Monday, August 29, 2016

At Bill's house, Brooke said that Bill always managed to surprise her. Bill replied that it was the best deal she'd ever make. He didn't give a damn if she gave the stocks to Forrester, but they would be Bill's wedding gift to Brooke. Brooke said he was actually bribing her into marriage.

"Hell, yeah -- if it works!" Bill exclaimed. Smiling, he said it wasn't that. He was making a grand gesture to show how much Brooke meant to him. Brooke grinned. He knew that she wanted to be with him, even if she wasn't ready to admit it. He saw the future, and finally, life was good. "Bill, I wish you wouldn't -- " Brooke started to say.

"Yes, you do," Bill said. Brooke called him arrogant. Bill replied that he was sure about himself and about them. He felt that Brooke just needed a nudge in the right direction, and he was happy to provide it. He didn't care if she gave Ridge the stock, just as long as she returned to where she belonged. Bill told her to mull it over and accept the deal, so they could move on with their life together. He kissed her, and she smiled.

Later, Brooke had gone, and Justin had arrived. Bill was anxious to hop on the divorce while he and Katie were able to be amicable still. Justin showed Bill how Justin had sweetened the deal. "It could send me into a diabetic coma," Bill responded, reading the papers. Bill was glad he had money to burn. Justin said Katie would be extremely wealthy. Bill said Katie deserved it.

Justin asked how Katie was, and Bill conveyed that she was great and had stopped drinking. Justin wondered about the shares, and Bill replied that they were not negotiable. He had other plans for them. Justin asked if it was something he needed to know, and Bill revealed that he had offered them to Brooke as a wedding gift.

Justin called Bill a sly fox. Bill felt that he and Brooke should have been married a long time back. Justin said, "But you were married to her sister." Bill deemed himself and Katie to be over. Bill was done waiting. He wanted his life with Brooke back and had no problem nudging it along a little bit.

At Forrester, Ridge was confident Brooke could get the stocks from Bill. Katie replied that Bill would want something in return, and she and Ridge knew what -- or who -- it would be. Ridge wondered why women didn't see how crass Bill was. Chuckling, Katie said it was part of Bill's charm. She suggested that Ridge ask Brooke and noted that Brooke and Bill were looking for any excuse to be together. She said the stock might give Bill and Brooke what they needed to do it.

Brooke arrived. Katie offered to leave. She said it was because she knew talking about Bill with her around made Brooke uncomfortable, but then Katie sat on the edge of the desk as Ridge asked if Brooke had gotten the stock from Bill. "Maybe," Brooke said. Ridge asked if Brooke had gotten distracted. Brooke asserted that she'd gone there to get the shares. Katie asked if Brooke convinced Bill.

"It's possible," Brooke responded. She relayed that Bill had sweetened Katie's settlement, and Ridge asked if it included the shares. Brooke said it was for the lack of them. "He's giving them to me -- as a wedding present," she added. Ridge skirted from the behind the desk, stammering about Bill bartering her into marriage.

Arms crossed over her chest, Katie asked if Brooke accepted. Brooke conveyed that Bill had given her time to think about it, but Katie asked what there was to think about. Katie called it the perfect solution, and it was brilliant of Bill to get to the heart of things. "You get your shares to stop Quinn, and you get Bill," Katie said. Brooke tried to explain something, but Katie yelled, "Damn it, Brooke, just do it!" Katie wanted Brooke to put everyone out of their misery, especially Katie.

Katie felt she'd been tortured enough, and there was nothing standing in Bill and Brooke's way. Brooke replied that Katie was still Bill's wife. Katie said it would be rectified soon. Ridge noted that a marriage breaking up was a painful thing, and Katie could allow herself to be sad. Katie said she was sad;however, some things weren't meant to be no matter how hard one tried, and some things couldn't be stopped. She said for Brooke not to restrain herself on Katie's account because Katie was moving on.

Katie claimed that there was a freedom in letting go, and she was allowed to be herself -- whoever that was after all that had happened. She was excited to find out. She was taking control of her life. She claimed that she had a lot of money, new prospects, and a healthy son. Best of all, she was beholden to no one. She claimed not to be like Brooke and not to need a man to validate her. Brooke said she knew Katie was angry at her, but Katie said she actually wasn't.

Katie admitted to feeling disappointed. She was human, and the outcome hadn't been what she'd wanted, and her heart would always be a little wounded; however, there was no point in being angry, and it didn't solve anything. She said it only hurt her and Will and was a waste of time and energy. She claimed to have wasted enough time on Bill and Brooke.

