Friday, January 30, 2015

In the Forrester corridor, Pam advised Donna to at least pretend to work. Donna worriedly paced around and asked Pam where the gun was. Pam didn't know, and the last thing she wanted was to see Rick walking toward her with a revolver in hand.

Donna assured herself that Rick would listen to Brooke. Scoffing, Pam said nobody ever did what Brooke said -- except Donna. Pam believed that Eric was the only solution to the problems because he knew how to handle his sons. Pam said Eric always knew what to do.

Pam pecked away on a keyboard, and Donna asked what Pam was typing. "Our resignations," Pam responded. With things so volatile around there, she wanted herself and Donna to be prepared.

In the CEO's office, Brooke felt that she, more than anyone, had borne the brunt of Rick and Ridge's rivalry, and it gave her the right to end it. Ridge asked if she was really okay with Rick shooting at people. She felt that she had to be in order to end the feud. She decided that no one would call the police, Rick would continue as CEO, and Ridge would deal with it whether he liked it or not.

Ridge said he wouldn't call the police -- if Rick stepped down. Rick told Brooke not to worry because it was probably legal to have a gun range in the basement. Maya warned Rick not to toy around because he could get a slap on the wrist or six months for reckless endangerment. Rick threatened to drag Ridge's dirty laundry out into the public if Ridge went to the police.

Brooke asserted that it wouldn't happen because Ridge wouldn't go to the police. She told Ridge that he owed her for every betrayal and abandonment. Ridge didn't think it was his fault that Rick was traumatized by Brooke's screwed-up sex life. Brooke blamed Ridge for his heartlessness and for his hypocrisy in berating her for being with her sister's husband when he later seduced his brother's wife.

Caroline interjected that no one had seduced her. Brooke bellowed that if Caroline wasn't going to defend her husband, then Brooke didn't want to hear a word from her. Caroline respected Brooke but said Brooke couldn't insert herself into a situation that she didn't understand.

Caroline stated that she and Ridge hadn't had sex, and they hadn't seen each other undressed. She acknowledged that the intimacy that had developed between them had been wrong, but it had been chaste to that very day -- unlike Rick, who'd moved Maya into Caroline's bed hours after Caroline had confessed. Maya insisted that Caroline hadn't confessed; Maya had exposed her.

Caroline said that Maya had told a lie, which Caroline had corrected with the truth. Brooke gleaned that the matter had happened over a misunderstanding and asked Caroline if she wanted Rick back. "I'm listening," Rick responded with an expectant shrug. Caroline rhetorically asked if she wanted a husband who expressed his displeasure with her by shooting at her.

Rick dismissively said Brooke had gotten her answer. Caroline raged that she'd groveled and humiliated herself, and she'd thought it had been worth it when he'd asked her to be back with him. Brooke was surprised to hear that Rick had asked Caroline back. Caroline explained that it had been a ruse to trick Eric into signing the papers, and all along, Rick had had Maya stashed away in a condo.

Maya said that she loved Rick, and she'd tried to do what he'd asked of her. Brooke asked what had changed from the last time Maya had broken Rick's heart to be with Carter. Maya didn't care if she made a fool of herself, as long as she was able to be the best partner and wife for Rick.

Brooke asked Caroline to answer the earlier question. Shrugging, Caroline stated that love hadn't been enough for Rick, who'd served her with divorce papers. She refused to keep hoping and hurting herself again and again. Caroline announced that she was done.

Brooke dismissed Ridge, who, in her view, could not be part of the solution. Ridge was humored by her belief that she should be involved. He noted that she'd finally gotten Bill to give up on her, but Rick had turned into an even bigger tyrant than Bill. Maya charged Ridge with being disrespectful. "Why are you speaking when I'm speaking? And why are you still here?" Ridge asked Maya.

Brooke decreed that Maya would stay. Ridge quipped that it was good parenting for Brooke to let Rick lead her around by the nose. Ridge left, but as Caroline began to follow him, Brooke asked her to stay. Caroline closed the door and turned to listen to Brooke.

Brooke claimed that when she'd been young, lost, and panicked, she'd made mistakes that had inevitably caused Rick's adult pain. She said Rick believed that she blamed Ridge, so Rick blamed Ridge, too. Brooke felt responsible, and she had to find a way out of the mess.

