Monday, November 17, 2014

In Amsterdam, Hope gasped, witnessing Liam and Ivy kissing on their boat in the canal below Hope's balcony. Hope turned from the scene and reentered the hotel suite to tell Wyatt that she wanted to go home. Wyatt insisted that they could work the issue out.

Hope stated that the shoot was over, so there was no reason for them to be there. "Fine. The jet's unavailable," Wyatt bit out without even checking first. She asked him to book a commercial flight, and he asked about Liam and Ivy. Hope muttered that they could stay and enjoy themselves.

Wyatt made the flight arrangements, and Hope murmured that his suitcase was on the bed. He apologized for seemingly meddling by booking the boat for Liam and Ivy, and Hope stated that she'd thought it had been for herself and Wyatt. He replied that he'd planned his and Hope's evening for the hotel, but she said it hadn't been before he'd made sure that Ivy and Liam were alone.

Wyatt claimed that it had been to get the couple out of their hair. Hope cut him a sharp look. Unable to do tiptoe around "this" anymore, he confessed to doing it for his brother; however, he'd also done it for himself and Hope. Wyatt wanted Liam to move on. Wyatt wanted them all to move on.

Wyatt asked if Hope was sick of the lost puppy-dog looks from across the room. He figured that if Ivy could help with that, they should let her. He felt that he might have been impatient, but he hadn't threatened or endangered anyone. "I mean, really, who did it hurt?" he asked.

On their flight later, Wyatt noted that Hope hadn't said a word since they'd been at the hotel. Hope said she'd been thinking. She doubted that she had to tell him that it had been a difficult trip for her. Wyatt said he should have been focused on her, and the boat ride had been a bad idea. Hope revealed that when she'd been on the hotel balcony, she'd seen Ivy and Liam kissing on their boat.

Wyatt asked how it had made Hope feel. With tears in her eyes, Hope replied that she'd felt guilty. Squeezing Wyatt's hand, she said she shouldn't have overreacted, and she was sorry. She felt bad about comparing him to his mother. Wyatt replied that she was a stressed-out pregnant lady, but she said they could blame it on hormones.

Wyatt said he understood that having Liam around had been hard, but they had to focus on their marriage and the baby. Hope said it was what she wanted to do. Wyatt squeezed her hand. She flashed back on times with Liam and times with Wyatt. The sonogram memory played in her mind, and touching her stomach, she smiled.

After their boat ride, Ivy and Liam kissed on the pier. He asked how she'd known he'd needed the trip. Ivy said she knew it had been hard having the foursome together, but he stated that she'd turned him toward the future, a future with Ivy, the new supermodel at Forrester.

Ivy laughed. She said her life had changed a lot in a short time. She'd gotten the job at Forrester, moved to the States, and had met "you, my love."

Night fell, and the couple arrived outside Ivy's hotel room. Ivy thanked Liam for the lovely time, and he wondered if the night had ended. She opened her door and was surprised to find that her room had been lit with candles. Liam remarked that he had friends in high places. He pretended to be tired and turned to leave. Ivy pulled him back to her, and they kissed.

Liam said he hadn't set up the boat, but he'd set up the room to show his appreciation for Ivy. "Your strength, and your support, your grace, and your modesty...and your giggle...and your accent...uhm..." he stated. It was amazing to him how all those traits had become things he didn't think he could live without. Liam poured some champagne. He and Ivy toasted and kissed.

Liam stepped out of the room. When he returned, he asked Ivy if there was anything different about him. She checked him over, and he pushed his collar back. He was wearing the sword necklace she'd made him. Liam stated that it was the first time he'd worn it, but he'd wear it from then on as the symbol of his new life and all the changes that had happened to him because of her. They kissed again.

At Forrester, Caroline told Ridge that she could tell that Rick still loved her. Ridge said Rick was berating her like a child, and as a grown man, Rick should know better. She empathized with Rick, but Ridge asserted that even though he and Caroline had made a mistake, no one got to talk to her that way, not even Rick. Caroline blamed Rick's behavior on Maya, who'd been right there to pounce on Rick.

Ridge grabbed a pencil, opened a pad, and called Caroline over to him. Caroline snipped that they weren't doing that anymore. He claimed to just want her opinion. Eric whisked in with a tablet. He'd cut his trip short and had been looking at the dresses made from the collaboration sketches. On paper, they'd been impressive, but in person, they were groundbreaking. He asserted that Ridge and Caroline made a "hell of a team."

Eric believed the designs could return Forrester to its glory, and they were experiencing a real moment for the company. Caroline asked if Eric wanted her to keep designing with Ridge. She said Rick's name, but Eric declared that they could fix it. She wasn't sure about that; however, Eric said they could, and they would. Ridge began to speak, but as he left, Eric said, "Just do the work. And that's all."

In Rick's office, Maya was concerned when she saw Rick drinking. Rick brooded about Ridge defending Caroline earlier. Maya hated to see Rick angry, but he said he had reason to be. She felt that he had more reasons not to be, and she asked why he was still letting the pair get to him. Maya wanted to know how to cheer him up, and he said she could let him do something for her.

Rick gave Maya another jewelry box. In it, there was a pair of diamond earrings. As she put them on, he locked the door. She asked how the diamonds looked on her, and he replied that they clashed with her dress and everything else she was wearing. Sensual saxophone music played as Rick hiked up Maya's thigh and pushed her back onto the desk, and they passionately kissed.

After the half-dressed pair had sex, Rick pulled Maya onto his lap at his desk. He said he hadn't realized how lucky he'd been when he'd had her. He claimed to have been let down many times in his life by people like his father and Amber. Maya added Caroline, and he said that he'd asked Caroline to quit. Maya felt that Caroline would have done so if she'd really loved Rick.

Maya claimed that Caroline hadn't been loyal, and Rick didn't have places in his life for people like that. Instead, he had Maya, and she'd be there for him always. Rick kissed her, but as he stroked her arm, he flashed back to the days he'd met Caroline, proposed to her, and married her. Maya said that Caroline had tricked Rick and betrayed his trust, but Maya would never do that.

. . .

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