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Friday, December 9, 2016

In the kitchen at the mansion, Liam ordered Quinn to stay away from Steffy. Quinn reminded him that she and Steffy worked together and that Quinn was married to Eric. Liam said Quinn could exchange pleasantries when required, but that would be as far as it would go.

Quinn stated that Liam should be proud of the offer Steffy had received. Liam claimed he was, but he saw the red flags in Quinn's involvement even if Steffy didn't. Quinn concluded that his problem was that Steffy wasn't listening to all his "dire" warnings and planned to take the job. Quinn said his talk hadn't worked on Steffy, so he was there to bully Quinn.

It was fine with Liam if Quinn saw his protecting Steffy as bullying. Quinn called it interfering in Steffy's happiness, not protection. Quinn tried to talk about how she'd changed, but Liam didn't want to hear it. He said the job offer was the perfect example of how she hadn't.

Quinn stated that she wanted Steffy to see that Quinn wasn't the monster everyone made her out to be, that she was good for Eric, and that she wanted the family to unify. "Liam, so scary," Quinn quipped and asked what was wrong with her intentions. Liam didn't believe she was trying to unify the Forresters. Instead, he believed she was trying to solidify her place -- and Wyatt's.

Quinn noted that Liam seemed really worried about Steffy going back to Wyatt. Liam corrected that he was worried that Quinn would spend the rest of their lives trying to make it happen. Replying that he'd gleaned all that from a job offer, Quinn wondered if he was a little paranoid.

Liam said the job was just step one in Quinn's plan. He asked how long it would be before he'd be pushed off a bridge or locked in a cabin. Quinn admitted that she'd made questionable decisions. He scoffed. She said they were bad decisions, but she has continuously apologized for them. He replied that it didn't make people forget who she was or how she operated.

Quinn challenged Liam to name what she'd done since she'd been with Eric. She wanted to hear one example of the old Quinn. Liam said no one was buying that Eric had changed her. "You can't," Quinn concluded about him citing an example for her. He claimed it was because no one knew what she was up to until it was too late. She guessed they'd just have to wait and see.

Liam asserted that he wouldn't take the risk. Quinn exclaimed that Eric had changed her. Liam reminded her that she'd said the same thing of him. "Eric is just as much your hostage as I was," Liam said. Quinn uttered that it was time for Liam to go. He said she was probably right.

Quinn instructed Liam to leave out the back because she didn't want him to upset Eric. Liam stated that they'd see who'd upset Eric by the time it was done. Quinn vowed that it wouldn't be her, and it would never be her. After becoming Eric's wife, she would never be the woman she'd once been. Liam warned her to never say never, and he left.

At the cliff house, Ridge tried to talk Steffy out of taking the CEO position at Forrester because Quinn had to be up to something by pushing for it. Steffy said Quinn was always up to something, but Steffy might be able to stay one step ahead of Quinn. Steffy already knew what Quinn wanted, which was a reunion between Steffy and Wyatt, but Steffy would not let Quinn choose who Steffy spent her life with.

Ridge didn't know why Steffy would want to have anything to do with Quinn. Steffy stated that Quinn was a part of the equation because of Eric's devotion to her. Steffy stated that Eric really believed in Steffy. His praises had affected her and helped her believe in herself.

Ridge felt that Steffy should always believe in herself, but he said not to let anyone talk her into something she wasn't ready for. "I think I'm ready," Steffy replied. Ridge said that she might be, but he didn't want her to forget that the offer had been Quinn's. Ridge didn't think Quinn wanted Steffy to have the job because Steffy deserved it.

Steffy didn't know a better way to get Quinn out of the driver's seat. She figured she wouldn't have to work much with Quinn, who'd be focused on jewelry and doting on Eric. Steffy said it would at least get Quinn out of the CEO position for when Eric finally saw her for who she was.

Ridge was starting to doubt that would happen. Steffy believed Eric would catch on, and when he did, Steffy would be there by his side to push Quinn out. Steffy couldn't believe Quinn hadn't messed up and shown her true colors yet. She said that Quinn might have changed after all.

Ridge asked how Steffy could say that. Steffy reasoned that Eric and Wyatt believed it. Upset, Ridge cited what Steffy had just said as the reason he was worried about her. Liam entered in time to echo Ridge's sentiments about declining the job offer.

Liam revealed that he'd just seen Quinn, and he claimed that she was barely holding it together. Liam said Quinn was pretending to be what Eric wanted her to be, but she was dangerous. Liam was sure that someone innocent was bound to encounter Quinn's bad side, and he was trying to prevent that person from being Steffy.

