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Monday, March 20, 2017

In Australia, Katie pulled Brooke aside to discuss what Katie had seen between Ridge and Quinn on the plane. The rest of the group dispersed for the hotel, so Brooke decided that she and Katie would deal with it at the hotel later.

In Eric and Quinn's room later, Quinn called Eric her hero when he told her where her makeup bag was. Eric gave her some wine and talked about how things had changed from their last trip, when Quinn had arrived in secret. Eric stated that because of Ridge's change of heart about Quinn, the other family members had experienced a change of heart, too.

Quinn looked for her scarf because it might be windy where she and Eric were going. Eric hadn't been aware that they were going somewhere. She said she wanted to take him someplace, and deciding to leave her scarf behind, she and Eric left the room.

Quinn took Eric down to the harbor, where the blue water glistened around them. She asked him if it was the same blue as her eyes. She conveyed that she'd never forget when Eric had made the statement about her eyes and the Mediterranean when they'd been in Monaco. Eric replied that her appearance had taken his breath away. She remarked that a lot had happened since then, and he said that she'd become his.

Quinn still couldn't believe the changes that had happened or the acceptance she'd finally gotten. She noted that Eric hadn't answered her question about the blue water matching her eyes. Eric stated that the waters of the world were all beautiful hues of blue, but they all paled in comparison to Quinn's eyes. He called her his force of nature and said he couldn't imagine his life without her. The two kissed.

In Ridge and Brooke's room, Ridge snapped Brooke out of her thoughts. Brooke relayed that she'd been thinking of what Katie had said to her. Ridge asked if there was a problem, and Brooke said she wasn't sure there was one. He replied that she was talking in circles. Brooke decided that they shouldn't talk at all, and she kissed him.

Ridge asked if Brooke was sure that she was okay. Brooke stated that she was about to marry the man she'd loved almost her entire life, and she asked why she wouldn't be okay.

Someone called the room, and after Ridge took the call, he told Brooke that her wedding dress had been delivered to Katie's room. Brooke decided she needed to check on it. As she motioned to leave, Ridge clasped her wrists and asked if she was sure everything was okay between her and Katie.

Brooke insisted that it was, but Ridge asked if Katie would agree. Brooke invited him to go to Katie's room with her to see for himself. Ridge didn't want to go. He just wanted Brooke to make it a quick visit so they could start their honeymoon early.

In Katie's room, Katie mulled over all the strange times she'd seen Ridge and Quinn together. Brooke arrived, and Katie mentioned that someone had delivered the wedding dress. Straight to the point, Brooke stated that she was going to say it once more. Brooke didn't know why Katie kept mentioning things about Ridge and Quinn, but it had to stop. Brooke asserted that she didn't want to hear one more word about Ridge and Quinn.

Katie figured that Brooke was upset with Katie, but Katie had thought Brooke had needed to know what Katie had seen. Brooke said there was nothing to know, and Katie asked if Brooke had talked to Ridge about it. Brooke asserted that she'd known Ridge most of her life; he wasn't that kind of man and wouldn't do what Katie was saying he was doing.

Katie reasoned that she wasn't making accusations. She'd just wanted to relay what she'd seen and heard. Brooke replied that Katie had misinterpreted things, just as she'd done the other day when she'd spied on Ridge and Quinn at work. Katie insisted that she hadn't been spying and that she'd just seen something that had made her think. Brooke asked if Katie knew how ridiculous suspecting Quinn and Ridge of having an affair sounded.

Katie apologized because she didn't want to hurt Brooke. Brooke yelled for Katie to stop it because Brooke didn't need her little sister putting doubts in her head about the man she was about to marry. Katie stated that Brooke had Katie's support. Brooke contended that if Katie supported Brooke, then Katie would admit that she'd misinterpreted the looks and "feel."

