Friday, July 18, 2014

At the castle, Oliver and Aly rushed into the lobby, and he was grateful that she'd saved him. He claimed he wasn't the same guy in the recording, and he'd had to let her know that. She reasoned that buying a ticket would have been easier, but he replied that he'd needed to get her attention.

Blushing, Aly assured Oliver that he'd gotten it, but he could have been hurt. Oliver didn't care. He'd been prepared to challenge each knight in the building to prove his trustworthiness to Aly.

Aly asked Oliver how he'd even known she'd be there. He explained that he'd seen her in the Forrester elevator in her costume, and she figured that he'd just had to be in the show. Oliver joked that it had been more like crashing it because he hadn't done an audition beforehand.

A family interrupted Oliver and Aly to ask them to pose for a picture, and afterward, Pam and Charlie entered and voiced their amazement at Oliver's performance. Charlie wanted to know how Oliver had gotten by the top-notch security, but before Oliver could answer, Pam pulled the four of them together to take a photo with friends.

While snapping the picture, Pam asked if they were all friends still, and Oliver looked at Aly. Pam and Charlie left Oliver and Aly to talk alone. Oliver said he'd screwed up, but he'd cared about Aly since day one. She said she knew it. She decided to forgive him, as long as he told the truth no matter what.

Aly ordered Oliver never to scare her again. She'd thought he'd been as good as dead during the jousting. Oliver made a show of his jousting bravado and said his lady had needed her carnation.

Aly realized that she didn't have the flower. As Aly looked around on the floor for the carnation, the Darla vision made it appear in Oliver's hands, which were tucked behind his back. Oliver frowned in surprise upon feeling something in his hand. Smiling, he gave the flower to Aly.

At Brooke's house, Bill admitted that he was a powerful man who could do many things. "But controlling a helicopter from the ground?" he asked. Ridge said he'd seen something. Bill guessed Ridge had seen the evil Bill twirling his mustache. Bill claimed that he'd actually been running down the beach to get to Brooke. Ridge figured Bill wanted him to believe it was a coincidence that Justin had been the pilot; however, Ridge was certain that Bill had ordered Justin to act.

Bill called it ludicrous, and Ridge asked if Bill was denying Justin's presence on the beach. Bill freely admitted that Justin had flown to the Emirates, and Ridge asked why. "To fly around in a helicopter and dispose of wedding crashers," Bill quipped. Katie gave Bill a tried look, and he asked what she and Ridge wanted from him.

Bill understood Ridge's need for answers. Bill hoped Ridge would get them, but Bill said he didn't have them. Brooke proffered that she didn't remember much about the pilot because things had been too frantic. Bill decided that he knew what was going on. He said that Ridge needed to justify deciding to go all the way to Abu Dhabi to save Brooke.

Ridge asserted that Bill had cheated on Brooke; however, Bill corrected that he hadn't cheated; he'd kept a secret that he probably should have told Brooke before the wedding. Bill reasoned that if Ridge had emailed the picture and then used the phone to "gossip" to Brooke about Bill and Quinn, then the incident would have been avoided. Ridge said Bill would have talked his way out of it.

"Talked my way out of what? Explaining what had actually happened?" Bill incredulously asked. Bill illuminated the fact that sleeping with Quinn had only happened once, and it had happened on the night that Brooke had been marrying Ridge. Bill sarcastically said his actions with Quinn had been horrifying enough to justify Ridge traipsing off to Abu Dhabi.

Katie admitted that they hadn't had all the details. "No, you didn't. And that's the point. You just had to stop me!" Bill responded. Bill figured that Ridge's brain was trying to fill in the gaps, but because of Ridge's deep-seated hatred of Bill, Ridge's mind was conjuring things to implicate Bill.

Bill theorized that Ridge would stop at nothing to keep R.J. and Brooke from Bill, including accusing Bill of something he couldn't possibly have done. Ridge cut his heated gaze away from Bill. Bill saw no other rational explanation for Ridge's delusions and concluded that the fantasies in Ridge's head wouldn't go away until Ridge let go of his hatred and accepted Brooke and Bill.

