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Monday, April 24, 2017

In Bill's bedroom, Brooke and Bill awakened and realized that the previous night hadn't been a dream. Bill really had his sword necklace back, and Brooke really had her sword ring on again. Bill didn't know what could be more right than spending the night on a bed of cash with Brooke. Brooke gasped. Grabbing the money beneath her, she said they had to save for the wedding.

Bill was sure he could afford the wedding. He suggested that he and Brooke get married in Italy on his yacht. Brooke thought it was a great idea and said they had "so much" to plan. Bill replied that they had something else to take care of first, and he kissed her.

At Spencer later, the whistling Bill strode into his office, and Liam and Wyatt let him know that their meeting -- which he'd missed -- had ended an hour prior. Liam noted that Bill had his necklace back. Bill said that Brooke had her ring back, too, and they were getting married.

Liam and Wyatt were surprised and happy to hear about it. Wyatt guessed that persistence did pay off. Bill bragged that Brooke had asked him to marry her. His sons asked when the wedding would be. Bill wanted it to be soon and for both of his sons to be there. Wyatt joked that they would take a half day off work for it and reminded Bill that they had a skyscraper to build.

"I don't give a damn about that skyscraper," Bill replied. His sons were shocked to hear it. Stammering, Bill said he did care. Looking at his model, he said, "Don't worry, beautiful. Someday, you will get built." Wyatt asked Liam if Bill knew the model couldn't hear. Bill insisted that if one said something loudly and with conviction often enough, it would happen.

Liam and Wyatt were curious to know why Ridge and Brooke hadn't gotten married. Bill revealed that he was, too. Bill was interested to know what Ridge had done to screw up that time and why Ridge had given up. Liam asked if Ridge had really given up. Bill decided that it didn't matter because Brooke had given up on Ridge. Bill said that Ridge screwed up every relationship, even if it was "destiny."

At Forrester, the employees were busy at work. Pam's phone rang off the hook as Quinn checked messages at Pam's desk. Katie waltzed up, excited to learn what her new job would be. Watching Pam work the phone, Quinn said a job had just occurred to her.

Quinn hinted that Pam had been at her best when she'd shared her desk. Katie took Quinn aside to ask if Quinn really thought Katie, who'd been the CEO once, would return as a secretary. Quinn replied that it had been good enough for Katie's sister, and Quinn reminded Katie that Quinn was trying to work Katie in.

Deciding to see if Eric had any better ideas, Katie pranced into the CEO's office, where Ridge and Eric were designing. Quinn entered behind Katie and said they needed to discuss it later. Eric asked what the women were discussing. Katie explained that she understood that they were in crisis mode, but she'd wanted to let Eric know that she was willing and able to help out in any way.

Brooke entered and hid her left hand behind her purse. She asked Katie what she was doing there and was surprised to hear that Katie would be working there. Katie said it had been Quinn's idea. Brooke thought it was a great idea. There was an awkward moment of silence, and Brooke decided she'd get to work. Brooke left, and Ridge followed her out of the room.

Pam popped in to let Eric know there was a call on line two. After Eric took the call, he informed Quinn that Spectra had also pirated from the jewelry line, so they'd need all new pieces. Quinn panicked because Ivy was taking time off in Australia. Quinn said she'd need help because there was no way she and Ivy could make a new collection so quickly, even if Ivy was in town. Eric looked at Katie and said he'd figured out where she'd fit in.

Katie readily said she didn't know much about jewelry, but she did have pretty good style. Quinn objected and said it took more than style to design jewelry. Katie was sure it did but claimed to be a really quick study. Eric replied that it was up to Quinn, but Katie was there and could help. Katie told Quinn that it sounded as if working together was in Quinn's best interest.

Eric said that Katie could process designs, keep an eye on the budget, or oversee production. Katie couldn't wait to work side by side with Quinn. Eric expressed excitement about what they would create. He exited, and Quinn said Katie could do anything she wanted to do at the company -- except work with Quinn on the jewelry line.

Katie wanted Quinn to be open-minded about it, but Quinn didn't want to work with Katie breathing down her neck and blackmailing her. Katie insisted that she wasn't blackmailing Quinn, and the job was good for them both. Katie envisioned that Quinn would design, Katie would handle marketing, and together, they'd celebrate the sanctity of Quinn's marriage.

Katie figured that Quinn didn't like not being in control and preferred it if people were intimidated by Quinn. Katie claimed that times had changed. Katie declared that she was in control and instructed Quinn to be true to Eric and not to hurt him. Quinn believed that Katie would be the one to hurt Eric by telling him what she knew.

Katie indicated that she didn't take pleasure in telling Eric. Katie added that Quinn had said there was nothing to tell, so Quinn should keep it that way. Quinn guessed that Katie wouldn't tell Eric if Quinn proved her loyalty. Katie quibbled that she was hoping Quinn would be a decent coworker and mentor, too. "I mean, if I feel that it's an unhealthy work environment, then I'm gonna have to tell Eric," Katie stated.

Quinn shook her head in reluctance but welcomed Katie to the jewelry line. Ready to get to it, Katie said she was good at what she did. She began chattering about how to go about the job of pairing the designs with the jewelry and dealing with Thomas, Ridge, and Eric's varying styles.

Katie went on and on and played with the jewelry nearby. Glaring at Katie's back, Quinn picked up a letter opener with her left hand. She transferred it to her right hand and wielded it with a murderous, overhand grip. She said she couldn't wait to teach Katie.

"Yeah?" Katie said, looking over her shoulder. As Quinn agreed, Katie didn't notice that Quinn had hidden her right hand behind her back. Katie turned back around, and Quinn said she'd take really good care of Katie. Quinn placed the letter opener back on the desk.

In the design office, Brooke was working when Ridge entered and asked her to hear him out. Slamming closed her laptop, Brooke said to stop. Ridge eyed the ring on her hand. He said he knew that she was hurt, "but what are you doing?"

Brooke replied that she should have done it a while back. Ridge asked if she'd thought of R.J. and their family. She said she wanted R.J. to see that she could be loved. Ridge insisted that he loved her, and he could do "this." She stated that he couldn't and had never been able to.

Ridge said he didn't have feelings for Quinn, and Brooke knew it. Ridge asked Brooke not to marry Bill just because Ridge had made a mistake. Ridge asked her to remove the ring and give him another chance. Brooke didn't know how to do that after seeing Ridge kiss his father's wife. She asked if he knew how hurtful it had been.

Ridge tried to explain, but Brooke said he couldn't explain his need to conquer women, no matter the consequences. She claimed that they hadn't had boundaries when they'd been young, but she'd matured. She didn't want a life full of heartbreak and betrayal.

Brooke predicted that Ridge would wind up taking Quinn from Eric. Ridge said it wouldn't happen. She asserted that it didn't matter to her if it did or didn't because she'd be Mrs. Bill Spencer. Brooke declared that Ridge had hurt her for the very last time. Though there would always be a place for Ridge in her heart, she couldn't let him access it anymore.

Brooke stated that she and Ridge had had a good run. They'd had dreams, and they'd believed they'd make a family and be happy for the rest of their lives. She uttered that it just wasn't possible. She turned to leave, but Ridge said, "Logan..."

Shaking her head, Brooke replied, "No," and she walked out.

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