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Friday, March 24, 2017

At the beach in Sydney, Brooke told Eric that when she'd first met him, she never would have believed him if he'd said she'd be in Australia thirty years later. Eric added, "Marrying my son." Brooke said that, back then, she would have fantasized about the wedding -- but never believed it would happen. Eric noted that he and Brooke were lucky to marry their fantasies.

Brooke admitted that Eric had seen something in Quinn when all the others hadn't. Brooke reasoned that Quinn actually did love and adore Eric, and the family was finally understanding it. Eric said that Ridge had had the same doubts, but Quinn and Ridge seemed to have grown to care about each other. Brooke gave Eric a skeptical look.

Eric asked if Brooke didn't believe it. Brooke said Quinn and Ridge had made improvements. Eric picked up on the doubt in Brooke's tone. She said it was nothing. When he insisted she reveal her issue, Brooke said she'd just been thinking of something Katie had said. Brooke dismissed it as being silly and said to forget she'd said anything.

The talk turned to Ridge and Brooke getting married the next day, and Eric said the Logans and Forresters would be together again. Brooke stated that it had better be her last wedding. Eric believed that it would be, and she and Ridge were both ready for it. Brooke said it was a loving, trusting relationship, and Eric conveyed that it was exactly what he had with Quinn.

At the reception, Liam sat by Bill at the bar and asked if he was okay. Bill said he was at his son's wedding and enjoying a fully stocked bar. Bill asked why he wouldn't be okay on a beautiful day like that. Liam replied that there was another wedding the next day. Bill said that, at that moment, being the father of the groom was all that mattered.

Later, Bill was at a table, and the bartender filled Bill's champagne glass. The bartender asked what had gotten Bill down and remarked that weddings were happy occasions. Bill started to say that weddings normally were; however, he abruptly stopped himself and said, "You know what? We're not doing this."

The bartender wandered off, and Katie approached. She remarked that Bill was drinking alone. Bill noted that he didn't see anyone else around. Katie asked where Ridge and Quinn were. Bill shrugged with an expression that said he didn't know or care.

After a while, Bill was alone again, and Brooke strode up. She asked if he'd seen Ridge, but Bill pretended not to know the guy. Brooke called Ridge the dressmaker, and Bill asked if she meant the poseur.

Bill said he'd really been sure that Ridge would screw her over before the wedding. Bill wondered what he'd do at that point, because he'd really believed that it had all been about his and Brooke's destiny. "And who knows? Maybe it still is," he said. Bill told Brooke to know that he'd be there, and he'd always think of her -- even if she wasn't his.

At the bar, Katie found Eric alone. They chatted about her possibly going kayaking, and she wondered where everyone was. Eric guessed he was holding down the fort alone. She asked if he hadn't seen Brooke, Ridge, or Quinn, and Eric guessed everyone had gone exploring.

Later, Thomas was at the bar, finishing a drink. Ivy approached, and he asked if she thought Steffy was still mad at him. Ivy didn't think Sally had been his best idea. He stated that Steffy had said he could take a date. Ivy replied that it shouldn't have been a woman Steffy hated, and he quipped that Steffy should have been more specific.

On the pier at the Manly Surf Pavilion, Sally admitted that she'd caused trouble in the past, but she promised Steffy that she was there in peace. Steffy asked why Sally would be there at all. Steffy stated that her wedding was supposed to include people she cared about, and Sally definitely wasn't one of those people.

Steffy believed Sally had crashed the wedding for publicity. Sally insisted that she hadn't crashed it because Thomas had invited her, and after traveling such a distance to be there, Sally didn't want to be treated like a second-class citizen. Sally said she was there to wish Steffy the best. Extending her hand, Sally asked if the "princess" wanted to start over.

Steffy said she and Sally hadn't started yet and never would. Thomas arrived with drinks. Steffy noted that Sally's date had arrived. Steffy quipped that it would be the first and last date Sally would have with Steffy's brother. Thomas asked what was going on, and Sally explained that she'd extended a hand to Steffy. Steffy said Sally had no intention of being friends, and Sally just wanted to use Thomas and Steffy. Thomas asked Steffy to calm down.

Steffy asked Sally where the cameras were. Sally, who no longer had her wallet/phone case in hand, decided that she hadn't flown all the way there to be treated that way. She began making her way down the pier. Steffy followed Sally, saying that Sally was there to throw cake on Steffy or toss another drink on her. Steffy insisted that it wasn't happening, and Sally was leaving.

Stopping at the end of the pier, Sally asked if Steffy wanted Sally to leave the reception. Steffy insisted that Sally would leave Australia. Steffy grabbed Sally's hand and tugged her. Sally tugged back and fell backward into the water. "Bon voyage!" Steffy exclaimed, laughing.

Thomas fished Sally out of the water. When they were back on the pier, he jokingly rated her amazing belly flop. They decided that hers was a ten, but she give his dive in to save her a four and a half. As they laughed, Thomas kissed her.

At Manly Beach, Quinn wondered why Ridge was out there, and Ridge indicated that it was the wedding location for him and Brooke. Quinn said it would be a beautiful day and the beginning of Ridge and Brooke's life together. "And the end of our foolishness," Ridge added.

Quinn stated that the foolishness had stopped awhile back. Quinn hoped Ridge and Brooke would be as happy as Eric and Quinn. Ridge said they would be. He called his father lucky. Ridge hadn't seen it before, but saw it "now." Quinn decided that she needed to get back to Eric, and she wished Ridge luck for the wedding the next day.

After taking a few steps, Quinn turned around. She stated that something powerful had happened between her and Ridge. No matter how far it had gotten, they'd always have the memory. She said that if he saw a glint in her eye, he should know that she was thinking of their time, their special secret that they should treasure.

In Ridge's silence, Quinn apologized. Ridge neared her, saying that she shouldn't be sorry because they both knew what could have happened, even as much as they hated each other. Quinn added that they always would hate each other. He admitted that there had been a connection. It had been very strange and very special, but it was over.

Quinn told Ridge that she'd fallen hard for his father, and Eric had given her everything she'd always wanted. Before Eric had been in her life, she'd believed everyone who'd told her that she was a witch who didn't deserve anything or anyone. Eric had helped her to see that she deserved happiness. She'd waited her whole life to feel that way. "Look at me now. I found love. Not once, but twice," she stated. Ridge stroked her cheek.

Quinn claimed she didn't need anything from Ridge. She'd just wanted him to know that she hadn't been able to open herself to love until Eric, and her ability to love a man was there for Ridge, too. She didn't want Ridge to leave Brooke. Quinn thought the impending wedding was wonderful. She'd merely felt that "this" was something she and Ridge needed to acknowledge.

Quinn said Eric had opened her heart, and it had enabled her to let the great Ridge Forrester really see her and what she'd been hiding. She said no one would know about them or the kisses they'd shared, but she and Ridge would know and always carry it with them. Touching his chest, she stated that she was grateful. Quinn said goodbye to Ridge and wished him nothing but happiness.

Nearby, Brooke was making her way toward the beach. She stopped in the thicket and observed Ridge and Quinn clasping each other's wrists. Quinn leaned in and kissed Ridge on the cheek. Brooke gasped. Ridge cupped Quinn's face and gave her a lingering kiss. He turned and left.

Quinn held her fingers to her lips as she watched Ridge go. When she turned around to head back herself, she found herself face to face with the angry Brooke.

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