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Friday, July 29, 2016

In Monaco, Quinn told Eric that she'd flown in that morning. She'd had to see him after the message he's sent her. She said he'd never answered her about the blue of her eyes and of the water. Eric pulled her in for a kiss.

Eric and Quinn went to his hotel room. Quinn didn't want to add drama to his life. She'd arrived there to see him, and with it accomplished, she was willing to leave. Thrilled that she was there, he replied that she absolutely wouldn't go. He'd been out of sorts when he'd sent the breakup message. She asked why he'd sent it. He said he'd spent most of the flight there talking to Liam.

"Say no more," Quinn replied. Eric stated that Liam was a good man. Quinn agreed. Her biggest regret of all others was hurting Liam. She claimed to be different. Eric replied that he was aware of it and had realized it a while back, if she'd recall. She wished she had a fraction of his positivity and said that he was good for her. He felt that she was great for him. He hadn't felt that good in a long time.

Eric asked if anyone could know that Quinn was here. Quinn replied that it would start a world war with his granddaughter, but Quinn's solution was to never leave his room. She was sure he had business to conduct and wanted time with his family. He asked where she'd go, and she said she'd slip out of the country under the cover of darkness.

Quinn figured that Eric had gotten an earful from Liam, who had a right to hate her. Eric said her actions had been wrong. She said it wasn't who she was anyone, and she had Liam to thank for it. Liam had helped her find another side of herself. Eric was glad to get to experience it. She planned to never turn back, even if their relationship didn't work out.

Quinn vowed to never be "her" again. Quinn figured she'd eventually find someone else who was kind and gentle -- the way she wanted to be and the way Eric was. They kissed.

In bed together later, Quinn and Eric shared a glass of Champagne. She couldn't believe they were in Monte Carlo together. He asked about her flight. Not wanting to discuss it, she conveyed that sometimes, it was about the destination, not the journey. She remarked that it had been wild. He replied that she was the wild one. Quinn asserted that he was wild and sexy. "Yeah, that's me," he replied, kissing her. To her, he lived a rich existence, and she was happy if she could add just a bit more.

Eric said that Quinn added to it and did so much more. Lying on his chest, Quinn admitted that she'd been nervous on the way there about his rejection and about Steffy. Quinn said that they couldn't let Steffy know about Quinn's presence because it would jeopardize Wyatt's marriage. Eric agreed that Steffy could not find out.

On the beach, Liam watched as Wyatt took cell phone photos of Steffy a group of people. Once the session ended, Liam approached to discuss the next days' agenda. Wyatt recalled that there would be events on the Stella Maris. Liam was surprised Wyatt hadn't commandeered the boat for himself.

When Liam relayed that he was meeting Prince Albert, Steffy suggested using the boat. Wyatt intervened, saying that the yacht was for Spencer events, not Liam's thing. Wyatt walked off to take a call. Steffy told Liam that she supported his foundation and respected what he was doing.

Later in a hotel room, Liam looked as if he was barely holding it together. Eva snapped him out of it when she said that Eric's speech had gotten good coverage, and she'd done Liam a favor and confirmed his meeting. He thanked her.

Eva admired Liam's determination. "It's hard waking up a sleeping world," she said, but she had the impression that more troubled Liam, and he was running from something. Liam said she was perceptive, and he was running from the fact that he'd been robbed of the life he should be living.

Eva and Liam discussed what a miracle it would be if Bill got on Liam's project. Eva joked that they'd name a fish after Bill. Liam didn't believe there was a fish big enough, but she said there were plenty of fish in the sea. "But when you've been involve with someone like Steffy..." Liam said.

Eva understood about losing someone significant. Liam seemed surprised that it had happened to Eva. Eva said that everyone had probably experienced it but moved on eventually. "Or you start a foundation," Liam reasoned. He'd wanted to do something profound after losing everything that had mattered in his life. Losing it had made him see that other things mattered.

Eva was proud of him for taking on the challenge. Liam said he should be living it up in Monte Carlo. Eva asked if he wanted to explore a little and mentioned that she knew of a great Karaoke bar. It sounded good to Liam, but he said he probably wouldn't be good company.

Liam thanked Eva for visiting and hoped he hadn't bummed her out. With her hand on his shoulder, Eva said that if he needed a listener -- or anything else -- he could give her a call.

In her hotel room, Steffy stared out of the window. Wyatt handed her some Champagne and marveled about her five million followers. She continued to look out the window, and he warned his little super star not to get too excited. She acted as if nothing was on her mind, but Wyatt said he knew her. She relayed that it was Liam's foundation. She felt Liam could use their support.

Steffy noted that the sun was peeking from the clouds. Wyatt remarked that she was even more beautiful. She said she could relay the same thing about him, and she called it the Monte Carlo affect. Steffy wanted to do her part. Steffy said they were fortunate, and they had her platform and followers.

Wyatt asked what Steffy was talking about doing. Steffy replied that she wanted to make a difference. She said Wyatt had to admit that Liam's plans were impressive. Wyatt admitted that Liam was a good guy. She asked why she and Wyatt couldn't be, too.

Steffy had read up on environmental challenges for the oceans and cited a landfill of garbage that had formed in the Pacific due to the current. Wyatt relayed that he knew about it. She believed there was more to the world than profits and followers if they just rose to the challenge.

Later, Steffy was alone. She dropped a folder, and Liam's headshot picture fell out, along with hers and Wyatt's. Wyatt entered the room, stating that he'd set up the Stella Maris event. He added that he'd reserved a casino table for them to play at after the event. He showed her all the hits she'd gotten since the press line earlier, and Steffy said it was getting to be a big thing.

Wyatt figured Steffy was starting to impress herself. Steffy half-laughed, and he said he was impressed enough for them both. Earlier, He'd heard her name mentioned several times in the lobby. She replied that they also recognized him, but he claimed to be just the arms behind the selfie.

Wyatt remarked that Steffy had said she'd wanted to do something, and she was doing it already and on the biggest stage possible. He claimed that millions watched her, and she inspired them with her drive and success. She inspired him, too, he said, and they kissed. He relayed that they'd do the yacht thing the next day, but that night, the town was theirs. They hugged, and her smile faded.

As Wyatt and Steffy dressed for the evening, Wyatt remarked that the phone was charged. He had an extra battery pack and a selfie stick. Steffy suggested that they take a break from the camera and let the night be just the two of them. Wyatt realized he was kind of intense with the photos and wondered if he was burning her out.

Steffy said she was having fun working with Wyatt, and he'd boosted her followers and Spencer's image. Getting an image of his own in mind, Wyatt slipped his arms around her waist and he said he might want to stay in that night. Steffy kissed him, and he said he realized how lucky he was.

Wyatt noted that he had Bill's support for the promotion and was hosting the summit in Monte Carlo. Steffy replied that it wasn't shabby. Wyatt stated that none of it mattered without her. He knew it hadn't been easy. "I mean with Liam tagging along and everything that happened with my mother," Wyatt said. Steffy replied that like Liam, she couldn't stop thinking about Quinn, either.

Wyatt stated that Quinn wasn't in her life. Steffy replied that Quinn was in his life, and Steffy was a big part of his life. He claimed to be the rudder that could steer Quinn, and Steffy quipped that he should steer Quinn far away from Steffy. He vowed to do all he could to protect Steffy. Steffy said that he needed to keep his mother far, far away from her family. They hugged, and over Wyatt's shoulder, Steffy donned a look of dread.

. . .

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