Katie asked Brooke to listen, but Brooke said that Katie needed to listen. Brooke didn't want to hear one more word about her fiancé and Eric's wife. Brooke said that if Katie didn't understand it, then Katie needed to take the next plane back to Los Angeles. Brooke told Katie that nothing was going on with Quinn and Ridge.

In another hotel room, Thomas wondered when Steffy would reveal the wedding plans she and Ivy had cooked up. Steffy said she and Ivy were co-conspirators and had to have their secrets. Steffy was glad Thomas had flown out for the wedding. He replied that, despite their issues, he wouldn't have missed her happily ever after. The two hugged and expressed love for each other.

Thomas compared the next wedding to the mountaintop wedding, and Steffy quipped that the mountain wedding had been just a dress rehearsal. She said he might get married in Australia someday, but Thomas replied that he hadn't even been able to get a date for the wedding.

Later, Thomas had gone, and Ivy was showing Steffy a tablet as the women discussed wedding logistics. Steffy warned Ivy not to tilt the tablet and reveal their secrets to Liam, who was picking grapes out of a welcome basket. Liam guessed he was in trouble if the groom couldn't even know how the wedding would be. He recalled Steffy's surprise appearance on Ajax Mountain for their first wedding and her idea to ride a motorcycle down the aisle for the second wedding.

Liam figured Steffy wouldn't top the first two weddings and advised her to be traditional and normal. Steffy flashed him a pointed stare, and he said she could do whatever she wanted. "That's better," Steffy replied.

Ivy left, and Liam decided to tickle the wedding details out of Steffy. She said they'd have a party with Champagne. He tried to tickle her more, but she said she was entitled to the element of surprise. Liam gave up on tickling her, and she assured him that she'd make it a wedding day for them that no one would forget.

On the flight to Australia, Sally seemed annoyed as Kieran and Matt hummed a song, but Sally smiled endearingly at them when they joked about Kieran marrying Matt for his money. The discussion turned to Sally and "her guy," and Sally admitted that they hadn't had a first date yet.

Matt asked if Sally was sort of stalking the guy, and Kieran asked how Sally felt about bunny rabbits. Kieran decided that Sally was too young to have seen the movie Fatal Attraction. Sally quipped that her life was better than any movie. Matt grabbed a bag of popcorn and asked Sally to go on.

Sally conveyed that her parents had been carnies, her great aunt hung out with cabana boys, and Sally's Grams believed she was a southern-fried Mata Hari. Sally said she shouldn't even get started on Saul and Darlita. Kieran asked if those were Sally's pets, and Sally decided to stretch her legs.

Kieran pressed Sally back into the seat before Sally could get up and asked about the date in Australia. Sally explained what Thomas had said before he'd left Los Angeles and added that the problem was Thomas' sister, who was the bride and who hated Sally -- with good reason. Sally felt she could handle the bride, but Sally didn't want to do anything to upset Thomas.

After the plane landed, Matt and Kieran asked Sally to take their picture so they could show Rusty that they'd landed. The couple joked about crashing the wedding with Sally. Matt said they were kidding, and Kieran added that they were rooting for Sally and Thomas.

Before Sally disembarked, she received a text message from Thomas with a photo of himself in Australia. He told her to look at what she was missing and asked if Australia could be more awesome. Sally grinned and headed for the exit.

Back at the hotel, Thomas left his bathroom, wearing only a towel. He received a call from Sally, who said his text and photo were his way of rubbing it in that he was in sunny Australia. Thomas guessed that it was raining in Los Angeles. She replied that she wouldn't know because she wasn't there. He asked where she was calling from.

Sally asked if Thomas had meant the thing he'd said. Thomas asked what thing and noted that he said lots of things. She clarified that it was the thing about him taking her to the wedding if she was in Australia. Thomas affirmed it.

Someone knocked on Thomas' door, and Thomas asked Sally to hold on while he took care of the room service order he'd made. When he opened the door, he saw Sally standing on the threshold. "I'm here," she stated. Thomas pulled her into the room and kissed her.

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