Monday, May 23, 2016

At the photo studio, Sasha cooed that Julius was about to be a grandfather. Julius replied that he already was one, and he was in exile due to her. Sasha thought there might be something they could do about it. "You help me; I'll help you," she said. He said she could forget making any deal with him.

Sasha told Julius that they were family, and she was going to have Zende's baby. She just needed her father to back her up for once. Julius asked if Zende had agreed to "any of this." She was certain Zende would, but she needed Julius' help in getting Nicole to back off. Julius said to get her head out of the clouds because Zende might not agree with any of her plans.

Sasha asserted that Zende was a good man who cared about her. She asked if Julius would help her. In exchange, she'd put in a good word for him with "Aunt Viv" and the girls. Julius said to leave him out of it. Sasha decided she'd just pay a visit to Nicole herself -- one mother to another.

At the hospital, Nicole was devastated by Zende's news. Zende said he'd just found out and had wanted to tell her right away. She asked if it was his. Zende indicated that it was what Sasha had said, but he'd thought they'd been careful. Nicole lamented that she'd thought she and Zende had had a second chance. Zende insisted that they still did.

Zende explained that he'd been just about to end things with Sasha when she'd given him the news. "Of course she did," Nicole replied. Zende said they couldn't let it destroy what they had. Nicole asked what they were supposed to have at that point. Zende implored Nicole not to give up. He still wanted a future with her, and he knew that she wanted it, too.

Dr. Farrell arrived but offered to leave because Nicole had a visitor. Nicole murmured that Zende was just leaving, and he silently exited. The doctor checked Nicole over and said that, because everything looked good, she'd set up Nicole's discharge for that evening. As the doctor left to prepare the papers, Sasha arrived with flowers to congratulate Nicole on her little princess.

"She's Rick and Maya's," Nicole said. Sasha stated that the baby had arrived out of Nicole's body, and it couldn't have been easy to give her up. Nicole bit out that they were the baby's parents and had been all along. Sasha wondered where her niece was and if she had a name yet. Nicole shook her head, and Sasha imagined that the name would be Forrester fancy and regal.

Sasha asked how the birth had been and if it had hurt. Nicole described it as surreal and spiritual. It had been the hardest, most amazing thing she'd ever done. She wondered why Sasha had asked. Sasha said she'd always been curious, especially after becoming pregnant herself.

Nicole revealed that she'd heard, and Sasha looked surprised. She was further surprised to hear that Zende had told Nicole about it right after he'd told Nicole that he loved Nicole and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Sasha asked why he'd say that. Nicole indicated that he regretted breaking up with her and wanted another chance to be together.

"He actually said that?" Sasha asked. She assumed that Nicole had agreed. Nicole said she'd been ecstatic until she'd heard about the pregnancy that had happened out of nowhere when Zende had been just about to break it off with Sasha. Sasha claimed that she'd planned to tell Zende during the special night she'd arranged. She didn't expect Nicole to be happy for her.

Nicole stated that Sasha was in the hospital and could go to the lab for a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. Sasha said she'd already taken a home pregnancy test the other night. Sasha claimed it wasn't about her. It was about Nicole having a baby, which was something else they'd have in common.

Nicole asserted that Sasha had taken Nicole's boyfriend, had kept a secret for her whole life, and hadn't told Nicole that they were sisters. She said it had better not be another of Sasha's lies, but if it was, they'd all find out if it was true or just a lie to hold onto Zende.

At the cliff house, Bill arrived, wearing his sword necklace. Liam said Bill didn't have to keep checking in. Liam offered to visit the family at Bill's house. "I'll let you know when it's a good time," Bill replied. Liam asked if things were okay. Bill indicated that it was nothing for Liam to worry about.

Liam said he needed Bill's support, and Bill promised he'd get the book thrown at Quinn. Liam elaborated that he wanted help with Steffy and Wyatt. Liam said that Quinn had manipulated them all. Bill intended to see Quinn behind bars for it. Liam replied that there was nothing he wanted more, but it wouldn't change the outcome or that he'd lost Steffy.

Bill ascertained from Liam that Liam's health had improved. Bill asked about the "emotional stuff" and wondered if Liam had seen a therapist. Liam responded as if he'd been dragging his feet on making an appointment. Bill knew that it sounded weird out of his mouth, but he really believed that Liam needed to seek professional help. Agreeing, Liam guessed it was a process.

