Monday, August 22, 2016

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge discussed the idea that Eric had possibly asked Quinn to move in. Brooke said Ridge had always had an overly active imagination, and Eric might not have done that. Ridge felt that Brooke was very optimistic; however, his father had asked him to leave the house for a reason, and Ridge couldn't let Quinn abide in his mother's house.

Ridge couldn't reach Steffy by phone and decided to go to the mansion. Brooke wanted to go, too, in case Eric needed a gentler touch than Steffy and Ridge provided. Ridge thought Eric needed a strong hand but offered to call her if gentler reinforcements were required.

In Bill's office, Wyatt and Liam discussed Eric asking Quinn to move in. Wyatt admitted to Liam that Quinn hadn't exactly listened to him. Liam asked how he expected to get through to Quinn. Wyatt didn't know, but he had to believe that he and Steffy would work through it.

At the mansion, Quinn couldn't believe Steffy would actually move out on Wyatt. Steffy said she'd do it that night and asked Quinn what it would be. Quinn didn't want to hurt Wyatt, but she didn't want to hurt Eric, either. Quinn decided that she wouldn't hurt Eric.

Steffy hoped that Quinn knew what she was doing. Steffy said she was going home to start packing. Quinn told Steffy not to do it, but Steffy said not to make her do it. Quinn pleaded with Steffy, but Steffy claimed that Quinn was making Steffy do it. "It's your choice, Quinn. Live with it," Steffy said and walked out.

Quinn sat down and reflected on what had transpired that evening with Eric, Wyatt, and Steffy. Eric entered, asking if Wyatt had already gone. Eric noticed her sadness and figured that Wyatt had tried to talk her out of moving in. She said it was true, but it wasn't what bothered her. She believed Wyatt wanted what was best for her and that she could eventually convince him that she and Eric were good for each other. Steffy, however, was another matter.

Eric seemed surprised when Quinn relayed that Steffy had shown up there and had been angry and making threats. "She threatened you? Here?" he asked. Quinn wished Steffy had threatened her, but Steffy had instead threatened her marriage to Wyatt. Quinn explained that, because Quinn had refused to leave the mansion, Steffy had decided to move out on Wyatt.

Eric was sorry that his relationship with Quinn was hurting his granddaughter; however, he thought it was a ridiculous and unreasonable demand. He was glad Quinn hadn't given in. Quinn hoped Steffy was bluffing and wouldn't walk out on her marriage.

Just then, Ridge arrived. He asked if Steffy was still there. "No. She came, she threw her fit, and she left. Is it your turn?" Eric asked. Ridge said he was just there to talk and asked Quinn to go home. "She is home," Eric replied. Ridge disagreed and said he wouldn't let it happened. Eric stated that it wasn't up to Ridge, and Ridge couldn't just arrive and bark out orders. "I'm your father, not your child. You need to start understanding that," Eric said.

Ridge asked if he was treating Eric like a child by voicing concerns. Eric said not to worry because he'd been making decisions since long before Ridge had been born. Ridge claimed that Eric didn't always make the best decisions where women were concerned, and he and Eric had that in common. Eric replied that it was his life and his choices.

Ridge said he could get behind most of Eric's choices. "You want to run the company again -- fine, it's your company. You want to live in this house? Yes, it's your house. But this with that?" Ridge said, gesturing toward Quinn. Ridge had to wonder who was motivating the choices.

Eric yelled that his motivation was being alive. He said he could have faded into the woodwork when Stephanie had died, and he could have lost himself in his grief. Eric claimed that he'd gotten pushed out of his company. He said he could have just waited for his turn to die; however, he wasn't going to wait. He was happy and healthy, and he had what he wanted. Eric had a company, and he had a family, and he had Quinn.

Eric knew that Ridge wasn't happy about it. No one was happy about it, but especially not Ridge, Eric added. Eric asserted that as long as he and Quinn were happy, it was all that mattered. Ridge said he couldn't accept it. Eric told Ridge to live his life. Eric wouldn't tell Ridge how, and Ridge wouldn't tell Eric how to live his, either. "Understood?" Eric said.

At the loft, Thomas and Sasha made out. He asked if she really had to go. She said she wasn't in a hurry for anything. He replied that it was good because he wasn't, either, and they could hang out and not be in a hurry together.

