Monday, April 21, 2014

In Rick's office, Wyatt was still disconcerted about the pregnancy scare, but Quinn said an unplanned pregnancy could be the start of something wonderful. She added that some girls never recovered from it, but she'd been lucky to have money and a passion to make beautiful things. Quinn stated that Wyatt was the most beautiful thing she'd ever made.

Wyatt had been terrified to hear about a pregnancy and then disappointed to hear that it wasn't true. He said it was something he'd had no idea he could want so much, "but now I do."

Quinn asked if he and Hope had been on the same page about what would happen if Hope had been pregnant. Wyatt skeptically replied that he thought so. Quinn asked if he'd proposed to Hope. Wyatt became defensive and said one didn't ask that question without being sure of the answer.

Quinn wanted to do detective work to find out how Hope felt, but Wyatt was adamant that they wouldn't do that. Quinn then revealed that she'd visited Liam's beach house, and she "may have" physically assaulted him. Wyatt asked why in the world his mother would do that.

Just then, Liam entered, saying he'd like the answer to that, too. Quinn said he'd deserved it for kidnapping Hope, and Liam asked if Wyatt was okay with Quinn assaulting Liam on Wyatt's behalf. Wyatt told Quinn that he'd do the assaulting from then on.

Quinn wondered why Liam was there in a place where he had no friends, and Liam asked why she liked breaking into his house. Liam and Quinn bickered with each other until Wyatt decided to give his mother a break by speaking to Liam alone. Quinn reluctantly exited.

Wyatt said that Liam was free to look for Hope, who hadn't taken kindly to being kidnapped. Liam retorted that she'd liked the thought of being tied to Wyatt for life even less. Wyatt claimed that it wasn't what she'd said, but Liam quipped that Wyatt only heard what he wanted to hear.

Liam said that Wyatt thought the stories in his head were true and that Liam was a clown who no one could love. "Well, guess what, Wyatt? Hope does, and you just scared her into remembering that," Liam asserted. Wyatt preferred to believe that Hope was just too nice to Liam, but Liam decided that Wyatt was just scared and whistling in the dark.

Liam insisted that Hope didn't want to lose him, and she'd find what it would take to not lose him. Wyatt called Liam year-old gum that was stuck to Hope's shoe and said she'd given up on trying to scrape him off. Wyatt asked if Liam planned to issue a list of demands to Hope. Liam revealed that he had just one demand -- equal time with Hope.

Wyatt scoffed, asking if Liam thought Wyatt was seriously going to share Hope. Liam asked if Wyatt really thought it was up to him. Liam declared that Wyatt had tried to take as much as he could take, but it had turned out to be too much.

In the Forrester CEO office, Hope sought out her mother to reveal that she'd been a little freaked out earlier. Brooke put away the papers with Katie's signature on them, and Hope stated that she'd thought she'd been pregnant. Hope told her mother that she was sure that it had been a false alarm, and she'd never thought something like that could happen to her.

Brooke said that Hope had to be very careful about contraception unless she was absolutely sure that she wanted to be a parent. Hope knew that and said it had gotten her to thinking.

Hope told Brooke about what had happened with the camper, and Brooke was upset because it sounded dangerous. Hope stated that Liam had been responding to another kind of danger. "Mom, I could have lost him for good," Hope said. Though Hope wasn't committed to Liam or even ready for a big commitment, Hope also wasn't ready to think of a future without Liam in it.

Brooke asked how Wyatt had responded to the false pregnancy. Hope replied that he'd said the right things. Hope felt that a baby didn't fit what she and Wyatt were together, and to have one, they'd have to change. Hope said they had adventures, and Brooke replied that a baby was a big adventure.

Hope admitted that she did want a baby, but not right then. Brooke observed that Hope was happy and carefree in the unpredictable love with Wyatt, and with Liam, she was careful and cautious. Hope figured that a lot of it had been her, and if she'd been more open about life, Liam might not have turned to Steffy. "Or maybe that wouldn't have made any difference at all," Hope reasoned.

In the corridor, Quinn was checking messages at Pam's desk when she overheard Hope in the CEO's office, telling Brooke that Hope had to do things differently and that all "three of us" did. Hope had to accept facts and feelings, like that she loved Wyatt. Brooke asked if Hope was really in love with Wyatt, and Hope said she didn't know the distinction anymore.

To Hope, Wyatt was sexy and impulsive in good and bad ways, and she'd had some of the most romantic moments of her life with him. However, there was always an element of fantasy with Wyatt, due to being on adventures away from everyone, and Hope questioned if it was actually real.

Quinn grimaced outside the door as Hope said that a possible pregnancy had been very real. When Hope thought of marriage and children, she thought about Liam, and it was how Liam thought of her, too. Hope didn't know what do to, but she doubted Liam would put up with it much longer. She didn't think she could ask him to, either. Brooke asked if Hope thought she'd break up with Wyatt.

In the studio, Carter didn't necessarily think that Oliver had "come off well" in the recording, but Carter didn't think Maya had, either, for recording it. Maya asked if it was okay with Carter that Oliver was taking advantage of a na´ve, young girl, but Carter asked what advantage Oliver was taking.

Maya said that the Forrester's wealth was obviously the main attraction. Carter said that what was obvious to him was that Oliver was willing to let Maya think so. Carter suspected that Oliver was doing that because he was attracted to Maya.

Carter couldn't blame Oliver for being attracted to Maya, and Carter reasoned that a man couldn't let a woman that he was attracted to know that he thought any other woman in the world might also be attractive. Maya didn't believe it, and Carter asked how she'd feel if he said he worked out in the sky lounge just to watch Madison do yoga.

Maya frowned as if she was hurt, and Carter said no man of intelligence would risk making a woman feel what he'd just made Maya feel. Carter claimed that it was chivalry, and it had been all that Oliver was doing when Maya had recording him talking about Aly. Carter said that when a man was attracted to a woman, everything that the man said had to be filtered through that lens.

By the Forrester's pool, Oliver wanted to know where he could change clothes for their underwater shoot, but he said that he'd go if it felt weird to Aly to be alone with him. Aly welcomed him to stay and change in the pool house. Oliver remarked upon how wonderful the estate was, but she was embarrassed by her blessings because other people had so little.

Oliver didn't think she should feel that way because Eric had worked for everything that the Forresters had. Oliver said that Aly was beautiful and at home there. Aly shied away from the compliment, and he guessed that she didn't want him to say such things. Aly replied that he could say whatever he really meant.

Oliver showed Aly how to work his camera, but Aly frowned at the picture he took of them. "Oh, come on," he said and quickly kissed her. Oliver asked if she was ready to take a swim.

A song played as Aly and Oliver swam around the pool, taking video and photos of themselves playing underwater. They kissed beneath the water, and when they surfaced, they kissed again.

Afterward, Oliver and Aly rested on the pool steps, and he exclaimed that he was going to "kill" the cruise and swimwear shoot. He doubted that Forrester had ever done anything like an underwater shoot before, and Ridge had to become impressed. Aly insisted that Ridge wasn't going to fire Oliver. He kissed her again, and they stared at each other.

. . .

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