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Patrick Duffy
Stephen Logan, Jake MacClaine returning to B&B
Posted Monday, October 29, 2007 9:58:26 PM
Look for two characters from B&B's past to turn up in town over the next few weeks. Dallas star Patrick Duffy and former B&B star Todd McKee are both returning to roles that they've previously played. Both actors return in November.
Two familiar faces are returning to The Bold and the Beautiful - just in time for November Sweeps. One performer is best known for his work on a prime time soap while the other hasn't been seen on B&B in 15 years.

Patrick Duffy reprises his role as Stephen Logan in November. Fans will remember Duffy from his work on the long-running CBS primetime soap, Dallas, where he played Bobby Ewing. Duffy appeared briefly on The Bold and the Beautiful in the spring of 2006.

Duffy isn't the first actor to play Stephen; Robert Pine held down the role off-and-on from 1988 to 1997.

Duffy returns on November 5th.

Do you remember B&B's Jake MacClaine?
 I vaguely remember Jake, but it's been a really long time.   25% 
 Yes. I think it's great that B&B is bringing back characters with history.   23% 
 I wasn't a B&B viewer back in 1992, so I am not sure who he is.   23% 
 I remember Jake, but I have no idea why B&B is bringing him back now.   18% 
 I didn't watch B&B in 1992, but I am aware of who Jake is.   4% 
 I have no comment about the return of Jake MacClaine to B&B.   4% 
 Other   2% 
 I didn't really care for Jake, so I am not thrilled that he is returning.   2% 

Todd McKee returns as Jake MacClaine, a role he hasn't played since 1992.

McKee got his start in acting on the now-cancelled daytime drama series Santa Barbara, where he played Ted Capwell from 1984 to 1989. In recent years he has made numerous guest appearances on primetime shows such as "CSI," "Popular" and "7th Heaven."

During his last go-around on The Bold and the Beautiful, Jake was paired romantically with Felicia Forrester (then played by Colleen Dion).

McKee returns on November 14th.

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