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Friday, April 28, 2017

In the photo studio, Rick held Lizzie as he and Nicole watched Zende finish up some "overview" shots of Maya in a gown. Rick explained that the shots were to help Steffy keep track of what the designers had pushed out thus far.

Maya wanted to hold Lizzie, but Rick said there could be no spit-up on the prototypes. Maya said that Lizzie wanted her, but Zende believed Lizzie wanted him. Nicole took the baby, saying that Lizzie was an Avant and Forrester, so Lizzie wanted golf clubs and a personal stylist.

Maya determined that the baby needed a nap and was surprised when Zende offered to put Lizzie down for it. When he took her, he asked if he was holding her right. Rick joked that Zende might need a little more practice. Zende believed that practice would happen soon enough. Zende hadn't thought of himself as a father, but he said the next baby in the family would be his and Nicole's.

Later, Maya had changed into a robe, and everyone whispered because Lizzie was asleep in a carriage. Maya said the interns kept volunteering to watch the baby, but Maya didn't want to miss a thing. Zende wondered which interns and said he'd hate for Lizzie to have her debut be courtesy of Spectra spy cameras.

Nicole said that Coco wouldn't hurt Lizzie. Rick replied that they hadn't known that Coco would hurt Forrester. Nicole defended Coco, who hadn't known she'd been wearing cameras. The talk turned to the Forresters' actions against Spectra, and Maya was surprised to hear that Coco might testify against her own sister. Nicole said she didn't know how anyone could do that.

Zende and Nicole filled Rick and Maya in on the developments with the case and the need for a statement from Coco. Nicole thought it was a tough spot for Coco to be in, but Rick asked about the spot Forrester was in due to all the wasted time and work.

Nicole liked Coco and believed that Coco's grandmother had been behind it. Nicole asked if they wanted to send the grandmother to jail. Zende noted that it was Sally's company. Nicole replied that she knew there was no way she could say incriminating things about Maya, regardless of the law or what was right.

In the CEO's office, Thomas tried to work, but he couldn't stop thinking of his time with Sally. His phone rang and flashed Sally's picture on its screen. Thomas was compelled to answer, and Sally was surprised that he'd done it. He said he'd answered to tell her to stop calling. Sally promised to find a way to make things right.

Thomas replied that Sally was making a killing by passing his work, his father's work, and his grandfather's work off as her own. Sally said she was wrong and had lost faith in herself. He asked what she'd do about it. Sally sighed. "That's what I thought," Thomas said. She promised to make it up to him. He said there was nothing she could do, and he clicked off the line.

Steffy entered and noticed that Thomas seemed upset. He relayed that Sally had called him. Steffy assumed Sally had called to beg them not to go through with pressing charges. He stated that Carter didn't believe they could prove anything. Steffy replied that, with Coco's testimony, they could.

Steffy explained to Thomas that they'd go for a conviction under the Industrial Espionage Act, and a civil suit would be a slam dunk. Thomas realized that Sally could go to prison. Steffy said she thought it was what Thomas wanted.

R.J. entered and announced that Coco had agreed to testify against Sally. Thomas wondered if they really wanted to send Sally and her grandmother to prison. He said the two weren't exactly criminal masterminds. Steffy stated that they were profiting by stealing from Forrester. R.J. asked what the Forresters would get out of it all. "Satisfaction," Steffy replied. R.J. concluded that it sounded like something one would get out of a duel.

Thomas asked what they'd do with a judgment in their favor. Steffy said it would pave the way for the civil suit. Thomas didn't see the point of it and asked if she knew that Spectra was selling the gowns for peanuts. Steffy quipped that if one wanted to get rid of the roaches, then one needed to get rid of the peanuts. Thomas told her that the Spectras were people, not insects.

Steffy guessed that Thomas thought she was heartless, but Sally was harmless. He replied that Steffy didn't want him to care about Sally. He didn't want it, either, but he couldn't help it.

Pam entered and announced that Lieutenant Baker was there. Baker entered, wondering what kind of mustard Pam had put on "this." Pam said it was homemade, and he told her that it was superb. Carter had arrived with Baker and asked R.J. for an update about his talk with Coco. R.J. said Coco hadn't denied wearing a camera but hadn't known it had been planted on her. Carter asked if Coco would swear to it, and R.J affirmed it.

