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Thursday, May 28, 15

At Spencer, Katie and Ivy figured Eric hadn't unseated Rick, which meant that the takeover was back on the table. Katie asked how much it bothered Ivy that Steffy would become involved. Ivy was confident that Liam wouldn't agree to be with Steffy for the stock. Katie remarked that Forresters had a way of getting what they wanted. Ivy asserted that she was a Forrester, and she wanted Liam.

Ivy recalled that Steffy had thrown herself at Liam the last time she'd been in town, but Ivy and Liam were closer than ever. Ivy wasn't worried, but she didn't like someone hitting on her man. She felt that things would be fine as long as Steffy stayed in Europe.

In Rick's old office, Ridge and Steffy told Liam that Eric still supported Rick, and they needed the Spencer stock to protect the Forrester legacy. Liam asked if there were strings attached. Steffy said that his stock for her love was off the table. Ridge remarked that it was a shame for Liam and asked what Liam's answer was. Liam wondered what was in it for him.

Ridge offered Liam a position at Forrester. Ridge would be the CEO, Steffy would be the president, and Liam would be the vice-president. Liam was amazed that Ridge would trust a Spencer. Ridge said he trusted Liam. Liam asked if Steffy realized that they would work closely together. Steffy asked if he had a problem with it, but Ridge and Liam wanted to know if she did.

Steffy touted that she, Liam, and her father wouldn't even be there if she hadn't gotten the company back from Bill Spencer. Liam didn't doubt her business prowess. She playfully accused Liam of suggesting that he was too irresistible for her to concentrate on her work. She insisted that Liam had "what's her name," she'd have her work, and they'd have the company. Liam decided that he was in.

Liam and Ridge shook hands, and Ridge said no one could know about it until they were ready to strike. Ridge was worried about how Eric would react, but Steffy said Eric had put himself in the situation. Ridge left, saying he had to talk to someone.

Liam and Steffy joked and chatted about working together. He asked if they could handle it. "As long as you know who the boss is," she quipped. Liam joked that she outranked Liam everywhere -- like the bathroom counter, the closets, and the side of the bed.

They laughed together, and Steffy asked if Liam thought they could do it. Liam didn't know because they'd never done anything like it before. Steffy believed they'd be fabulous, and he noted that she'd changed. It was refreshing, like a cool mountain stream. A flashback played of the two kissing in a stream. Steffy remarked that a cool mountain stream was a nice image.

Liam said he hadn't been in Aspen in a while, and Steffy doubted he'd go anytime soon. Liam said he'd missed her, and she was surprised to hear it due to what had happened on her last visit. He recalled that she'd been a little needy, but she said jumping him on the couch didn't make her needy. She joked that it was hunger. Liam asked if anyone had satisfied the hunger.

Steffy said that no one had satisfied her hunger, but she'd be completely about business with Liam. She asked if that disappointed him, but he thought it was a trick question.

Outside the door, Ivy approached and listened as Steffy said that Liam's goodness had made her a better person. Liam had been the great love of Steffy's life, and he always would be.

In the CEO's office, Rick was on a call, asking someone to stay on getting Maya's contact information. He said Maya had to contact them because she was due a paycheck. Carter entered and guessed Rick hadn't heard from Maya. Rick said that he loved Maya and would like to know if Carter had heard from her. Carter hadn't heard from her and suggested that Rick hire someone to find her.

Rick didn't want to force himself on Maya, and he couldn't do anything if she didn't want to see him. Carter admired Rick's reaction to things. Rick said he understood Carter's reaction, but Maya had always been Rick's love, no matter her past. Carter said he'd wanted to tell Rick, but Rick was okay that Carter hadn't. Rick felt that Maya had told him in the best way.

Rick wished he'd learned about it before everyone else. Carter and Rick discussed Ridge wanting to be CEO. Rick said that his father was in his corner. Carter replied that it was huge, but Rick wondered if it was enough.

Rick couldn't believe Ridge's nerve in trying to take Rick's job. Carter asked what would happen with Ridge and the company. Rick remarked that Ridge was the designer who needed stroking and coddling, but Ridge had to learn his place because Rick couldn't stand betrayal. Claiming that he'd had to be a "hard ass" while taking control of the company, Rick said he'd be less abrasive going forward.

Rick was sure that Ridge would still be difficult, and Ridge had to learn that if he went against Rick, he'd be squashed every time. Carter advised that it would be better for the men to work together. Rick believed it would be just fine if Ridge would take orders, but the entitled Ridge didn't do that.

Carter relayed that Ridge was the oldest son. "Of Massimo Marone," Rick noted. Rick said that Thorne was his oldest sibling and knew his place. Rick stated that Ridge was talented but didn't have the skill set to be CEO. Carter said one caught more flies with honey, but Rick claimed to have tried honey.

Rick felt that Ridge's problem was Stephanie, who'd believed that he could do no wrong. Rick believed that Ridge couldn't stand that someone had been elevated over him or that it had been Rick, whom Ridge hated. Carter didn't think Ridge hated Rick.

Rick claimed that Ridge didn't treat him like a brother, but then Rick guessed it went both ways. Rick declared that it was a brand new day at Forrester; Ridge would accept it or be out.

Later, Rick was alone, grinning at his success. He left Maya another message to say that Ridge had tried a takeover, but it hadn't worked because Eric had backed Rick. Rick said he had everything he ever wanted -- except what mattered most. He said he loved her and asked her to call back.

Later, Ridge arrived in a storage room at the Forrester mansion. He slipped a cover off Stephanie's portrait. He didn't like her gathering dust and felt she shouldn't be in there at all. Ridge told the portrait that "change was coming," and what she'd wanted for him was finally about to happen.

Ridge recalled that Stephanie had always been the family leader, and that was why he was visiting her. He said his father was being bullheaded and stubborn. Ridge didn't want to hurt Eric, but the company wouldn't survive if Ridge didn't take action and put Stephanie back on the wall where she belonged. Ridge wanted her there because he felt that Eric would need her more than ever after the takeover.

. . .

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