Monday, September 31, 15

At the mansion, Zende, Eric, and Nicole greeted Rick and Maya, who'd returned from their honeymoon. Rick and Maya shared pictures of their Copenhagen honeymoon.

As Eric talked to the newlyweds more about the trip, Zende asked Nicole if it was good to have her sister home. Nicole had missed Maya. Though they'd only just found each other again, something was missing for Nicole with Maya wasn't around.

The men went to get drinks, and Maya teased Nicole about Zende not taking his eyes off Nicole. The men returned, and Rick asked if Maya had let Vivienne know they were back. Maya had messaged her mother. Maya asked if Nicole had heard from Julius. Nicole hadn't.

Maya hadn't, either, and Nicole wondered if he'd ever be in their lives again. Maya said that being close to Vivienne was more than she could have asked for. Eric was glad to have been there to see the mother and daughter get close, and he said that the Forresters would be there if Vivienne needed them. Raising his glass to toast, Eric said he was thrilled to have another daughter.

Eric, Zende, and Nicole reviewed more pictures, and with a kiss, Maya thanked Rick for their honeymoon. A song and montage played. In the montage, Rick and Maya picnicked in Copenhagen.

In Rick's old office, Thomas was entranced when Caroline guided his hand across the sketchpad. She asked if he saw was she was talking about, and he replied that he understood how it could have only taken one touch between her and his father. Retracting her hand, Caroline asked what he was saying.

Thomas didn't want to make Caroline uncomfortable. She claimed that he wasn't, but when he tried to grasp her hands, she pulled back. He explained that he'd poked fun at Ridge and Caroline's connection, but Thomas got how working closely together could create something more. He hoped that his father made her happy. All he wanted was for her to be happy and fulfilled.

In the CEO's office, Brooke advised Ridge not to be rash. Ridge said he had to put Caroline first, just as Brooke had told him to do. Brooke asked if that meant he'd start a family when he didn't want to.

Ridge packed up to go home, but Brooke asked if he was really going to go through diaper changes and midnight feedings. He said it was all part of the joy. Brooke stated that Ridge had already been through it. Ridge replied that Caroline hadn't, and he wouldn't stand in her way.

Later, Brooke was alone when Thomas entered. Brooke let him know that Ridge had gone home to be with Caroline, and she had the feeling that he was about to make Caroline very happy. Brooke was coy, saying it might not be her place to say, but Thomas kept asking what was going on.

Brooke remarked that Caroline wanted to have a family. Thomas replied that he knew because Caroline had opened up to him. Brooke was surprised that the two had talked about having kids. Thomas said it had been talk while working. Brooke informed him that she was concerned that Ridge had changed his mind about having children and was probably telling Caroline so at that very moment.

Thomas couldn't believe it. Brooke said she wasn't sure, but Ridge had hinted at it. Thomas guessed he'd been wrong about Ridge hurting Caroline. He said Caroline had been dying to hear that Ridge wanted to have children. Thomas was sure she was thrilled.

At the loft, Ridge was alone. He retrieved a journal from his desk and looked at an envelope. When Caroline entered, he put the book on the desk. Caroline informed Ridge that Thomas was improving and learning their needs for the line. Ridge wanted Thomas to succeed, and he also wanted the best with Caroline. With a kiss, she said Ridge was the best for her.

Ridge asked what was in the bag Caroline had carried in. Caroline had gotten something for her friend's baby. She pulled out the dresses for Mariah's baby and talked about how one would never have seen Mariah as a mother, but people's priorities had a way of changing. Ridge asked if Caroline wanted to discuss her own baby. Shrugging, she claimed to be fine because of how he felt about it.

Ridge was still awed at the fact that Caroline would choose him over a child. Caroline replied that he was what was best for her. Ridge stated that parenting had been one of the greatest things in his life. He couldn't let her sacrifice that for him. "I want you to have your child," he said.

Caroline gasped and asked what he was saying. Ridge replied that he'd been unfair. Excited, Caroline said he'd been honest about living in the moment. Ridge conveyed that it was right for his life, but he wasn't being fair to Caroline, who was in a different place. He recalled the excitement of starting a family, and he'd asked himself how he would have felt if the person he'd been with had declined him. He believed it would have been devastating and that she'd be a great mother.

Tearfully Caroline said that with Ridge as her partner, she had no doubt it would be great. She admitted that she'd been trying to adjust to the idea of not having children, and she'd gotten there; however, she said that they had a lot of love to give to give to a great little family.

"It's what you're going to have. You. You're going to be an incredible mother, and whoever the father's going to be, he's gonna be one lucky guy. Can't be me," Ridge said. Caroline asked what he was doing, and he replied that he was setting her free. She said she wanted him, but he told her that he was too old. "I can't -- " he began to say.

Caroline told Ridge to stop acting like he was some old man, doling out wisdom. He said that his past didn't mean he knew what was best for her. She declared that she wanted to be with him -- that was it, period. Ridge said she wanted more; she wanted a child. "Then have a child with me!" she sobbed. Ridge replied that he couldn't be that man.

Caroline asked why. She said that if it was about the age difference, he could cut the crap. She screamed that he could live fifty more years or get hit by a car the next day, and it shouldn't have any bearing upon having a child. Ridge stated that he couldn't have a child, but Caroline took that as him saying that he couldn't have one with her.

Ridge said that he'd never loved "this way" before in his whole life, and Caroline was his "irreplaceable." Caroline asked why he was doing it then. He told her that they weren't meant to be. She cried, saying he'd never been more wrong. She grabbed her purse and ran out.

Ridge wiped away tears and took another sad look at the envelope in the journal.

. . .

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