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Monday, June 19, 2017

At the mansion, Quinn was leery about going onto the balcony. Ridge told her that it was okay, but she said it would take time. She expressed that she'd meant it when she'd said she loved him, and she felt guilty about Brooke and Bill being together. Ridge said to stop it. To him, all that mattered was that Quinn was safe. She replied that it was because of him.

Ridge believed that Quinn was strong and would move past everything. She assumed that "everything means this." Ridge replied that it especially meant that.

Just then, Eric arrived. He was sorry he'd been gone, but he'd had something to handle. He was glad that Ridge and Quinn were there and announced that they had a visitor. To Quinn's surprise, Sheila entered the house. Sheila greeted Ridge, noting that he looked different. She added that she was happy to be properly introduced to Quinn.

Ridge insisted upon knowing why Eric had taken Sheila into their home. Eric said that Sheila had had a hard time of it, and she'd had nothing to do with the Deacon insanity. Eric believed that Sheila was a victim, just like his wife.

Ridge asked why Sheila was there after all she'd done to their family. Eric was aware of the past, but he felt that their judgment of Sheila had cost her a day in jail. Sheila said she didn't blame anyone for it, and she didn't expect them to believe that she'd changed -- even though she had.

Sheila regretted everything she'd done, especially to Eric's family. Though she knew it wasn't much, she still wanted them to know that she was deeply sorry. Ridge quipped that she'd apologized, so she could get out.

Sheila became standoffish. She understood Ridge's concerns and told Eric that she didn't want to be a distraction. Eric replied that his family owed Sheila an apology. "What?" Ridge incredulously asked. Eric said that he was just trying to be decent. He offered Sheila some tea, and she accepted. He gestured for her to have a seat in the living room.

Sheila readily noticed Quinn's portrait and called it stunning. "The new Forrester matriarch," Sheila said, grinning at Quinn.

Later, Eric set down a drink for Sheila, who said it was a lovely home. She remembered it well. Ridge sniped that he bet she did. Sheila switched the subject to what had happened to Quinn earlier. Eric was glad Ridge had been there to save Quinn. Sheila believed that Quinn was lucky to have so much goodness in her life and said the woman Sheila was becoming was largely due to Eric. "Only I could have screwed that up. He's lucky to have someone so devoted and loyal," Sheila stated. Quinn thought it was nice of Sheila to say.

To Ridge, Sheila expressed her surprise that Brooke had married Bill Spencer. Ridge said he was fine, and Sheila need not worry about him. Sheila replied that she was sure Ridge could take care of himself, much like he'd taken care of his father's wife.

Sheila decided that all was well that ended well. She said she'd just wanted to stop in to make amends. She planned to leave town, and she gave Eric a card with her information on it in case he needed to get in touch with her. Ridge told Sheila that she should keep it.

Sheila went to the bathroom, and Ridge asked Eric what he was doing. Eric asked Ridge to just do it with him. Ridge asked what they were doing. Eric replied that he knew what Sheila was capable of, and he wanted to keep her close.

Eric stated that he'd had Sheila jailed for a crime she hadn't committed. "That remains to be seen," Ridge said. Eric said Sheila was trying to turn her life around, but Ridge said she was trying to get back with the family. Ridge reminded Eric that Sheila manipulated people, and Eric said he knew.

When Sheila returned from the bathroom, Ridge picked up Sheila's purse and said it was time for her to go. Eric decided to walk Sheila out, and once he and Sheila had gone, Quinn asked if Ridge's actions had been necessary. Ridge insisted that they had been. He didn't want Sheila there and said Eric was playing with fire.

Outside by the fountain, Eric apologized. Sheila said she couldn't blame Ridge. She thanked Eric for sticking up for her. Eric replied that Ridge didn't believe that Sheila had changed. Sheila affirmed that she had and asked if Eric could see it. Eric wanted to believe anyone could if they really wanted to. She said his words meant a lot to her.

Sheila was happy that Eric had found someone like Quinn to treat him as he deserved, but if Quinn didn't, Sheila stated that she "might bust her one." Eric didn't think Sheila should worry because Quinn was just about the ideal wife.

