Monday, July 27, 2015

At Forrester, Steffy was alone in the CEO's office, flashing back to the incident. Liam arrived with coffee. He figured she could use it after the last couple of nights.

Steffy said she kept going over events in her mind. Liam stated that it could have been Steffy out on that road, and life was unpredictable. He was glad they'd found each other again, and he was grateful for the lifetime they had ahead of them.

At the mansion, Ivy stood by a table of photos that featured Aly and family members. She wistfully smiled, and the incident flashed in her mind. Thorne, Brooke, and Eric arrived. Eric said Aly had been a special girl. Ivy hugged Thorne, who said he didn't understand how it could happen to his baby.

Caroline, Wyatt, and Ridge arrived. Thomas entered next. Ridge was glad Thomas had made it. Bill and Katie arrived, and Quinn and Deacon entered. Deacon remarked that Aly had been his daughter's fan, so he hoped everyone could try to get along that day.

Near the balcony, Pam told Oliver that Aly wouldn't want them to be sad. Charlie remarked that Aly could really light up a room. Oliver said he'd felt Aly slipping away, and he was upset with himself for not being there. Charlie reminded Oliver that he'd had to work, and no one could have foreseen it. Pam concluded that no matter what had happened that night, Aly was at peace.

Caroline consoled the sullen Ridge, who felt it was unfair that Thorne had lost his wife and his child. She asked where Thorne was. Ridge didn't know and said it might be too much for Thorne.

In Aly's room, Thorne picked up a stuffed rabbit and sat on the bed. Eric and Brooke turned to quietly exit, but Thorne didn't want them to go. He said he just needed a minute. Brooke and Eric sat with the tearful Thorne and comforted him.

Downstairs, Steffy and Liam arrived. Ivy rendered an angry look at the couple by the door. Wyatt asked if it was because Steffy was with Liam or because Steffy was the reason Aly was dead. Liam approached and asked how everyone was doing. Ivy said everyone was in shock. Ivy stated that everyone knew what had happened, but it just didn't make sense.

More family members arrived, and Eric and Brooke returned downstairs with Thorne. Eric thanked everyone for being there to remember Aly, and he asked the family to speak about her. A slow song played as family members got up to speak. Flashbacks of Aly with various family members played. Oliver tried to speak, but he burst into tears.

Flashbacks of Aly's birth and childhood played as Thorne spoke. The song faded, and Thorne thanked everyone for being in Aly's life. He said they'd made Aly happy, and she'd told him many times. He believed she'd want them to remember her as always being happy. Looking at her portrait, he told Aly that he loved her.

Ridge stood and recited, "Out, out brief candle. Life is but a walking shadow. A poor player. That struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more...It's a tale told by an idiot, filled with sound and fury, signifying nothing...signifying nothing..."

Ridge said that his father had always taught him that there was a lesson in everything. He asked Eric what the lesson was. Ridge asked if Aly had lost her way because she'd been driven by something she'd thought was right when everyone had believed it wasn't. Eric tried to stop Ridge, who spoke over Eric, asking if the lesson was just that life was precious, and one shouldn't judge someone else.

Thorne told Ridge that it was enough. Ridge stated that Aly's heart was strong and pure, but her mind was drowning in darkness. "And we missed it," he stated. He asked if the lesson was acceptance or awareness. He didn't know the answer; however, he said that whatever it was, the next time they got dressed up -- and they all met there to gaze upon the image of someone that had gone far too early -- they should just make sure it signified something.

Afterward, Caroline greeted Thomas. She remembered that when Steffy had arrived back in town, Aly had thought Thomas would join Steffy. Thomas wished he'd done it. Caroline asked if that meant he was thinking of staying. Thomas replied that his sister needed him.

Eric found Ridge in the foyer and asked what Ridge's speech had been about. Thorne wanted to know, too, and couldn't believe Ridge would attack Aly's memory. Ridge said he hadn't done that. Thorne asked what Ridge had been getting at because, as Steffy had witnessed, it had been an accident in which Aly had fallen and hit her head. "That's what happened, Ridge. Or is it?" Thorne asked.

Steffy grimaced as she overheard them from her nearby seat. Liam told her to stop feeling guilty because it had been an accident. He said that no one blamed her. Steffy asked him to say her farewells while she did something. He agreed and said he'd wait for her outside.

Steffy went to the photo table, picked up a picture, and sobbed. Ivy said she knew what Steffy was thinking, and Ivy had been thinking about it, too. Steffy replied that she'd rather focus on Aly's life. Ivy stated that it was hard getting the image of Aly in her condition out of Ivy's mind. Ivy figured it had to be worse for Steffy. Steffy asked why.

Ivy stated that Aly had tried to hit Steffy with a car, and then Aly had attacked Steffy. Ivy said Steffy had already been in shock, but "then you find out she's dead?" Ivy didn't know how Steffy had held it together to answer questions. Steffy replied that she hadn't said much, and everything had happened very fast. Ivy asked if Steffy had told "them" exactly what had happened.

Steffy answered that she'd told them what she could. Scoffing, Ivy said she understood why Steffy didn't want to talk about it, but Steffy couldn't keep it all inside. Ivy believed it would be much better out in the open, and Steffy needed to just deal with the consequences. Steffy asked what Ivy meant. Ivy said she knew what had happened, and Aly's death hadn't been an accident.

. . .

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