Friday, August 22, 2014

At the party, Bill urged Liam to congratulate the bride. Liam and Hope stared at each other. Standing behind Hope, Wyatt thanked Liam -- and everyone else -- for being at the celebration.

Bill remarked that an easy elopement was the way to go, and he glanced at Brooke. The humored Wyatt cooed that nothing marked success like proposing after a winning photo shoot. Rick stated that the press had lapped it up, and Quinn asked why Hope wasn't wearing the jewel.

Hope said she'd accepted the diamond for the line, not herself. She explained that the stone was in Paris, on display, and would tour around Europe. Brooke and Liam seemed to resist the urge to cringe as Quinn hoped the diamond created as much success for the line as it had Hope's relationship.

Later, everyone conversed in groups, and Wyatt approached Hope. As Hope observed Bill, Ivy, and Liam talking together, Wyatt suggested that he and Hope mingle and give the people what they wanted.

Brooke approached to hug the two and welcome Wyatt to the family. Donna and Katie gave their well-wishes and warned Wyatt that they'd watch him to make sure he kept Hope happy.

Hope and Wyatt strolled over to Deacon, who couldn't believe that, at the very time he'd made his way back into Hope's life, she'd gotten a husband. Hope replied that, married or not, a girl would always need her dad, and the father and daughter hugged.

Wyatt noticed that Rick needed rescuing from Maya. Hope and Wyatt interrupted Maya's conversation with Rick, and Hope asked where Caroline was. Rick said his wife was visiting her mothers. Hope and Wyatt left to find Quinn, and Maya told Rick not to rush to look at her photos. She was sure he'd be busy with his wife out of town.

Wyatt and Hope found Quinn on the terrace. Quinn offered to leave the party to make everyone comfortable, but Hope said it was a family party. Quinn promised to be a good mother-in-law, and touching Hope's arm, Quinn stated that Quinn had a whole new life ahead of her.

Bill interrupted and sent Wyatt and Hope inside for Brooke's toast. When Bill turned to follow them, Quinn touched his arm and said she wouldn't bite -- unless he wanted it. Bill stated that he was tolerating her for their son's sake, and he strode inside, where Brooke gathered everyone for a toast.

Brooke toasted to her daughter and the man who'd whisked Hope away from the Eiffel Tower to make her his bride. As glasses clinked, Ivy and Liam didn't toast. Ivy whispered to Liam that he had to tell Hope that he'd tried to meet her in Paris.

Rick and Eric congratulated Wyatt and Hope on their success. "You mean the photo shoot or the wedding?" Wyatt asked. Rick claimed that the social media campaign had been a hit, and Wyatt and Hope and the line were trending.

Maya tapped Rick's shoulder, and he turned from his conversation. Maya remarked that Caroline had left him all alone, but he said he had plenty of company with Aly, Ivy, and his father across the courtyard in the main house. Maya asked when Caroline would be back. Rick replied that Maya's engagement not lasting didn't mean the rest of them weren't happy with who they were with. He walked off, and Maya scoffed, "Whatever..."

Wyatt approached Liam and said Bill shouldn't have put Liam on the spot earlier. Wyatt felt that it was enough that Liam was there. Wyatt figured that it had to be a relief to Liam that the back-and-forth had ended and Hope had made a decision. He hoped Liam could accept it and one day support it.

Liam said nothing, and Wyatt turned to the others in the room to make his own toast. Hope joined him, and he thanked everyone for putting aside their differences to be there. Wyatt claimed that the marriage united them, and he thanked Hope for choosing to spend her life with him.

Hope said it was exactly how she'd envisioned beginning a marriage -- with family and friends. She thanked everyone for their support. Aly and Oliver tried not to frown, and across the room, Ivy insisted that Liam tell Hope that he'd been in Paris.

Deacon watched Brooke hug Hope, and he flashed back to telling the sobbing Brooke that he'd be there for her and their unborn baby. In the flashback, Brooke told him that she'd give anything for a life with him. He'd responded that she didn't have to give anything; it was right there for the taking.