Brooke said she thought that Maya was sincere and that Maya believed her own words; however, Maya's actions belied her. Brooke told Maya that Rick would stay in his marriage. Behind Brooke, Caroline shook her head. Brooke told Rick that he was going to forgive Caroline.

Rick said he'd tried, but Brooke ordered him to make it work. She noted that Rick still called Caroline his wife. Brooke remarked upon the erratic way Rick had tossed his wife away for being tempted by a man that he hated and the erratic way he'd shacked up with a woman who coveted his status.

Maya claimed it wasn't like that, but Brooke ignored the statement as she remarked about Rick shooting up the place. Brooke believed that Rick's anger was crippling him, and he had to let it go in order to be happy and free. Cupping his face, Brooke said everyone could see that he still loved Caroline. Brooke asked him to take the first steps by telling Caroline that he forgave her, that he loved her, and that he wanted her back.

At Spencer, Liam was certain Rick would drive Forrester off a cliff. Bill guessed that Liam was concerned that HFTF would suffer. Liam wasn't concerned about that. His concern was for Caroline, who Rick was grinding down to a bloody pulp. Liam believed that, with Caroline designing, he could run the company and put Rick out to pasture.

"That's my boy, leaping into action for a damsel in distress!" the proud Bill said. Bill stated that Liam had to be eating red meat or impersonating "a cold-hearted bastard just to butter me up."

Liam needed Bill's Forrester stock to make a move. Bill said twelve and a half percent wouldn't get Liam anywhere. Liam replied that he knew of another source of stock -- in fact -- he'd been married to it. Bill started to see how the plan could work by enlisting Steffy, Forrester's sleeping giant.

Liam remarked that Steffy had always resented Brooke's influence at the company. Bill said Brooke was back, and he'd seen her. Liam asked how it had gone and pondered the possibility of Brooke reining Rick in. Bill saw little chance of it. "That kid plays Brooke like a freaking violin," Bill added.

Bill asked when Liam would go to Paris, but Liam said that Steffy's social media posts indicated that she was in town. Bill ribbed Liam for still "following" Steffy. Liam turned on his phone and the charm to call Steffy and to say she'd crept into town without calling him. He asked her to visit him, and she seemed surprised. She guessed he wanted her to go to his place and seemed hesitant about it.

After the call, Bill wondered what Steffy would expect. Liam said she knew he wouldn't jerk her around, because no matter the bad times, they'd always been friends. As Liam headed out the door, Bill announced that he was proud of his son. Liam smiled and left.

At the cliff house later, Steffy strode up to the front door. She hesitated, and music played as she flashed back to her happy times with Liam. She shook off her memories and knocked on the door. Liam answered. "Cha-Cha-Cha," she uttered, and he hugged her.

Entering the house, Steffy learned that Liam had tracked her down through her social media accounts. She said she'd occasionally visit friends or attend invents in the city, but she wouldn't always tell Ridge she was there. Liam asked if she and Ridge were still talking. Glancing away conspicuously, Steffy remarked that she'd heard from Hope at least, but there were subjects the pair didn't broach.

Steffy asked if Liam had missed her, and Liam asked how he couldn't miss her. She noted that his place hadn't changed much. He said that he sometimes reminisced about "all the bedtime stories." Steffy told him that she'd never replaced the motorcycle, and he said it was good to see her. She felt good to see him, too. Shaking off emotions, she asked what he'd wanted to talk about.

Liam didn't know what Steffy had heard about the inmates running the Forrester asylum. Steffy said that Paris and Los Angeles were a mouse-click away from each other. She had no use for Rick, who she'd heard had moved his mistress into the mansion. Liam said it was worse. Steffy guessed he meant her father and Caroline. Steffy didn't want to judge anything without talking to Ridge.

Steffy hated the whispering at International. It reminded her of when Brooke had run the company. Liam believed that Steffy should be running the company because she'd been the one to get it from Bill. Chuckling, she wondered who else remembered that. Liam doubted Forrester would survive.

Liam noted that Bill's, Thomas', and her stock combined equaled thirty percent. "Liam," Steffy uttered in a naughty tone. He asked if he'd surprised her. She said he'd always been a daily surprise. He figured that had been tiring, but she replied that she'd never tired of it.

Liam asked what she thought of getting control that no one could take away. Liam was sure that he and Steffy could make it happen.

. . .

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