn't. Ivy said her mother had always been in her mother's own world.

Wyatt knew what it was like to have a mother who was in her own world, and it emphasized his point that it was good they'd found each other. He felt that he and Ivy could do anything together. "It is good to have some leverage, though," Ivy remarked, getting her phone.

As they watched the video again, Ivy said she wouldn't waste it and let Aly's death be in vain. She believed Aly would want her to use the video. She felt that Aly had been an underdog like them, and Aly would tell them to use the video to win and take whatever they could from Liam and Steffy. Wyatt kissed Ivy's forehead but looked concerned.

At the cliff house, Liam informed Steffy that Ivy probably expected Steffy to go to the police herself. The flustered Steffy said the only reason she'd go to the police would be to report Ivy's blackmail. Feeling responsible, he noted that Ivy wouldn't be blackmailing Steffy if he'd stayed with Ivy. Steffy said he should be glad he'd escaped. He figured it was one way to look at it.

Steffy didn't want to think about it anymore. The pair decided to have a quiet evening without video talk. They selected a Bob Hope movie and savored the idea of togetherness. Liam claimed that he hadn't ever really given up on the idea of her returning home. They toasted to home.

Steffy and Liam ate pizza, and she thanked him for making her laugh and remember that she had a lot to look forward to. They cuddled and watched the movie. She told him that it felt good that he believed in her and hadn't walked away. Liam said that neither of them would let go ever again. At Ridge's loft, Ridge stood before Thomas' smiley face painting with a rose in hand and asked if Thomas liked to paint. Referring to Ridge's portrait of Caroline, Thomas said it had inspired him. Ridge replied that it inspired him, too, but if Thomas wanted to impress Ridge, he'd concentrate on designing.

Thomas claimed he'd been doing that very thing with Caroline, who'd been helping him out. "Was she?" Ridge asked, staring at Caroline. He kept watching her as Thomas pulled out his designs. Hesitating, Thomas asked if Ridge would rip them up. "I hope not," Ridge replied.

As Ridge tore his gaze from Caroline and reviewed a design, Thomas nervously explained the changes he'd made after receiving Caroline's input. Kissing Caroline, Ridge said Thomas had improved and was on the right track; however, Ridge still hadn't decided how Thomas fit into the business.

Caroline said she'd told Thomas that the designs would be good. Ridge noted that she seemed invested. Caroline stated that she'd seen Thomas' growth as a designer. She wanted things to work out for him and for everyone. Thomas liked earning his way by his merit and not his name. Ridge said he wanted Thomas to be the best designer he could be -- even better than Ridge after Ridge was gone.

Feeling inspired, Thomas decided to return to the office to work. As he was closing the door behind himself, he observed that Caroline couldn't wait to hop up on Ridge, who was standing by the fireplace. She wrapped her legs around Ridge's waist, and Thomas closed the door as the couple kissed.

. . .

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