Friday, December 19, 2014

At Maya's place, Maya anxiously opened the door for Othello, who said he was surprised she'd messaged him to visit. He liked her new place, and she replied that it would do until she got her own mansion. They discussed the place being a big step up from the coffeehouse room. "All thanks to Rick," Maya added. Othello assumed she meant that Rick had given her the lead modeling job.

Othello was surprised that Maya wasn't complaining about Rick going back to Caroline. Maya considered Othello to be a good friend and one of the very few to support her and Rick. She was dying to tell someone her news and asked if Othello could keep a secret.

When Maya revealed that Rick was only pretending to reunite with Caroline, Othello became worried. Othello believed that Rick belonged with Maya but questioned if it was happening the right way. She responded that Rick was just waiting for the right time to announce the truth.

Othello said it was cruel Caroline, but Maya called it karma for the way Caroline had treated Maya. Maya explained that her relationship with Rick had to remain a secret until the proper time. Othello assured her that his lips were sealed.

At Forrester, Carter found Ridge working and told him to go home. Ridge murmured that he didn't know where home was because Katie had broken it off with him. Carter asked why it had ended, and Ridge stated Caroline's name. Confused, Carter said Ridge didn't have feelings for Caroline.

Ridge shrugged, acknowledging that Katie could be right because a connection had sparked between the artists, and it had led to kissing. Carter cited that Ridge had made it sound innocent, and even if Maya had made a big deal out of it, Caroline was back with Rick, which should reassure Katie.

Ridge said Katie wasn't the kind of woman to let an attraction like he'd had for Caroline go. It was sad to Ridge because he'd never act on it -- not again. He confessed to being enthralled, and it had been as if Caroline Senior was back. He couldn't shake whatever it was about Caroline.

Carter warned Ridge not to let his nostalgia take over. Ridge agreed but said that opening the door to the past just a little bit had allowed memories to flood in. Ridge had been captivated by the first Caroline Spencer. "And now there's another just as captivating," Carter concluded.

Carter wanted to know what Ridge would do about the issue. Ridge said he wouldn't do anything, and he wasn't a home wrecker. Carter asked if Caroline knew of Ridge's feelings and if she shared them. Ridge asserted that it didn't matter because Rick was trying to fix his family, and regardless of Ridge's philosophical captivations, nothing would happen again.

Later, Ridge was alone when he imagined that Caroline had returned to the office to see what he was working on. She sat down to draw, and he put his hand over hers. Moments later, the designers became embroiled in a kiss. Ridge snapped out of it and discovered that he was alone.

In the guesthouse, Caroline drank wine and took selfies until she heard someone approaching the house. She quickly poured some wine in a second glass and opened the door. Aly gasped, surprised that the door had opened before she'd knocked. Aly had wanted to check on Caroline, but upon seeing two wine glasses in Caroline's hands, Aly said she didn't want to interrupt.

Inviting Aly inside, Caroline remarked that she'd thought Rick had made it home when Aly had arrived. Aly asked how things were going with the marriage. Caroline said things were turning around and asked about Aly and Oliver. Aly beamed that Oliver treated her well and was always loyal and honest. "Yeah, like Rick," Caroline replied and took a nervous sip of wine.

The women discussed Rick's mean reaction to Caroline's indiscretion. Caroline felt she'd deserved it but wished all of Forrester hadn't had to witness it. Maya's way of outing Caroline had mortified Caroline. Caroline knew people were talking and having hushed conversations about her.

Aly told Caroline not to worry about it because it had been just a few kisses. Still, Caroline felt embarrassed. Aly bet plenty of women in the building would jump at the chance to kiss Ridge. Caroline said Ridge's charm was easy to fall for, and she was glad it hadn't gone any further. Growing tearful, Caroline said that she was very lucky to have a man like Rick.

Aly asked if Rick had taken Caroline's car back to work because she'd seen Rick's car in the driveway upon arriving home. Caroline shot up from her seat, peeked through the blinds, and saw Rick's car out front. Aly assumed he was at the main house, and Caroline said it was weird.

At the mansion, Ivy arrived in the kitchen, still upset by seeing Rick kissing Maya earlier. Rick entered, pretending to be raiding the refrigerator. She avoided his gaze, and he asked if something was wrong. Ivy told him that they needed to talk. Rick noticed that she was upset, and guessing that it was about her line, he offered to talk to her about anything on her mind.

"I know what you've been doing. I saw you tonight -- with Maya," Ivy stated. Rick tried to pretend that the sighting had been earlier at the office, but Ivy explained that she'd been looking for her friend's apartment when she'd stumbled upon Maya and Rick kissing. He attempted to lead Ivy to believe it had been a goodbye kiss, and he'd been slowly moving Maya toward accepting the breakup.

Ivy said it was a nice try, but there had been no way that Rick been ending things with the kiss she'd seen. Ivy said she thought he'd forgiven Caroline and reconciled. He said that was true, and Ivy asked why he'd been kissing Maya. He yelled that his wife had cheated on him. "So you're cheating on her? Why? To get revenge or something?" Ivy asked.

Rick ordered Ivy to forget what she'd seen. Ivy replied that she wouldn't do that. The house intercom buzzed, and Caroline's voice sounded through the air. She asked if Rick was there. He answered and claimed to have been getting some wine when he'd gotten caught up in something with Ivy. He said he'd be home once he made sure that he and Ivy saw eye-to-eye on things.

Back at the guesthouse, Aly advised Caroline not to let Rick talk sketches when he got home. Caroline was amazed that Rick had given their marriage a chance and that he was also trusting her with couture again. Rick's trust meant a lot to her, and he'd proven how understanding and forgiving he was.

At the main house, Rick told Ivy that she wouldn't say a word to anyone. Ivy felt that Rick was hurt, not thinking clearly, and overreacting. Rick said that they might be family, but the conversation with her boss was inappropriate. Ivy gasped and disagreed. He accused her of living in his family's house and sticking her nose into other people's business.

Ivy stated that she was trying to help. Rick roared at her that if she wanted to help, she'd keep her mouth shut. Undaunted, Ivy asked if he'd tried "talking to someone." Rick scoffed. He didn't need therapy. He needed a woman who could love him and stand by him. Rick said Ivy didn't know what it was like to have her wife cheat on him with a man who'd constantly left his mother on the floor in tears.

Rick couldn't believe Caroline wanted to be with Ridge. Ivy tried to correct Rick, but he interrupted, saying that he'd thought he'd finally found a woman he could trust. "And he takes her, and he kisses her? He touches her?" Rick stated. He ordered Ivy not to say anything about Maya. "As long as you're living in this house, working for my company, your loyalties lie with me and not Caroline. Is that understood?" Rick roared.

Just then, Caroline entered the kitchen in her robe and asked if everything was okay.

. . .

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