Monday, September 26, 2016

At the mansion, the romantic wedding scene was somber as the sole guest, Ivy, and the string quartet members looked on. Eric said that his family knew he wanted the marriage. He was in disbelief that Pam and Charlie had left, that his best man hadn't shown up, and that not even Zende had shown up. Quinn loved Eric and didn't want him to lose his family because of her. "Don't marry me," she uttered.

Quinn believed that Eric's family wanted the best for him, and Eric couldn't do it without them. She didn't think the family had done it to hurt him. Eric replied that they'd known it would. She stated that they'd done it because of her. Eric wouldn't let her take the blame. He said the family had made their choice, but he wouldn't let it interfere with his choice.

No one had to convince Eric that Quinn had changed. He saw it every day, and she inspired and amazed him with her humility, humor, and optimism. She'd changed his life, and he wanted her in it as his wife. He said that his other family wasn't there to see it, but he and Quinn were getting married that day. He thanked Ivy for her presence and called upon the officiant to start.

The pastor began by saying that he was proud to be there to celebrate a love big enough to fill up the room. The couple joined hands and said "I will" to the conventional "I dos." The pastor asked Eric to make his "promise" to Quinn.

Eric recalled their first attraction to each other, way back when she'd first started with Forrester. Back then, he'd defended her and made sure his family had treated her fairly. He promised to do the same for his whole life. He'd be steadfast as her sanctuary. He planned to make sure that she had his love and admiration and the best of everything in life.

Quinn had thought back to when they'd first worked together, too. She felt like a changed person from back then. She said that Eric had changed her and been the catalyst of amazing changes in her life. She wanted to be the same for him. "I want to bring nothing but good -- " she gleefully said. Her eyes swept out over the empty chairs, where only Ivy sat.

Quinn almost cried. She squeezed Eric's hands and fought off the tears. "I want to support you," she said. She wanted to inspire him, encourage him, and ignite his creativity. She wanted to stand by him as his partner in all things. As his wife, she'd be steadfast and faithful. She felt lucky to spend the rest of her life with him, and wherever the journey took them, "I'll always be here...and here," she stated, touching his chest and then grasping his hands.

The ceremony transitioned into the exchanging of the rings, given as symbols of their couple's love and devotion to each other. The officiant pronounced them husband and wife, and Eric pulled Quinn into a kiss before the pastor had completed the instruction to do so.

Later, the reception caterers served food and Champagne to the quartet members. Ivy congratulated the couple and decided to leave them to celebrate in private. After Ivy left, Eric decided it was time to cut the enormous cake. He gave Quinn the knife, but the pastor interrupted to take his leave. Quinn aimlessly waved the knife at waist-level as the pastor said he believed the couple would have a strong marriage. "Amen," she said and kissed Eric.

Later, Eric slid his Champagne glass onto the mantel and stared solemnly at the family photos behind it. His hand slipped over an envelope and a pen. He glanced around the room, still set up for guests. Quinn entered and said they could have waited.

Though harboring disappointment, Eric was glad they hadn't. He wasn't surprised about Ridge and Steffy, but Felicia and Thorne had flown in for it. Thorne had promised to be the best man. Eric mentioned that Rick, Thomas, and even Zende hadn't shown up. He stated that he'd pushed them in their strollers, taken them to the park, and hadn't missed their recitals or ball games. When they'd aged, he'd welcomed them into the business because he'd wanted them to be a part of his life. "Today, they didn't show up. They weren't there for me," Eric stated.

Quinn said she'd be there with Eric for the rest of her life. She was ready to go straight from the wedding to the honeymoon. Eric instructed her to go upstairs. He still had something to take care of. In a naughty tone, she said to carry up some Champagne when he was ready.

Quinn went upstairs. Eric pulled a document out of the envelope. It was the power of attorney agreement, and a stickie note with Ridge's name on it was attached.

After some time, Eric moved the papers to the table by the stairs. He recalled the last thing he'd said to his family about being at the wedding to show the Forrester family's strength and faithfulness. Quinn descended the stairs in a bridal nightgown and noted that he'd been down there a while. Eric apologized for lingering and said she was beautiful.

The couple discussed how the reception should have been full of their families, united and supportive, but it had just been the two of them. Quinn asked if it had been so bad. Eric said they didn't need anyone else. They'd run the business and travel together. He wanted them to savor all their days together. Quinn replied that it was more than she'd dreamed of.

Quinn stated that nothing in her life had prepared her to be with a man like Eric. He'd shown her respect that she hadn't deserved and kindness she hadn't known how to respond to. She still didn't know how to respond to his admiration, but he had hers. She said that if anyone tried to hurt him, they'd have to go through her.

Quinn was appalled by the family's response to the wedding, but it hadn't spoiled the ceremony. "And it's not going to ruin the honeymoon," she concluded. Eric said that, before they got to that part, he had a gift for her. Surprised, she replied that he was gift enough.

Eric pressed a button on a remote and lit up the area above the fireplace. There hung a new portrait of Quinn in white. Quinn gasped, asking if he was sure. He wanted to know if she liked it. She loved it and loved him. Eric replied that he loved her. They kissed, and she stared in amazement at the portrait.

At Forrester, the family congregated. Zende thought they'd been harsh for not attending the wedding, and Thomas wondered if Eric might be ready to talk. Wyatt offered to call his mother, but Steffy said not to do it yet. Thorne felt guilty for not being the best man as he'd promised. Ridge said Thorne needed to remain where he was, as they all should, and agree with Ridge that it was best for Eric -- because Quinn Fuller could not be the next Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Later, Ivy arrived, still in her gown. She said she'd known they'd all be there. She asked how they could abandon Eric on his wedding day. Thomas and Steffy wanted to know if it had worked. "No, they went through with it!" Ivy replied in a "duh" type of tone. Family members groaned. Ivy congratulated them on breaking Eric's heart for no reason.

Ivy described the scene of Quinn entering her wedding to a sea of empty seats and said it had been awful. Steffy assumed Quinn had forced Eric to go through with it. Ivy indicated that it wasn't so, and it had been Quinn who'd tried to stop it so that Eric wouldn't be at odds with his family. Steffy found it hard to believe. "Well, it's true," Ivy responded.

Ivy asserted that Eric had wanted the wedding. Quinn made Eric happy, and it was why he wanted to spend his life with her. Thorne stated that it was a mistake, and Thomas added that the boycott had set Eric off. Steffy didn't believe Eric would do something so destructive on impulse. "Would he?" she asked.

. . .

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