Monday, March 30, 2015

At Brooke's house, Deacon needed Brooke to say if there was a chance for them. Brooke guessed Deacon had seen the kind of woman Quinn was. He contended that Quinn was good for him, and he wanted to marry her; however, he couldn't live with himself if he didn't take a shot at Brooke.

"If Quinn could hear you now," Brooke murmured. Deacon claimed not to want to hurt Quinn. Brooke didn't see the difference, since Quinn had hurt so many others. He felt that Quinn was doing the best she could, but Brooke asked if Quinn had done the best for Hope. Deacon tried to defend Quinn; however, Brooke said Quinn destroyed people, and she feared Quinn would destroy him.

Brooke understood that Deacon wanted companionship, but she insisted that he really didn't want Quinn. Deacon demanded to know who he should be with, if not Quinn. "Is it you?" he asked.

Deacon noted that Brooke had always made it clear that there was no chance for them. It had led him to propose to Quinn, and he'd had to beg and convince Quinn that Brooke was out of the picture. He didn't know what to do because Brooke was the one he should have held onto and loved.

Just then, Deacon received a call from Quinn. She asked if he could believe she was at Forrester. Deacon asked what she was doing there, and she told him to get just there soon.

After the call, Deacon told Brooke that Quinn wanted to see him. "That's too bad," Brooke uttered. He asked what he and Brooke were doing and what was going on with them. Brooke didn't want to say anything, but he implored her to be as straight with him as he'd been with her.

Brooke was grateful for the support Deacon had given her. He'd reminded her that life could be great. She couldn't help but think of the past and how unexpected and passionate they'd been together. "Creating our beautiful baby girl...So, yeah, I think that this could be our time. But -- " she began to add.

Deacon asked what would stop them. Brooke felt there were a few things, and his engagement was one of them. He asked if they could be together if he weren't engaged to Quinn. "I think it could be our chance," Brooke repeated. Deacon seemed torn as he processed her words.

At Forrester, Quinn promised Rick that he wouldn't regret giving her another chance. Rick asked Wyatt if he thought she was up for it. In a measured tone, Wyatt remarked that Quinn had made positive changes and wouldn't let Rick down. Rick said he'd be watching.

Ridge, Pam, Carter, and Ivy arrived to find out what Rick wanted. "Why is she here?" Ivy asked. Everyone was shocked that Rick had invited Quinn there. Rick said the company had had a nearly flawless quarter, but one department had been lacking. The department needed a maturity that only one person could provide. He announced that he'd rehired Quinn, and no one but Quinn smiled.

Pam and Carter protested Rick's decision. Ivy and Ridge chimed in about how dangerous Quinn was. Carter said Rick had fired Quinn. Rick replied that he'd changed his mind. Pam hoped Wyatt agreed that it was a terrible idea. Wyatt reluctantly said it was between Rick and Quinn.

Rick reasoned that some buyers liked Ivy's designs, and some had requested Quinn's. He said there was a demand, and he was filling it. Quinn tried to empathize with the others, but Rick told her not to. Rick said he ran the company as he saw fit, and whoever didn't like it could use the door. He said no one was forcing anyone to stay, and he had to do what was best for the business.

Quinn understood why everyone was leery, but she promised she was a changed person. She said they could ask Wyatt. Wyatt seemed to almost choke as he said Quinn had been making an effort. She said she'd been designing and was settling down with Deacon. Wyatt's eye's bulged at the statement. The others did not find the engagement reassuring. Rick demanded that everyone stop their whining and get over it because Quinn was there to stay.

In the other office, Quinn was ecstatic about being rehired. It was the third happiest time of her life behind Wyatt's birth and Deacon's proposal. She was happy that Rick believed in her, but Wyatt noted that the others didn't feel that way. Quinn only cared that she had Deacon and Wyatt's support. The job was just a cherry on top, and she felt her life was falling into place.

In Liam's office, Bill and Katie arrived. Liam informed them that things were quiet at Spencer, but he'd learned from Ivy that Rick had just called a huge meeting at Forrester. Katie saw nothing wrong with Rick doing that, and Liam began griping about Rick's treatment of Ivy. Bill prompted Liam to tell Katie about the plan. Liam hesitantly revealed that he'd sort of planned to take over Forrester.

Bill and Liam explained the moves they'd made to advance their takeover plan, and Katie wasn't surprised by Steffy's ultimatum. Katie stated that her nephew presided over a very successful business, but Liam and Bill explained that it was about Rick's treatment of people, Caroline and Ivy in particular.

Katie asked about Wyatt's opinion, and Bill said he wanted Rick gone as much as his brother and father. Bill said Rick was a smarmy dictator who acted like he was God. "And there's only one of those -- me! He's got to go," Bill declared.

Katie worried about the effect it would have on Brooke, and Liam asked what was going on with Brooke. Katie didn't know but hoped Brooke was getting the help she needed.

Later, Liam was alone when Ivy arrived. Liam instantly figured out that something was wrong. Ivy explained that Rick had canceled a meeting with her then had called a meeting to announce that he'd rehired Quinn at Forrester.

. . .

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