Friday, October 17, 2014

In the morning at the beach house, Hope was excited to see that Wyatt had made her breakfast. Wyatt had read that expectant mothers needed three hundred additional calories per day, and so he'd made French toast, waffles, and pancakes for her and Wyatt Jr. Hope wondered what the name would be if it were a girl, and grimacing, she told him not to think of naming a girl after his mother.

While eating, Hope read her messages and said her mother wanted to know how she and the baby were doing. Wyatt asked if Brooke wanted to know about the expectant father. Hope replied that she planned to say that he was happier than ever -- unless that wasn't true.

Wyatt felt that Hope's assessment of his feelings was spot-on, but he'd be happier if there wasn't tension between Hope and Quinn. Hope said Quinn had caused the situation herself, and Quinn had to live with the consequences. He replied that it wouldn't be easy to keep Quinn away from the baby.

Hope asserted that she'd made her feelings clear. "What? Are we going to get a restraining order on her or something?" Wyatt asked. Hope didn't want to do such a thing, and she hoped Quinn didn't do something to make them get to that point.

At the loft, Quinn thanked Deacon for brewing coffee. She didn't know what she would have done without him the previous night. He asked if she was saying he was good for her. Quinn hadn't imagined falling for another man, but she was open to it if he continued to play his cards right.

Quinn wasn't normally a woman to ask anyone to support her, but she felt that Hope would listen to her father the way that Wyatt listened to Quinn. Quinn told Deacon to fix things so that they and their children could be a family. Deacon asked if she really thought it could happen.

Quinn didn't know what could happen and cited that she hadn't even expected to be that close to Deacon so quickly. "Unless I'm just a stand-in until Brooke comes back," Quinn stated. Deacon doubted anything would happen with Brooke and him.

Quinn proposed that she and Deacon ditch the loft and get a house in the valley. She imagined that the neighbors would think they were a hand-holding couple, but behind closed doors, she'd spank him when he was naughty. Deacon was tempted to play house with her, but to him, it wasn't that easy.

Quinn guessed that the stumbling block was Hope and said that the only way to get through to Hope was to prove that Quinn was changing. Quinn claimed to want what everyone else wanted -- a home and a boyfriend. Deacon asked her to repeat the second thing. When she did, he grinned and added that she wanted a grandchild to bounce on her sexy knee.

Quinn said she had the grandchild, but seeing it was up to Deacon. Deacon asked what would happen if he didn't help, and she asked if he'd really forgo the chance to explore their relationship. He asked if he should be scared, and she wondered what was scary about a house in the valley with a woman who rocked his world. "Losing my relationship with my daughter," he said.

Deacon wasn't willing to risk his relationship with Hope. He pulled Quinn onto his lap and said that she'd have to make him a promise. He wanted her to swear to him that she wasn't a murderer. Quinn replied that she'd already said she'd had nothing to do with Ricardo's death. She asked if they had a deal or if he needed more convincing. Deacon wanted more convincing, and they kissed.

Deacon called Hope and asked her if he could take someone special over for her to meet. After the call, he told Quinn that it was time that his daughter met the woman in his life.

Later, Deacon arrived at Hope's house. Hope was anxious to meet his lady friend. Deacon tried to brace her before inviting the friend inside, but through the door, they heard, "Can I come in now?"

"Mom?" Wyatt called out. Quinn entered the house, and Hope instantly swept her arms back and forth, indicating a strikeout. "No, no, no, no! Are you serious right now?" Hope asked.

Deacon said he knew it was a shock, but he wanted them to get along as a family. Hope was the most compassionate person he knew, and he asked her to just try. "Absolutely not. No. This woman is a manipulator. She uses people, and now she's using you!" Hope accused.

Quinn tried to speak, but Hope had already heard all of Quinn rationalizations and pleas before. Hope believed that the desperate Quinn would say or do anything. Hope was disgusted that Quinn had made a play for Hope's father, and Hope decided that, if Quinn was the woman he wanted to spend his life with, he was out, too.

At Forrester, Caroline was irritated about updating her followers. Ivy asked if Caroline had heard Ivy's description of her night with Liam. Caroline recalled something about Liam and Ivy being all kissy faced, and "blah, blah, blah." Ivy figured that Caroline was still feeling stuck between Ridge and Rick. Caroline replied that it had become more complicated.

Ivy assumed that Eric's pending decision had complicated things. Caroline frowned, and guilt-ridden, she revealed that she and Ridge had kissed. She shrieked that she was a horrible person who deserved a scarlet letter and a stoning in the town square. Ivy assumed it had been a single kiss. Caroline flashed a sickened look. "More than one?" Ivy asked.

Caroline antagonized over it. She didn't know if Ridge was just using her for the CEO position or if he actually felt something. She asserted that there should be no feelings between her and her mentor, whom she professionally admired, but there was just something about Ridge.

Caroline exclaimed that it shouldn't have happened and needed to stop. Ivy asked if Caroline would give up designing with Ridge. Caroline insisted that she had to because Rick was too important to her. "And Ridge isn't?" Ivy asked.

In Katie's bedroom, Ridge hadn't been able to sleep the night before because he'd been tossing and turning about Eric's decision. Ridge didn't like that Eric seemed to imagine Caroline and Rick as a dream team. Katie asked what Stephanie would tell Ridge. Ridge said Stephanie would say to make it happen for himself, and that was what he'd do. Katie asked what he'd do to tip things in his favor.

Ridge replied that he needed Caroline on his side, but Katie figured it wouldn't be easy because of Caroline's loyalty to Rick. Ridge replied that Caroline wasn't as loyal as Katie would think, and he revealed that Caroline had a little bit of a crush on him. Katie asked if Ridge thought Caroline would stab her husband in the back.

Katie doubted Caroline would do that because Caroline was married and as devoted to Rick as Katie was to Ridge. Katie asked if Ridge had encouraged Caroline's crush. Ridge claimed that he wasn't doing that, but "these things just happen."

"To you?" Katie pointedly asked. Shrugging, Ridge surmised that the marriage might not be as magical as Rick made it out to be. Katie asked if the words were Ridge's or Caroline's. Ridge said he wasn't ready to draw again, but he needed Caroline in his corner because Eric wanted a dream team. Katie said that Bill used people, not Ridge.

Ridge denied using anyone, but Katie accused him of just rationalizing it away. He said the position belonged to him, and he couldn't answer to Rick. Katie didn't believe Ridge had thought about the consequences that using Caroline's feelings would have on everyone involved.

Ridge claimed that it had nothing to do with his relationship with Katie. Katie laughed mirthlessly. He insisted that he loved her and was committed to her. She asked him to stop using Caroline before someone got hurt. Ridge believed stopping would lessen his chances. Katie didn't think so, and she asked if he really wanted to get the position by using Caroline and damaging her marriage.

Katie reasoned that Rick and Ridge were contentious, but they were still brothers. She said the brothers each loved Forrester Creations. She advised Ridge to put a stop to it immediately. She knew him and felt that he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he let it go on.

"And that's why I love you," Ridge concluded. Katie remarked that she hadn't seen much of him "lately," and she missed their closeness. She kissed him, but he jerked away upon imagining Caroline. Katie asked him what was wrong.

. . .

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