Ridge reasoned that Brooke had been buckled in, so Justin had known that the only person in danger of falling had been Ridge. Bill cited that Ridge had flown to Abu Dhabi, interrupted the wedding, punched Bill in the face, run off with Bill's bride, and arranged a helicopter getaway, but somehow, it had been Bill's fault. Bill quipped that it was flattering.

Ridge asserted that it hadn't been his helicopter, and Bill shot back that it hadn't been his, either. Katie figured that there had to be an explanation, and Bill invited them to brainstorm more about how he could have masterminded Justin turning Ridge into the high-dive champion of the world.

Bill decided that fixating on him hindered Ridge's recovery, and Ridge needed to focus on Katie and the future. Ridge claimed to be remembering, not fixating. The placating Bill suggested to the ladies that Ridge might need to talk to somebody professional. Ridge said he only needed to talk to Bill.

Bill told Ridge to go home, rest, and get his head on straight because Ridge wasn't thinking clearly. Bill asked Katie to take care of Ridge, and Bill warned Ridge not to return to him with accusations. "I'm done," Bill declared.

After Katie and Ridge left, Brooke felt sorry for Ridge and remarked that Bill had been unexpectedly patient with Ridge. Bill said he didn't blame the confused Ridge for wanting to think the worst of him. Bill figured Ridge wanted to prove that Bill was the bad guy because it would justify Ridge's efforts in Abu Dhabi. Bill hoped that Brooke didn't have any doubts about it. Brooke said she knew that Bill wasn't capable of doing what Ridge had accused Bill of.

At Spencer, Alison and Justin discussed Ridge's returning memory. Justin was worried that Ridge was starting to remember seeing Justin in the helicopter. Justin relayed that Bill wasn't worried and had instructed Justin to erase any paper trail. Alison guessed that was where she entered the picture. Justin responded that she was the best at cleaning up Bill's messes.

Justin conveyed that he'd already shredded and deleted everything, but he wanted Alison to double-check his efforts. Alison promised that they'd make sure there was absolutely no proof that Justin had piloted the helicopter.

Alison asked if Brooke had known about the helicopter. Justin relayed that it had been a surprise for Brooke. Alison figured hiding it would be easier than she'd thought, and she even welcomed Ridge to try to prove what had happened. She was sure everyone would think Ridge was completely bonkers.

Alison sat down to go through the credit card purchases for the trip. She said that everything listed in the record seemed to be expected expenses, like the hotel bill and wedding costs. Justin stated that they hadn't chartered a helicopter, and he'd like to see Ridge try to prove that they had. Alison responded that no one needed to know that the Spencer helicopter had just happened to be there.

Alison erased a file and said there would be no indication that the helicopter had ever left the Spencer yacht. She asked if Justin had deleted the flight plan. He had done so, but she double-checked to make sure there was no digital footprint of it in his emails.

Justin thanked Alison and remarked that she probably thought he shouldn't be as worried as he was. Alison understood that if his involvement got out, it could get ugly. "Like going to jail ugly," he added. She said she had bills to pay, so she wasn't about to let Justin and Bill get caught.

Justin stated that just after he'd seen that Brooke had been strapped in, he'd heard "cool him off" spoken by Bill through the headset. Justin claimed that Bill had just wanted to teach Ridge a lesson and had expected Ridge to swim to shore. Justin was certain Bill never would have ordered the action if he'd known Ridge would get hurt.

Alison called it a minor prank. She said Bill had done worse in the past, and there was no way it would take them down. Justin felt that Bill was lucky to have Alison, and she said the same about Justin. Justin guessed that "we" made a good duo. Alison decided to put the files back before Adele noticed that they were missing in the morning. She didn't know why Bill had kept Adele on, though. Justin joked that it was so that Katie would know that her assistant was pouring Bill's scotch.

Alison exited, and Justin poured himself a drink. He strode with it to the window and took in the view. Slowly, he relaxed and sighed. Suddenly, a hand from behind him yanked his tie, and Ridge whipped Justin around to face him. Justin balked, but Ridge gripped the back of his neck, too. Inches from Justin's face, Ridge yelled, "You dumped me out of that helicopter at Bill's orders! Say it!"

. . .

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