Friday, October 2, 2015

At Wyatt's house, Ivy thanked Wyatt for standing by her, even when she'd gone off course. She said it would have been easier to give up on her, but Wyatt replied that there wouldn't be a chance. He cared about Ivy, and he wasn't like his brother. She stated that she got that.

Wyatt noted that Ivy had trust issues, and she cynically asked if he was referring to Liam professing love for her but awaiting Steffy's return. Ivy admitted that Liam had made it hard for her to trust, but Wyatt was making it easy again. They kissed. Ivy couldn't believe that, for so long, they hadn't seen what could be between them. Wyatt replied that it didn't matter because they saw it "now."

A song played as Wyatt and Ivy undressed each other and had sex on the sofa.

In the CEO's office, Sarah flirted with Thomas as he fitted a dress on her. She figured that he'd forgotten about her pool party for her birthday. He recalled the party and remarked that he loved hot tubs. As she left, Sarah remarked that seeing Thomas in a swimsuit would be present enough.

Steffy entered as Sarah left. "She's hot," Steffy noticed. She joked about Thomas having a rough life of fending off models and said it reminded her of the stories about Ridge back in the day. Thomas told her not to compare him to their father. She asked what was wrong with him. He claimed it was nothing, but she didn't believe "nothing" had made him foam at the mouth about their father.

Steffy asked if Ridge knew Thomas was so down on him. Thomas snapped that he probably did because Thomas had punched Ridge in the face. Shocked, she demanded to know what had happened.

Thomas relayed that Ridge had laid into him. Steffy replied that it was a part of Ridge's job description as their father. Thomas asserted that he didn't deserve it anymore, and Ridge had called him a self-entitled little brat. Thomas asked if Steffy believed he really did take whatever he wanted.

Later, Steffy was livid upon learning that Thomas had slept with an intern. Thomas asked why he couldn't if they were consenting adults. "Everyone else around here is doing it!" he exclaimed. She said it was a potential lawsuit, and Ridge had been right to lecture Thomas. Thomas admitted that he'd been wrong and had crossed a line in hitting their father, but he insisted that Ridge was treating him like an immature brat who'd take whatever woman he wanted. "Which is the last thing -- Dad has no idea," Thomas concluded.

At the loft, Caroline's upset demeanor made Ridge nervous. Caroline said she was nervous because she had to make him understand. Seeming to already understand, he asked if she'd already packed her bags or if he'd have the chance to convince her to stay. She said she wasn't leaving Ridge, the vasectomy hadn't changed things, and she'd meant every word of her vows.

Caroline wished Ridge had told her the reason he couldn't have children with her. She understood Ridge had been trying to protect her. She wished she could protect him, too, but it wasn't an easy fix. She sobbed that she couldn't handle it on her own. She needed her husband if he'd help her. Ridge said he'd do anything for her, but she said he might not feel that way after she told him the issue.

Ridge affirmed that he was there for Caroline. She curled up on the sofa, unsure of how to say it. He asked if she was sick. She denied it, and he figured whatever it was couldn't be that bad then. She explained that it was regarding the night that they'd broken up. She hadn't understood the way Ridge had ended things. He claimed not to understand it either and had a lot of regrets about that night.

Ridge stated that he would do a lot of things differently if he could. Caroline stated that she would, too, starting with the pills. He asked what pills Caroline was talking about. She explained that she'd been holding onto Pam's pills until she could give them to Pam. Caroline had taken a few at the hotel she'd checked into. She'd wanted to relax and sleep, but she hadn't known how hard they'd hit her -- especially since she'd taken wine with them.

Ridge was disappointed that Caroline had mixed wine and pills. Caroline said it had been stupid, but she'd been hurt. He blamed himself, but she told him it wasn't his fault. She didn't remember a lot of what had happened, especially after "he'd" shown up. "After he showed up?" Ridge repeated. She claimed that "he" had tried to comfort her. Ridge asked if the man had spent the night.

Caroline conveyed that "he" hadn't realized that she'd been really out of it or that she'd taken the pills. "He didn't realize it, huh..." Ridge knowingly repeated. He asked if it had been consensual and what she'd wanted. She repeated that he hadn't known about the pills, and the man hadn't been able to tell. "Didn't know, huh. Couldn't tell," Ridge repeated. He asked what kind of man did that.

Caroline said she was sorry. Ridge didn't want an apology; he wanted to know who the man was. She said she'd let the man hold her because she'd been upset, and he'd seemed to understand. She sobbed that he'd kissed her, and Ridge tried to keep calm as he asked, "You told him no? You didn't tell him no, did you? You pushed him away? You didn't push him away, either," Ridge concluded.

Caroline repeated that she'd been out of it, and the man had misread everything. She claimed that she'd never -- even if they'd been broken up. Ridge blamed himself again, saying he should have been there for her. He was glad she'd told him but said she should have told him before. She said she'd been ashamed. He didn't think she should be ashamed; it was on him, and he should have been there.

Ridge caressed Caroline's shoulder. He said it wouldn't break them, and they'd get through it because it was them. Caroline gravely stated that there was more. Ridge assumed she had feelings for the guy. She said she didn't, and the man was her friend. He replied that a friend wouldn't do it to her.

Caroline felt it was hard, and things had changed. Ridge replied that their marital status had changed, and their ability to have children had changed. He asked if the man had arrived back in her life and if that had made her feelings change. She replied that that man wasn't back; he was a part of their lives. Ridge asked if he knew the guy and urged her to tell him.

"Thomas," Caroline sobbed.

"My son," Ridge quietly stated.

. . .

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