Tuesday, April 22, 2014
by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope discussed that Hope had experienced a pregnancy scare, and Hope had realized that she wasn't ready to lose Liam or Wyatt forever. Hope recalled that when Steffy had been pregnant, Hope felt she had lost Liam forever.

Brooke asked Hope what she wanted to do. "Honestly Mom, I have no idea," Hope answered. Rick interrupted and mentioned that he had seen Quinn outside the office, and Quinn had looked unhappy. Rick asked about Liam kidnapping Hope, and Hope told him to forget about it.

Hope thanked her mother for listening, and Hope left. Rick asked Brooke about Ridge. Rick was happy that he had not seen Ridge since Ridge's recent attempts to takeover the presidency at Forrester.

Rick added that he'd heard Katie was angry about Eric's decision to name Ridge and Brooke co-vice presidents. Brooke said that Katie had demanded that Eric change his mind about Brooke and Ridge. Rick said it had been unlike Katie, but Brooke disagreed. Brooke reminded Rick that Katie had been on a power trip after she'd taken over at Bill's company.

Brooke added that she might be able to return Bill's company to him. But Rick noted that hurting Katie again could be the end of their relationship. Brooke said that Katie had stolen Ridge, and Brooke had stolen Bill.

Rick noted that Bill had cared for Brooke in ways that Ridge never had, and Rick understood that Brooke and Bill had a special bond. Brooke maintained that someone had to stop Katie. "It can't go on like this. It has to end," Brooke said. Brooke looked toward her purse where she had the legal papers that Katie had signed. The papers gave Bill equal custody of Will and returned his company to him. Bill and Katie thought the papers had been destroyed.

In another office at Forrester, Wyatt and Liam argued about Hope. Liam noted that the pregnancy scare had been an eye opener for Hope. "Hope is your past, and you're only fooling yourself," Wyatt told Liam. Liam disagreed, and he left.

Liam stopped at Pam's desk where Pam was playing with a puppy from a shelter where she volunteered. Pam and Liam took turns holding the puppy named Joy. Liam said that he'd planned to write a piece for his magazine on shelter dogs, and Liam offered to join Pam at the shelter. Pam thanked him. Pam added that she knew Hope would be in the photo studio after her meeting. Pam said that she would always be on Liam's side. Liam thanked her and left.

In the studio, Hope picked up photos and proof sheets. Liam entered. He said he liked to believe that she had been at home packing to move in with him. Hope reminded Liam that he'd stolen a truck and kidnapped her. Liam joked that the next time he'd be more careful, but he thought she'd liked the spontaneity. Hope advised there would not be a next time.

Liam countered that they had almost lost each other forever. Liam encouraged Hope to walk away from Wyatt because he knew that Hope did not see herself raising a family and spending her future with Wyatt. "We know who you really see yourself with -- it's me," Liam said. Hope looked thoughtful but said nothing.

Hope said that she needed Liam to back off, but Liam refused. He said he would no longer wait on the sidelines while she was with Wyatt. "I can't do this anymore. I want equal time. Consider dating us both," Liam said.

Hope refused. She said that her mom had dated Thorne and Ridge and it was not something she wanted for her own life. Liam said he planned to make dinner for Hope the following evening, and if she didn't show up, he would move on forever. "Tomorrow night can be a new beginning for us, or it can be the end," he said. Hope looked confused.

At the Forrester mansion, Oliver and Aly made out at the pool. Oliver said that he had felt lucky to be at the mansion with her. Oliver and Aly went to Aly's room to review the underwater photos they had taken. Oliver said he respected Aly and her values. Aly was self-conscious when she saw her photos. Oliver told her she looked fantastic.

Oliver and Aly discussed Aly's mother, and Aly said that she had been 4 years old when her mother died. Aly added that Taylor had been drinking and driving when she'd hit Aly's mom. Aly said that she never had closure. She explained that Taylor had almost become her stepmom. Aly said she had torn up Taylor's wedding gown. Aly believed that Taylor had targeted her father while he had been grieving. "She was taking advantage," Aly said.

Oliver sympathized and told Aly that she could talk to him about her mom and anything. "I'm just happy to be here for you," Oliver said. Aly said Oliver made her feel like a woman, and they kissed.

In Wyatt's office at Forrester, Quinn freaked out that she had overheard Hope tell her mother that Liam's stunt of kidnapping Hope had worked. Hope was rethinking her relationship with Wyatt. Quinn worried that Wyatt would lose Hope, and they would lose their position at Forrester.

Wyatt told Quinn to stop her rant, but she advised him not to think his relationship with Hope was safe. Wyatt told his mother to stay out of his relationship. "Stop worrying," he said. But both Wyatt and Quinn looked worried.

. . .

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