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Thursday, April 27, 2017

In the design office, Coco faced the dilemma of possibly sending her sister to prison if she told the truth about the Spectra design theft. R.J. said Sally might not get convicted. His words didn't soothe Coco, who didn't know if she could help put her sister in prison.

R.J. knew he was putting Coco in a difficult position, but he said Sally had also put Coco in the position by committing the crime. Coco asked what he'd do in her shoes. R.J. said that, as tough as it would be, he'd tell the truth and sign the statement. Coco became visibly upset. He told her that he had to look out for her future -- for their future. He completely trusted her, but he said that his family also had to trust that she was loyal.

R.J. was sorry. He could see that it was tearing Coco up. Coco replied that he was just doing what his family had asked. He believed that it was the right call and best thing for her. She said it wasn't for her sister, and she'd be signing her sister's future away and destroying Spectra.

R.J. stated that Sally might just have to pay a fine and owe damages. Coco asked what money Sally would use for it. Coco added that it could also be much worse than monetary damages. He assured Coco that he'd support her no matter what. R.J. didn't want to pressure her, but he said that if she decided to do it, he'd make sure she could return to Forrester.

R.J. wanted nothing more than to be with Coco. Coco said that working there had been the best experience of her life. Meeting R.J. had made it even better. R.J. said there was no reason she shouldn't be there, and she shouldn't have to pay for her family's crimes. Coco agreed that Sally and Grams had been wrong, but Coco didn't know if she could do what the Forresters wanted.

Coco didn't believe that Sally, who'd looked out for Coco, was a terrible person. Coco said her sister had made just one terrible mistake. R.J. replied that her sister loved her but had betrayed her. Coco didn't think she could forgive Sally for it, but the thought of Sally in jail was a lot.

Coco began sobbing and said it was too much pressure. She became hysterical because she wanted the job and R.J., but she couldn't stand the thought of testifying against Sally.

R.J. hugged Coco and comforted her. Once she'd calmed down, she said it felt good to be in his arms and to know he didn't hate her. He said he never could.

Coco felt like an enemy at Forrester. She said the people were nice, but they eyed her as if wondering what she was doing. R.J. replied that they didn't know her like he did. Coco stated that she couldn't change who she was, and being a Spectra would always be a part of her. R.J. stated that he didn't want her to change. He liked her as she was.

Coco figured R.J. would be the only person she'd have after "this." R.J. advised her not to do anything she wasn't comfortable with, but whatever happened, they'd go through it together. He said it was the right thing to do, and he knew she knew it.

At Spencer, Wyatt joked that Bill's "girlfriend" was being neglected. Bill stroked his model skyscraper and vowed that, someday, "she" would be his. Talk turned to the real woman in Bill's life, and Bill remarked that he still wanted to know what Ridge had done. Bill figured it had to be bad to make Brooke call off the wedding, and Bill was determined to find out what it had been.

Bill thought he should change his nickname to "the Great Spencerini" because he'd predicted that the bonehead would screw up with Brooke. Wyatt stated that Brooke probably hadn't told Bill what had happened for a good reason. Bill thought it was because Brooke didn't want him to knock Ridge out. Wyatt reasoned that it might be to protect R.J.

Bill said it wasn't as if he'd plaster it all over his magazines and Internet sites. He claimed he knew how to be discreet. Wyatt scoffed and asked, "Since when?" Bill replied that it would be since right then. He said he wouldn't run with it -- for the moment. "There he is," Wyatt replied. Bill said he'd be crazy not to use something like that, and whatever Ridge had done could be pretty useful.

Wyatt wondered if the breakup had had anything to do with Caroline. Bill said he'd already called her, and she hadn't talked to Ridge in months. Wyatt asked Bill to say he hadn't hired a private investigator. "Not yet," Bill replied. Wyatt warned Bill not to go to a dark place. Bill stated that it was about Ridge's dark, cheating track record.

Wyatt guessed Ridge had flirted with a model. Bill believed it was deeper than that because it had hurt Brooke to her core. Wyatt asked what other women worked at Forrester. Wyatt named Maya but said she was married. Wyatt said it being Ivy would be weird, and Nicole was newly married. Wyatt named his mother. Bill contemplated it but concluded that Ridge and Quinn hated each other.

