Friday, May 27, 2016

In Ridge's office, Ridge tried to convince Thomas to take the necessary steps to become Forrester's future leader. Thomas contended that the steps were far away from Douglas. Ridge said Thomas would be there for Douglas, just not under the same roof, which was better, in Ridge's opinion.

Thomas wasn't convinced that it was about business. Ridge explained that Rick would figure it out from the way Thomas interacted with the baby, but they could use Thomas' trip to kill two birds with one stone. The trip would keep Thomas out of Rick's sight and also gain Thomas some knowledge.

Thomas asked if it was really the best option Ridge could muster up. Ridge said it was for the company, for Douglas, for Thomas, and for the family. Ridge reasoned that Thomas had to prevent Douglas from growing up in a scandal. "Go to China. It's the right thing to do," Ridge concluded.

Later, Ridge was sketching with Douglas cradled on his left arm. Caroline said it would be a lot easier to do if he put the baby down. Ridge didn't want to let go of his boy and said that it was a training session. He said it had been the same with Thomas and asked why she thought Thomas was so talented.

Caroline asked where Thomas was because she was supposed to review a sketch of his. Ridge relayed that Thomas was probably packing for his Shanghai trip. Caroline cooed that it was nice of Ridge to give Thomas a vacation. Ridge replied that it wasn't a vacation; it was an indefinite transfer. Caroline questioned the reason for it and for not sending Thorne or Rick, the head of International.

Ridge explained that they'd had a lackluster quarter in China. Thorne was too busy, and Ridge didn't want to work on Rick's résumé. Ridge wanted work on Thomas' so that Thomas could take over instead of Rick someday. Caroline reasoned that it was a long, long way off, unless Ridge was surprising her with a retirement.

Ridge wasn't, but he said that if he died in a day, Rick would take over. Ridge didn't want that, so Thomas had to be ready. Caroline said Ridge was being morbid. She asked if there was any other reason and if "we" really needed to send Thomas halfway across the world. She stated that she'd promised Thomas that they wouldn't shut him out and that they'd keep him involved.

Ridge said that Thomas would be involved -- from a distance. Ridge cited what Thomas had done by taking off with Douglas and said it was too dangerous to have Thomas around. Caroline replied that Thomas wouldn't do it again. Ridge agreed, saying it was because Thomas wouldn't be there.

Ridge felt that he was doing what was best for everyone. He said Thomas could mistakenly say the wrong thing to the wrong person. Caroline didn't believe Thomas would because he knew what was at stake. Ridge said Thomas had just been there, saying, "My son this and my son that." Ridge stated that if someone like Pam had overheard, everyone would know.

A morose Thomas entered with a bag. He asked for the files Ridge wanted him to read. Caroline asked Thomas if he was ready for Shanghai, and Thomas sadly said that he was. He asked, "May I?"

Thomas picked up Douglas and marveled that he would be much bigger the next time Thomas saw him. He said he'd miss Douglas more than Douglas knew. Ridge took the baby and handed Thomas a plane ticket. Thomas glanced briefly at Caroline, who shed a tear as he exited. Once Thomas had gone, Ridge uttered that it had to be done.

In the photo studio, Maya held out a pregnancy test and told Sasha to prove that she was having a baby. Sasha told them to trust that she was pregnant, and Maya suppressed a laugh. Sasha asked if they thought she was lying, and Nicole remarked upon it being convenient. Maya said to just take the test. Sasha replied that she wouldn't, but Maya stated that Sasha would indeed.

Sasha was insulted by Nicole and Maya's expectation that she'd take a pregnancy test right then and there. Maya quipped that Sasha would go to the bathroom, not remain in that spot. Sasha said she didn't have to prove anything to them. Maya decided that she and Nicole would inform Zende of the refusal, and he'd demand that Sasha take it.

"I already took one," Sasha claimed. Maya and Nicole were in agreement that taking another one wasn't a big deal. Snatching the test box, Sasha decided that, as ridiculous as it was, she'd do it. She strode out, and once alone, she stared worriedly at the test.

