Tuesday, August 19, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge admired Hope for the Future designs. Katie entered, and Ridge told her that Caroline was a good designer. He added that he had designs in his head, but his hand wouldn't draw them. He held his head, and Katie handed him a glass of water to take some prescription medication on his desk.

Katie asked how he felt, and he shook his head. Katie reminded Ridge that his recovery had gone well so far, and she knew how frustrated he was that he could not draw. Katie promised that his skills would return, but Ridge was not convinced. He noted that it was the most important thing to him. "It's still in there," she said. "You're getting closer."

Brooke called and interrupted. She said that she was proofing copy at home. She asked if Ridge had new graphics he wanted her to use, and Ridge angrily said he did not. Brooke apologized for interrupting him, and Ridge hung up.

At the warehouse where Quinn lived, Quinn told Deacon that they were going to be partners in getting Brooke for Deacon and Bill for Quinn. Deacon told her she was crazy. Quinn said they had to work a little harder. Quinn had decided to visit Ridge. She added that Ridge would help them because he hated Bill and didn't want Brooke to marry him.

Deacon laughed, but Quinn suggested that Deacon needed to have faith in families. Bill, Wyatt, and Quinn were a family, and Brooke, Deacon, and Hope were a family. "It's our job as Americans to help them remember," Quinn said. She left to visit Forrester.

Outside Ridge's office, Charlie, Oliver, Pam, and Aly decided on names for a medieval song. Pam answered the phone for Ridge and told the caller that Ridge could not be disturbed. Aly asked about Ridge and said that Ridge had been grumpy and had never returned to his former personality after the accident.

Suddenly, Quinn walked by, and Pam stopped her. Charlie advised Pam to leave the building, but Quinn said she needed to talk to Ridge. No one stopped her. Quinn pushed past everyone. In Ridge's office, she apologized for startling Ridge. She said she hadn't meant any harm to him. Ridge wondered why she was not in a medical facility. She said her therapy had gone well, and part of it meant she had to make amends for the damage she had done.

Quinn eyed a prescription bottle on Ridge's desk, and she noted the discarded designs in and around the wastebasket. Ridge asked what Quinn wanted. She said that she wanted to tell Ridge how sorry she was about what had happened to him. Quinn worried that Brooke might still marry Bill. Ridge said that he knew what she wanted: Bill.

Ridge told Quinn to get out. Ridge added that Bill Spencer and Quinn were perfect for each other. Aly entered and reminded Ridge that he had to meet Katie for lunch. Ridge advised Charlie to escort Quinn away from Forrester. Ridge left.

Charlie waited for Quinn to leave the office. She exited, but she told him she had forgotten her purse. Charlie let her reenter the office, and he did not follow her. Quinn grabbed her purse and some of the sketches that Ridge had thrown in the trash can. She left.

Later, at lunch with Katie, Ridge shared that Quinn had visited him at the office. Katie wondered if Quinn wanted her job back. Ridge said that he thought Quinn wanted Ridge to muscle Bill out of Brooke's life. Ridge wondered if Katie thought that Brooke would forgive Bill and marry him. Katie said she didn't know.

Katie added that Ridge should tell Brooke about the temporary loss of his drawing skills. Katie reminded him that it was temporary. Ridge worried that it was more than that. Ridge demanded that Katie not tell anyone about his lack of drawing skills.

At Brooke's, Deacon entered. Brooke wanted him to leave at first, but she invited him in. She told him that she and Bill had planned a reception for Hope and Wyatt after they returned from their honeymoon. Deacon assumed he was uninvited, but Brooke said that Hope would want him there. Brooke insisted that Deacon respect that Bill was Wyatt's father and Hope's father-in-law. Deacon wondered if Bill would respect Deacon.

Brooke turned away. Deacon reminded Brooke of what they'd shared together. He added that they could be together again. He noted that Bill had done despicable things. Brooke said that they had all done unforgiveable things and moved on.

Deacon wasn't sure that Hope would forgive Bill. "Don't blame me for wanting what I wanted before," he said. He added that he still remembered the way Brooke felt under his hands. Brooke looked away.

At Quinn's place, she and Deacon discussed their respective visits with Ridge and Brooke. Quinn said that Ridge was arrogant, dismissive, sexist, and rude. But she added that he did hate Bill, and he was taking medication. Quinn and Deacon noted that Ridge had taken a pretty bad fall that had resulted in memory loss.

Quinn pulled some of Ridge's sketches out of her purse. Deacon noted that they looked like R.J.'s art projects. Quinn remarked that Ridge had lost his design skills. She smiled.

. . .

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