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Thursday, August 21, 2014

At Forrester in the morning, Ivy and Aly prepared to leave for the party, but Aly didn't know how to congratulate Hope on a wedding that never should have happened. Ivy knew it wouldn't be easy to show that kind of class. Aly insisted that Liam needed to tell Hope the truth at the party.

At the cliff house, Bill informed Liam that the newlyweds had arrived in town, and Bill expected Liam to be at the party that day. Liam exclaimed that Bill shouldn't count on it. Bill reasoned that Liam had to learn to live with it sooner or later, and Bill warned Liam not to tell Hope about Liam's Paris trip.

Liam asserted that if he'd been on time, he and Hope would be having the party. Bill replied that it hadn't happened that way, and Liam had to put it behind him. Liam contended that he might be able to do it if he didn't have to show his face at Brooke's house.

Bill said that it was a family gathering, and Bill was laying down the law. Liam stated he would show up -- hand-to-God -- if Bill called the newlyweds, and they said they wanted Liam to be there. Bill called Wyatt, who readily said he didn't want Liam at the party, causing a scene. Bill said he'd take care of that. After the call, Liam asked what Wyatt had said. "Oh, yeah, he wants you there," Bill lied.

Liam was stunned, and Bill said that Liam shouldn't prolong the inevitable. Liam asked if Bill knew how much Liam had loved that girl. Grasping Liam's shoulders, Bill replied that he knew, and he was glad to hear Liam using the past tense. Bill told Liam that he had to man up and accept that Hope was Wyatt's wife. Liam nodded, and he and Bill hugged.

In Katie's bedroom, Ridge sighed, staring at his sophomoric drawings. Katie, dressed in white, asked why he wasn't ready. He murmured that he wasn't going, but she replied that it would mean a lot to Hope if he did. He wasn't thrilled about being around Bill, a new, distant member of Ridge's family. "Well, not so-distant if he marries Brooke," Ridge quipped.

Katie was sure that Brooke would soon have to be done with Bill -- once she knew everything. Katie wanted to tell Brooke, but Ridge stated that if Brooke knew he'd lost his talent, everyone would know. Katie believed it was only a temporary loss, and she wanted Bill to pay for what he'd done. Ridge promised that Bill would pay, but for the time being, she and Ridge had to keep it to themselves.

Ridge dressed for the party. He sighed, saying that it was another wedding, and there was one more happening in the future. Katie smiled, and he warned her to keep him away from Spencer.

At Quinn's loft, Deacon buttoned his cuffs, and Quinn looked at Ridge's discarded drawings. Quinn theorized that Brooke would be done with Bill once she heard about Ridge's issue, but Deacon said that if the word got out, Ridge would be washed-up as a designer. Quinn declared that on that day, Brooke would learn what Bill had done to Ridge's talent, and it would be a win-win for the "good guys."

Quinn flashed back to her long past with Bill. She stated that the drawings held the key to her and Deacon's future. Her plan was for her and Deacon to arrive separately at the party because only Wyatt knew that they lived together, and Brooke would learn that Ridge had become a former shell of himself, thanks to Bill.

Deacon figured that Bill would hate Quinn for dropping the bomb, but Quinn replied that Deacon would do it. Reasoning that Brooke had been grateful when he'd dropped the Abu Dhabi bombshell, Quinn figured Brooke would be even more so when he dropped "this sucker" into her lap.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Wyatt rushed in, and Brooke, dressed in white, ecstatically congratulated them. The three discussed who'd be at the party, and Hope wanted Ridge and Deacon to be there. Brooke wasn't sure about Ridge, but Hope had faith that he'd show up. Wyatt wished Brooke could have been at the wedding. Brooke wished she'd been there, too, because it had been a day she'd thought about for a long time.

Brooke thought it was a shame that Quinn wouldn't be there, but Wyatt stated that Quinn had been released from her therapy. Hope added that Wyatt had said that Quinn was doing better. Tensely, Brooke replied that it was nice. Brooke added that Hope should know that Liam would be there, too.

Later, Brooke was helping the caterers in the kitchen when Quinn arrived, beaming about loving parties. Brooke faked a smile as she remarked that the wedding of their children was special. Quinn had always known it would happen and felt that things always turned out as they should. At Brooke's scowl, Quinn said that Brooke could go ahead and ask about the therapy.

Brooke murmured that Quinn seemed better. Quinn replied that she'd never felt more alive or ready for the next challenge. Quinn apologized for her part in the incident at Brooke's wedding. Brooke dismissed it, saying she just wanted to put it behind her. Quinn said that Brooke was truly blessed by Ridge's loyalty. Squinting with irritation, Brooke replied that Ridge was a true friend.

When Ivy and Aly arrived, Quinn was lingering in the background listening to their small talk with Brooke. Brooke reluctantly introduced Ivy to Quinn, who chattily noted that Ivy had replaced Quinn at Forrester. Deacon then arrived, and Quinn and Deacon pretended to meet for the first time.

Brooke took Aly and Ivy into the main room, and Quinn ordered Deacon to stop clowning around and do the job he had to do that day. Deacon suggested that Quinn take a breather.

Upstairs, Hope had changed into a white dress. Wyatt and she joked around when he said she looked okay. Hope asked if he thought Liam would show up, and Wyatt replied that Liam probably wanted a clean break. Hope unconvincingly agreed, adding that it was why Liam hadn't been in Paris.

Changing the subject, Wyatt said it was unreal. He'd had one wish in his life, and it had become true. He and Hope hugged.

Downstairs, Rick, Donna, and Carter mingled. Carter answered the front door for Maya and bit out that the Forrester wannabe had arrived. Scowling, Maya narrowed her gaze on Quinn and asked who'd let her out. Maya also remarked that Aly was there without Oliver in tow. Carter asked Maya to be nice -- if at all possible.

Liam and Bill arrived. Quinn waved at Liam, and Liam asked Bill what she was doing there. Bill replied that "looney tunes" was the groom's mother. Quinn pranced up to greet them, and she asked Liam to forgive her. "Is this one of your twelve steps?" Liam quipped. Liam hoped she was indeed a woman changed from the one who'd tried to kill him.

Quinn asked if everyone could put that issue aside on the special day, and Liam marched off to get a drink. Quinn asked if she could offer Bill a drink. "No," he bit out and walked off.

Next, Katie and Ridge arrived, and Brooke and Deacon greeted them. Hand-in-hand, Wyatt and Hope descended the stairs. Bill asked everyone to gather around as he made the first toast to the newlyweds. Liam looked away as everyone cheered, and Hope and Wyatt kissed.

Hope hugged the guests, and her eyes locked with Liam's. They stared at each other wordlessly until Bill noticed and asked Liam if he intended to congratulate the bride.

. . .

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  • The crying Hope asks why Liam hadn't come to her in Paris.
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