Friday, July 3, 2015

Somewhere in Los Angeles, a man accepted cash from a woman and gave her a map to the stars. On the map, she quickly located Eric Forrester's house and address.

At the Forrester mansion, Zende and Nicole helped Oliver conduct a poolside photo shoot with Maya. Caroline arrived, and everyone cheered for her because she was walking in regular shoes. Steffy asked when Ridge would arrive, and Caroline said his flight wouldn't get in until that night.

Ivy, Wyatt, Carter, and Caroline watched from the landing above the pool as Steffy strutted her stuff before the camera. Wyatt studied the insecure look on Ivy's face as Oliver roped Liam into taking pictures with Steffy on the diving board. Sickened by the fleshly display at the pool, Aly, wearing a long-sleeved prairie dress, stalked into the house through the kitchen.

Eric and Brooke were inside, cooking with the colonial-dressed Charlie and Pam. Aly complained about Maya still being the face of Forrester. Charlie asked why Aly wasn't dressed for the colonial reenactment they planned to go to later and asked if she'd invite Oliver. Aly grumbled that Oliver was too busy taking pictures of Steffy and Maya in their bikinis.

Aly moped back to the pool area just as Oliver was telling Steffy that it was nice to work with her again. Walking off, Steffy greeted Aly, and Oliver tried to kiss Aly. She jerked back and reprimanded him for the way he'd been looking at Steffy in her bikini. Confused, Oliver said she'd never complained about him working with beautiful women before. "She is disgusting and filthy!" Aly asserted and stormed off.

From the balcony, Steffy entered the house and approached Ivy in the foyer. Ivy complimented Steffy on her photo shoot, and Steffy said she wanted them to get along. Ivy replied that it was a good idea because they worked together. Steffy added that they were family, too.

Aly saw her cousins talking and scowled. Liam and Wyatt entered from the balcony, and Wyatt noted that the "beauties" were talking together. Liam said it was nice to see Steffy and Ivy getting along. "Yeah, why not? They each have a Spencer," Wyatt concluded.

Ivy went to the kitchen, and Aly followed her and lit into her for playing nice with Steffy, who was stealing Ivy's man. Ivy said she and Liam were merely dating. Aly claimed that they'd been married. Ivy made it clear that she shouldn't have asked Liam to marry her, and he loved Steffy. Aly corrected that he lusted after Steffy as any man would lust after a woman running around in her underwear.

Aly called Steffy a tramp, but Ivy believed there was more to Steffy. "All there is with her is just sex, sex, sex!" Aly exclaimed. Aly thought it was bad enough that they had to put up with Rick and Maya. Aly believed that everyone had their breaking point, and she warned that she was reaching hers.

Aly was livid at the way Oliver had been checking Steffy out, but Ivy dismissed it as Oliver being a photographer. Aly ranted that Ridge was supposed to save them from "Rick and that awful Maya." Aly hated Maya, but Ivy didn't think Aly meant it. Aly replied that Ivy knew how Maya had treated them.

Aly said Maya had hidden her past from Rick until he'd proposed. Ivy said it hadn't happened that way. "That's not right. She is not right!" Aly declared. Ivy told Aly that was enough.

Pam entered and asked if everything was okay in there. She told her grand nieces to go to the living room, where Eric wanted everyone to gather.

In the living room, Eric announced that he had a few things to say to everyone. He said it was his house, so he got to do that. He told them that independence wasn't a gift; it was something that their forefathers had fought for. He conveyed that they had life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He was glad they had incorporated the ideas into the new line.

Aly said freedom didn't mean taking off one's clothes so that everyone could gawk at one's body. Eric stated that it wasn't a debate, and everyone respected Aly's differing opinion. "Steffy doesn't. Look at her," Aly rejoined. Eric said it was enough, and they weren't there to judge each other. He concluded his speech with a toast to the holiday.

After Eric's speech, Wyatt said there was never a dull moment at a Forrester party. Carter asked Caroline how she felt about her freedom from walkers. She said she wouldn't be there without Ridge.

Nicole approached Rick and Maya and asked when they'd eat the cake. Rick warned her not to prematurely touch the cake he'd made. There was a knock at the front door. Rick opened it and asked if he could help the woman on the other side. Maya's face blanched, and Nicole hurried to the door.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Nicole asked. Maya went to the door, and the sisters and Rick went onto the porch. Rick reached his hand out to greet Vivienne Avant, but she just stared at it.

Vivienne said their father had sent her. Maya asked what their father wanted from them, and her mother said, "From you, nothing." Rick tried to invite Vivienne inside, but Maya prohibited it. Vivienne said that, for once, she and Maya agreed on something. Vivienne told Nicole to get her things because Vivienne was taking Nicole home, so Maya wouldn't brainwash her.

Inside, Wyatt pointed out that Ivy and Liam were no longer married but dating, and so were Liam and Steffy. Ivy folded her arms over her chest as Liam asked about Steffy and Wyatt. Wyatt draped his arm around Steffy and said they'd never been married. Liam noted that they'd never been on a date, either. "Not yet," Wyatt stated. The four decided that the company was depending upon them, and they'd work in peace and with cooperation. "With a little competition," Wyatt added.

Across the room, Aly rolled her eyes at the foursome of Ivy, Liam, Wyatt, and Steffy. Oliver tried to hand her a plate, but Aly didn't want to eat. He offered to reschedule his Milan shoot to spend time with her, but she didn't want him to. He suggested that she loosen up and enjoy the party. She snapped that doing so didn't mean taking off her clothes. Oliver asked what she expected everyone to wear in summer -- "turtlenecks?" Aly said she wanted to be alone, and Oliver walked off.

Aly braced herself by a mirror and saw Darla appear. Aly noticed that Darla's "sunshine" was fading and figured it was because of Maya and Steffy. Aly asked why the women had to always win. Darla's hair and aura turned black. Darla said that Steffy's mother had killed Darla.

"An eye for an eye. Retribution," Darla seethed. Aly looked bitterly at Steffy. "I know what you're thinking. Do it, Aly. Do it!" the voice said, and Aly glared, quaking with tears and anger.

. . .

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