Monday, May 2, 2016

In the CEO's office, Zende relayed that Sasha hadn't mentioned leaving and asked if it was for modeling. Rick asked for discretion because Sasha didn't know about it yet.

Zende was there for a meeting with Rick about a future photo shoot. Julius replied that Zende needed to be making things right with Nicole instead of running behind Sasha. Vivienne and Maya admonished Julius, and he asked if he couldn't speak the truth. Maya decided to take her parents to the Sky Lounge for lunch, and Rick said to put it on the company tab.

Once alone with Zende, Rick stated that Julius wasn't the most eloquent man, but he'd zeroed in on Zende's problem. Rick said Zende was stuck between two incredible women who were "all about" him. Rick had been in the same type of situation before. He hadn't handled it well, but he was very happy with Maya. Zende agreed, adding that Nicole was having Rick's child.

Rick was sorry that was the reason Zende couldn't be with Nicole. Zende said not to be; Nicole had wanted to do it. Zende just hadn't known how it would be, and then Sasha had happened along. Rick assumed Zende had feelings for Sasha. Zende replied that Sasha was fun to be around, but if Nicole had declined the surrogacy, she'd be the only woman in his life.

Rick asked if Zende saw a future with Sasha. "I see now. You know, and now -- now is pretty good," Zende relayed. Zende had wanted Nicole to be his wife and have his children. Rick stated that stranger things had happened than the couple finding their way back to each other. Zende didn't know, and though he hated hurting Nicole, he had to be true to his feelings. "I just can't," Zende said.

Rick thought that knowing one's limits could spare one pain, but he advised Zende not to be rigid because, what had been impossible a year earlier might be a better fit that day. Zende thanked his uncle for the advice and for being solid despite his own feelings. Zende hadn't felt any anger from Rick.

Rick said family trumped everything. He didn't want his nephew to lose sight of the wondrous gift Nicole was giving. Zende hadn't, but he couldn't get swept up in the emotions like everyone else.

Over lunch at the Sky Lounge, Maya and Vivienne just wanted to enjoy their lunch, but Julius still couldn't get over Nicole carrying a baby for Maya. He said that, within the first two months of pregnancy, Nicole had been as sick as a dog, and then she'd lost Zende to her best friend. Julius was trying, but he just didn't like the baby agreement. "Clearly," Maya responded.

What Julius did like was his fruity drink. Maya said it was called "California Dreaming." He said it was what they were doing, thanks to Maya, and the sound of ice clinking meant it was time for another drink. Maya offered to fetch it, and after she'd gone, he chuckled that he really liked California.

Julius remarked upon how beautiful Forrester's logo was. It had changed his daughters' lives, and he was thinking of having it tattooed on his chest. "You are not doing that," Vivienne said, and he chuckled richly. He added that he'd developed an appreciation for the fashion business, and he hadn't given up on making Eric his golfing buddy.

Maya returned, asserting that Eric wouldn't go golfing. Julius quipped that she could ask her mother about his powers of persuasion. "Ugh! Enough!" Maya exclaimed, cringing. For Julius, things were great in Los Angeles, except for one thing. Maya supposed he meant her selfish desire for a child.

"Now that you mention it," Julius agreed. However, it hadn't been what he'd meant. He'd been referring to Sasha mistreating Nicole by moving in on Zende. He said it wasn't right, and Sasha needed to return to Illinois immediately. Maya replied that it was one thing she and Julius could agree on.

Vivienne wasn't so sure and empathized with Sasha. Julius told his wife to get on board, because it was the best thing for Nicole. Vivienne relayed that she'd tried to reason with Sasha about Zende, but Sasha wasn't having it. Julius thought they should wear Sasha down, but Vivienne revealed that it was hard to be tough on Sasha. Maya didn't know why and said "that girl" was capable of holding her own.

Vivienne believed it was just a front and that Sasha was vulnerable because she hadn't had a strong male influence in her life. "I mean, the way you are with Nicole," Vivienne told Julius.

