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Monday, January 16, 2017

At the mansion, Eric was sketching in the living room when Wyatt arrived to find out if Eric had more details about the symposium. Eric didn't know more than Wyatt, and Wyatt realized that the two men would be at the house alone that night. Wyatt suggested they have a bachelor's night, but Eric reminded him that each of them was married.

Katie arrived, and as Wyatt let her in, she asked if it was too late to be there. In her hand, she carried an old, flat soccer ball that Will had found near the property line. Eric chuckled, believing that it had to be Ridge's ball and was about thirty-five years old. Eric said to just wait until Ridge and Quinn returned from San Francisco.

Katie asked Eric to repeat himself. Wyatt remarked that Ridge and Quinn were at a design conference up north. Eric added that it had already done wonders for the relationship between the two. Katie scoffed in disbelief.

After Eric explained why he'd sent the pair off, Katie asked if he really thought a trip would make them stop hating each other's guts. Eric asked if it was really far-fetched and remarked that Quinn had the ability to unite people. Wyatt quipped that she usually united them against her.

Katie noticed a covered portrait by the fireplace and asked if Eric had gotten a new one. Wyatt said it had turned out to be premature. Katie uncovered it and asked if Steffy always had to be so beautiful. Eric and Wyatt explained that the portrait had been made upon a hope that Steffy would live there one day with her husband and children. "With Liam?" Katie asked.

"I'm still her husband, Katie," Wyatt responded. Eric stated that he'd invited Steffy to move in. Katie sighed, and Eric said, "I notice you have an opinion about it." Wyatt said Katie had known Steffy longer than he had, and he wanted to hear what Katie had to say. Katie replied that she didn't think it was wise to pressure Steffy.

Katie wasn't sure that Steffy was over the hurt and asked if Steffy had said she was ready to forgive. Eric and Wyatt asked how they had hurt Steffy. Katie didn't think she should be talking about it, but Wyatt asked her to go on because she might be on the right track. Katie said that, to be blunt, Eric's wife -- Wyatt's mother -- had kidnapped and lied to Liam. Katie concluded that Wyatt wouldn't be married without that interference.

Katie didn't mean to hurt Wyatt. She believed the marriage had been real but said Wyatt couldn't ignore Steffy's loss. It wasn't fair to expect Steffy to get over feeling that her life had been hijacked. Wyatt replied that there was enough unfairness to go around, but Katie wasn't wrong about where it had all started.

Wyatt said he wasn't saying that he was a sore loser. Katie didn't think divorce made one a loser. Wyatt replied that it did in the literal sense of a person not getting what he wanted. It had stung when Steffy had declined moving into her family home. Eric replied that Steffy hadn't said it would never happen, but Wyatt said she basically had. Wyatt vented, saying he hadn't kidnapped Liam, and Wyatt had thought the marriage had been real.

Katie replied that the feelings had been. Agreeing, Wyatt stated that Mr. Tequila had helped cheer him up. Katie said she'd heard that drinking alone wasn't always a good idea. Wyatt replied he'd had it with his mother, and it had gotten Quinn to open up.

At Thomas' loft, Liam tried to convince Steffy to go home with him that night. He said it would be just one night. Steffy told him that she couldn't say one thing and then do another. As much as Steffy wanted to do it, she had to stay at Thomas' until the divorce was final.

Liam couldn't recall Steffy ever being such a stickler. Steffy said she was thinking of Wyatt's feelings and asked why Liam wasn't. Liam asked if she wanted a short or long version. She stated that he didn't agree, but she was asking him to accept her decision. Liam replied that he was wondering if she was sure it was her decision.

Liam felt that Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt had teamed up on Steffy and dangled the prospect of being Eric's heir apparent only if she stayed married to Wyatt. It was messed up to Liam. Steffy claimed it hadn't been that like that and added that she'd declined it.

Liam kept going on about it, but Steffy asked if they really had to rehash it that night. Liam guessed it was because he missed her and because the allegiances could fall apart as quickly as they'd formed. She asked why he'd say that. "Just a feeling," he replied.

Liam and Steffy cuddled on the sofa. Liam thought he'd felt his phone vibrate, but he was wrong. Steffy asked if he was expecting a call. He replied that he was working on something remotely. Steffy conveyed that Quinn's actions and Steffy marrying his brother wouldn't always be between them. "I suppose it will always be a part of us, but not between us, no," he replied.