Katie urged Brooke to do what came naturally and claimed not to care. Brooke asked why Katie kept pushing. Katie claimed it was because it was inevitable, and everyone knew it. Katie said she was no longer an obstacle, and she wasn't sure she ever was. She said she was starting a new project, and everyday Will would have an awesome mother who gave him what he needed. She intended to accept Bill's settlement and move on. Leaving, Katie said Brooke should, too.

Ridge closed the door behind Katie. He said it was up to Logan and asked what she'd do. Brooke sighed. He relayed that the stock could fix a lot of things -- he and Brooke could run the company and Rick could help. They could get rid of Quinn. "But what do you want?" Ridge asked. Brooke claimed, "I want that."

Brooke said Quinn didn't belong there after what she'd done to Hope, Liam, Wyatt, and Steffy. Brooke wanted Rick working side-by-side with Ridge, who'd make Rick feel wanted and needed. "At what price? Ridge wondered. He called Bill a tool. Brooke said she and Ridge didn't see Bill the same way. Ridge advised her not to marry Bill because of Ridge. Brooke said she'd never accept a proposal as a business opportunity. Ridge asked if she wanted to wake up to that guy for the rest of her life.

Just then, Bill, who'd just had a long flashback of his time with Brooke, called Brooke. She put him on speaker phone without his knowledge. He said he wanted to see her the next day, and he couldn't wait, even though he'd said he'd give her time. He figured she already knew what she wanted, and they shouldn't waste time. Brooke agreed, and he said he loved her. After the call, Ridge asked if Brooke was going to marry that guy.

At Thomas' place, Sasha and Thomas descended the stairs from the rooftop and shared a lingering kiss. He asked why she'd really visited, and she claimed she was fulfilling her responsibility to him. "To brighten my day?" he asked. She replied that he got it. He said it was hot and made him want another kiss. As he kissed her, someone knocked on the door.

Thomas opened it for Nicole, who had some sketches Thomas had left at the office. Pam and sent her to deliver them. Nicole was surprised to see Sasha and didn't know that Sasha and Thomas were friends. Sasha and Thomas explained that they were having fun hanging out together.

Thomas was surprised no one had known the ladies were sisters growing up and imagined they'd been a tag team of beauty.Nicole said they'd made a fuss, and Sasha joked that they would have had his head spinning in no time flat. He didn't doubt it. Nicole's smiled faded as she watched the way Sasha and Thomas looked each other.

Thomas needed to get his phone off the roof. Nicole offered to leave, but he urged her to stay and talk to her sister. After Thomas had gone, Sasha asked what the look was about. Nicole claimed she had no look, but Sasha said she knew Nicole. Nicole admitted to being surprised to see Sasha there. "Do you come here often?" Nicole asked. Sasha said she and Thomas were friends.

Nicole quipped that Sasha, who had put a tank top on over her bikini and shorts, wasn't dressed like a friend. Sasha asked how a friend dressed. Having nothing to hide, Sasha said she'd tell Nicole if anything serious was going on there. Nicole asked if it was a possibility that it could be something serious going on. Sasha didn't know anything but that Thomas was a cool guy. Sasha just wanted to take the ride and asked Nicole not to get in the way of it for Sasha.

Sasha stated that she and Nicole had been through a lot, and most of it hadn't been good since she'd arrived in town. Nicole stated that if they were to get past it, they shouldn't revisit it. Sasha said it was the elephant in the room, and Sasha had lost Nicole's trust for knowing all along that they were sisters. Sasha was trying to gain it back but said Nicole had to let it happen.

Nicole asked why she'd stop it. Sasha said it was because Nicole might not like the idea of Sasha and Thomas. Nicole stated that he had a son with Caroline and asked if he was available. Sasha replied that he hadn't indicated that he wasn't, and the pair hadn't even gotten that far.

Thomas descended the stairs and heard Sasha say that he was a really nice guy whom she enjoyed spending time with. She hoped he did, too. Entering the room, Thomas affirmed that he was.

Thomas remarked that families were the best and the worse, because no one could hurt one worse than a father or sister. It was possibly deeper if the sister was the best friend from down the street. He believed that Sasha loved Nicole and wanted to be in the family. He suggested they not lose the chance to make up for past mistakes.

Nicole told Sasha that she respected Sasha's determination to change. Nicole was rooting for Sasha, but damage had been done. Nicole said she was trying, and it would take time to trust Sasha again. Sasha reminded Nicole of what Julius said about a closed heart being unable to receive love. Sasha asked for a hug. "Why not..." Nicole unenthusiastically replied and let Sasha hug her.

Nicole took off, and Sasha said Thomas was turning defending her into a habit. The two kissed.

. . .

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