Monday, April 14, 2014

At Brooke's house, Bill and Brooke held each other and basked in the joy of their rejuvenated relationship. Bill asked if Brooke was sure about it, and she asked if she looked like she had any doubts. She thanked him for being patient, and he revealed that he'd had his moments of doubt.

Bill said that what he'd done to Katie with the papers had been wrong, and he understood that Brooke had needed to take the opportunity to see where things stood with Ridge. Bill needed to know that his reunion with Brooke wasn't just her reacting to Ridge being with Katie. Brooke asked how Bill could ask her such a question. Smiling, she kissed him, and they began making out on the bed.

After Brooke and Bill had sex, they held each other and felt happy to be reunited. Brooke wished she could stay in bed all day, but she was happy that she could return home to him after work. Bill said he didn't need much in life, just her, his kids, and the ability to provide for his family.

Bill wanted his youngest son back and hoped that Katie, who was with Ridge, wouldn't fight Bill about joint custody. He also wanted his company back, but his sister wouldn't even return his calls. He was still bitter that his sister had turned on him after he'd made her a lot of money. Brooke understood his need to change things, but she cited that it might be out of his control.

At Forrester, Katie arrived in the CEO's office to see Eric. She figured that he could guess why she was there, and she asked if making Brooke and Ridge co-vice presidents was wise. Eric replied that they were all adults, and Katie agreed, saying that Ridge was capable of choosing his own woman. She asked what Eric was hoping to accomplish.

Eric claimed that he was looking out for his company, and Brooke and Ridge worked well together. Katie asked if it was really about business or if Eric was hoping to spark something between Ridge and Brooke. Katie also wondered how Eric felt about her relationship with Ridge.

Eric admitted that the new relationship had taken him by surprise. Though he thought Katie was terrific, he felt that Brooke and Ridge belonged together. Katie was surprised that Eric would think that after all the lies and deceptions over the years. Eric affirmed that he did, and in his view, Ridge was the only man for Brooke.

Eric warned Katie about what she was up against with Brooke and Ridge's past, but Katie asked if Eric could just accept that Brooke and Ridge had run their course and that Ridge had outgrown Brooke. Eric frankly replied that he was afraid that Katie was going to get hurt. Katie revealed that she knew all about Eric's CEO offer, and to her, Ridge's rejection of it had said a lot about his feelings for her.

Eric insisted that he knew his son, and he didn't think Ridge had given the offer enough thought. Katie thought it was obvious what Eric was up to. She said he thought it would be "BeLieF 2.0," and Ridge and Brooke would wind up together on the lab room floor with their clothes off. Katie declared that destiny had run its course. She said she was with Ridge, and Brooke was with Bill. Katie really wanted Eric to accept it.

Eric stated that Ridge and Brooke had a strong connection, and he feared that Ridge would hurt Katie. Katie believed that people changed, and she didn't think Ridge would hurt her. She said that she and Ridge were happy and in a good place, but Eric noted that Ridge had a way of making a woman feel as if she was the most special in the world.

Katie wondered if Eric was trying to say that it was all an act. Katie thought it was okay for Eric not to believe in the relationship, and she admitted that she'd had a hard time believing that it could happen. She hadn't been able to deny her feelings, and she refused to apologize to anyone for them. She said there was beauty in the unexpected, and Eric just needed to open his eyes and see it.

While Katie was imploring Eric not to make a special effort to sabotage her relationship with Ridge, Brooke stepped into the doorway. Brooke darted to the side of the open door to listen as Eric asserted his beliefs that Ridge and Brooke were the future of his company and his family. Brooke's mouth dropped open as she heard Katie say that Brooke had interfered in Katie's life enough, and Katie begged Eric not to force Ridge to work side-by-side with Brooke.

Eric claimed that it was nothing personal. Katie insisted that it was and that Eric knew it. She declared that she and Ridge were in love and committed to each other. Eric felt that feelings could be fleeting and deceptive. "Not this time," Katie countered, but Eric theorized that Ridge could be using "this" to get back at Brooke. Katie yelled that Ridge was over Brooke, and it wasn't about revenge.

"Ridge and Brooke are over!" Katie exclaimed. Eric told Katie that he had a meeting to get to, but he only wished the best for her. Eric strode out, and Katie grabbed her phone. She heard the door slam and Brooke saying, "How dare you tell Eric you don't want me working with Ridge!" Katie grimaced and asked Brooke what she had expected to happen.

In Rick's office, Liam and Wyatt were anxious to hear the results of Hope's pregnancy test. Hope told them that a lot had happened in the last couple of months, and she and Wyatt had gotten really close. She said they were in a relationship, but they weren't having a baby. Relief washed over Liam, and Wyatt looked a little disconcerted.

Wyatt asked if Hope was okay, and she asked if he was. They both agreed that they were, and Hope said it was probably for the best. Deciding to leave, Liam remarked that it was the best news he'd ever heard. Wyatt lashed out at Liam, but Liam declared, "I love this woman, okay?" Liam loved Hope's values, and he said that Wyatt was ridiculous to think that Liam wouldn't rejoice that she wasn't carrying the child of a guy that she wasn't even engaged to.

Wyatt yelled that it wasn't even about Liam. Liam expressed that he was just relieved because a pregnancy would have changed everything. Wyatt asked if he and Hope could talk about it when they were alone on their road trip, and Liam decided to leave to let Wyatt and Hope talk.

After Liam had left, Hope let out a deep breath, and Wyatt expressed shock that Liam had just left so easily. The reticent and tearful Hope shrugged as Wyatt guessed that Liam had wised up.

Hope expressed relief that she wasn't pregnant, and she said she wasn't ready for a baby. Wyatt was glad because he wasn't ready either. They decided to be more careful with using protection, but he said that he wanted her to know that he would have supported her no matter what.

Hope thanked Wyatt, and he said that there was no other woman in the world he'd rather have a child with. He knew, though, that they weren't ready for children or marriage. To him, they were young and had their whole lives to have a ton of kids. Hope replied that they'd start with two or three, but it was a "long, long" way off.

Wyatt and Hope kissed, and Wyatt decided that they should get on with their trip, where they could talk more about things. He didn't care what they'd do or where they'd wind up; he just couldn't wait to get away with her. Hope nodded, and they kissed. When they hugged, Hope still looked sad.

Wyatt and Hope strolled out to the trailer, and as they prepared to board it, Wyatt got a call that he needed to sign some things inside the building before they left. He took off to do that, and Hope entered the trailer to check the supplies. As she did so, the truck hitched to the trailer started up, and the truck and trailer roared out of the Forrester parking lot.

The trailer jolted forward, and supplies fell all around her. As Hope tried to regain her balance, she asked herself what Wyatt was doing. Her phone rang, and when she answered it, Liam told her not to worry; it was just him.

Hope tried to hold steady as they went over bumps, and she asked what Liam thought he was doing. Liam explained that she'd almost been pregnant with Wyatt's child. "It's drastic, I know. But I'm all out of options,'re coming with me," The determined Liam told her as he steered the truck ahead.

. . .

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