Friday, February 5, 2016

At Quinn's cabin, Liam was surprised to learn from Quinn that she, "Eve," was his wife. She informed him that he was named "Adam," and his friends had ribbed him about it when she and Liam had met. Liam wished he remembered their marriage, but Quinn hadn't expected him to.

Liam smiled at the thought of being married and wondered why Quinn hadn't told him sooner. She said she'd been hoping he'd remember on his own. Cupping his face, she admitted to worrying that he wouldn't remember what they'd meant to each other.

Liam clasped Quinn's hands and assured her that he felt something. He sensed that she was important him, but his brain couldn't connect the dots. Quinn hugged Liam. She told him not to be upset; he was doing his best, and it was all she could ask.

Liam wondered why he didn't have a ring. When Quinn said he hadn't liked how it felt, he found that strange. She reasoned that commitment was more than a ring. He said he might start wearing one. "If you want," she said as she checked his phone. Bill had texted that he was worried about Liam.

Liam tried to get up to turn on the radio, but he got dizzy. Quinn helped him sit down, and he called her a doting wife. She said that it was in sickness and in health, and he'd do the same for her. It suddenly occurred to Liam to ask if they had kids. He panicked about forgetting them.

Quinn replied that they'd talked about it, but they didn't have any. She said they lived a private life together. Smiling, Liam said it was like a modern-day Adam and Eve. Liam was glad to be stuck in Eden with her. Quinn murmured that it was because she was the only one he knew at the moment.

Holding her hand, Liam said it wasn't true. He was grateful for her standing by him when he didn't even know he was her husband. Quinn said she wouldn't let it affect anything, and she reasoned that they could make new memories. Hearing things like that from Quinn gave Liam a sense of why he'd married her. He said it could be fun to fall for her all over again.

Quinn took her hand away and said she had some work to do. She left the room, and a commercial played on the radio. In the jingle was the phrase "cha-cha-cha." Liam sat up and furrowed his brows in thought. He stuck his head in the doorway of the other room, where Quinn pretended to be working, and asked if they ate a lot of Mexican food.

Quinn asked why, and Liam said he might have had a memory. She offered to have a huge fiesta that night. He agreed to it, if she'd let him cook. He asked if he knew how to cook. He was tired of being a burden. She asked if he couldn't stand up long enough to cook. Struggling to sit beside her on the bed, Liam decided to order in if it would make it easier for her.

Quinn had a strange expression on her face, and Liam asked if he wasn't normally helpful. She said it was his thing, and he was the kind of guy to jump off a bridge for someone. Chuckling, he called it an exaggeration. She assured him that it wasn't. She said that some people thought kindness was a weakness, and she'd once thought so herself; however, he'd helped her change that way of thinking.

Quinn told Liam that he was a very special person. Grinning, Liam added that he was also her husband. "My husband," she repeated with a tight smile. He felt that if he was good and kind, it had to be because of her. Quinn shifted uneasily. He said that he saw goodness in her, and it was in her eyes. "No....nuh-uh..." Quinn said, diverting her eyes from him.

Liam insisted that it was true. When he looked at Quinn, he didn't need memories. The past didn't matter because the woman who'd taken care of him and nursed him had told him all he'd needed to know. He said he didn't remember her, but he knew who he was. He leaned in to kiss her.

The agonizing Quinn pushed him back. She said it had to be strange for him to not remember. Liam said it was strange for her, too, but he liked getting to know his wife all over again.

Liam's lips touched Quinn's, but she shrank back, shaking her head. Quinn told Liam that he didn't have to, but Liam responded that she was his wife, and he was her husband. Quinn let Liam kiss her. She seemed to fight the desire to give in as his kisses trailed down her neck. Quinn let go and responded to Liam's passion.

At the beach, Steffy and Wyatt had their picnic. Music played over the scene as they strolled along the beach and kissed at sunset. Steffy thanked Wyatt for all he'd done for her to lift her up in Liam's absence. She felt like she deserved more than Liam was willing to give.

Wyatt said he wasn't like Liam and didn't run from problems. Steffy said it wasn't Wyatt's style. She felt different, and she didn't have to wonder what Wyatt was thinking or feeling. He asked what he was thinking, and she said it was that being with her felt right. He replied that she was good, and she giggled. He asked what else he was thinking, and she responded that he knew she felt the same.

Wyatt stated that they should make it last, and Steffy said it was fine by her. He told her that he was serious, and he wanted to make it last forever. She asked what he meant. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he uttered and kissed her. Steffy's mouth gaped in surprise.

Wyatt said he wasn't expecting an answer. He just wanted Steffy to know how he felt. He hadn't meant to make her head spin. He decided to let her have a moment to process it. He promised not to be obsessive, but as he walked away, he told her that he'd ask her again and again. "Oh, and I'll ask you again!" he said from far away. Steffy grinned at him.

Steffy sat alone on the beach and remembered times with Liam. She sighed in frustration, asking, "Where are you, Liam?"

At Bill's house, Bill tried to lighten the mood by getting Katie to say, "so what" to Brooke's feelings. He reasoned that it wasn't a big deal and happened to him all the time. He believed that all women had a thing for him at one point or another.

"I mean, look at me. They can't resist me. I'm Dollar Bill Spencer. Women hit on me. I reject them. We move on," Bill reasoned. Katie shook her head incredulously at his ego. He said the point he was trying to make was that she needed to let it go and get past it.

Katie was willing to let him believe he was the most desirable man in the city. Bill motioned bigger, and she added the whole country. He motioned again, and she said the world. He nodded.

The problem for Katie was that they were discussing her sister, who should know it wasn't okay. Katie hated to even have to deal with it when they'd been doing so well. Bill said it was what he was trying to impress upon her -- that they were as good as they'd ever been.

Katie wanted to change the subject. She asked if Bill had heard from Liam. She suggested that he text-message Liam that he was back as the magazine editor. Bill quipped that Liam wasn't back as anything until he bothered to get back with his father first.

Later, Bill and Katie were talking when a text message arrived from "Liam." Liam said not to worry about him. He needed to clear his head and was traveling. Bill wondered "what the hell" was wrong with his son. Katie decided to check on Will and advised Bill to text Liam back.

Bill was too irritated with Liam to do it. Katie said not to be because it was something Liam obviously needed to do, and they all had their breaking points. Bill stated that it wasn't too late. She assumed he meant for Steffy and Liam, but Bill replied that he'd meant for the Logan sisters.

. . .

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