Friday, September 23, 2016

At the mansion, Eric observed the three-foot tall cake, the bouquets of flowers everywhere, and the trays of food on the tables. Eric was almost giddy as he checked details of the string quartet with Pam and Charlie. Eric thanked them for being there and helping out even if they weren't behind the marriage. Eric believed that no matter how the family felt about Quinn, everyone would gather for the wedding.

Charlie said Eric seemed to be expecting a lot of people. Though Eric was, he stated that Bridget couldn't get free from work, and Brooke was spending much-needed time with R.J. Eric still believed he'd have a full house.

Marissa arrived with Quinn's dress, and Eric directed her to go upstairs. Pam was surprised that Eric had designed a dress. Eric replied that he had, of course, and he couldn't wait for everyone to see it. He imagined that everyone would rally around him and his bride, and he wanted it to be the most special day of Quinn's life.

Eric, Pam, and Charlie went to the kitchen. Charlie noted that there was a lot of food. Eric stated that he had children and grandchildren, and there would be a lot of mouths to feed. He said they'd party into the night. Charlie replied that he and Pam were recording their favorite cooking show, so they were good to be at the wedding. Eric said it would be a whole new beginning for the family, and that night, everyone would see the beauty in Quinn that he saw.

Upstairs, Ivy entered Quinn's bedroom in a navy-colored slip gown as Quinn, in a white robe, did her makeup. Ivy wanted to lend the bride jewelry from Ivy's private collection. Quinn was so excited and grateful that she became tearful. She couldn't believe she'd marry Eric that day.

Marissa arrived with the dress, and Ivy and Quinn said it was breathtaking. Quinn believed that Eric was the kindest man on the planet, and it amazed her how much he had changed her life. Ivy could see it. Quinn hoped the rest of the family would, too.

Ivy helped Quinn with her hair. Quinn said the family would come through for Eric. "Whether they like it or not," Ivy added. Quinn replied that it was what family did. To her, family supported each other and showed loyalty, even if it was challenging. Ivy sensed Quinn meant Steffy. Quinn replied that Steffy was really riding Quinn but only hurting Eric and Wyatt.

Quinn hoped that after the wedding, Steffy would finally accept it and go back to her devoted husband. Quinn added that Ivy and Liam could then start their lives together. Ivy didn't want Quinn to get ahead of things and said the day was about Quinn and Uncle Eric. Quinn agreed.

As Ivy finished Quinn's hair, Quinn described the joy radiating inside her. She'd never felt it before. She pledged to treat Eric like a king. She stated that they were joining their lives and families before the people they loved, and she hoped Eric's family would support him. Ivy believed that Quinn really loved Eric, and he was lucky to have Quinn.

"He wants to marry me," Quinn humbly replied, "Despite all the talk and all the naysayers, Eric wants to marry me." She vowed to spend her life making him happy.

In the CEO's office, Zende, Rick, Maya, Thorne, Felicia, Thomas, Thorne, and Wyatt were dressed for a wedding. Steffy and Ridge weren't and berated the others for getting cold feet. Felicia asked if they were actually supposed to not show up. Zende said Eric would be devastated, and Wyatt believed that Quinn would be, too, because he was all she had.

Felicia figured that the couple would wed with or without the family. Thomas asked what if their choice not to show up actually stopped Eric from marrying Quinn. Zende and Thorne worried about abandoning Eric, but Ridge said Eric needed a wake-up call. Rick stated that they'd tried several times. Felicia said they all knew what it meant to have them at the wedding. Turning to leave, Thorne stated that, as the best man, he couldn't leave Eric hanging.

"You're not going anywhere. None of us are!" Ridge declared.

The debate continued about whether to go or not. Steffy said going would give Quinn the green light to keep destroying Eric's life. Thomas asked for Wyatt's feelings. Wyatt mumbled that he was just as conflicted as the rest of them. Rick asked if Quinn was depending upon him. Wyatt didn't know how to support his mother when he could see how it was affecting everyone in the room. Plus, he had to stand by his wife.