Deacon whispered to Quinn that he knew he could make Brooke happier than the self-indulgent Bill. Observing Wyatt, Hope, Brooke, and Bill laughing together across the room, Quinn said Brooke and Bill would be together if Deacon didn't stop it "now."

Nearby, Ridge and Katie were also watching Brooke and Bill. Katie snickered that Brooke had forgiven Bill. Ridge replied that it couldn't happen because he didn't want Bill around Brooke or his son. Katie said that if Ridge didn't want that, then he'd tell Brooke the truth about his design issues.

Brooke went to the kitchen, and Deacon followed her there to ask if she'd forgiven Bill. Brooke said Deacon had to have seen it going that way. She felt that Bill had made some mistakes, but he was changing. Deacon declared that Bill was still hurting people that she loved.

Brooke insisted that Bill had changed, and she'd forgive him for his past deeds. Deacon asserted that Ridge didn't want her to know that he'd been hurt worse by Bill's last deed than he'd let on. Brooke didn't know what Deacon was talking about, so he asked how Ridge's designs were going.

Brooke said Ridge was rolling out a new couture line. Deacon asked if she'd seen the drawings, but she wasn't sure she had. He said it was because the designs didn't exist, and Ridge was pretending to design when, in truth, something about hitting the water had incapacitated his ability to do so.

Brooke didn't believe it, but Deacon told her to ask Ridge herself. "The greatest passion in his life -- Bill took it from him!" Deacon accused.

Later, Brooke was alone when Ridge entered. He'd wondered where "Logan" had gone off to. Brooke relayed that she'd been disturbed by something she'd just heard about his fall, and she asked if he was okay. He said that he was, and when she asked if he'd recovered, he said he had. She asked if he could draw, and he asked what kind of question that was.

Brooke pondered the notion that Bill had "taken" the drawing ability from Ridge. When she looked into Ridge's eyes, she gasped at the realization in them and cupped his face.

Back at the party, Quinn approached Bill to discuss how proud she was of the son they'd created. "In spite of being raised by you, he turned out all right," Bill responded, and she chuckled.

Quinn said she cared about Bill, and Bill drew in a frustrated breath. She added that it wasn't all hearts and flowers, but she'd do anything for him. Bill told her not to let the celebration for Hope and Wyatt delude her, and Bill ordered her to accept that his life was with Brooke.

On the sofa, Ivy, Hope, and Aly sat, listening to Carter joke that the officiating sea captain had been a hack, and Carter would have done a better ceremony. He told Hope to go with him the next time, but she replied that there wouldn't be a next time. He asked to see wedding pictures, and Hope hopped up to retrieve her phone from upstairs.

Ivy and Aly rushed over to tell Liam that Hope was upstairs, and they'd distract Wyatt while Liam went up there to talk to Hope. Liam raced up the steps, and the ladies sat down with Wyatt, claiming to want all the details about the press conference, the photo shoot, and the wedding.

"And the honeymoon," Aly dreamily added. Wyatt's brow crinkled with suspicion. He said he'd tell them all about it, but first, he had to find Hope.

Upstairs, Hope located her phone. Behind her, Liam entered and closed the door. She told him that he shouldn't be there. "You shouldn't be married," he responded. Hope said Liam had no right to tell her who to marry because he hadn't been there to meet her in Paris.

Liam replied that he couldn't imagine what it had been like for Hope, and she readily responded that it had been humiliating. "When that clock struck three, I thought for sure that you'd be there. I waited for you. I looked for you. I made excuses for you. But, no, I really didn't expect to be let down like that," she tearfully told him.

"I was there," Liam bit out. Hope asked him what he'd just said, and he replied that he'd been on the bridge. Hope insisted that he hadn't been there, but Liam asserted that he'd flown to Paris, just as they'd planned. "I was there to make you my wife," he informed her.

. . .

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