Thursday, October 30, 2014

In Liam's office, one of Liam's reporters invited Liam to a Halloween party at the Bikini Bar. As the man left, Ivy arrived, and Liam was anxious to hear who Eric had named as the new CEO. Ivy teased that she couldn't spill the confidential information to the media. They joked about Pam being the successor, and Ivy told Liam that Ridge had gotten the position.

Liam guessed Rick wasn't happy about it. Agreeing, Ivy revealed that Rick had more to be unhappy about than that, and it involved Caroline.

Later, Liam was stunned by what Ivy had told about Ridge and Caroline. Ivy said that Caroline had confided in her, and Maya had known exactly what she'd been doing. Liam assumed Maya had acted because she still had feelings for Rick.

Ivy conveyed that it had only been kissing between the designers, but Rick and Ridge had a long, contentious relationship. Liam wondered if Eric had second thoughts about his decision. Ivy didn't know, but she doubted Eric had expected such an outcome when he'd chosen his successor.

Liam asked if Ivy wanted to relieve her work stress at a Halloween party. Ivy had no costume, but he said she could go as "Liam's date." She asked if he was needed at work, and he wondered what the point of being the boss was if he couldn't play hooky "every now and again."

Later, the party at the bar was in full swing when Liam and Ivy arrived. They wore street clothes, and observing the crowd, Liam said he'd told her that not everyone would be in costumes. A Spencer employee found Liam and Ivy at the bar and introduced Liam to Zack, who was the "H.H.O.H." Liam asked what that meant, and the employee said, "Head Honcho of Halloween."

As Liam ordered drinks, he overheard a woman talking about her fiancé proposing to her in her big brother's backyard. Ivy thanked Liam for inviting her and taking her mind off things at Forrester.

At Brooke's house, Caroline couldn't believe that Rick had gotten sucked back in by Maya. Caroline claimed that she and Ridge hadn't even slept together, but Rick asked what she took him for. Caroline asked to speak to Rick alone, and Maya asked what he wanted. Rick said he wanted Caroline out of his life. He told her to go back to New York or "whatever the hell" she wanted to go.

Maya echoed Rick's command to leave, and Caroline began deriding Maya. Rick ordered his wife not to speak to Maya that way because Maya hadn't driven Caroline into Ridge's arms. Caroline hardly felt that a few kisses could compare to what Rick had done, but Rick told her not to go there after her betrayal with Ridge. Caroline raged that she'd kissed a man, but Rick had slept with Maya.

Rick decided that what he and Maya had or hadn't done wasn't Caroline's concern. Caroline couldn't believe he'd say that to his wife. He muttered that she wouldn't be his wife after the divorce. Caroline told him that he wasn't filing for divorce, but he said she needed to get it through her head that he wasn't going home or returning to Forrester after his father's deception.

Rick argued that Eric had stabbed him in the back, and so had Caroline. Caroline apologized, but he said he wanted nothing but a quick divorce from her. Caroline was willing to take the blame for what she'd done, but she refused to take all the blame, especially after what she'd walked in on.

Rick told Caroline to run Forrester with Ridge, but Rick didn't plan to be around to see it. In his view, Caroline had humiliated and deceived him, and there was no returning from that. He credited Maya for telling him the truth, but Caroline said he was only seeing what Maya wanted him to see. Caroline insisted that she and Rick could get through anything together.

Maya applauded Caroline for trash-talking "Myrna" but said it was "Myrna's" time to speak. Maya claimed that she'd had the best night of her life, and Caroline's snooty put-downs hadn't mattered because the man Maya loved had no longer been lost. Maya said Caroline thought she could get away with "smacking" all over Rick's brother, but Caroline had lost Rick to her worst nightmare.

Caroline asked if Rick would let Maya talk to Caroline that way. Maya asked if Caroline saw a ring on his finger. Rick held up his ringless hand, and Maya held up his wedding band, saying, "This belongs to you. Rick doesn't want it anymore." Caroline wouldn't take it, so Maya dropped it.

Caroline picked the ring up off the carpet and told Rick to put it back on his finger. She refused to give up on them, but he turned his back to her. Caroline left, and Maya held Rick from behind. She said she was there for him. Silent tears streamed down his face.

In the CEO's office, Ridge arrived, and Carter congratulated him. Broaching with Carter the subject of Caroline, Ridge said that he'd seen where it had been headed, but he hadn't been able to stop. Carter was aware of what could happen between passionate artists, but he was sure that the strong couples involved would survive. Ridge murmured that Katie wasn't happy with him, and he didn't know if they'd survive. "But, hey, Carter, I'm CEO," Ridge mirthlessly added.

Later, Ridge told an employee that Rick had overstepped in changing a design, and Ridge wanted it changed back. Ridge also wanted decisions steered toward him. Eric listened at the door until the employee left, and when Eric entered, Ridge tried to show him a press release. Ignoring it, Eric told Carter that, later, they needed to discuss the legalities of Eric's stepping down.

Carter took the press release and left. Ridge thanked Eric for having faith in him, and Ridge apologized for what had happened with Rick and Caroline. Ridge was sure that things would be fine after Rick got over the initial shock of it.

Eric tried to make sense of Ridge trying to win Caroline to his side by letting her think he had feelings for her. Ridge described it as more complicated. Ridge and Caroline had each felt something, but they'd stopped it before it had gone too far. In his view, it had been innocent.

Ridge was excited about becoming CEO as soon as the papers were official. He felt he'd been groomed for it for years, and though no one could fill Eric's shoes, Ridge promised not to let Eric down. "But you did, Ridge. You did," Eric gravely responded, referring to kissing Caroline.

Ridge said he'd tried to explain himself, but Rick had run off. Eric didn't want Ridge to badmouth Rick after all that had happened. Ridge claimed not to be doing that, but instead, he was trying to explain something. Eric didn't want explanations. He had something of his own to say.

Eric had agonized over selecting a successor. In the end, Ridge's talents had won out, but Eric wondered if he'd given the talents too much weight. Eric said Forrester's success didn't rest exclusively on designs. He and Stephanie had built the business upon integrity and honesty, and he'd believed that Ridge would lead the same way. "Unfortunately, I no longer feel that way," Eric stated.

Eric reminded Ridge that Eric had reserved the right to change his mind about the leadership, and Eric had decided to exercise that right. Ridge's involvement with Caroline had called into question Ridge's judgment and values, which were qualities that Eric felt necessary in a leader. For that reason, Eric rescinded his decision and announced that Rick would be the CEO.

. . .

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  • Maya urges Rick to take the position.
  • Caroline still blames herself for what happened.
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