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Thursday, February 16, 2017

At the Forrester mansion, Nicole and Zende's wedding reception was in full swing in the crowded living room. Kristen couldn't stop crying in her happiness. Eric and Quinn expressed how happy they were to host the wedding. Ridge gave the newlyweds Brooke's best, and Zende was grateful Brooke had avoided getting the couple sick before their honeymoon.

As the party continued, Pam noted to Charlie that the "caterers" were slacking off, and she decided to get everyone more Champagne. Nearby, Nicole wondered how Zende had accomplished getting permission to have the portrait over the fireplace. Zende said he'd wanted his wife up there that day, and Eric had agreed to it.

Eric said it was there due to Quinn's graciousness. Quinn remarked that it was just for the day, and it was kind of nice not seeing herself each time she turned around. Maya asked if Quinn was really okay with it. "Of course. It's Nicole's big day," Quinn responded. Rick said that he was surprised to hear it from Quinn. Quinn replied that she was full of surprises. She glanced at Eric, and in her peripheral vision, she saw Ridge watching her from across the room.

In the kitchen, Shirley, in her blonde "Norman Bates" styled wig, panicked about infiltrating the wedding. Sally, in her black bobbed wig with bangs, tried to calm Shirley down, but Shirley was sure they'd be the only ones led out in handcuffs. Shirley frowned at her cake and said it hardly looked like a wedding cake. Sally shoved a Champagne bottle into Shirley's hand, and they left the kitchen to set bottles on the beverage and desserts table near the front door.

Sally was surprised that the Forresters weren't as uppity as she'd thought. "Oh, please," Shirley replied with a scowl. Sally said the family seemed to rally together and support each other. As Sally glanced around the room, she spotted Thomas. They gazed at each other, and to Shirley, Sally stated, "I've never seen anything like it."

Sally wandered by the stairs, and Thomas touched her back. "Gotcha," he said. Sally greeted him casually, as if she was supposed to be there. He was surprised that, in addition to being a talented designer, she was a caterer extraordinaire. Sally replied that every now and then, she had to make extra dough to get the business off the ground.

Thomas found it weird that, of all the weddings in town, Sally had chosen to work at his cousin's wedding. It kind of reminded him of Brooke and Ridge, who'd locked eyes in that very room at a party that Brooke had been catering. "And the rest is history," he concluded. The only difference in the meetings to Thomas was that Sally was imitating a caterer instead of really being one.

Thomas said imitating was what the Spectras did best, and he couldn't get over how good Sally looked in the outfit. Sally replied that the tuxedo-clad Thomas didn't look so bad, either.

Near the center of the room, Zende was ready to dance. Tony and Kristen chuckled, remembering how Zende had loved dancing ever since he'd been a kid. Nicole recalled that she and Zende had danced down the aisles when he'd taken her to her first concert in the city. Zende twirled Nicole around, saying he'd known she'd been the one since the first day they'd laid eyes on each other.

Later, the guests made a circle, and Nicole tossed her bouquet to the single women in the room. Sasha went for it, but Pam charged in and intercepted it. Rick and Maya talked about how happy Zende and Nicole were. Rick stated that another Avant had joined his family. "You Forrester guys are pretty lucky," Maya said. Rick agreed, and she kissed him.

As everyone chatted, Quinn glanced at Ridge, who was pouring a drink by the door. Sensing her stare, he looked over at her. She raised her glass a slight bit in response. Ridge turned when he heard a pouring sound and saw R.J. beside him, filling a champagne glass. R.J. said not to worry because it was apple cider.

Ridge replied that he hadn't said anything. R.J. claimed to be able to read his father's mind. Ridge asked what Ridge was thinking, and R.J. replied that Ridge was thinking that he wouldn't wait to marry R.J.'s mother. Ridge replied that his son was always right, and they toasted.

Back in the kitchen, Pam stared at the homely, chocolate-frosted cake and was puzzled that there were two wedding cakes. Shirley set down a tray of food and announced that she'd made the chocolate one. She didn't know about the hoity-toity cake on the other counter.

"You made this cake yourself?" Pam asked. Shirley was sure it would be the best cake Pam had ever tasted. Pam announced that she'd made the lemon Meyer cake, "and it's gonna be the finest cake you never tasted!"

Pam was getting a strange vibe from Shirley and decided that Shirley really worked for a tabloid. Chuckling, Shirley picked up a tray and said she wouldn't buy that trash let alone work for them. "I've got weenies to serve, so if you'd just step aside..." Shirley said, exiting the kitchen.

