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Friday, December 2, 2016

On the Forrester overlook bridge, Ridge and Brooke kissed. Ridge was excited that Brooke was there. He said he'd just been telling R.J. about the significance of Ridge and Brooke's combined names, and afterward, Ridge had wound up there on the bridge outside Forrester. Ridge asked what Brooke would call it. She replied that he knew what she'd call it. He uttered that it was destiny, and they kissed more.

Brooke and Ridge went to the CEO's office. She felt as if she'd been caught in a whirlwind. He was sure it hadn't been easy for her but said they could turn their focus to their family and the future. He asked her to say she was there in the moment with him. She replied that she was.

R.J. knocked and entered. "I'm back!" Brooke exclaimed. As R.J. hugged her, Ridge said, "We're back." R.J. was overjoyed that his mother had made the right choice for herself and the family. Ridge stated that he liked the day, and Brooke said it was a good day. Ridge asked for another hug and pulled R.J. and Brooke to him.

R.J. left, and Ridge told Brooke that it was all about timing. It had been his instinct to find her when he'd returned from Paris, but it hadn't been their time yet. "This is our time," he concluded. It was their time to put their family back together. Brooke replied that she wanted it more than anything, and they kissed. Brooke hugged him with a tear in her eye, and she smiled in his embrace.

At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy had sex, and he uttered that she tasted like the ocean. Afterward, Steffy got dressed. She intended to pay Eric a visit. Steffy was happy to have given Eric a peaceful holiday, but she insisted that her feelings for Quinn hadn't changed.

The front door flew wide open and slammed behind the angry stallion, Bill. "Oh, gee, Dad. Please come in," Liam sarcastically said and asked what he could get Bill. Bill snarled, and Liam asked what was wrong. "Brooke's going back to Forrester," Bill bit out, and Steffy gave Liam a look of "I told you so."

Liam and Steffy tried to console Bill. Steffy believed Brooke did love Bill. Bill replied that it just wasn't as much as Ridge-slash-family and what was best for the children. Liam asked what he could do. "Scotch," Bill answered. Liam suggested a pep talk. Bill just stared at Liam. "Scotch," Liam repeated and walked off to get it.

Later, Liam and Bill were alone. Bill tossed back his drink. He said Brooke loved him, and it didn't just disappear. Liam remarked that Brooke had done a number on Bill and asked if Bill wanted some advice. "No," Bill replied.

Liam advised Bill not to give up. Liam said he hadn't let go with Steffy, and Bill shouldn't with Brooke. "You're right," Bill decided. Bill said that Forrester had gotten into Brooke's head. Bill had underestimated Forrester, but he declared that Forrester was underestimating Bill if Forrester thought Bill was just going to go away.

Bill changed the subject to Liam and Steffy's relationship. Liam thought it would be awkward to discuss because of Bill's problem. Bill said that just because his relationship was over -- for the time being -- didn't mean he didn't want to know about Liam's.

Liam said that he and Steffy were closer than ever, but Liam felt bad about Wyatt's hurt. Liam believed that once Steffy's divorce was final, he and Steffy would get married. He asserted that nothing would stop them that time around.

At the mansion, Eric and Quinn remarked upon their wedded bliss and his trust in her to run the business. She asked if he thought it was time, and he pushed up from the couch to head upstairs. "No, not that," Quinn said. She was referring to him returning to work. Eric wasn't sure he wanted to. He liked being away from all the drama and pressure.

"We'll talk about it," Eric said as Wyatt entered the house. Quinn was glad to see her son, who'd been keeping to himself. Eric asked if something or someone was on Wyatt's mind. Wyatt replied that he couldn't compete with how happy Quinn and Eric were. Looking at his ring tattoo, Wyatt added that he still couldn't stop thinking about "her."

Quinn was sorry about his marriage and her part in it. Wyatt replied that what was done was done, and Steffy was with Liam. It made him smile to see Quinn and Eric happy and at peace. Wyatt pretended to groan about their happiness. He smiled, saying he was happy for them.

After Wyatt had gone to raid the kitchen, Quinn wished that she could do something to help her son. Eric offered to do anything he could to help because he cared for Wyatt.

Wyatt returned with a plate of pie. Eric decided to go upstairs to rest, and Wyatt remarked that Eric should do it while he could because he had to return to Forrester. "I'm not sure I'm gonna do that," Eric replied. Eric was enjoying home life.

