Wednesday, July 23, 2014
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Bill discussed that Bill had planned their wedding on Catalina Island. Bill explained that he would helicopter over to Catalina, make sure that everything was ready, and then return for Brooke. Bill claimed he would leave nothing to chance. There would be no interference and no surprises. Bill and Brooke laughed and kissed and promised to be husband and wife by nightfall.

Bill called Justin and Alison in a conference call. He advised Justin to get access to Rupert's helicopter because he wanted everything to go off without a hitch. Alison said the wedding planner and team were already in Catalina and the copter was ready. Justin promised to have it gassed up and ready to go.

Brooke listened and offered to help in the effort. Bill refused, but he advised that she could plan every anniversary party they would ever have. Bill encouraged Brooke to call Katie, but Brooke said that Katie would not be happy for them. Bill left.At Katie's place, Katie, Ridge, and Deacon discussed that Bill's helicopter had been in Abu Dhabi on his yacht, so Bill hadn't needed to rent a helicopter. Ridge promised that Bill would not get away with lying to everyone. Katie pressured Ridge and Deacon to stop the accusations. She added that she was worried, but Bill was the father of her son. "I'm gonna put him behind bars," Ridge said.

Deacon and Ridge agreed that Bill was not going to get away with what he had done. Deacon got a call from Alison. She asked him to get together later, and Deacon teased that her boss must have given her time off. Alison shared that Bill and Brooke were getting married on Catalina Island. She added that everyone was in panic mode at Spencer trying to make plans but keep it secret. Deacon and Alison hung up with plans to meet later. Deacon explained to Katie and Ridge that Bill and Brooke were getting married. Ridge insisted that he would visit the scene of the crime. He left. Deacon left to visit Brooke.

Deacon showed up at Brooke's, and Brooke dismissed him. She said she was too busy to talk. But Deacon warned, "You're wrong about me." Deacon added that Brooke was wrong about Bill Spencer, too. Brooke claimed that if Deacon had listened to Ridge, Ridge had been hurt and confused.

Deacon begged Brooke to listen to him. He insisted that Bill was responsible for what had happened to Ridge. Brooke refused to believe him, and she told him to leave. Deacon knew she was getting married. He warned her not to do it.

At Forrester, Wyatt pulled the Hope for the Future Diamond out of his backpack. Hope and Liam entered, and wished Wyatt good luck on his first day back at Forrester. Wyatt thanked Liam and Hope, and Wyatt and Liam teased one another about how they had protected and saved each other. Hope noted that even when they were getting along they were competing with each other. They argued that they were not competing. Wyatt thanked Liam for his second chance at Forrester.

Liam, Hope, and Wyatt discussed that there was a lot of potential for Ivy's jewelry line. Ivy entered and met Wyatt. Ivy shared that she was sorry to hear that his mother had experienced a difficult time. Wyatt thanked her. Liam kissed Hope goodbye, and Wyatt turned away.

Wyatt and Ivy discussed the logistics of the new jewelry program and agreed that Ivy would design, and Liam would handle the manufacturing. Hope noted that Ivy would not have her own office but could work on any drafting table she could find. Hope added that Wyatt and Quinn did most of their work at their own facility but worked at Forrester for meetings. Ivy asked if it was awkward for Hope to work with an ex, and Hope noted that no one had trouble working with exes at Forrester, because if they did, nothing would ever get done. Ivy nodded in agreement. Ivy left.

Wyatt returned, and Hope said that Ivy and Wyatt seemed to be a good team. Hope added that she had not told Ivy any of the details about Quinn. "I don't want any awkwardness between you two or us," Hope said. Wyatt said that all he had felt was gratitude for getting a second chance. He didn't want to waste a moment. "Good luck," Hope said. She left, and Wyatt opened his backpack again. "I got all the luck I need right here," Wyatt said. He pulled out the Hope for the Future diamond.

At Spencer, Bill showed up in Liam's office and announced that he was leaving for Catalina island where he planned to marry Brooke in a simple ceremony in a vineyard. He wanted to keep it secret. No reporters. Liam and Bill embraced, and Liam said that he was happy for his father. Bill left, and Liam sat down and daydreamed about Hope.

At the airport hangar, Justin entered the locker room to the helicopter area, and he waited for Bill. Justin opened a locker, and put on his flight jacket with the Spencer logo. Ridge showed up and punched Justin -- knocking Justin out.

Later, Bill showed up at the airport, but noted that the chopper engine had started. Bill got on board and chatted that Brooke would finally be his. "Forrester can't stop us." Bill said. "I'm always in the driver's seat. He's no match for me."

In the driver's seat of the cockpit, Ridge sat at the controls hidden from Bill's view. He wore a hat and headphones with Justin's Spencer Publications flight jacket pulled up over his neck.

. . .

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