Later, Maya and Vivienne returned to the CEO's office and found Rick behind the desk. Julius had gone back to the motel. Maya remarked that she and Julius were in agreement about Sasha, and he wanted Vivienne to use her influence to reason with Sasha to leave town.

Rick asked how Vivienne felt about it. Vivienne didn't like it. She had a soft spot for "that girl," who'd grown up without a father, on the outside, looking in at the Avant family. Vivienne believed it could damage some girls not to have a male role model. Vivenne didn't want to reject Sasha and have it on her conscience after the past Sasha had experienced.

In the photo studio, Nicole asked Sasha to repeat what she'd said about being her sister. Sasha tried to play it off as "sister" being a figure of speech, but to Nicole, it had sounded as if Sasha had meant real sister. Nicole asked why Sasha would say such a thing if Sasha wasn't.

Sasha asked why Nicole was tripping and remarked that they'd always said they were like sisters. Nicole persisted in discovering why Sasha had said they "are" sisters and asked if she was saying that her mother and Nicole's father had been together. Sasha vehemently denied it, and Nicole replied that the parent involved couldn't be Vivienne. Sasha tried to leave, but Nicole wouldn't let her go.

Sobbing, Sasha admitted that she'd always wanted to tell Nicole. Sasha mentioned times that Nicole had invited Sasha to the house but had needed to un-invite her because it had been "family only." Sasha had wanted to put "sister" on birthday cards to Nicole. Crying, too, Nicole assumed it was her father. Sasha replied that "Mr. Avant -- Dad --" couldn't know that Nicole knew.

Sasha feared that Julius would cut her off as if she didn't exist. Sasha believed the women could keep it between them and claimed to have only told Nicole because she was the only person who mattered. Sasha had wanted to tell it so that she and Nicole could be close again.

Nicole was astounded that Sasha had never said anything until then. Sasha blamed it on Julius, who'd told her that it would ruin his life, his wife would leave him, and it would also destroy her relationship with Nicole. Sasha said she'd been his dirty little secret, and it had to stay that way. She begged Nicole not to reveal that she knew. Nicole hugged Sasha.

Nicole couldn't believe it or how her father had treated Sasha. Sasha said it was because Julius had chosen the family he'd wanted. Sasha had been his mistake. Nicole was sad that Sasha had been pretending to be some girl from the neighborhood when her father had lived just a few houses away.

Sasha revealed that Julius wanted her to leave town. She didn't have very much of a relationship with him, but she wanted to keep what little she had. She feared that Julius would take it away if he knew that Nicole knew and asked Nicole to keep the dirty little secret.

Nicole replied that Sasha wasn't dirty, and it was no longer a secret. Sasha begged Nicole to promise to remain quiet. Nicole promised to look out for Sasha and honor their sisterhood from that point on; however, she couldn't let the secret stand another day. Nicole wouldn't let Julius disrespect the family a day longer, and after all her mother had put up with, her mother deserved the truth.

Nicole left, and Sasha cried. Zende arrived and noted that she was upset. She said he didn't know how mad "he" would be. Zende asked who she meant. She said it was Mr. Avant. Zende asked if she was afraid of Nicole's father.

In his motel room, Julius practiced his golf swing and was aggravated to hear a knock at the door. He smiled when he saw that it was Nicole. She wanted to talk. He agreed but wanted her to wait until he'd made his putt. Nicole blocked the ball after he'd made his shot, and he asked what was wrong.

Nicole asked if Julius couldn't guess. Julius assumed it was about the surrogacy and said that, even though his kids were sisters, it was asking too much. Nicole replied that sisters protected each other and were proud of each other. He didn't know what she was talking about. "How could you?" she asked. Julius asked, "How could I what?"

Nicole said she'd looked up to Julius her entire life. Even though he hadn't been an easy man, he'd been a man of honor and integrity. She said he'd been a man they could trust and believe in, and a man who deserved her mother's trust. "I -- don't -- know --- what you're talking about!" he exclaimed.

Nicole professed to know Julius' dirty little secret. It had stayed at their house, had eaten at their table, and been her best friend. "You don't have two daughters. You have three. Sasha is my sister," Nicole told Julius.

. . .

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