Thursday, September 29, 2016

In the CEO's office, the family became hysterical as they swarmed around Eric, who'd collapsed on the floor. Wyatt held Quinn back as she tried to get to Eric. Maya called emergency services, and Quinn managed to get ahold of Eric's hand. She promised she wouldn't go anywhere.

When the paramedics arrived fifteen minutes later to tend to Eric, one asked if Eric was on any medications. Ridge said Eric wasn't, but Quinn corrected that Eric was on blood pressure and blood thinning medications. An EMT asked if Eric was a diabetic. Ridge said Eric wasn't, and Quinn confirmed that Eric wasn't.

The family watched and prayed as the paramedics strapped Eric to a stretcher and wheeled him out. Quinn tried to follow them, but Ridge grabbed her and pushed her back. Wyatt held onto Quinn, and Ridge left the office. Quinn broke away from Wyatt and ran out of the office.

Later, Pam, Maya, Zende, and Thomas were anxious as they waited in the office. Wyatt asked what had happened and how Eric had ended up on the floor. Maya and Pam explained that Eric had seen the boycott as a betrayal, and Pam said she'd never seen Eric so hurt. "Or so angry at Dad," Thomas added. They all pitched in to explain to Wyatt that Eric had figured out that Ridge had instigated the boycott, and Eric's eyes had glazed over as the men had argued.

Maya explained that Eric had called each of them out, and he'd been right in his assessments. Zende stated that they were Eric's family and had let Eric down. Pam felt guilty for walking out of the wedding after Eric had expressed gratefulness for her presence. Wyatt said they hadn't been trying to hurt Eric, just to make a point. Maya concluded that it hadn't worked out so well.

Thomas wondered what they'd been thinking to boycott the wedding. Zende said they'd been trying to protect Eric. Wyatt replied that it was protection from a woman who loved Eric. Wyatt explained that Quinn hadn't wanted Eric to go through with the wedding when the family hadn't shown up, but Eric had insisted. Wyatt felt that he should have shown up.

Maya reasoned that Wyatt had been in a tough place between his mother and wife. Wyatt still felt he should have done it -- not that it would have changed Eric's outcome. Wyatt guessed it would have made him feel better about himself if nothing else. Zende believed they could all use a little of that right then. Pam recalled that no matter how nutty she'd gotten, Eric had always stood by her and forgiven her. "Look what I did to him," Pam said with a pout.

Thomas said they shared the blame. Maya remembered that Eric hadn't taken long to accept her past. She wondered why she hadn't been able to give him acceptance in return. Zende felt that Eric had been nothing but accepting at the time of Zende's adoption. Eric had opened his heart, his home, and his business to Zende when Zende had arrived in Los Angeles as an adult. All Eric had wanted was for Zende to be at the wedding. Zende asked what kind of person he was not to go.

Thomas believed that Eric saw the best in them all. Eric had taught Thomas to be a better man and better father to Douglas. Thomas believed they'd missed the chance to express gratitude. Pam stated that they'd literally broken Eric's heart. "And now he could be fighting for his life," Thomas concluded.

At the hospital later, paramedics arrived with Eric, informing Dr. Andrews that their seventy-year-old patient with altered mental status had last been alert thirty minutes earlier. Eric's blood pressure was 210/100. The doctor asked Ridge, Thorne, Rick, and Steffy to wait in the lobby, and the medical staff took Eric into a private room for an examination.

On one side of the room, the sobbing Steffy wished to go back and do things differently. Ridge said they'd had to keep Quinn from Eric. Steffy was aware of that but said Eric had collapsed, and they didn't know what had happened to him. On the other side of the room, Thorne and Rick agreed that they should never have listened to Ridge, and they'd been cruel to not be at Eric's wedding. Thorne was swamped with guilt.

A nurse emerged from Eric's room. She said Eric would go for a CT scan. As the nurse continued on her way, Quinn rushed in and asked Ridge and Steffy how Eric was. They didn't respond. Quinn yelled for them to answer her because Eric was her husband. Ridge reluctantly said there had been no change. The upset Quinn stared into the viewing window of Eric's room.

