Monday, April 20, 2015

Outside the CEO's office at Forrester, Liam eavesdropped as Maya realized that she and Nicole shouldn't be talking about the secret in the building. Maya sprinted to the door, opened it, and exclaimed Liam's name when she saw him on the threshold. Maya said she hadn't heard Liam knock.

Liam apologized and asked if the rumors were true that Maya wouldn't be the only Avant on the runway. Nicole was excited when Maya introduced Liam as Wyatt's brother. Liam added that he was Ivy's boyfriend, so he and Nicole would see a lot of each other.

Looking at Nicole's photos, Liam remarked that Wyatt had said to keep an eye on the rising Nicole. Maya was surprised Wyatt had said it and not Ivy. Liam claimed that both people had said it, but the words had more weight from the bigwig Wyatt, who saw potential.

Smirking with suspicion, Maya felt that potential was exactly what Wyatt should see, but Nicole still had a lot to learn. Liam added that Nicole had her sister to show her the ropes. Maya contended that fashion was a tough business, and connections weren't always enough.

Maya cited that Ivy being a Forrester didn't guarantee success. Liam quipped that the same apparently went for Spencers. Maya told Nicole that Liam didn't approve of Rick's treatment of Ivy and Caroline. Liam said he'd add Aly to the list. Maya noted that Liam thought Rick was being too harsh.

"Well, is he?" Nicole asked. Maya said Rick held people to the same standard that he held himself to, and he wouldn't change his standard of excellence just because it rubbed people the wrong way. Liam asked why Rick would when he had irrevocable control, and there was no one to complain to.

Liam said one shouldn't ask the employees how Rick was doing, not that anyone would complain for fear of ticking off the boss. Liam guessed it was good to be king when no one could "knock you off your throne." Maya's fake smile faded, and her glare sizzled.

At the beach house, Quinn complained to Brooke about carrying Hope, via video, into the wedding. Across the room, Deacon video-chatted with Hope. Hope said that Quinn would never be a part of Hope's life, and if he married Quinn, he wouldn't be a part of it either. Quinn went over to try to talk to Hope, but Deacon said not to. Quinn began to talk anyway, but Deacon asked her to stop.

Talking to Hope, Deacon stated that he knew she was upset, but he loved Quinn. He believed that people could change, and he'd changed for the better because of Quinn. Deacon intended to marry Quinn and hoped his daughter could accept it one day. Hope said she wouldn't. Deacon figured that they had to discuss it more, but not on his wedding day. Hope clicked off the call.

Returning the tablet to Brooke, Deacon said Hope had hung up on him. Quinn asked Brooke to look at what she was doing to Deacon and Hope. Brooke was shocked that Deacon would choose Quinn over Hope. Deacon said he was marrying the woman he loved, but Brooke stated that she'd told Hope that he wouldn't hurt Hope that way. Quinn asserted that Hope's hurt was due to Brooke using her.

Carter asked if they needed a break or would continue. Deacon told Brooke that he understood and appreciated how she felt, but he'd made up his mind. Brooke decided she couldn't watch Deacon do it, and she left. Quinn thanked Deacon, and Deacon told Carter, "Let's do this."

Wyatt noted that they were at the "speak now" phase of the wedding. Carter jokingly asked if anyone else wanted to speak. While the couple and Carter chuckled, Wyatt decided that Brooke's interruption had made him realize that he had something to say.

Hearing Hope voice had made Wyatt think. To him, marriage was a leap of faith, and he asked the couple to stick it out through the tough times. Deacon said Wyatt didn't have to say that. Wyatt knew he didn't because Deacon had already stood by Quinn when no one else -- including Wyatt -- had.

Wyatt wished more people were there to witness it; however, he recalled that his mother had said it wasn't about how big one's family was -- it was about how much love was in the room. Wyatt was grateful that Quinn had devoted her life to him, and he wanted for her the same happiness she'd given him and more.

Wyatt and Quinn hugged, and Carter asked the couple to pledge themselves to each other. Deacon and Quinn exchanged personal vows. Quinn asked Carter not to forget the other thing, which was a surprise for Deacon.

Quinn told Deacon that she didn't like to make promises and limit her options. She'd thought a relationship would tie her down, but Deacon built her up. She didn't think she'd ever find a man who'd love her for herself or one that she could put up with. Deacon guessed her vow was to put up with him. She said she'd do her best, even if it was hard, because with him by her side, nothing was impossible.

Deacon told Quinn that everyone thought he and Quinn would fail, but they would prove everyone wrong, just as they'd done all their lives. They'd fought alone against the naysayers, but from that point on, they'd fight together and make each other happier than anyone had ever imagined.

The couple exchanged their rings as a token of their faith in each other and their love for each other. Carter asked the couple to hold hands. He produced a black, studded sash. Deacon remarked that Quinn had said she'd keep it traditional. Quinn said it was the oldest wedding tradition around.

Carter wrapped the sash around their hands. He decreed that the wrapping was a symbol of their bond, and their hearts and minds would be united, just like their hands, to help and support each other for the rest of their lives. Carter pronounced the couple as married.

Quinn said Deacon wouldn't get away from her "now," but he responded that he didn't want to. The couple kissed again and again and grinned, nuzzling their noses.

At Spencer, Bill and Katie discussed Brooke's attempt to stop Quinn's wedding. The talk turned to the big secret at Forrester. Katie wasn't convinced that Wyatt had heard anything significant. Bill insisted that something big was happening, and his boys were going to make things happen. Katie said Bill sounded proud. Bill was proud -- especially of Liam, who was starting to be more like Bill.

The frustrated Brooke arrived and informed the Spencers that she hadn't stopped the wedding. Brooke had been positive that Deacon would listen to Hope, who refused to accept Quinn. Bill called it an ultimatum. Brooke said Deacon didn't see it that way and didn't seem to think it would destroy his relationship with Hope. Bill said it proved what he'd said all along -- that the losers deserved each other.

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