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Friday, January 13, 2017

In San Francisco, the symposium wrapped up with Quinn saying she'd leave there more inspired than ever. Ridge thanked everyone and agreed that they'd leave inspired, but also, they were invigorated and united.

In the CEO's office, Wyatt chuckled as he read on his phone that the symposium had been successful. Liam glanced over Wyatt's shoulder at a photo of Quinn and Ridge and guessed that someone's plan was working. Wyatt flashed a curious look at Liam.

Wyatt decided he needed to sit at Eric's feet and learn from Eric's brilliance. Noting that Quinn was radiant and Ridge was beaming at her in the photo, Wyatt figured that tensions appeared to be easing. Wyatt said Quinn was finally getting the recognition she deserved.

"She makes jewelry," Liam murmured. Wyatt hopped to his mother's defense, citing all she'd done since Eric had fallen. Wyatt insisted that she should get recognition. Liam said everyone would see Quinn more clearly after "this."

Wyatt decided to give Liam some brotherly advice about how to deal with Liam's stress over hating that Steffy was doing the social media campaign and working closely with Wyatt and Quinn. Wyatt felt that Liam's glowering was useless because Quinn and Wyatt were doing their jobs, and they weren't going anywhere. Liam said that one could only hope.

Wyatt figured that, as brothers, he and Liam would work out their differences, but Liam needed to find a way to deal with Quinn being in the Forrester family. Liam said that Wyatt was right. Wyatt said it was good and noted how less stressed Liam already was. Liam added that Quinn did need to be dealt with. Wyatt snarled and walked out of the room.

In a hotel room later, Quinn was puzzled about the booking error. Unconcerned, Ridge said to forget it. "Forget it?" she repeated. Sure it would work itself out, Ridge distracted Quinn with compliments about how well she'd done at the event. "'You were a real asset to Forrester, he says reluctantly,'" Ridge concluded. Quinn said she accepted the reluctant compliment.

Ridge decided they'd drink to it. He flashed to his and Quinn's conversation about tequila. He pulled a bottle out of the bar, and Quinn hesitantly said that tequila worked. Pouring them shots, he told her not to get the wrong idea because he still hated everything about her. She said the feeling was mutual, and they toasted. She scoffed and coughed but said it was smooth.

Quinn thought it was pleasant to have a civilized moment with Ridge. Eric's wisdom always amazed her, and she said that the trip might be the ticket to a friendlier vibe between her and Ridge. She wasn't saying that she and Ridge would be friends, but they could be more tolerant and respectful of each other. Ridge guessed anything was possible, and he freshened her drink.

There was a knock at the door. Ridge answered it. On the threshold, the hotel concierge apologized for the room mix-up and said they'd had two rooms booked originally. Quinn said that, despite the error, they had to have two rooms. The concierge stated that the hotel was booked, but he'd try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The concierge left, and Quinn decided that, no matter whose room it was, she needed a bath. She asked if she needed to lock the door. "I would," Ridge replied. She chuckled, but Ridge said he was just joking. He indicated that he planned to go to the hotel bar and talk to the manager.

Ridge left, and outside the door, he called Liam to say that Ridge had Quinn alone, and by that time the next day, she'd be out of the picture for good.

After her bath, Quinn exited the bathroom in a robe. Ridge walked back into the hotel room. She said she hadn't expected him back that soon. He claimed the bar was full of lonely, depressed people, and he'd thought he and Quinn could continue the party up there. Quinn declined, saying she'd told him already that she was a tequila newbie. Pouring shots, he said the thing about tequila was practice. Quinn sat down and took a glass.

Quinn sipped her shot, and Ridge gazed at her. "What?" she quietly asked. Ridge stated that he'd been impressed with her that night and was seeing the real Quinn Forrester for the first time. He wanted to see more of her. Quinn asked if Ridge had hit his head. He replied that he was surprising himself, too. Quinn appreciated Ridge's compliments, and she admired his genius despite their differences.

Quinn got up to look for her lotion. Ridge found it on the floor. He started to open it, and she asked what he was doing. "I'm being a gentleman," he replied. Quinn laughed nervously, but her stare was stern as she reached for the bottle and said, "I got it."

Plopping down on the couch as naturally as if she was with Eric in their bedroom, Quinn warmed the lotion between her hands and started smoothing it on her legs. She remarked that Ridge had said she was a true artist. Ridge studied her work as she slathered the lotion on her calves, knees, and ankles. She asked if the statement had been the tequila talking.

