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Monday, November 28, 2016

At Forrester, Rick and Maya found a table of pies with a note that read, "eat me." As Rick dug into the apple pie, he chuckled that Pam had a way with words. Maya remarked that the pie had been Zende's favorite at the holiday dinner. She said Zende and Nicole had been glum at the meal. Maya blamed herself for it, but Rick said Sasha and Zende's actions were the problem.

Maya couldn't change other people's actions, but she felt that she could look at herself. She reflected on how people had seen her as selfish when she'd been doing what she'd needed to do to become Maya Avant. She felt she'd had no choice back then, but she wondered if it was time to ask if some of the people had been right at times.

Later, Maya returned from taking the pies to the sewing room. She and Rick discussed hiring a model they'd met on their honeymoon, and Rick said he'd talk to Thorne at International. Maya wished they could send Sasha to International. Rick replied that Sasha was still Maya's sister.

Maya quipped that Sasha didn't seem to care about family ties after harping on not having any while growing up. Maya kept imagining Nicole walking in on Sasha and Zende in bed. Rick suggested concocting an assignment for Nicole and Zende at International, but Maya replied that Nicole probably wouldn't set foot on that jet.

Maya stated that she and Rick meant well, but they probably should stay out of it at that point. Maya believed that Zende and Nicole were still desperately in love. Stating that he knew something about being that way, he kissed his wife.

In the photography studio, Nicole arrived as Zende had requested. She asked what he wanted, and he explained that he wanted to fix what he'd done so they could move forward. Nicole replied that it hadn't been the first time. He understood that he hadn't acted like a person in love with and loyal to only her, but he promised to be those things if she'd let him.

Zende produced the engagement ring and asked her to marry him. Nicole said to put it away and asked what had changed. Zende replied that he'd changed, and what she'd seen hadn't been what it had looked like. Nicole said not to make her think about what she'd seen. He didn't know what he'd done, but he'd thought he'd lost her at the time.

Nicole said Zende had just decided that it had been over because she hadn't done what he'd wanted her to do. He didn't think he was the only one who'd made mistakes. She felt that he was right about hearing him out. She said she had because he was the most important person in her life; however, what he wanted didn't take priority over what she might feel was right.

Still holding the open ring box, Zende asked if Nicole still planned on having another baby for Rick and Maya. Nicole doubted they'd let her. Zende thought it was good news and asked if she could give them another chance. She asked if they'd already gone the second-chance route.

Zende said that the thought of another man's child growing inside of Nicole had made Zende feel like a joke and as if he and his feelings didn't matter. Nicole replied that he mattered, and she loved him; however, enough time hadn't elapsed to make things okay, which some people said time normally did. Zende wanted to find a new starting point.

Nicole asked how Zende could turn to Sasha overnight. She said she'd never do that to him. Zende stated that he might not be what he'd thought he was, but he believed he could change. She replied that people didn't change because someone wanted them to. She said he was a good person inside and out. She just didn't think he cared about her enough.

Insisting that it wasn't true, Zende got down on one knee. He asked Nicole to take the ring and promised that she wouldn't be sorry if she would be his wife and let him prove himself. Zende had never been more serious about anything in his life. Loving her was the only thing that meant anything to him, and he'd give anything to spend his life making her happy. He implored her to accept his proposal.

Sobbing, Nicole held the ring box in her hand. She said she believed in Zende. He was like a prince in a fairytale to her, and everyone who saw him knew he'd be something. Nicole recalled her childhood daydreams about that moment, but she said one didn't get married to prove oneself. The proving should happen first.

Nicole said that what Zende had proven thus far was that he would hurt her so badly that she couldn't eat, sleep, or get through a day without crying. He'd proven that he could be sorry, but he'd do it again. She told him to take the box back. He refused several times before taking it.

Nicole said she wasn't as tough as she'd thought she was, or she'd have gotten through it. However, she couldn't get through it if it meant having a marriage like her mother did to a man who loved her when things were easy but turned to another when they weren't.

Zende figured it was too soon for the ring; however, he'd ask her again, and she'd eventually be his wife. "That is something I will never be," Nicole stated as she walked out. By the door, she sobbed.

