Monday, October 5, 2015

At the beach house, Wyatt and Ivy cuddled under a blanket by the fire. It was hard for Ivy to avoid thinking about not having a job to go to in the morning. She felt there had to be a way to get her job at Forrester back and said even Liam hadn't wanted her fired. "That's if you believe him," Wyatt noted. Ivy wondered if it was time to go over Steffy's head and appeal to Eric.

Wyatt thought it would be risky because Steffy would tell Eric about the blackmail. Ivy reasoned that Steffy would also have to admit to hitting Aly with the tire iron. Feeling punished enough, Ivy decided that she'd go to Eric, and Steffy could deal with it in whatever way she wanted.

At the mansion, Ivy and Wyatt arrived as Eric was reading the paper. Ivy thanked Eric for the flowers he'd sent, and he said it was the least he could do upon hearing that she'd left the business. Ivy said it hadn't been her choice. Wyatt added that Steffy had gotten security to escort Ivy out. Eric thought Ivy had been a great addition to the team and said she'd be missed.

Ivy conveyed that she was there because she missed the job, and she wanted it back. She believed that Eric could get through to Steffy. Eric stated that he didn't know what he could do because Ridge and Steffy were in charge. Wyatt replied that Eric was Eric Forrester, founder of one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. Eric stated that he was a consultant and out of the loop, and he wasn't even sure why Ivy had been let go.

Ivy said that Eric was the voice of reason, Steffy looked up to him, and he could get through to Steffy. Ivy had thought Forrester would be her home and her future, but it had been taken from her. She asserted that it was where she belonged, but she'd considered returning to her old life in Sydney.

Family was important to Ivy, but she barely saw her father when he was in town, and she couldn't remember when she'd last seen her mother. Eric stated that Ivy wasn't going back to Sydney or anywhere, and he wouldn't let her leave. Wyatt seconded the sentiment.

Eric still had no real explanation for Ivy's firing, except for trust issues. Ivy replied that no one knew the whole story. He said Ivy should tell him. Ivy stated that it was about Steffy's role in Aly's death.

At Forrester, Steffy was livid that Thomas had hit their father. She called it the most disrespectful thing a son could do and asked why he couldn't be adult about his feelings. Thomas didn't see what the big deal was about the intern and noted the models Ridge had hooked up with in the past. Steffy said it wasn't the same, but Thomas didn't buy it, adding that Charlotte was an adult in college.

Thomas said Ridge had been bossing him around and talking down to him, and it had frustrated Thomas. Steffy replied that Thomas hadn't needed to hit Ridge. Thomas guessed that all of the anger from the past had rushed to the surface, and the father and son had more issues than he'd realized.

Thomas tried to work but couldn't. He threw his pencil across the room, and Steffy told him that he had to deal with his anger issues. Steffy claimed she got upset with their father, but she'd never hit him. She asked Thomas to consider that Ridge might be frustrating and distant.

Thomas claimed that Ridge hadn't been around and could barely make "every other weekend." She replied that Ridge had been under a lot of pressure from work and being torn between two families. Thomas asked about Taylor's kids. Steffy said stuff happened, and marriages broke up. She asked him to look at what they had gained at the company and be grateful for the opportunities they'd been afforded instead of being negative about the past.

Thomas claimed Steffy had been Ridge's favorite, his best friend, and his little girl; however, Ridge and Thomas butted heads naturally in a weird power struggle. Thomas doubted Ridge thought he could do anything right. Steffy said it wasn't true and that Ridge respected Thomas.

Thomas and Steffy concluded that they'd had it easy, but he added that he might not have been looking for "all that stuff." Instead, he'd been looking for what he hadn't been getting. She asked if he meant attention, approval, and all that stuff. Thomas admitted that he might still be looking for it. Steffy replied that he obviously had daddy issues, but hitting Ridge wouldn't get Thomas anywhere.

Thomas claimed his old wounds had burst with pain from when Thomas and Taylor had needed Ridge, but Ridge hadn't been there. Thomas said he'd take it back if he could. He wanted a good relationship with Ridge. She concluded that he had to make it up to Ridge somehow. He didn't even think Ridge would talk to him again.

Steffy doubted Ridge would turn his back on Thomas for any reason, and she said the two men needed time to cool down. Thomas hoped things worked out, and he didn't want weird tension between them. He wanted to be involved in Ridge's new family because it was growing their family.

Steffy was glad Thomas had changed his feelings about Ridge's marriage. Thomas replied that he'd just been worried that Caroline could end up hurt. He was happy for them, and he was glad that Ridge would give Caroline the child she'd always wanted.

At the loft, Ridge didn't believe any of what Caroline was saying. He stated that Thomas and Caroline wouldn't do it to him. Caroline started explaining the phone call from Thomas that had led up to his arrival at her hotel, but Ridge was still trying to process that she'd said she'd slept with his son.

Caroline wished she'd stayed at the loft with Ridge, where she'd belonged; however, Ridge had ended things, and she'd just wanted to numb her pain. She said she'd taken the pills so that she wouldn't feel, and when Thomas had arrived, she'd drunk. She said Thomas hadn't known about the pills. Ridge quipped that Thomas had taken advantage of her, but he hadn't known about the pills.

Caroline stated that Thomas had been drinking, too, and he hadn't known. Fixing a drink, Ridge cynically agreed that Thomas hadn't known. She stated that Thomas had been drunk, too. "I get it! I heard you!" Ridge screamed, slapping the drink, which spilled in all directions. "He didn't know about the drinking. He didn't know about the drugs. He didn't know that your heart belonged to me!"

Ridge recalled that Thomas had been at the loft earlier that very evening, and Ridge stated that Thomas had known exactly what he'd been doing. Ridge contended that if Caroline had been as messed up as she said she'd been, Thomas would have seen it. Ridge stated that Thomas wasn't an idiot, and if Ridge could see such a thing, so could Thomas.

Caroline said she and Thomas had talked about it, and Thomas wasn't that kind of person. Ridge yelled, asking if she really thought Thomas hadn't known. Caroline yelled back that she didn't know. All she remembered was Thomas being there as a friend, and she'd awakened later. Ridge responded that Thomas knew she wasn't that kind of woman, and Thomas should have checked on her and left like a gentlemen; however, he hadn't done it. Instead, Thomas had stayed with her.

Ridge was upset that his own son had done it to Caroline. Caroline began yelling, upset at Ridge's insistence that Thomas had done it on purpose. She screamed that she couldn't handle thoughts like that and declared that Thomas was Ridge's son. Ridge bellowed that he knew who Thomas was to him, but he asked who Thomas was to her.

Ridge said Caroline kept calling Thomas a friend and comforter. "Who is he to you now?" Ridge asked. He repeated the question until Caroline exclaimed, "He's the father of my baby!" She clasped her mouth, holding in sobs. Ridge asked her what she'd said.

Caroline began babbling about thinking it had been Ridge's baby. Ridge sank to the floor in silent dismay. She explained that once Ridge had relayed that he couldn't have children, she'd known that it had to be Thomas' baby. "You're pregnant with Thomas' child..." Ridge stated.

. . .

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