After Eric had gone upstairs, Wyatt asked if Eric really meant it and wondered who'd be CEO. Wyatt guessed it could be Ridge or Rick, but Quinn didn't think so. Steffy was Quinn's pick. Quinn believed that Steffy was qualified, and as a bonus, Wyatt could see Steffy more.

Wyatt said the divorce was a go, and Steffy was already in the process of removing her ring tattoo. Quinn conveyed that she felt terrible about her happiness being built on Wyatt's broken marriage. Wyatt didn't blame her anymore, because he'd seen how happy Eric and Quinn were.

Quinn wanted it for Wyatt, too, and said the marriage didn't have to be over. Wyatt figured that it was a little late for that because Steffy was back with Liam. "So what?" Quinn asked. She didn't think it meant that Wyatt had to give up, and she urged him not to.

Later, Wyatt went to see Eric, who was upstairs, drinking a smoothie that looked awful to Wyatt. Eric said it was his wife's special blend, and he didn't want to know what was in it. Wyatt inquired about Eric not returning to Forrester as CEO. "You want the job? Take it," Eric replied. Wyatt asked if it was an offer. "Yes. It is," Eric replied. Wyatt became pensive.

Eric empathized with Wyatt about losing his marriage but said that, as long as death didn't take a spouse, there was still a chance. He advised Wyatt not to give up on Steffy. Wyatt replied that his mother had said the same thing. Eric told Wyatt to listen to her because she was wise.

Wyatt stated that the problem was that Steffy had gone back to Liam. Eric liked Liam and respected him. Even so, Eric's advice was to fight for Steffy. Eric said if he and Quinn hadn't fought, they wouldn't be enjoying their wonderful life. "So the odds are against you. That just means you have nothing to lose," Eric reasoned.

Downstairs, Quinn was surprised when Steffy walked into the house. Quinn thanked Steffy again for helping with the holiday togetherness. Steffy said she'd done it for Eric, and it hadn't changed her feelings about Quinn. Quinn was saddened that Steffy couldn't see that Quinn was capable of change. Steffy didn't want to go another round and decided to leave.

Quinn stopped Steffy, saying she wanted to talk to Steffy about something. Steffy didn't want to discuss how good Quinn thought she was for Eric. Quinn said it wasn't what was on her mind, and it was about Steffy and her future at Forrester. Quinn conveyed that it had been amazing to run Forrester, but her position had always been temporary.

Steffy was glad Quinn realized that she'd be out of the CEO chair once Eric returned. Quinn informed Steffy that Eric might not want to return to his position. Steffy accused Quinn of angling to have the job permanently. Quinn denied it and said she had another candidate in mind.

"You," Quinn said. Quinn stated that Steffy had been a heartbeat away from being CEO when she'd been the president. "Until you unseated me," Steffy quipped. Quinn said she might have been hasty, but it was easy to fix. Steffy stated that Ridge had been the CEO. Quinn didn't think he would again because he'd betrayed Eric too many times. "And I haven't?" Steffy asked.

Quinn said it hadn't been to the same extent, and one could argue that Ridge had swept Steffy up into things that Steffy would have done differently. Steffy accused Quinn of trying to drive a wedge between Steffy and Ridge. Quinn replied that she was trying to make a future plan that benefited the company and the family.

Steffy still believed it was some sort of ploy for Quinn to wind up running the company herself. Quinn wondered why she'd want to do that. She said Eric had put a lot of faith in her to handle his legacy. She'd sworn not to betray his trust, and she declared that she hadn't.

Quinn was proud of what she'd accomplished at Forrester, but she said the next CEO needed to be a Forrester. The person needed to inspire trust and loyalty, and Steffy fit the criteria. Quinn hadn't discussed it with Eric yet because she'd wanted to run it by Steffy first. Quinn was sure that she and Eric would be in sync about it, as they had on other things.

Quinn added that something like a stock takeover wouldn't even be needed if Steffy were willing to work with Quinn and Eric. "Partner with you?" Steffy asked. Quinn repeated, "And Eric." Quinn believed that, together, they could take the company and family into the future, even if it happened with kicking and screaming.

Quinn imagined how good it could be if Steffy let go of her animosity and realized that Quinn was a different person. Quinn was still Steffy's mother-in-law, though, and she loved Steffy. Quinn wanted to be close to Steffy and for Steffy to be close to Eric. Quinn believed Forrester would need new blood and a makeover. "And that's you," Quinn decided.

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