Monday, March 2, 2015

At Brooke's house, Brooke lay on the floor, groaning. "It's one thing to slap me, but to waste my vodka?" Brooke said, gesturing to her spilled drink. Quinn ordered Brooke to stay away from Deacon, and Brooke asked if Deacon was in her house.

Brooke said she was no threat to Quinn but wouldn't stay away from Deacon because of Hope. Quinn noted that Hope was grown and living in another country. Quinn guessed that, because no other man would have Brooke, Brooke would go after the man she'd shunned for years. Quinn asked if Brooke thought she could take him from Quinn. Brooke replied that she didn't think it, but Quinn did.

Quinn apologized. She didn't know what had gotten into her. She tried to help Brooke up, but Brooke screamed not to touch her. Quinn said she shouldn't have slapped Brooke and offered to clean up the drink. Brooke got up and called Quinn a psycho for slapping Brooke to the ground. Quinn noted that Brooke hadn't been steady on her feet to start with.

Quinn welcomed Brooke to get drunk and pass out, as long as it wasn't around Deacon. Quinn claimed she'd only cared for two men in her life, Bill and Deacon, but Deacon actually wanted to be with her. She wouldn't let Brooke take him away. "I don't desire Deacon," Brooke replied. However, Brooke added that he was a good friend and listener, so Brooke would hang out with him if she wanted to.

Brooke ordered Quinn to go and locked the door behind Quinn. Brooke poured another drink and hugged her bottle. In her dark house, Brooke grabbed a family photo. She stared at it as she puttered over to the couch and plopped down. She sobbed and drank more.

At the loft, Wyatt thought Deacon should be going to Brooke's house, where Quinn had undoubtedly been headed. Deacon wasn't concerned. He figured Brooke was passed out in bed and wouldn't even hear Quinn knocking. Deacon felt he'd made a good decision in taking Brooke home. "As long as you didn't make any bad decisions while you were over there," Wyatt quipped.

Wyatt was skeptical about what had gone on at Brooke's house that had led to Brooke being in a bikini. Deacon insisted that nothing had happened. Wyatt claimed to know Deacon's history with Brooke and what could happen if she was knocking back drinks. Wyatt said Quinn hadn't cared about another man that way since his father, and he warned Deacon not to hurt her.

Later, Deacon was alone and thinking of what had transpired with Brooke that day. Quinn arrived and claimed she'd been running errands. As he fixed her a plate, she asked if he'd leave her for "her." He said he wouldn't leave Quinn for anyone, and he loved and respected her. He added that he'd told her that he hadn't wanted to hide anything from her.

Deacon noted that Quinn hadn't answered his calls or messages. He figured she'd gone to Brooke's house and asked what had happened. Quinn admitted to going there, and he asked if Brooke had been asleep or still drinking. Quinn carefully replied that she might have knocked some sense into Brooke about drinking. "Thanks -- I think," Deacon replied.

Quinn insisted that she'd had to go over there and say something because Brooke didn't get drunk and invite a man to a swim party for no reason. Deacon said Brooke was lonely. Quinn argued that with family and other available men around, Brooke didn't know loneliness, and Brooke could find any other man in town to tuck her in besides Deacon. Deacon hugged Quinn.

In the CEO's office, Steffy found her father and began discussing the takeover plan. Ridge was concerned about Bill's involvement, and he needed to talk to Carter about the legal aspects of it. Ridge was open to the deal, but he didn't want to get Steffy's hopes up about things. He wanted Rick out of the office but couldn't make a decision just to fix Steffy's love life.

Steffy claimed not to be asking that, but Ridge replied that she was. She said she was asking him to fix the company, and the rest would fall into place. Ridge took off to talk more with Liam about the deal.

At the cliff house, Ivy and Liam made out, and Ivy quipped that she wasn't even wearing a bikini. She said that hearing him defend their relationship earlier had meant a lot to her, but another shot with Steffy must have been tempting. Liam said it had been, but not in the way Ivy thought.

Liam said there were a lot of questions surrounding what could have been for him and Steffy. If he hadn't had Ivy, he might have gotten caught up in it. Ivy hated that their relationship stood between him and the Forrester shares. He said they had to hope Steffy changed her mind. Ivy stated that he needed Steffy and Ridge's shares to make it happen.

Ivy decided to leave to get more work done. Liam explained that it wasn't her fault if the takeover didn't work. She wished Steffy could rise above her feelings to do what was best for everyone.

Later, Ivy arrived in the Forrester CEO's office in time to hear Steffy ending a call with a hint that she might move to Los Angeles. Ivy said Steffy should make the move because the company needed her. Steffy quipped that a lot would have to change for her to make the move, and if Liam wanted to take over Forrester, being with Steffy was part of the package.

Ivy stated that Liam wouldn't go back to his past relationship. She said she and Liam had discussed Steffy kissing him, and the honesty had been a bonding experience. Steffy wasn't buying it. To her, Ivy seemed confident on the outside, but Ivy was scared that her couple of months with Liam didn't compare to Steffy's history. Steffy revealed that Ridge had gone to see Liam, and if the men struck a deal, Ivy's little bonding experience wouldn't add up to much.

Back at the cliff house, Ridge arrived to Liam stating that he "knew you" couldn't stay away. Ridge asked if Liam had been expecting Ivy or Steffy and warned that Liam's answer could affect why Ridge was there. Liam guessed it was about his offer. Ridge called it Steffy's offer. Ridge had thought about it, and to him, it made sense to get rid of Rick and give Steffy the life she wanted.

Ridge said that Steffy had never been happier than when she'd been with Liam, but Ridge asked why Liam wasn't jumping on the offer. Ridge was close to making the deal but insisted that Ridge and Steffy would run the business. Liam was fine as long as Ivy and Caroline weren't miserable at work. Liam was pumped about it, and he knew he could make it happen. Ridge said that it couldn't happen without Steffy's twenty-five percent stock ownership.

Liam asked if Ridge was playing matchmaker. Ridge quipped that Liam's personal life wasn't Ridge's concern; however, Ridge needed something to benefit Steffy, and he was doing what he felt any other father would do. He wanted her to be comfortable and happy. Either Liam could provide that, or Ridge would endure the year with Rick.

Ridge said after a year, Eric would see that Rick couldn't run anything and would ship Rick off somewhere like to the basement or to Elba. Ridge didn't want to wait a year, so he told Liam to make a move if Liam still had feelings for Steffy. Ridge said Liam could have his family back, but Ivy couldn't be in the picture. Ridge asked Liam to think about it and left.

. . .

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