Bill believed the incident had happened in Australia. Wyatt guessed the other woman had to be Katie. Bill balked at the idea, but Wyatt said Ridge and Katie had been involved before. Bill stated that the two had read poetry in the park, and Ridge had put a red string on Katie's finger. Bill didn't call something like that "involved," and he said Katie and Ridge were in a good place.

Wyatt thought it could be a fan. "What fans? The guy makes dresses!" Bill exclaimed. Wyatt figured it could be a waitress or hotel guest, but Bill might never know and should let it go. Bill stated that it could have been someone at the hotel. Wyatt sighed and said the point was that Bill had Brooke back and had a chance to get the life Bill wanted.

Bill said he got it, but he had to have an ace in the hole. Bill wanted leverage and said Ridge had something he didn't want anyone to know. Wyatt replied that Bill needed to drop it because it could only ruin things with Brooke.

In Brooke's kitchen, Ridge filled Brooke in on the developments about the design theft. Brooke approved of filing a civil suit, but she thought fifteen years of jail time for Sally was extreme. Ridge said it was the worst-case scenario, and they needed a sworn statement from an insider. She gleaned it was why Ridge was having R.J. speak with Coco.

Tapping the ring on her finger, Ridge noted that Brooke was still wearing that thing. He asked if R.J. had seen it yet. Brooke said R.J. hadn't, but he had his own life and would understand. "Spencer? Really?" Ridge asked. Brooke said it was about love and respect, and she felt she deserved to be treated better and to be honored.

Ridge agreed and added that he'd messed up. Brooke asserted that she was through playing games, but Ridge wasn't. Brooke said she needed a man who'd be loyal to her. Ridge asked if that man was Bill Spencer. Brooke affirmed it.

Not wanting to talk about Bill with Ridge, Brooke switched the topic to Katie working at Forrester. Brooke asked if Eric didn't think anything of Quinn wanting to work with Katie on Quinn's beloved jewelry line. Ridge reasoned that with Ivy out of town, it made sense. Brooke was happy for her sister but didn't know how she felt about everything else.

Ridge appreciated Brooke not saying anything to Eric. Brooke hoped it was the right decision. Ridge replied that it was, and there was no reason to hurt Eric. She hoped Quinn and Ridge had meant it when they'd said nothing further would happen. Ridge asserted that they did. Brooke added that it was the only reason she wasn't saying anything.

Brooke knew it sounded crazy, but she really believed Quinn loved Eric and was good for him. Ridge stated that he'd been reckless and foolish, but it was over. Brooke believed that Ridge had learned his lesson and wouldn't go after his father's wife. Ridge said he wouldn't, but he wanted to know something. "If you believe me, why can't you forgive me?" he asked.

Ridge told Brooke to forget about Bill and give Ridge another chance. He asked her to think of all the years they'd spent together and things they'd gone through before Bill had even been around. Brooke grinned.

A song with the lyrics "our love is a journey" played over a montage of Brooke and Ridge since his return from Paris. Ridge said he was guilty of having an ego and flirting with disaster. He asserted that he wasn't guilty of loving Quinn, because he didn't. He said he loved only Brooke.

A tear streamed down Brooke's face. Ridge asked Brooke not to marry Spencer and to give Ridge one more chance. "Just one more," he uttered.

Bill entered and asked what was going on there. Bill said that Fido could beg all he wanted, but Bill's ring was on Brooke's finger. Ridge said it was the ugliest ring he'd ever seen. Bill wasn't offended, stating that he'd seen Ridge's designs.

Bill asked what Ridge had done to make Brooke go from wanting to marry him to dumping him. Ridge said it wasn't Bill's concern. Bill stated that he'd warned Brooke, and Bill intended to find out exactly what Ridge had done. Brooke asked Bill to stop. Bill said Ridge had hurt her, and Bill planned to expose Ridge for it. Bill suggested that Ridge just say what he'd done.

Ridge refused to tell Bill anything. Bill derided Ridge for being on the verge of "destiny," only to be reduced to begging on his knees. Bill concluded that Brooke had been horrified by whatever it had been. Brooke said that it was enough. She had a call to make and asked if she could leave the men alone. She decided Ridge should leave, but Bill said they'd be fine.

Brooke gave Bill a mindful look and exited. Ridge said that Bill had some nerve, and whatever had happened between Ridge and Brooke wasn't Bill's business. Bill replied that Brooke was his fiancée. Ridge predicted that Bill wouldn't marry her. Bill vowed to dig and dig until he got to the bottom of what Ridge had done, and he'd then expose Ridge's dirty little secret.

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