Friday, March 27, 2015

In the morning at Brooke's house, Brooke answered her phone for Deacon. He asked if she was going to the meeting and if she needed a ride. Brooke didn't need one and said she'd see him there.

Katie called next and invited Brooke to brunch. Katie planned to call Donna, too, but Brooke said she had somewhere to be. Katie asked Brooke to stop in to see Will first, but Brooke said she couldn't.

At Katie's house, Katie decided to go see Brooke. Bill stated that Brooke would figure out that Katie was just checking up on her sister. Katie realized that, but she was worried. She said that Brooke had been confident she could handle things on her own, but Katie didn't believe it.

Katie contemplated having Donna check in on Brooke or having Stephen call Brooke, but Bill stated that Will was the one who needed babysitting. Katie couldn't shake her concern that Brooke didn't do well when she was lonely. She hoped Brooke didn't reach out to the wrong person.

Katie thanked Bill for trying to be a good listener, even though he thought she was overreacting. It made her feel loved. He said she was overreacting, and she was loved. The two kissed.

At Quinn's loft, Quinn had overheard Deacon checking in with his A.A. friend, which she still assumed was a male. Deacon said he had to get going to a meeting. Quinn was proud of Deacon, and grinning, she said she'd find a way to reward him for the chips he earned.

Deacon left, and Quinn received a call from Rick, who wanted to meet her that day. She pretended to check her schedule then said she could make time for him.

At the A.A. meeting, Brooke and Deacon arrived and sat separately. When the meeting started, a woman explained that she'd succumbed to the urge to patronize a liquor store on her way home from work. Because her child had been unexpectedly home and had disapprovingly stared at the brown paper bag, she'd garnered the strength to get rid of the alcohol.

Brooke shared that she hadn't had a drink, but she'd been tempted. She uttered that she didn't like being drunk, but she didn't like being alone, either. She confessed that she was very lonely. She'd always had family, male companions, and her kids around her, but people were no longer around. She was alone in her big, empty house. She confessed that her sister's wedding had been hard to get through, and the most difficult time for her had been when her sister had been on her honeymoon.

The meeting leader asked what had helped Brooke not to drink. "A friend," Brooke uttered, and Deacon turned to her to listen. The leader asked if the friend was also an alcoholic, and when Brooke admitted it, he added that it was good to have a friend who understood. Deacon stated that it was good to reach out to someone who understood and had felt the same loneliness.

Brooke said her friend was special. He knew the worst about her but still cared. She hadn't been good to him, and she didn't know why he didn't hate her. She just knew that he was there to help her make it through each day. She said she knew that if she called, he'd be there.

After the meeting concluded, Deacon thanked Brooke for what she'd said and reiterated that he'd be there for her if she called.

Sometime after the meeting, Brooke was at home when Deacon arrived. He guessed that he should have called first. Brooke noted that he'd been there for her, and she would be there for him if he felt tempted. "Brooke, I'm tempted -- but not by alcohol," Deacon revealed.

Frowning, Brooke asked what Deacon was talking about. Deacon didn't even know. He guessed the sobriety was messing with his head. He asked if she'd meant what she'd said at the meeting. "Every word," Brooke replied. She said she was becoming more positive and getting her footing because of his help. She really appreciated it. Brooke touched his shoulder, and he blurted out that he was engaged.

"I know," Brooke said in a tone indicating that he'd been pointing out the obvious. Deacon stated that he and Quinn were ready to build a life together, and Brooke interjected that it was a mistake. He conveyed that he couldn't get the unobtainable Brooke out of his head or stop wondering if he could have one more chance with her. He couldn't help but hope that something had changed through their new bonding and with Ridge out of the picture.

Deacon asserted that Brooke didn't have to be lonely, and he might be what she was looking for. "'Cause I'm feeling it. I know I am, and I think you're feeling it, too. So I've gotta ask you. Is there a chance for us? Is there, Brooke?" Deacon asked.

At Forrester, Rick asked Pam to cancel his meeting with Ivy. Pam asked when to reschedule it, but he emphasized that he'd said to cancel -- and that was all. Pam left, and Wyatt arrived to speak with Rick. Rick stated that Wyatt's timing was impeccable.

Later, Pam saw Quinn in the corridor and announced that she was calling the police. Quinn said she was on the approved list, and Charlie had let her in because Rick wanted to see her. Quinn charged into the CEO's office, despite Pam's protests, and Rick told Pam that he'd invited Quinn. The perplexed Wyatt asked why Rick had asked to see Quinn.

Rick stated that he was the CEO, which meant that he could hire and fire people. He asked if Quinn would want her old job if it were available. Quinn enthusiastically answered that she would, and he wondered if they could make it happen. Quinn was sorry to hear that Ivy hadn't worked out.

Rick stated that he was keeping Ivy -- "for now" -- but he needed more out of her. He'd decided that some healthy competition might do the trick. "Not that I'd pit you two against each other," he added.

Wyatt asked if Rick was ready for the employee backlash. Rick claimed that he had to think of what was best for the company, even if it meant a few disgruntled employees. He said he'd gotten a lot of requests for Quinn's work, and she'd been missed. She asked if it meant he was rehiring her.

Rick still wasn't happy with how Quinn had treated his sister and asked what the price of Quinn's craziness would be. Quinn professed that she was a changed woman and asked Wyatt to vouch for it. Grinning, she stated that Deacon had drawn out the best in her.

Rick offered Quinn her old salary with more hours. Quinn readily agreed, and Rick welcomed her back. She couldn't believe it. He asked her to stick around, so he could make it official. She promised that she wouldn't let him down. She said she could separate her personal and professional lives, Rick wouldn't even remember her past, and she'd be employee of the year.

Rick thought it might be a good idea to order some employee plaques for morale boosting. He told Quinn not to make him regret his choice. He left to set up his announcement, and Quinn beamed that she'd be working with Wyatt again. Wyatt was strangely quiet, but in a sing-song tone, she exclaimed that she and Deacon were "gonna celebrate" that night.

. . .

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