Friday, February 27, 2015

In Aspen, the honeymooning Bill and Katie contemplated taking off for the Mediterranean. Katie decided against it and noted that the new sword charm looked good on Bill. He was still getting used to it. She remarked that the change made for one less connection to Quinn, and he guessed it was another of Katie's improvements. Katie quipped that it wasn't hard to improve from Quinn.

Katie mentioned that Bill hadn't been a fan of Liam switching his charm, and she was sure Quinn hated it. Bill didn't care what Quinn thought and remarked that Quinn had a new project -- Deacon. Katie hoped Deacon would stay away from Brooke.

Later, Bill caught Katie with her phone, which was against the honeymoon rules. He assumed Katie was trying to reach Brooke. Katie was worried about Brooke, who'd masked her sadness with a happy face at the wedding. Bill felt that Brooke would be fine and would never be a hermit.

Katie hoped Brooke was hanging out with the right people. Bill was sure Brooke was having a good time hanging out with Donna and Will. Katie believed that Will could cheer his aunt up. She hoped Brooke wasn't alone because bad things happened when Brooke was alone.

At Brooke house, Deacon kissed Brooke, and she realized, "You do want a dip in the pool!" They kissed more, and he asked himself what he was doing. Brooke told him to relax because it wasn't the first time he'd kissed her. Quinn's food was getting cold, so Deacon rushed to the door to get out of there. Brooke beckoned him back because they hadn't had a swim.

Deacon asked if Brooke saw what was going on. The inebriated Brooke said she saw that he was frustrated because he was living with a nutcase who treated him like a schoolboy late for dinner. Brooke poured drinks, but Deacon insisted he couldn't be partying with her.

Deacon asked if Brooke remembered what had transpired before she'd left town. She recalled that he'd proposed to her. He said he'd wanted to build a life with her but asked who'd known what "the hell" she'd wanted before taking off. Brooke asked if he wanted water in his scotch.

Deacon didn't know why he'd think Brooke would care about what he was saying because she'd made it pretty clear that she'd moved on. "Well, good. Glad that's resolved," she gaily replied, handing him a drink. Deacon said he wouldn't be her drinking buddy or pal because he was with Quinn. Brooke didn't want to hear about Quinn, who was crazy. "But whatever," Brooke said, shrugging.

Brooke advised Deacon to stop wearing his heart on his sleeve. It made him no fun. He said he couldn't do "this" again. Giggling, she asked if he meant he couldn't have a drink with an old friend. He asked if that was really how she thought he saw her. Spinning around, Brooke touted that what he saw was what he got. Deacon walked out on her, and she took another oblivious drink.

Brooke called Donna to invite her out dancing like they'd done when they were younger. Donna was babysitting Will. Brooke had forgotten that Donna was doing that. She asked Donna to kiss Will and said that she loved Donna very much. After the call, Brooke stared at the vodka bottle.

At Quinn's house, Wyatt tried to convince his mother to be leery of Deacon, who'd lead her into darkness. Wyatt didn't want her in a place like that again. Quinn assured her son that she wouldn't be. Wyatt reminded Quinn that Brooke was around. Quinn told her son that she trusted Deacon's reassurances about Brooke. Wyatt quipped that Deacon was just as trustworthy as the weatherman.

Quinn asked Wyatt to respect her choices. Wyatt didn't want to start in on her choices, and she exclaimed that Deacon was one of her good choices.

Quinn grew concerned about where Deacon was and sent him a message. After getting no reply from Deacon, she questioned Wyatt about Brooke's behavior at the wedding and if Brooke had been with Ridge. Wyatt said Ridge wasn't interested in Brooke, which made Brooke very available.

Wyatt reminded Quinn that Deacon and Brooke shared a history and daughter. Quinn quipped that she shared a child with Bill, but Bill hadn't given her a passing thought. Wyatt replied that Quinn had given Bill more than that before Deacon had arrived in her life. Wyatt claimed to know Brooke, whose daughter he'd been married to. "You still are," Quinn pointed out.

Wyatt shrugged it off and said he knew Brooke always had a man. Quinn stated that Brooke couldn't have Quinn's man, but Wyatt didn't think the choice was completely Quinn's. Quinn didn't believe Deacon would choose Brooke over her, and Quinn asserted that he got something from her that he couldn't get from Brooke. "And it behooves you not to ask what that is," Quinn added.

Quinn began to worry about Deacon, but he soon arrived and began to unpack the food. He apologized for being late, but someone at the restaurant had sidetracked him. Quinn asked who, and he revealed that it had been Brooke.

Deacon said Brooke had been wasted, and he'd had to get her out of the establishment. Quinn hoped Brooke hadn't puked in the cab, and Deacon revealed that he'd driven Brooke home. Wyatt was sure Deacon hadn't left Brooke on the doorstep. Deacon agreed that he hadn't. Wyatt asked if Deacon had taken her inside. Deacon said Brooke had needed to sober up.

Wyatt asked if Deacon had taken Brooke into bed. Offended, Deacon asked what that was supposed to mean. Wyatt reasoned that Deacon had had to do something and asked if Deacon had made coffee. Deacon decided it was time for Wyatt to leave, but Wyatt said he was just asking.

Quinn asked what had happened. Deacon revealed that Brooke had wanted to go swimming and to party. Quinn and Wyatt asked what Deacon had done, and Deacon said he'd tried to talk Brooke down from her partying and traipsing around in a swimsuit.

Deacon saw Quinn's disapproving gaze and excused himself to the bedroom. Quinn grabbed her keys and told Wyatt to tell Deacon that she'd be right back. When Deacon returned to the room, he asked where Quinn had gone. Wyatt rasped that she'd gone out, and Deacon asked where. Wyatt cynically asked Deacon where he thought Quinn had gone.

Deacon called and messaged Quinn, who wouldn't reply. He didn't know why Wyatt had let Quinn go, but Wyatt quipped that he wasn't Quinn's keeper. Deacon suspected that Wyatt wanted Quinn to get into it with Brooke, but Wyatt retorted that he wanted Quinn to get out of it with Deacon. Deacon claimed to be the best thing to ever happen to Quinn. "And that about sums up her life," Wyatt sadly replied.

Wyatt asked what exactly had happened at Brooke's house. Deacon was silent. Wyatt stated that he knew Deacon's history with Brooke, and Hope had said Deacon would always be vulnerable to Brooke and that the pair would reunite. Wyatt asked again what had happened at Brooke's.

Back at Brooke's house, the doorbell roused Brooke, who slinked to the door with a drink in hand. She opened it and saw Quinn, who, in Brooke's view, could use a drink. Quinn barged in and noted that Brooke was drinking alone. Intending to keep it that way, Brooke ordered Quinn to go. Quinn spied another glass and suspected that Brooke hadn't been drinking alone.

Quinn called Brooke pathetic in her bathing suit. "I can't wait for summer," Brooke slurred in response. Quinn asserted that "he" didn't want anything to do with Brooke. Brooke asked if Quinn meant Ridge, Bill, or Eric. Quinn's answer was all of the above plus another whom Brooke knew Quinn meant. Brooke said it was time for Quinn to leave.

Quinn smacked Brooke to the ground and ordered her to stay away from Deacon.

. . .

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