The wait lagged on, and the family members wondered how it could have happened. Ridge and Steffy didn't recall knowing about any medical problems. Thorne said it wasn't about any preexisting condition; it was about them hurting Eric in a place so deep that his body hadn't been able to take it. Thorne said it was on them and blasted himself for not being the best man.

Rick had never seen Eric so angry and wondered how they could do that to him. Ridge replied that they hadn't done it to Eric; they'd been trying to protect Eric from it. Steffy didn't know if she could live with herself if something happened to Eric. Ridge said not to do that to herself.

Ridge assured Steffy that it would be fine. Quinn, who'd been pacing alone by the viewing window, asked how Ridge knew that. Quinn asked if the doctor had said something and if Eric had had a stroke or heart attack. Ridge said nothing. She replied that he couldn't keep shutting her out, and she had a right to know what was happening.

Thorne finally told Quinn that they didn't know anything except that they hadn't done right by his father. "You least of all," Ridge quipped at Quinn. Quinn asked Ridge what he meant, and he blamed her for it, saying she'd put his family in the situation.

The medical team wheeled Eric back through the lobby and into the private room. The nurse from earlier stopped to answer questions that the family was asking. She said Eric was stabilized but not awake. They could see him, but it would be family only. They needed to limit the number of people in the room. Thorne and Rick followed the nurse into the room.

As Quinn followed, Ridge pulled her by her waist out of the queue and grasped her arm. Quinn asked what Ridge was doing and said Eric needed her. Steffy, who'd stopped in front of Eric's door, watched as Ridge said he wouldn't allow Quinn to go in the room. Quinn refused to be kept from her husband. Ridge said they'd handle it as a family, but Quinn said she was family.

Ridge accused Quinn of putting Eric there. Quinn replied that Ridge said so, but he and the family were the ones who'd betrayed Eric and broken his heart. Steffy yelled that they'd been protecting him.

An orderly asked if he could help Mr. Forrester. Quinn told the orderly to get "this man" out of the way so she could see her husband. Ridge stated that "this woman" was not allowed near Ridge's father. Ridge and Steffy went into the room. Quinn tried to follow, but the orderly stopped her. He said he'd seen that kind of thing with families in crisis, and she should wait.

In Eric's room, Thorne sat by the bed and apologized for hurting Eric. Thorne said there were no excuses, and he looked forward to Eric being angry again. Thorne would take it as long as Eric was back with them, and he said they weren't a family without Eric.

Rick asked if Eric could hear him. He asked if Eric could hear his sorrow. Rick said Eric had supported Rick even when Rick had been dead wrong. Rick was ashamed of himself for even considering trying to hurt Eric. "Come on, Dad!" Rick yelled. He ordered Eric to fight back like the warrior Eric was. He said for Eric to return and told Eric that the whole family was there.

The doctor arrived, followed by Ridge and Steffy. Dr. Andrews explained that Eric had suffered brain hemorrhaging. They'd performed a procedure to stop the bleeding. He asked the family how Eric's collapse had happened. Steffy said Eric hadn't gotten very upset. Rick wondered if they'd caused it, and Thorne said they had, of course.

Dr. Andrews attributed the cause to a weakened blood vessel. The family wanted to know if Eric would pull through, but Dr. Andrews couldn't give any more information.

Quinn marched in, and Ridge called for someone to keep "this woman" out of the room. Quinn said she wouldn't let him keep her away from her husband anymore. She stroked Eric's head and said that she was there. She asked why Eric was still unconscious, but no one said anything. Quinn asked Eric if he could open his eyes and look at her. She grasped his hand and asked him to squeeze her hand to let her know he'd be okay.

Eric was unresponsive. Quinn demanded to know what had happened and said Eric hadn't been that way that morning. She demanded to know what had happened to her husband.

Back at the office, Maya got a message from Rick that Eric was stabilized, and family could enter to see him. Thomas admitted that he was a little scared, and he concluded that no difference of opinion had been worth upsetting Eric so much. Zende hoped Eric would forgive them once he was better. Wyatt wanted to keep up the "once he's better" positive thinking.

Pam remarked that a prayer wouldn't hurt. The family members joined hands in a circle, and Pam led the prayer, asking God to heal Eric, whom God had given them as the head of the family. She said they loved him and needed to show him that love every day. She stated that Eric wasn't done there yet and asked God not to take him away.

. . .

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