Betty White
Primetime vets cast as Stephanie's family
Posted Monday, November 13, 2006 12:40:55 AM
The Bold and the Beautiful will be getting a little more "golden" next month with the addition of two very well-known veteran actresses. Betty White (Sue Ann Nivens, The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Rose Nylund, The Golden Girls; Catherine Piper, Boston Legal) and Alley Mills (The Wonder Years) join the cast in short-term roles, but these roles will be very much central to the show's ongoing storylines.

The multiple-Emmy-winning White will tackle the role of Ann Douglas while Mills will play Pamela Douglas, Stephanie's supposedly-dead mother and sister. Exactly why Stephanie has kept the fact that Ann and Pamela are still alive will be addressed in the context of the storyline.

This will be the first foray into daytime television for Mills, but not so for White. In 1988, White appeared as a waitress on Santa Barbara during a one-episode stunt appearance. That same year, White portrayed Brenda Barlowe (1988) on Another World. Both soaps shared a common network - NBC - with White's primetime show at that time, The Golden Girls.

White and Mills will first air on December 1.

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