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Friday, August 28, 2015

At the sky lounge, Thomas and Zende worked out and discussed their drives to make it at Forrester. Nicole arrived, and Thomas chuckled, listening to her and Zende's flirty banter. Thomas asked how she was doing, and she said she was having the best summer ever. Zende added that he was, too.

Talk turned back to Thomas' shot at the design team. Zende recalled that Thomas had had his own line once. Thomas replied that it had been so, but it was in the past. Thomas explained that Caroline and Ridge were on the same wavelength and had a specific vision in mind. He felt that he had to get on the same page before he could be an asset.

Nicole asked if Thomas foresaw problems for him and Caroline, who'd once dated. Thomas conveyed that dating Caroline was the past, too, and the pair had grown and changed since then.

After Thomas left, Nicole and Zende discussed Rick and Maya, who were on their way back from their honeymoon. Nicole told Zende that he should have stopped her from opening her big mouth about Thomas and Caroline's past relationship. Zende said that she'd just been playing around, and though Thomas probably wouldn't have mentioned it, he'd seemed fine about it.

Nicole and Zende discussed Thomas' chances at designing and Ridge ripping up the past designs. Nicole stated that it was Ridge who pushed everyone passed their comfort zone to make them the best that they could be; however, Nicole wondered if Ridge had done it for Caroline.

Zende asked if Nicole thought Ridge would hurt Caroline. Nicole didn't know. She noted that the relationship was new, and the age difference was serious. Zende replied that age was a number. Nicole reasoned that it might be that way at first, but after a while, different needs might emerge based upon their ages in life. Nicole thought Caroline deserved the best and wasn't sure if that added up to Ridge.

In the CEO'S office, Caroline and Ridge arrived for work. Ridge loved being CEO. Caroline had only known the artist Ridge, but she liked corporate Ridge's style. As he kissed her, she told him that he was a sensitive balance between Rick and Eric. Ridge kept kissing her, but she insisted they get to work.

Caroline pulled out another of Thomas' designs. Ridge liked it but suggested a change. He sensed that Caroline really wanted Thomas on their team. She thought Thomas was talented, and as Ridge's son, he'd be a good fit. Ridge wanted Thomas to earn his position and not walk through life with his hands out for what he thought he was entitled to. She said Ridge was a good father.

Brooke arrived to show Ridge a text message from R.J., who was in the "girls are so annoying" stage of life. Brooke and Ridge observed Caroline's smile fade as she walked out of their conversation. Brooke offered to leave, but Caroline decided to find Thomas to relay the news about Ridge's design changes.

Caroline left, and Brooke wondered if she should have talked about R.J. Ridge said they'd have to talk about their son, and some of that conversation would be in front of Caroline. "Even when children are a tense topic?" Brooke asked. Ridge was sure that he and Caroline would get through it. Brooke asked how it would be so when his girlfriend wanted a family, but he didn't.

Brooke said the biological clock thing was real. It didn't surprise her that Caroline wanted a family, and she noted that Caroline had wanted one with Rick. Ridge, who'd raised two families already, just wanted to live in the moment. He asked what was wrong with it. Brooke found nothing wrong -- as long as the woman he was with wanted to do the same thing. Sighing, Ridge stated that Caroline was okay with it. Brooke asked if he believed Caroline.

At first, Ridge said he did, but then he said he didn't. Frustrated, he asked Brooke to just speak her mind. Brooke recalled that during her last pregnancy, she'd been shocked because a baby hadn't even been on her radar at her age. To Brooke, Caroline was the perfect age for child-rearing. Brooke suspected that Caroline was masking her urges, and those urges wouldn't just disappear.

Ridge asked if Brooke really thought he didn't know it. He professed love for Caroline, and he said that kids would make her happy -- and he wanted what would make her happy. Brooke told him that he shouldn't make a new family to put a smile on Caroline's face.

Ridge asked why he shouldn't, if it took that. He stated that Caroline had given him back his life and ability to draw. She supported him in everything he did. He wanted to give her what fulfilled her. Brooke concluded that it was a lovely testament to his feelings for Caroline, but having a child meant eighteen more years of parenting. Brooke had thought he wanted to be free at his age.

Ridge believed he'd been right to choose Caroline. He was happy and enjoying his life -- not as who he'd been or wanted to be, but as who he was at that moment. The excitement made him feel like a kid at times. Brooke said it wasn't just about his feelings anymore. He replied that if he loved Caroline, he had to put her first. "And that's what I'm going to do," he decided.

In the corridor, Caroline found Pam's anxiety medication beneath Pam's desk. She tried to put it away in Pam's drawer, but the drawer was locked. Caroline took the bottle into Rick's old office and slipped it into her purse. Her phone beeped. On it was a picture of a friend's baby.

Thomas entered and noticed that Caroline seemed off. He asked to see what she'd been looking at. Handing him her phone, she explained that a friend had posted a "pic." Looking at the baby picture, Thomas figured out the reason for her mood. Caroline claimed to be fine, but he said she was allowed to have feelings about choosing his father over having a family.

Caroline changed the subject to the modifications Ridge wanted for Thomas' design, but Thomas slipped back into talking about Caroline's baby issue and said she could confide in him. Caroline sadly admitted her disappointment. She'd always thought she'd have a family. She was fulfilled personally and professionally and very in love with Ridge. She didn't want to ask for too much in life. Thomas said she should have it all. She declared that it wouldn't happen, and she had to be grateful for what she had.

Thomas said the story of Caroline and Ridge was surreal. Grinning, Caroline recalled that it had been just one touch. When explaining how his designs hadn't been working, Ridge had grabbed her hand and begun to draw. "One touch," Thomas uttered. With loving eyes, Caroline replied, "And I just knew."

Thomas acknowledged the connection between Caroline and his father. He hoped they were both happy because Caroline seemed to be giving up a lot. Caroline believed it was a balancing act of sacrifice that evened out in the end. Thomas said his father might wind up wanting to start a family with Caroline and asked what sane man wouldn't.

Caroline asked if Thomas wanted children. "Bring them on," Thomas readily replied. She was surprised by his resolve. He claimed he wanted a full house; he just hadn't found the right partner. He thought she might just walk right up to him, kind of like Caroline had done that afternoon she'd exited the limo. He said she'd stopped hearts, and it had been unfair to other women whom he had to compare her to. Caroline stated that she was one-of-a-kind.

After a laugh, Caroline pulled his attention back to the sketch with a suggestion about lowering the neckline. He grabbed a pencil and made a change. She explained how Ridge envisioned the neckline. Thomas made another change, but Caroline figured she wasn't explaining it right. She placed her hand over his and moved the pencil. She glanced up at Thomas, who was gazing at her, not the paper.

. . .

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