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Thursday, May 25, 2017

At his loft, the shirtless Thomas answered his door for Sally. She said it was unfortunate that she'd missed his shower. Thomas suggested that she work on her timing. Sally claimed that she'd tried, but he hadn't been answering her text messages. He explained that it was because he'd been trying to decompress. She asked how his talk with his father had gone.

"It went," Thomas replied. Sally inquired about whether he'd been able to calm the situation down, and Thomas revealed that he'd been fired. He said his father was angry that he'd bailed out Sally and had saved her from prison. It didn't make sense to Sally because Ridge needed Thomas to design, especially after what had happened. Thomas said Ridge had Zende.

Sally wondered if Zende even had design skills. Thomas believed that his cousin had talent but needed some work. Sally asked if Steffy could do anything. He doubted his sister was happy with him at that moment. Sally asked if any of his family was on his side. Thomas replied that R.J. was, and R.J. knew a thing or two about Spectra women.

Sally asked what Thomas would do. Thomas planned to let his father cool off, but he wasn't sure if time would make a difference. Sally felt compelled to ask Thomas if he regretted what he'd done for her. To Thomas, it sounded like she was giving him a way out. She replied that that wasn't her style, but he had to be worried about the choice he'd made.

Thomas claimed that Forresters didn't worry, and Sally asked if it meant he was good. He claimed to always be good when she was around -- but not so much when his family was. Sally said she loved him and didn't want to get between him and his family. She told him that she wouldn't have hard feelings if he pulled his support due to a need to protect his legacy and future. In her eyes, he'd already done enough by just keeping her out of jail.

Thomas stated that he wanted to be accepted by his father, and he'd been trying to figure out what his life meant without Forrester. It was weird to him to say such a thing out loud. Sally said she got it, and it was why she was giving Thomas another option.

Thomas replied that she didn't get it, and he was nothing if not a man of his word. Thomas felt that Bill had robbed Sally of her chance to be a designer, and Thomas intended to keep his word about helping her get her shot.

Sally said she'd never met anyone like Thomas, and he was inspiring to her. Thomas and Sally began kissing. The couple moved onto the bed in the living room and continued to make out.

At Forrester, Julius and Vivienne discussed Nicole's ability to have children. It broke Julius' heart. Vivienne was hopeful that it could happen, but she said adoption was also an option. Though Julius agreed that it was, he recalled that, during Nicole's pregnancy, Zende had seemed to want the child to be his own.

Julius was worried about how it would affect the marriage if Zende couldn't have a child of his own. Vivienne stated that Nicole was probably telling Zende about it at that moment, and Julius replied that it was the first test of the marriage.

Pam and Charlie entered and were surprised that the Avants were there. Vivienne hoped it was okay. Charlie launched into security mode and said it was fine if they'd signed in. Julius said that Nicole had cleared them. Pam reassuringly told Charlie that everyone was following procedures, even Nicole, who was soon to be a mother -- if the rumors Pam had heard were true.

Julius' expression darkened, and Vivienne tried to smile. Pam and Charlie spoke fondly of the Avant sisters and were sure the parents were proud. Pam and Charlie thought it had been remarkable of Nicole to give a child to Maya, and Pam and Charlie seemed thrilled that Nicole was ready to have a child of her own.

Charlie decided to continue his rounds, and Pam left with him. Once Pam and Charlie had gone, Julius said everyone was waiting for the next member of the tribe, who might not arrive.

Julius began to say that he wished something. His wife interrupted, saying she knew the wish was that Nicole hadn't given her only child to Maya. Vivienne believed it had been a gift of love. Julius said it would be the greatest injustice of all if Nicole couldn't have a child of her own.

Julius exclaimed that he hadn't known what he'd been thinking. "Half the time, I don't either," Vivienne quipped. Julius continued, saying that he should have listened to his instincts and fought Nicole more on giving the child away. Vivienne asked what good it was to rehash it. "It's not natural! Her giving her child away to her -- " Julius said and sighed. Vivienne understood his frustration but asserted, "We are not going back there."

Julius believed that if Nicole couldn't have another baby, it would haunt her. "Not to mention what it would do to her marriage," he added. Vivienne believed that Nicole and Zende would work it out. Vivienne stressed that it wasn't Maya's fault or anyone else's. Julius stared hopelessly at his wife.

At Brooke's house, Zende and Nicole sat down to discuss what Dr. Caspary had told Nicole. Zende was convinced that Dr. Caspary's prognosis that Nicole wouldn't conceive was wrong, and they'd prove it later that night. Zende put his arm around Nicole, and she put her head on his shoulder. He was adamant that she wasn't infertile and said Lizzie was proof of it.

Sitting up, Nicole replied that it was what could cause her condition. She elaborated that it was scarring on her uterus from childbirth. Zende refused to accept it. He said there was no way that Nicole had given the only baby she would ever have to her sister. She told him that he couldn't ignore science. Zende said science was fallible.

Wanting to stay positive, Zende pointed out that they were each healthy. He said Nicole had had a baby once, and there was no reason to think she couldn't do it again. Nicole was dubious about it. Zende said that, even if Dr. Caspary's prediction was right, they could look into getting it fixed. He asserted that they would have a baby.

Zende asked Nicole to see that everything was going their way. They'd gotten married, and he'd gotten an incredible design opportunity. He believed that the babies "are gonna come." Just then, they heard Lizzie's babbling through the baby monitor. "The babies are gonna come. What did I tell you?" he said, pointing to the monitor. Zende said it was the sound of their future for many years to come.

Nicole thanked her husband for his positive spin on things. Zende insisted that it was reality, but she asked about the reality that Dr. Caspary had given her. Zende suggested a second opinion and asked if Dr. Caspary had been completely certain about the prognosis. Nicole meekly replied that the doctor hadn't been. "Then there you go," Zende concluded.

Breaking into a smile, Nicole said she'd get a second opinion -- and a third. She didn't feel they could ignore the seriousness of it. Zende reminded Nicole of how determined she could be and cited that she'd been that way with Lizzie's conception. He needed Nicole to have the same attitude about getting pregnant again.

Zende didn't care what any doctor said. He was adamant that he and Nicole would have a family. He refused to accept that God would only give her one child to give away to someone else or punish Nicole for doing something good. He said she'd been an angel to do what she'd done for her sister, and it wouldn't be the only child she'd carry into the world.

Nicole didn't want to disappoint and still had doubts that she might be able to conceive. Zende said there wasn't time for doubts, and uncertainty "has never been us." He asserted that they would have a family. She asked if she wasn't meant to be a mother. He told her that she'd been born for it.

Zende recalled that Nicole believed that love conquered all. He said they had a lot of love, and their future children were waiting for that love to give them life. Zende advised Nicole to be ready because the kids would be upon them before they knew it. Nicole laughed as he imagined the kids running around, screaming, and producing tons of diapers.

Zende believed that sons and daughters were headed their way, and they would have their family. Nicole told Zende that she loved him. He replied that he loved her. They kissed. She laid her head on his shoulder and appeared to still be worried.

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