Monday, February 8, 2016

At Bill's house, Bill ended a heated phone call with Alison by telling her to let him know the next time Deacon contacted her. Katie, with a drink in hand, was curious about the call. Bill said Deacon had called to ask Alison on a date. According to Bill, Quinn had dumped Deacon, "the parasitic lowlife."

Katie thought that was fast. Bill said Quinn had liked having a dependent because Wyatt was grown. He figured Quinn hadn't wanted to be married; she'd just wanted to say that she'd been married before. Katie wondered if Deacon had cheated. Bill said Deacon hadn't unless he'd wanted to wake up decapitated. Katie asked if Quinn had cheated. "With a male of what species?" Bill asked.

Later, Bill and Katie were on the sofa. Katie said Bill didn't have to babysit her due to her feelings about Brooke, and Katie had had a wonderful afternoon with Will. He joked that Will didn't yet have his father's magnetism, and Katie quipped that she was thinking of getting a cat. Bill didn't know why she'd want an aloof feline in the house. Katie told him that he was unchanging, like a statue.

Bill said he was thinking of having his sons commission a statue of him for the Spencer lobby. Katie had a feeling Liam would roll his eyes at the idea, and Wyatt would wonder what Bill had done for him lately. Bill admitted that he had to work on his relationship with Wyatt. Bill had been hands-off because he hadn't wanted Wyatt's psycho mother in Bill's business.

Bill stated that Wyatt had done a good job of keeping Quinn's claws in, and Katie wondered if Wyatt's feelings about Deacon were a part of Quinn's decision to leave Deacon. Bill thought Wyatt had good instincts -- except about the women in his life.

Bill believed that finding the right woman was critical for a man. Katie asked about women finding the right men. Bill asserted that a man would go out of his way to be whatever the right woman wanted, and he was proof of it because Katie had made him a better man.

Katie believed it was just as important for a woman and that a person's mate changed them. With Bill, Katie could be confident and forget about the insecure girl she'd been. She admitted things happened that had returned her to being that girl. Citing Brooke, Katie said everyone had seen what a mistake it had been. She'd seen the look Bill had given her about Brooke and asked why he hadn't said anything.

Bill replied that he wanted Katie to have what she wanted, and she knew better than he did about a lot of things. Katie said she didn't always want what was good for her.

At Wyatt's house, Steffy arrived. Wyatt was glad she hadn't been too horrified to return home -- not that his house was her home yet. "Unless you want it to be," he added. She asked if he wanted an answer. Wyatt replied that he was relaying information -- he wanted to spend his life with her.

Steffy admired the way Wyatt jumped in with both feet. Wyatt believed the most important thing a person could learn was what they actually wanted -- not what they'd settle for. He had his own answer for it and asked if she did. Steffy had thought she'd had it, and it was why she was engaged to Liam. Wyatt reasoned that Liam had released her from it, but she said she hadn't released herself.

Wyatt claimed to get that she needed to know what had happened. Steffy said she needed to hear it from Liam, face-to-face, so that she could begin to accept it. Wyatt knew things were happening quickly, and it would be weird for a brokenhearted Steffy to jump into it with him so soon.

Steffy wondered when she'd catch Quinn in the bushes with binoculars. Wyatt swore that Quinn was a changed woman. He said Quinn had left Deacon and gotten herself a nice place in the Canyons. Steffy wondered if Quinn had always been fierce. Wyatt responded that he'd known his mother all his life, but he hadn't known Quinn all of her life.

Later, Steffy wondered if Liam could be dead. Wyatt gasped and said dead people didn't send text messages. She asked if Liam could be sick or hurt. Wyatt understood that Liam's behavior didn't make sense but reasoned that hurt people didn't always make sense.

Steffy asked what Liam had to be hurt about because she hadn't run off with anyone. Wyatt reminded her that she had an offer on the table. Steffy didn't think Liam's actions were personal. To her, it was like Liam had just stopped existing.

At Quinn's cabin, Liam asked Quinn if she were afraid. She said she was -- just not in the way that he thought. She relayed that he didn't understand how their relationship had changed. Liam asked "Eve" to tell him how to act, because he didn't know how it had been before. He might not recall falling in love and getting married, but he somehow knew how it felt without the pictures.

Liam believed Quinn was the reason for it, and he owed her a lot. Quinn cupped his face and told him not to say it. She felt that he was like a child who'd never been hurt before. She recalled that she'd been that way once. He replied that he liked her the way she was, and he told her not to be sad or afraid. The two kissed again, but Liam pulled away.

Liam felt something strange whenever he was close to "Eve." He asked if they'd had a fight or if he'd done something wrong. He wondered if there was some place he was supposed to be. He felt as if there was a promise he'd made, but he wasn't keeping it. Liam was plagued by questions of who could be waiting for him or where he was supposed to be.

Liam asked if he had a calendar. Quinn thought he probably did in his phone -- wherever he'd left it. Liam wondered if they were divorced. It seemed strange there was nothing of him in the house, no photos or closet. Quinn explained that she hadn't moved all their stuff because he'd been sick. He asked why they'd moved. She replied that he'd wanted to be out of the noise and traffic of the city.

It sounded like himself to Liam. Quinn said he was starting to remember himself, and it was in a better way than showing photographs or telling stories she might have made up. Liam joked that he wouldn't know if she programmed him. Quinn admitted that people called her controlling, but she didn't want to be that way anymore. He told her to tell him about her.

Quinn didn't really remember her childhood. Liam assumed she'd had parents, and so she'd had a childhood. Quinn stated that her parents had thought her inconvenience was her most outstanding trait.

Quinn flashed back to being a child and opening the door to her mother's bedroom. Her mother had been inside, making out with some guy who hadn't even known her mother had had children. In the memory, her mother yelled at her for ever entering the room and asked why Quinn was even home. Little Quinn said that her father had dropped her off early. The man decided it was too weird for him, and he stalked out.

Quinn's memory continued as her mother yelled at Quinn to look at what she'd done and wondered how she could have a life with Quinn around. She called Quinn a little witch. Quinn apologized, but her mother asked what good being sorry was and if it put food on the table.

Quinn told Liam that her mother hadn't taken to having children and would call Quinn a little witch. Quinn wiped away tears, adding that her mother would ask her why she'd been born. Liam was sorry for asking Quinn to relive it. Quinn said she'd never told him about it before. She added that she hadn't ever told anyone -- "until now."

Quinn started to say that she could have been a different person, but Liam cut her off to say that he liked the person she was. She noted that he hadn't always. "I married you," he asserted. He believed that they could have a good life. She said it was a nice thought, and she put him back to bed. He thanked for her telling him about her. Quinn kissed his forehead and left the room.

While Quinn was in the other room, someone knocked on the front door and claimed to need a signature for a special delivery. She opened the door but gasped when she saw Deacon at the door. She told him to go away and insisted she wouldn't give him more money.

Deacon said they could take it up in divorce court. Quinn called him a convicted felon, and he called her an unconvicted felon. She instructed him to wait at the door, but he entered anyway as she retrieved her wallet. She shoved money at him and told him that the well was dry.

Deacon hadn't asked for the money but said he'd take it. He asked why they were whispering. Knowingly, he said he was hurt. He asked who the man was.

Quinn retorted that his name was "take the money and go." Deacon made his way across the room. Quinn tried to stop him, but he pushed the bedroom door open and was shocked to see Liam in the bed, sleeping.

. . .

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