Friday, April 17, 2015

In the CEO's office at Forrester in the morning, Maya noted Nicole's sudden interest in Wyatt and said he was probably at his mother's wedding. Nicole coolly asked for the scoop on Wyatt. Maya described Wyatt as the son of the insanely rich and powerful Bill Spencer. Nicole guessed Wyatt would wind up the same way -- unless he was on the outs with his father for some reason.

Nicole asked why Wyatt didn't work at Spencer. Maya tried to make a long story short as she explained how Quinn and Wyatt had contracted with Forrester to oversee the jewelry collection. Maya teased Nicole about her inquisitiveness regarding Wyatt. Nicole said she couldn't help it if Wyatt was -- "Hot?" Maya interjected. Nicole claimed to be thinking "handsome," but hot worked for her, too.

Rick messaged Maya to let her know an outside meeting was running long. Nicole remarked that she'd wanted to talk to Rick. Maya tensed, and Nicole asked Maya not to do it every time Nicole wanted to speak to Rick. Nicole wanted to be sisters. Maya did, too, except for "everything else."

Nicole didn't think there was anything else -- except for Maya opening up to Rick. Maya insisted that until she was ready to tell Rick, Nicole and Carter had to be the only people who knew. Nicole wanted it to work out but said Maya couldn't control Rick's reaction.

Maya felt that Forrester wasn't uptight, and the whole industry was open-minded. Nicole noted that Forrester was more traditional, and it might lead to a lot of publicity. Maya said Rick wouldn't let it go that far, but Nicole replied that Rick might not be able to stop it.

Across the hall, Liam told Ivy that they could kiss at home every morning if she moved in with him. Ivy didn't want to leave Aly in the mansion with Rick and Maya. Liam informed Ivy that Wyatt had possibly stumbled onto a secret about Rick that would send a shockwave through Forrester.

Liam explained that Wyatt had overheard Nicole and Maya talking, and the sisters apparently knew something that involved Rick and Forrester. Liam felt that it could be a game-changer and revealed that Wyatt would try to get the information out of Nicole. Ivy couldn't imagine what Rick could have done to devastate Forrester. Liam reasoned that Rick might have underhandedly gotten the CEO position to do something underhanded with it.

Ivy wondered where they'd be if Wyatt got nowhere with Nicole. "Plan C?" Liam said. Ivy asked what that was, and Liam replied that she'd know when he knew. Liam suddenly decided that he had to go, but he didn't leave without one more kiss.

In the corridor, Liam sneaked over to the door of the CEO's office. He cracked it open in time to hear Maya say that Rick's position couldn't be jeopardized, and Forrester had to be protected at all costs. Maya was afraid that Rick's world could crash down around him. Maya declared that she couldn't let that happen, and no one could find out.

At Spencer, Brooke arrived to see Katie. Brooke knew her sister was worried about her. She said she'd been going to support meetings and had turned a corner. Katie was happy to hear it. Brooke said Katie wouldn't be so happy to hear that Brooke was still worrying about Deacon.

Katie remarked that Quinn and Deacon would wed that day. Bill and Katie had invitations but no intentions of attending. Brooke quipped that Katie should have seen the look on Brooke's face upon receiving her invitation. Brooke blamed Quinn for Hope losing the baby, losing her marriage, and being an ocean away from her family. Brooke was convinced Quinn would cause just as much havoc in Deacon's life -- if the marriage took place.

Katie asked what Brooke was planning. Brooke ranted about Quinn, who Brooke didn't believe had changed. Brooke believed Quinn would revert to type, and Deacon would have to suffer. Katie asked about Hope's view of it. Brooke conveyed that Hope wasn't attending the wedding, and Brooke didn't know why Deacon would ever think Hope would approve of it.

In Brooke's view, Deacon had improved himself, but there would be no escaping Quinn's craziness once he married her. Brooke felt that she had to act before it was too late. Katie believed it might already be too late. Brooke said she still had time. Katie turned to grab her purse to go with Brooke, but when she turned back, Brooke was gone.

At Wyatt's house, Deacon wore a suit and paced in the living room, recalling Brooke's wedding protests. Wyatt arrived and asked if Deacon was ready. Deacon wondered how to convince Wyatt in ten seconds that Deacon was right for Quinn. Wyatt bade Deacon to start the convincing.

Deacon understood that no one was thrilled about the wedding. Waving his hand, he said to look around; he and Quinn had no guests to even celebrate the union. To him, it wasn't easy to love Quinn, but he was in. Wyatt chuckled, knowing the feeling.

Carter arrived, and Deacon said Carter was right on time. "I'm also pushed for time, so let's get started," Carter replied, hurrying inside. Wyatt went to the bedroom to check on his mother, and Carter pinned a black boutonniere on Deacon. Carter guessed that Deacon had pre-wedding jitters.

Deacon recalled that Carter had almost married Maya. Carter relayed that Maya had ditched him for another man, and he was glad for it because she wasn't who he'd thought she was. Carter asked if Deacon ever thought that about his bride and if the pre-wedding jitters were really second thoughts.

Deacon concluded that Carter didn't know Quinn like Deacon did. Carter walked away, and Deacon's eyes widened with nervousness.

In the bedroom, Wyatt informed Quinn that Carter had arrived. Quinn smiled and said she couldn't believe that, after all the years, she was finally getting married. She had two dresses to choose from, and Wyatt guessed that one was leather. She joked that she was saving leather for the honeymoon. "La, la, la," Wyatt said, pretending not to hear the bedroom talk.

Quinn asked if Wyatt was okay with her wedding. Wyatt relayed that, no matter his reservations, he wanted it to be the start of something wonderful for her. He joked that Quinn was a handful -- on a good day; however, there was someone for everyone, and Wyatt was happy for Quinn and Deacon.

Wyatt returned to the main room to announce that the bride was ready. Carter asked about the guests, but Deacon said they didn't need guests. They had the couple, family, and an officiate, which was all the couple needed. On a tablet, Wyatt played Wagner's "Bridal Chorus."

Quinn entered in a sleeveless white gown. Deacon kissed her cheek, but Carter said kissing happened at the end. Carter began the ceremony and asked for objections. Quinn said that there were no guests bedsides Wyatt, so there were no objections.

Just then, Brooke tore open the door and declared that Deacon couldn't marry Quinn. Quinn told Brooke there was nothing else she could say to stop the wedding. Holding up a tablet, Brooke said someone else might be able to get through to Deacon. "Dad?" Hope said in a video call on the tablet.

Deacon asked what Hope was doing. Hope said she'd been stunned to hear that Deacon was going to marry Quinn, but Hope hadn't really believed he'd marry a woman who'd done the things Quinn had -- especially to the daughter he claimed to love. He told Hope that it wouldn't change anything, but Hope was sure Deacon would get drawn into Quinn's craziness. Hope said they had overcome a lot to be father and daughter, and she implored him not to marry Quinn.

. . .

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  • Hope can't have Deacon in her life if he marries Quinn.
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