Friday, October 21, 2016

In Bill's office, Donna was surprised that Bill wanted to marry Brooke that very day. Bill replied that he'd wanted to do it "yesterday." Donna asked how her sister felt about it. Bill said he and Brooke loved each other, and they'd waited long enough. The timing was right, and even Ridge agreed. Again surprised, Donna asked why Ridge would want it when Ridge despised Bill.

Bill stated that it wasn't like Ridge wasn't getting something out of it. Bill referred to it as a present that would get rid of Quinn once and for all. Bill told Donna about the shares agreement, and she couldn't believe that he'd hand the shares over after all he'd done to get them. Bill guessed it meant that he was really in love with Donna's sister.

Once, alone, Bill made calls about more wedding plans. He flashed back on memories with Brooke. He sighed and smiled to himself.

At Eric's house, Wyatt announced that Eric and Quinn were officially married. He was glad he'd been there for the license signing even though he hadn't been at the wedding. Quinn was happy to be official and that Wyatt would move in and support her. Eric thanked Wyatt and instructed the two to go to Forrester and speak for him.

Wyatt asked what Eric was saying. Eric told Quinn and Wyatt to represent him until he was better -- and to oversee the company. "Everything for me," Eric stated. Quinn asked if Eric was sure and wondered about Ridge. Eric indicated that he couldn't trust Ridge. "Trust you. Support her, son," Eric uttered. Eric asked them to call a meeting. Quinn promised to do everything she could to guide the company for Eric, and she kissed him.

Downstairs later, Ivy arrived per Quinn's request. Wyatt and Quinn were headed out, and Quinn asked Ivy to stay there and not let anyone disturb Eric. Quinn added that Ivy was one of the few family members that Eric still appreciated, and Quinn didn't want anyone upsetting Eric, who was still miffed about no one being at the wedding.

"Hi, by the way," Ivy said to Wyatt. Quinn stated that Ivy and Wyatt could catch up later, and she announced that since Ivy lived in a guesthouse, she should know that Wyatt would be moving to the estate also. Wyatt added that it was temporary. Quinn instructed Ivy to hold down the fort, and Wyatt and Quinn took off.

At the sky lounge, Zende and Nicole worked out and flirted with each other. The two started kissing, and Pam and Charlie arrived. Charlie told the kissers to get a room. "No, don't," Pam said, frowning. She conveyed that Eric had called a meeting for the family and was sending his power of attorney to Forrester to conduct it.

At Forrester, Brooke was shocked by Ridge's kiss and asserted that he couldn't just do such a thing. Stammering as if reasoning with himself, Ridge muttered that the pieces were in place. She asked if she was just a piece of the puzzle. Ridge said Brooke knew she'd always be much more.

Ridge believed they had to secure the shares, or else everything was in Quinn's hands. Brooke stated that without a marriage, there would be no shares, and Ridge couldn't just kiss her like that. He roared that he couldn't just let her marry Spencer. "Unless it's what I want," Brooke asserted.

Rick and Thomas arrived, wondering why Ridge had asked for them to stop in.

Later, Thomas sketched at the table, and everyone else seemed to be working and waiting. Pam and Charlie entered and said Zende was on his way -- as was the "she devil." Charlie added that Wyatt was on the way, too. Ridge indicated that he'd handle them, but he wanted to make everyone aware that Steffy and Liam had reunited.

Ridge stated that Liam and Steffy wanted to keep it quiet out of respect for Wyatt and the divorce. Thomas murmured that he'd seen it coming. Rick added, "From a mile away." Brooke assumed it was why Steffy wasn't there, and Ridge said Liam and Steffy wanted to spend time together.

Pam wanted to see Eric while Quinn was off the estate. Quinn and Wyatt entered, and Pam said, "My cue." She and Charlie left.

When Charlie and Pam arrived at the mansion, they were excited about the lemon bars they'd baked for Eric. Pam was startled to see Ivy. Pam chuckled, saying that she and Charlie were there to see Eric. Ivy seemed uncertain, and Pam asked what was wrong.