After Ridge had gone, Liam made sure Steffy knew that he supported anything she wanted to do. Steffy added that he did as long as it didn't involve Quinn. They talked about how she'd always wanted to run the company. Liam thought she'd be good at it. "You think someday. But the offer is now," Steffy reasoned.

Liam said that Steffy should be the CEO, but she should decline because Quinn was playing games. He implored Steffy to stay away from Quinn. He believed Quinn would crack one day, and he didn't want Steffy anywhere near Quinn. Steffy nodded, and they hugged.

Back at the mansion, Eric answered the door for Katie, who'd text-messaged that she was on her way over. Eric joked that it had taken her a whole five minutes, and she remarked that he had a long driveway. Katie, wearing a shoulderless long-sleeved shirt, presented Eric with another gift.

Inside a box with his name engraved on it, Eric found some sketching pencils. Katie considered them a motivational gift, so he'd get back to designing and running Forrester. He said he might design, but not run the company. He revealed that he'd offered the CEO position to Steffy.

Katie asked why Eric hadn't chosen Ridge, and Eric conveyed that he had trust issues with Ridge. Katie thought the same would apply to Steffy. Eric replied that Steffy had just been following her father and had thought she'd been protecting Eric; however, Ridge's actions had been flat-out betrayals. Eric added that Steffy had what Ridge didn't -- the blessing of Eric's wife.

Katie had a strange look on her face but ultimately said it was a good choice, and she thought Steffy would be a good leader. Eric added that it would be good for the family, and Katie called him optimistic. Eric replied that he was realistic, and there would be much to muddle through. Patting Eric's leg, Katie said there was Ridge and Rick drama, but Eric seemed to be going into it with a smile.

Eric turned the topic to what Katie had been up to. He'd thought he'd see a lot more of her since she'd moved next door. Katie said she didn't want to be an annoying neighbor, knocking on the door and interrupting quiet time. Eric replied that she was welcome anytime she wanted. Katie thanked him but stated that he could kick her out of there if she ever overstayed her welcome. Eric said it wasn't possible, but Katie didn't think Quinn would agree.

Eric didn't know what Katie meant about Quinn and insisted that Katie was practically family and was welcome at any time. She said she'd call first, but he replied that she didn't have to schedule appointments. Katie said they were family because of the Ridge and Brooke reunion. Eric wondered how Katie felt about it, because Brooke had been a part of the reason for Katie's divorce.

Katie claimed that Brooke was doing what she always did -- returning to Ridge. Katie had thought it would upset her, but it didn't. She said her marriage had been over. She and Bill had been toxic for each other at the end, and what Bill and Brooke had done didn't have to affect Katie. It sounded to Eric as if Katie was ready to move on. She agreed and said there were all sorts of exciting prospects ahead.

Quinn entered the foyer by a passage between the living room and the staircase. Her face hardened as she looked into the living room, through the space between a wall and a pillar, and watched Katie and Eric as they talked about people she'd met in the public relations field. Katie was excited about the future. She thanked Eric for his friendship and helping her get to that point. She kissed his cheek, and Quinn angrily darted into the shadows as the visit wrapped up.

Eric needed to go upstairs to take his medications. Katie offered to see herself out. As he disappeared upstairs, she grabbed her phone and grimaced at Quinn's portrait. When she turned around, Quinn was standing right behind her.

Quinn asked if Katie thought she was an idiot. Katie was surprised by the question. Quinn said she'd seen Katie kissing Quinn's husband. "You mean that -- " Katie started to say. Quinn guessed Katie would say she and Eric were just friends, and she was showing gratitude for her son getting into the overpriced school. What Quinn had seen had been a "hell of a lot more than gratitude."

Katie said she was leaving. Quinn asked who had put Katie up to it, and Katie insisted that nothing was going on. Quinn decided that Katie going after Quinn's husband had been Katie's idea alone. Katie asked why she shouldn't go after Eric. She said Quinn wasn't good enough for him, and it was awful to watch Quinn manipulate him. Katie called Quinn crazy.

Katie turned to leave. Quinn swiped a candle holder off the foyer table and whacked Katie over the head. Quinn struck Katie again and again and stared at the blood on the weapon of metal and wax. As Katie lay on the marble floor with a halo of blood around her head, Quinn dropped the weapon. She checked Katie's pulse and shuddered in horror.

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