In the CEO's office, R.J. watched Ridge work on some gowns worn by two models. Aside with Ridge, R.J. noted that one model kept eyeing him. Ridge joked that she might think R.J. was cute. R.J. said he didn't want to be cute, and Ridge asked what his son wanted to be. R.J. pondered the question and said "hot." Ridge suggested that R.J. grow a beard because women liked them.

Ridge asked his son's opinion of how a dress draped, and R.J. joked that the backs of the women looked good to him. R.J. wondered where his mother was, and Ridge said to relax because they still had time. The models left, and R.J. stated that women looked at him as if he was a ten-year-old. Ridge quipped, "Not from the way you're looking at their backsides."

R.J. received a phone alert from Jake and told Ridge that things were set up at the beach. Back to the models topic, R.J. asked what he could do about looking at the models when his father kept asking for R.J.'s opinion on the dresses.

Ridge replied that R.J. had said he'd wanted to learn, and R.J. was a Forrester. R.J. replied that his last company name badge had said "Logan." Ridge stated that R.J. was indeed a Forrester, and so was Brooke. "She always will be," Ridge concluded.

Ridge went to look for Brooke, and R.J. got a call about the beach. He told the caller to just say the beach was closed and to try to sound official. Ridge returned and said he hadn't seen Brooke around. Handing a phone receiver to Ridge, R.J. stated that a great artist had taught him to have a plan B. Ridge corrected that the artist was legendary.

At Spencer, Bill told Brooke that holidays with the Forresters were fine, but he wanted to start his own traditions. Brooke replied that her family was her family. He knew it; however, he was her family, too, and in his opinion, her husband had to be first.

Bill wanted Brooke to tell Ridge that "as of tomorrow," she'd be a Spencer. She asked where they'd go. Bill replied that the yacht was in Saint Barts, fully stocked for a honeymoon. All she needed to do was tell Ridge that she'd resolved any residual feelings she'd had, she was done, and there was nothing Ridge could do about it. Bill felt he'd given her the space to resolve it, and there would be no more waiting. "This is our time," Bill said.

Brooke's phone rang. After checking, she said it was Forrester Creations. She answered, and Ridge was on the line, asking where she was. He needed her for the photo shoot in Malibu. She said it might take her a minute. Ridge said he'd message her directions and see her there.

After the call, Bill stated that it was almost as if Ridge had read Bill's mind. "You're gonna feel much better once you cut the cord," Bill told her. Bill said the plane would leave in five hours. Brooke didn't think that was a lot of time. In his opinion, she didn't need a lot of time -- all she had to do was to go, say what she had to say to Ridge, and leave.

Brooke asked how it could be that simple. Bill said it was because he and Brooke loved each other, and it was a new day, "our day." Bill kissed her and said he loved her. He stated that their new life together started in five hours. "Five hours," she repeated with a smile.

After Brooke had gone, Bill got on the phone and ordered the million-dollar Champagne with the gold label and diamond inset. Instead of an ice bucket, he wanted an ice sculpture of a stallion. "I don't know the French word! It's a huge horse with big -- yes, yes, exactly," Bill said into the phone. He stated to get it done and that he'd see them in less than a day.

At the beach, Ridge looked down over some cliffs and smiled. Jake arrived with a shovel and said they'd done it. Ridge stated that all they had to do was keep people off the beach. Jake replied that his "lackeys" were down there. Ridge stated that he liked lackeys. Jake was glad, as long as Ridge was happy. Ridge replied that he was, and as Jake walked off, Ridge said he just needed to figure out how to stay that way.

When Brooke arrived by the cliff, she asked Ridge where everyone was. Ridge claimed the people were in the trailer and asked the anxious Brooke what was wrong. Brooke said that she didn't think she could stay. Ridge assumed it was Bill, who'd put pressure on her

Brooke fiddled with her engagement ring, and Ridge asked if it was burning her finger. He suggested that Brooke throw the ring out. Brooke replied that she was engaged. Though Brooke hadn't wanted to do it, Ridge had forced her to build a life without him. Ridge asked if she wanted to marry Spencer. "That's what you want? Don't do it," Ridge stated.

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