Pam stormed out after Shirley and found Charlie in the foyer between the living room and kitchen. Pam shared her suspicion that the caterer was really undercover press and said the caterer had claimed the sad, pathetic cake in the kitchen as her creation. Pam asked who'd make a chocolate wedding cake. "Chocolate?" Charlie repeated, his senses piquing.

Charlie asked if the caterer had said her cake was the best ever. Pam asked if he could believe it. He decided that he'd be the judge of that. Pam told him to forget the cake and help her figure out if the mystery caterers were legit.

As they left the foyer, Steffy glanced up from her conversation to the front door in time to see Thomas entering the house and dragging a caterer in the direction of the kitchen.

Back in the kitchen, Thomas said he'd been trying to tell Sally that she couldn't be there. Sally claimed she had to be there, and her grandmother had baked a cake for his family. "That one?" Thomas asked. She said it tasted better than it looked, but he grimaced in doubt. Thomas warned that Steffy knew what Sally was up to with the buzz-creation schemes, but Sally claimed she'd never do such a thing.

Thomas urged Sally to go and said he'd cover for her. Sally thought it was cute that he was looking out for her. Thomas kissed her, and she said he was making it hard for her to leave.

In the living room later, the family had sat down to listen to speeches. Thomas was standing and talking about his and Steffy's excitement over getting a new cousin. He said they'd known they'd have a friend for life. Next, Carter talked about how miserable Zende had been without Nicole. "So on behalf of all of his friends, thank you for marrying him, Nicole," Carter said.

The emotional Kristen told Nicole that she'd exceeded Kristen's expectations in a woman for Kristen's son. Kristen was sure she spoke for Tony in stating that they were ready for grandkids.

Julius stood beside his wife as she told Nicole to never forget the day's feelings for as long as she lived. Julius said he wouldn't talk too much, but he was really proud of his three daughters, his wife, and his sons-in-law. To him, family was love, respect, and kinship. "I love you both. Salut!" Julius concluded.

Zende and Nicole stood. They thanked everyone for being there for them. Zende said no one had to leave until his grandfather kicked them out, but he and Nicole had somewhere to be. The family laughed as the couple took their leave.

Upstairs later, Zende and Nicole sat on the bed in their wedding attire. Zende had decked out the room with candles and veils around the bed. She couldn't believe all he'd done for their day. She cooed that they were married. She was glad he hadn't given up on them, and being husband and wife was all that mattered at that point.

Nicole remarked upon how much her life had changed since she'd moved to Los Angeles. She felt blessed to have found Zende. Zende felt that he was the blessed one and planned to cherish and respect her always. He declared that he was hers forever, and they kissed.

Back in the kitchen, Shirley thought it had been rude of Thomas to ask Sally to leave. Sally said he'd been trying to protect her from making a scene, but Shirley replied that it was the whole point of them being there. Sally agreed but said she didn't want to upset Thomas. As she grabbed a bag and prepared to slip out, Sally heard, "Sally Spectra. I knew that was you."

Sally grinned at the glaring Steffy. Steffy asked what Sally was doing there. Sally beamed that they'd brought a cake, and her Grams was a virtuoso baker. Steffy charged toward Sally and the cake, accusing Sally of crashing the wedding to create a scene. Steffy claimed that she was still picking cake out of her hair from the last food fight Sally had orchestrated for publicity.

Sally apologized for the incident and claimed to be a klutz. Steffy said not to worry about it, but Sally might try picking wedding cake out of her own hair. Steffy slammed Sally's face into the chocolate cake. Shirley, whose phone was aimed like a gun on the women, shuddered at what she was seeing on her screen and in front of her. "Oops. Sorry," Steffy unapologetically said.

As night fell, Rick and Maya stood at the door, asking if Eric didn't need them to stick around. Handing Maya a rose, Eric instructed them to go home to their baby.

Behind Eric, Quinn was in the living room, telling the real caterers, who stood on ladders by the mantel with her portrait, "A little more to the left. Ah, Perfect! Perfect!" Eric remarked that it had been quick. Quinn replied that she hadn't been able to wait to get back up there. He replied that she looked good up there -- and "down here." Cooing, she said she loved him. She never wanted to leave his side or the wall again.

Eric stated that the portrait would never leave the wall again. Quinn had thought of bolting the portrait to the wall. She said she was kidding and remarked upon the beautiful wedding and Eric's way with people. Eric put people at ease, which was what he'd done with her ever since they'd met. She'd felt his unifying spirit in that room on their wedding day. Even though no one had shown up to their wedding, it had been the most memorable day of her life. The couple kissed.

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