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Taylor decides to play wedding chicken
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Friday, August 17, 2018

At Brooke's house, Brooke tried to convince Hope to work on the family dynamics with Steffy another time, but Hope was insistent upon inviting Steffy to the wedding. Brooke didn't know why Taylor, a loose cannon in the best of scenarios, had to be there. In Brooke's mind, it was a disaster waiting to happen, and she decided that Taylor and Steffy weren't invited.

At the cliff house, Steffy wanted her mother to accompany her to Hope's wedding. Taylor called it emotional abuse for Hope to expect Steffy to smile and watch Hope steal Steffy's husband. Steffy replied that Liam wasn't hers anymore. Steffy didn't think she ever asked for much, but it was one of the rare times she needed her mother. She asked if Taylor could go to the wedding without causing a scene. Taylor didn't think she could.

As Taylor insisted that Steffy should fight for her daughter to have a two-parent home, the way Taylor had when Steffy had been growing up, Taylor's phone rang. On the line was Brooke, checking if Taylor was still in town. Taylor said she was, and she agreed to meet Brooke at her house.

After the call, Taylor prepared to leave, but Steffy said Taylor didn't really have to go. Disagreeing, Taylor said she did, and the conversation had been a long time in the making.

Later, Ridge and Steffy had just put the baby down, and he decided to leave. Steffy ribbed him for trying to take off after seeing the baby, but he replied that he was trying to give her a chance to rest. He remembered how hard it had been for him and Taylor with Thomas and twins.

Steffy said Ridge had just missed seeing Taylor. Steffy was worried about her mother. Ridge asked why, and Steffy replied that Taylor could be walking into a disaster. When Steffy filled Ridge in about her and Taylor's invitations to Hope's wedding, Ridge was shocked that Steffy had agreed to go. He assumed it was why Taylor had gone to speak to Brooke.

Steffy explained that Brooke had called Taylor about meeting. Ridge asked why. Steffy didn't know why but assumed that Brooke wasn't happy about having to put Taylor and Steffy on the guest list. Ridge didn't think it was good. Steffy replied that Brooke and Taylor could argue all they wanted, but Hope wanted Steffy at the wedding. Ridge asked what Steffy wanted.

Steffy wanted to include her mother. "That's nice," Ridge quipped. He asked if Steffy really thought Taylor wanted to sit and watch another "Logan happily ever after." Steffy replied that Taylor would also see Steffy and Hope overcoming their differences to put their children first.

Ridge sarcastically said it was "so nice" that Hope and Steffy could work it all out at Steffy's expense. "I'm not gonna let that happen," Ridge declared. Steffy noted that her mother felt the same way. Ridge wasn't surprised and said Taylor was protective of Steffy. "Almost too protective," Steffy quipped.

Ridge asked what that meant and said it was what parents did. He believed that parents would do anything they could to make their kids happy. Steffy replied that it was what she was afraid of. She didn't even want to think about what Taylor was saying to Brooke.

Looking at the picture of Steffy and Liam that hung on the wall, Ridge asked if it was a good idea to have it there, reminding her of the past. Steffy said it was best for Kelly, and she pointed out that Ridge had said parents would do anything for their children. "But I also said not at your expense," Ridge stated.

Ridge asked if Steffy was okay. Steffy wasn't. She asked how she could be. She stated that there were consequences to one's actions, and hers were losing Liam and living without the father of her child for the rest of her life. Steffy believed Kelly would think she was born from something beautiful, and it would never occur to Kelly to feel sorry for Steffy.

Steffy said she didn't feel sorry for herself and wouldn't, not when she had something more important to feel. Kelly would look up to Steffy, and Steffy would give Kelly something to look up to. It meant no more begging for Liam or wondering if she was the woman for him. Seffy said he was marrying Hope and was where he was meant to be. Steffy asked how she could claim to love him if she couldn't find happiness in it.

Ridge asked if it meant Steffy would go to the wedding. Steffy replied that for Kelly, she could do anything.

Hope arrived at the cabin. Liam told her that he'd asked Wyatt to be the best man. Hope thought it was good and said she'd realized that someone was missing from the guest list. Liam didn't know the person Hope meant.

Later, Hope asked if Liam thought she'd made a bad decision. Liam didn't know. He was just trying to imagine how Steffy would feel about watching him and Hope exchange vows. Hope said it might help the three of them move forward as a family and commit to a different future for their children. It would also show their three families that they could rise up and move forward.

Hope thought it would a be a huge step forward. Liam hoped she was right. Hope felt that Steffy had been an important part of Hope's life, and it no longer felt right to be at odds with Steffy. Hope hoped that Steffy would actually attend the wedding.

