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Friday, September 4, 2015

At the loft, Caroline looked at the bassinet and asked if Ridge was sure he wanted "this." Ridge said he didn't want it. He'd already raised a family, but after the breakup, a big part of him had walked out the door along with her. All he could see in the loft had been the joy she'd brought to his life. He'd stopped thinking about what he wanted and started about what he needed.

Ridge told Caroline that he didn't want a family with her; he needed a family with her. He asked her how she felt, and she replied that she wanted it more than anything. Ridge took her into his arms.

At Forrester, Thomas flashed back to Caroline being hysterical about what had transpired between them. He received a message from Ridge, asking that Thomas meet at the loft.

Later, Thomas arrived at the loft, and Caroline tensed as Ridge said he'd called Thomas there to discuss Ridge and Caroline's relationship. Thomas claimed he'd heard from Brooke that there had been problems. Ridge wanted Thomas to hear what he was about to say because Thomas had been skeptical and correct about Ridge's conflicting feelings, age, and broken relationships.

Thomas saw the bassinet. Ridge conveyed that he and Caroline had broken up, but they were back together. Ridge wanted a family with Caroline within the next year. Thomas said it was big news, and he was really happy for Ridge. Caroline told Ridge that Thomas was busy with work and didn't have time to hear it. Ridge said Thomas wanted to hear it, and Ridge had something to say about work, too.

Ridge believed that Thomas had stepped up, and Ridge was proud of his son's work. Ridge felt proud to welcome Thomas to the design team. Thomas grinned, but Caroline's face darkened. Ridge said Thomas and Caroline were doing great work, and Ridge wanted it to continue. Caroline glared at Thomas but smiled when Ridge looked at her. She said she believed Thomas would be great.

Thomas didn't know what to say or if he deserved Ridge's trust and belief in him. Ridge replied that Thomas was Ridge's son and deserved everything. Ridge admitted to pushing Thomas, which Thomas had needed. Citing the dresses Thomas had created, Ridge said Thomas might be more talented than Ridge. Thomas thanked Ridge, and Ridge warned that he'd never say such a thing again.

Ridge was excited that he'd design with his son, just as Eric had done. Ridge had a lot of faith in his honest son, who he believed would do so much. Caroline looked as if she might vomit.

In Rick's old office, Liam and Ivy debated about the video and Liam and Steffy's motives for sending Ivy out of town. Liam said that location photo shoots were a part of the job, and Ivy should have considered that before blackmailing her way into it. He was upset because Ivy still wanted to blackmail mail Steffy -- even after Steffy had given Ivy what she'd wanted. He asked when it would end.

Ivy declared that it wouldn't end until Steffy admitted to murdering Aly, and until then, Steffy would just have to deal with it. Liam said that Ivy's actions wouldn't create justice or make Aly return. Ivy felt it was the best thing she could do for Aly, but Liam said Aly always followed rules. Ivy replied that Steffy's behavior had disgusted Aly. Liam asked if Ivy could just let them grieve and move on.

Liam conveyed that everyone was in pain over Aly's death, and Steffy was more so than Ivy knew. Ivy dismissed it, saying Steffy was just worried about getting in trouble. "Wouldn't you be?" he asked. Ivy said she would -- if she was guilty. Ivy asked why Steffy cared about the video if she was innocent. Liam claimed it was because it looked bad, and Ivy said it looked bad because it was bad.

Ivy decided that Steffy had Liam fooled and asked what that said about him. Liam told Ivy that it wasn't about making Steffy pay or justice -- it was about him and Ivy. Ivy admitted that she'd suffered a lot of loss, and she was upset with him. She felt mislead, abandoned, and unappreciated, but their relationship wasn't the issue. Steffy killing Aly was.

Exasperated, Liam said it was an accident. Ivy was tired of hearing it. He explained that Steffy was defending herself from the big-rock-wielding Aly. Ivy asserted that Steffy was lying about a rock. He didn't care if the rock was visible or not and urged Ivy to realize that Steffy wasn't a murderer. Ivy replied that what she realized was that Steffy got away with everything from stealing Liam to killing Aly.

Ivy wished Liam could see it from her view, and she wished things were different. Liam did, too, but asked Ivy not to punish Steffy for something he did. "Not everything is about you!" Ivy exclaimed. She insisted that Steffy was guilty, and Liam and Steffy should be thankful that Ivy hadn't thrown Steffy in prison. Before leaving, Ivy said he was kidding himself to think she'd delete the video.

At the beach house, Wyatt and Steffy entered. Steffy was done putting up with blackmail. Wyatt said Ivy wasn't making it easy for any of them. Steffy guessed it meant that they were doing it. He picked up a laptop, and she instructed him to hack into Ivy's account and delete the video from everything and everywhere that Ivy was storing it.

Wyatt said he hadn't agreed to do it. Steffy told him that he was wasting her time. He snickered. She said they hadn't known each other that long, but she felt a connection. Wyatt quipped that he had felt it, but she was with Liam. Steffy remarked that Wyatt had gone on to become Ivy's pawn.

Wyatt rejected the notion. Steffy said that if he didn't delete it, then he was just as much to blame. "That sucks, now, doesn't it?" he snipped. She said he had the power, and with one click, the video would be gone for good. He said "all hell" would break lose if he destroyed the video.

Steffy figured that Wyatt meant that Ivy would be upset with him, but she believed it would be the best thing for Ivy and Wyatt, who were filled with resentment. Wyatt took exception to the statement, but Steffy doubled-down on it. She said it was pouring out of his ears because Liam was with her and was vice president. Wyatt replied that it did bother him.

Steffy told Wyatt if he wanted advancement, she'd sing his praises to her father, and she wouldn't hold anything against him. Wyatt chuckled. Steffy knew he had Ivy's passwords, and she wanted the master file gone. She told Wyatt to end it once and for all and make it disappear.

Steffy asked what Wyatt was waiting for. Wyatt said that betraying Ivy was kind of a huge deal. He asked her to imagine if he'd asked her to betray "Mr. Perfect." Steffy exclaimed that it would be different; Liam would never blackmail her, and "we were married." Rolling his eyes, Wyatt quipped that no one could forget Liam and Steffy's history.

Steffy understood that Wyatt was dating Ivy but explained that Ivy was trying to take away everything Steffy had. Steffy was sure that if the video got out, she'd go to prison for something she didn't do. She was a mess about Aly's death, but she'd only had two choices -- death or self-defense. Steffy asked if he thought she was a cold-blooded murderer. Wyatt said he didn't.

Wyatt pulled up the video. As it played, Steffy swore to God that a rock had been there. She knew that he believed it, but Ivy didn't. Steffy urged him to just delete the video. Wyatt pulled up the prompt to save either save or delete the video. As he moved the cursor, Ivy arrived.

Wyatt retracted his hand from the laptop. Ivy asked what was going on. Steffy ordered him to tell Ivy. Wyatt replied that blackmailing Steffy was wrong. Ivy asked "what the hell" he was doing on her laptop and in her account. She saw what was displayed on the laptop and ordered him not to delete the video. Steffy ordered him to just press the button.

. . .

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