Sheila decided that she could walk herself to her car. Eric told her to take care of herself. He went inside the house, and Sheila grinned at the door.

In the Forrester design office, Nicole flashed back on times with Lizzy. Zende arrived and noticed that something was wrong. He figured it was the baby issue, and he reassured her that they'd have a family together. Nicole sat quietly listening. He promised it would happen. Nicole hugged Zende and said she didn't know how Maya and Rick could leave Lizzy to go to Paris like that.

Coco arrived, and Nicole wondered if Coco had time to talk. Zende decided to get back to sketching, and he exited. Coco asked what was wrong, and Nicole replied that she might not be able to have more children. Coco was surprised. Nicole explained what the doctors had said, but Coco was hopeful, saying that nothing was definite.

Nicole confided that she was becoming judgmental of herself and others, like Rick and Maya. Nicole couldn't understand how they could leave Lizzy and go to Paris. Nicole began to get upset. She couldn't stop her feelings, and she was worried that she'd made a big mistake. Trying to dismiss her thoughts, Nicole repeatedly said that Maya and Rick were good parents. Coco agreed that they were good parents. Nicole stated that she loved Lizzy, too, and Coco didn't get it.

Coco said that Nicole was right about Rick and Maya being good parents. Coco started to say that the business trip Rick and Maya had taken didn't mean they weren't good parents. Nicole interrupted, saying she knew it, but she couldn't help it. Nicole couldn't control all her feelings. Nicole couldn't explain what it had done to her when Lizzy had called her mama.

Nicole asked if she sounded crazy. Coco thought Nicole just had a lot going on. Nicole remarked that she hadn't told anyone about her feelings except Coco, and Coco promised that nothing Nicole said would leave the room. Nicole wished there was another solution, and she feared that Lizzy was her only shot at motherhood.

In the CEO's office, Rick and Maya were with Lizzy. Rick explained that there was an issue with the adoption papers. He said it was a clerical error, and they simply needed to sign the papers again. Maya was ready to do it, but Rick said they also needed Nicole's signature. Maya decided to take the paperwork to Nicole. Rick asked if he could help, but Maya replied that she needed a private moment with her sister.

Later, Rick looked at some sketches that Zende showed off. Rick thought he saw real growth, but because he was no designer, he said Zende should leave the sketches for Steffy and Ridge to review. Zende asked if Maya was around, and Rick remarked that Maya was getting some new adoption signatures from Nicole. Zende said he'd thought it had been finalized already.

Rick stated that it was just a re-signing due to clerical errors, and after Maya explained it to Nicole, they'd get Nicole to sign. Zende asked what kind of errors. Rick described them as typos, nothing relevant. Rick said they'd get Nicole to sign and be done with it.

Back in the design office, Maya arrived, and Coco welcomed Maya back. Maya thanked Coco and asked for a few minutes alone with Nicole. Coco left, and Nicole asked what was going on. Maya casually explained that Carter had dropped off some paperwork, and they just needed a few signatures. Nicole asked what kind of paperwork, and Maya replied that it was for the adoption. Nicole stated that she thought it had been finalized a while back.

Maya said they'd all thought so, but some clerical errors had led Carter to draw up a new set of papers. Nicole repeated that she'd thought it had been finalized. Maya replied that it was final between them, and once Nicole signed, it would be legal. "So Lizzy's not yours?" Nicole asked.

Maya replied that Lizzy was Maya's. "Maybe not legally. It's not a big deal," Maya decided. She showed Nicole that it was the same document with the same terms, so there was nothing to be concerned about. Maya handed Nicole a pen. Nicole gasped. "Oh, my God. You mean that I'm her mother?" Nicole asked.

"No, Nicole. I am Lizzy's mother. Just please. Please sign the papers," Maya said. Nicole stated that she couldn't do it. She said it could be a sign, and it had to be happening for a reason. Maya said it wasn't so. Maya asserted that she was Lizzy's mother, and Rick was the father. Maya ordered Nicole to sign the papers at that moment.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Quinn insists that Sheila is dangerous.

• Maya begs Nicole not to take Lizzy.

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