Monday, June 27, 2016

In Katie's kitchen, Brooke asked where Katie was getting "all this" from. All Katie knew was that she had to get rid of the urge to drink, so she needed Brooke to not lie, because lying wouldn't help Katie. Katie needed to know if Brooke and Bill had crossed the line and if they were all back to where they'd started -- at the point where Brooke and Bill couldn't fight their feelings for each other.

"Or is it all Bill?" Katie asked. Bill entered, asking what was all him.

Brooke explained that Katie believed that her persistent urge to drink had to do with Brooke and Bill. Katie asked if she couldn't be free of it because Brooke and Bill weren't free of each other. Grasping her arms, Bill conveyed that he'd told her that there was nothing more important to Brooke and him than Katie's well-being. Bill asked Katie not to give in to doubt.

Bill claimed to be committed to his marriage and family. Whatever sacrifices he had to make -- Katie and Will were his priority. He knew that Brooke felt that same way. He asked Katie to let go of the insecurities once and for all, and he hugged her. Katie apologized and guessed that she'd let them down again. "Honey, no," Brooke uttered.

Bill claimed to understand, and he started to tell Katie the one thing she could be sure of. Katie concluded that he was about to say that he and Brooke would never betray Katie. Katie indicated that she knew it. Bill asked what Will was doing, and Katie left to check on their child.

In a hushed voice, Bill accused Brooke of being on the brink of telling Katie. Brooke stated that he'd heard Katie. "So did you! She's stable; she's insecure. She's drinking; she's not. She's all over the place!" Bill responded. Brooke put the blame on her and Bill and felt they never should have given in to their feelings. Bill asked what fighting off the inevitable would help.

"There is nothing inevitable about you and me," Brooke asserted. She said they were hurting a person they loved, and it was her sister. Brooke hadn't been able to stand letting Katie believe insecurities were getting to her instead of it being a betrayal. Bill contended that they weren't betraying Katie and were there for her. Brooke didn't think it made their actions any less wrong.

Bill insisted that life was complicated, as were feelings. Issues like Katie's health and fragility dictated their choices, and telling Katie wasn't an option. Being apart from Brooke wasn't, either, for Bill.

Brooke disagreed. Bill stated that he'd already said he wouldn't live without Brooke. "You have to," Brooke told him. She said he had to let go, and it had to stop. Bill asked her not to do it. He claimed that Katie was just suffering another bout of insecurity, and "who knows what triggered it this time." He said that by the time Katie had left to check on Will, she'd already gotten herself together.

Brooke said Katie had rebounded because of the lies they'd told Katie. Bill claimed that what he'd said hadn't been lies. Brooke insisted that the lying was hurting Katie, and it was driving Katie to want to drink. Brooke couldn't let it happen. Bill replied that they wouldn't let it happen. Brooke stated that she couldn't keep reassuring Katie to Katie's face that nothing was happening.

Bill said it was impossible for him and Brooke to deny their feelings. "You are not going to come over to my house anymore," Brooke declared. Brooke stated that they wouldn't see each other anymore; they couldn't because it was torturing Katie. As Brooke retreated, Bill pulled her back by her arm. He refused to let Brooke walk away from him. Brooke said she couldn't do it anymore. She cried, and touching his face, she said goodbye.

Bill stared out of the kitchen window. Katie, who looked as if she'd been crying, approached him from behind. He flinched out of his trance as she told him that Will was okay. She asked if Brooke had gone and rolled her eyes behind Bill's back as he affirmed it without turning around to look at Katie.

Bill started pacing. Katie guessed he was upset about her putting him and Brooke on the spot again. He stopped walking, and Katie stood behind him again, saying that she knew he was tired. She was, too, and she didn't like feeling that way. She hoped and prayed that he hadn't given up on them. Bill faced her as she said she loved him and knew he loved her. Bill let her hug him.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge asked Thomas not to thank him. Ridge said that fathers and sons should know each other, and he shouldn't have asked Thomas not to acknowledge his son. Ridge figured he'd been overreacting while protecting his family. It had been because of the impression he'd had of what had happened that night; however, he finally understood what had occurred.

Ridge concluded that he had broken up with Caroline. He'd been at the loft, and she'd been seeking comfort. She'd found it, and he'd misjudged Thomas. Ridge said that Douglas was Caroline and Thomas' son. Thomas asked if Douglas had heard what his grandfather had just said. Ridge stated that grandfather was what he should have been all along.

Ridge loved Thomas and was sorry he'd taken special moments away from "you guys." Ridge figured there was a lot to discuss before going public, but they should let the three have time alone as a family. Ridge walked up to the stairs and stared sadly back as Thomas and Caroline cooed with Douglas.

Later, Caroline wanted to put Douglas down for a nap, but Thomas asked for more time with his son. Caroline remarked upon Thomas' special, instinctual way with Douglas. Ridge listened at the top of the stairs as Thomas joked about reading an instruction manual that had popped out with the baby at birth. Caroline wondered where hers had been, but Thomas said she hadn't needed one.

Ridge ventured halfway down the stairs. Thomas told Caroline that it was as it should be, and he wanted their "family spending time together like this." Caroline gaily informed him that he had it. "We all live here together," she said. Thomas was thinking of something else -- that it could just be the three of them. "You, me -- and -- and -- and -- Douglas," Thomas replied.

Thomas felt that it was important for Douglas to know that they were a family, and Thomas was his father. Thomas believed that Douglas would understand it by seeing Caroline with Thomas, not Ridge. Caroline started to reassure Thomas that Ridge had meant what he'd said. Thomas said that Ridge would step back to let Thomas be the father he should have been, but Thomas could never get the time back, watch his son be born, or watch his son take his first breath.

"But that night that we made love -- something so beautiful came from it, our little boy," Thomas claimed, adding, "We haven't got to experience fully what it means to us to be there for Douglas." Caroline started to say something, but Thomas interjected that she'd been vulnerable and had fallen in love with an older man. Thomas claimed that Ridge had been wrong to control their lives as he'd done.

Ridge quietly left the house as Thomas was telling Caroline that he wanted to be there for Douglas and for her. "Let me," Thomas said. He'd dated and had his time in Europe. It had been enough. He needed and wanted something deeper. He wanted to be with Caroline, and he wanted to be with his son. Knowing he sounded presumptuous, Thomas claimed that he was thinking of Douglas and what it would mean to him for his parents to be together and give him the best life possible.

As Thomas went on about it, Caroline told him to hold on. "I know that a lot of things today have changed, but my commitment to Ridge is not one of them," Caroline asserted. She said they'd work everything out, but "we can't be a family. Not like that."

Later, Brooke slowly strode into the dark photo studio at Forrester. She placed her purse on the white settee, and she sobbed, recalling what had just happened at Katie's house. "Logan?" Ridge said, entering. He asked what was wrong. Brooke said she'd betrayed someone she loved. He asked who, and she replied that it was Katie. "With her husband," Brooke added.

. . .

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