Friday, June 24, 2016

At Spencer, Bill and Steffy listened as Wyatt and Liam continued to bicker with each other about profits and charity. Wyatt was sure Bill didn't want to have to explain to Will later why they'd given away Will's legacy because they'd decided that profits weren't necessary. Wyatt didn't want to explain it to his and Steffy's kids and asked Steffy if she agreed that the foundation idea was kind of crazy.

Steffy preferred not to call good-doing crazy. Liam thought it was foreign to Wyatt to think of others. Bill noted that Wyatt was thinking of others; Wyatt was thinking of Will, the future Spencer children, and the employees that counted upon them to profit, not give money away.

Spencer was a business first and foremost, Bill concluded. Bill stated that Liam could form a foundation for himself on his own time. Bill got a call and took off. Wyatt also got called to a meeting. He didn't think it would take long and asked Steffy to wait so they could go home together. The couple kissed, and Wyatt left.

Liam chuckled and said he wasn't giving up on his foundation. Steffy asked if he really had time for it. He was willing to make the time because focusing on something positive would stop him from obsessing about them until Steffy was ready. "Ready?" she asked. Liam replied, "For us."

Steffy laughed nervously. "You're married. I know. I know," Liam said. He claimed he'd respect it, and he'd wait. He figured he'd just throw himself into his foundation so he could make a difference in somebody's life until she'd let him make a difference in hers.

Liam said he should have known Bill wouldn't have agreed with him. Steffy remarked that Liam's generosity impressed her. He said he wasn't trying to. Nearing him, she asked if he'd meant it when he'd said he'd wait for her. Liam replied that he wouldn't have to do it for long because she wanted him just as much as he wanted her, and the two kissed.

Steffy snapped Liam out of his daydream by calling his name. She said she'd thought she'd lost him for a second. He asked what she'd been saying, and she repeated that she was impressed by him. Liam started to say something, but Wyatt entered to collect his wife and go home.

At the mansion, Caroline told Ridge that Thomas was right, and it was time to tell everyone that Thomas was Douglas' father. Thomas asked Ridge to see what the secret was doing to Ridge's wife. Ridge told Caroline that they could still do it, and he asked her not to give up on their family.

Ridge figured that Caroline was exhausted from all the sleepless nights, and she wasn't thinking straight. The sobbing Caroline cried that she was exhausted, however, it wasn't motherhood; it was the lying. Thomas told Ridge not to do it to his wife. Ridge told Thomas not to talk to him about doing anything to Caroline. Thomas didn't want Ridge to give Douglas up. Thomas just wanted to publicly call Douglas his son. Caroline wanted Ridge to listen to Thomas, who was Douglas' father.

Caroline was sure it would get out, and they should just call it what it was -- adding that Douglas had a mother, father, and wonderful stepfather. She said they'd all be in Douglas' life, just not as they had been doing it. She exclaimed that she couldn't live with the lie anymore.

Ridge said they could do anything together; Caroline just had to believe in him. She appreciated Ridge for protecting the family but said it wasn't working; lying wasn't fair to Thomas or Douglas. Ridge cited that Thomas lived there and could hold and play with the baby whenever he wanted.

Caroline announced that it was tearing her apart. She claimed it wasn't just the secret -- it was Ridge's anger, too. She believed that Ridge was still so hurt by what had happened that night that he felt lying made it go away. She stated that it wouldn't go away because it had happened.

"You broke up with me, and I took pills. And I drank," Caroline said. Ridge added that Thomas had then taken advantage of her. Caroline asserted that Thomas hadn't. She claimed that she kept trying to tell Ridge that, but he didn't want to hear her. "It felt like that at first -- and that night should have never happened -- but I was devastated, and I needed someone to be there for me, and Thomas was -- and --" Caroline said.

Ridge asked Caroline not to do it and asked her what she was saying. Caroline said she loved Ridge, but he didn't have to protect her and Douglas from Thomas. She believed that if they accepted the truth about that night, Ridge could let go of his anger toward his son, and it would be better for all of them. She couldn't lie anymore and didn't think they could raise a child with her stress and his anger.

Ridge wondered if it was why Caroline had questioned him from the start about his morality. He guessed he hadn't been listening. Ridge recalled that Thomas had called him the "great and powerful Ridge." Ridge stated that he'd been angry with his son because he hadn't known what the night had really been until just then. Ridge had just wanted to give Caroline the world.

Caroline said it couldn't go on for all their sakes, especially Douglas'. Ridge picked up the fussy baby and said not to cry. Ridge explained to the child that he wasn't the father, and he wouldn't call the child "son" anymore. "Bye," Ridge said and kissed Douglas' forehead. Ridge handed the baby to Thomas. Caroline sobbed. Ridge stared at Caroline and nodded in resolve.

At Katie's house, Brooke mentioned that Hope had said hello. Katie guessed Hope had a lot to say about Wyatt's marriage. Brooke replied that Hope didn't want to choose sides. Katie stated that Bill had, and he'd made it clear that Liam needed to back off. Katie was proud because it showed how Bill felt about marriage and his commitment to Katie.

Brooke was happy to hear Katie speaking positively of her marriage. Katie admitted to still having an issue about Bill telling Brooke what Katie had relayed to him in confidence. Katie and Brooke couldn't believe Caroline and Ridge were denying Thomas his son, but they agreed that at least it was out in the open. Brooke stated that they were still hiding it and pretending that Ridge was the father.

Katie didn't believe it would last. She said Thomas had a connection to Caroline. Katie believed that it would only make sense that they'd wind up together due to Douglas. Katie suggested that Brooke talk to Ridge about it, but Brooke said she was not going to tell Ridge that his wife was better off with his son. Katie figured it was how Ridge already felt, and he just needed the voice of reason.

Katie believed that Ridge respected Brooke, so she could help him see the truth. Using truth as her segue, Katie remarked that she'd given Brooke every opportunity to fess up. Rick had told Katie that there was a new man in Brooke's life. It didn't take a genius, Katie said, for her to figure out who it was, but she wanted to hear it from Brooke.

"And don't even think about lying to me," Katie warned. Katie believed it was Ridge, adding that he was Brooke's destiny. Brooke replied that it wasn't, and "that" was in the past. Katie gathered that Brooke was indeed seeing someone but didn't want to tell Katie who it was. "It's Bill," Katie decided.

Katie found it strange that she had never craved a drink before -- except for the little voice in her head that told her not to trust Brooke. Katie didn't understand why it wouldn't go away if Bill was faithful and Brooke was respecting the marriage. "Why do I still want the drink?" Katie asked.

Katie asked Brooke to say Katie was wrong and that the new man wasn't Bill. Brooke insisted that the little voice was Katie's disease talking. Katie said she wasn't like Brooke, and Katie only drank when she felt that people around her were betraying her. Kate demanded that Brooke say nothing was going on between her and Katie's husband. "No," Brooke replied.

Katie asked if Bill had approached Brooke or suggested anything inappropriate. Brooke wrung her hands and sighed. Katie asked if Bill had kissed or touched Brooke. Katie wanted the truth and said Brooke would give it to her right then.

. . .

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