Wednesday, November 19, 2014
by Pam

Behind the scenes of the fashion show at Forrester, Ridge and Caroline discussed Rick's vendetta against them. Ridge said that Caroline's debut as a couture designer would be a big hit.

Ridge added that Rick's reaction was because of Ridge, but Caroline argued that they both shared the blame. Ridge received a text message, and he announced that Rick had another change. Caroline told him to leave. Ridge said things always had a way of working themselves out. Ridge left, and Caroline fixed her hair in a mirror. She saw her Uncle Bill behind her. "I thought you might need me," Bill said. He hugged her.

Bill told Caroline that she should be happy because her debut was going to be incredible, but Caroline was sad. "Rick and I are not in a good place," she said. "Because of Ridge," Bill observed.

Caroline tried to explain that she and Ridge had experienced something very rare. Bill worried that Caroline had allowed herself to fall for "Forrester." Caroline shook her head. She said it had been a creative rush, excitement, and the honor of being with Ridge. She claimed they were "creative souls melded together." Bill covered his eyes.

"It was really powerful," Caroline said. Bill credited Ridge. "He's got game," Bill said. Bill maintained that Ridge had dazzled Caroline, who had been sucked into hero worship. "We were just working," she said. She added that it might have been a crush or something more.

Bill asked if Caroline had been unhappy in her marriage. Caroline had not been unhappy. She said Rick's resulting reaction had been stupid and incomprehensible.

Bill worried that Ridge had used Caroline's feelings to strengthen his bid for CEO. Caroline looked unhappy. Bill felt she had confirmed his assumptions. Caroline said that the feelings weren't one-sided. "It's too hard to explain," Caroline said.

Caroline maintained that it was over, and her only focus was to get her husband back if it was possible. Bill insisted that Ridge had been older and should have known better. Bill reminded Caroline that she had married Rick, and she was a Spencer. "Forrester does not get a pass on this one," Bill said.

In Rick's office, Maya and Rick discussed the big fashion event had no room for failure on any level. Rick had changed the lineup again. Maya said that she was nervous because she had never modeled couture before. Rick said she would be fine, and Maya cooed that it had been sexy to watch Rick work. Rick teased that Maya had been distracting him. Maya curled herself around Rick and whispered that it was a preview of what would happen later that evening.

Ridge entered and asked what Rick had wanted. Rick noted that Ridge seemed irritated. Ridge agreed. Rick said that he had tweaked the lineup again. Ridge worried that Rick had made too many changes to things that were not his expertise.

Rick said that he was CEO and would change whatever he wanted. Maya piped up and told Ridge to show more respect. Ridge told her to stop. She argued, but he shushed her.

Ridge warned that Rick had sabotaged the company and it would affect his position. Maya tried to say something, but Ridge ignored her. Maya said she had every right to be there. She snarked that Ridge had no right to try to kick her out of the office, but Rick told her to get ready for the show. Maya left, and Ridge advised Rick that he would sink Forrester and lose Caroline for good if he didn't get past his vengeance. Rick looked uncomfortable.

Ridge knew that Rick had a vendetta against Ridge, but he worried that Rick would hurt everyone. Maya headed toward the door, and Ridge stopped her. "Break a leg," Ridge told her sarcastically.

Ridge reminded Rick that everyone knew that Rick had been angry, but Ridge added that Rick should have taken it out on Ridge -- not the company or Caroline.

"Stop making stupid choices," Ridge commanded. Ridge advised that Rick needed to dump Maya and return to his beautiful and talented wife. Rick taunted that Ridge had forgotten to mention what a good kisser Caroline had been.

Ridge argued that Ridge and Caroline were artists, and their feelings had been innocent. Ridge begged Rick to give Caroline a few minutes alone later that evening. "Don't punish her anymore," he said.

Ridge encouraged Rick to rebuild his relationship with Caroline. Ridge added that it would kill him to think Rick had let the best thing in his life get away because of something Ridge had done. Ridge walked out. Rick looked thoughtful.

Maya returned and asked if Rick was okay. "How's it feel out there?" Rick asked about the showroom. Maya answered that there was a lot of energy and anticipation. She added the dresses were beautiful. Maya worried that Rick seemed distant, but he said he had a million things on his mind.

Maya had promised to make Rick proud when she walked down the runway in her first couture gown. Rick was called to the showroom.

Later, Maya encountered Caroline, and they argued. "Rick still loves me," Caroline said. Maya advised Caroline to let Rick go, but Caroline vowed to never give up on Rick. Caroline said Maya wanted all the Forrester perks and privileges, and Rick was the vehicle. Maya admitted that she would take care of Rick and his wealth.

Caroline said that Rick would see through Maya at some point. Maya maintained that Rick knew Maya -- there were no surprises. In contrast, Maya accused Caroline of running around with Ridge behind Rick's back. Caroline warned that Maya had started a fire she might not be able to put out. Maya looked defiant.

On the rooftop, Ridge looked out over the side of the building, and Bill joined him. "We've got some business," Bill said. Bill accused Ridge of preying on and discarding women. Bill promised to keep Ridge away from both Caroline and Katie. "You mess with Spencer women, expect me to be in your face," Bill said.

Bill reminded Ridge that he had been in love with Katie -- the woman with the red string around her finger. "Remember her, Mr. Poetry?" Bill asked. "I do love her," Ridge said.

Bill accused Ridge of using Caroline, but Ridge said Bill hadn't been there. "You didn't see what happened," Ridge said. He tried to explain that it was two artists, and Bill said that he had heard all of it from Caroline.

"Now it's done," Ridge said. Ridge and Bill argued about Bill being self-righteous. Ridge reminded Bill that he had thrown Ridge out of a helicopter. Bill told him to stop crying about it.

Bill accused Ridge of seducing his niece and leaving casualties in his wake -- including both Caroline and Katie. Bill vowed to defend the Spencer women, and he punched Ridge in the face.

. . .

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