Friday, May 22, 2015

At Forrester, Ridge wheeled Caroline into the CEO's office. He couldn't believe she hadn't told him that she'd been hit by a car while in New York. She said she'd thought about telling him: however, her mothers had been taking good care of her, and she hadn't wanted to cause Ridge additional stress.

Caroline didn't know how long she'd be in the wheelchair or how she'd taken walking for granted. Ridge said it gave him a chance to return a favor. She'd helped him use his hands, and he'd help her to walk. Caroline explained that her mothers had wanted her to stay with them to heal up, but she'd been compelled to return. Ridge guessed he was irresistible.

Caroline agreed that Ridge was, but she'd also had to learn the truth about the headlines. She asked if any of it was true or if her uncle was trying to cause a ridiculous scandal. Ridge agreed that Bill was out to cause a scandal and that it was true. Caroline's eyes widened. She called Maya a hypocrite and said that Maya's secret was a teensy bit more intense than Caroline's.

Caroline wondered how Rick had reacted. Ridge stated that Rick had a history of not handling things well. Caroline asked if Ridge thought Rick would hurt Maya. Ridge didn't, but he relayed that Rick had lunged at him the other night, which proved that the erratic Rick wasn't the best choice for CEO.

Caroline replied that they couldn't change things. Ridge explained that there was a morality clause in Rick's contract, and Rick had done more than enough to justify invoking it. Ridge said Eric was asking Rick to step down as they spoke -- at least Ridge hoped Eric was.

At the sky lounge, Carter was working out when he overheard Charlie and Pam talking. Charlie was brooding because he'd figured out that Maya had been born a man before the scandal. Carter asked if Maya had been a man at age eight. Carter inquired about Charlie saying he'd figured it out. Charlie touted that he was a trained professional and asked if Carter had played canary to the press.

Carter said it was personal information, and the people he'd told had been trustworthy. Carter revealed that it had been Nicole, who'd been spending time with Wyatt. Charlie figured he needed to hire more guards because, with the information about Maya out, the next fashion show would be a zoo. Pam stated that it wouldn't be so, because Maya had resigned.

Carter was sad to hear it because Maya loved Forrester. Pam asked if Maya would love it without Rick. Carter asserted that it didn't have to be without Rick. Carter said the couple might remain together. Charlie suspected that the resignation indicated otherwise.

In Rick's old office, Wyatt was grimacing at some headlines when Nicole entered and asked if he was admiring his handiwork. Wyatt claimed that it hadn't been what she thought. Nicole accused Wyatt of betraying her trust and selling out Maya. Nicole exclaimed that she'd thought he'd liked her.

Wyatt claimed that he did like Nicole. Nicole said that he'd conned her out of the secret. She hadn't wanted to tell him, but he'd gone on and on about secrets. She claimed she'd arrived in the city to get her sister back. Though Nicole had pressured Maya at first, Nicole had quickly realized that she'd been wrong, and Maya should reveal her story if and how she'd wanted to.

Wyatt claimed to know that, but Nicole said he only knew how to lie and take advantage of a girl's feelings. She said Wyatt had messed with Maya's life, and Maya had quit Forrester. Wyatt asked of Maya and Rick. Nicole refused to tell Wyatt anything so it could wind up in his family's magazines. She seethed that she'd learned her lesson and would never trust him again.

Wyatt confessed to telling Liam but claimed that they hadn't wanted to run the story. Wyatt stated that Bill had found out about it, and though Bill had promised not to run the story, he had done it anyway. Nicole guessed Wyatt had learned the same lesson she had -- not to trust a Spencer.

Wyatt tried to get Nicole to see that it hadn't been about Maya; it had been about Rick's ill treatment of everyone. Wyatt wasn't justifying what had happened, but Spencers protected their own. Nicole asserted that he'd betrayed her confidence, and Spencers were spoiled little brats.

Wyatt wanted to talk once Nicole cooled down enough to consider his side of things. She said she'd cool down, but she'd never see his side of things. She'd really cared about Wyatt, but it didn't matter because he'd betrayed her trust. To her, what they'd had had never existed. She told him to find someone else to get his next scoop from because it wouldn't be her.

