Friday, February 12, 2016

In the design office, Caroline huffed through her pain and told Thomas that she'd had another contraction, but it was too soon for labor. Thomas didn't know what to do besides take her to the hospital. She just wanted to lie down and possibly take a cab if things got worse. He absolutely refused to let her to do that and escorted her out of the office.

At the hospital, Thomas helped the panicky Caroline onto a hospital bed. It had been a while since the last contraction, but the nurse noted that they'd been right in traveling to the hospital. "Good job, Dad," the nurse said. Thomas quickly corrected that he was just a friend, and Caroline added that her husband was out of town.

Dr. Birchfield arrived. Caroline was sobbing that the baby couldn't be born yet. Birchfield understood how stressful it was for her because her husband was away, and it was stressful to go through labor alone. The doctor cued the nurse to run tests to see if Caroline needed to go to delivery.

Later, the doctor assured Caroline that she wasn't going into labor. He concluded that she'd had Braxton Hicks contractions, and the ultrasound indicated that everything was fine with her little boy. Emotional, she repeated the words. Dr. Birchfield apologized for not checking to see if she had already known the baby's sex. Looking at Thomas with glistening eyes, Caroline exclaimed, "I'm having a son."

The doctor rendered tips on detecting actual labor and gave reason for premature labor, some of which included the mother using drugs or alcohol or having a weak cervix. Caroline looked as if she'd been punched in the gut, and she recalled the pills and wine she'd had when she'd been at the hotel with Thomas. She asked if the doctor meant medications.

The doctor said it depended upon the medication, and he wondered if there was a reason for concern. Caroline readily responded that there wasn't. He asked if she could have taken something early on when she hadn't been looking to conceive on purpose. "At conception?" she asked.

Glancing at Thomas, the doctor asked Caroline if she needed to talk in private. With a nervous laugh, she said it was fine to talk right there. She affirmed that she and her husband had been trying for a baby, so there had been no drinking or drugs at any point during the pregnancy.

At the cabin, Quinn listened to Liam's prank caller recording. She told him that she was grateful to him for making it and happy that it had worked. He asked what smelled so good, and she revealed that she was cooking for her Valentine. Liam wanted to rush out, but she said she'd get him what he needed. "Eve, I'm not making you buy your own Valentine's Day gift," he replied.

Quinn didn't want a gift. Liam's recovery was gift enough for her. Liam realized that Valentine's Day might be the nagging thing on his mind. He thought maybe it was why he thought he had somewhere to be or something to do. Quinn decided that his mind was obviously trying to get him to see that he loved showering her with gifts, and she kissed him.

After dinner, Liam was full and satisfied. Quinn offered him dessert. The woman she worked with had sent her home with an entire plate of lemon bars. Lemon bars sounded familiar to Liam.

Liam admitted to feeling "off." He knew "Eve" didn't want to hear it, and he reasoned that she'd been very good to him. Quinn assured him that he was exactly what she needed as he was. He was frustrated to not know himself, her, or how they'd become. She asked what he wanted to know.

Liam wanted to know why they didn't have kids and if it was because one of them was unable to conceive. He had a strong sense that Eve would be a good mother and that there was nothing she wouldn't do for her child. Quinn silently reflected upon the trueness of the statement. She asked if he was saying she had good instincts. He called them killer instincts, and she nervously laughed.

Quinn stated that their timing had never been right for kids. He was sure that it would be someday, and he believed she'd be a great mother, and a child would be lucky to have her. "Maybe we can start trying or practicing," Quinn coyly said, scooting closer to him on the bed.

"Uh -- yeah -- really?" Liam responded. Flashing her bedroom eyes, Quinn stated that they could if he felt like it. Liam readily kissed her. He pulled back, and she asked if he had a headache. He stated that he wouldn't let a headache stop him. He tried to kiss her again, but again, he pulled back. A nagging sense that there was somewhere else he needed to be gnawed at him.

Quinn conveyed that the only place Liam needed to be was there with his wife, and she was all he'd ever need. Liam agreed and undressed her. They fell back onto the pillows and became intimate.

Lying in bed with Quinn afterward, Liam had a far-off look in his eyes. He'd thought doing it would make him remember. "Nothing sparked?" Quinn asked. He replied that there had been sparks -- just not the ones that would tell him who he was. She relayed that it was okay because she knew who he was, and that would get them through.

In the CEO's office, Steffy was falling apart over the message from Liam. Wyatt took her back to his place and let her know she wasn't alone. Steffy hugged Wyatt and asked why Liam had done it.

Wyatt locked the door to keep them from having interruptions. He said it was because Quinn would probably try to give him chocolates, and Quinn still thought of him as her Valentine. Covering her face, Steffy remembered that the holiday was upon them. It rubbed salt in the wound. Wyatt didn't believe she'd looked forward to a snoozefest with Liam and said she was much better "now."

Steffy agreed. She said Wyatt had been consistently by her side and made her feel loved for who she was without judgment. She couldn't believe it had taken her so long to figure it out. He supposed she hadn't been ready yet. "I am now," she uttered. They kissed, and he replied that they both might be.

Wyatt and Steffy kissed and peeled off each other's clothes. They fell onto the bed and had sex.

Later, Steffy and Wyatt lay in bed together. He decided to retrieve them some wine, but she said the occasion called for Champagne. Once Wyatt was gone, Steffy crawled out of bed, opened the terrace doors, and stared at the ocean. She flashed back on her time with Wyatt. Growing sad, her memories turned to Liam. "Goodbye, Liam, wherever you are," she tearfully uttered.

At that same time, Liam was at the entrance of the cabin, staring introspectively at the moon, his eyes seemingly scanning for missing pieces within his mind.

. . .

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