Monday, February 23, 2015

At the cliff house, Ivy slipped into the house and hid out of sight. Liam pushed Steffy off him and said she was still trouble. She chuckled that he'd liked that about her, and nibbling his ear, she uttered that "all of this" could be his. Liam replied that it wasn't that simple.

Steffy thought it was up to them -- unless Liam was no longer attracted to her. Liam told Steffy that she knew it wasn't an issue. Steffy said that if he wanted her, all he had to do was reach out. "No," Liam responded. Steffy bitterly chuckled and asked if he was actually "that" committed to Ivy.

Later, Ivy was still hiding in the foyer when Liam exited his bedroom, dressed for work. He hated to leave on Steffy, but he had to be going. Steffy said he barely knew Ivy, and Steffy doubted the relationship compared to what she'd had with Liam. Steffy said they had deep history. "And yet it wasn't enough to keep you," Liam responded.

Steffy admitted that she'd had to piece herself back together after losing the baby. She was ready to take on the world again -- but with Liam. She wanted them to pick up where they'd left off, and running Forrester would be a "hell of a ride." She said they'd do it as lovers or not at all; it was his call.

Liam stood by his relationship with Ivy. He believed that he and Steffy could work together as friends because they'd always be friends. Steffy knew that, but it wasn't enough for her at the moment. She wished her timing was better. Liam touched her forehead to his and said she was precious to him.

Steffy still needed to retrieve her bag from the beach. Liam hoped she'd reconsider the takeover. She replied that she'd keep it in mind, and Liam exited.

When Steffy returned from retrieving her bag, she saw Ivy in the living room. Steffy said she was just leaving. "How dare you come onto my boyfriend," Ivy replied. Ivy was outraged at her cousin being all over her boyfriend in a bikini. Steffy said to dial it back, but Ivy didn't intend to dial anything back. She said no one should have to watch Steffy on top of her boyfriend.

Steffy noted that Ivy had only been with Liam for a couple months. Ivy didn't think it mattered. What mattered was that Liam wasn't available anymore. Upset with herself for being excited to have her cousin in town, Ivy decided that if Steffy couldn't control herself around Liam, Steffy had to go.

Steffy told Ivy to get it straight -- Ivy was dating Liam, but Steffy and Liam had been married and had lost a child together. Steffy said that Ivy had no right to tell Steffy what to do with the history. Ivy cited that the key word was "history." Ivy stated that Steffy needed to respect that Liam and Ivy were the present. Ivy wouldn't tolerate what she'd seen that day, and she warned Steffy to back off.

At Forrester, Rick and Maya were still in awe of Eric's decision to leave Rick in control. Maya said that the era of Ridge was over, and Forrester was Rick's baby. "For the record, so am I," she added.

Rick invited an employee into the office, and the employee revealed that Eric was in a closed-door meeting with Ridge, Caroline, and other staff members. They thanked the employee for his loyalty, and once the employee had gone, Rick figured he needed to do something.

In Rick's old office, Eric explained to Ridge that Eric had given Rick his full support as the CEO and as his son. Ridge and Caroline didn't think it was fair for Eric to just listen to Rick, and she said it been hell to work for the company. Eric announced that he'd be happy to hear what anyone else had to say, and Ridge invited Aly, Oliver, Wyatt, and Pam in to say how they'd suffered under "little Napoleon."

Caroline wanted to go first because it was her fault that Rick was acting out. Pam didn't think Caroline should take the blame for Rick gorging on his little taste of power. Caroline explained that she'd been willing to work out the marital problems in private, but Rick had made it public. Further, Rick had made her question herself as a designer and had threatened to fire her at least twice a day. Her confidence would have disappeared had it not been for Ridge.

Aly chimed in, saying it was worse at home with her dictator boss and his full-of-herself girlfriend at the house. She thanked God that Eric would send them packing, but Eric stated that he would stay in the guesthouse while Rick and Maya remained at the main house.

Everyone was shocked to hear it, and Aly said Rick and Maya didn't deserve the mansion. Aly complained that Rick had made her fetch him ice cream. Eric asked why Aly hadn't refused, and she said he'd promised to look at her shoe designs. She recalled that she'd stood, humiliated, as they'd fed each other ice cream, purely for their own amusement, and Rick had totally ignored her designs.

Ridge urged Wyatt to speak next. Wyatt explained that he'd cleared his trip through Rick, but Rick had behaved as if Wyatt had disappeared on them and had taken advantage of Rick's generosity. Wyatt admitted that he'd quit over it, but after he'd thought better of quitting, Rick had instructed him to beg on his knees for the job. Wyatt claimed that Rick had thought it was funny.

Eric asked Oliver to weigh in, but Oliver said he was trying to keep his head down. Aly added that everyone walked on eggshells, trying to go unnoticed. Aly said Rick had noticed, and Oliver stated that Rick had given him a personal assignment -- to take pictures of Maya in Oliver's spare time with no compensation. Pam said the arrogance was jaw-dropping, and she complained about Rick removing the family matriarch's portrait off the wall.

Caroline asked everyone to remember that Rick had also shot a gun off in the building. Ridge asked why Eric kept rewarding bad behavior. Just then, Rick called Ridge. Ridge rasped that they were in a meeting. Rick stated that he was aware of that and ordered everyone to go across the hall to him.

Later, everyone in Rick's old office strode into the CEO's office, and Rick announced that there would be some changes. Ridge said the worse, the better. Aly was shocked when Rick green-lighted her shoe line. Rick apologized to Oliver for taking advantage of his time and talent.

Rick claimed the apology extended to everyone. He admitted that he had abused his authority; however, the team deserved better and would get better from then on out. He confessed to being inappropriate at home, too, and told Wyatt that he'd been wrong to put Wyatt through the paces when he'd known why Wyatt had been in Italy. Rick called Wyatt a valued member of the team.

Rick apologized to Pam for taking Stephanie's picture off the wall without warning her. It had been disrespectful of him. Pam noted that he was sorry for not warning her, but not sorry he'd done it. Rick claimed it was the best he could do then he turned to Caroline and Ridge, who he felt had faced the brunt of his tantrum.

Rick called Ridge and Caroline an amazing design team, and he felt lucky to have them. Caroline found the whole turnaround hard to believe, but Rick was up for proving himself. Eric stated that he was seeing the Eric Forrester Jr. who he wanted to see in the office. Ridge asserted that Rick had conned Eric before; Eric hadn't learned anything, and Rick was conning Eric again.

Ridge asked if any of them saw what was happening. He asked if Aly would be bought out by a shoe line that might not ever happen. Ridge complained that Rick had replaced the portrait of Ridge's mother with one of Maya. Rick claimed he could decorate his house as he saw fit. "It's not your house, Rick! You conned Dad out of it!" Ridge yelled.

Maya stepped forward to address Ridge. "Why are you speaking?" Ridge bellowed. Ridge asked Eric if he could see that it wasn't right. Aly still wasn't happy with how they'd been treated, but she suggested that they do what Eric wanted and give Rick the benefit of the doubt. Eric decided that his decision stood, and everyone needed to get back to work.

Everyone left, and Maya decided to follow up with Aly and Oliver. Maya saw it as an opening to reassure them about her. Rick called it a smart move. She stated that she was proud of him and left.

Ridge returned to let Rick know that he saw through Rick's smoke and mirrors. Rick was sorry Ridge felt that way and didn't want to "do this." Ridge said that they were doing it. Ridge saw Rick for who he was, someone unfit to run the company. "And I'm coming after you, and I'm going to take you down," Ridge warned.

. . .

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