Friday, July 31, 2015

In Rick's old office, Thomas was joking with Caroline about the way Ridge had summoned her home the other night. Caroline didn't see it that way. Thomas wondered what the couple even had in common, and she said he'd be surprised. She added that she and Ridge got each other, and they were a team. Thomas figured it meant that if she liked something, Ridge would, too.

Thomas showed Caroline one of his designs and asked for her opinion. Caroline stared at it, and he grew anxious. She claimed to be absorbing it, and he concluded that she didn't like it. She replied that it was good, but if he wanted it to fit in with the new collection, he had to make some changes.

Caroline recommended changes and advised Thomas to design for every body type. She said the collection was about embracing uniqueness and celebrating whatever the woman was. Thomas thanked her for the tip and asked her to wish him luck in presenting it to Ridge. She said he didn't need luck, and before he knew it, he'd the third member of the new line's design team.

In the CEO's office, Quinn met with Ridge and a model to present a necklace. Quinn explained to Ridge that she was new school. Ridge asked if she meant that he was out of touch. She replied that what he, as a couture designer, would see as over-the-top, she'd see as a bold statement.

Quinn put the necklace on the model. Ridge observed it and decided that he saw Quinn's point. He offered to meet in the middle by having her remove some stones from it. Grinning, Quinn told him that she could do that, and she excitedly left the office.

At the sky lounge, Brooke still wasn't used to Deacon popping up at Forrester. Deacon said it was a benefit of his marriage, but it had to be driving Ridge crazy, which was worth the price of admission. Brooke asked if Deacon was paying a price for his marriage. He claimed to be a happy man. Brooke warned that it was a spell, and with a naughty grin, Deacon agreed.

Quinn arrived and paused upon seeing Deacon and Brooke together. She approached them. Deacon was glad to see her, and even though Hope wasn't there, he was enjoying being with two of his favorite women. She asked if she was interrupting a personal moment, and Brooke said they'd just been discussing her. Quinn assumed that Brooke had been poisoning Deacon against her, and Brooke asked if Quinn had always been so paranoid.

Quinn noted that Brooke had stooped so low as to video-conference Hope in to stop the wedding. Relaying that Deacon claimed to be a happy man, Brooke asked how she could be anything but happy for him. For Deacon's sake, Quinn asked Brooke to be genuinely happy. Brooke said she accepted the marriage. Deciding it was progress, Quinn stated that she wasn't bad at heart and hadn't done anything crazy for months. "Keep up the good work," Brooke replied.

Deacon asked about Quinn's meeting with Ridge, and Quinn said it had gone surprisingly well. Brooke asked if Ridge hadn't been being nice. Quinn explained that Ridge was aloof, his own personal interpretation of niceness, but she'd learned that he could also compromise. Deacon said it meant Ridge valued her work and her opinions. Brooke assumed Quinn was happy working with Ridge.

Quinn noted that she appreciated Rick, who'd rehired her, but Ridge had improved morale. Things were fun, creative, and alive again. She assumed there would be new blood infused into the business because Thomas wanted to return, and Thomas seemed like he got what he wanted.

After Brooke had left, Quinn was amazed by the civil interaction they'd all just had but felt that Brooke's new warmth hadn't melted Brooke's icy exterior. Quinn wondered how the warm-blooded Deacon had connected with the woman, but she quickly decided she didn't really want to know.

Deacon said Quinn was a fantastic partner, and he appreciated her effort. Quinn replied that she'd do anything for him, and she couldn't believe she was in a working marriage. He asked if she'd doubted them, but she replied that she'd doubted her ability to do the wife thing. Quinn hadn't thought she'd had room for more than her career and son in her life, but walking into a bar one night had changed everything.

Quinn asked if Deacon didn't sometimes look at Brooke and wish he was single. "Never. You're everything I want, and you are everything I need," Deacon responded, and Quinn kissed him.

Later, Brooke looked for Thomas in Rick's old office, but she found Caroline instead. Caroline said Brooke could wait there, and Brooke murmured that it was her day for character building.

After the women remarked upon Aly's death, Brooke asked about the relationship with Ridge. Caroline didn't think they should go there. Brooke didn't know how to avoid it because Ridge and Caroline were a couple. Brooke remarked that things were going well for the pair personally and at the company. Caroline said it would be even better because Ridge would probably hire Thomas.

Brooke was surprised to hear that Thomas was "showing" Ridge designs instead of being hired outright. Caroline said Thomas been over corporate for a long time and wanted to return to design, but Ridge wanted Thomas to earn it just like everyone else.

Brooke recalled that Caroline and Thomas had once been a couple. Caroline replied that it had been a lifetime earlier. There had been a lot of growth, and Caroline didn't even recognize the girl she'd been back then. Brooke remarked that Caroline had made quite an impression on Thomas -- and Rick.

Caroline said Brooke was opening a huge can of worms. Brooke asked if Caroline regretted being there. Caroline said being there had been the best decision she'd ever made. "Well, then, you're welcome," Brooke replied. Caroline admitted that she had Brooke to thank for it, but she still felt awkward talking to Brooke about Ridge. Brooke assured Caroline that she didn't want Ridge back.

"Right. Because if you did, you can have him just like that," Caroline quipped, snapping her fingers. Embarrassed, Brooke giggled. Caroline said she was in love, and with Thomas back, Forrester would return to its roots of having fathers and sons creating together, which was what Ridge wanted.

Back in the CEO's office, Sarah asked if Thomas was there for good. Ridge replied that if Thomas had his way, he'd be a permanent fixture. Thomas arrived. Ridge told Sarah to ask Thomas directly about his future plans. Thomas told the embarrassed Sarah that he'd know after the meeting. Taking her number, he said he'd call sometime.

Sarah left, and Thomas remarked that it was weird to have models flirting with him instead of Ridge. "Well, the son also rises," Ridge replied. Thomas hoped it didn't bother Ridge because, in Thomas' view, it was exactly what was about to happen.

Thomas had designs to present. Believing it was soon, Ridge remarked that attention to detail beat fast and furious. Thomas was ready to get back to work, but there was "this dog-and-pony show." Ridge asked if proving oneself was that kind of show. Thomas said they both knew what he could offer, but they'd do it Ridge's way.

Thomas pulled out a sketch. He said Caroline had liked it, and Ridge would, too. Ridge wanted Thomas to spend more time with the design first to see what it would tell him. Thomas replied that it was how Ridge worked, but Thomas was allowed to have his own style. Ridge said his son could benefit from his experience. Claiming it was what he was trying to do, Thomas urged Ridge to take a look.

Ridge studied the design. Thomas noted how he'd blended his sensual style with his father's classic hallmarks. Thomas wanted to depict father and son moving forward in Forrester's traditional style. Ridge asked if Thomas really wanted his opinion. Thomas did. Ridge ripped the design in two.

Livid, Thomas said he'd worked all night on it. Ridge saw no point in keeping what didn't work. Ridge needed cutting edge. Thomas argued that it was what everyone in Paris was wearing. Ridge didn't care what people wore that day, he cared about what they'd wear the next day.

Ridge felt that Thomas should be embarrassed by the design. Ridge couldn't believe that "this" was what Thomas had presented for a bid to work with Caroline and Ridge, designers that thousands of visionaries wanted to work with. Ridge noted that Thomas had had his own line, experience, and success, and he asked if Thomas had gotten lazy in Paris.

Thomas couldn't believe it. "Believe it! Look at me!" Ridge responded. Ridge asked if Thomas expected a job because he was Ridge's son. "If you truly believe that this is the best you can come up with, you'd be the last person I'd hire," Ridge concluded.

. . .

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