In Rick's bedroom at the mansion, Rick still had no messages from Maya. Eric entered, and Rick asked why Eric was there early. Eric stated that he had a son to check on. Rick saw no reason to worry that he'd get into trouble and relayed that his mother had told him to stay in bed.

Eric remarked that he'd talked to Ridge. Rick guessed Eric knew that Rick had attacked Ridge. Rick said Ridge had deserved it. Rick hadn't needed Ridge being smug and laughing in Rick's face. Rick refused to take it anymore from Ridge or to hear another condescending remark from the man.

Eric said the brothers worked together and had to fix the relationship. Rick decided that he and Ridge wouldn't be working together. Rick didn't care how talented Ridge was and declared that Ridge had to go. Eric replied that Ridge wouldn't go anywhere.

Rick complained about how Ridge treated him and claimed the whole family let Ridge get away with it. Rick wondered if Eric was the least bit concerned. Eric admitted that he was concerned -- about Rick. Rick yelled that he was talking about Ridge. Eric noted that Rick had been the one to attack Ridge and had shot at Ridge. "This is not all on Ridge. It's not!" Eric declared.

Eric wanted Rick to do serious soul-searching. Eric relayed that Rick had mistreated people at the company and people in their family. "If anyone is going anywhere...." Eric hinted.

Rick said that Eric wouldn't and couldn't. Rick felt that he'd done well as CEO, despite the opposition. Eric stated that he'd been happy with Rick's performance. Rick told Eric that he could fire Rick at the end of the contract, if it would make the number one son happy, but they'd have to put up with Rick until then. Eric mentioned that there was a morality behavioral clause in the contract. "Yeah, but that's meant for..." Rick replied, shrugging.

"Meant for what? An employee who shoots off guns? Or how about a person in power who mistreats the people below him, makes them feel bad about themselves and their work?" Eric asked. Eric wondered if anything about the clause didn't apply to Rick. Rick bit out that Ridge had seduced Rick's wife, but Rick was the immoral one. Eric stated that it wasn't about Ridge.

Rick shot back that it was always about Ridge, but Eric insisted that it was about Rick. Eric was worried about Rick. Eric said that Rick was abusing his power, losing his way at times, and treating people badly. Eric had a responsibility as the founder of the company to step in and change the course that Rick had set. Eric felt that he had a bigger responsibility as Rick's father.

Eric knew that Rick believed his father had failed him, but Eric pledged to help Rick. Eric said they'd get through it together. Rick asked what they'd get through. "I want you to step down as CEO. You and I both know it's time," Eric said.

Rick decided that Eric didn't believe in him and had lost faith in him. Eric believed in Rick and his brain for business, but he said Rick lost control at times and let his emotions take charge. Rick stated that it was Eric's voice, but Ridge's words. Eric assured Rick that Rick would return to running the company someday. Rick asserted that it wasn't true, and Ridge would send Rick to Paris.

Eric said Rick loved Paris and had friends there. Rick thought it was an insult to think he could go back there after being CEO. Rick said to forget about the clause and implored Eric not to reward the morally bankrupt Ridge, who'd stolen Brooke from Eric and Caroline from Rick.

Eric said it was about stabilizing the business. Rick claimed to be trying to improve and make up for his embarrassing mistakes. Eric urged Rick to take a step back and let someone else run the company. Rick said Ridge hated Rick and Maya and would throw them under the bus during Bill's smear campaign. Rick believed he could defend Maya and Forrester, but if he walked away, Bill would win.

Rick exclaimed that it wasn't them to run and hide, and it was unacceptable for him to move to Paris. Rick asked if Eric thought Rick was weak. "I am Eric Forrester, Jr., and I can do anything! And I will!" Rick said. He planned to walk into his job and hold his head high. Rick would be proud of himself, and one day, Eric would be, too.

Rick believed that if Ridge were in charge, he'd make fun of Rick for the rest of Rick's life about losing the company over someone Rick loved. Rick yelled at Eric to stand up for Rick, who'd earned it. Rick asked Eric not to take it away from him.

. . .

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