Thursday, October 23, 2014

At the sky lounge, Carter noticed that Maya was anxious to find out whom Eric had picked as CEO. Maya stated that she was excited to see Rick achieve his goals because he'd wanted the position for a long time. Carter was confident that Eric would pick Ridge, not Rick, but Carter could see it on Maya's face that she'd stir up trouble for Caroline and Ridge if Rick didn't get the job.

Maya asserted that she knew for certain that Ridge and Caroline were involved. Carter said that Maya was blowing up an innocent sign of affection, but she insisted that the hug she'd seen hadn't been innocent. She was glad she'd told Rick about it, so he wouldn't be blindsided.

Carter remarked that Maya never stopped digging, and Maya asked how he could know her but still term her a gold-digger. "By your actions now, not then," he responded. Carter didn't know if the Maya of the past had been real. She guessed she was learning how much she'd hurt him, and he replied that it had been better to break things off before one of them had been unable to keep her vows.

Maya claimed that she'd really wanted to marry Carter. She'd really thought she'd been over Rick and moving on with the wonderful Carter; however, while planning the wedding, she'd begun to discover what she really wanted, and it hadn't had to do with Rick's money.

Maya doubted that ignoring her heart so would have been good for either of them. Being with Carter hadn't been a mistake for Maya. Instead, her time with him had been sweet. Carter agreed, and she asked him to try to remember that whenever he thought the worst of her. She wanted him to be her friend. Carter replied that it was a tall order, and she said she could wait.

After some time in silence, Maya began to speak. "So, friend, have you heard? The dream team split up," she said. Maya was sure that the pair was running from their attraction. Carter displayed concern about Maya, who was making something out of nothing and becoming crazy in her obsession.

Maya insisted that the designers were having an affair -- an emotional one if not a physical one. Because she refused to let Caroline make a fool of Rick, Maya was tempted to call Caroline out at the meeting that day. Carter warned against making baseless accusations. Maya stated that she knew what she'd seen, and Rick and Katie deserved to know about Ridge and Caroline's involvement.

At Katie's house, Katie noted that it was a big day for Ridge, who'd take his rightful place as the CEO of Forrester. Ridge admired her confidence. She said his design skills had returned, and though the collaboration had been good, it was time to move on with their lives. He tonelessly agreed.

For luck, Katie fastened a leather strap on Ridge's wrist. She believed that he'd get the job because he was the designer, and Rick would just have to deal with that. Katie asked if Rick had picked up on Caroline's crush on Ridge. Ridge said there was nothing to pick up on or discuss, and it was time to move on. Katie added that they'd move on to bigger and better things. In her view, Eric had made the right choice in Ridge as the CEO.

Later, Katie was working on colors for the guest bedroom when Donna arrived. Pam had told Donna to take a long lunch, and Donna guessed Pam had her ear pressed to the door of the CEO's office. Donna remarked that once Ridge became CEO, Katie would see a lot less of him. "If you think Caroline monopolized his time, just wait and see what this job does," Donna said.

Katie became hesitant but then admitted that Caroline had developed a "bit of a crush" on Ridge. Donna asked if it was serious. Katie called it "moderate-to-mild." Katie conveyed that Ridge had talked to Caroline, and the feelings had ended along with the collaboration. Katie said Rick didn't know about it, and she thanked God that he didn't have to.

In Rick's office, Caroline thought of Ridge. Rick entered and announced that it was the day that everything changed. "Will it be me, or will it be Ridge?" Rick asked. He felt that it was a real turning point for him and Caroline, who were in it together like Stephanie and Eric.

Rick asked if Caroline was up for it. As they held each other's hands against their chests, she affirmed that it was their dream. She never wanted Rick to doubt that he could always count upon her. He asked why he'd doubt her. She claimed to be flighty but said her feet were planted firmly by his side. "Nothing and no one could ever change that," she added, and as Caroline and Rick kissed, Ridge observed them from outside the door.

When Ridge entered, Rick joked that Ridge was there to concede. Ridge quipped that it was the only way Rick would get the job. Caroline and Ridge exchanged curt greetings, and Rick stated that he was glad Ridge's skills had returned because Rick would need Caroline's full support as soon as Eric named Rick CEO. Ridge thought Rick should brace himself for disappointment.

Rick didn't believe he'd need to. Ridge said he'd always valued Rick's talents, and there was no reason they couldn't work together. Rick thought it was big of Ridge to say, but Ridge needed to reverse the scenario. Rick said he had Caroline, his partner for life, and they were a team just like Eric and Stephanie. Serious that time, Rick advised Ridge to concede.

In Eric's office, Eric stared at family pictures as Hope talked about getting HFTF's summer line together. She noticed his distraction and assured him that he'd made the right decision. Eric stated that one of his sons would be happy, and the other would be incredibly disappointed.

Hope believed that, after a while, the son not chosen would make peace with the decision. Eric wanted a strategy in place to deal with rumors and the press. Hope agreed, saying that they needed to take any opportunity to preempt gossip.

As Hope took a call, Ivy arrived to see how Eric was feeling about the day's announcement. Eric was still concerned about the son not chosen, but Ivy said it was a business decision based upon Eric looking out for the business. Hope cut an icy look at Ivy as Eric chuckled about Ivy being practical.

Ivy felt that Eric was the fairest person she knew, and his decision was the way forward. Ivy hugged Eric and asked if he was ready. "Yes, Miss Forrester," Eric replied, and Hope looked at them again. Smiling, Eric added, "Let's do this."

Later, employees gathered in the CEO's office. Maya let Rick know that she was on his team. She said he was the best man for the job and the best man she'd ever known. Caroline's Maya radar popped up, and Caroline rejoined her husband to ask what the conversation with Maya was about.

Rick said Maya was lending her support to them, and Maya corrected that she supported Rick. Maya asked who Caroline supported, Rick or -- "what is Ridge to you these days, anyways?" Maya asked.

Eric called the meeting to order. Caroline squeezed Rick's hand but also stole a glance at Ridge. Eric announced that he planned to follow his brother's lead and find a balance in life. Eric wanted to get out and do things, or sometimes he'd do nothing at all. He wasn't stepping down. He'd still be designing, mentoring, and watching over them all; however, he was ready to hand Forrester over to its future.

It hadn't been an easy choice for Eric, who'd sought advice from people within the company and from people outside of it. Eric said that Ridge had given his talent and dedication for years and years. Eric believed that Ridge was the best designer in the world, as proven by the collaboration with Caroline, whose real partner was Rick.

Eric believed that Rick had grown by leaps and bounds, and Forrester had benefited from the expertise Rick had gained from Forrester International. Eric said that Rick had had the good sense to marry a wonderful woman who complimented him on every level.

Eric was proud of both of his sons, who were each qualified and gifted. Those very things made Eric's choice difficult, but he vowed to make certain that Rick and Ridge functioned as partners and brothers. "Now, having said that, the new CEO of Forrester Creations is..." Eric began to announce.

. . .

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