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Friday, October 9, 2015

In the CEO's office, Steffy read Ivy a press release about Ivy rejoining the jewelry team in addition to being the face and body of the bedroom line. Ivy tensely nodded, and Steffy sensed there was an issue. Ivy replied that she'd already said that traipsing around in underwear didn't feel right to her, but if Steffy wanted Ivy modeling lingerie, then Ivy would model lingerie.

Liking what she heard, Steffy selected a teddy from a rack. She wanted Ivy to feel comfortable in lingerie on and off the runway and to lose any inhibitions immediately. Steffy told Ivy to try it on for Wyatt and get comfortable with it. Steffy tried to suppress a satisfied grin as Ivy exited.

Liam entered as Ivy passed him. He congratulated Ivy, who tersely thanked him and said she'd see them later. He asked Steffy what was going on with Ivy. Steffy called them first day jitters and claimed Ivy would be fine -- or at least Steffy thought so.

Liam noted that Steffy seemed okay with Eric getting Ivy her job back. Steffy claimed that she wasn't okay, but she was making the most of it. Liam asked what that meant and what she'd done. Steffy relayed that Ivy had said she'd do anything to prove herself, so made Ivy into the lead model for the bedroom line. Steffy quibbled about being so busy, but he said she had to be kidding.

Steffy reasoned that the line needed a spokes model, and her "wonderful grandfather" had gotten Ivy rehired. Liam interjected that the rehiring was Steffy's real problem. Shrugging, she reasoned that Ivy was back, so they might as well put her front and center.

Liam stared at Steffy, who then reasoned that Ivy had wanted to be the Face of Forrester bad enough to blackmail for it. Steffy concluded that Ivy could be the Face of Forrester and show off her entire body. Steffy asked what the problem was.

Liam asked if Steffy realized that Ivy wasn't like Steffy. He said Ivy was shy, and prancing around in tiny underwear in front of cameras wasn't Ivy's thing. Steffy replied that Ivy would get over it and be fine. He asked what would happen if Ivy wasn't fine. Steffy insisted that he had nothing to worry about.

Liam said he knew what Steffy was doing; she was making Ivy's life a living hell just because she could. He understood that Steffy was still upset about the video incident. Steffy admitted that she was "pissed," but Eric wanted them to work together. She said it would take time for Ivy to earn her trust.

"By modeling lingerie for you?" Liam asked. Steffy said that Ivy wanted to be a team player, so Steffy was throwing her back into the game. He noted that she was admitting to thinking of it as a game. Steffy insisted that it could be good for Ivy, and no one knew where it would lead once Ivy surpassed her insecurities. He said Steffy was having too much fun with it.

Steffy claimed Ivy had no reason to be insecure. She said she'd given Ivy items to wear for Wyatt. "If anyone can talk her off a ledge, it's her boyfriend," Steffy concluded.

At the beach house, Wyatt was surprised when Ivy arrived. He expected her to be at work, where he'd assumed she'd been since the crack of dawn. Ivy replied that she had been. She showed him the lingerie and asked if he recognized it. Wyatt didn't, but she said he would once he saw her in it on the runway. She announced that it was her new job, curtsey of Steffy.

Wyatt assumed that Ivy believed Steffy had done it to her on purpose. Ivy didn't know what else to think. To her, it was classic Steffy, and Ivy believed she'd walked right into it. Ivy didn't want to be in public in her underwear. She'd had real revealed that she'd had nightmares about it in the past, and she didn't want to be a part of Forrester if it meant she had to do it.

Wyatt told Ivy that it was exactly the reaction Steffy wanted, and he asked if Ivy would let Steffy pull her strings. He felt that Ivy was gorgeous and had no reason to be self-conscience. He forecasted that she'd be every man's fantasy, if she already wasn't, and the designs would fly off the shelves.

Wyatt asked for a sneak peek, but Ivy refused. "Fine," he said and removed his shirt. He figured he'd look "damn sexy" in lace. Ivy was mortified, but he said the only way to keep him out of the lingerie was for her to put it on first.

