Thursday, March 26, 2015

At the mansion, Rick told Nicole it was a private conversation. Nicole felt it was too bad, but she'd heard it. She asked if Maya wanted her gone or if they'd take the chance at being sisters. Rick guessed that he'd moved to quickly by asking Nicole to move in.

Rick had observed tension between the sisters. Nicole said it wasn't from her. He reasoned that he had to respect Maya's feeling, but they'd take care of Nicole and get her a place nearby. Nicole acknowledged that the road to sisterhood had been bumpy, but she said the best way to smooth it was to remain together, not apart. Nicole asked what the conspicuously quiet Maya thought.

Maya said that Rick's first instincts had been right, but it wasn't easy being with her sister after so much time apart. She admitted to being guarded and protective of herself. She wanted the chance to become real sisters, and she wanted to be a woman Nicole could respect and look up to. Maya said that if Nicole wanted the same, then Maya wanted Nicole to stay.

Nicole wanted to be there if Maya really wanted it. Maya said she did, and Rick figured that all the sisters had to overcome was distance, which should be a cinch. He left so they could get started.

Alone with Maya, Nicole said she hadn't arrived there to blackmail Maya. She just wanted to be a part of the life Maya had built. Nicole was proud of her big sister and wanted to be close to her. "But I have expectations," Nicole added.

Nicole wanted to be treated like family, not a misaddressed package. She wanted Maya to look out for her and share the wealth. Maya asked what Nicole wanted her to share. Nicole thought "share" might be the wrong word and mentioned having trouble with her car lease. Maya claimed not to have the authority to lend out Forrester vehicles.

"Then ask Rick -- or not!" Nicole stated and added that it was just an example of reaching out. Nicole said it wasn't about material things; she just wanted to feel like family. Maya agreed that she could be more welcoming; however, Maya insisted that Nicole let Maya handle her past in her own way. Maya asserted that unless Rick proposed, he could not know that she was transgender. Grinning, Nicole said it was no problem, and if Maya took care of Nicole, Nicole would take care of Maya.

At Brooke's house, Katie and Brooke set the coffee table to eat their takeout. Brooke frowned nervously as she watched Katie open some wine. Brooke hid a twinge as Katie set a glass before her.

Katie asked about Brooke's involvement in Forrester. Brooke said Rick was in charge and doing a good job. She was sure he didn't want his mother looking over his shoulder. Brooke watched every drop of wine Katie sipped, and Katie asked if Brooke had experienced a big change since Milan. Brooke said she'd been needed overseas, but back home, it seemed as if the world had passed her by.

Katie asked what Brooke was doing with herself. Brooke said she'd been thinking, figuring it all out. Katie felt that Brooke needed to get out of the house more and visit Will. "You've been alone too long," Katie added, and Brooke stared at the wine.

Brooke strode to her bar for a bottle of water. She told her sister not to worry about her and insisted she was just adjusting to being alone. Brooke asked if Katie had enjoyed it. Katie admitted that when Bill had been gone, she'd felt as if the house would swallow her, but she'd forced herself to focus on her present, future, and Will. Katie's job had helped, and she suggested that Brooke return to work.

Brooke said Rick deserved to be in control of Forrester, and Katie suggested that Brooke do volunteer work. Katie added that she'd be there if the walls felt as if they were caving in. Brooke said she knew she could count on Katie, but Brooke needed to navigate things on her own. She needed to figure out who the newly single and independent Brooke was.

Katie left, and Brooke cleaned up. She picked up her untouched wine glass and sniffed it. Panicked, she charged outside and with the glass and bottle. Brooke poured the wine into the fountain by the porch. She sat on the stoop and wiped away tears.

At Quinn's loft, Deacon told Quinn to stop staring at her diamond. Quinn loved her ring and said if it had tons of carats, she wouldn't be able to wear it a lot. She did note that she might change it design-wise, though. He offered to reset it, but she protested because he'd picked it out for her.

Deacon noticed a look in Quinn's eyes, and she took off for the bedroom. She returned to the living room in dominatrix mode. She blindfolded Deacon and commanded him to get down on his knees.

Later, Deacon was huffing and puffing about the things "you do to me." He'd never met a woman like Quinn before and planned to put it in writing the day they got married. "If we're allowed to get married," Quinn replied. Deacon said Brooke couldn't stop their runaway train. With a kiss, Quinn thanked him for "one hell of a ride."

Deacon poured Quinn some wine and grabbed water for himself. She refused the drink, and he said she didn't have to do that. Quinn asked what would happen if he tasted wine on her lips. He didn't know. She said she didn't plan to make his sobriety difficult for him, so they'd share the water.

Quinn turned to wedding talk. She relayed her dream of a big wedding but figured no one would attend. She knew Wyatt would be there and asked if Hope would attend. Deacon didn't know. Quinn theorized that Hope could take along some Forresters and Logans and maybe Bill. "Bill?" Deacon rasped.

"Maybe not, so just Wyatt," Quinn relented and grinned. It wasn't much of a guest list to her, and she asked how it was that they had no friends. She remembered his friend from the meetings and asked if Deacon wanted to invite "him." Deacon said it defeated the point, and Quinn remembered that things were supposed to be anonymous. She concluded that guests were overrated.

Quinn showed Deacon a picture on her laptop. Surprised, he guessed it was her wedding dress. She said the lace softened it a bit. He concluded that it was different but definitely sexy.

Quinn conveyed her idea of having a ceremony at night with candles and bonfires. Deacon said it sounded witchy like her. He liked it. "You are such a turn-on. I can't believe I caught you," he added. Quinn quipped that no one caught her, and they kissed.

. . .

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