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Monday, February 20, 2017

At Spencer, Bill met with his sons in his office. He'd set up a meeting for Wyatt with Karim, their social media guy. Wyatt didn't understand why. Bill was trying to find a niche for Wyatt. Wyatt said social media was just something he'd done at Forrester, and it wasn't his passion. Liam added that Wyatt meant that Wyatt had done it for Steffy.

Bill replied that he knew what Wyatt meant. Moving on, Bill asked for a wedding report. Bill wanted to know if there had been drama or if Ridge had run off with a caterer. Liam had nothing to report of that nature, and he hadn't really paid attention to Ridge at the event. Bill asked who had caught that bouquet. "Dad?" Wyatt replied.

Shrugging, Bill said he liked that part of weddings. Liam relayed that Pam had gone after it like a linebacker. Bill was sure everyone thought Ridge and Brooke would marry next, but Bill didn't. Bill didn't really care about the wedding because Brooke hadn't been there, but he couldn't believe there hadn't been a scene or drama.

Liam said he didn't know what to tell Bill. Bill asked about Quinn and Ridge. Liam said he was surprised that Ridge hadn't even scowled at her. Bill found it odd that Ridge was friendly with Quinn. Liam stated that he hadn't gone that far in describing Ridge and Quinn, but they'd been a little weird. Wyatt didn't know what Ridge had to hate Quinn for. Bill said that Ridge went whatever way the wind blew.

Bill decided that the meeting was over. His sons were shocked because they had only talked about Brooke. Bill didn't need any more information out of them because he'd seen Brooke the previous night. Wyatt asked if Bill had climbed a ladder into her window. Roaring that they were wasting his time, Bill ordered them out of his office. As they left, they quibbled about him saying they'd wasted his time. Liam murmured that he could have gone to medical school.

At the mansion, Quinn discovered Ivy downstairs, awaiting Eric. Ivy was determined to talk to him. Quinn stated that she knew what Ivy thought she'd seen. Scoffing, Ivy replied that she'd seen Quinn with Ridge, and the two hadn't been just talking. Ivy didn't want any innocent explanations or crocodile tears.

Quinn admitted that Ivy had seen what she'd seen and heard what she'd heard, but Ivy was drawing the wrong conclusions. Ivy asked if Ridge and Quinn were having an affair. Quinn said she'd slept with someone she'd hated before, and it wasn't an experience worth revisiting. Quinn offered to tell Ivy exactly what was going on if Ivy would just hear her out.

Ivy trembled so much that she couldn't pick up her coffee cup. Quinn noticed, and Ivy said she was very upset because Eric and Quinn had been the only two to welcome her back from Sydney. Ivy had considered Quinn a friend but couldn't sit back and watch Quinn hurt Eric. Quinn claimed she never would, but Ivy didn't understand why Quinn was acting out.

Quinn said that being with Eric had changed things within her, but there were things she still struggled with. Quinn had never had an adolescence or discipline, and she'd only had her impulses to guide her in life. She knew that punishment could be avoided if one were smart enough. Being with Eric, she'd learned that acting upon her impulses could stop her from having what she wanted overall.

Quinn didn't know what was on the engaged Ridge's mind. She wondered if it was a game of chicken, where the loser was the one who turned away first. Quinn stated that she hadn't turned away, and it could cost her everything if Ivy went to Eric. Ivy assumed that Quinn saw Ridge as some kind of challenge.

Quinn said that Ridge was her age, unlike Eric. Ridge was a peer and reminded her of men from her past, men she could have been better to. She reasoned that she'd given Ridge, the other night, what she hadn't given those men. Ivy scoffed. Quinn asked if Ivy had ever wanted to redeem herself and noted that Ivy might be wanting it at that moment because she'd done something similar to Wyatt. Quinn was also worried about Eric' health.

Ivy asserted that she wasn't out to ruin anyone's life, certainly not Eric's; however, she wouldn't stand around and watch Quinn do it, either. Ivy stormed out of the house.

At Forrester, Ridge worked on Brooke's wedding gown and flashed to kissing Quinn. Brooke entered in a black robe. He asked if she'd walked through the building in it. She replied that the models did it all the time, and she wanted to show him something. Peeling off the robe, she revealed some lingerie and claimed to be doing her part in selecting the honeymoon ensemble.

Ridge said he was surprised, and Brooke asked if he was sure about it. Slinking up to kiss her, he said "excited" was the better word. They made out a little, and Brooke asked what he thought about getting married in Australia, since they'd be there for Steffy and Liam's wedding. Ridge asked if Brooke was sure she wanted to marry him. She found it to be an odd question. Ridge thought it was a good question -- one that she ought to think about.

Later, Brooke walked from behind a dressing screen, buttoning her blouse after changing clothes. Ridge was in thought, and she asked if he was thinking of Quinn and if Quinn had said something to him at the wedding. Brooke had thought he'd said Quinn had been on good behavior. Ridge replied that he hadn't said that. Quinn hadn't been on good behavior, and he might not have been, either. Brooke replied that she'd thought she'd recognized his look.

Brooke recalled that Ridge hadn't wanted to get married until Quinn was out of Eric's life. Brooke and Ridge agreed that it might not be possible because of Eric and Quinn's closeness. What Brooke didn't understand was why Ridge acted unsure about her and Ridge. Ridge replied that he wasn't unsure about her. Ridge thought Bill was an idiot but possibly right about something. "Have I ever done right by you?" Ridge asked.

Brooke didn't know where Ridge's thoughts had sprung from. She said he'd always tried to do right by her and others, but his rightness hadn't been what she'd fallen in love with. She asked if there was something he wanted to tell her.

Ridge began explaining what had delayed him after the wedding, and he said he'd run into Quinn. Brooke replied that he didn't have to account for every moment of his time. Brooke believed that Quinn made Eric happy, so they should leave it at that. Ridge believed that someone could learn to be good, but badness couldn't be willed away. It was part of the DNA. The only way to get rid of it was to tear it down and begin again, or else it would just lie in wait for another chance to betray and destroy.

Brooke assumed that Ridge believed Quinn was that way. Ridge replied that some people just wanted to tear happiness to the ground. In his view, Quinn was one of those people, and so was he. He picked back up on the retelling of what had happened after the wedding, but Brooke stated that he was embarrassing her. She asked if he really thought he had to report everything that happened when she wasn't around.

Brooke trusted Ridge, and even though he might have said things to Quinn that Brooke wouldn't approve of, he hadn't broken any promises. She said life went on, and they needed to change their opinion of Quinn, who wasn't trying to be an enemy anymore and had helped Ridge with his new job title. Brooke wanted a moratorium on the subject of Quinn. Brooke decided to let him get back to work, and as she left, he said he loved her.

In the corridor, Brooke encountered Ivy. She wanted to talk to Ivy about a client's inquiry into a discontinued bracelet.

Back in the CEO's office, Ridge got a call from Quinn, who warned him that Ivy had seen Quinn and Ridge the previous night, and Quinn had stalled Ivy about telling Eric. She said Ivy was on the way to the office and might be there already.

Ridge grimaced after the call and spotted Brooke and Ivy talking outside his open door. He went to the door and asked to talk to Ivy in private. Ivy asked if it could wait because she was talking to Brooke. He said it couldn't. Brooke asked if everything was okay between the two. Ivy stated that she had some information for Brooke that Ridge might want to also hear, but he might already know what it was about before Ivy even said a word.

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