Monday, May 30, 2016

At Forrester, Maya walked toward Sasha to retrieve the pregnancy test. Sasha snatched it out of grasping range, and holding it to her chest, she said she'd talk to only Zende about it. Sasha claimed she never wanted to hurt anyone. "Except me," Nicole bit out.

Sasha replied that it wasn't true, and Nicole had always had Sasha's back. Nicole had never understood why Sasha did the things she did until she'd learned that Nicole had Sasha's father; however, Nicole wondered when that excuse would get old. Sasha insisted upon only talking to Zende. "We won't be far," Maya warned, and she and Nicole left.

In the design room, Maya and Nicole marched in. Maya said Nicole had been a lot nicer than Maya would have been. Nicole figured it would be a dumb lie to tell, and Sasha wasn't dumb. Maya asked what Nicole and Zende would do it if the test was positive. Nicole said that Zende was old-fashioned. Maya deemed Zende a throw-back when men put honor and duty first.

Maya wondered if Zende would marry Sasha. Nicole didn't think so, because he loved Nicole; however, a baby would make Sasha a huge part of Zende's life. The waiting was getting to Nicole. Maya figured Sasha was lying to and begging Zende. Maya said that Sasha had been lying since she was a girl.

Nicole didn't know if it was Sasha's lie or Julius'. Maya wasn't excusing Julius or blaming Sasha, but Maya concluded that lying was Sasha's native language. Nicole said it was what Sasha's parents had taught her. Nicole believed she and Zende would be okay, if he was the guy she thought he was.

Fed up with waiting, Nicole decided to go back to the studio. Maya said Nicole didn't know what she could be walking on in. Nicole replied that nothing "that girl" could do would surprise her.

Back in the photo studio, Zende asked to see the pregnancy test. Sasha held it up for him, and he gasped because it was positive. "That's what it says," she murmured. Tossing it in the trash, she remarked that he hadn't believed her without the test. Zende said they could do it, and Sasha replied that she'd once thought so. He replied that she wouldn't be alone in it.

Sasha told Zende that she would be alone, which is what she deserved. Zende didn't know why she'd say that because it took two to make a baby. "Because, Zende, I lied! I'm not!" she exclaimed. Zende was confused, and she explained that the test didn't say what he thought it said. He was sorry that he'd offended her, but he'd had to be sure because a baby had seemed unlikely.

Sasha replied that it was because it had been unlikely. Sasha wasn't offended, but ashamed. Zende didn't know what there was to be ashamed of. He claimed that he'd cared for her and wasn't afraid to say so. He said Nicole meant everything to him, but he hadn't forgotten the time he'd shared with Sasha. Sasha declared that she wasn't pregnant. Gesturing to the trash, Zende said he didn't understand because someone was.

Sasha revealed that the test results belonged to the wife of Jeremy, the photographer. Zende asked if Sasha had faked a pregnancy test. Sasha explained that she'd panicked because she couldn't stand seeing Nicole having what Sasha didn't. Sasha had realized that the baby's birth would change everything for him, which meant everything would also change for Sasha.

Sasha had panicked and lied because she didn't want to lose Zende, but she also knew that she deserved to. Zende's silence scared her. She said she'd done something bad, but she'd owned up to it. "Maybe in the end, I did something good," she reasoned. She said she might have saved him.

"From what?" Zende incredulously asked. Sasha said there was something strange about the Avants. They were like the Bermuda triangle, and even though they were nice at first, once one got lured in, one couldn't get out. One had to live by their standards. Zende claimed not to mind standards, but she asked if he'd rather have someone who thought he could do no wrong.

Believing she could make him happy, Sasha asked Zende not to walk away. She knew that Zende didn't share her feelings, but she was willing to live with it. Zende said Sasha had no idea what he'd been through that week, and Nicole had broken up her family for Sasha. Sasha claimed it was why she couldn't go through with it. She stated that she wasn't a completely terrible person; she'd just make completely terrible plans and had screwed them up.

Nicole entered as Sasha's hands were on Zende's face. Nicole said it was taking too long. Zende replied that they were done, and Sasha wasn't pregnant. Nicole stated that it was just as she's said. Sasha told Nicole not to act like she's never lied. Nicole asked how it was supposed to go after months of no baby appearing. Sasha admitted misleading Zende, but he'd done it to her first.