Ridge received a call from Pam and grew upset to hear that she and Charlie had gone to the mansion. Pam explained that Eric had asked her to help, and she hadn't been able to turn him down. With pity in her tone, she said that Ridge should see his father, who'd gone all out for Quinn. Pam hadn't seen Eric look that happy and believed he might be in love with Quinn.

Pam said Eric would be devastated if they didn't show up. Ridge replied that it would be hard, but he wanted Pam and Charlie to leave, even if they had to slip out the back door. Pam scoffed incredulously, but Ridge said it was their last chance to help Eric.

After the call, Felicia and Thorne asserted that it had been harsh to ask Pam to walk out on Eric after she was already there. Ridge roared that they'd said all they could say, and it was time for them to band together and boycott the wedding.

Later, Charlie and Pam arrived at Forrester and told the family about what Eric had set up for the wedding. Wyatt said he'd thought it would be a small, brief affair. Ridge said it was too bad, and the food would have to go to the shelter because they weren't going. Charlie asked why everyone was dressed to the nines and if Thorne, the best man, wasn't going.

Thorne said Ridge had insisted that Thorne not go. Ridge stated that Eric would one day wake up and thank them for saving him from that wretched woman. Wyatt's nose flared. Pam didn't like Quinn, either, but felt sorry for Eric. Steffy replied that Pam couldn't and should focus on how they were helping Eric. Steffy said that they couldn't condone Quinn.

Irritated, Thorne said the wedding was about to start, and Eric had expected them earlier. Rick claimed that their hands were tied. Pam asked if Wyatt wouldn't go. Wyatt replied that he'd stand by his wife, and they had to make an impact as a team. Felicia exclaimed that Eric would be very hurt. Zende decided he was going because at least one of them should.

Pam wanted to go with Zende. Ridge asserted that no one was going, and they'd all stay there as a group. Thorne noted that it wouldn't stop the wedding, but Ridge yelled that Eric would wake up and see his mistake in their absence. Ridge believed Eric would stop the wedding and not marry Quinn.

Back in the bedroom at the mansion, Ivy offered to help Quinn get dressed, but Quinn said she could do it herself. They had Champagne. Quinn fought off tears as she told Ivy that if the jewelry thing didn't work out, Ivy had a future in helping brides feel beautiful. Quinn was looking forward to saying goodbye to Quinn Fuller.

Quinn planned to walk down the aisle, holding her head with pride. She wouldn't be arrogant, but she'd show the others that she was humble and grateful. Ivy said there might finally be peace in the family. Quinn replied that it would be a day Eric wouldn't forget.

In the living room, Eric looked for Pam and Charlie, but none of the servers had seen them. Eric told Stephanie's portrait that she'd been the love of his life, but it was time for him to live again. He hoped that Stephanie was somewhere, happy for him.

Ivy entered and said Quinn was almost ready, and John sent his regards. Eric remarked that John was halfway around the world. Ivy asked where the guests were, and Eric couldn't believe it had gotten so late. "Well, they wouldn't not come. They --- " Eric stated. He reeled in disbelief and uttered, "They're not coming." He didn't know what to do with the ceremony about to start.

The officiant asked if they should wait, but at the top of the stairs, Quinn appeared on the overlook. Ivy took a seat. The music played, and Quinn descended the stairs. When she entered the room, her smile tightened and faded as she saw all the empty seats.

Quinn pouted, and Eric shrugged. His look beckoned her forward. Quinn smiled through her tears, tossed back her shoulders, and made her way down the aisle. The officiant told Ivy and the musicians that friends and family were gathered there to celebrate Quinn and Eric's bond.

Quinn stopped the ceremony. She said no one had shown up, and she wasn't worth it She wasn't worth Eric losing his family. She loved Eric, but she couldn't let him marry her.

. . .

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