Later, Thomas and Sasha had ice cream. She asked if she could visit every night. He joked that she wanted to be there for his ice cream and promised to keep the freezer stocked. She said he'd just earned brownie points with her, and he asked if he'd eventually be able to use the points for something other than ice cream. "Eventually, you might," she replied.

Sasha decided that it was getting late, and she needed to go. She attempted to unlock his door herself. Upon succeeding, she claimed that she was more composed, whereas before, she'd been flustered. Thomas kissed her, and as she opened the door, Liam approached.

Liam greeted Sasha and entered the loft as she exited. Thomas asked Liam what was going on, and Liam revealed that Eric had asked Quinn to live with him. "This has officially gotten insane," Thomas concluded. Liam was sure Steffy would flip out. Thomas stated that Steffy wouldn't have to deal with it if she was married to Liam and not Wyatt.

Thomas decided that he and Liam would protect Steffy, no matter what. Thomas was still amazed about Eric and Quinn. Liam said Steffy needed to free herself of it and put Wyatt and the marriage behind her.

At the beach house, Wyatt paced in front of the fireplace. Steffy arrived, and he said he had to tell her something. She conveyed that she already knew and had just been there. He stated that he'd tried to talk Quinn out of it, and Steffy said she'd done the same thing. Steffy stated that she'd thought Wyatt would find a way to control Quinn.

Wyatt replied that they'd find a way to get Quinn out of the mansion. Steffy replied that she'd told Quinn that if Quinn didn't move out, Steffy would. He asked if Steffy had told his mother that she was leaving him. Steffy restated that she'd said she'd move out if Quinn didn't move out. "She claims to love you so much -- but not enough to keep me in your home," Steffy concluded. Wyatt said he didn't understand why Steffy would "say something like that."

Steffy claimed that she'd had to do it. "But how does that threat even pop into your head, Steffy?" Wyatt asked. Steffy claimed that because Quinn had fought so hard to get the couple together, Steffy had thought Quinn would do anything to keep the couple together. Steffy guessed she was wrong. Wyatt replied that she didn't actually have to move out.

Steffy said Wyatt had promised to get Quinn out of their lives, but it was just getting worse and worse. "First, she tricks us into getting married, and now she's living at my grandfather's house," Steffy said. Wyatt became fixated on the word "tricked." She claimed that he knew it wasn't what she'd meant and that her feelings for him "are real." Wyatt stared incredulously at her. "But, yeah, we were tricked, and as painful as that was to discover, I stuck by you, and I chose to believe in our marriage," Steffy said.

"Until now. That's basically what you're saying," Wyatt responded. Steffy said she needed to feel protected and know her family was protected. He felt that he'd done that, and he'd done it time and time again -- even that very night. She claimed it was just talk and asked where the action was. He asked if she wanted him to drag Quinn out, kicking and screaming.

"Yes! Yes! If what we have means anything to you," Steffy yelled. She claimed to love Wyatt but not be able to put up with it anymore. Wyatt asked if she was seriously moving out, and she said that she was. He replied that it didn't make any sense that she'd move out over an ultimatum that she never should have made in the first place.

Steffy replied that Quinn's moving into the mansion was the last straw. "For her -- yes! But what about for me?" Wyatt asked. He asked why their marriage was being sacrificed and if it was an excuse to get back to Liam. Steffy claimed that if she'd needed an excuse to go to Liam, the kidnapping would have been enough. She said her vows were true, and she'd married Wyatt because she loved him. Steffy told him not to dare to question her feelings or drag Liam into it.

Steffy claimed that it was about Quinn, whom Wyatt had sworn he'd get out of their lives. Steffy said that Quinn was at Forrester and targeting Eric after kidnapping and molesting Liam. She cried that Quinn repeatedly lied to them, but Wyatt had done nothing. Wyatt gasped the word "nothing." Steffy claimed it was why she had to get away from Quinn.

"Away from me," Wyatt stated. Steffy almost said that wasn't it, but she just cut herself off and grabbed her purse. She was headed to Thomas' house, but Wyatt said she couldn't leave without giving him another chance to fix it. He said it was bull that she needed to see more action because all he'd done from the first day was defend her; however, if she needed more action, she'd get more action.

Wyatt said he'd go over there and pick Quinn up and put her out of the house if she wouldn't leave. He wouldn't rest until Quinn had left the house for good. He said that Steffy couldn't leave. He'd do anything for her, but she couldn't leave. He begged her not to leave.

. . .

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