Outside the bathroom, Sasha encountered Jeremy, who was waiting for his wife. His pregnant wife rounded the corner, and Jeremy left to pull the car around. Looking at the wife, Sasha noted that she must be due any day. The wife responded that she was overdue and would be glad to get the baby out so she didn't have to pee every ten minutes.

Sasha told the woman that maintenance had said the toilets were broken, and no one could flush the toilet. The woman decided to wait until she got home, but Sasha assured her that maintenance didn't mind if she went -- she just couldn't flush. Sasha explained that pipes would burst, sending water everywhere, but she encouraged the woman to use the bathroom. "Just don't flush," Sasha added.

At the mansion, Eric was glad to hear that Zende had changed his view about Lizzie's birth. Zende said that if Nicole could forgive him for being a jerk, he'd love to pick up where they'd left off, but it was complicated. Rick didn't understand the complication because Nicole had never wanted it to end, and a baby was no longer between the pair.

"Unless maybe there is," Zende hinted. Vivienne asked what he meant, and he revealed that Sasha was pregnant. Vivienne couldn't believe it was happening after all Nicole and Zende had endured. Brooke said the pregnancy didn't mean that the couple couldn't move forward together.

Zende stepped away to take a call from Nicole, who wanted him to get to Forrester in time to receive the pregnancy test results. Zende informed everyone that Maya and Sasha had gone to Forrester to deliver a pregnancy test to Sasha. "Good for them. They should be bringing her a pregnancy test," Rick responded. Zende didn't think Sasha was lying, but he said that if she was, he was about to find out.

Later, Thomas arrived at the house and asked Rick, who was alone, if Zende had just sped off. Rick said Zende was late for something and asked why Thomas was home in the middle of the day. Thomas relayed that he was packing for a business trip to Shanghai. "Really? How long you gonna be gone?" Rick asked. Thomas didn't know and guessed it would be until Ridge said the job was done.

Thomas went upstairs. Eric entered and inquired about Rick's pensiveness. Rick asked if Eric had known that Thomas was headed to China. Eric hadn't known but remarked that Ridge was interested in expanding their presence in Asia. Rick quipped that Ridge was expanding his presence everywhere.

Eric told Rick to stop obsessing about Ridge and concentrate on what was good in Rick's life. Rick said he was thankful in life, but becoming a father had given him an overwhelming sense of responsibility. It reinforced what Rick already knew -- that Forrester needed to remain Forrester. Rick had a Forrester daughter, not a Marone. He believed the company should carry on through the Forrester bloodline. Ridge shouldn't be in charge; Rick should.

Later, Brooke and Vivienne were in the living room instead of Rick and Eric. Brooke believed a doctor was still in order. Vivienne hoped a negative test would make that unnecessary. Brooke asked if Vivienne thought Sasha could be lying. Vivienne said she wouldn't be surprised because of Sasha's history.

Later, Rick and Eric were alone together, back in the living room. Rick said the CEO position should be his. Eric replied that the decision had been made. Rick countered that decisions could be reversed. "If need be," Eric added. Eric said Ridge had proven his integrity, and Eric had no intention of replacing Ridge.

Back at the photo studio, Zende had arrived. Sasha entered and got upset that her sisters had called him there and that he couldn't take her word for the pregnancy. Maya said not to get upset with Zende because it had been Maya's idea. Zende said they just wanted the truth and asked to see the test.

Sasha handed it to Zende, but he said he didn't know how to read it. He gave it to Maya, who said the test was blank. Sasha said it would take a minute to register. Nicole asserted that Sasha wasn't pregnant, and Maya accused Sasha of lying to hold on to Zende. He asked if it was true.

Sasha said she couldn't believe Zende had asked it. She glanced down at the test and said she saw something. "Is that what I think it is?" Sasha asked.

. . .

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