Friday, April 29, 2016

In the photo studio, Sasha and Zende concluded a photo shoot. Sasha was excited to have the hottest photographer as her boyfriend. She wound herself up to kiss him, but Julius arrived, expressing disdain for the make-out session in the workplace. Zende quickly exited to upload his photos to the server, and Sasha asked if "Dad" had never seen any of his daughters kiss their boyfriends.

Julius said Zende could still be in earshot. Sasha asked if she'd ever be able to call Julius "Dad." He wanted her to show class in the workplace, and she quipped that she hadn't had a father around to teach her class. She remarked on his nerve to arrive at her job to lecture her.

Julius replied that he hadn't been looking for Sasha. He'd been looking for his wife because they'd planned to spend time with Maya and Nicole that day. "The Avant daughters...your girls..." Sasha said. She stated that he'd become awfully proud of the women after they'd found money, but he needed to remember that Sasha was his daughter, too.

Julius told Sasha not to say he hadn't been there for her. He'd fed her, clothed her, and supported her for her entire life. He claimed that he'd had to work two jobs to support two households and keep a roof over Sasha's head. Sasha said he'd done it to keep her and her mother quiet, but he barely hugged Sasha and usually stared at her as if he was disgusted and wanted her to give up.

Sasha thanked Julius for the clothes and the food. She said she was grown up and wanted him to love her like he did Nicole. Sasha claimed that she was a good person, embarking on a good career. She asked if he couldn't just love her and if being his child didn't mean something.

Julius, who'd kept the secret for over twenty years, refused to let Sasha jeopardize his family. He figured it felt terrible to see the family and not be involved in it, but he told Sasha to remember that she hadn't been invited there. Julius had told her that it hadn't been a good idea to follow them, but she'd done it anyway. Sasha asserted that it had been the best decision she'd ever made.

Sasha said Julius hadn't accepted Maya, and Sasha didn't know why she'd think he'd be man enough to love Sasha. Sasha claimed that Zende was a better man, who knew how to love -- unlike Julius. "He loves me!" she declared. Julius asked if Zende had said it to her.

Sasha claimed to know how Zende felt and that Zende treated her like a queen. Julius informed her that she was just a rebound, and she'd get herself hurt. She refused to believe it. She said Zende was a good man, and she'd never let him go.

In the design office, Rick, Maya, and Nicole arrived after a doctor's appointment. The women were guessing the sex of the baby. Nicole thought it was a girl, but Maya was sensing it was a boy. Rick said they could go back and ask the doctor, but Maya preferred to keep it a surprise. The pregnancy was nearing its conclusion, and Rick and Maya expressed how grateful they were to Nicole for her sacrifices.

Nicole admitted that it had been tougher than she'd thought. She and Zende were getting closer again, and she sensed that there was still a chance for them. The only problem was Sasha. Nicole believed that for her and Zende to have another chance, Sasha had to leave the city and get away from their family. Nicole planned to talk to Sasha about it that day.

Zende arrived, and Maya and Rick made themselves scarce. Nicole said the couple had been kind of obvious, but Zende replied that he didn't mind if they wanted to give Nicole and him alone time.

Nicole and Zende discussed the pregnancy nearing its end, and Nicole listed activities she wanted to do after the birth. Zende told her that he'd be there to ride the roller coaster. She replied that she'd pencil him in. Zende wondered about Nicole's dance moves. Nicole claimed to still have them, and the two began dancing together. Her belly got between them, and Zende touched it, as if stabilizing her.

The dancing stopped. Zende wished it didn't bother him so much. Nicole said her belly was cute, as if she were carrying a basketball. Zende was sorry he couldn't handle her carrying his uncle's child. She remarked that she wouldn't be pregnant for long. The due date was nearing. She informed Zende that the woman he'd fallen in love with would be back, and she'd be very hard to resist.

In the CEO's office, Maya hoped things went well with Nicole and Zende. Vivienne arrived and cooed about how much better she was for seeing her handsome son-in-law. She'd arrived straight from work and wondered where Julius was. Maya hoped he wasn't somewhere offending anyone. The three discussed how well the doctor's appointment had gone, and Rick said everything was on schedule.

Vivienne mentioned how it wasn't easy being pregnant. Maya quipped that it hadn't been that hard if Vivienne had done it twice. Vivienne said she'd loved being pregnant, and she'd love being a grandmother even more. She'd bought some outfits the other day for the baby. Maya said Vivienne hadn't had to, but Vivienne replied that it was a grandmother's prerogative.

Vivienne wondered where Nicole was, and Maya excitedly stated that her sister was with Zende. It was good news for Vivienne, who wanted the couple to reunite. Maya said Nicole believed that the only ways she and Zende could have a chance would be if Sasha left town. Julius entered and agreed. He said Sasha was an interference and should move away for good.

Vivienne didn't understand Julius' animosity toward Sasha, who'd had a tough life and no siblings. Maya said that Sasha's actions had been completely unacceptable, but Sasha was young and naïve, not trash to be thrown out. Julius was glad Nicole had seen the real Sasha. Vivienne asked if Nicole's desire for Sasha to leave would cost Sasha her job.

Rick said he'd put in a good recommendation at International. Julius believe Nicole had been the only reason Sasha had gotten her job, and Sasha had repaid Nicole by stealing Nicole's boyfriend. Rick replied that, in all fairness, Nicole and Zende had broken up. Maya rolled her eyes and frowned.

Vivienne wondered if asking Sasha to leave town was fair. Maya believed they had to support whatever Nicole needed in order to feel safe. Vivienne believed Nicole should be the one to tell Sasha.

Zende arrived and asked if he was interrupting anything. Julius said they'd all just been discussing how Sasha wouldn't be around much longer. =

Later, Nicole arrived in the photo studio. Sasha and she had small talk about the baby, and Sasha acted excited about the approaching delivery. Nicole said they needed to talk. Nicole hated what had happened to their relationship. To her, they'd been close, like sisters, but since Sasha had moved there, she'd done nothing but take advantage of Nicole's family.

Nicole said that Sasha had made a good start for herself, but it was time for Sasha to go somewhere else. It could be New York or Paris -- anywhere but there. Nicole relayed that Sasha had overstayed her welcome, and it was time for her to leave.

Sasha guessed that Nicole felt threatened and wanted Sasha to back off. Nicole replied that she and Zende could have a chance after the birth, but not with Sasha hovering. Nicole stated that Sasha had been "hovering" for Nicole's whole life. It had been cool when they'd been close, but they weren't anymore. Sasha asked if Nicole was saying Sasha had no right to be a part of Nicole's life or family.

Nicole told Sasha to do what was best, but Sasha said Nicole was asking Sasha to give up everything she had. Nicole instructed Sasha to make a life and family elsewhere. Nicole wanted Sasha away from Zende, the family, and especially herself. Sasha said Nicole couldn't make her leave.

"Oh, yes, I can, sister," Nicole replied. Sasha found it ironic that Nicole would use the term sister. Nicole asked what Sasha meant, and Sasha said to ask Julius. Sasha asked if Nicole had ever wondered why Sasha had always been around, as if she was already a part of the family. Nicole asked what Sasha was saying. "You're my sister," Sasha replied.

. . .

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