Monday, July 25, 2016

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline arrived in the living room, dressed for a date with her husband. Ridge said she was beautiful. She complimented him and the setting he'd put together. As he poured them drinks, she cooed over the Champagne, caviar, and chocolates. He claimed he'd picked the flowers, also, and they laughed. Ridge toasted to Caroline.

Caroline was happy for the alone time. Ridge believed they'd needed it -- plus Thomas needed to bond with Douglas. She remarked that Ridge had been good about giving Thomas the time. Ridge claimed that he was being selfish and taking advantage of the opportunity to admire Caroline and tell her that he loved her. He asked her to never doubt it.

Caroline didn't know how she could after all she and Ridge had been through together. Ridge toasted to Caroline Spencer Forrester and gave her a solemn gaze. She loved that he'd created a special night for her and gaily remarked that she didn't even remember who she'd been before him. Ridge had changed her. He said she'd done the same for him.

Caroline had arrived in Ridge's life when Ridge's talent and identity had been gone. It scared him to think of what would have been if she hadn't found him. She said not to be scared because she wasn't going anywhere. She stated that her wedding promise had been forever, and she kissed him.

Ridge's head bowed as he recalled Caroline yelling that she couldn't believe that it was true that Thomas had taken advantage of her, because Thomas was Ridge's son. Ridge had demanded to know who Thomas was to her, and she'd yelled that Thomas was the father of her baby.

Caroline snapped Ridge out of it, asking what had just happened. Ridge strode to the fireplace. Caroline turned him to her and asked what was bothering him. He replied that he'd been talking to Brooke, and between the two of them, they'd made a lot of mistakes in life. Caroline remarked that everyone made mistakes. Ridge said some mistakes were bigger than others. He believed he'd been selfish, and kids deserved "us" to be there for them, including Douglas. Caroline didn't get what Ridge was saying.

On the jet, Liam was talking to Eric about his foundation. Wyatt remarked that he and Bill wanted to turn a profit while Liam wanted to save the world. Eric thought both goals were good and saw no reason that they had to be mutually exclusive. Wyatt asked Eric not to encourage Liam.

Wyatt took more social pictures of Steffy and decided they needed to get one of her in the cockpit with a pilot hat on. Liam asked if Wyatt would really post all those pictures. Steffy said Wyatt was creating buzz about the summit. Wyatt added that he was building anticipation for the beautiful and talented Steffy's arrival. Liam noted that Wyatt had the camera constantly in Steffy's face, just feeding "the machine" before eyes fell on something else.

Eric seemed amused as he observed the Steffy, Wyatt, and Liam. Wyatt claimed it was how it worked, and he and Steffy were having fun working. Steffy asked Wyatt and Liam to stop bickering in close quarters. Wyatt apologized to his wife and said, "Let's just go over here."

Eric resumed talk with Liam about the foundation. Looking over his shoulder at Wyatt, Liam exclaimed that he was doing his part to save the planet. Wyatt asserted that they didn't need to lose focus of their mission -- to grow the Spencer brand and make profits. Wyatt decided it was time for him and Steffy to take a nap, and Liam stared off thoughtfully as they exited.

Eric was about to comment to Liam, but Liam said it was okay. Liam asked to hear about Eric's new lady, whom Liam felt Eric should have invited on the trip. Eric replied that it wasn't that kind of relationship, and he didn't see it going anywhere.

Observing Liam, Eric offered not to tell anyone if Liam let his guard down. Eric could see that the forced exposure to Wyatt and Steffy was wearing on Liam. Liam remarked that it was hard to imagine that one woman could cause "so much damage." Liam didn't know how Quinn could take a man with a brain injury from his life and family, and it had been why he'd lost Steffy.

Liam said the kidnapping had fundamentally changed his life. Eric asked what the time in the cabin with Quinn had been like. Liam didn't know how to reconcile who Quinn had been with him at the cabin versus who he'd known her to be. Eric asked if it had been totally different. Affirming it, Liam said that to let Quinn tell it, she'd fallen in love with him, and it had made her want to be a better person.

Liam said Quinn wanted to find a good man. Liam felt sorry for the new man. He said none of her good intentions mattered because she was a human wrecking ball. Eric admired Liam. It wouldn't have bothered Eric if it had worked out with Liam and Steffy, and he was sorry for Liam that it hadn't. Liam thanked Eric and admitted that it drove him crazy to see the "stupid" wedding bands.

In the separate cabin, Wyatt proposed that he and Steffy take a mini honeymoon after the summit. Steffy liked the sound of it, if they had time. He said it was okay with him either way because he'd married the sexiest woman on the planet. Steffy grinned with a faraway look in her eyes.

Later, Steffy watched Wyatt sleep for a moment. She opened her cabin door in time to overhear Liam and Eric talking. Liam was saying that his father was on his case about respecting Wyatt and Steffy's marriage. Eric asked if there was any other choice. Liam wished he knew how to respect vows that had been made under false assumptions. Liam said he loved Steffy, and he didn't care if pursuing her was wrong. Liam wouldn't give up until he and Steffy had the life they'd planned.

Steffy slipped back into her room. Liam decided to get some sleep. Eric sat down in another part of the jet to text-message Quinn. He wrote that he'd enjoyed their time together, but he couldn't see it going further. It had been what it had been, and it had been a joy for him. "But all bad things -- whether they are really good -- must come to an end," Eric texted.

At Quinn's place, Deacon tried to dissuade Quinn from taking the trip to Monte Carlo. He declared that it had disaster and her name written all over it. Quinn showed off her outfits as she packed them. Deacon couldn't believe the lingerie she'd chosen and noted that her outfits were mostly black. Quinn had been getting away from black, but Eric seemed to like it.

Deacon called Quinn's decision to go to Monte Carlo reckless and asked if she cared about her son's marriage. Quinn replied that Wyatt wouldn't even know she was there. Deacon noted that Quinn hadn't even made a plan and was going off half-cocked. She replied that she'd stay in Eric's hotel room -- as her and Eric's sexy secret. She ordered Deacon to stop trying to talk her out of it because it was final.

Quinn demanded that Deacon book her a window seat in first class, but Deacon said she couldn't afford it. He'd only found coach tickets for a middle seat on "Discount Airlines," the only carrier with flights out that night for Monte Carlo. He felt that it was an omen and urged her not to go. Deacon had a feeling that "this thing" would backfire big time.

Deacon insisted that Steffy could find out, and if she did, she'd blow. He was certain it would ruin Wyatt's marriage because Steffy had warned Wyatt enough. Deacon said Quinn had worked too hard to let one misstep overseas ruin the marriage she'd worked so hard to make happen -- unless Quinn had changed her mind about the marriage. Quinn replied that she hadn't.

Deacon warned Quinn again that it was too risky to go to Monte Carlo. Quinn began to consider Deacon's warnings. Restricted access to her son was bad enough, in her opinion, and she considered that she might not have thought things through. She didn't want to lose Eric, either. She thanked Deacon for being there and helping her not to risk the best thing that had happened to her in a long time.

"On second thought, I think you'd better catch that flight," Deacon joked. Quinn thanked him for being a good friend. Just then, she received an upsetting text message from Eric, who was breaking up with her. Quinn exclaimed that she hadn't done anything wrong. Deacon was sorry about it.

Quinn wouldn't accept it. She ordered Deacon to book that flight because she was going to Monte Carlo.

. . .

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