Ivy said she was fine, but Eric was resting. Pam conveyed that she and Charlie would just pop their heads in. Ivy said she probably should call Quinn. Pam asked why. "For permission," Ivy sorrowfully said. Ivy stated that Quinn had told Ivy not to let anyone disturb Eric.

Pam and Charlie explained that they were only there to give Eric joy, love, and corner pieces. Ivy replied that Eric was still upset about the wedding. Pam said she'd apologized, but Ivy said she couldn't do anything because she'd promised. She stated that she had to ask them to leave.

Upstairs, Eric flashed back on his love for Quinn and what she'd said at their wedding about standing by him. He reflected on Ridge and Steffy's words about Quinn and what he'd said to the family about how the empty wedding had made him feel. He recalled yelling that they'd made him feel alone, and he became visibly upset.

Back at Forrester, Ridge sarcastically hailed Quinn, and Rick asked how Eric was. Quinn said Eric was improving every day. Ridge believed it meant that Eric would be back to running the company soon. Wyatt said it could take a while. Brooke felt that Eric could do it if he could speak. Ridge quipped that it meant Eric no longer needed a mouthpiece.

Quinn said that everyone wanted Eric to make a speedy recovery, but in the meantime, he'd asked her to speak to them on his behalf. Ridge replied that she could say whatever she wanted. It would go in one ear and out the other because Ridge only listened to his father.

Zende arrived, and Thomas said Zende was just in time. Quinn indicated that she was trying to follow Eric's instructions, which were to keep the peace. She understood Ridge's frustrations and noted that it wasn't her decision. Rick asked if they were to believe Quinn had gotten the power of attorney without even a nudge. Wyatt quipped that it was hard to believe that Eric trusted his wife.

Ridge asserted that Quinn wasn't Eric's wife. "Actually, she is," Wyatt corrected and explained that he'd witnessed the signing of the papers Carter had given the couple. Thomas asked what Wyatt was doing and noted that Wyatt had been just as against the marriage as the rest of them. Rick quipped that Wyatt was there at the cost of his own marriage. Quinn said it was a low blow.

Ridge thought it was a low blow to waltz in and give orders to the people who'd built the company. Quinn said she was sensitive to their work. Brooke said Quinn wasn't and had no concept of what she was doing to the family. Quinn replied that she was following her orders to keep an eye on things. Quinn wasn't there to bicker or lord over anyone. She was there for Eric, who wanted everyone's support. Quinn added that she wouldn't let anyone upset Eric.

Ridge accused Quinn of having a leash on Eric, who couldn't make rational decisions. Wyatt said it wasn't true, and Thomas quipped that the fan club was speaking up. Wyatt stated that he'd seen the couple together more than anyone. Wyatt had been skeptical, but he'd concluded that Quinn and Eric were good for each other. Ridge assumed Wyatt was "gonna help mommy make jewelry." Ridge declared that, power of attorney or not, he'd run Forrester, and they'd stay out of his way.

Ridge told Quinn to stay out of his face and the office and to let him run the company. Quinn replied that he wasn't running it. Rick contended that Quinn had no experience. Wyatt replied that she had the support and guidance of the one who had more experience than all of them. Quinn stated that Eric wanted them all to work together and asked if they'd seen how it had affected Eric. Ridge accused Quinn of causing it.

Quinn corrected that the family had caused it by not showing up to the wedding. She asked if they'd thought of how it would make Eric feel. They'd broken Eric's heart. Thomas and Zende replied that she'd backed them into a corner and that they'd had to take a stand. Rick asked if they should have celebrated it, knowing about Quinn's past. Quinn deemed her past irrelevant.

To Quinn, it was about them treating Eric like a child. She said it was the way the family had treated a man of Eric's age and accomplishments. She believed that Eric had been right to give power of attorney to his wife, whom he trusted, and she'd uphold his wishes to the letter. Quinn insisted that "these are his wishes," and she expected everyone to abide by them.

"Ridge, you're relieved of your duties, trying to run this company. I don't trust you. And since Steffy isn't here, will you give her the message that she is no longer the president?" Quinn said. Brooke asked who'd run the company. "Until Eric returns, I'll be acting CEO of Forrester Creations, Quinn announced.

. . .

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