Sasha cited that Zende had said things had been over and that the surrogacy thing had been a nightmare. Suddenly, it had become a miracle. Zende had said he'd been available, and so it had been safe to fall in love with him. The next thing Sasha had known, she'd become someone she hadn't wanted to be. She said she'd made a terrible mistake, and she was asking Zende to forgive her.

At the mansion, Caroline and Ridge were in bed having a playful debate about whether Douglas, who in Ridge's arms, was actually falling asleep. "Father knows best," Ridge said, putting down the baby. Caroline's expression changed, and Ridge assumed "father" had become a tough word between them.

Caroline wasn't saying that, but she wasn't sure about whether Thomas' location mattered. Ridge explained that he'd lived it with the man with whom he'd shared DNA. Though Ridge had tried to connect with Massimo after the late-in-life revelation, "he didn't look like me, sound like me...I don't know, maybe I recognized a gesture or two, maybe some passion..."Ridge explained.

Massimo was alright, in Ridge view, but there had been no connection. Ridge felt that Massimo had given him life, but Eric had given Ridge Eric's life. Ridge wanted it to be the same with Douglas and for Douglas to see the world through Ridge's eyes as Ridge had learn the world through Eric's.

Putting on robe on over her tank-top and shorts pajamas, Caroline realized that they hadn't had dinner yet. Ridge guessed they were done talking. She offered to make him a sandwich. She said Ridge never doubted that he was right. Though she agreed with him in her mind, she couldn't always control her feelings, and part of her felt that what they were doing with Thomas wasn't honest. She said the feeling might change in light of Thomas' trip.

Ridge asked Caroline to let him know how the feelings evolved. She said she would. He asked if she'd made him a sandwich, and she said she would. He asked if she'd love him forever. Giggling, she nodded, and they kissed.

Downstairs, Caroline grabbed sandwich ingredients and closed the refrigerator door. "Thomas?" she said. Thomas had been entering the kitchen in boxer shorts and had two towels over his bare shoulder. He was there for a drink and claimed the ride from the airport had been brutal. He dried himself off, even though he wasn't wet, and asked what was for dinner.

Caroline murmured that she obviously couldn't invite Thomas to join her and Ridge. Thomas got it and didn't want to. She asked if his flight had been canceled. Thomas said he'd been in the airport with his late-night ticket when he'd realized that there was no goal of his that five years, even excellent years, in China would get him any closer to. "So I'm not going," he'd decided.

Caroline stated that Thomas needed to be talking about it to Ridge, who was upstairs. Thomas asked if Caroline was afraid she wouldn't stay "on message." She said the men had had an agreement. Thomas said what the two had was each other's numbers. Thomas claimed that being related was more of a marriage than a marriage because they'd be together beyond death -- as long as their DNA survived.

Thomas said that Ridge knew what Thomas was afraid of and didn't want people to know. Ridge also knew that Thomas couldn't resist daring feats like going to a country, not speaking the language, but claiming it for Forrester. Thomas didn't plan to go upstairs and report to Ridge. He claimed to know how to push Ridge's buttons, and it was Thomas' turn.

Caroline was sorry Thomas felt that way. Thomas guessed she knew the feeling because Ridge was all about controlling her, too. Caroline said not to make assumptions, and she relayed that Thomas thought he knew more about her marriage than he really did. Thomas said she'd told him that he'd have access to his son. She replied that she'd told him not to use the term.

Thomas stated that Caroline hadn't; Ridge had. Thomas claimed Caroline had said she'd create "some sort of role" for him in Douglas' life, and Thomas had been willing to accept the limitations. Thomas asked her to look at what had happened -- Ridge had stepped in and put an ocean between them for the purpose of making Caroline into a liar and Thomas into a fool.

Caroline didn't know what Thomas wanted. Thomas said it was because he wasn't asking anything. Thomas claimed not to want to disrupt her life, even though that might be all he'd ever done. Thomas said that when Douglas had left Caroline's body, something had changed in him. It had been like a chemical in his brain had been released. When he'd learned that Douglas was his, his first thought had been, "Well, of course."

Thomas claimed that he wasn't trying to mess with Caroline's marriage, but "we share this. This is ours." He said Caroline knew exactly how he felt about the baby, and all he was asking was that she didn't send him away.

. . .

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