Friday, July 22, 2016

In Bill's office, Brooke demanded that Bill give Will to Katie. Bill asked if Brooke really trusted her nephew to Katie, and he asked if Katie really trusted herself with the child. Bill couldn't, and he advised Katie to use the time as a chance to get herself together. Brooke called it kidnapping. Bill said to stop with the melodrama because it was parenting and protecting Will, not kidnapping.

Katie threatened that "we" would get lawyers involved, the police, and the media. Not the least bit concerned, Bill welcomed going to court and putting her erratic behavior on record. He wanted a judge to order her to get help. Brooke declared that it wouldn't go to court, and it would end that day.

Bill admired how the Logan girls stuck together, but he felt Brooke needed to see it from his perspective. Katie and Brooke insisted that it was kidnapping to take her son without her permission. Katie claimed that being Will's father didn't matter, and it was kidnapping. Katie seethed that Wyatt and Liam's mothers had known better than to trust Bill and had kept Bill away from "their" sons.

Bill replied that Katie had no idea what she was talking about; however, because she actually believed herself, she should have no problem understanding why he was shielding his son from a woman incapable of mothering Will. Bill noted that Katie was unstable, barely able to care for herself. He asked how she'd care for a little boy. Bill believed she'd one day see his action as an act of kindness and someday thank him for protecting "our son."

Katie called Bill insane and said he knew she wouldn't hurt her son. Bill didn't think it would be intentional, but she could pass out drunk while Will was running around. Katie screamed that she hadn't been alone with Will, and Bill had been there. She claimed it didn't matter because she was no longer drinking. Bill said it was for the moment. He asked what it would be the next day and the next.

"Come on. You know that one day you're drinking; the next day you're not. One day you're seemingly stable, the next day you're coming completely unhinged," Bill stated. Katie blamed her drinking on Bill, claiming that it was because she'd known he was betraying her when he was trying to convince her that she delusional. Brooke agreed, saying that Bill couldn't call Katie unstable because he'd caused it. "Brooke. What are you doing?" Bill asked.

Bill felt that Brooke should know better than anyone that Katie was basing her issues on being victimized. Bill became frustrated as Brooke said they'd been terrible at the lies and denial and Katie had seen right through them. Brooke was convinced that their lies and denials had caused it. Brooke said they were done, and she'd never look at Bill the same way after he'd taken Will from Katie.

Brooke figured Will was scared to death. Bill stated that the child was fine and thought his mother was on vacation. Brooke asked Bill not to drag Will through a custody battle. Brooke claimed that Will needed both parents, even if they weren't under the same roof and couldn't repair their relationship. She claimed she'd say the same if Katie was doing it to him.

Bill said he didn't want to take the child; in a perfect world, he and Katie could share custody, and Will wouldn't know any animosity. Bill pointed out that, on top of the drinking and instability, Katie had threatened to take Will from Bill and deny Bill custody, which Bill would never allow. Brooke replied that taking Will first just made Bill the bad guy.

Brooke said Bill knew what would happen if Katie called the police, and Katie threatened to do it if she had to. Brooke knew Bill was confident that he could get a judge to declare Katie as unfit, but Bill would be arrested and lose parental rights. Brooke said it was Bill's chance to make it right before there was no turning back and claimed Will would suffer for the rest of his life if Bill didn't give Will to Katie.

Bill told Katie that he wanted what was best for her and Will. To Bill, Brooke had made some good points. He decided to take a degree of responsibility for her drinking, but he was still concerned about her, which made him still concerned about Will.

Bill decided that Katie needed to continue with the therapist. Katie readily nodded. He said he'd be in constant contact with the nanny and house staff. Bill would watch Katie like a hawk. "One drink, one moment of weakness, and we will be right back here -- and next time -- " Bill was saying. Katie cut him off, stating there wouldn't be a next time. "I promise. I promise," she tearfully said.

Bill picked up the phone to tell someone to get Will and to take him there. The three waited around, and Alison entered with Will. Bill smiled as Katie and Will hugged each other. Katie told Will that mommy was home.

At Quinn's place, Quinn suggested that Wyatt be romantic with Steffy on the trip. Wyatt said the vibe would be different with Liam there. Quinn added that Eric would be there, too, and Monte Carlo was romantic. Wyatt had to leave because the crew was flying out that day. Before he left, he asked Quinn to be good and not do anything while he was gone.

In Eric's office, Eric considered going to Monte Carlo. Steffy suggested that he invite his girlfriend. Eric agreed to go, but he said it was too early to invite his lady friend or to call the friend his girlfriend. Liam entered in time to hear that Eric would join them on the trip.

Wyatt arrived as Eric was leaving to prepare for the trip. At the door, Wyatt felt the need to apologize for his mother sneaking into Forrester and said he'd do all he could to make sure Quinn wouldn't cause problems for Eric.

Later, Eric called Quinn from the jet as he awaited the others. He said he wouldn't see her for a few days because he was on his way to the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo. Quinn remarked that Steffy and Wyatt were going, too, and Eric said he was flying with them. Quinn flirted with him about returning with something he could rip off her, and Eric said he couldn't wait.

After the call, Liam arrived on the jet. He felt that a drink would help him deal with the flight. Liam couldn't believe that Wyatt was living Liam's life with Steffy due to Quinn, but Liam figured that Eric would say Liam and Steffy had been on the rocks anyway. Eric couldn't comment on Steffy and Liam's relationship, but he could say that Quinn had been wrong to interfere.

Liam said it was what Quinn did, and it would continue. Liam was sure Quinn would strike again, and the only silver lining Liam could hope for was that it pushed Steffy back to him, where she belonged.

Later, everyone had arrived, and Eric handed out glasses of Champagne. The four toasted to the trip, and Steffy decided they needed pictures. Eric wanted to take pictures of Wyatt, Liam, and Steffy, but Liam slipped out of the frame, claiming to have a bad hair day. He grimaced as the others took photos.

Back at Quinn's place, Quinn told Deacon that she was going on a trip. She said that while she packed, Deacon needed to find her a flight. "Oh, Quinn," Deacon murmured.

As Quinn packed, Deacon asked the Lord to explain how the intelligent Quinn could be so naïve. Quinn said Eric would be alone in a romantic city, and she needed to be with him. It was her "Grace Kelly moment," in her eyes. Deacon asked her to think of the marriage she'd worked so hard to give Wyatt, but Quinn replied that she had to think of herself at some point.

Deacon went to get the charger because the laptop battery had died. Quinn imagined arriving in Monte Carlo and hugging Eric. "Monte Carlo, here I come," she said to herself.

. . .

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