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Friday, February 17, 2017

At Brooke's house, the robed Brooke pulled orange juice out of her refrigerator and shrieked upon seeing Bill standing there when she closed the door. Liam had told Bill that Brooke was sick, so Bill was there with "the Bill Spencer Pick-Me-Up." He held up a Café Elianna bag and said steak and iron were the keys to fighting off infection.

Bill was sorry that Brooke was sick. "Poor Ridge. Had to go the wedding all by his lonesome," Bill said in a fake pity voice. Brooke suggested that Bill leave because Ridge would be back soon. Bill wondered where Ridge was and who he was with. She replied that Ridge had called and asked if he could stay to help out after the wedding.

Bill asked if Ridge had said whether everyone had been on their best behavior. Brooke assumed Bill was thinking about Quinn. Bill remarked on the odd turn of events regarding Ridge and Quinn. Brooke thoughtfully called it a unique, complicated relationship.

Bill had been hoping that Zende's wedding would wake Brooke up to the mistake she'd make in marrying Ridge. Brooke noted that Bill never gave up. He replied that he wouldn't give up when the woman he loved was involved with a man whose promises meant nothing. "Please stop!" Brooke exclaimed. Bill said he'd stop going after Forrester, but Brooke needed to face that she'd be Bill's. "You already are," Bill said.

"Do the words 'moving on' mean anything to you?" Brooke asked. She said they'd had their chances and had never been pronounced husband and wife. Bill blamed Ridge for it but added that the last time, Bill had let his ego get in the way. Bill had learned his lesson, unlike Forrester, who never would. Bill said Ridge would leave her for another woman, just like before, and Taylor was just one example.

Brooke exclaimed that it was all in the past. Bill said Ridge wouldn't change when it was about Brooke and other women. Brooke believed that Ridge and Bill couldn't be objective about each other. Bill thought it was completely objective to view the past as a prologue, which meant Ridge would do it again. Brooke asserted that Ridge wouldn't, and she and Ridge were each other's destinies. "There is no other woman for Ridge but me," she said.

The coughing Brooke inched her aching body to the sink to freshen her tea. Bill accosted her from behind and said it was killing him to see her in the robe. "Bill, don't! Stop!" she exclaimed. Bill was sure Ridge was off somewhere, doing the same thing. Brooke declared that it wasn't so, and she had complete faith in Ridge.

"Because he's your 'destiny?'" Bill asked. She replied that she knew Bill didn't like hearing it. Bill stated that he didn't like Brooke fooling herself that Ridge and she were ordained by a cosmic force. The only destiny Bill believed in was he and Brooke.

In Zende's room, Zende asked if Nicole was okay with spending their wedding night in his room. Nicole recalled that they'd first made love there, and she'd fallen even more in love with him. He had an exotic honeymoon planned for them, and they'd leave on it the next day. He asked if she'd been to Tahiti, and her eyes bulged in excitement. He said they could go to the romantic Caribbean islands. Nicole kissed him and said she loved him.

The couple had Champagne and reveled in how much they had to look forward to in their life together. Zende toasted to his bride. He said he'd made a lot of promises, and he planned to honor them because she was everything to him. The couple kissed and slowly undressed each other to make love on the bed.

Afterwards, the newlyweds cuddled in bed. Zende confessed that he snored loudly. He said he'd been able to hide it thus far but wondered if it was a deal breaker. Nicole called herself the most sound sleeper in the world and said it wouldn't faze her. He was amazed that their first marriage crisis really hadn't been a crisis at all. Nicole said they'd spend all their days and nights together, and there was no one she loved more. The two kissed.

Downstairs, Ridge entered the house after paying the caterers and seeing them off, but he couldn't find his keys. To his surprise, Ivy was there. She said she'd gotten back to Los Angeles, just not in time for the wedding. Ridge asked where Eric was, and Quinn, who was on her way downstairs, said he was showering and going to bed.

Ivy got a call from her father, who was making sure she got back safely. She went off to take it, and Quinn asked why Ridge was there instead of tending to Brooke at home. Ridge noted that she hadn't wasted any time in getting her portrait back up. Quinn started to explain why but then wondered why she was bothering. He said it was because he could get under her skin.

Quinn told Ridge not to flatter himself and asked again why he was still there when she could have paid the caterers and closed down the wedding without him. Ridge replied that she had his father to take care of. She countered that he had a sick fiancée to care for. Shrugging, Ridge replied that he'd thought he was being helpful.

Quinn decided to tell Ridge how he could help. She remarked upon the way he'd been looking at her all day and told him not to look at her that way again. Ridge and Quinn debated about who was looking at whom that day, and she said he still thought about the kiss in San Francisco that never should have happened. "And it's never gonna happen again," Ridge concluded.

Ridge likened kissing Quinn to kissing a lamppost in winter. Quinn quipped that it was because she was a cold witch. He didn't mean it that way. He said he didn't want her making goo-goo eyes at him because it was weird. "'Goo-goo eyes?' Is that your twelve-year-old ego talking?" she asked. She asked if he thought one kiss would put a woman under his spell forever.

Ridge asked Quinn to keep her voice down because Eric was upstairs. Quinn noted that even with that in mind, Ridge was downstairs scolding her. She asked if he'd take her over his knee and spank her. "Is that on the table?" Ridge asked.

Quinn wondered if giving her a hard time was how Ridge thanked her for helping with the co-CEO position. He replied that he'd shown his gratitude. She asked him to show a little more by admitting he'd lagged behind that day, paying the caterers, because he'd wanted to see her.

Ridge claimed to love Brooke more than anything. Quinn claimed to feel the same about Eric but wondered if Steffy and Liam would get married before Ridge married his precious Logan. Ridge figured the thought of him getting married irked Quinn. Quinn said his ego was speaking again, but she offered to admit that she was partly attracted to danger and the dark side.

Ridge asked what Quinn meant. Quinn said she gravitated to what was toxic in her life, and sometimes, she couldn't stop herself from being enveloped. Eric was the opposite way, and to her, Eric was everything good and right in the world. No matter how she tried to follow Eric's lead, there was a darkness within her. She figured that the "dark prince," with Marone blood in is veins, knew what she meant, and she and Ridge were a lot alike.

Quinn said that she and Ridge liked living on the edge and tasting the forbidden fruit, but they each knew better at that point. Ridge said he couldn't find his keys, so he'd order a car and go home to Brooke. Quinn stated that she'd go upstairs to her husband.

Ridge strode out the front door. Moments later, Quinn spotted his keys on the table by the front door. She scurried outside and called after him. Ridge took the keys, and they stared at each other a long while before kissing. Ridge strode off, and Quinn touched her lips. She turned to go back inside the house, but her face slammed into Ivy's sweeping right hand.

"How dare you!" Ivy raged, smacking Quinn across the face.

On the next The Bold and the Beautiful...

• Ivy confronts Ridge.

• Bill wants to squash Sally's dreams.

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