Baker was ready to speak to Coco, but Thomas wanted to talk about it more. Steffy indicated that she, Ridge, and Eric had decided. Thomas said it should be a family decision, but Steffy contended that Thomas not agreeing didn't mean it wasn't. Thomas called upon R.J., but R.J. said he couldn't defend what Sally had done to Coco.

R.J. explained to Carter and Baker that Coco had gone to talk to Sally but would be back. Carter and Baker became concerned that Coco would change her mind, but R.J. trusted that Coco would return because she'd said she would.

At Spectra, Coco arrived in Sally's office. Sally asked how things had gone and if the Forresters had believed Coco's story. Coco said it hadn't been a story. Sally asked if they'd believed Coco hadn't been involved in the theft. Coco replied that the Forresters were getting it. Sally asked if Coco's job had been a topic of conversation. Coco said it had, and Sally wondered when Coco would go back to work.

In Coco's silence, Sally asked why Coco couldn't talk to her. Coco didn't appreciate that everyone at Spectra had watched her on video and had her scam for them without her knowledge. She loved Sally but didn't want to be like Sally. Coco didn't think she was better than her sister and admitted to also being selfish.

Sally didn't think it was selfish to want the internship back or to pursue something with R.J. Sally stated that Coco had said the Forresters didn't blame her, so Sally wondered why they wouldn't want Coco back. Coco replied that they would once she did what they wanted. Sally reasoned that doing what they wanted was the definition of a job and asked why Coco wouldn't agree to what they wanted. Coco said she had, but turning against her sister wasn't as easy for Coco as it had been for Sally.

Realizing that talking wasn't doing any good, Coco decided that she was leaving. Sally stopped her sister and asked when she'd turned against Coco. Coco said that she'd declined the spying job. Sally admitted that she didn't always take a refusal for an answer, but she'd never turn against Coco. Sally stated that she'd been more of a parent to Coco than their actual parents.

Coco told Sally that Sally could go to jail. Coco said she could have had a future at Forrester. Sally wanted it for Coco. "So I say you put cameras on me?" Coco asked. Sally told her sister to say it and added that the Forresters already knew. Coco clarified that she'd have to say it to the police and in a court of law. "But we doctored the designs. There's no way they can prove..." Sally said and looked knowingly at Coco.

Coco explained that the Forresters wanted Coco to tell the truth, something Coco had been trying to do her entire life. Coco said it had been what Sally had taught her. Sally wondered if they knew any lawyers but concluded that they only knew each other. Coco relayed the charges to Sally and what the sentence might be, plus damages. Sally concluded that all of "this" would be gone, and so would she.

Later, Sally was sad as she tried to imagine what Coco would be like in fifteen years. Coco said it shouldn't have been that way, and they were supposed to be the Spectras who didn't leech off people or con people. Coco asserted that Spectra was supposed to be a design house, but instead, it was a crime scene.

Coco claimed that she would have done anything for Sally; however, Sally disagreed, citing that Coco had declined the spy job. Coco asked if Sally knew how hard it had been to do so. Coco said she'd thought that they'd been on the same side, but if they couldn't be, Coco just had to love herself a little more. She didn't want the life that their elders had had. She didn't want to be ashamed of how she earned a living or move from place to place to avoid capture.

Sally asked if Coco remembered when a bird had flown into their grandmother's window, and Coco had made Sally assist in the burial. Coco didn't. Sally said, "This feels like that." Coco replied that telling the truth was never wrong. Sally replied that she wouldn't say that it never was. Coco believed that the Forresters had every right to ask, so Coco was going to do it. "No, honey. I'll take care of it," Sally decided.

Back at Forrester, Baker decided that he needed to return to the precinct. Just then, Pam entered, saying she didn't know how "these two" had gotten past security. She let Coco in. Sally strode in behind Coco. Looking at Carter and Baker, she assumed that one of them was a policeman. Baker introduced himself and said he wanted to speak to Sally's sister.

Sally said it wasn't necessary, and she was admitting to everything. Thomas said her name, and Baker asked if she understood the seriousness of it. Sally indicated that she was aware that the crimes were grand larceny and industrial espionage, and she had done them. Steffy said not to let Sally make a confession that could be thrown out in court.

Sally offered to let Baker Mirandize her, and Baker promptly did so. Sally and Thomas stared at each other as Baker asked if Sally understood her rights as he'd explained them to her.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Steffy has Sally arrested.

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