Monday, August 3, 2015

At the sky lounge, Quinn and Deacon were smooching when Eric pulled out a pad to write them up for public displays of affection while on the job. Eric asked how their marriage was. Quinn said it was well, despite Brooke trying to prevent it. Eric stated that Brooke had been wary and with good reason.

Later, Eric was in Rick's old office with Quinn, complimenting her work. Quinn said that the new CEO had been complimentary as well. She assumed that Ridge's takeover hadn't sat well with Eric. Eric replied that Ridge took whatever he wanted. "The way he took Brooke from you?" Quinn asked.

Eric said it had been a long time back, and fathers and sons had complicated relationships. Quinn relayed that she'd heard Thomas wanted to be on the design team. Eric believed it was a good thing; however, he hoped Thomas had inherited Ridge's designs skills -- and not Ridge's other traits.

In Rick's old office, Caroline was typing out a message. Brooke wasn't if it was premature of Caroline to hint that Forrester was about to make a game-changing announcement. Caroline asked if Brooke had a problem with a father-son collaboration. Brooke felt that it had worked for Ridge and Eric, and it would for Ridge and Thomas -- as long as Caroline refereed.

Caroline didn't think she had to do it because the men respected each other, and the designs were all that mattered. Brooke guessed Caroline had seen Thomas' designs and asked what Caroline thought. Caroline didn't think her opinion mattered. Brooke said Caroline wasn't giving herself enough credit, and Caroline was Ridge's muse, inspiration, and confidante -- everything Brooke had been.

A message from Caroline's parents interrupted the conversation, and the topic turned to parents worrying into a child's adulthood. Caroline said that Ridge had nothing to worry about with Thomas, who knew what he wanted. Brooke added that Thomas wanted a place on the design team, and Caroline was anxious to know how Thomas' meeting with Ridge had gone.

In the CEO's office, Thomas couldn't believe Ridge was serious. Very serious, said the CEO's son got no free rides. Thomas claimed to just want Ridge's opinion. Ridge replied that he'd given it, and if the design was the best Thomas had, Thomas wouldn't be on the team.

Ridge saw nothing wrong in pushing oneself to be the best. Thomas thought it was easy to say for the boss, who called the shots at the office and with the women in his life. Ridge asked where the statement had come from. Before leaving, Thomas said that, as a young designer, he'd been soaking in what was going on, and someday, someone might tell Ridge that he was out of touch and out of date.

Later, Brooke arrived and mentioned that Caroline had gone home to rest at her parents' behest. Ridge wondered why he couldn't get Caroline to rest, but he was impressed with how she'd recovered and gotten back to work.

Ridge received a message from Caroline. Brooke guessed Caroline had said that she hadn't wanted to interrupt the meeting with Thomas, and she was at home, awaiting Ridge in something silky. Ridge asked how Brooke could read his text-messages from the other side of the phone, and Brooke reminded him that she used to be the one to wait for him at home. "Now look at me," she said.

Ridge told Brooke that she could have any man she wanted. "But not the men that are taken," she added. Brooke found it strange that she'd always known she'd win over Taylor, but there had turned out to be someone else -- someone younger.

Ridge asked if Brooke had given Caroline a hard time about it. Brooke remarked that Caroline was as young as Ridge's daughter, but Brooke guessed Ridge had felt the same way when Brooke had married Eric. Ridge believed that the triangle still affected his relationship with his father. Brooke remarked that it was the way Ridge had taken the company from Eric and Rick that had done it.

Brooke picked up the ripped design and looked questioningly at Ridge. Ridge said that it had been Thomas', but Ridge had ripped it up. Brooke asked why Ridge hadn't showed a little diplomacy. Ridge tried to explain himself but concluded that Brooke might be right. He wanted Thomas to grow and not get by on his name.

Ridge said Eric hadn't let Ridge do it, but Ridge and Thomas were very different. Brooke didn't see how it was so. She said that Thomas was committed, angry, rebellious, and charming. Ridge denied being angry but did recall being as charming as hell. Brooke warned that Thomas' charm was dangerous, and it would be hard for a woman to deny him.

At Ridge's loft, Thomas arrived while Caroline awaited Ridge in a robe. Thomas was livid that Ridge had ripped up his design. Thomas said Ridge's message had been clear about Thomas being pale imitation of Ridge. Caroline asked if Thomas wanted her to talk to Ridge.

Thomas was fine with his father putting him through it. He recalled that Ridge had torn up a lot of things, including the great family they'd had. Caroline asked Thomas to wait there to talk to Ridge, who should arrive soon. Caroline got up to get some wine, but her ankles were too stiff to stand on. She said Ridge usually rubbed them for her, and Thomas offered to do it.

Caroline thought it was sweet but wanted Ridge to do it. Thomas said that she was in pain, and he propped her ankles on his lap. As he worked on them, she thanked him but said he didn't have to do it. He told her to think of him as a stand-in for his father, and he joked it would win him some points.

"Oh, so he poo-poohed your initial design," Caroline said. She believed that Ridge just had certain expectations. Thomas had some, too, and one was not to have his work destroyed because Ridge was ticked about something else. She asked what made Thomas say that. Thomas replied that his father had "never not been" supportive. She replied that Ridge was happy to have Thomas back in town.

Caroline was happy for it, too. Thomas asked if being with Ridge was boring, but she said Ridge was an exciting man. "For his age," Thomas quipped. She replied that it was for any age, and age and maturity didn't always go hand-in-hand. She sensed that being abroad had matured Thomas, and Ridge would soon see it. Thomas said that the beautiful Caroline had high hopes, but they'd get dashed once Ridge moved on.

Thomas apologized. Caroline said that Ridge wasn't like that and asked if it was so hard to believe he'd found something with her. Thomas didn't find it hard to believe. Stroking her leg, he said he remembered seeing her legs when she'd stepped out of the limo upon her arrival to town, and he'd known it wouldn't last with her and Rick.

Caroline said that if she'd known then what she did "now," she would have made a different choice. Thomas stated that he'd left town, she'd gotten with his father, and they'd both made mistakes. He began kissing her leg. She asked what he was doing and told him to leave. He went to the door, but instead of leaving, he locked it.

Caroline asked what Thomas was doing. He sat on the couch, yanked her onto his lap and began kissing her. Caroline told him that she couldn't. He said that he'd lost her once, and he wouldn't do it again. "No," she breathlessly replied, but Thomas said, "Yes."

. . .

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