Later, Wyatt was antsy while waiting for Ivy to change. He knocked out some push-ups to release some of his testosterone, and Ivy strolled out in the black, one piece with a retro-fitted bottom. Wyatt loved it, and Ivy wondered where he'd been when she'd been battling body issues.

"Trust me. You won that battle," Wyatt responded while holding Ivy. She said that modeling it for him was one thing, but modeling it before cameras and an audience was another. He believed Ivy would be Forrester's sexiest model, and people would forget about Steffy and Brooke. He said he wasn't out to pressure her, but his unbiased opinion was, "Hot damn." She smiled as he kissed her.

At the sky lounge, Nicole and Zende flirted and worked out. He asked if she'd let him cook dinner for her that night. They kissed and joked about him kissing his workout partners. He listed girls he'd worked out with and kissed, but she wouldn't be fooled. She didn't believe Zende was a player.

The two flirted more, and Zende made it apparent that he wanted the night to be special. Nicole told him that she was on the way home because Pam was concerned that Maya and Rick hadn't returned from lunch. Nicole also wanted to catch up with her sister.

At the mansion, Maya and Rick kissed, and he suggested that they play sick and not return to the office that afternoon. Maya believed that Pam would be at the door with chicken soup. As Rick pondered ways to keep Pam out of the house, he thought of hiring a guard dog. He then remembered that Pam had a way with dogs, and he recalled that Tiny had been her baby.

"Maybe we should have one of those," Maya said. Rick thought she meant a dog, but she clarified, "A baby." He was taken aback by the suggestion, but he saw her looks each time she'd see a mother and a stroller. She said they were happily married, and she wanted a family with him.

Rick confessed that he'd already looked into adoption. The method had worked well for Zende, and there were many kids just waiting for a good home. Rick was confident that they could have a child by Christmas. Maya was a proponent of adoption, but she wanted the baby to be part of each of them. She asked how he felt about surrogacy.

Rick thought that having a child that was part of each of them would be great, but it wasn't possible. Maya had been reading online and learned that it wouldn't be impossible. He said they'd have to find a surrogate that they trusted, and she replied that she was already a step ahead of him.

Rick asked if Maya had talked to someone. Claiming she wouldn't do that without consulting him, Maya stated that she did have a person in mind who could make it possible for their baby to be part Avant and part Forrester. She said there was only one person who had the genes and the eggs. "You're talking about..." Rick assumed.

Maya asked if Rick would be okay with it. Rick hadn't really thought it about. After a moment, he said it would be a great answer. They hugged, and over her shoulder, Rick looked uncertain.

Just then, Nicole arrived, relieved to see the couple. Pam was ready to send out a search party for her missing employees. Rick said it was what they got for playing hooky. Nicole offered to leave and let them get back to it, but Rick said her timing couldn't be better.

Rick and Maya sat Nicole down to talk to her about how happy they were. Nicole didn't understand what the talk was about. Maya said it was about family and how much she loved her sister. The sisters said they'd always be there for each other. Maya hoped Nicole meant it.

Rick asked how Nicole would feel about them having a baby. Nicole thought it would be great, and the couple would make great parents. She assumed that Rick and Maya would adopt, but Maya replied that they were also thinking about surrogacy to have a baby that was part Rick. Maya claimed that she wanted to tell Nicole first because of how much Nicole meant to her and because of how supportive Nicole had been. Smiling, Nicole asked what little sisters were for.

Nicole believed Maya deserved to have a baby. Maya added that the baby would have her genes and Rick's genes; however, Nicole noted that it wasn't possible for Maya. Rick stated that he'd thought that, too, until Maya suggested otherwise. Nicole didn't get it.

Maya said she knew that Nicole was young and had just moved to the city to start her life; however, it would be the best and biggest gift Nicole could give Maya. "Would you be my surrogate? Would you have our baby?" Maya asked. Nicole's eyes widened, and her lips parted in shock.

. . .

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