Liam said it was amazing because he'd really thought he'd been Adam, and he'd only known how he'd felt about Quinn. "Which was that you were in love with her," Bill added. Liam agreed. Liam didn't know how to explain it, but he'd seen goodness in Quinn's eyes. Bill looked uneasy, but he let Liam keep talking. Liam said he'd seen devotion and trustworthiness. "Quinn..." Bill finally said with emphasis. Liam stated that he'd been far gone and unable to see clearly.

Liam remarked that Quinn was in jail, begging him for another chance. Bill wondered how many chances she thought she was entitled to. Liam related that Quinn had claimed to be still in love with him, and she wanted to be with him. Bill stated that it was because she was delusional.

Liam said he wanted everything he'd lost, especially Steffy. Bill empathized with what Liam had gone through, but he asked Liam to not worry about Steffy for the time being and instead focus on pressing charges and making Quinn pay for what she'd done.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Quinn wanted to know if Lieutenant Baker would charge her with something and remarked that he couldn't just hold her there. Baker said she could call her lawyer. She hoped it wouldn't be necessary and said Liam might not press charges.

Baker asked if Quinn had been aware that Liam had been impaired when she'd kidnapped him. Quinn replied that she had not kidnapped Liam. Just then, another officer announced that Quinn had a visitor, and in walked Wyatt, his sword necklace gleaming in the dim light.

The officers left the two alone, and Quinn thanked Wyatt for visiting. He asked if they were treating her okay. She indicated that they were, but they hadn't charged her with anything. "Not yet," Wyatt responded. She said to have faith; Liam might change his mind. Wyatt couldn't even believe that she'd done what she'd done. He asked why she'd done such a thing. "For you. I did it for you," she said.

Wyatt stated that Quinn had manipulated Steffy and him, too. Quinn explained that she'd thought she'd done what had been best. Wyatt said he hadn't asked her for any favors or help, and she should have stayed out of it. All he'd ever wanted was for her to stop messing with people's lives, but she couldn't help it. Quinn agreed that she couldn't when it was about her son's happiness.

Quinn noted that Wyatt was happy with his new bride, but Wyatt exclaimed that didn't make up for what she'd done. Quinn didn't mean that it should make up for anything, but she stated that he was where he was meant to be. Wyatt asked if she regretted playing house with and hiding Liam.

Wyatt reminded Quinn that Adam was a non-existent entity that she'd created. Quinn replied that Adam was the real Liam. Wyatt exclaimed that she was speaking of her least favorite person on the planet. She couldn't make sense of it herself, but she'd seen in Liam something she hadn't seen in any other man. She asserted that Liam felt as strongly as she did.

"It was make-believe, mom!" Wyatt said. Wyatt added that Liam hadn't known himself or her, but when he'd remembered, he'd wanted nothing to do with her. It was the very reason Quinn was at the jail. Quinn said Wyatt could help Liam see that she was an obsessive mother who'd believed Wyatt was better off with Steffy. Wyatt doubted Liam would agree.

"Then tell him I love him!" Quinn decided. Wyatt grimaced and grumbled, but she said Liam had to see her for the woman he'd cared about. Quinn was desperate and said her fate was in Liam's hands. She told Wyatt that he had to talk to Liam and convince him not to lock her up.

Later, Wyatt arrived home. He text-messaged Steffy to ask if she was at work. He asked her to get home because he missed her. He tossed the phone aside and wrestled with Quinn's insistence that he help her out with Liam.

Back in the interrogation room, Baker returned to continue questioning Quinn. He asked how long she'd planned to hide Liam and keep up the marriage charade. Quinn said Liam had wanted to be there, and he'd been happy and peaceful. She said it had been a beautiful time. Baker questioned her about her intention to take Liam out of the area. She explained that they'd been packing up, but their destination hadn't been mapped out.

Another visitor interrupted the session. It was Liam. Quinn's eyes sparkled. Liam said he'd gotten a message and had arrived as soon as he could.

Baker explained that they'd been holding and questioning Quinn based upon Liam's statement that she'd kidnapped him and held him against his will. Baker wanted to know if Liam wanted to proceed with charges so they could have Quinn arraigned and put on trial for a possibly long prison sentence.

Baker said it was all up to Liam and asked if Liam wanted to press charges or not. Quinn looked at Liam, almost imperceptibly shaking her head.

. . .

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