Friday, August 26, 2016

At Bill's house, Bill said Katie had moved out, and it was his and Brooke's time. Brooke remarked that Katie was supposed to get the house. Bill said Katie didn't want it and was moving into a new place. The Spencer mansion was where he wanted him and Brooke to start their lives together.

Brooke felt terrible about the marriage ending, but Bill said Katie was more than okay with it. Brooke asked how he could say so, and he replied that he'd just seen Katie, who was over it, ready to cash her check, and ready to move on. Brooke felt terrible and responsible, but Bill said it wasn't necessary. He said, to let Katie tell it, she was happier than she'd been in awhile, and it was his and Brooke's turn to be happy. "We're free, Brooke. We're free to be together," he uttered.

Bill stated that there were no secrets. Everything was out in the open, and they weren't hurting Katie. He knew Brooke loved him and believed it was why she was there. Brooke replied that she was glad he'd called, and she'd planned to reach out herself. She warned that he might not like what she had to say. Bill guessed it was about Katie and said he didn't want to talk about his soon-to-be ex-wife or the past -- unless it was his and Brooke's past.

Brooke said that it was about Quinn, and Bill asked what that crackpot had to do with anything. He quickly figured out that Brooke had met him on Ridge's behalf to discuss the Forrester shares. Brooke apprised Bill of the situation with Quinn, but Bill said Quinn had nothing to do with him. "I'm not responsible for that nightmare," Bill added.

Brooke asserted that Quinn was in their lives because of Bill, who shared a child with her. Bill asked what it had to do with anything and told Brooke to cut to the chase. She asked him to assign his shares to Ridge. Bill laughed in her face, but when he realized she wasn't joking, he said there was no way. In Bill's view, Ridge couldn't manage a gas station.

Bill wouldn't give Ridge the shares period, but certainly not for nothing in return. Brooke said that Ridge was willing to buy them. Bill wasn't interested in discussing shares or profit. All he cared about was making new memories with Brooke. He wanted new ones that would last a lifetime. A montage of Brooke and Bill memories played on the screen.

Bill reminded Brooke that she'd said she'd always love him. Brooke agreed. Shaking her head, she said, "But Katie..." Bill exclaimed, "Enough with Katie!" He'd wanted to give Katie the marriage she'd deserved, but he hadn't been able to because it had always been Brooke for him. He was sorry that Katie had been hurt, but Katie was moving forward with her life. Bill wanted Brooke to also let go and move on. Brooke said it wasn't that simple. Bill said it was that simple.

Bill talked about the generous settlement Katie would get. He intended to throw in the jet, too, because he wanted a new jet. He said that if Brooke encouraged Katie to sign the papers and end the marriage, he'd give the Forrester shares to Brooke as a wedding gift on their wedding day. Bill didn't care if she gave the shares to Ridge because Bill only wanted Brooke. The shares would be Brooke's once she and Bill exchanged vows until "death do us part." Brooke gasped.

At Forrester, Ridge was impressed by how Katie looked. Katie said she felt better, and he guessed that divorce would do it to a person. She said that she'd given Bill the house, and since she'd left, she felt better. She hadn't had any liquor, and she was free and vindicated about Bill and Brooke. Katie wasn't surprised that Bill and Brooke were together at that moment.

The conversation turned to Quinn moving into the mansion and bed Eric had shared with Stephanie. Katie believed Stephanie was rolling over in her grave, and Ridge suspected that Eric was losing it a little bit. Katie said it could be a phase, and Eric was recapturing his youth. Ridge wished that was it, but he had to get the stock because it might not be so simple with Eric.

Katie believed that Ridge should give Eric more credit, and Eric wouldn't let Quinn make company decisions. He also wouldn't marry Quinn. Ridge wasn't so certain, and he believed he and his kids needed control of the company. He was glad Brooke was helping them. Katie noted that Brooke and Ridge had been spending time together, and he replied that Brooke had been a good person to talk to. Katie couldn't help but wonder if something was happening with Ridge and Brooke.

Ridge quickly told Katie not to do that. He said he didn't have time for anything but the company and focusing on Eric -- and Ridge didn't want anything else. Katie insisted that he was putting a lot of faith in Brooke. Katie was just "getting a feeling" and said he might not be aware of it himself. She added that he and Brooke had been pretty good together.

Ridge asserted that he wasn't discussing it then or ever. He insisted that he and Brooke were dealing with business and nothing else. Katie warned that if Ridge wasn't careful, Brooke and Bill would wind up getting back together. Katie deemed it inevitable. Ridge believed there was too much baggage for Brooke, but Katie said Ridge hadn't seen what she'd seen.

Ridge asked Katie what she was doing. He noted that she'd accused him of having feelings for Brooke and then said Brooke and Bill were inevitable. Katie replied that Bill always got what he wanted eventually, which meant that Ridge just might get the Forrester shares.

At Thomas' house, Thomas and Sasha stretched on lounge chairs. He said it had been so hectic that he hadn't even had the chance to enjoy his own balcony. He was grateful that she'd gotten him out there. As they talked, Thomas revealed that there was a little family drama. Steffy had moved in the other night, and the family was kind of falling apart at the seams.

Sasha thought it was all the more reason to let it all go and enjoy the day. She'd make sure it happened for Thomas. Thomas was enjoying the balcony, and they joked about sleeping out there. He said he might have to with Steffy in the house. Sasha felt that Steffy was lucky to have him, and Sasha added that she was lucky to know him. Touching her thigh, he said that he was the lucky one because she'd accomplished the hard task of getting him to relax, clear his head, and let go. Shaking and dancing in her seat, she sang that she liked what she was hearing.

Sasha went inside to retrieve them some lemonade. When she returned, she said it was paradise for her to be there and not in her tiny apartment during the heat wave. She gauged how relaxed Thomas was, and when he only gave it an eight, she made him stretch out for some visualization exercises that involved being on a beach in Hawaii.

Sasha's eyes were closed as she set up the scene and asked Thomas how beautiful the double rainbow was. Staring at her, he replied that he saw it, and it was beautiful. She said that Hawaii was on her bucket list. He offered to take her there someday and go surfing.

Later, Thomas had just taught Sasha a Hawaiian hand signal. She decided it was time to go, but Thomas said they hadn't watched the sunset. She replied that she'd promised to do a fitting. He decided he'd call and cancel it for her, and she said he'd get her fired.

Thomas conveyed that it wouldn't happen because she was best model that they'd had in years. He added that Sasha was the best "cheerer-upper" he'd ever had, too. They each said they enjoyed spending time together, and Thomas kissed her.

. . .

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