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Monday, October 24, 2016

At Spencer, Justin gave Bill a gift for the wedding that Justin insisted Bill would need that night. It was a promo picture of Brooke from the bedroom line. Bill wondered how Justin had gotten it. Saying that he had his sources, Justin figured Bill would need it that night because he couldn't see the bride the night before the wedding. Justin had asked himself what he'd get the man who had everything. Bill replied that he didn't have everything, but he would the next day.

Later, Evelyn, the wedding planner, met with Bill to consult on the home wedding. She wouldn't be there, but she had agreed to consult and advise Alison on it. When Evelyn asked if Bill had gotten a wedding gift for Brooke, he replied that he'd taken care of it. Justin stated that stock was "so romantic," and Bill could just have given a vacuum cleaner. Bill replied that the stock was like a vacuum that would suck Quinn out of the picture.

Alison entered after Evelyn had met with her. Alison wanted to review wedding plans, and Justin roared that it was time for Brooke to be Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer. Alison conveyed that the boat would be stocked and cleaned, and Bill needed to let the crew into the house to set up in the morning because she'd be meeting the caterers about the modest guest list. Bill replied that the list might be modest, but the wedding would be historic.

Bill poured Champagne, and as Alison and Justin joked about the gathering being the bachelor party. Bill proposed that they toast to his happiness and how much he deserved it.

At Forrester, Brooke wanted to know exactly what Eric had said to Quinn. Quinn replied that Eric had said he only trusted her. "And you interpreted that to mean...?" Rick asked. Wyatt didn't think interpretation was necessary. He'd been there and heard Eric say that he wanted Wyatt and Quinn to run the company. Thomas asked if it was based on Wyatt's vast fashion experience.

"On the basis of he said so," Wyatt quipped. Ridge concluded that Eric had lost his mind. Quinn disagreed, but Ridge claimed they couldn't know because Quinn kept Eric out of their sight. Wyatt asked when that had started happening, and Quinn stated that Eric, not Quinn, had thrown Ridge out. Ridge asked about the message from Pam that she wasn't allowed to see Eric.

Quinn seemed surprised to hear it, but she said "you people" thought they could show up whenever they wanted. Ridge accused her of holding Eric captive, as she'd done Liam. Rick told Quinn that she wasn't in charge, and she was a joke. Quinn didn't think it was a matter of who could run Forrester better and added that anyone in the room could run it beautifully.

"Yeah, without you," Rick quipped. Ridge thought that settled it and told Quinn to go home. Quinn noted that she was legally empowered to provide the CEO's signature where needed, and because Quinn preferred to be at home with Eric, someone would be there, with a proven track record, to work for her. Assuming that it was Wyatt, Thomas quipped that if they wouldn't take orders from her, they certainly wouldn't from "him."

Thomas mimicked Wyatt as Thomas said Wyatt had been saying he'd get Quinn away from Eric until Wyatt had seen things to his advantage. Wyatt replied that he'd seen what they'd all see if "you could get your heads out of your -- " Quinn told Wyatt to mind himself. Wyatt said Eric wanted Wyatt at the house for support, and Eric was safe and happy due to "this woman," who Wyatt admitted was also a stranger to him. He asked Quinn how she'd gotten so patient.

Quinn replied that Eric had made her want to be decent for him, and he'd made it easy. It had been hard on Quinn to be a young and single mother, and she'd had to fake being tough and mean. It had gone on for so long that she'd forgotten she'd been faking it.

Brooke thought they needed accountability. Quinn asked what form it would take. Brooke replied that it would be in consulting people who'd been in Eric's life for decades, not months. Brooke questioned Quinn's moral authority to sign checks. Quinn revealed that she'd dropped receipts by accounting, and Brooke could check them. Quinn hadn't spent anything on herself.

Quinn only wanted to honor Eric's wishes. Ridge replied that it meant her being in Eric's life, and Ridge couldn't have it. Wyatt said the others didn't have a clue as to how they were hurting Eric. Thomas told Wyatt to get off his high horse because Wyatt had hurt Eric, too, by not going to the wedding. Zende wished he could take back that choice and make it up to Eric.

Rick stated that they all did, but handing the company over to someone proven to be criminally insane wasn't making it up to Eric -- it was abandoning Eric.

Quinn believed that if they could get over old hostilities and work together, Eric would be proud of them. Claiming that Eric was already proud of them, Ridge said Eric would be even more so after they'd gotten Quinn out of Eric's life.

Later, Ridge and Brooke were alone in the office, and Ridge declared that the day was a catastrophe. Brooke tried to get Ridge to stop yelling. Ridge said he was pushing Brooke to marry a man he despised so he could get the stock to get rid of Quinn. Brooke didn't want to talk that way about her wedding day. Ridge wanted to call it a half day. He wanted her to get the shares then get out of there.

Brooke refused to do such a thing. She said she'd get the shares, but she'd also marry Bill. Ridge told her to get her marriage annulled later. Brooke said she wouldn't lie through her wedding vows. She wasn't that type of person. She said he had to stop kissing her, and it was ridiculous.

Brooke understood that Ridge thought that feelings were resurfacing due to the impending marriage and to R.J.'s desires. It was understandable to Brooke, but she wanted Ridge to consider how she felt about Bill. Brooke and Bill loved each other, and Bill made her feel as if she could do anything. Bill built her up, and that was the kind of person she wanted to spend her life with. She knew what she wanted and what R.J. wanted. She asked Ridge what he wanted.

At the mansion, Eric had been murmuring fitfully in his sleep. Ivy asked him if he was okay. He said he'd been dreaming. "Except not dreaming," he added after noticing that he was still sick in bed. Eric said he'd be okay, and Ivy agreed. Eric was sad about the rest of the family. Ivy stated that the family loved him, and she remarked upon Pam and Charlie arriving earlier.

Eric asked if he'd been asleep at the time, and Ivy conveyed that Quinn had thought it was best to ask people who could upset him to return when he was stronger. He replied that Quinn loved him and knew what was best. He was frustrated because he wanted to be a real husband to his wife. Ivy replied that he'd given Quinn things she'd never had, like dignity and respect, and all Quinn wanted to do was to love him back. Ivy asked what was more real that that.

Ivy handed Eric a picture of himself and Quinn and asked if he wanted to hear more of the book they were reading. Eric said he was lucky to have Ivy in his corner. Ivy wouldn't call herself a winning lottery ticket. Eric said he'd never thought he'd have love after Stephanie. Ivy replied that Quinn would probably say that she was the lucky one.

Later, Quinn arrived at the mansion, and Ivy was downstairs. Ivy updated Quinn on Eric and said she'd forgotten to let Quinn know about Pam and Charlie's earlier visit. Saying she knew about it, Quinn stated that Ivy had made a good call.

When Quinn arrived in Eric's room, he awakened from dreaming about her. He asked how it had gone at Forrester. Quinn revealed that they didn't like her or trust her, and she didn't have fans in the Forrester clan. Eric said she had him and Wyatt. Quinn stated that Brooke had been at the office, and Quinn had learned that Brooke and Bill would get married the next day.

Eric stated that Brooke liked being married. Quinn replied that Brooke wasn't the only one, and Eric had changed Quinn's life. Eric asked Quinn to listen to his chest. She placed her head there and said she heard breathing. "You hear love," he replied and kissed her head.

. . .

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