Thursday, May 21, 2015

At Forrester, Ridge handled calls from the press. He asked Eric were Rick was, and Eric said Rick wouldn't be in. Ridge asked if their fearless leader would hide under the covers until his debacle blew over. Eric told Ridge to have compassion, but Ridge couldn't, especially not after Rick had attacked him.

Eric asked when it had happened, and Ridge said he'd seen Rick while Brooke and Eric had been in the living room. Eric assumed Ridge had slipped in to berate Rick. Ridge said it hadn't been to berate; it had been to have his say, and as usual, Rick hadn't been able to deal with it, proving Rick's instability.

Ridge felt that Rick needed help, and while he got it, Ridge would run the company. Ridge said Rick was a mess and needed professional help. Eric didn't think Rick was a mess. Instead, Rick had issues, according to Eric. Ridge said the issues affected everyone else.

Eric didn't think they had to decide anything immediately. Ridge disagreed, saying the unstable Rick had attacked Ridge, and when the company was in crisis due to Rick, Rick took the day off. Eric didn't think they could blame Rick for the media debacle. Ridge did and asserted that Eric should, too.

Ridge argued that Rick had centered the business upon a woman he'd barely known. Rick had created a toxic work environment, carried a gun to the office, and shot at Ridge and Caroline. Ridge said it was enough, and Eric had to make Rick go. Eric wanted to cut Rick a break because twenty-four hours hadn't passed. Ridge asked how long they should wait while the scandal grew.

Eric called the scandal nonsense. He said it was a personal smear from Bill, and Eric was more worried about Rick. Ridge suggested that Eric go and hold Rick's hand and put Ridge in control. Ridge knew that Eric couldn't just snap his fingers to do it, but it might be easier with Maya gone.

Eric looked surprised as Ridge said Maya had resigned the previous night. Eric guessed Ridge had gone to Rick to rub it in. Ridge asked Eric to stop making Ridge the bad guy. Ridge disliked the dissension in the family. Eric guessed Ridge believed it was all Rick's fault.

Ridge claimed he hadn't said that, but Rick liked to find someone to blame when his life didn't go his way. Ridge asked who was responsible for Rick attacking Ridge, wrecking the car, and hiding out with mommy when he should be there, leading the company.

Ridge believed that Rick was in an emotional free-fall, and they needed to act. Ridge asked Eric to look at the morality clause -- the behavioral clause. Ridge believed it would be good for Rick and the company if Rick took a break. Eric said he'd talk to Rick.

At the apartment above Dayzee's, Maya watched her phone ring and dismissed calls from Rick. Nicole arrived, sorry for what she'd done. She asked if Rick had reached out to Maya. Maya said that phone calls or texts wouldn't change anything, and when it all died down, Rick could get on with his life without her. Maya declared it was over and had to be that way.

Nicole urged Maya to talk to Rick, but Maya insisted that a clean break was best in light of the press. "To hell with the press!" Nicole exclaimed. Maya stated that there were too many complications. Nicole asked if being a transgender woman had become about complications, and she told Maya to fight for Rick just as Maya had fought for herself. Maya declared that Nicole didn't understand.

Maya felt that, after all Rick had given her, she had no right to ask for anything else -- especially if it resulted in months of scandal, whispers, and stares. Nicole berated herself for what she'd done and for thinking she could fit into "this" world. She sat beside Maya and hugged her.

At the mansion, Brooke carried breakfast into Rick's room. Rick was trying to call Maya. Brooke told him to let Maya reach out to him if -- or when -- she was ready. Rick claimed that Maya's past had nothing to do with the woman he loved, but Brooke said it did because keeping secrets had turned it into a media circus. Rick blamed it on Bill. Brooke said they'd deal with Bill, but she asked Rick not to chase someone who clearly didn't want to be found.

Brooke felt that Rick was in protection mode. Rick said it was because of how it had all happened and everyone finding out before Maya could tell him first. Rick was surprised that Ridge had restrained himself for so long. Brooke asked when Rick had seen Ridge. Rick guessed Ridge had sneaked by Eric and Brooke the previous night to be smug and superior with Rick about not knowing Maya. Rick said he'd had enough and had gone after Ridge, who'd deserved it.

Brooke believed that Ridge had been in the wrong, but so had Rick. She understood that Ridge had taken advantage of the situation and pushed Rick's buttons, but Maya had been dishonest and betrayed him -- just like the other women. Rick said not to lump Maya in with Caroline and Amber because Maya hadn't set out to deceive him. Brooke said he could call it what he wanted; however, Maya had done enough damage, and Brooke wouldn't tolerate more.

Rick felt that Brooke was trying to help, but Maya had made him happier than ever. "Even though she walked out on you?" Brooke asked. He didn't know why Maya had done that, but he wanted her in his life. Brooke questioned whether Maya wanted it still and noted that Maya had jeopardized everything by not disclosing sooner. Rick guessed Maya had thought he wouldn't understand.

Brooke said it didn't give Maya the right to deceive Rick. Rick exclaimed that Maya hadn't done that. To him, Maya would always be the most beautiful woman inside and out. Brooke asked if Maya thought it of herself and noted that one couldn't love completely without loving oneself. Rick claimed that Maya was completely comfortable with who she was. Brooke stated that it wasn't enough to be completely honest until absolutely having to.

Rick claimed that Brooke's attitude was why Maya hadn't wanted to date him, and he noted that Eric and Brooke had said they were comfortable with Maya being transgender. Brooke claimed that she was. Rick wanted to find Maya. Brooke asked about having children. He said they'd adopt, but she insisted that it wasn't so simple.

Rick told Brooke to stop, and he'd already thought about it. Brooke ordered him to think some more because he'd just learned something very significant about the way Maya operated. Brooke said Maya hadn't told Rick about being transgender because she'd thought he wouldn't approve. Rick admitted that he'd found Maya's estrogen pills, and Brooke guessed Maya had said what had been necessary to keep the secret from Rick. "Oh, Rick, that's what I'm talking about," Brooke said with empathy.

Brooke urged Rick to step back and reevaluate the situation. She felt that the more distance between the couple, the better. Rick balked when Brooke put Maya's picture in a drawer. Brooke asked him to keep away from Maya, and he guessed it was because Brooke didn't want people knowing.

"No, I don't, but that's not the reason," Brooke responded. Rick asked if she thought something was wrong with him for not caring how Maya had become the woman he loved. Brooke said Maya had waited until he had been completely tied up in love to up her odds of holding onto Rick before saying, "By the way, I'm transgender."

Brooke felt that Maya wouldn't have told it at all if Brooke hadn't insisted. Rick said Brooke thought she'd played a major role in something she'd had nothing to do with. Brooke told him to just stay away from Maya and get his life together while Maya did the same. "Clearly, she's more resourceful than either you or any of us ever thought possible," Brooke concluded, and she left.

Rick retrieved the picture from the drawer, and in their separate locations, Maya and Rick thought back on times together.

. . .

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