In San Francisco, Ridge attempted to leave the hotel room, but the angry Quinn said he wasn't going anywhere. She asked if he realized that life as he knew it was over, because Eric would strip him of all that went with the Forrester name. Ridge called Quinn silly and asked if she really believed her words. Quinn retorted that the charming Ridge wouldn't charm his way out of it.

Quinn poured more shots because it had been Ridge's game to get her drunk. Ridge said they each knew she was "better than that." Sipping her drink, Quinn thought his words were comical because of how wrong he had her. Ridge stated that she might be right, and she wasn't the black widow he'd thought. He said she might be just a black hole of need.

Ridge noted that a little flirting had been all he'd needed to get Quinn's big eyes peering back at him. Quinn sarcastically welcomed him to seduce the woman he thought she was because it had been the whole idea. He said he didn't have it in him, and she was smarter than he'd thought. "You caught me this time," he stated.

Quinn asked Ridge if he really thought there would be a next time. Ridge stated that there would be because what she hated one day, she loved the next. She said he reminded her of a shrink she'd known. Ridge wondered why in the world she'd stop treatment if she'd started it. Quinn replied that people always told others they needed help, and one could tell them to "go to hell" or give it a try. Quinn had learned a lot from "this guy," but the biggest takeaway had been that "nobody knows anything about anyone."

Ridge replied that it made sense. Quinn said there was a caveat because she knew a few things about him. To her, Ridge was like everyone else. He didn't want her to have anything. He wanted her to know her place and beg for someone to love her and see how special she was. "No. Those blinds are drawn. Nobody gets to see inside," she bitterly concluded.

Ridge studied Quinn. In the silence, she waved her hands and said to give her the key card or go to the other room and sleep it off. Ridge declined because he might miss something. She said nothing would happen. "But what if, all of a sudden, you're overcome with desire for me?" he asked. Laughing, Quinn called upon God.

Quinn was amazed that Ridge was made up of the same stuff as his father. Ridge replied that he wasn't. He noted that people only mentioned it in heated discussions, but he was actually made of "Italian blowhard billionaire." He confided that he hadn't been adopted but passed off as the real thing. He guessed that he was an imitation Forrester.

Quinn replied that men thought where their DNA came and went was terribly important. She'd known about the "accident" of Ridge's birth, but she said it was easy to forget because he'd made himself over into the definition of a Forrester. She chuckled because "poor Thorne" was the real deal but couldn't get out of Ridge's shadow. She figured that Ridge's revenge had been to make the others into his image of a Forrester, not the other way around.

Ridge stated that Quinn had grown up without a father. "Says who?" Quinn asked. Ridge stated that she couldn't have his. He believed she wanted his father, the family name, and to take his mother's place. He added that she wanted his daughter, too. Quinn replied that Steffy had made vows. Ridge said it had been under false pretenses.

Quinn stated that her son deserved happiness. Ridge told her not to be a control freak, and one couldn't hand another person happiness. She replied that it was easy for the one with all the money and power to call her a greedy control freak, and she asked when he'd ever wanted for anything. She said, with the snap of his fingers, he got what he wanted, and then his roving eye sought out what he wanted a taste of next.

Quinn asked if it was to be that way with her once she was supposed to realize that Ridge wasn't so bad and just needed to be loved. Ridge stated that he hadn't meant it to be that way. Quinn called him a liar. He revealed that he'd planned to take a picture to show Eric how wrong he was about her. She said Ridge didn't care who he hurt, even if it was himself.

"And, of course, it had be sexual -- because that's how men win, and women lose. We lose if we love it. We lose if we hate it. We lose if we say yes just a little bit too soon, right?" she said. "And what does it matter, anyway? It's rarely more pleasurable than a hot shower, and it barely lasts as long. But that's the only game that men want to play because we always lose!"

Quinn explained that it was especially so if "we" wanted just a little bit more, like lunch, cab fare, or kindness. She said that it was fun for "you" to withhold the little things. "But you don't win big until you realize how I hurt and how I don't want to be alone," Quinn stated. She said when that happened, "you" would get to sit back and say that "I used her for everything she was good for."

Quinn insisted that Ridge knew what she was talking about because he was the ultimate womanizer who got to make women into conquests and then drop them. "I've been that woman! So -- so don't. Don't you sit there in judgment of me, of who I am, where I've come from, and what I've had to endure. Because -- you -- you can go to hell, Ridge Forrester, if hell will have you. Because I won't," Quinn told him. "And now, you can go."

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Steffy tells Wyatt she can't give him what he wants.

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