Friday, January 23, 2015

For the seven thousandth episode, the actors and crew convened at Studio 31 to celebrate twenty-eight years of the Bold and the Beautiful. A pop-up book opened on-screen, revealing a 3-D paper recreation of Los Angeles. Forrester jets and Spencer helicopters flew by billboards, which animated with scenes from the decades-long show.

The billboard located above the paper Studio 31 building played the show's very first commercial from 1987. Brad Bell appeared on-screen. He said that his family had moved to California from Chicago, and his father had been intent upon forming a new show.

Bell Senior had known right away that he'd wanted Susan Flannery and John McCook as the heads of the design family. Ronn Moss was the first actor cast. Katherine Kelly Lang had first read for Caroline Spencer, but the moment she'd auditioned, the creators had known she'd be their Brooke Logan.

Next, cast members took viewers through a day on set. According to Scott Clifton, mornings begin with blocking, following by wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Lastly, they film.

Darin Brooks and Linsey Godfrey fondly recalled their auditions for the show. On-screen flashed a scene of Rick spitting out his drink as he saw Caroline in her underwear, and various cast members began discussing their views of love scenes.

"There's people watching. I have enough trouble doing this at home," Thorsten Kaye joked. Clifton and Kim Matula revealed that the actors are caked in makeup, and overhead speakers blare blocking directions during love scene filming. Don Diamont and Rena Sofer were surprised at how well their brutal, vase-breaking sex scene played out.

Brad Bell moved on to discussing flawed characters. Sofer conveyed that, while fleshing out Quinn, Bell had wondered what it would be like if Quinn were bad. Scenes of Quinn terrorizing Liam played on-screen, and Sofer said that Quinn was a lot of fun to play.

About the time the show had been on for five years, the producers noted the international success of the show. Clifton compared fans' enthusiasm for the show's first trip to Italy to a Beatles crowd's reception. Sean Kanan and Heather Tom marveled at how fans recognized them instantly, and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was still in awe of the show's insane Johannesburg reception.

McCook and Bell fondly remembered how the international fans adored Darlene Conley, Sally Spectra. "People screamed for her," he recalled. Bell told the story of how Conley had been leery of doing her own stunt for the scene in which Stephanie knocked Sally into the Portofino sea; however, fans crowded in to watch the taping, and their presence gave Conley the courage to jump in.

"She was a hit every time," Bell said. A montage of scenes featuring Sally played on-screen.

Scoff Clifton theorized that their international success correlated with how seriously they took the language dubbing. Scenes of the characters speaking various languages played. Jacob Young jokingly wished his voice could be as suave as that of his Spanish-speaking voice actor. Bell noted that the show broadcasts in over one hundred countries. Scenes from Amsterdam, Italy, Paris, Cabo San Lucas, and other locations played.

Wood discussed stunt doubles. She relayed that her stunt double for the fall off the Italian cliff had worn a long wig, and upon closer inspection, Wood had realized that it had been a man, not a woman. Kim Matula remarked upon Hope's tumble down Brooke's stairs. Matula and Clifton inspected the stairs and surprisingly discovered that they were comprised of foam.

Scenes of Brooke and Thomas having their island hallucinations played, and Bell remarked upon how advances in digital technology expanded their creativity with scenes. Ashleigh Brewer confessed that she and Clifton had not really landed in the Seine in Paris. It appeared as if they had due to the magic of green screens, ladders, waist-hooked wires, and a local dam. The camera crew created Ridge's fall from the helicopter in much the same way.

The actors said they felt the cast and crew were a family. To celebrate their achievements, they dedicated Studio 31 to Brad Bell and memorialized it with a plaque bearing his name. Various actors of the show appeared on-screen to say that the fans are the most important part of the show. Each thanked the fans for watching seven thousand episodes, and they hoped the fans would stick around for seven thousand more.

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