"Probably...You missed a spot," Ridge uttered as he continued to watch Quinn's hands move up and down her legs. She asked where. He noted, "Right there," and murmured, "Uh-hmn," when she covered it. Their eyes met for a moment, but a knock at the door interrupted their silence.

Ridge hopped up to answer it. Another hotel representative was at the door. He promptly presented Ridge with a key card. The man's boss had wanted him to get it to them as soon as possible. He stated that it was like his boss had said -- a gentleman had called and specifically requested a change from two rooms to one.

"Wait a minute. You said a gentleman called?" Quinn asked as Ridge hustled the man out of the doorway with a curt farewell. Ridge closed the door and asked, "Where were we?" Quinn asked him what was going on there, and what he was up to.

Ridge didn't know, but the moments kept happening. Quinn asked him to define "moments." Stammering, he said she knew what he meant; it was inappropriate, and they had to stop it. Fuming, Quinn agreed that "moments" did indeed keep happening. He claimed that she'd started it. "Me?" she exclaimed. He accused her of taking a shower naked outside, for him to see.

Vehemently denying it, Quinn shouted that she was onto Ridge. She recounted how he'd given her an ankle massage and had happened into the steam room. "Now one room instead of two?" she knowingly exclaimed. She said she'd told him that playing her would not work.

"Yet here you are, putting lotion on your legs and having drinks with me," Ridge responded. He had a theory. "No! I have a theory!" she shot back. She said it was that his father was rubbing off her on her, so she was trying to see the best in people. She believed that her only mistake had been wanting to believe Ridge, who'd seemed honest and apologetic.

Ridge claimed that he'd meant what he'd said. Quinn yelled that he hadn't, and he was trying to lead her down some sort of path to make her ruin her marriage and destroy her life. Ridge denied it. She said he was so angry and hate-filled that he'd seduce his father's wife. Ridge said not to make it about him because they had to be honest about whatever it was with them.

Quinn accused Ridge of trying to disgrace her by having her cross a line that Eric wouldn't forgive. She asked what kind of son would do such a thing. Ridge raged that it was the kind of son who'd protect his father at all costs. "Did you really even think for a second that I had feelings for you? Are you kidding me?" Ridge asked.

Ridge claimed that he'd had Quinn "thisclose" to the edge and showing how much she really loved his father. Quinn stated that she'd never betray Eric, but Ridge yelled, "This close to falling!" Quinn said that it was too bad that Ridge had misjudged her because, after she told Eric what Ridge had done, Ridge would be cut out of the company and Eric's life forever. Quinn declared that Ridge had failed, and he was the one who'd pay the price.

At Thomas' loft, Thomas looked around at how lived-in his place was. Steffy apologized. She said it wouldn't be for long, and she could get a hotel. He said he didn't mind her being there. It was just surprising that she'd moved out of Liam's house. Steffy towed Eric's lines about it being wrong to live with Liam while married to Wyatt, and she had a CEO image to uphold.

"Granddad and Quinn have really been working on you -- effectively, I see," Thomas noted. He asked what it meant for Steffy and Wyatt. Steffy said she'd always care about Wyatt, but they couldn't make the marriage work. Thomas remarked that expecting someone to obliterate his mother was a tall order. "I thought you were Team Liam," Steffy replied.

Thomas declared that he was Team Steffy and always would be. He said he was just trying to figure her out. He figured that Wyatt was still fighting for her, and she liked that quality. Steffy said that Wyatt was tenacious and incredible. She felt that she'd been lucky to have him, and he wouldn't be alone for long. Thomas asked if it would bother her to see Wyatt with someone else.

Steffy didn't think it would be fair of her because she'd asked for the divorce so she could have a future with Liam. Thomas still couldn't believe that Quinn had rearranged Steffy's life and then had become front and center. He decided that his interrogation of his sister was over, and he left to work out.

Liam arrived sometime later and greeted Steffy with a kiss. He asked if she'd heard from Ridge or Quinn. Steffy hadn't but assumed things were going well. Liam remarked that she was living in her brother's place, but she could "come home" a lot sooner than she thought.

Steffy asked what Liam meant. Liam said he was choosing optimism. He believed all things would be made right, and Steffy would be back where she belonged. He said that he believed in their future together. They always ended up in the same place. Nothing could stop them because they were written in the stars.

Steffy said that she loved Liam. Liam replied that he loved her, too, and it was why they were unstoppable. The two kissed.

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