Assuming that not even Nostradamus could have predicted Steffy's desire to attend the wedding, Liam asked if Hope was sure Steffy wanted to take part in it. Hope replied that Steffy had said so, and Hope wouldn't want it if Steffy would be uncomfortable. Hope wanted their wedding -- their last wedding -- to be a drama-free celebration with friends and family, and Steffy was both.

Back at Brooke's house, Taylor arrived. She said she'd been visiting her granddaughter, and she was glad that she and Brooke could "do this over here" because babies picked up on toxic energy. Brooke claimed that there was nothing toxic about it. Brooke had just wanted to talk to Taylor. Taylor corrected that it was to argue, because they didn't see eye-to-eye on anything, including the adulterous wedding Brooke was planning.

Brooke wondered if inviting Taylor there was a mistake. Taylor didn't think she should be surprised by any of it because Hope was the daughter of Deacon, "the man you had an affair with after you stole my husband." Taylor called Hope a carbon copy of Brooke and said Brooke had another thing coming if she thought Taylor would take more of Brooke's abuse.

Brooke wanted to start over. Taylor decided that they could pick up back when her kids were young, and Brooke was throwing herself at their father. Brooke didn't think Taylor should be stuck in the past. Taylor claimed that she'd moved on but said Brooke needed to think again if she thought Taylor would let Brooke step on Taylor's daughter.

Brooke said they couldn't do anything about Liam's decision to make a life with Hope, and after all Brooke and Taylor had been through with Ridge, Brooke assumed one would think the women would understand the position Liam was in. Brooke asserted that they needed to support Liam's decision.

Taylor said Liam had made the decision only because Steffy had taken herself out of the equation. Taylor also thought Brooke's support was really Brooke micromanaging the wedding plan. Brooke refused to apologize for throwing a wedding for two people who wanted to be married. Taylor claimed that the two already had been married, and it hadn't worked; however, Brooke wanted to throw another wedding disaster as a show of support.

To Taylor, it made no sense, and she suggested that Hope and Liam at least get counseling. Brooke roared that the couple didn't need counseling; they needed to get back the life Steffy had stolen from them. Brooke said Steffy understood it, and it was why Steffy wanted Hope and Liam together. Brooke added that Hope had invited Steffy to the wedding for the sake of peace.

Taylor stated that Steffy, who thought the same thing, had agreed to be at the event. Brooke replied that Steffy didn't have to be there, and it would be better if Taylor and Steffy stayed away. "Excuse me?" Taylor replied. Brooke felt that Steffy's presence wouldn't bring peace. Instead, it would make people uncomfortable.

"And you, Taylor, you can't even control yourself," Brooke added. Taylor replied that the statement was just rude. Brooke insisted that it was true, and Taylor was liable to cause a scene. Brooke wouldn't have it. She asked Taylor to do the right thing and convince Steffy to stay away. Taylor wondered which was more appalling -- Hope's wedding invitation or Brooke's gall to disinvite Steffy.

Brooke said it was fine if Steffy went. Brooke just didn't know why Steffy would want to watch Hope and Liam say vows or why Taylor would want to watch Steffy suffer through it. Taylor said Hope had talked Steffy into it. Brooke imagined that it would be heartbreaking and said she shouldn't have to explain it to Taylor, the psychiatrist. Taylor replied that she shouldn't have to explain why there shouldn't even be a wedding.

Taylor blamed Bill for breaking up Steffy and Liam. Brooke doubted it did any good to wonder about what might have been or to be negative about things. Taylor asked if Brooke would be all "rainbows and unicorns" if the situation was reversed. Brooke said Taylor's attitude was exactly why Taylor and Steffy couldn't go to the wedding.

"No. Your daughter invited us. We're going to be there," Taylor decided. Taylor said that Liam could stand there, knowing that the mother of his child was watching him make the biggest mistake of his life. Brooke guessed that Taylor wanted Steffy to be in pain so that Liam would become uncomfortable enough to call off the wedding.

Taylor yelled that Steffy was already in pain. Taylor told Brooke to put down two more and count them as confirmed, and they would see if Liam could make it through the vows or not. Brooke warned Taylor not to disrupt the wedding. Taylor replied that Liam's conscience would.

Brooke asserted that Liam had chosen her daughter, and it was something that Taylor had to deal with and accept. "Don't you dare do anything to interfere in their special day," Brooke warned.

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On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Hope and Liam throw another wedding.

• Taylor cuts the cake -- with her claws!

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